Dwight’s Response: ‘No Need To Be Mad’

VIDEO: Dwight Howard responds to Mark Cuban’s criticism of his decision

HOUSTON — Dwight Howard said he wasn’t at all bothered by NBA owner Mark Cuban questioning his decision to choose the Rockets over his Mavericks last summer in free agency.

After scoring 13 points and grabbing 16 rebounds in Houston’s 113-105 win over Dallas on Friday night, the 6-foot-11 center shrugged off what had blown up in national headlines after Cuban said Howard had made “a mistake.”

“What would you want him to say?” Howard shrugged. “I mean, he’s taking up for his team. I would do the same thing if somebody didn’t want to come with me. I would think they’re making a bad decision.

“There’s no need to be mad. He said what he had to say. We talked about it already. I totally understand. It’s business. If I would have went to his team, he’d be happy. If not, he would have felt like that wasn’t the best decision. But I have to do what’s best for Dwight.

“I mean I really wasn’t upset about it. He just said, ‘Dwight, it’s business.’ That’s it. We laughed and talked about other things.”


  1. Lakers4life says:

    He is a good dude he is just not build for a pressure team he folds too easy under scrutiny and does not like to be criticized but hey he handled the question well and they beat Dallas so that shows he matured enough to let comments fall to the waist side and play his game go d12 still mad you left la but I know talent when I see it #kobeshouldhaveletuptillhesigned#

  2. zerene88 says:

    Am glad he had the right attitude, right response. Took the high road,,,way to go, Dwight.

  3. zerene88 says:

    I’m glad Dwight made the right response…took the high road… way to go, Dwight

  4. nicee says:

    nice reply! so dwight is intelligent off the court?

  5. MJ says:

    Why do they like referring themselves in the third person?

  6. Will.I.Am says:

    Why in hell’s name is this article doing here? So stupid and it seems like you reporters are getting bored and trying to look for anything just to set up a commotion. I recall Cuban saying “that it was a long shot” and wasn’t too stressed about the rejection Stupid question, but I respect Howard for giving you a mature answer.

  7. Vadim says:

    This guy still refers to himself in third person? ughh..

  8. Paul says:

    Dwight I thought you improved your free throws!? was it all just a… lie?

  9. notworthy_article says:

    Nothing to see here.

  10. QM says:

    As much as id hate Dwight for his past moves and attitudes, i think he’s into something right now, he handles now the interviews with relatively “bright” answers, and the aura he have right now with the Rockets, is i can say peaceful. 2 games down and it was great to see DH12 numbers and plays, if he can embrace it thru out the season, the Rockets are the ones likely to get out of the west.

  11. dre says:

    “He’s STICKING up for his team.” Not he’s taking up for his team <- that makes no sense.

  12. Big Al of Bondi says:

    Come on, it’s really a no brainer which Texan team Dwight should have chosen. Seriously, there’s not much for D12 in Dallas, with Dirk soon to retire and what-not. Monta Ellis may have tried to woo him into playing together, but James Harden is obviously the better partner. The Rockets are a young, promising squad that can soon contend for a crown.

  13. Johnason Lin says:

    Reporters just ran out of questions to ask. It would be a news if Cuban said Howard made a good decision going to Houston lol.

  14. Jonny says:

    Another fine example of the media trying to blow things up.

  15. Jason says:

    Is Dwight maturing a little?!?!?! OMg! A revelation!

  16. pears009 says:

    Reports ask some of the dumbest questions… But, again, it’s “Bid-ness” on their part too

  17. Josh says:

    well said dwight…..well said