Cuban: Only Idiots Spurn The Mavs

VIDEO: Cuban talks about the Mavericks’ offseason moves.

HOUSTON — Just so you know, if LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony become free agents and don’t pick Dallas as their new home, they’ll also be error-prone idiots.

“I can’t talk about anyone specifically,” said Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. “I’ll get fined. So any potential free agent is an idiot if they consider the Mavs and don’t come.”

Speaking to a handful of reporters about an hour before Friday night’s game at the Toyota Center, the Mavericks loquacious and opinionated boss was following up on his statement a day earlier when he said Rockets center Dwight Howard made a mistake by choosing Houston over Dallas in free agency.

Cuban and Howard had a brief conversation when they happened to cross paths in a back hallway prior to the game.

“When he stops, it wasn’t tough to figure out,” Cuban said. “He’s saying, ‘What’s going on?’

“He was fine. It was nice. I said I wasn’t picking on him. It’s common sense. I think anybody who doesn’t come to the Mavs is making a mistake, an error in judgment.

“I used stronger words, but I told Dwight ‘Anybody that doesn’t come here is an idiot.’ And if I didn’t say that, I’d be an idiot, because that’s reality, you know. Whether you’re buying a product from one of my companies or making a deal versus somebody else on Shark Tank, if I don’t have the confidence in our product to think you make a mistake if you don’t do business with me, then it’s on me.

“I don’t know if he understood, but that’s the reality. If you’re a free agent and you picked somebody else, you made an error in judgment. And if you’re a lot younger than me, then you’re a kid.’

“Like I said, I like Dwight. It’s not like I don’t like the guy. We get along.”

Having recently been cleared of insider-trading charges by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Cuban said he’s just happy to be back stirring up headlines in the fantasy world of sports.

“I always like to have people to mess with,” Cuban said. “You’ve got to throw out a few jabs every now and then to have fun. Wins and losses are serious, but this is still fun and if you guys (media) don’t like it, that’s your problem…It’s great fodder. I’m not gonna stop having fun.

“There’s things you don’t say, because you know what’s gonna happen. And there’s things there’s no reason to hold your tongue because you know exactly what’s going to happen and it makes it even more entertaining that the stupidest little things become headline porn.”

You can criticize Cuban for being over the top or wrong with some of his opinions and off the cuff remarks. But you cannot say that he doesn’t know how to enjoy his high profile role and doesn’t add spice to the NBA, if only to keep himself amused. Through the years, he’s waged verbal wars with Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson of the Lakers, not to mention infuriating the entire city of San Antonio for insulting the beloved River Walk.

“The back and forth is the best,” Cuban said. “Especially Shaq was good and Phil Jackson was great, because he’s smart. When you get somebody like that who’s witty, it’s a challenge, it’s fun. Whether it’s Phil Jackson every now and then or Pat Riley a few times, that’s the kind of public battles that are fun.”

Is Howard a worthy verbal sparring partner?

“I don’t know,” Cuban said. “You’d have to ask him. I’m not going after that one.”

The truth is, Cuban wishes that a few more NBA owners would get engaged the way he does, heckling opponents from their court side seats and standing up publicly for their teams.

“Yeah, it would make the game more entertaining,” he said. “It really would. At the end of the day, people don’t come to be serious about sports. We take our sports seriously and it’s emotional. But we come to have fun. It’s entertainment. Does anybody remember the score of our exhibition game when we played (the Rockets)? Anybody remember the score of any of our games last year?”

He cackles. He giggles. He rarely ducks a question and always has an opinion on any issue, especially the Mavs, whom he’ll never miss an opportunity to promote. Even at the expense of a high-profile opponent.

Remember that player who made “The Decision” to take his talents to South Beach in 2010 and has since won two championships when he could have jumped to Dallas?

“You know, what can I say? It was still a horrible mistake,” said a grinning Cuban. “I can’t talk about free agents. So whoever you’re referring to, he could have had three (championships).”


  1. kek says:

    how can u not like Cuban? he´s always upfront, he cares about his team, he is engaged during the games instead of being a boring billionare staring at his phone all game like these other clown owners in the nba. And I kind of agree with him, how many stars do come to Dallas none? and who did win the nba championship without 3 allstars on their team? Who knows If nowitzki got a dwight howard or a chris paul to dallas some years ago, it could have been some more rings in texas.

  2. bulls fan says:

    dallas mavericks…..more like the dallas ponies

  3. Dwade says:
    You have to admit , mark cuban is kind of funny lol

  4. baba says:

    And as a matter of fact, you guys criticizing Mark are the IDIOTS.

  5. baba says:

    For those of you criticizing Mark in this article-by calling him an Idiot, can’t even write simple and correct english. Well I am sorry to say, I suggest some of you guys go back to your respective articles and see how your sentence and spellings where outrageous.

  6. D WADE says:

    Remember that this Mavericks team is the only team to beat LeBron’s Miami in the finals so let’s not critisize them

  7. Shawn says:

    I love the way this article ends.. Cause if it weren’t for the MAVS, LeBron would have had 3 rings. haha

  8. bryan says:

    His opinions are wrong? Isn’t that impossible?

  9. Big Moe says:

    Some of you guys are not making sense to me. Cuban is one the great owners in this country. Since being Mavs owner, 50 win seasons for a decade folks that is a success with a trophy & 2 trips to the finals. NBA is a 82 games just watch and see these mavs team!! Please be real even when you hate.

  10. Tory says:

    Lets see. Howard..Play with James harden…Lin…asik…parsons….or play with 35 year old dirk? Hmmmm HOUSTON

  11. Hahahah, I love Mark Cuban. Dude is a genius.

  12. tommy vong says:

    He thinks money can buy everything. Well guess what Cuban your not the only with Money!. Keep treating people like an idiots and you’ll get treated back like one. Sorry Mr. Cuban just cause you have money there’s still a lot to learn about this reality. You keep thinking you know it all but you don’t. Keep doing what your doing and see if any great players join your organization.

  13. Harold says:


  14. guren from Philippines says:

    I dont agree with you guys joining dallas will make you idiot???? .. Joining Dirk and other dallas players are not stupidity, dallas is a great city and a great basketball team, Dont hate dallas for having that kind of speechy chum owner, only thing i did’nt like is mark cuban he is an idiot to say all of that .yeah i agree with that.

  15. Danny says:

    Mark did it again – when he stirs the pot , the emotional and no clue about basketball people float to the top I did not read one credible comment here – that’s why I don’t post

  16. you’re funny mark!you just want an attention! stop telling every free agent players to go to dallas because it won;t happen just because of you’re attitude! but hearing about your opinin about the other owners it was great! =)

  17. Chicago! says:

    Only idiots spurn Barea, Kidd, Terry and Chandler.

  18. lol says:

    Cuban needs to retire. The guy makes a fool of himslef he should just quit NBA bussiness

  19. Oren G says:

    Dallas who?
    Cuban you can remove the horse logo as your team plays like wusses.
    If the mavs were such a great team, players would be linning up, show me the big name players before you open your mouth!
    2006,2012,2013 Champs!!!!

  20. $Money$ says:

    I thought Cuban was a smart man. But his recent comment on Dwight was obviously not very smart. Houston is a conference finals caliber team, I don’t see that in Mavs. C’mon Cuban, don’t hate just b/c Dwight chose Houston, which is a much better fit for him.

  21. SixerFanEU says:

    I really like the Mavs (not my absolute vavorite team, but I like them), I like Cuban as well. He has fun and tells it like it is. I like their culture, their style of play and their character. Cuban wrote in his blog that the culture of the Mavs is the main reason he’d never trade Dirk. Dirk prefers to retire a Maverick. Nothing wrong with that.

    By the way-Mavs won the title in 2011 with a bunch of (ex) superstar veterans plus a franchise player in Dirk who was expected to slowly ride into the sunset (he was 33 at the time). Surprisingly, they elevated their game (Dirk, JET and Chandler in particular) and steamrolled over the playoffs, including the (haters gonna hate) “beloved” Heat.

    Houston can win the title 10 years in a row (don’t worry, they won’twin ONE, at least not in the next couple years), but because of Dirk and because of 2011 run to the championship, I’ll ALWAYS prefer the Mavs over Houston-or any other Western team for that matter.

    Go Dirk, go Mark. GO MAVS!!!!!

  22. Big Al of Bondi says:

    Only idiots let a championship team collapse instantly. Cuban is just sour-graping on not getting Dwight aboard (not like he even came close to landing him). He wastes time ranting about the traitor Fisher, woos some tall girl into playing in the NBA, and gives Iverson a chance to play but not without the ridiculous D-League ordeal. AI, who sadly announced his retirement a few days ago, would have at least helped bring them to the playoffs last season.

    Sorry Mark, but talk is cheap. Stop blabbering and take real action.

    • hhh says:

      And you really think that the mavs who won would be able the contend the next season, dont get ahead of ur self. he cleared capspace and did the right thing so he could have a shot at some star freeagents, no it didnt work out but HEY! u gotta try, its not like its easy to draw stars to dallas.

  23. PC3 @SwHtown20 says:

    MARK CUBAN is 5 year kid trapped in a grown mans body even on Shark Tank when he doesnt get what wants he crys & complains until he gets his way lol..Dallas will always be Houston Little Brother Since HTown is the 4th largest city & the biggest city in the South Aka Big Market (RT Shaq) since he owns a house/kids in Houston Tx.D12 made the best decision stop acting like school girls Lakers,Mavs& Jerry West (GSW)

    • Dakota says:

      Cuban is typical Dallas: loud and a wanna be.

    • Malk says:

      A 5 year old kid who cries and complains and probably makes more money in a month than your entire family does the whole year…

    • JT says:

      Just because you draw the lines/borders wider doesn’t make Houston “Big Brother”. The population statistic is misleading….which can be easily recognized by an intelligent person. Dallas is the 5th largest TV market…Houston #10. Dallas is the 5th largest radio market…Houston 6th. Those are the tell-tale facts.

  24. provolone gonzales says:

    Cuban just needs more provolone

  25. Aaron says:

    jeeeze, Mavs are my team but sometimes cuban needs to keep his mouth shut. I like what he did to rebound this year, but they aren’t surprising anyone thing year =\

  26. Lovedirk says:

    No one will know what happens at the end of the season….. Do you believe on the start of the seaon way back 2010 that the mavs will win the title? Just shut up and watch and enjoy the game…. Thats what Cuban meant

  27. White Mamba says:

    Only idiots who let Tyson Chandler walk… (apply cold water to burned areas)

  28. William says:

    He has a point though if Lennon choose Dallas he would have three

  29. Eaham says:

    Been a fan of the Mavericks since 03, but its time to let dirk go and contend for a championship elsewhere. Don’t do to him what Phenoix did wiht steve nash and hold him till he is too old to stay healthy and then go somwhere else and play like a scrub. Do right by Dirk; free dirk

  30. behuman says:

    remind me how much money you guys make per year
    unlike you guys, cuban actually is smart. and you’re the idiots for not understanding that

    • Mark says:

      No, he’s an idiot because he dismantled his championship team to chase bigger fish that weren’t interested in going to Dallas. I hope Cuban enjoys that lone championship because his team won’t be getting another one anytime soon.

    • justsayin says:

      Remind me how much you make, behuman. If you can’t afford an NBA team your opinion has no validity either right?
      People like Cuban are (typically) idiots that are born into money and have no real job but to sit back and collect the profits off their holdings and the sweat of the little people.

  31. dean says:

    Only idiots sign Jose Calderon for a 3 year 30 million deal…

    • close says:

      Jose got the 4 year for about 30 million, Ellis got a 3 year for about 25 million. Two guards who can’t defend, locked up for at least the next 3 years, at a combined cost of 15 million a year… that doesn’t sound like a winning formula to me.

      • SmoothMM says:

        But Calderon and Monta’s offense is good, which is also something the Mavs needed after losing Terry and Kidd. They got good defensive players in Dalembert, Marion, Wright, Crowder and Harris (when healthy)… Vince is decent at times.

  32. striderhiryu says:

    actually he is really an idiot..

  33. truth is real says:

    only idiots will choose dallas

  34. hog says:

    Cuban is the real idiot for believing his Mavs will “surprise” people. I do not expect the Mavs to be in the playoffs for 2nd straight year.
    just because he has money doesn’t mean he’s smart. He hasn’t even been smart since winning in 2011 when he decided to let half of the team go.
    and it seems odd that the new GM they just got decided to step down after only 3 months.