Hang Time Podcast (Episode 137) With Special Guest Host John Schuhmann

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Without a set timetable or a concrete method for rebuilding a franchise in the NBA, we’re all left to the fluid nature of a process that has been known to devour those on the inside.

For every blueprint that turns out to be gold (the Indiana Pacers rebuilt themselves into a legitimate championship contender), there are at leas three that have to be torn up before the sketching is done (the Utah Jazz are on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Pacers some eight games into this season).

That totally unpredictable dynamic is what makes the NBA season so intriguing. As hard as watch the top teams, just as much attention has to be paid to the struggling teams because you never know when things might turn around. On Episode 137 of the Hang Time Podcast we put the rebuilding process under the microscope with our special guest host, NBA.com’s numbers Morpheus John Schuhmann, whose weekly Power Rankings offer the best glimpse of the constant twists and turns of the fortunes of the entire league on a regular basis.

Check out that conversation, Sounds of the Game and our latest installment of Braggin’ Rights (someone went 3-0 last week) on Episode 137 of The Hang Time Podcast with special guest host John Schuhmann of NBA.com:


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  1. Alan Hollway says:

    I will be interested to know how the Spurs will rebuild once Duncan, Parker and Ginobli are gone. You have The franchise possibly building around Leonard but that is no big 3. Go after Cav’s Irving and another? Or wait a few years for a good lottery number? I hope the spurs win championship number 5 or even 6 before that happens. They have been the model of consistency sticking to their guns and not buying their way to championships like the Heat and Lakers and Celtics in recent years, P.S The Spurs were the better team in the Heat vs Spurs Finals last year.

    • kim taeyeon says:

      the lakers bought a lot of free agents to have their championships but the celtics never did. they did it through legit trades and draft picks. your comment just shows your utter ignorance of the league’s history