Already ‘Desperation’ Time For Nets

VIDEO: Kings crush the Nets in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – This is a new group, Jason Kidd, one of that group, said on a couple occasions late Wednesday night. He’s got seven games on the bench, from future Hall-of-Fame point guard to coach. He’s got Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry, who have barely disrobed from Celtics green. He’s got 32-year-old Andrei Kirilenko, who arrived as the youth movement, along with rookie Mason Plumlee, in the rotation.

So it’s settled. The Nets need time together.

“We’re going to use that excuse for now,” said Terry, clearly choosing not to.

The Nets can’t even get together on an alibi. The championship hopefuls are 2-5 after getting blasted Wednesday night at Sleep Train Arena by a Kings team that hasn’t been able to play hard for 48 minutes. They are questioning their heart, not to mention the explanations by their coach, and worse of all, there is no such thing as a wake-up call.

Losing to the Cavaliers on opening night didn’t do it. Going from the potential jump start of edging the Heat right into a blowout loss to the Magic didn’t do it. Likewise the defeat to the Wizards, before the understandable trip through the grinder in scoring 91 points and losing to the Pacers.

A sense of urgency? The Nets are going backward by the day, no longer able to get to overtime (as with the Washington game), no longer able to stay close to a quality opponent (Indiana). The Kings — the 2-5 Kings with their best player, DeMarcus Cousins, going 5-for-14 from the field and lasting 22 minutes before fouling out — played with more energy and played better.

The 107-86 loss marked a new low for Brooklyn.

“We win the next one, you’ve still got a long way to go,” Terry said. “It’s a long season. You’d like to say, ‘Stay even-keeled.’ But for us right now, this is desperation. Everyone that steps on the floor on Friday should feel desperation and come out and play with a sense of urgency. If you don’t you’ll be looking at another loss. It’s what it is. These teams that we’re playing are desperate, they’re playing with a much more sense like this is their championship. We’re not meeting that intensity level.

“Talking’s over with. There’s too much talking. We’ve done enough talking and now it’s time for some action.”


“… If we were playing five-on-five pickup at the park, you’ve been getting your a– whooped three or four runs now, OK? When are you going to pick it up and get a game, get a win, stay on the court? That type of mentality.”

Friday is the Suns in Phoenix, Saturday is the Clippers in Los Angeles to end the three-game trip. Then come many opponents who present the opportunity for recovery: Portland, Charlotte, Minnesota, Detroit, Toronto, the Lakers. Of course, the Magic, Wizards and Kings fell into the same category and look how that turned out. Brooklyn can’t get it right when an old team should be most fresh, at the start of the season, and with a favorable schedule.

This is immediate scrutiny for all the Nets, but Kidd most of all. All the talk about Coach On The Floor during his playing career, all the assurances that he would be able to transition from teammate/respected opponent/friend to a boss who would make the tough calls, and the honeymoon could be tracked with a stopwatch. He needs to come up with something and fast. Or at least something other than a way to slow down the calendar to get the new roster more time to come together.

“It’s not a good feeling in here,” Garnett said in the visitor’s locker room. “But nobody said this process was going to be easy. No one [else] is giving a [expletive] or caring if we’re getting beat or not. Just us. I think the mentality here now is just it’s all of us in here. We’ve created this hole and it’s up to us to get ourselves out of it.”


  1. Pure says:

    So potentially this might be the most expensive roster in the NBA history not to make it to the playoffs. Or even if they climb to 7-th or 8-th seed, it’s still a 4 game sweep, ’cause that way they face Heat or Pacers in the first round.

  2. squala96 says:

    The Nets owner went all out hoping that there’s some juice left in Pierce and KG, but both of them are not any better than before back in Boston. They may be the only team with a starting lineup of former All-Stars, but it takes a lot more than that to really contend in the East. Miami will soon get around their hangover and a healthy Rose will propel the Bulls deep into the playoffs at least. And the Pacers are simply uncanny, and I’m sure they can carry this into the postseason.

  3. steagl3 says:

    Brooklyn has the talent to win it all, but I don’t believe they can with rookie coach Jason Kidd at the helm. He simply doesn’t have the experience of dealing with decision making under pressure. Even as much of a coach he might have been on the floor, he still had a coaching staff pointing him in the right direction and making the difficult decisions for him and the entire team. How can you expect a person to go from player to coach basically overnight and find immediate success? Has anyone in NBA history done it? Obviously there are successful coaches who were successful players, but I’m talking about going right from playing to coaching with no significant break in between.

    I know this probably wouldn’t make D-Will happy, but I think Brooklyn should bring in Jerry Sloan. You know he would get instant respect from the vets, he already knows everything about D-Will and AK47, and he has more experiencing at coaching than any other active coach in the league. He would have been the perfect fit for this squad from the get go, but instead the Russian billionaire wanted to play on the franchises’ emotions by bringing in Kidd. I think that was the decision that will come back to haunt him. With all due respect to Kidd, he should step aside and let a seasoned coach take the reins and get these veterans back into superstar status like they deserve before their careers end.

  4. lol says:

    No hope for the NEts

  5. u cant handle the lies! says:

    I have watched all the nets games and I am concerned. They look slow, disorganized and old. Jason Kidd, the clock has started on ur pending departure. And then hopefully the russian will hire a REAL coach, not some drunk poser!

  6. Damsko says:

    Old playares can do a lot of damage. Ask the splash brothers (Spurs – Warriors series) or Kawhi who did not believe that old Allen would drop the baseline 3pt bomb last year.
    As for the Williams slump…
    D-Will is playing with the “Jerry Sloan”curse. Ever since he disrespected the man he never got back to his old self. The only way to undo is to apologise publicly. After that Nets all the way to the top with KG, PP and the Jet leading the pack.

  7. Koalatdan says:

    Kinda reminds me of when Paul Allen of the Trailblazers tried to buy a championship. At least those TB’s made a real run at it. In the NBA I truly believe you gotta build it, not buy it to have long term success.

  8. oldbeantownfanlikebird33nowitsnetstillthedeathofme says:

    Miami better worry …go nets

  9. oldbeantownfanlikebird33nowitsnetstillthedeathofme says:

    Nets better worry about the bulls indiana an especially the nets all are great teams an or players that can snatch the fake bball crown off his un worthy head his first ring he should thank the nba for that was a. Conspiracy if its ever been on and his second was by default the nba needed this guy they make talk so much about the integrity of the game but if any of its been missing it started during lebums miracles victory down double 00 against beantown. The next to me came when Chris paul was denied laker land

  10. rodyaugu says:

    All they wanted was to beat the heat, the did it mission accomplished.

  11. Unkle Daddy says:

    What I’m about to say maybe unfair, but it’s all on Williams it’s his team to lead, end of story. He needs to be averaging 20ppg, 8rpg, 8apg, 2spg, for this team to really be what it could be.

  12. Jorge says:

    I know the season is just startin’, but I really think there should be some adjustments made. Garnett and Pierce can’t carry the team on their backs.

  13. Fefe (Nets) says:

    The NETS has been my squad for the past 14 years since I started following the NBA.
    NEVER LOSE HOPE! Yes I am disappointed – it seems that our squad isn’t playing until now with the “CHAMPIONSHIP” mentality (maybe only Brook). THey need to believe in them in order to play well, and be focused.
    It’s also one of the flaws that was present last season during the Playoffs against the Bulls: we didn’t play with our hearts and focus for 48min … and we lost. But now it’s less excusable because we have a very strong group on the paper and VETERANS who have been in championship teams and know about focus (PP, KG, JT…)…
    WAKE UP BROOKLYN! I still believe!

  14. How I see it says:

    This is how I see it. Stop running your offense through Brook Lopez, sorry Nets fans he’s just not good enough to carry a team. Next put the ball in Joe Johnsons hands, I really believe that he is an underrated performer and really needs to have the ball in his hands to be effective. Next you gotta rotate Pierce to the 6th man role and start AK, he’s a decent fast break player has good on-ball and at rim defence, plus he can knock down a shot. Pierce at this point in his career is better off being a spark off the bench at 25 minutes a game. Terry, waive him…give the minutes to Alan Anderson or Shaun Livingston, Terry just doesn’t have that 2010 abilities anymore he’s a veteran presence now at best. KG at this point in his career, shouldn’t be sitting out at the 20ft mark pulling up for jumpers, he’s still as physical as ever and needs to be playing inside and if your not running your offense through Lopez even more reason to have KG banging in the post.

  15. Fare says:

    Feel sorry for KG and PP. specially for KG. they deserve better than ending upp like this

  16. CHASENKIDD says:


  17. The Truth says:

    D.Will could be the problem
    Livingston is playing better than D.Will
    KG played a year as C now he need to adjust back to PF
    Joe Johnson is not getting enough looks
    Pierce , Livingston & Lopez are the only ones that are doing okay
    No way they can win like this.

    They need to slow the pace down and make it a half court game
    Don’t do fast breaks cause they don’t score most of the time
    Make better use of their size
    An example will be Spurs when they have David Robinson and Tim Duncan

  18. let them play says:

    Im gonna give them a sample size greater than 6-7 games.. we ll see midseason how they are doing. These teams just need to find what works for them (knicks included). So all you writers need to chill! Is there really nothing else you guys can talk about other than bashing a team thats barely started the season? -_- patience patience

  19. NoBrainer says:

    Anyone with a basketball IQ saw this coming… D Will will never be the player he was before he got Coach Sloan fired, KG and Paul P take longer to get going, J Terry hasn’t been the same since Dallas, Blatche forgot how to play and Joe Johnson has been ripping the Nets off just as he did Atlanta. As for the coach… what coach? Kidd is an idol that fell off his throne long time now. Prognosis? Team will implode and eat each other when the Russian gets finished with them… It’s gonna be a long season.

  20. APHX10 says:

    Don’t like Brooklyn but way too early in the season to write them off. Those teams they’ve lost to are fresh and fighting to prove they aren’t tanking or cellar dwellers. What they need to do is picture every team they play as Miami. Seems to be the only thing that motivates them, lol

  21. The Worm 91 says:

    I am a Bulls for life but I liked KG and PP. I like the Bulls – Celtics games. I feel sad for Paul Pierce and KG. I hoped the Celts gave these all stars a good green retirement.

  22. The Worm 91 says:

    Hard for them to win when PP and KG are still sincerely Celtics.

  23. drkenb says:

    I was a 35 year fan of the Nets, but the day they decided to bring back Kidd is the day I finally gave up being a Nets fan and now I hope they sink faster than a lead zepplin. All this media hype about him is pure baloney. I can’t support a team that would bring back a wife-beater alcoholic who did his best to not only leave the Nets but also did his best to stoke discontent among his teammates on his way out the door.

    Anyone who saw Paul P at the news conference to present him, Kevin and Terry as the Nets acquisitions could tell Paul was physically sick to his stomach with this trade bringing him to Netsland. Who could blame him. He is too much of a professional to sandbag but you have to wonder about his deep psyche. Time
    will tell.

    If anyone individual makes this collection into a winner it will be Kevin. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to take the Nets all the way. There are too many player issues to be addressed and Kidd doesn,’t have it nor will he ever.

  24. Bird33 says:

    Garnett won’t let them give less than 110% – this will be interesting to watch him bark them into shape. C’mon Paul and Kevin – I’m still rooting for you (unless you’re playing a team in Green 🙂

    PS – will always love you guys for 2008…….thanks for restoring Celtic pride

  25. hibbs says:

    I am from England where the main sport is football (soccer to you guys ) and there are no salary caps. Championships can be bought at whim. Teams where success has been bought (Manchester City for example) have always angered me. One of the reasons I love basketball is the lack of dodgy dealings (to a certain extent)

    Now I read somewhere that the Nets pay their team around 100 million dollars (and pay around 70 million in luxury tax)
    That is almost 3 times what the Pacers and Rockets pay their teams. Add to this that they moved from New Jersey to a city that already has a team and I just can’t help but hate them! What other team isn’t named after a city or state, but a borough?!? It doesn’t help that many people in the UK who don’t know anything about basketball wear Nets merch or that Jay-z “executive produced” NBA 2k13… Or f**ed with Nas

  26. rn says:

    B nets will finich 5 in east and u will see

  27. joeriz says:

    i bet toronto will beat them on standings this season. old men can’t play basketball. they should bloody retire. i see 17-65 record this season.

  28. watcher says:

    Too old, too slow, poor offense, disparate player mix, rook coach…Money poorly spent.

  29. dustydreamnz says:

    Most of us did Chemistry in school-I believe that’s what it’s about for them but they could easily miss the playoffs this year. They remind me a bit of the Lakers last year-huge expectations but are they too old?

  30. J says:

    I’m… disappointed.

  31. Gillsy says:

    Is it just me or I don’t think they have shot much over 40% any game this year. They look disjointed Kidd was not the guy to take these players over. If Karl or Hollins had the job they would have found a way by now with their experience on the sidelines to bring this team together. While the most worrying part for the Nets is that if things go really south and KG and PP retire at years end they gave up numerous picks to get them. Not to go that far after a handful of games but its worrying when these two aren’t looking to score and everyone is waiting for Williams to get his game back together. The easiest way for that to happen is for the team to help him.

  32. blow21 says:

    Easy, will be worried when they are 8-20…

    • they will be soon if they keep playing this way

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Like I said …… “We Aint Worried About Nothing” ……. 3PEAT!!!!!!!!!! You think these old men can last in a 7 game series with the Heat ? hahaha

        Only team to challenge Miami is Indiana, but if Oden can stay healthy and put a body on the Hibbert then, again ” We Aint Worried About Nothing” !!!!!!!!

    • Net or Gross says:

      If they go 8-20 you should be worry… for next season that is; when the one-time win-it-all-roster will be dismantled and left with the no-heart lose to the Rose-less Bulls in the playoffs team.
      Only winners know that right now, THEY HAVE to be desperate.