Asik Wants A Trade And The Rockets Should Oblige

VIDEO: Houston holds off New York despite rough game from Howard

NEW YORK – If the Houston Rockets intend on competing for a championship this season, they will need to trade Omer Asik. And the process may have been accelerated on Thursday.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reported before Thursday’s Rockets-Knicks game that Asik has asked for a trade.

With his starting job gone and his playing time slashed, Rockets center Omer Asik has asked to be traded, two individuals with knowledge of the request said Thursday.

Asik, who started every game after signing with the Rockets last season, came off the bench Wednesday in Philadelphia, but struggled. He played only four minutes and not at all in the second half. Asik has made his trade request within the past 48 hours, a person familiar with the conversations said.

The Rockets have no trade involving Asik in the works, with one individual saying a deal is more likely in months than in days.

This the second time that an Asik trade request has been reported. The first came in the summer, after Houston signed Dwight Howard. Asik is a terrific defensive center who started all 82 games for the Rockets last season and led the team in plus-minus. He was a valuable reserve in Chicago, but since signing a three-year, $25 million deal with Houston in 2012, he clearly has no interest in being a backup.

Rockets coach Kevin McHale started Asik and Howard together for the first eight games of the season, but the two-center combination has not worked (particularly on offense) and had put the Rockets in several first-quarter holes. On Monday against Toronto, McHale finally pulled the plug on the experiment, keeping Asik on the bench to start the second half. Wednesday in Philadelphia, Terrence Jones started in Asik’s place and Asik played just 4:22 in the Rockets’ overtime loss to the Sixers.

Less than 24 hours later, Asik was asking for a trade. And in the Rockets’ crazy 109-106 victory over the Knicks, he didn’t play at all. McHale used Greg Smith as the backup center late in the first quarter, and when Smith injured his knee less than a minute later, McHale played Jones at center.

It was the first DNP of Asik’s career and ended his league-leading streak of 239 consecutive games played. He was not available for comment after the game, having left the Houston locker room well before it was opened to the media. McHale said: “He told me today he wasn’t feeling good and he didn’t know if he could play,” McHale said after the game. “I asked him, ‘Are you ready to play?’ and he said, ‘I don’t feel good.’ That’s why I went with Greg.”

Brian Windhorst of reported that the Rockets have told Asik that they have no intention of trading him. And before Thursday’s game in New York, McHale said that he hasn’t closed the door on using Asik and Howard together.

“I liked a lot of stuff he and Dwight did together,” McHale said. “They were big. They protected the rim. It’’s going to be a lot on matchups, a lot how things work. He’’s going to have to get out there and play. Will he start against some bigger teams? Possibly.””

A few more starts here or there doesn’t change the fact that the Rockets would be better off swapping Asik for a forward who can shoot and defend. While Asik gives Houston depth up front and insurance on Howard (who struggled to score against Andrea Bargnani on Thursday), he’s not worth what the Rockets are paying him as a 12-minute-a-night backup, especially if there are nights like this — if you think McHale’s “wasn’t feeling good” claim was a little dubious — when he doesn’t play at all.

The Rockets, who have had an up-and-down first 10 games, could raise their ceiling and put themselves in the driver’s seat of a wide-open Western Conference if they can trade Asik for a better fit with Howard and James Harden, someone who could play 30 minutes a night instead of 12. And with other Western Conference contenders (like the Clippers, Grizzlies and Thunder) also ripe for a trade, Houston shouldn’t hesitate to pursue the guy they want.

Though they currently rank 23rd in 3-point shooting (at 32.1 percent) and spacing the floor around Harden/Howard pick-and-rolls is critical, their biggest priority in any deal should be perimeter defense. They’ve had plenty of glaring breakdowns already this season and they have no one to defend the likes of Kevin Durant or, if they truly have title aspirations, LeBron James. Exhibit A is Carmelo Anthony‘s 45 points on 17-for-30 shooting on Thursday.

That’s why the Sixers’ Thaddeus Young should be their primary target, whether it be a straight trade with Philadelphia or a three-team deal. The Pelicans’ Ryan Anderson would be a great fit offensively, but would only add to the defensive problems.

Smith’s injury complicates things. He would be a capable backup in small doses, but if his knee injury is serious — he’s set to have an MRI on Friday — it would be more difficult to part with Asik.

Still, not only is it unlikely that Asik will change his mind, but a trade would give the Rockets an opportunity to get better. They obviously need at least one other team to make a deal, but they shouldn’t wait to start shopping.


  1. Bob says:

    DeMarcus Cousins and Houston’s 2014 #1 to Miami
    Chris Bosh to Houston
    Omer Asik and a scorer (from somewhere) to Sacto
    Asik has to be wanted all over the league. All the playoff teams want to have a rugged 7 footer these days. Bosh has skills and is a good defender (except that Joe Johnson move last year). He would be a better 4 than Anderson.
    Sacto needs a consistent defender and rebounder. Cousins has to get out of the West. He is miserable on that team.

  2. Abdulll says:

    Asik and a second round pick for lamarcus aldridge. win-win

  3. Asik we waiting for you in LA (Lakers)

  4. Ty says:

    Celtics need him

  5. JImmy Buckets says:

    This is why Houston made a HUGE mistake with Howard. Asik is just as effective for 1/4 the cost. Now they have to deal with this issue midseason, find a replacement, when all they had to do was get Josh Smith. Woulda coulda shoulda. HORRIBLE idea to get Howard I’m still in disbelief over how stupid their front office is.

  6. Kamote says:

    They can’t trade Asik to any west team first and foremost, they wouldn’t want any west team get better by getting a legit defensive center. Asik won’t want to be traded also to teams that has better starting centers than him, he won’t like to come off the bench again.

    Best choices I guess would be with Toronto and Philly.

    TORONTO: Valanciunas is still a project, Amir is undersized… having Asik around my help. Guys like Hansbrough and Novak can provide a more solid and deep front court for Houston, while Toronto can use Valanciunas off the bench or as a scoring big man beside Asik.

    PHILLY: Hawes can play along Asik as stretch 4. This can make Philly a better defensive team while MCW develops into an All-star. Philly is trying to ship Evans or Young anyway, Houston can use either then as a trading chip for another deal. Or if they can get Nerlens Noel (and Lavoy Allen), then they can have a young big man than they can develop getting minutes whenever DH or Jones sits down.

  7. houston fan says:

    Omer Asik sould be traded to the lakers for chris kaman , because kaman would be a reall good backup thatfits with McHale playstile.

  8. SmoothMM says:

    People are only looking at offense. Defensively in the paint and on the boards (rebounding), Dwight and Omer have been great together. I say change the defensive scheme. Instead of man to man, use more zone so guards and small forwards can help guard the stretch 4s and 5s. Offensively, they’ve been stagnant but both of them also draw lots of fouls, putting the other team in foul trouble early and, sometimes, splitting the free throw make 1 out of 2. The team last year was perimeter oriented and still made the playoffs. That style of play could be even better if the Rockets focus more on Asik and Howard rebounding for offensive putbacks instead of giving them the ball down low (unless they’re like 2 feet from the basket).

  9. gnik says:

    three team trade,timberwolves give williams to houston,asik go to lakers, and timberwolves get the 1st draft picks of lakers and houston

  10. Eddie New York says:

    Trade Asik to the Knicks for Amar’e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done deal!

  11. Not sure says:

    It’s going to be hard to trade Asik because he has a $15 million contract next year. Not worth the outrageous bill.

  12. Sicka10 says:

    Asik for Amar’e?

  13. 'jordi says:

    why dont get vucevic great rebounder and he had good range. only problem that is a center but mabye he can play the 4.

  14. John says:

    They’re playing Howard too much and he could get injured again. Split the minutes up between them 50/50. Problem solved. A good team that will have a healthy Dwight Howard come playoff time.

  15. DroseChi says:

    Asik to Blazers for robin lopez and a draft pick. robin get rebounds and has good d. Asik along sid Aldridge makes trailblazers into playoffs or a better big step closer to contending in the west

  16. Keskellee says:

    Jeremy Lin should ask for a trade, too. Rockets don’t know how to use his talent and bench him. Lin should not accept this treatment. He will have much more opportunities in other teams to grow himself and show his talent.

  17. John OKC says:

    Perfect scenario, Asik for Perkins, makes both teams stronger gives Houston more defence (Howards main nemesis) and OKC a reliable scoring centre which will balance the team much better and allow Adams to flourish next season

  18. james garcia says:

    Matt bonner and nando de colo for asik!gsg

  19. cecil says:

    Man asik dont wanna come off that bench no more at all lol . what is suprsing though is how McHale hasn’t used him to relieve Howard any the last couple games while Howard was resting in the 4th last night send in asik what’s up with that… And ask get in there and ball out as Howard’s reserve when needed and advertise your self to other teams bro

  20. Ivson Beltrao says:

    A trade that makes sense to me three team between knicks rockets and thunder or trail blazers.
    The Knicks have Stoudemire who somewhat deserve a new chance in a contender and could depart whith other one like shumpert, martin or Udrih.
    The Thunder could easily depart why Perkins and a young like Adams or Jones.
    The Trail Blazers have the high cealing LA and could depart too some youngsters and Lopez.
    Houston has all trade baits they needs, Asik centering the proposal and youngsters too.

  21. eric m says:

    i think that asik is better than howard or atleast the rockets play better with asik , plus he had better chemistry after playing all last year with rockets . people need to follow the spurs method and not blow up the roster at every chance you get . i think the rockets would have a better record this year if howard had not signed on.

  22. Jaykobe says:

    Trade him to LA. Lakers will know how to use him. Will be a great batyle between the 2 teams The Rockets Vs. The Lakers!

  23. Jose says:

    I would love to see him play for Miami but at same time if the Heat continues play small ball. this is not the place for him. but if they consider trading Haslem or Anthony (definetely Chris Andersen untouchable). may be it could consider Miami can be a place for him

  24. true says:

    “They wouldnt do that after signing Lin to the huge contract they gave him based off of Ten games. Laughable”

    So true!

  25. dd def says:

    i’d love to have him in portland, but i don’t see any way of that happening without us giving up a critical piece (not to mention we have a handful of bigs already). but a guy can dream. i do love asik’s game and hope he finds a team that can offer him solid minutes so his career can continue to develop.

  26. JOEL says:

    Best option here and I called it when they signed D12.

    Lamarcus Alridge for Asik + trade/cash.

    Makes perfect trade. LA has already wanted out before, wants to win. Put him with D12 & Harden and they are a genuine title threat!

    Gives Portland a solid big centre, helps them build and allows them another pick or cash.

  27. Houston says:

    If he want’s to be traded then why they keeping him? his really deserved to be in the starting 5 and i don’t see why the rockets not doing it so well. However if he would be traded then of course it’s advantage for the D-Mo because he did play only 9 minutes this year and I think it’s not understandible because he is good player and he need to get experience, but how he can get that experience on the bench? however they did said that he is going to stay and next season in houston so what the point for him to stay there if he’s not getting any minutes? Just D-Mo leave the houston if it will happening again, but i hope not, and comeback to Euroleague. NBA is good for you,but you see coach’es have different plans.

  28. abc says:

    asik and a second round pick for bosh

  29. Realist says:

    Bottom Line asik thinks hes better than he really is !

  30. Melo Elevin says:

    Best bet would be a trade with the trail blazers for PF Thomas Robinson nd C Robin Lopez. The rockets would get a young pf with David West type potential nd a back up boards man in lil bro lopez. The blazers would solidify there starting lineup with Asik nd Aldridge in the paint. They both have great guard packages nd both teams would have reliable back ups at all positions. It’s ideal.

    • dd def says:

      we’d love to have him, but we’ve got a great chemistry going on with t-rob and rolo. it’s hard to think of breaking that up now. i was hoping we’d pick him up over the summer when he first wanted to be traded. but that’s not a bad proposal.

  31. dont matter says:

    He is a idiot he needs to stay with the rockets him and Howard can make a dynamic front court, that could put him in contention to win a title. But let him be stupid, he will be ringless for the rest of Hus career and he’s not even that good

  32. carlo says:

    trade asik for brendan wright and ellington

  33. UnkleDaddy says:

    I’m not sure what Asik is thinking he has no where else to go that provides a better future as in being a champion as of right now. If he wants to be the “Guy” and have more playing time I get it, but where ever he goes more than likely it will be to a bad team, so kudos… they should learn to play together. This is how the league used to look no body had a stretch four, I’m really tired of hearing about the stretch four. Wait and see what that group of bruisers do in Indiana come play off time. If he really wants out I’d give Atlanta a call for Horford, he’s the face of the franchise now, so if they do trade him that gives Asik what he wants to be the face of a franchise. Horford’s really a PF not a Center, so I think it would work well.

  34. Dyron from Belize says:

    What d heck will the Spurs do with a Big man that is expensive and is basically a worse shooting, less athletic version of Tiago?
    People we have the best front office! Don’t put the Spurs in this stupid soap opera

    • Realist says:

      I wouldnt say the Best look at what the Pacers and even what the Warriors have done in recent years two teams that pulled themselves out of the gutters with the front offices they have now…

      • justsayin says:

        Spurs never went gutter in the 1st place. Good on those other guys but you cant say those johnny-come-latelys have been perennial contenders.

  35. frank says:

    trade asik for bargnani
    howard can rebound for 2 and huston need someone that can sht 3’s

    newyork need a solid backup center to help chandler

  36. Shin says:

    Trade to Portland.
    Despite the newly acquired Robin Lopez, I feel that Portland will be better off with a better Center.
    Meyers Leonard + 1st Round 2014 for Asik


    • Realist says:

      Meyers Leonard is still developing and should give him a couple years before making the decision to send him off for someone who is as good as they are going to get in Asik. Asik is not going to get any better than he is now … although Asik is better now the ceiling and upside to Leonard is greater than Asiks and hes only a 2nd year player need to give him time

      • Melo Elevin says:

        Best bet would be a trade with the trail blazers for PF Thomas Robinson nd C Robin Lopez. The rockets would get a young pf with David West type potential nd a back up boards man in lil bro lopez. The blazers would solidify there starting lineup with Asik nd Aldridge in the paint. They both have great guard packages nd both teams would have reliable back ups at all positions. It’s ideal.

  37. Chad says:

    Go team up with Nowitzki!. That’ll be fun!

  38. Tory says:

    Just because he asked for a trade doesn’t mean he will get one . We will play well with both of them . And when the right trade comes along then we will.. but we have time.

  39. RoyalFan says:

    SWN is the laker fan, You must be out of your mind for posting lakers are giving up the oldie paul gasol and pick for Rondo and Asik. How much lakers organition pays you to post your comment?

  40. Joshua says:

    Ashik fpr the spurs bonner and de colo thats a great deal

  41. Mr.E says:

    I believe the best win win for teams involved would be to trade osik for either batum or ryan anderson.

    • Realist says:

      Asik for Batum is a win win? Batum is a better player than many realise and that would def be a win for Houston lose for portland … Portland already has that big White boy 2nd year Center who looks promising

  42. Bvibes says:

    Asik should go to the Spurs or the spurs should hire him..but who in exchange ..? maybe Thiago Splitter and thgis would give Khawi a bigger role to play on the offensive end and Timmy a real 4 role to play and them rest him a bit in a title Run this year..

    Dont you think so?

  43. Crazy thought says:

    Asik+Beverley for Rondo.

  44. al says:

    rockets don’t need to do nothing leave him on the bench for all i care.

  45. SWN says:

    R. Rondo & O. Asik to Lakers.
    Jeff Green to Rockets.
    Pau Gasol & draft pick(s) to Celtics.
    Point guard and center for LA, Talented strecth 4 for Rockets, Cap space & draft pick for Celtics to helps offset that horrible Gerald Wallace contract. I think it would work for all 3 teams long range plans. Boston is loaded with picks and cap space. Houston accelerates thier building process and so do the Lakers headed toward a big 2014 offseason of draft and free agents.

    • go lakers says:

      Lakers won’t trade pau he’s a good center if any one trade Chris kayman n somone else. would like to see asik, pau. Kobe.blake.hill. running the court would be interesting

      • Realist says:

        Not really Hill doesnt even start as it is Blake suprisingly has done well for the Lakers and the reason for trading Pau would be rebuilding however the lakers dont rebuild lol they just take talent that is already been established which is the reason why everybody comes to the lakers

      • go lakers says:

        Jordan hill IS a starter…..

  46. m A n says:

    Omer probably won’t be traded until Portland is willing to give up LA when their team starts to lose, if they start to lose. Since Rockets still have time to try out different strats with Jones, DMo, Asik, Smith in and out of the rotation. In Morey we Trust.

  47. Rob says:

    If they truely think they can win the title THIS year: Try to get Marion and Nowitzki from the Mavs. One is still a good defender and the other one is one of the greatest shooters (i.e. spreading the floor) in history.
    If Dirk wants another shot at the title, even Cuban would understand…
    The only question would be if Dirk actually wants to leave

    • HezBula says:

      Don’t say that man! I’d be devastated if Dirk was traded. I understand business is business but even entertaining the thought pains me.

  48. NBA Scout says:

    asik go to miami or chicago

  49. s says:

    Jonas Valanciunas+Rudy Gay,

    Glen Davis+Nikola Vucevic

    +others, Omer Asik+others

    • Realist says:

      You would give up Rudy Gay for Omer Asik … Some ppl dont know basketball … Rudy Gay is a 1 or 2 scoring option … Even on a garbage squad you would not want Asik as a 1 or 2 scroing option

      • Jacob says:

        U don’t know the nba. Rudy gay is an inefficient volume scorer. Asik is a game changing defensive center and an amazing rebounder. Scoring isn’t everything. A true, top tier 5 is rare and worth much more and a chuck it up brick artist 3. So no, I would never trade asik for gay.

  50. My Idea says:

    Why not join the New Orleans Pelicans? The Pelicans also badly needs a center who can protect the rim aside A. Davies. It would be a very good idea if the Rockets will trade O.Asik and D. Motiejunas to the Pelicans for R. Anderson and G.Stiemsma.

  51. I Love Basketball says:

    Go and join the Miami Heat! The Heat badly needs a true center especially playing against a team like the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks. They really need someone who can defend the rim very well. I think it will be a very good trade for both teams, the Rockets will trade Omer Asik to the Heat while the Heat will trade Udones Haslem, Shane Battier, and Joel Anthony

    Imagine starting/ reserve players:

    Miami Heat
    PG- M. Chalmers/ N. Cole
    SG- D.Wade/ R. Allen/ R. Mason
    SF- L. James/ M.Beasley
    PF- C. Bosh/ R. Lewis
    C- O.Asik/ C. Andersen/ G. Oden

    Houston Rockets
    PG- J. Lin/ P. Beverley/ A. Brooks
    SG- J. Harden/ F. Garcia
    SF- C. Parson/ O.Caspi/ R. Brewer
    PF- S. Battier/ U. Haslem/ T. Jones
    C- D. Howard/ J. Anthony/ G. Smith

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      Are you serious…ok Asik might be a good fit in Miami but the Heat will never trade Udonis (he will retire as a Heat player).
      And why should the trade Shane Battier? He is extremely important and clutch as anyone. Bad post tztztztztz…

    • Realist says:

      That sounds utterly stupid for a number of reasons:

      First why would Miami break something that isnt broke Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, and Joel Anthony all played roles in the last two titles for the Heat. Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier played BIG roles.
      Second they are already better this season by adding Beasley who is quietly getting his Act back together in South Beach
      Third we have not seen what Greg Oden has to bring yet to the heat he may come out dominating, he may come out with the solid production hes had when he was healthy in Portland. Which would mean that with Oden and Anderson and Bosh Playing a lot of Center in small ball rotations that heat would have Zero need for a cry baby like Asik. (or he could stink it up and get injured again) at any rate they dont need Asik and not sure they would want him.

  52. The Inside Outside says:

    Celtics, Sixers, and the Suns are the “most likely” teams that can “give and take” and really needs a starting Center.

  53. Cord says:

    D12 is a drama queen and will be a weak link in tight games because he has not worked on free throw issues. I would trade Asik if he wants to be out of Houston, he would fit in with NY since Chandler will be out for a good length of time, Trail Blazers should be interested as well.

  54. Ph says:

    Omg if we got Ilyasova iI woukd cry!

  55. Not a Boston fan says:

    Boston fan, Why would the Sixers do a three-team deal and give up Thad for a draft pick? There’s a good chance they could trade Thad for Asik straight up.

  56. GO ROCKETS says:

    Rockets can’t trade Dwight – him and Harden are big names and will attract those role players to Houston. Asik is being a drama queen right now asking for a trade. They need to trade him to Portland and go after LaMarcus Aldridge or go after Thaddeus Young. Josh Smith would’ve been ideal in the off-season but that guy went to Detroit.

    • Realist says:

      If Houston is able to get Aldridge and they mess properly Houston may end up being top 3 in the west and a real title contender … Right now they are still missing something and its a toss up between them and memphis for the 5th spot. Sorry but Clipps, OKC, San Antonio and GSW are all just that much better (not neccessarily in that order but those are the top 4 teams in the west)

  57. Une says:

    Great idea, deal Howard for Lebron.
    Miami is going to lose him anyway next year.
    By trading now, james can win his not three not four not five. At Maimi is game over after this season.

  58. Cuartz2Spain says:

    Omer Asik should go either to the Dallas Mavericks or the Los Angeles Lakers. Both teams don’t have a solid defender in the paint especially in Dallas, Dalembert and Blair aren’t that good in defense and Wright is still injured so i hope Asik will go either of these 2 teams.

  59. Whisker says:

    Dwight is a deadbeat, they should punch him in the face and kick him off the team.

  60. William says:

    Reading these comments is the reason the Rockets shouldn’t trade Asik straight away. Trades that benefit the other team, therefore getting less than equal value and trading Dwight? So they they would have the same team as last year? Dwight makes them better.

    • Miguel Silverio says:

      Asik a draft pick for paul millsap. Would benefit both Houston and atlanta

      • Realist says:

        That would make Houston A whole lot better … Depending on the draft pick that would benefit Alanta marginally. Milsap is a solid player and many underestimate him

  61. A different mind says:

    No, quite the opposite, they should trade Dwight.

    1) Dwight will not be the franchise player of Rocket. 1.1) He has not taken any series responsibility over the past two years. 1.2) His offense is constantly stuck(like last game against Andrea Bargnani). 1.3) He can be a drama queen. 1.4) No doubt he is a great talent, he hasn’t improved over the past a few years(if not getting worse). 1.5) He may suffer further injury given the style he played and the history.

    2) Asik is not the Franchise player either, but he is solid. Given the current situation, trading Dwight will show Asik how much Rocket trust him. Pygmalion effect — his confidence will boost and he contribute more than he does now.

    3) Dwight worth much more than Asik in the market. That means, the player that traded with Dwight will have much more value than the player traded in with Asik. Rocket can enhance its depth so much by trading Dwight.

    Despite Dwight being a better than Asik, trading Dwight seems to be a more beneficial choice.

    • eastbrook russell says:

      @A different mind: You really don’t understand how the NBA works do you? I mean we all love seeing it, beast players with incredible talent which you won’t encounter really in any other sport, but the NBA is simply a business. And when it comes down to whether something may logically make sense or business, business will prevail all the way. Howard is the new face of a whole city, there has been way too much involved to give up on a player bringing as much promise. Even if it was possible for Howard to be traded for 6 valuable players that would make the Rockets the deepest team in the league, it would not happen. This is about more than just chasing rings man..

      • Realist says:

        I disagree if the Rockets could get a pot full of great players then they would but that would not happen … and to be honest the team is not Dwights as much as it should be. That team is Harden’s team straight up … without harden they are nothing but without Dwight they can still compete … either way Rockets are not good enough as is to win a title … Dwight just isnt as good as he should be … he has not actual offensive skills … They cant beat OKC, San Antonio, Clippers, GSW, or even the Grizzlies in a 7 game series … Its really between them and Grizz as fifth best in the west

    • FrankL2010 says:

      Well said… you might have a different mind but you have a point. Houston will be just like the Lakers with D12 around

    • dog says:

      r u serious? lol. get facts straight.

    • ilovepalmtrees says:

      Even with your points included, they’re not going to trade Dwight. They’re building their franchise around him. Kevin McHale and Hakeem Olajuwan will be working hard to develop Dwight. They’ve pretty much done everything to get him on their team, and trading him wouldn’t be smart.

    • krespino says:

      Asik has all the right to ask for a trade. In his present role with the Rockets as backup to Dwight, Asik’s career would go nowhere. He does not have to ruin his career just because the Rockets chose to add Dwight while Asik was playing there as the center. Asik and Dwight playing together was clearly a stupid idea, since neither one is a power forrward and the team played without a power forward.
      Dwight Howard will not make this team a championship contender. The team would have been stronger if they had added a top level power forward to last year’s team keeping Asik at the center.

      • Realist says:

        I agree they would be better by adding a top level PF instead but let’s be serious anybody has the right to ask for a trade… whether or not they are traded is a different story. Instead of crying that he isnt getting playing time he should get better than Dwight (which wont happen) and until he gets better than Dwight he has nothing to cry about … the Rockets paid him money and its up to them on how they want to use him that simple. He only hurts himself by acting like a lil B**** and not playing and sitting and pouting … if the reports that Mchale was trying to put Asik in and he said he didnt fell good are true all that does is show other teams he is mentally weak and not a good option to take on his ridiculously expensive contract

    • a1 says:

      1. You’re an idiot
      2. You’re an idiot
      3. You’re an idiot

    • DORDOR says:

      and it’s not big men’s game anymore. a good pg or a pf will make rockets way better.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I agree a little bit ..
      I just don’t feel that D12 fits on this team, the chemistry is awkward for some reason .. I think D12 would have been netter off in Brooklyn

      • 50 says:

        Rockets again and again weaken themselves now for years by trading their best players except Harden but I guess noone could predict he´d become that strong … however instead of sacrifce so much for Howard in the off they should´ve signed Millsap who is a one of most underrated players and with the money left they could´ve afford another ~6 mio. contract which means Rockets would have one of the most decent squad in the league!
        however as for the situation with Asik now I think Houston should solve this situation as soon as possible and start building some team chemistry which is though anyway with D12
        my suggestions:
        1)Celtics need a C so maybe Aski for G. Wallace + first round pick, so C get a solid starting C and Rcokets an option to add another youngster nxt season or Asik for Humphries + 2nd round pick
        2) Asik for Amir Johnson > I think Johnson can be that though defender/garbage man that Houston needs
        3) Asik for Pachulia + 1 round pick > Rockets would get a solid back up C and a very likely top pick nxt year

  62. Boston fan says:

    Make the deal between boston,sixers and houston…Get Thadeus Young and some shooters from boston and give Asik for boston -and future draft pick for the sixers…The Celtics needs a big man…Asik ll fit well

    • Peter says:

      God no…I will stop watching Boston forever if they bring Asik over…one of the worst contracts in the league.

      Asik is not starting material for any half decent team, yet he’s getting stupid amounts of money and is already whining about playing time. The guy should be happy he’s getting any playing time at all.

      • Nick says:

        I don’t know what planet you live on, or maybe you didn’t watch any of Houston’s games last year, but Asik did a great job as a starter, and the team did well. In fact, maybe better than they are doing now with Howard. To blame Asik because the Rockets aren’t soaring after acquiring Howard is ridiculous. Howard isn’t that great. He doesn’t know how to post up, and can’t shoot free throws. It’s only because of his athleticism that he manages to score, but that will quickly fade as he ages. Heck, it’s already happening, Bargnani all but shut him down last night, offensively.

      • Realist says:

        Finally someone who makes sense!

      • Jacob says:

        Asik is a top tier center. He is a complete game changer on the defensive end and is one of the best rebounders in the world. Limited offensively, but not starting material? My friend you know nothing about bball. Having said that I agree that Boston would be crazy to give up green for asik. Even a broken clock is right twice a day….

    • James says:

      Sixers would never do that for long term reasons. Why would they want Asik next to Noel next year? Noel next to Thad/Hawes is much more like it. Sixers are only traying Thad if it involves an expiring contract and a draft pick.

  63. Mrballer says:

    And he can play good defense too.

  64. Mrballer says:

    Try Illasova from Bucks he’s big and can play stretch 4

  65. the rockets have two big men who can’t shoot free throws lol…they should try and get marc gasol instead if you want defense

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      At least they have some defense contrary to the Lakers hahahaha…

    • Realist says:

      Marc Gasol? in a trade for Asik … why is anybody mentioning All-star players as viable trades for Asik? I would bet Money that Asik will never be an all-star. Asik is definitely a decent player but come on son he aint no All-star… I seem to remember another forgettable player average a double double over the course of a season a la Kris Humphries.

  66. Good post Mr. Schumann.

    Not a surprise at all. Offensively the strategy of Asik on C and Howard on F is not working at all. And with his time limited it was a matter of time for Asik to demand a trade (again).

    Maybe the Lakers or Knicks want to give Asik a chance, because I think the center position is all about Dwight now in Houston. The results and team balance are much better!

    Only 1 question left: which team want to get Asik & give away a F that can shoot & defend? That team must really need a C very badly to do a trade like that…..Don’t even see Celtics trade Jeff Green for Asik.

    • Realist says:

      I know you said you DON’T see “Celtics trade Jeff Green for Asik” but lets be serious here there was no point in even mentioning that … that like saying you dont see the Warriors trading Barnes for Asik … It just makes no sense of course you dont see that who in their right mind would even think of a trade like that … you suppose to say a trade that is remotely capable and not proposterous … Jeff green is supposedly a cornerstone in Boston along with Rondo theres absoulety no way the C’s would ever give up Green for the likes of Asik

  67. go to Miami Omer…a perfect fit for a team that doesn’t have too many players on that position..send Battier or include Lewis..if not then Beasely..

  68. m says:

    Ryan Anderson for Ömer Aşık seems a good deal for both sides. They both deserve starting roles.

    Ömer & Davis for Pelicans
    Howard & Anderson for Rockets

    Both teams would be great at the front court.

    • Miguel Silverio says:

      Asik and a draft pick for paul millsap. Would be a better trade

      • Jacob says:

        Why the draft pick. Asik would make Atlanta a much better team. I agree the trade would be better, but dannn ferry is desperate to move horford to his natural position. Asik and milsap are equivilants, they both bring different very good skills to the court. Just because Omer deosnt put up huge offensive numbers deosnt mean he isn’t a complete and total game changer. He is a top tier center. Milsap would be great in Houston

  69. tenby says:

    Lakers needs you so badly Mr. Asik!

  70. J says:

    Faried, Thad Young, R Anderson, Splitter, Favors, Kanter, Blair, Monroe, Drummond, Verajao, D Lee, Randolph, Valensiunas, Horford, Jefferson, Ibaka, Sanders.
    Tonnes of options pick 1.

    • Realist says:

      Lets be serious Monroe, Drummond, D Lee, Randolph, Horford, Jefferson, Ibaka, and Sanders all mean more to their respective teams than Asik did to the Rockets last year. Most of these guys are allstar caliber and Monroe, Randolph, and D Lee are 20 point a night guys. No way Asik is worth any of thosse guys. If you are going to comment on basketball act like you know a thing or two and not make idiotic comments.

      • J says:

        I was naming a few players that could be possibilities. You can chuck some more players in the trade or draft picks or something to make it work.
        Lets be serious here, Asik is just better than drummond, the warriors are trying to get defensive and Lee isn’t gonna get 20 10 anymore so it makes sense if you add something maybe, a lot of the players I listed are good possibilities, there are more players like iliasova for e.g. but I didn’t list them all obviously you don’t really trade ibaka but I just said a name Monroe Randolph lee are not 20 a game scorers

      • Jacob says:

        Thunder would be a real contender with a rebounding center. Ibaka is a better player but they need a 5. Omer is much more valuable than a one way player like David lee.randolph would be fair but the griz already have a great center. I say hold onto asik till mid December and trade him for Paul milsap. Horford is worth way more than asik but is a true 4, where the hawks choose to play him at the 5. Maybe spencer hawes and Thad young in some sort of package deal?

    • Dan says:

      Did you just scroll down NBA rosters and pick names? Most of the guys you have listed won’t be available for trade, or are worth more to their teams than Asik would be.

      Faried – possibly a good pairing with Howard, good energy guy, but doesn’t have range.
      Young – 6’8″ F who could fit well, doesn’t demand the ball, has some range. Might work with Howard well.
      Anderson – has played with Howard before, good range and scoring ability, but bad defender.
      Splitter – big contract, small game, plays like a center, not what Houston needs
      Favors – A big PF, but his game is similar to Howard’s and they occupy similar spots on the low block, bad fit.
      Kanter – A center by nature, not much of a shot-blocker and no range outside of 10 feet, bad fit.
      Blair – 6’7″ undersized PF/C, with horrible knees. Bad fit.
      Monroe – more comfortable at center but playing PF in Detroit. Too similar to Howard. Bad fit.
      Drummond – A center, pure and simple, bad fit w/Houston.
      Varejao – also a center, bad fit.

      David Lee – A good PF with range and scoring ability. Probably the only one on the list that would compliment Howard/Harden nicely. Too bad he’s playing for a conference rival in GS.

      Randolph – Presume this is Zach Randolph of Memphis. If you’ve watched him this year, he’s aging rapidly, slow, defenseless, and even struggling to score. Bad fit.

      Valanciunas – limited range, more of a center, limited against good defenders. Bad fit.
      Horford – Wouldn’t compliment Howard/Harden very well, and is used to playing center. Bad fit.
      Jefferson – Are you kidding?
      Ibaka – Again, are you joking? OKC won’t let him walk.
      Sanders – very limited offensively, not able to score from distance.

      Ersan Ilyasova would be a better fit. While not as well known, his skill set compliments Harden and Howard as he can hit 3’s and has some defensive prowess. He’s currently stuck in a 6 man PF/C rotation in Milwaukee and not getting much time due to a mild ankle injury. Seeing that Milwaukee isn’t looking to contend this year, and he has a high cap figure ($7.9 mil) on a rebuilding team, he’s ripe to be dealt. Asik would help with Milwaukee’s defense and sort out their rotation a bit better, also allowing them to make other moves as needed with their young bigs, to get solid players elsewhere (a SF, anyone?)

      • J says:

        I just named some names that are possibilities. Ersan is an average fit

      • Jacob says:

        Horford is an amazing 2 way player, andI would never trade horford for asik. But he is a 4 who plays the 5 out of necessity. His game would fit in perfectly with Howard and harden. Now again the hawks would be stupid to let him go, but your rebuttal was way off base. Milsap, hawes, dalambert, Thad young, Carl Landry, and Channing frye/plumlee are all more reasonable options(with picks or throw away contracts added as needed). Terrance jones looks pretty good. Asik will make any team much better. He is one of the best rebounders on the planet and an incredible shot changer/ paint sherif. He deserves his minutes.

  71. jake s. says:

    A good power forward is a versatile man. All of the power forwards in the league worth keeping are being kept. The only chance the Rockets have is Dwight doing more than his share, both offensively and defensively.

  72. AJ says:

    What about D-Mo? This guy has already proven that he can play 10-15 mins as backup PF/C or even as a starter for 20-25 mins. He fit well in preseason with Dwight on the floor and did great job in offensive end. He is very mobile and have post up skills (like Luis Scola, Pau Gasol, Brook Lopez, Greg Monroe), that most of PF/C do not + add long range shoots. Ideas?

  73. Mohamed says:

    Asik deserves starter minutes, I mean he’s getting paid for it why the heck not. Asik has been very solid on the defensive side and can be an anchor at center, but he needs a good fit first. On Houston last year he was a great rebounder and shotblocker, even in role positions with Chicago he’s done great but with Howard in the mix I don’t see this system working. He’s way to big and slow to play along side with Dwight and has too much upside in his young career to be a 12 minute backup. I say he goes to another Western team who needs a big man. Money and Cap aside I see some possible fits with the Spurs, (they love their international players) DAL, LAL, or OKC. I won’t even be surprised if the Miami Cheat go after the Turkish bigman.

    On a side note I like how the writer mentions his western conf. contenders are OKC, MEM, & LAC but not San Antonio or Golden State. Keyword here is contenders. That’s not a word you use to describe a team like the Grizz who are 3-5, don’t get me wrong they’ll bounce back but come on man! I think there are only 3 real contenders in the West and it’s SAS, GSW, & OKC. Clippers come close but fall short.

  74. Davro83 says:

    Asik wants a trade and the knicks need a centre. Yes please. Shame the knicks have no-one to trade except Shumpert.

  75. berkay says:

    well. omer paid his dues. he came off the bench for two years in chicago and then went on to average a double double with a huge defensive presence in his first starting year in houston. he grew as a basketballer and he definetely deserves a starting center role in a NBA team. now its time for the next step in his career. he has every right to demand a trade. also, i think houston should’ve traded him the moment they acquired howard. it was obvious omer and howard would not be effective together.

  76. Ike says:

    Why aren’t they playing Ron Brewer? He can’t shoot, but he’s an excellent perimeter defender. He did great in Chicago’s system. Also, Asik can get you a stretch 4 and a defensive combo guard with ease. It’s best the Rockets start looking just to gauge his trade value if nothing else before February. I’m just saying….

  77. hahah.. says:

    asik for james jones and rashard lewis..

    center for two sharp shooters not bad..

    • Andy Blacksmith says:

      Yes it is.. Houston has enough scorers. Theyre going to need to get a center to come off the bench minimally and guard the paint while howard rests.

    • HEat says:

      big mistake if you trade asik to the Heat. Rockets got no chance against the Heat with Asik. Give him to the Lakers. They got money and they need decent player. Lost Dwight and get Asik probably a better fit with Gasol

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        LOL no. Asik isn’t going to lakers, I agree with the Dalembert trade, just for Him and A draft pick in the next draft, and knowing the mavs, it will be in the lottery.