Chemistry Issues In Miami?

VIDEO: The Heat get back on track against the Wizards

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This is a high-stakes game of NBA possum that the Miami Heat will never win, not at this juncture of their title-winning ways.

Four games into their second straight season trying to defend their title, there are rumblings of chemistry issues with this group. Seriously, Heat players are using strange analogies to describe the current state of affairs for a team that still has headliners like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to cover up any deficiencies.

They have earned the right to start a season a bit shaky because we know how they’ll finish the season, if the opportunity presents itself. Dealing a with a few “minor” chemistry issues should not be cause for this sort of alarm. Then you listen to the words coming out of the mouths of players in that Heat locker room and it makes you pause for a second.

You hear Wade say these sorts of things to Mike Wallace of and you wonder if we’re missing something bigger going on:

“Let me give you an example,” Wade said prior to Sunday’s game, which the Heat won 103-93 to even their record at 2-2. “If you’re in a relationship with a woman for a long time, you start getting comfortable. You stop doing the little things that you should do, that you did in the beginning. It’s just like a relationship. We got a little comfortable. Now we have to get back on that edge a little bit.”

Your first instinct is to look across the Heat locker room at James and examine his words and maybe his reaction to what Wade said, which will undoubtedly be relayed to the Heat’s other alpha male. When James mentioned minor chemistry issues and Wade responds the way he did, it becomes painfully obvious that whatever issues exist must be worked out by the two most important men in the room (no offense to Heat boss Pat Riley or coach Erik Spoelstra, but everyone knows that the James/Wade show is what drives the Heat).

“It’s just getting back into it — not taking what we have for granted,” James said moments later when told of Wade’s comments. “We’ve been together so long, you start to think we can go out and make it happen instead of talking through it. We lacked that the last few games. We got a handle on it today, and we know what the issue is.”

We’ll give it a few more games here at the hideout before we go hunting for that Chemistry For Dummies book to figure out the problem. Whatever issues the Heat have right now pale in comparison to what will go on if they continue to play .500 basketball into December and early January.

Based on their recent history, of course, there is little chance of that happening. So 82-0 is already out of the picture. Big deal.

After exhausting themselves last season in a quest to chase basketball immortality, the Heat should know better than anyone that this is a marathon and not a sprint. There is no need to stress a little early season scuffling when all will be forgotten the minute the Heat pile up four or five straight wins.

And save the possum for someone gullible enough to believe these minor issues are anything more than a temporary annoyance for a team that has managed to overcome all obstacles in each of the past two seasons.


  1. excuse you? I know your a Wade fan, I am too, (he’s my 2nd fav player- before LeBron went to the Heat) but, Wade is one injury away from a wheelchair and early retirement.
    I didn’t say there was beef, I said that Wade can no longer consistently produce the way he once did.. So it would be better to save his knees for the playoffs..And to start giving Bosh a bigger role offensively which might help the Heat in the long run.. As for Wade being a bit jealous, that is natural, this was his team before LeBron got there, plus Wade is probably frustrated at his injuries holding him back .. who knows ?…But at the end of the day this article is blowing this way out of proportion…

  2. BullsFan2123 says:

    Just wondering but how many of you people actually believe the miami heat players go through the blogs and comments on just to get motivation?

  3. sanjay says:

    oh boy, lebron going to work is an ominous signs for his opponents. Today against raptors he was in his elements-though team did not have any great defense to speak off but were very very quick aggressive team-these are very good signs for miami chemistry issues or not!

  4. ReAlHeAtFaN2003 says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha it worked!

  5. LBJthaking!!!! says:

    This article is a joke!!! I see no chemistry issues or drama in anyway with there comments!! It’s all the truth and put in a nice way….geez

  6. tha truth says:

    letting mike miller go will be the nail in the coffin. greg oden n beasley are lazy bums and james jones is trash

  7. K says:

    Ok I can’t see how the comment DWade made can be twisted to say he was directing his comments toward LeBron. If you watch their two loses Miami got away from their basic team principles of moving the ball and playing Miami sound defense. Everybody acts as if this season is going to be a cake walk for Miami. Miami understands it’s not! Brooklyn was built solely to be able to compete against Miami and every team in the East and for that matter the NBA brings their “A” game anytime they play the Heat. Every game for the Heat is played with playoff intensity for the other team because Miami is the measuring stick.

  8. CHILL says:

    yo relax this is just 4 games out of an 82 game season. Just relax and see how the season develops. 3PEAT!

  9. HKHS says:

    This is no surprise to me. I have been saying this since 2010, that once LBJ came down to Miami that he would take over Wade’s team. After taking over Wade’s team it was inevitable that these two would take shots at each other. This year will be suspenseful, due to Miami having the pressure to 3 peat, chemistry issues, and the upcoming free agency. Also there is the lingering pressure of the emerging Brooklyn Nets, Pacers, and the Bulls with D Rose back. The Heat will have to soar above all of this pressure in order for them have a chance to 3 peat! But the reality is with D Wade being disrespected by Kevin Durant, as he once was an alpha dog, you have to wonder if his ego will get in the way as LBJ is getting all the attention all the time! This Heat team will have a lot to deal with this year. Are they every bit as good to win it all? Of course! But will they win it all with all these distractions? As NBA history has taught us no NBA dynasty lasts forever including the Heat, especially with all of these distractions in front of them!

  10. ShesABballFAN says:

    The Nets definitely have what it takes to run the East. However, as a Knicks fan I am a bit jealous of the 2nd string the Nets have that we the Knick lack. Heat definitely need to be concerned about the NETS, its like revenge of the nerds, the NETS are coming back HARDER AND STRONGER

  11. Darryl says:

    I actually dont know how they will finish the season if given the opportunity.

  12. 007 says:

    COMMUNICATION ISSUES!!!!! When your organization is strong at the top then this doesn’t phase you espically in November. Now my Wizards they have communication issues. So for the Heat woe is me attitude like Jay-Z said ” ain’t nobody got time for that!!”

  13. Bryan says:

    Holy sensationalism, Batman! Talk about putting things under a microscope!

    Of course they’ve gotten comfortable. I have no love for the Heat, but this story (read: non-story) is ridiculous.

    This isn’t about chemistry issues. It’s about complacency as a natural consequence of so much winning.

    That’s why it’s hard to repeat.

    They both mean that as a team, they have to find a way to get hungry. Stop being sensationalist.

  14. Krod_pr says:

    Theyre only making it seem like they ard having chemistry issues so that other teams take them lightly. Its all part of their plan to take over the world…

  15. bltms1 says:

    Why do we have fake debates?

  16. John says:

    Seriously, the author doesn’t have anything worthy to write about thus trying to sensationalize a trivial issue. All teams undergo chemistry issues at the beginning of the season. Even the statements of Wade and James are nothing much to be reading into.

  17. wade says:

    beat the heat in a seven game series….
    so far 11-1….

    regular season is boring….

    this sekou is dumb… trying to stir up the champs…

    actually it already blew in their faces the past 2 years still they haven’t learned… how pathetic

  18. Jimksi says:

    didnt even read this..
    Had more hopes for you Sekou… disappointing

  19. miami heat fan says:

    cmon just trust them 3PEAT!!!

  20. Smub99 says:

    Sorry am I missing something here?! Why is this even newsworthy?! All they are saying is that the team is being a little lazy and dare i say complacement. Don’t see any digs or issues with chemistry here!?

  21. Jay says:

    I want to see heat vs warriors in the nba finals!! Heat in 5

  22. sanjay says:

    for time being wade will carry some of james role as james is still not up to it-his ball handling skills:dribbling, turn overs, travel need to be nba standard. He would need another month or two to set them right! After that wade can step back and let james take over! It is also serious juggling act as wades time need to be monitored as heat do not want to wear him out when james peak! This is when the beasleys, mason jr comes handy. The heat might have to trade joel anthony and get some body in his place if beasley cannot get it done;odens availability is another problem as well!

  23. Suns! says:

    Wade just go to the suns and you’ll have a very good legacy

  24. afterkwiss says:

    And here we go again … a team (well, Miami cause it’s easier to pick on them) loses 2 games out of four and they have a chemistry problem. Didn’t you guys say the same thing last year, and the year before?

  25. ron52nge says:

    The writer seems nothing to write. Back to Back Champion and “Chemistry Issues”.

  26. Lakers Fan says:

    I think the Heat are just fine, remember that this is 82 games, they just want to peak at the right time – playoffs. But they should take care as threats are everywhere, Pacers, Bulls, Thunder, Rockets.

  27. phil says:

    you know what they should do? rethink their offense, their defense is always their strong point, but Spo just let the guys plays, offcourse they can, their superstars, But they need more offensive strategy, And not play for 5 second dribbling the ball pick & roll and do something. The league knows that now! Take care of that first! make the defenders think again! and don’t go streetball with your talent!
    Phil Jackson had the most twisted offensive strategy with the best player in the world, nobody could ever know what they wanted to do… That’s your problem!
    But Heat!!! you’ll win it all 🙂

  28. So what if there’s a little chatter in the Heat locker room. Who cares. They are individuals not hermits. They have the right to vent and voice there opinions. Maybe chatter will motivate the team members. D-Wade most likely was talking about the whole team. They will need new ways to motivate each other this year by doing other things. Being things big or small. Just remember “slow and steady wins the race”. Notice also, other teams are getting better. Don’t worry about the HEAT. They won’t run out of steam if they eat right, get plenty of Sleep, practice as much as they can on their own, and on game night, BRING IT. It is after all, their job and they should have fun doing it.

  29. Boca_Fan says:

    They will be fine, no worries!!!!

    Go Heat!!!!!!!

  30. Denholm says:

    ‘pretty sure the celtics are a lock for the title..

  31. Long time Bulls fan - But a realist says:

    I don’t even think Wade was talking about ANY of his team members… I think the relationship he’s talking about is being a Championship team… you get complacent… and when everyone is telling you you’re going to 3-peat… you start to believe the hype a little too much maybe, and think it’s going to be a walk in the park – so you stop doing the things that made you a championship team.

    Sekou Smith is ALWAYS trying to do whatever he can to bring the Heat down… as if they even read his nonsense.

    • J. Cole says:

      Any team that is trying to 3-Peat will have a similar problem. It’s not egos clashing or disgruntled teammates. They will get every team’s best shot this season so there is very little room for error or effort that is anything less than 100%. Stop trying to stir the pot Sekou Smith.

  32. Kiing says:

    Heat was lucky these last two years it won’t happen this year!!

    • Flexy says:

      Wow Kiing…whats the second i for ignorant…can you name the actual team that WILL stop them, key word WILL. We can all name teams that can, might, maybe, will try…but you and I both know the KING won’t allow that to happen…the Heat are unstoppable, and I’m actually being pretty realistic and modest at the same time

  33. Guy says:

    LBJ+DWade+Bosh = 3Peat !!!!

  34. jose says:

    How the heck is it chemistry problems they been together for 3 years …..stop making excuses

  35. Akeem Asante says:

    Look writers, the NBA is exciting enough this year as it is. You don’t need to make it a soap opera to add to the hype. Write about the play (now that they are playing) and the projected play. All of this he said, who said, what is he gonna say, is for little girls. Man up already!!!…and let’s enjoy a man’s game (period)

    On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 9:53 AM, Hang Time Blog with Sekou Smith | wrote:

    > Sekou Smith posted: ” [nba-video > vid=/games/heat/2013/11/03/] VIDEO: The Heat > get back on track against the Wizards HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This is a > high-stakes game of NBA possum that the Miami Heat will never win, not at > this j”

  36. nathaniel says:

    honestly give miami a better point guard or take haslem out the starting lineup for a healthy and i mean HEALTHY oden for some size and they will be golden. chalmers is good and all but he not wow if we dont have him tonight we might lose material and haslem is just…..haslem

  37. okc2014 says:

    So what if Wade said they are “getting comfortable?” They are still the 2013 champs and will get it together to make another run of it. This article was just starting trouble and taking his words out of context. I’m sure the NBA players are so sick of that. And our random comments.

  38. Juan OfUs says:


  39. AK says:

    The 2 quotes were perfectly sensible. They are being blown way the heck out of proportion. They were just saying the team got comfortable with winning, and for a second may have lost the hunger other teams have to take what the heat have. These 2 starts are veterans, it’s early. On a scale of 1 to ten the level of concern is zero.

  40. Gianni's says:

    Bla bla bla and last year the same at the beginning everybody was talking after everybody you will shut up like last year
    Be blees you watching heat Miami heat stupid people
    heat for ever

  41. Gene says:

    This article is about as useful as wings on a horse. It makes nonsense. The Heat are champs so they will no doubt have detractors, but this is ridiculous. The 2 losses will only make the team gel better and make it to the Finals..yet again!

  42. Dre says:

    Wade game is suffering so much because he’s not allowed to play his type of game. The last time Wade was able to be himself on the court on a consistent basis, was the first year of Him and Lebron played together where both of them was carrying the team and we all know what happen that year, Lebron wasn’t Lebron and it had nothing to do with Wade’s game but it had everything to do with Lebron not knowing or wanting to share the spotlight with Wade when it came to trying to carrying Miami to that championship that first year they were together. Now three years later, Wade had to alter his game more than any of the three so that Lebron can have all the spotlight to himself, and because of his (Wade) unselfish attitude, his game has taken a big hit. So when you all talk about someone who truly wants to win a championship more than worrying about stats, it’s Wade not Lebron or Bosh, who was and still is putting team before stats and having to be one man (Lebron) that has to be seen as the one carrying the Miami Heat…

  43. cubanconnection says:

    Battier , 0 out of 13!!!!!!!
    James Jones ?…very well ,and you?
    Spoeltra please…..

  44. cubanconnection says:

    Why Beasley isn’t playing? Why Haslem starts ?
    Does anybody can explain that to me please?
    Spoelstra , Please…….

  45. Richard says:

    Chemistry issues after playing just FOUR games for this season while winning back-to-back championships? MR. SEKOU SMITH MUST BE OUT OF HIS WITS. And how many times did James, Wade and other superstars say that it takes a TEAM to win a game and not just two people. This article is just plain garbage!

  46. bob says:

    Don’t be naïve!!!! heat is waiting for the play-offs!!!!!

  47. bob says:

    LOL!!!!! Very funny article Mr. Sekou..LOL keep trying….

  48. Maoriplayer says:

    Really!! Bit early for this to be fuelled?? but must admitt that wade throwing round the whole”3″ thing may have put a sting in lebrons celebrations last year, seemed abit selfish and somebody as competitive as James getting reminded that he’s still one ring behind couldn’t of been easy to swallow. So who knows but they don’t seem as close at the moment?

  49. Matt says:

    Translation: We started out slow this season because we got too comfortable and became lazy. We’re looking to find a little spark inside to reignite the competitive fire inside of us.

    This sounds like they took what they have for granted and realize they need to fix it in order to succeed again. Not a big deal.

  50. iamsupertesla says:

    I dont think what they are saying is about chemistry issues.There is no big changes in their lineup this season except Miller going to the Griz and acquiring Oden and Mason Jr but still inactive.What they are saying is about getting to the groove again,getting back to their championship form that they showed 2years ago.Because we all know all teams are still rusty and trying to shake it up due to NBA vacation.So what more for the back to back champs?Last championship is the hardest for them so far and now they are facing not only the hardest but the toughest.They know they are not playing at their best so they are talking for a WAKE UP CALL.The Heat could have been 4-0 this season already bec their two losses is winnable.They just collapse in last minute against the Sixers and they could have won it against the Nets(Brooklyn loss to the Magic last night??).It is all about “WAKE UP CALL”,a hangover from their championship party for 2 seasons already and trying to get their 3rd straight.NBA is making issues for more money..IT IS NORMAL,IT IS A BUSINESS!

  51. angel says:

    Woooooowwww…seko u got problem man…Miami Heat dont care about ur comments seko..they strong mines..Go Heat…we are the best….3peat

  52. Shauntee says:

    Wade is just trying to prove to Durant (who made comments about Harden being better than D-Wade) that he is a better player than Harden. And its starting to affect him and his teamates. Who give’s a care about what some other dude on another team thinks. Get them rings!!!

  53. Erlo says:

    Uhhh…. what? They are just saying that when you win two in a row, sometimes you get lazy. I believe they will realize this, learn from the two losses, and get right back on track.

  54. The nba just wants to write an article to make it sound worst than what it should be. Every team goes through this and they still talk about it two championships in a row later.theyll obviously be fine.

  55. andrew says:

    I’ll be the first person to admit wanting the heat to fail. But I don’t think there is anything too alarming going on in south beach.

    I don’t think the heat threepeat. After hearing bosh talk about how exhausted everyone was by the finals, trying to chase history, I dont think they have it in them to fight off every team one more time. Teams like the heat bring out the very best in other playoff contending teams and with wades gradual deterioration I don’t think they have what it takes to beat teams that took them to the last second who have gotten even better. However, I expect them to go to the ECF n.lose in 7 to either the bulls or pacers.

    I predict lebron will decide to opt out of his contract, while wade n bosh stay. Lebron knows not to leave a team high n dry now, so he will probably depart in a sign n trade, unless there is another elite player willing to take his place in south beach. I also expect lebron to go to a team without a history of dominance behind it. Cleveland maybe, he might even decide to go to Charlotte or Washington. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he went west to team up with cp3 n Blake in LA or to golden state. Lebron will carve out his own legacy someplace where he won’t be following in anyone’s footsteps.

  56. joe says:

    so why are you trying to create stress? To my mind their comments were only about finding the flow again.. not petty sniping like you imply.. what you got right is there absolute nada to be concerned about..

  57. Romeo Aguirre says:

    I hate lebron big fan of dwade hate the heat because of lebron but this team will be ok trust me might not make the finals but if they do they will lose. If oden stays health and Beasley does his thing then they will be ok

    • LBJthaking!!!! says:

      Ummmmm Miami will be ok cuz they have Lebron….hate him or not he is the best and can take on a team by himself…even tho it shuldnt b tht way.

  58. cbreezy says:

    The only thing that is going on here is that other NBA teams have gotten better. The only place for The Heat to go is down. They’ve had their run, and now the league has decided enough is enough. I don’t see chemistry problems at all…I see bigger teams with deeper benches. Wade will be in and out of the line up all year, and that will hurt the home court advantage that they enjoy come playoff time.

  59. jm13 says:

    Don’t worry guys…the heat will be fine as obviously stated in this totally unbiased article by the fine writers for They are like the best ever and every other teams problems just show that they are garbage and the heat are the best ever. Everyone knows King James is the best ever and those guys like Mikey J, Kerby, Magic guy, Brussell sprout, Gerald Bird, Shack, Kevin Malone, and Hakeem the African dream are all a bunch of losers. They can’t do anything right and they are just mad cause they don’t play for Harold and kumars illegitimate love child…I mean coach spoelstra.

  60. Kyle says:

    Wade acts like the jealous little step child these days. Bosh should be the 2nd option, he keeps his mouth shut and plays hard. But leave it up to Washed up Wade to be a drama queen.

    • TJ says:

      You are obviously a Heat hater, and I guess you hate Wade the most because he has 3 rings..

      however you obviously don’t know what you are talking abut, and should not comment, but instead go play or watch women softball.

      the Heat is just bored and complacent as to be expected,,, this has nothing to do with Wade..
      so please stop it

  61. Levi Neto says:

    Wow… another hater.

    Everything they said makes sense and it is true.

    It’s a shame people are trying to destroy the Heat so early in the season. Haven’t you guys realized yet you are just fueling the champion? Do you really think Wade, James, Bosh, Allen, Battier, Haslem and the rest of the guys are players that will fall for gossip??

    We are the Champions! You better try to help your own team out Seikou, because the Heat are again the favourites and the team is a lot stronger this year with Beasley backing up Wade and Oden for the playoffs.

  62. sekousmitze says:

    it’s ok if they talk about the (minor) problem together, but if they start to talk about it by media interposed it will not be good. as an exemple, the way mister “chick talk” sekou writes about it.

  63. Emmanuel says:

    Wow, the nonsense starts early this year.

  64. Jru says:

    Don’t ever disrespect DWade. He is still a threat. Yes he has slumped down incredibly because of his constant reckless driving to the rim and flopping and falling in his earlier career, but he is still D-Wade. You still can’t sleep on this man cause he will but up 20 in a hurry. He still has the clutch factor and alwasy will, midrange game is on point not like it used too but it still is effective. Chris bosh averaged something like 16 points a game last year which isn’t bad at all but Wade, with a tired and injred and old body still averaged 20 so you cant count him out. He did it without Lebron so he still is a factor

  65. Tony Tiger says:

    I really want to see the Heat win 35-40 games in a row. This will cement them in history as the greatest team ever. I believe they can do it. If it happens, down the stretch of the run, I believe Greg Oden will return to give them a nice lift.

  66. Rafroch says:

    I actually do get the sense that Lebron and Wade have chemistry issues going on but it’s nothing that can’t be solved. Remember that throughout the playoffs last year, there were a lot of issues going on between LBJ and D-Wade, when Lebron implied he had no help in the Pacers series when he said he was going “back to his Cleveland days” on the floor, and Wade said in one press conference that it shouldn’t be up to “the individual to self-will it” (obviously referring to Lebron).

    So you add that to the fact that Wade obviously still has some nostalgia of his days as the top dog, and I say the only reason they don’t have even bigger issues going on is because of the 2 titles. We were an Allen miracle away from major internal issues within the team, and the possible dissipation of the big 3. We have to remember that because it’s not all sunshine and butterflies with Miami. As much as we like to think of Wade and James as being selfless and team-oriented, remember that they are still superstar individuals with big egos. And it’s very tough to keep a relationship between two alpha dogs like that fortified as time goes by. The biggest example is the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. Now, do I think Lebron and Wade are gonna end up like those Lakers in 2004? Obviously not. But there is no denying that they do have some internal conflicts that need to be resolved in this regular season. If this is carried over to the playoffs, I don’t see this team winning the championship.

    Anyways, it’s not an overreaction, that was my opinion even before coming into this season. I think the Heat will win but we cannot dismiss the importance of the regular season. It’ll be interesting to see if the chemistry improves or if it reaches a breaking point eventually.

  67. Tony Tiger says:

    Wade and James are great players and so is Bosh. This statement by Wade is just him challenging his teammates to be better. He’s not going to accept mediocrity and Bosh/James won’t either. Wade just spoke about it first to keep the ship in order. But it just as well could have been Bosh, James (publicly) or even Haslem (behind the scenes). Just my opinion.

  68. kdasilva says:

    No hate for the heat but….I don’t get the “W’eve just been together for so long” sentiment”….I mean come on its only been 3 seasons, there is teams who have been rocking the same core for waaaaaaaaaaay longer then that.

    • Rick says:

      That’s long giving the current state of sports where teams don’t stick together for a few years at all look at boston they came together in 08 and no one is left on that team but rondo. To put it in perspective this is the fourth year they have been together 3 final appearances over 300 games played since Lebron and Bosh came to south beach. Wade comments was right on point they’ve been to comfortable with their abilities to overcome deficits. And furthermore Sekou just trying to stir up a little something thats nothing.

  69. Pseudo Drama says:

    I guess you are helping them Sekou by “putting a log on the fire” to borrow Jordan’s words but lets give them the benefit of the doubt until they .500 in January or February. Based on the fourth quarter of that Nets game it looks like they still have that extra gear that other teams dont have. they’ll figure it out.

  70. Bermir says:

    This is a ridiculous attempt at making something out of nothing. Both what Wade said and what James said is perfectly sensible; how does it indicate chemistry issues? It only shows that they are aware that sometimes one get too comfortable and no longer try hard enough…

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I agree. I mean anyone can see that what wade said was the metaphorical version of what James said.
      They are still finishing each other’s sentences.
      Seriously Sekou i start reading this article and feels like Wade and James’ relationship is turning bitter but I read the quotes and realize that’s just you making an article about regular post game comments.
      Keep it movin folks. There’s no juice here.

      • New Yorker says:

        Sheesh. I felt the same way after reading this so called post. Umm, not much to write about? If every woman read into things as much as you did Sekou here 50% of marriages would end in divorcee… oh wait.

    • Kit says:

      Exactly. The author discounts the entire benefit of reading his own article with his last sentence.

      “Hey look! The Heat might have chemistry issues! Wait, don’t worry! The Heat don’t have chemistry issues!” Oh. Okay.

      • LBJthaking!!!! says:

        Lol I know. Lebron and Dwayne are best friends thts why lebron went ther Anything to stir drama or try to lol they jus got off vacas not too long ago of course there gonna be a little off they are human.

  71. Kyle says:

    Wade is an egomaniac and needs to be put in check. Bosh should be the 2nd option.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      At this point in Wade’s career, I have to agree with you

      • Big RCT says:

        Bosh? The Bosh who didn’t score a single point in game 7 vs The Spurs? That Bosh? Lol oh ok


        I see the Bandwagons doubters are back. Shame on you so called Heat fans or should I say Lebron only fans lol. Wade doesnt need to be put in check dummies lol Fake fans just need to go away.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


        Wade is breaking down and can no longer consistently produce the same way he once did, Bosh is capable of putting up big numbers if given the opportunity, I don’t agree with “putting Wade in check” lol.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Maybe all the attention on LeBron is finally starting to get to Wade, the back to back MVP’s and back to back finals MVP’s, Either way I think this article is making a big deal out of nothing… 3PEAT!

      • Henry Ross says:

        Right. Always have your BROS back. They won’t you all have.



        If you just get off Lebrons TIP for a minute you would know that Wade isnt Jealous of Lebron. They are very close friends and Wade made the biggest sacrifice. He gave Lebron his team and Lebron can’t win if Wade doesnt play this year! Stop being silly, there aint no beef.


      • LBJKIN6JAMES is right on 2 things:

        1. If C Bosh gets an opportunity he will play a more dominant role on the Heat squad. rememer that game they played last season in San Antonio?

        2. Lebron is getting too much attention in a squad that was once DW’s team. DW is human 2, it must affect him in one way or the other.

        The Heat are still a very good team….but a 3peat?? After what the Nets did last Friday….I’m not so sure about that. They might have some oldies but their bench is marvelous. I have my money bet on the Nets in the East.

      • HEat says:

        Is Wade talking about himself or he is pointing the finger?! This ain’t his team!! Even though he’s been here longer..he ain’t getting it done. Just one year and that was Shaq 60% contribution to the title. he did 25% and the rest was other guys..

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


        excuse you? I know your a Wade fan, I am too, (he’s my 2nd fav player- before LeBron went to the Heat) but, Wade is one injury away from a wheelchair and early retirement.
        I didn’t say there was beef, I said that Wade can no longer consistently produce the way he once did.. So it would be better to save his knees for the playoffs..And to start giving Bosh a bigger role offensively which might help the Heat in the long run.. As for Wade being a bit jealous, that is natural, this was his team before LeBron got there, plus Wade is probably frustrated at his injuries holding him back .. who knows ?…But at the end of the day this article is blowing this way out of proportion…


    • LakersWillWin says:

      I hate to ever agree or post positivelty about the Heat and feed the trolls on here, but Miami will be fine. Wade’s example is spot on about being in relationship and forgetting the little things.

      Going to be really hard to get Miami off their throne this season. Excited for a great season!

      • LBJthaking!!!! says:

        Thank you. It’s the beginning of the season guys………. Thers like 80 something more games or whatever…. Plenty of time. LEBRON JAMES IS KING!!!! GO LEBRON 🙂