Noah ‘100 Percent’ For Miami Opener

HANG TIME CENTRAL – Mint a coin. Have your camera phones ready. Do not blink.

The Chicago Bulls are about to play an NBA game with everybody healthy. No telling when that might happen again.

Derrick Rose‘s return to regular-season play has been and will remain the biggest story of Chicago’s early 2013-14 schedule. But Rose’s absence clouded over the difficulty the Bulls had keeping their other plates spinning and intact, frankly, both before and after April 28, 2012 (the day he went down 18 months ago).

So when center Joakim Noah, after practice Sunday, pegged his chances at “100 percent” of facing Miami Tuesday in the teams’ opener and guard Kirk Hinrich said he too was confident of playing, it had a don’t-anybody-sneeze feel to it.

Noah had made just one preseason appearance after slipping in practice and suffering a groin strain early in camp. Several days earlier, both he and Hinrich seemed like longshots at best to face the Heat, from listening to coach Tom Thibodeau. But Noah told reporters at the team’s practice facility Sunday that missing the final tune-up against Denver Friday was a precaution only.

As competitive as he is, and as aware of the inevitability of getting through the two-time defending champs if his team hopes to chase a title, Noah figured to be straining at the leash if he had to sit out.

“Every time you play against Miami, it’s a statement,” Noah said. “In the beginning of our season, we’re a hungry group. It’s one of 82 but we know that every time we play against Miami it’s important.”

Noah didn’t seem concerned about a drop in his conditioning, though that seems likely to cut into his minutes after his limited October play. Hinrich, who suffered a concussion Oct. 18 and also was coping with a sore shoulder, endured a rigorous practice Sunday without setback.

Noah, Hinrich and the rest will be on hand at AmericanAirlines Arena Tuesday when commissioner David Stern presents the Heat with championship rings, and their 2012-13 title banner gets unveiled. The Bulls should consider themselves lucky if they exit south Florida empty-handed, as in no gauze, no splints, no walking boots. Game 2 of 82 comes Thursday at United Center against the Knicks.


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  2. Erlo says:

    Bulls have no chance. D Rose can shoot into a swimming pool (average 43.5% his last season playing). Why are people all over this mediocre player? Oh, and Dwight Howard called, he want’s hit MVP D-Rose stole from him.

  3. sanjay says:

    there goes noah again, running his mouth unsolicited! chicago would be hammered by miami again! Heat have a 6 ft 10 beast called beasley. Get his head right, he can wreak havoc. Joakim be aware of that man!

  4. Anti Chicago says:

    I think Chicago is playing a wrestling match not a basketball…

  5. GHIAN says:


  6. P-S Marketing says:

    Too Much arrogance will never result to championship….
    when your mouth is full of hate you will end up a loser.
    You champion first then you start talking….

  7. Bloodarrow42 says:

    Critical Damage clan is a proud supporter of the Chicago Bulls and you have our full support.

  8. SULMAN SAJAD says:


  9. Dyron says:

    Go Spurs Go!

  10. bshort78 says:


  11. richard says:

    I hope Noah is 100% , he should not risk making the injury worse for 1 game. This Bulls team has championship potential. So Noah has to be 100 % better to be overly causious than not. play only when he is 100%. GO BULLS !!!!!!!!!!


  13. Terry Bull says:

    Given LBJ’s history of lack of focus at times, I firmly believe that facing a hungry Bulls team wanting to make a statement on the same night the Heat are thinking about championship rings won’t end well for them. I fully expect the Bulls to win this game. I would not pretend to know how the rest of the season will play out… or the playoffs. There are just too many variables including the injury bug which has been devastating to the Bulls the last few years as Mr. Aschburner correctly points out.

    The Heat will be a tough out in the playoffs and I expect the Pacers to be tough as well. The Nets and Knicks look scary on paper, but there’s a long history of disappointment from teams that look scary “on paper” by acquiring me-first stars and great players in the twilight of their careers. I will not believe either is championship caliber until I see some evidence of a measure of team chemistry, which was lacking for both last season.

  14. Dyron says:

    Spurs all day for finals champ! TP MVP
    Msnu 6MOY
    Leonard MIPY
    ……… we gon win everything

  15. Brice 15 says:

    GO BULLS!!! GO BULLS!! I hope the Bulls go all the way this year because I know they can be a really beast team with my BOY Derrick back!!!!!!

  16. Three#3 says:


  17. Three#3 says:

    Heat all the way….

  18. atkhenz says:

    Wow, Can’t Wait For the Opening Game of the Season

  19. cb -zizjag2 says:

    Hi Guys,
    Let the game begin, Chicago and Miami, Wow! Chicago fan.

  20. chibulls14 says:

    All I have to say is what we are probably going to see out of DRose is what we witnessed with LBJ a few years ago: Being much stronger in the paint and having a deadly jumper outside, making a dangerous mix. Only difference is that DRose will need Noah to be there to dish to, or MDunleavy for the 3 because he isn’t big enough to totally block his defender out. The system is there, only injuries can stop the Bulls from challenging Miami.

  21. jditty22 says:

    It’s a statement game for the Bulls, it’s the first game & ring ceremony for the Heat. Either way, the Bulls will leave disappointed.

  22. capune says:

    lolllllllllll I can’t feel it.#TeamLetDem talk.
    No way 3peat it’s babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  23. MC says:

    My birthday is October 29th this is going to be the best birthday present EVER!!!

  24. Bong says:

    @nbaiq:uve asked who was the last team to make it 4 finals in a row?well will break the are stronger with the addition of beasley and will win 3peat

  25. blackmamba_38 says:

    well I don’t care if the bulls will win… they should strive hard for derrick rose and company to have a ring .. zero ring for me
    is a rubbish…. bulls will always be the hungry loser hahhahahah

  26. Cripple Rapist says:

    @NBAIQ Lol…. There’s always first on everything…. Didn’t LBJ made his own first NBA record???? bulls??? That’s what I heard last 2010… What happened??? Should the HEAT worry about the bulls??? NOPE… Bulls ani’t proven winner…. It doesn’t matter if you have the best record… What matter is the FINALS…. No pressure on HEAT right now, bulls might have though, especially to rose, aside from 1 MVP (thanks to LBJ decision) what else??? LBJ is poised to his 5th MVP… rose got issues…. last season he was 100% he didn’t play… what difference would it make…. returning from injury 2013 rose and former 2010 MVP rose… It doesn’t matter…. bulls won’t win squat… That’s the spell MJ cast after his career on BULLS… No one’s gonna replace him!!!!!

  27. NBAIQ says:

    Sorry Heat fans but I don’t see them making it to the Finals this year. When was the last team that made 4 NBA Finals apperances in a row? This is the year of the Bulls….a stampede is coming and D-Rose is the horns.

    • THREEHEAT says:

      Watch LeBron guard D Rose in the play offs and him shoot 6% (yeah, check the stats) from the field when he’s being guarded by LeBron.


      When was the last time you seen 27 wins in a row? Heat Haters are so Dumb I feel bad for yall…. I guess there were people hating the bulls when they dominated. Lets be honest we Beat your team every year! we don’t care if we lose to you in the regular season, we still pound you in the playoffs! Until you knock of the Champs have respect and be humble cause the Heat are the most criticized team in the league and have paparazzi following their every move and can still win with all that pressure!

    • Game Time says:


    • HEAT NATION says:

      When was the last team that made 4 NBA Finals apperances in a row?

      That’s what you’re going to witness this year and it will be your worst nightmare 🙂

  28. J says:

    well that is good

  29. Miami Heat Fan says:

    GO Miami!!!

  30. rhedz says:

    I’m a solid heat fan, and I’m sure that they can 3 peat…but much respect for bulls and thibs…this bulls are one hard team, I just hope rose don’t get injured again. It will be a good game for both…lebron has grown and in my opinion a much better person and player now than before…he might not be the greatest but with team work the heat can be up there again in no time especially now that they have added some key players. I hope wade too stays healthy and bosh stepping up more. Oden and Beasley hopefully can stay healthy and productive off the bench. As for the bulls, they have not made big changes line up wise but if they can play healthy then I guess they can be a tough match up. Noah gives a big defensive presence inside, Deng a true slasher, boozer is one big solid rock and rose hopefully regains his old form. Good luck to the both teams…play hard for our city, fans and country.

  31. PC3 @swhtown20 says:

    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GAME SINCE THE NEW SCHEDULE CAME OUT! It will be bitter sweet for the heat because after the bulls did so many intenaly/BS flagant fouls on LBJ & now the Bulls will have to watch the Heat get their rings & banner in their face epic RT…Plus this will bitter sweat for the bulls now they get Rose Back (Their MVP) who Mia Heat Hurt 2yrs ago in the playoffs & Rose gets his revenge…Its just sad BC Rose wasnt mentality tough enough last seasons to come back for the playoffs when they really needed Him…CANT WAIT!!!!!

  32. goldinboye says:

    leFlop lol

  33. clippers fan lob city says:

    Lebron lames is washed up with his bunk nike commercial. Adidas is a better shoe company.

  34. wow this my awaiting much up with all players are in good health go miami go for the three peat

  35. clippers fan lob city says:

    Miami heat are not good enough to threepeat you would need a better shooting guard not a dwayne “piggy back ride” wade.Also lebron has’nt improved much this season.Mario chalmers is always a role player in my mind no matter how many minutes he gets.bulls will win tuseday and will knock off heat in playoffs.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      … that’s quite the prediction from a clippers fan who have yet to reach the finals 😉

  36. heatnation says:

    BULLS will go HOME crying including the HEAT HATERS…..lolz

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      LeBron gunna get his 2nd ring while Ringless Rose watches.. then LeBron’s gunna teach this little overrated boy a lesson 😉

      • malibu says:

        you on work breh. rose bouta teach LeBron a lesson its funny you think rose is overrated stats don’t lie my G

  37. supersexybutt says:

    Derrick Rose is garbage, Noah is garbage……..Caron Butler is MVP close 2nd is Omer Asik, everyone else in the league is garbage

  38. Chi-Town-BullsFan says:

    Come on bulls lets get the win tuesday. Us fans are hoping for a healthy regular season and post season.

  39. Don't ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned says:

    BULLS WILL ALWAYS BE A BIG LOSER… Pacers are way better than u think u are… THREEPEAT MIAMI

  40. he should improve on his all around game…then the bulls are a hard team to get past through

  41. sleeplessbull says:

    well.. this was the best news of the day.. now i can go to sleep… damn i cant sleep… i^m already to pumped up and cant wait for Tuesday…. lets get readyyyyy to rumbleeee!!!!!!

    GO BULLS!!! kick some Miami A$$!!!
    you can rest the rest of the week.. but you have to destroy this miami ceremony and make LeFlop and his Diva fear you already…!!!

    • justsayin says:

      Here’s to hoping they won’t need to break out the duct tape again this year.

      • sleeplessbull says:

        i wish that badly… but i dont think its possible.. lets just hope bulls are healty at the playoffs… sure we all would want 82 wins.. but that doesnt count in the end… this is no or never!!!