Wade’s Maintenance Program Begins Early This Season

VIDEO: Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Greg Oden discuss expectations for the season

PHILADELPHIA — Dwyane Wade‘s health and durability is a big question for the Miami Heat, both this season and long term (in regard to whether LeBron James sees more championships in Miami’s future).

So the news that Wade would sit out the second game of the season — Wednesday in Philadelphia — was certainly interesting. And there are two ways you can look at it.

Though the decision, made by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and trainer Jay Sabol, wasn’t a huge surprise, it’s a little troublesome that Wade isn’t in good enough shape to handle a back-to-back at this point. Spoelstra said that Wade’s knee was “a little bit sore, but nothing dramatic or of major concern.”

“I’d love to feel better,” Wade said, “but [it’s a] quick turnaround.”

The playoffs are 5 1/2 months away, of course. How Wade feels in April, May and June is much, much, much more important than how he feels in late October. And that, more than any soreness he’s feeling, is the biggest reason why he sat on Wednesday and will likely sit in future back-to-backs.

“There will be routine meetings [regarding Wade’s maintenance],” Spoelstra said. “The discussion was between Jay, myself and Dwyane.

“It’s not going to be consistent, necessarily, all year that he won’t play back-to-backs.”

Certainly, Wednesday’s opponent had something to do with the decision. The Sixers are the consensus pick to finish last in the Eastern Conference, though they shocked everybody in the building by outscoring the Heat 23-2 to start the game.

The Heat have two back-to-backs in November, with Charlotte and Orlando as the two second-night opponents. So if you’re a Roger Mason Jr. fan in either of those two cities, you’ll probably be happy with who’s in the starting lineup when the champs come visit.

Beyond that, we’ll see how much caution the Heat take with their second star.

“I’m not thinking that far,” Wade said. “I’m just going to leave it here. It’s the second game of the season.”

Stay tuned. And feel free to think of Wade’s maintenance program as a positive (it’s all about June) or a negative (they’re worried enough to sit him in Game 2).

“If they needed me to play, I’d be playing,” Wade said. “Just being smart.”


  1. theking0522 says:

    I said it before the year started. The best acquisition Miami made in the off season was getting a healthy Wade back. He shouldn’t play back to back games NEVER this season. We don’t need him for the regular season. We need him for the playoffs, and in the playoffs, there is not back to back games. Spolstra is doing the right thing

  2. Cripple Rapist says:

    They can rest wade as much as they want…. Better do it now than regret it later…. uhm rose… bulls leading 12points or so and under a minute… rose got injured…. if Dwade got injured to a garbage team, That would be meaningless… It’s better to lose to a weak team than having an injury for a win… You don’t want that to happen…. MIAMI HEAT is a proven winners, doesn’t matter if they lose all games to a weaker opponents, what matters most is the playoffs…. @Kyle washed up wade??? You mean Wade that crushes the SPURS on game 4 during the finals??? I guess you’re referring to kobe, vince…. Wade is just 31-32 years… how about kobe???

  3. sanjay says:

    skipping games is stupid for wade as it will upset the rhythm of the team. He must be able to give 20 minutes on a day where he do not want to go all out! No wonder the heat lost the second game. They would lose more if this on and off by wade continues!

  4. The Miami Heat is completely tired out.

  5. Alex says:

    Smart decision. The heat are hoping to avoid wade going down for a longer period of time and sit him out against weaker opponents. I see him playing 50-60 games this year. It’s all about the playoffs at this point for him. The regular season is just a warmup

  6. Seb says:

    I wonder why the strongest team in the nba, Miami, has their first 3 back-to-back match up against the worst of the East (Sixers, Bobcat, Magic)…

  7. Kyle says:

    Washed up Wade breaking down already.

  8. jay says:

    Second game of season and ur holding him out for precaution.Now a blind man could c thas bull.There isnt gonna b a 3 peat this yr,they got lucky pat riley bought them the other two rings.

  9. Ry209 says:

    Wow whats this sport comin to resting on game 2 lmao these guys are turning to puss y s maybe they shoudld tell people who pay good money for a show an they get there an people are not playin there hearts out if ur not able to play back to back thin u shouldnt beable to play at all

  10. MV3 says:

    lol without wade healthy no way heat 3 peat. so its smart to rest him. lebron would have 0 rings if wade wasnt around.
    Wades better then leron when hes healthy,

    • lol says:

      Wade better than “leron”?

    • juggernaut584 says:

      This may not be as laughable as most people think. Lebron James is about 27-7-7 for his career. Wade is probably around 25-5-5 for his. So you’re telling me that if Wade was consistently healthy, 4-5 inches taller, and 35-40 pounds heavier he wouldn’t match or exceed Lebron’s numbers with his current skill set? Wade has already proven to be a better clutch performer, and had already led the Heat to the promised land before LBJ arrived. He is consistently among the league leading guards when it comes to blocks and rebounds, so the defensive presence is there. The only area where Lebron is probably ahead of Wade is 3pt percentage. Other than that, Wade can do everything Lebron can do on the court. He’s just not as big as Lebron, and can’t stay healthy enough to consistently dominate the way he once did.

      • what? says:

        So what you are saying is that if he had LeBron’s physical gifts he could be as good as LeBron? Isn’t that true for all of us?
        LBJ’s career stat line vs D Wade’s cacreer stat line in pts, reb, ast, stl, blk format. LBJ 28, 7,7,2,1. D Wade 25,5,6,2,1. Since the super friends have teamed up the FG% by year (10-11 then 11-12 then 12-13) for Wade are .500, .497, .521. LBJ has FG% of .510, .531, .565. 3pt percentage for those same years and in the same chronological order. Wade has .306, .268, .258. LBJ has .330, .362, .402. Both have fairly similar stat lines over their careers, but LeBron’s stats are better. Both have been efficient from the floor while they were teamed up, but LeBron has been better. Wade has not shot well from distance, LeBron has been much better.
        If Wade had LeBron’s body, he might also have career averages of 28, 7, and 7. However, he has not shown an improved touch from down town. As Wade’s poor health saps his athleticism he should be supplanting that loss with improved skills to stay on top of his game. He is falling out of his prime and either refuses to add or cannot add the necessary range to his jump shot to maintain his top 5 player status. LeBron has had no such health problems to force his hand and yet he has improved his outside shooting. That is why Wade, even in LeBron’s body, would not be better than LeBron.

  11. sleeplessbull says:

    i^m a die hard bulls fan… but its kind of sad that Wade begins to brake down after game 1 of 82…. and it wasnt like he head to play hard last night against the bulls.. the heat was cruising…

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I agree, I think if Wade can’t stay healthy then it might be one of those situations where he is forced to retire due to injuries after this season .. I think whether the Heat 3PEAT this year or not this is gunna be the last year of the Big 3. It would be hard enough to get to the finals 4 years in a row (only 3 teams in the history of the NBA have ever done that). So to try to get there 5 times in a row would be almost impossible…I think after this season LeBron goes back to Cleveland or surprises the world and goes to the Knicks with Melo, but more realistically he’ll go back to the Cavs … Unless Pat Riley pulls another rabbit out of his hat and signs another superstar to replace Wade if he is forced to retire after this season..

    • wade’s getting older…this instead will show if lebron can really carry his team…but i guess not cuz instead they got whooped by MCW and the sixers lol

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        I wouldn’t call 4 points a ‘whooping’ …. The Heat are just waiting for the playoffs, regular season is not that important to them … and LeBron has already proved he can carry a team, he carried the Cavs for 7 years…