Blogtable: Fixing The Knicks

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What to do with Kobe? | Can the Knicks be fixed? | Disappointing should-be contender?

VIDEO: The Starters discuss the Knicks early-season woes

Fix the Knicks. Can it be done with this roster? If not, do you have a midseason trade in mind for them?

Steve Aschburner, The Knicks are not the stuff of honey-do lists and home weekend projects. They are a contractor’s annuity, a sort of endless renovation. I haven’t bought into New York as a legit contender since Patrick Ewing perspired in the world’s most overrated sports arena. I’d suggest a Carmelo Anthony trade because of the gap between his real value and his assessment of his value, but I know that’s not happening. So I’d suggest a backcourt fix — too much of the frontcourt already is fossilized — to upgrade from Raymond Felton (they’re stuck with J.R. Smith). Contrary to what many New York media folks think, however, the other 29 teams don’t exist as incubators for personnel to help the Knicks. Shaky management has consequences

Fran Blinebury, Fix the Knicks? Not without pixie dust. It’s pure fairytale fantasy.

Jeff Caplan, Fix the Knicks? Hmm, I don’t think so. Trades? Sounds great, but New York’s stuck with Amar’e Stoudemire and who else on that roster is going to fetch anything that can put this ship on a championship course? IMO, The Knicks are tied to their contracts until the summer of 2015 when they can reset. I’m sure Kevin Love waits with bated breath.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Better yet, fix the people who keep thinking the Knicks are a serious threat out of the East. Hey, you trade for Andrea Bargnani, you’re on your own. Losing Tyson Chandler is obviously a big hit, and it would be nice if Carmelo Anthony could hit a shot, but guess which team took players other clubs did not want and spun it as getting better. Bargnani, Metta World Peace — this is a roster with few trade chips.

John Schuhmann, No and no. Assuming that the “it” in the “getting it done” means reaching the conference finals, the Knicks won’t come close. They’re a dreadful defensive team without Tyson Chandler, and even if he comes back at 100 percent, they don’t have enough guys who can make positive impacts on both ends of the floor or the floor spacing that they had last season. Iman Shumpert is the one guy other teams would covet, but trading him for a band-aid would be shortsighted, because this team isn’t getting past the Heat or Pacers with its current, flawed core.

Sekou Smith, It cannot be done with this roster. And no mid-season trade will fix what ails these Knicks. The fix for the Knicks is a much more long-term operation. The salary-cap disaster they are dealing with right now (the expiring $49.7 million in salary owed to Amar’e Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani doesn’t allow for any seismic moves before the summer of 2014) isn’t as easy to fix as it once was. The new collective bargaining agreement doesn’t have the loopholes it once did. That means the Knicks are basically stuck with trying to make this current roster work. That means Carmelo Antony has to play above and beyond the pale and Mike Woodson and Co. have to locate something that works and allows this team to climb out of their funk and make the playoffs. Ride this season out, get to the summer and then the heavy lifting begins.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: The best way to fix the Knicks is to wait until 2015, when Stoudemire and Chandler and Bargnani all come off the books and you’ve got salary room. And if you really want to be bold, Carmelo’s a free agent then as well. With this current team, I’m not sure what there is you can do to improve the team other than maybe sending some guys to Germany for medical treatment.

Karan Madhok, India: This Knicks’ roster was always weird, and with the injury to Tyson Chandler, it seems to have gotten even weirder. The Knicks need an inside presence, and Bargnani, despite his height, isn’t an inside player. The combined efforts of an injured Amar’e Stoudemire, Kenyon Martin, Cole Aldrich, and maybe one free-agent big man signing can be the temporary answer. Being far above the salary cap make them really unflexible when it comes to midseason trades. The Knicks need defensive help and they need it desperately. The in-house solution is to bench Bargnani and move Metta World Peace to the starting five. On offense, New York were at their best last season when they played Carmelo Anthony at the power forward position and surrounded him with shooters. Mike Woodson needs to go back to that system. If it wasn’t broke, why fix it?

Adriano Albuquerque, Brasil: I don’t think so. They need to either speed up the pace to make up for that “matador” defense, or switch things up. They definitely need a backup big with a defensive mindset. I can’t think of trades for them, but I could see them shopping Stoudemire and even Bargnani around.



  1. jdub455 says:

    trade amare for asik… although i am a heat fan and this will definitely strengthen an east rival, i just cant bear seeing stoudemire’s minutes dwindle so much… the rumored shumpert – manimal wud be a big plus plus for the knicks however, i dont see the nuggets agreeing to it.

    aside from being a heat fan, i also love the twolves. i’m a fan of adelman’s system (sacramento days) and i would love to see amare come of the bench for them. trade with d. williams? =)

  2. Jay says:

    People are taking the start to seriously. The first 15-20 games are always shaky, bad teams will be worse, and eventually the good teams will grind out wins. The Knicks will obviously struggle without Chandler for the next month or so, but I do think they will be at least .500 when he gets back, the real season starts after Christmas. The bottom 4 playoff spots in the East are clearly up for grabs. Melo will improve his shooting % as great as a player he is. Felton will be more consistent as the season moves on, Bargnani is looking better and better each game(yes, he will have to score or match his center matchup, as he lacks defensive quality). J.R will give us 15-20 each game. Shumpert can guard any superstar in the league in my eyes, not centers tho. The bench isn`t all bad, except at Center and PF. Metta, Hardaway JR, Prigioni, Martin, Amare(needs to step up). And of course Tyson will bring his defense back in a month. I am looking at the bright side, and that is, its early. Pipe down people, pipe down.

    KnicksTape baby.

  3. Mitch NYC says:

    The Knicks should

    Start Felton, JR Smith, Metta World Peace, Melo & Bargnani. While changler is out

    Second Unit should be- Prigioni, Tim Hardaway Jr, Shumpert, Amare/Matin …with an additional big man for rebounding and fouls

  4. HONOREJR says:


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    We know Anthony leadership needs work, but you have to get him players not j.r. smith.

  6. Kaisersoser says:

    Ok, I get it. Win or lose, You “experts” don’t think much of the Knicks.
    It doesn’t matter if we are only 7 games into the new season.

    That said, they are far from world beating form right now, but I can say so for most of the NBA teams today, and we still have a lot of games left to play.

    Its all good though. I have bookmarked this thread. I am always on the lookout for humble pie material I can use to bring the high and mighty back to earth.

  7. J says:

    Knicks stink. I like them but I don’t take em seriously.

  8. SwankLord says:

    if Melo shared the ball once he start missing to many shots the Knicks would be fixed… Sorta how Lebron plays

  9. lynardbird says:

    that’s what you pay for not listening…Carmelo Anthony is not a team player!!

  10. Andris says:

    Knicks Shoud do something with Amare Stoudemire I think he is healthy and ready to go..
    Chandlers injury is his best chance to play 30 minutes and show what he has got .
    I think he has got something big he hasnt played normally for 2 seasons…
    This has to be paybeck time

  11. Larvell Rice says:

    I think I straight trade for luol deng and carmelo would give the team more versatility just my opinion

  12. Mark says:

    This is the payoff for blowing up a very promising team under D’Antoni so Carmelo Anthony (and his attitude to team sports) could get paid a couple of years ago… That first half season with Felton, Wilson Chandler, Gallinari, Landry Fields running the floor showed so much promise – especially with Felton and Stoudemire running the pick and roll so well (if you ask me, Stoudemire’s regression has affected Felton hugely). Imagine the last couple of years with that core – perhaps add Tyson Chandler and Shumpert into the mix as well – running teams up and down MSG, playing like a team, and you’d have a team NYC could be proud of (and one that would likely have attracted more free agents)… Instead of the one they’ve become; 15 players, a coaching staff and a front office whose one main concern is getting Melo his shot. Fix the Knicks? They fixed themselves in February 2011…

    • Desmodeus says:

      Absolutely. I’m a firm believer that no team built around Carmelo Anthony is getting anywhere near a title. He’s an inefficient, volume shooting, no defence playing, black hole. The fact that they’ve surrounded him with a broken down Amare Stoudamire and a “what the hell were they thinking trading for that useless gimp” Ansdrea Bargnani just makes it worse. The Knicks are going nowhere.

  13. marlon green says:

    I’m sorry but the Knicks are done. Chandler is too frail and always getting hurt, and he is too small to contend with the true centers in the league. Pablo is too old to have as a starting pg. I dont see Melo changing anything about his game. Felton is so off and on. Amarie is definetly done for.

  14. Rexillion says:

    I’m intrigued to hear that the Knick’s season has been written off only 6 games into the season. No other team with the same sort of record New York has at the moment has had the ol’ mid season obituary yet. The joys of Playing in New York. I think they are probably going to replicate the form seen in last season and get eliminated in the Semi’s. Aschburner’s statement is correct in that New York always seems to be in this constant awkward phase of shift and rebuild, however his solution to this conflicts with the ideas he puts across initially. A quick ‘back court fix’ is not going to improve anything and only continue the trend of shift which allows no momentum to be built and no true chemistry to be produced. Although it does make for some interesting trade and signing headlines. The Knicks need to have a review, at the end of the season if their play does not improve dramatically. They need to build around a core and stick with it until it is found to be futile. Tyson, ‘Melo and a high end point guard would work. Kemba Walker? A New York native. Your not going to get too much better in the 5 and 3 spot in any case. They need to get rid of STAT, as much as it pains me to say, allow some cap room.

  15. vern says:

    The Knicks have lots of problems. But with all the bad play it’s not a lost season. Only 3 teams in the east are over 500.
    Indiana, Miami and Atlanta(which is 1 game over) That’s where the Knicks luck comes into play. 15 teams in the east with 8 going to the playoffs. They should be able to correct themselves to at the least 8th seed or you can factor in injuries to players on other teams. If not, the coach would have to take alot of the heat. If they can get a spot in those 8 playoff teams anything can happen.

  16. lol says:

    all they need now is to bring D’antoni back and finish the season with a 20-62 record and mad drama.

  17. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    TRADE AMARE – IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU GET FOR HIM – TRADE AMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    problem solved 😉

    • ODYSSeus says:

      Nobody’s gonna take Amar’e even for free, that’s the problem. I wouldn’t write them off so quickly though. A few bad games, and everybody’s like this roster is dreadful. On paper, they have a better roster than last season, they just started slow and off sync. Wait a week or two, they’ll get into rhythm and will play great D, mark my words. They’re probably not real contenders, but they’re going to be decent, grabbing home-court advantage for the first round of the playoffs….

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Yah maybe that could happen… But at this point I don’t see them improving.. Tyson Chandler is injured (again) .. Amare is washed the ***** up! JR has been exposed as a JOKE. Melo’s head is in the clouds (probably dreaming about LA next season) .. Fat-Felton makes HORRIBLE decisions as a PG and should not be starting .. and Woodson is standing on the sidelines with his mouth half open and his arms crossed … This season is already over for the knicks, they might as well make some trades before the deadline because they have nothing to lose

    • eric says:

      No one will TAKE Amare.. none… Amare cannot be moved, the only team willing to sign his UNINSURED knees was the Knicks, put down the pipe and rented reality

  18. sleeplessbull says:

    Steve Aschburner… as always.. the man who nails it!!!! best NBA writer ever!!! the rest of you have some glimpses here and there!! S.Smith.. you are the worst! you should be hit for some of the stuff you write!!!!

    • Roy says:

      Are you kidding? Steve CRASHburner writes some of the most useless, irrelevant, and making something out of nothing articles this website has ever seen. Sekou may not be the greatest but at least his articles are consistently good and challenging.

      As for the blog table question. I’m a little disappointed my Knicks are hitting such a rough patch. I wish they traded Amare like 1.5 years go when he still had some value. The bargnani pick up wasn’t exactly smart either he isn’t a very good player to have.