Warriors Bet Big With Extension, Again

VIDEO: Bogut discusses his contract extensiona

HANG TIME WEST – They were always destined to have a unique relationship: The Warriors acquired Andrew Bogut in March 2012, knowing he had a serious ankle injury that could sideline him the rest of that season, and understood he was a lynchpin piece even as David Lee became an All-Star and Stephen Curry surged toward stardom. They reached the 2013 West semifinals in part specifically thanks to Bogut playing hurt. Owner Joe Lacob knows one of the reasons he was booed at the completely unrelated Chris Mullin jersey retirement, wrong then and ridiculous now, was because popular Monta Ellis was traded for Bogut’s medical charts.

So, of course, the Bogut extension completed Friday was going to be different. It happened earlier than most veteran contracts (he could have waited until free agency next July 1 and signed for a lot more money). It happened with Bogut accepting incentive clauses in acknowledgement of his injury history (a concession he would not have had to make in the summer with a healthy 2013-14), and it happened without much rancor. (The negotiations took barely more than a week, with a short break as the team went to China for exhibition games, and the sides were always in the same ballpark in dollars and framework.)

And it happened because of Curry.

Bogut was an obvious fit on and off the court, in personality and play. He could have such a positive impact, even at less than 100 percent while recovering from ankle and back problems, that the Nuggets were caught off guard by the extent of his contributions in the first round last season, and he brought the perfect SOB attitude to an organization that wanted to shed its fun-bunch image for grit. The health issue was the only question.

Except that Golden State had stared down a similar dilemma almost exactly a year earlier and been paid back with a jackpot. Curry’s history with ankle issues was an obvious concern, but management went with its guts and the medical reports that said the series of sprains and surgeries were in the past and believed the point guard, then beginning his third season, was turning into something special.

Curry got four years and $44 million, without incentive clauses. When he turned into a shooting star, literally and figuratively, the Warriors got a bargain. They kept the player and saved many millions from what it would have taken to match the offer sheet Curry would have gotten as a restricted free agent after 2012-13.

Flash forward to 2013, the Bogut negotiations, the health factor, and the new gut call.

“He’s the type of player you want to bet on,” general manager Bob Myers said at the press conference announcing the Bogut extension. “I said the same thing about Curry last year. You have to take risks in this business from the front-office perspective. You’re never entirely sure how they’re going to work out. But for us, he’s a character guy, he’s a leader on the team, he’s about winning, he’s a competitor. And those are the types of guys you want to bet on. I feel like him as the starting center for our franchise puts us in a good position. I grew up watching this team, when I was 7, 8 years old, and I barely remember Joe Barry Carroll. I’ve never seen a center play for this organization besides Andrew Bogut. That tells you how hard they are (to acquire). No offense to Tom Tolbert, who was a Warriors 6-8 center, but, really, it shows you how hard it is to get one of these guys and to keep one of these guys. To risk losing him (Bogut) to free agency was not something we were willing to do.”

The financial middle ground was ultimately three years and $36 million guaranteed, kicking in next season, with descending annual payments that will make it easier to manage extensions that at the current rate will be coming to Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes. Bogut could earn another $5.5 million by reaching certain incentives, including making the All-Star team, All-NBA, All-Defense or Defensive Player of the Year.

Bogut got his double goal of staying in Golden State and financial security now, and the Warriors got to lock up their starting center and defensive presence with some safety nets at less than he would have commanded as a free agent in July 2014 with a healthy season. The only real concern is the reality that the members of the media who regularly cover the league and vote on All-NBA and Defensive Player of the League now have a voice in how much Bogut will make. It is such an obvious conflict, yet the balloting continues to be allowed by most news outlets.


  1. Aryn S says:

    Yes, Bogut now has enough money for financial security… His last contract was peanuts…. Poor choice of words.

  2. pokie says:

    Let’s not forget this is the franchise that traded “The Chief” and the third pick in that years draft (Kevin McHale) to Boston for JOE BARRY CARROLL.

  3. patricia says:

    I can never imagine Bogut staying healthy for the rest of the season, Fair play to him if he could, so excited to watch Bogut and Lee tandem going against Howard and Asik.
    But the way this Houston Rockets twin tower did to their back to back games against the Memphis and San Antonio biggies,
    I can,t wait how Bogut and Lee will adjust to them.
    Anyway,Bogut staying healthy is a bargain catch for Warriors.

  4. awkaufman says:

    Dude was 16 and 10 with 2.5 blocks in his best season. That’s ALL star caliber centre and u go after a guy like this, Especially at a bargain for a True C. golden State been giving large money to scrub Centers like Kwame Brown. KWAME Brown, and Andris Biedrins. SMH. This was a no rainier. Especially with shooter around him in steph and Kay. He is a perfect fit. Golden state doesn’t get injured and this team is looking scary good man

  5. SixerFanEU says:

    GSW are ready to make a big push in the postseason. Who in the West can say they have a better starting five than the Warriors (Curry, Thompson, Iggy, Lee, Bogut), plus Barnes, Speights, J. O’Neal and Toney Douglas off the bench? They surely have to be one of the favorites to win the West.

    • GSWforlife says:

      I agree that they have a SOLID starting 5, maybe one of the best in the entire league if they are all healthy. But looking at the bench, apart from Barnes/Thompson, there’s a big hole there, and it showed in the preseason. It’s the same thing the Lakers had with Steve Nash, Gasol, Dwight, and Kobe. They had no bench production, but everyone thought they’d do so well, same way everyone thinks the Warriors will do so well this season. Losing Jack and Landry for nothing is a huge loss for the Warriors. It’s going to be very instrumental for Mark Jackson to manage their minutes so that they have at least 2 starters on the floor throughout the entire game. With Lee and Curry as the big consistent scorers, they might not be able to play together as much anymore if they want to win and be consistent throughout games.

  6. PC3 @swhtown20 says:

    BOGUT Is very underratted player his BBall IQ as a defender is off the charts & Bogut was the key to the GSW last year in the playoffs..Bogut was the only player that played defense last year (Bogut Clogs the lane) for GSW & 7 footers dont grow on trees so they will always get overpaid & when Bogut didnt play (which was every other game 2 keep him healthy) , GSW was a different team because they gave up so many points which resulted in loses no matter how many 3 s Steph made…They had no choice but 2 find another defensive player in Iggy/D12 who specializes in D…now the down side Bogut has never had a healthy season & is almost 30 yrs old & his career will be declining or (Unhealthy) 1 of 2…36mil. For 3yrs is not a fair market for a player that is like Bynum always hurt (while collecting a check) Bogut was smart he never wanted 2 test free agency BC his value is low BC of Age/UnHealthy so he maximized his Value w/ GSW who is desperate for A real Center Business is Business RT

  7. clippers fan lob city says:

    I know one thing for sure bogut or no bogut golden state will lose to the los angles clippers in the playoffs.on the bright side at least the warriors get a new arena soon.ha ha ha like that will help.

    • Keep dreaming clippers fan.
      I wouldn’t put so much faith in the Clippers. DJ and Griffin are good during the regular season but have choked in the playoffs numerous years running. Bogut is a proven winner in the playoffs even when injured. He performed very well against the Nuggets and then the Spurs.
      I’m not making any outlandish predictions yet, its a long season and you can’t really tell how good a team is until the week after all star break.

  8. clippers fan lob city says:

    Not a huge lost if he dose’nt!They would throw millions down the drain for a washed up center.curry is there only good player right now.harrison barnes needs to step up and help.why put so much faith in a lousy andrew whatever his last name is.

    • John says:

      To put his salary into perspective for a Clippers fan boy. He is going to make 1 million more than Deandre Jordan. Now anybody in their right mind would prefer Bogut playing 50 games a season over Jordan playing 82 games.

  9. Matt C says:

    Played with him back in the day in Australia. We were both emergencies for the U18 State squad at the time, meaning that we only get to the Australian Championships if somebody get’s injured. Bogut announced at the start of the training camps that one day he’d be the number one pick in the NBA draft… Given no Australian player had ever featured as a lottery draftee this was a big call, players laughed, and people rubbished the comments. He worked his tail off over the next few years and improved out of sight and as we all know he was the lottery pick. So the Shaq comment comes at no surprise to me and I would never right the big fella off. Hopefully he stays healthy and closes the gap to Shaq.

    • Bigmatta23 says:

      I think you’re forgetting your history there Matty… Luc Longley was a lottery pick – Number 7.

      • Matt C says:

        Good pick up Bigmatta, I didn’t realise Luc went that high. Just wiki’ed Luc to support my point further tho – according to wiki at age 16 Luc represented Australia in the U19 side. In my recount above Bogut was 17 at the time as emergency for Victoria. Still quite a statement for the time.

  10. Aussie Aussie says:

    Bogut when completely healthy is a top 3 centre in this league, you saw that in the Finals and even then he was battling injury. This could be a great decision by the Warriors, or a really bad one. Time and Boguts health will tell

  11. Unkle Daddy says:

    I’ve always like Bogut. I think he figuratively shot himself in the foot though when coming into the league compared himself to Shaq. One of his worst injuries (elbow) had nothing to do with him, he was undercut by another player going to the rim. I hope he stays healthy, and can really help in the progression of this team. Maybe they learned from the past by breaking up a group of guys to soon (Run TMC) would have had a ring with another piece or two.

  12. Ben C says:

    Glad to hear Bogut is staying in Golden State. Hoping the big man stays healthy and shows just what he’s capable of in the game. Hoping to see GS make the Western finals this year

  13. johnny dawson says:

    The GM remembers Joe Barry Carrol but he was nothing compared to Nate Thurmond.

  14. GSPower says:

    I am completely confident that Bogut will make good on this deal. It was also cool of him to put the trade talks behind him. It must have been hard to hear that Golden State was trying to trade him for Dwight. Let’s get it, Warriors!!!!!!!

  15. Big Euro says:

    I really hope both of these guys have an injury-free couple of years ahead of them. Something special is brewing in the Bay Area and any real fan of the game would want to see it blossom.

    • you crazy? says:

      agree. it really is special. just being an nba fan, it surely feels good seeing a team like gsw.

    • Monkey says:

      You’ve just got to hope it pays off for them. Curry was a big win, they’re just hoping Bogut is the same. A bargain IF he stays healthy. Not a huge loss if he doesn’t. I’d be willing to take the risk.