Wait, Were D’Antoni’s Lakers Having Fun?

VIDEO: Lakers surprise Clippers in season opener

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — As joyless and soulless as last season was, the new crew wearing Los Angeles Lakers purple-and-gold — hardly the typical who’s who, but rather who’s that? — needed one energetic, bubbling, pinch-me performance to prove that there is always next season.

Maybe Tuesday night’s jaw-dropping development, a 116-103 going-away win for L.A.’s castoffs over its star-crossed (for one night anyway) Clippers and their $7 million coach, means there is a next life for beleaguered Lakers coach Mike “We want Phil” D’Antoni. A reset button for a bright career gone dim since the day he left Steve Nash and his rocket ship in Phoenix for the empty promise of New York.

With rehabbing Kobe Bryant dressed in all black and watching from the second row of the Lakers’ bench, D’Antoni’s boys played their butts off at both ends. They exchanged jabs with the glamour Clips in the first half to set up Jordan Farmar (16 points, six assists), Xavier Henry (career-high 22 points) and Jordan Hill (12 points, eight rebounds) for one humiliating haymaker after another in a vibrant, hustling and wholly unfamiliar fourth quarter that required not one second from Nash (20 minutes in all) or Pau Gasol (13 of 15 points came in the first half, plus 13 total rebounds).

When Bryant returns from an Achilles tear is anybody’s guess. Even he couldn’t give TNT’s Craig Sager an answer. In the meantime, D’Antoni has a marvelous window to reconstruct his reputation as one of the game’s best innovators. It’s his shot to go roots hoops, back to chalkboard coaching, experimenting and molding a team whose only expectation outside its own locker room is failure.

D’Antoni’s clay is two selfless future Hall of Famers with built-in motivators and an assortment of loose parts — mostly fresh, young legs as opposed to last season’s aging ones — playing with a chip and for a contract. This might as well be a gritty mid-major ready to crash the March party. Those teams typically take on the personality of their coach.

So with a starting lineup of Shawne Williams at power forward, Nick Young giddy to play the role of Kobe — maybe he will one day in the movie — and veteran backup Steve Blake next to Nash, arises this unforeseen, golden chance for D’Antoni. He can re-boot, erase images of the rigid, inflexible, insufferable coach who couldn’t make it in New York, who infamously emasculated Pau and ran off Dwight.

Tuesday’s opener should have been a slaughter the other way around. Chris Paul and company, with those darned golden banners beaming down, should have snarled like a pitbull as the reigning Pacific Division champs with bolder goals ahead. Instead they walked away droopy-eyed and tails hidden between their hindquarters.

It was just one night, but for the Lakers, it revealed more joy, unity and spirit than all of last season combined. D’Antoni clearly had buy-in. His team was running (more than 100 possessions) and gunning (14-for-29 from deep, 93 total shot attempts). They also relished in the dirty work, outrebounding the Clips 52-40 and 18-10 on the offensive glass. Williams and Chris Kaman swatted away more shots — four to three — than DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin.

Of course this mishmash collection of mostly low-rent role players will never be D’Antoni’s seven-seconds-or-less Suns and they certainly won’t look like Phil Jackson‘s Triangle Lakers. But Tuesday’s eye-popping opener suggested this group can do what those great teams did and what last season’s thought-to-be-great team failed at miserably — creating an identity and forging a bond.

The energy was undeniable, on the floor with Farmar’s stunning blow-bys and the front line’s determined board work; and on the bench with Nash and Gasol flashing disbelieving smiles and clapping and cheering as their backups bullied the Clippers’ starters. Where there is energy and hustle and camaraderie, there is a way.

In the unlikeliest of twists, the 16-time champion Lakers emerged on this night as the capable underdog we love to see succeed.

Who knows what happens at Golden State tonight (10:30 ET, NBA TV) or two weeks from now or by the time the Heat visit on Christmas Day? Who knows how things change once Kobe, a different Kobe, comes back? A loaded Western Conference ensures a tough fight just to make the playoffs.

But for one night, D’Antoni proved he’s coaching again. And his team showed that maybe this season can be what likely few among those awe-struck fans Tuesday night believed.


VIDEO: Xavier Henry on his breakout performance vs. the Clips


  1. lakers beat clips so what says:

    yea lakers got lucky, i am a lakers fan and we will be top worst team and draft Wiggins! Cant wait to tank this year thanks to mike the coach and steve blake and bunch of nobodies. smart move by the lakers. I hope kobe doesnt play this year and comes back strong aka d-rose plan.

  2. pacquiaoverated says:

    theyre having fun because the ballhog who dominates all the shots is not there, aint fun when he comes back wherein he takes more shots than the whole team combined

  3. asdf says:

    Oh man this was a fun basketball game to watch, Lakers bench toyed with the clipper starters, highlight of the game tho DeAndre Jordan hit a turnaround jumper, dont think we will ever see that again:D

  4. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    I don’t think it’s hate. It’s just Lakers did play better without Kobe. Ball movement is essential in team game. When you trust your no name teamates, they’ll play harder. Simple as that.

    I bet when Kobe’s back, Young can’t dance around with the ball, Henry, meek won’t get the touch as often.

    Look how good Howard played on their opener! Can you still say Kobe weren’t a factor for Howard to leave? Or will you all say D12 wasn’t that good? IMHO Lakers was stupid to let this kind of player goes.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Exactly, thank you!

      • Denholm says:

        kobe is not like other veteran presences, he is more toxic than encouraging, sure he puts a good example of work ethic and competitiveness but if he was really interested in team glory rather than personal glory he would sign for the veteran’s minimum so LA could build a contender quickly, but he is not, he is so obsessed to be better than jordan that he will drive that team into the ground demanding more salary and being a ball hog….. and you know what, as a boston fan, nothing makes me happier..

  5. celentano says:

    Pakyaw we all know enuf that you’re a Laker/Kobe hater! just sick trolling, d’ont be so overconfident about your “cHEAT” team in the East !Stay off Lebron’s nuts,ain’t gonna 3-peat 2014 nor in the future.I promise you that!

    • Pakyaw says:

      U call me a Kobe hater?..hahaha.. Im just the one that don’t live on the past…and I ain’t Lebron homer like everybody here, just being realistic…

  6. Max says:

    Well a new year and yes a new younger crop of players??? Nothing out does those young legs. I think that the Clippers just came in over confident of their ability. Been believing what the sport’s writers THINK!!!!

  7. EDCATCH says:

    A lot of sportswriter / commentator, specially ESPN & TNT, have their mouth zipped. #Go Lakers.

  8. Pakyaw says:

    How did they win? Ohhh, no Kobe (wink!)

  9. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    One thing that is starting to become very noticeable is the fact that the Lakers are a much better team without Kobe.
    I think Kobe needs to take a page from the Paul Pierce book and do what’s best for not only the organization moving forward and trying to re-build, but for himself as well. Especially since he’s since he’s chasing that 6th ring,

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      *Especially since he’s chasing that 6th ring*

      • EDCATCH says:

        I’m OK with Lebron and admired basketball players with talent and skill and appreciate it. But you LBJKIN6JAMES is a fanatic, hence you become a hater, a “Kobe hater”, coz its very obvious. You should be thankful Miami Heat is on the Eastern Conference, if they are in the West, they will have to play all the strong west teams, 4 times in the regular season, and a number times in the playoff, which I think they would not make it to the finals.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ this point in Kobe’s career it would be in the best interest of the Lakers organization and for Kobe

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        “if” he comes back 😉

    • Larian1983 says:

      I just hope you realize comments like yours was expected by the Lakers nation because it’s so shocking to Lakers haters, people like yourself need to find some reason to feel better.