McGrady Not Feeling It For Kobe, Lakers


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Tracy McGrady had to settle for a shotgun seat on the San Antonio Spurs Express to The NBA Finals last season to end his career with a lone trip out of the first round. Who knows, had McGrady ever had Spurs-like talent around him, things might have turned out differently for him.

At any rate, the borderline Hall of Famer can spot a lacking supporting cast when he sees one. He spotted just that Tuesday night while taking in some Jazz vs. Lakers preseason action. What he witnessed was so disturbing he felt compelled to take it to Twitter:

Jellybean is, of course, Kobe Bean Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers superstar and son of former ball player Joe “Jellybean” Bryant.

Kobe is working his way back from an awful Achilles tear in April and his return date remains uncertain. McGrady would apparently tell him to take his time getting back. No need to rush.

The 2013-14 Lakers, with or without Kobe, aren’t exactly high on anyone’s predictions chart. Check any Vegas sports book and this bunch is basically sitting at 75-to-1 odds to get Kobe that elusive sixth championship ring and knot him up with Michael Jordan.

Compared to all those souped-up Lakers squads through the decades, this one’s feeling like a stripped-down Vette with a leaky transmission. The horses under the hood buck instead of gallop and the suspension is all out of whack. You swear every time you turn the key it gives off that rotten egg odor.

Recently coach Mike D’Antoni said he was on drugs a year ago when he took over and proclaimed that team could average 110 ppg. And he was medicated on painkillers following knee replacement surgery. The disastrous 2012-13 team, with Bryant playing ungodly minutes night after night, averaged 102.2 ppg, which would have been pretty good if they had played any defense.

Without Bryant this preseason and with Steve Nash approaching 40 years of age by unfortunately grinding through seemingly just as many body ailments, scoring is down to 94.3 ppg. Only the Mavericks and Jazz have averaged less.

Speaking of the Mavs, everybody’s always quick to point to Dirk Nowitzki and Shawn Marion as the only remaining members of the 2011 title team. The remnants from L.A.’s back-to-back title teams in 2009 and 2010? A rehabbing Kobe, a fragile-kneed Pau Gasol and a back-from-Europe Jordan Farmar.

To McGrady’s tweet, this is no Lamborghini waiting to be valet parked at Staples.

Assuming Nash is healthy enough to play (and start) on Oct. 29 when the Lakers open at home, to their misfortune against Doc Rivers‘ new team that shares the building, he’ll be joined by — and please don’t write this in ink — Steve Blake, Nick Young, Gasol and Chris Kaman, assuming the center has recovered from a bout of gastroenteritis.

As for Lakers depth? Among the newcomers are Xavier Henry in the backcourt and Shawne Williams in the frontcourt. The return of power forward Jordan Hill is a positive. Then there’s Farmar, Jodie Meeks, Wesley Johnson, Ryan Kelly, Marcus Landry, Elias Harris and fan favorite Robert Sacre. One will have to go to get the roster down to the maximum 15.

Pedal to the metal? McGrady isn’t feeling it, apparently even after Kobe takes the wheel.


  1. nlitinme says:

    I dont understand a few things concerning the lakers. #1 doesnt dwight howard leaving open up some cap space for them? #2 Why so many unknown players not likely to contribute a bunch? 3# Since kobe is the team and there is no other consistent go-to player, how is he going to play max minutes again? 4# the lakers have had problems since kobe starting not getting along- with shaq or phil. he eventually made peace with phil when he realized phil was key to another championship. So the lakers are now struggling with 1. a coaching deficit, poor team chemistry, too many unknown and new players and finally, many miles on the players that can make a difference, but need a supporting cast..

  2. J.W says:

    I played in the league for one year many years ago when you play the game the way the game should be played. I think all of you have some points but the one thing that most of you are saying is the Lakers need new management with a new look at the game. New look management will bring in a new team of players. GOOD LUCK THIS SEASON

  3. sports fan says:

    Kobe will be lucky if his team makes the 8th seed & if they do they’ll get swept in the first round. If Kobe doesn’t fully bounce back from his injury then he just might call it quits after this season. If he can stay healthy then he might not retire after this season & will stay with the Lakers to play 1 or 2 more seasons. If that happens then the Lakers will be lucky if they can add 1 superstar. Realistically I can see them surrounding Kobe with 2-3 (maybe 4) all-stars, but no superstars. Kobe cannot play with another superstar due to his ego but if they can add up to 4 all-stars when they have a ton of cap space then that will most likely be the best chance for Kobe to get a 6th ring.

  4. LakerNation_LA6 says:

    Kobe just takes all these type of comments in as motivation to win a 6th ring ! Trust me nobody workS harder then Kobe in the NBA . #Notleavinguntil6

  5. pacquiaoverated says:

    everyone is blaming management, Howard etc, wake up fanboys! Kobe is the virus of that team, he ballhogs so much to the point that no superstar wants to be with him, only the supporting cast still wanna play with him, his asking salary and won’t budge 30 million is whats going to drive that team underground, but it won hurt him cause he will still shoots the ball 40 times and average 30pts a game, that’s what he ever be the greatest ballhog player ever.

  6. Rennard says:

    Saw the same game but have to disagree. The Lakers have a few ponies that can grow into horses. if Coach D can pull the reigns. properly. Williams, WJohnson, Nash, Gasol and Young start. Blake, Henry, Farmar, Meeks and JHill. There’s some talent but can Coach D’Antoni not look like Coach DelNegro?

  7. jditty22 says:

    Laker fans and Laker management are living in the past. Gone are the days of unlimited spending budget, now we have salary caps that limit the amount of superstars on each team, therefore even the Laker deep pockets can’t afford to buy Championships. The elephant in the room is Kobe, can anyone honestly tell me why the Lakers has been so horrible on the free agent market the last 5 years? All of the big names choose another location rather than Lakers…..why? Don’t want to play with Kobe? Obviously….Lebron, Bosh, Rudy Gay, Melo, etc. could’ve earned more money as Lakers, but they choose not to go…some event took less money to play other places.

    You may now commence to sticking your head back in the sand Laker fans…..I’m off my soap box.

  8. squala96 says:

    The players the Lakers took in are hardly an upgrade from those they lost. There’s really not much for them this season, even if Kobe is back to 100%. The Dwight one-off was also a disaster. The team people thought would challenge Miami in last year’s finals ended down the drain. They barely made it to the playoffs only to be swept by the Spurs.

    Buss Junior is a joke. It won’t be long before the other LA team completely takes over the Staples Center.

    • Squatola says:

      The other LA team has to win a ring first. Otherwise, all that meowing is nothing but wasted oxygen. Lakers had the worst season in years. Getting knocked out the first round. Clippers had one of their best. Still, they were also knocked out the first round. Until, then. They will remain that “other LA team.”

      Taking over the Staples Center by putting pictures everywhere. ; o The point of no return is now on the Clippers this season. Obviously, someone gave them a reality check. Are they playing for Posters or Championships? Slobcity had to go.

      Either way, they both won’t be winning any rings.

  9. benjie says:

    kobe get an engagement ring.To be honest you got 0% of getting a championship ring.MJ is the best player that played the game hands down.

  10. lechoke says:

    kobe will come back faster and stronger, will be once again the most clutch player in nba and will lead the lakers to playoffs!nuf said! and kobe is never leaving LA even if his life depended on it! laker 4 ever! he is not gonna pull a lebron on the lakers!

  11. joe says:

    Lol. Lakers got a good young solid squad. These young fresh legs are working well with Antoni’s system. I don’t know what Mcgrady is seeing.

  12. Sambo says:

    the guy with 0 rings is feeling bad for the guy with 5 rings?

  13. Jackson says:

    Dont worry..Lakers are gonna be alright,,trust me…..8th

    • Stephisbeast says:

      Translation: The refs will take care of getting them to the playoffs again.

      • Ms K says:

        Maybe you haven’t been watching the last couple of years. Most of the calls have been against the Lakers. You’re mistaking for the CP3, Nowitzki, Wade, Parker, Ginobili, etc. Take that b ess, somewhere else. Kobe doesn’t get calls like he use to.

  14. Unkle Daddy says:

    I’ll say I don’t care if Kobe ever suits up again really, but it’s simple if Kobe wants any where close to a ring again, here is the plan. Take off this season, rest up get healthy, get his knees redone again. Then take a veterans minimum salery for one or two seasons, so they can buy better young talent to put around him.

  15. The Lakers will make major trades before the trade deadline. From my sources I have heard of Rajon Rondo from the Celtics and Amare Stoudemire from the Knicks. Right now the Lakers are marketing Kaman, Farmar and Young just so they can make these trades. They have saved quite a bit of money under the luxury cap having Dwight Howard leave. With Rondo, Nash, Stoudemire, Gasol and Kobe, and Trevor Ariza (Wizards) looking to get back in the spot light with the Lake Show- The Lakers line up you see now, is not the line up that they will clinch the 8th spot in the West with come March and April.

    Kobe Bryant is not going down without a fight.

    The Great One, Wayne Gretzky.

    • justsayin says:

      Be good if they got Amare – sick of hearing the parrots say he and Melo “cant play together” – but Rondo is just wishful thinking.

    • R-Dawg says:

      “Your sources say” hahaha what are you smoking. Who are your sources??? Papa Smurf??? hahahaha

    • Brendan says:

      stoudemire is done would do no good for them anyways. and not to sure who your sources are but it’s not exactly easy for teams to shop a bunch of one year low money contracts. the lakers are waiting until they can throw as much money as possible towards the 2014-2015 year. kobe is a competitor but even he knows odd’s will be back in lakes favor in 2014-2015 theres no reason for him to go all out and throw his body out there to not bring it home and risk another injury this year.
      also all this talk about kobe staying in L.A. I wish he would go to clips bring in him and melo clips would be #1 contenders for sure but I know Donald sterling’s pocket books aren’t that big but what a big 5 that would be literaly could start west all-stars like pistons did in east there championship year with Chauncey and company

  16. Donte says:

    Supersmh if you really think, that somehow someway, Kobe will end up on another team.

  17. seru23 says:

    maybe Kobe will return and play as good as he play year ago, but 45-50 wins????? COME ONE!!!!41-41 is max!!!

  18. Norman says:

    Kobe will stay in LA for sure!

  19. soundmanrick says:


    • Stephisbeast says:

      Not sure if your Hollywood/the good guy gets the girl at the end of the movie delusions are more silly or your inability to work the caps lock button on your computer.

  20. Fred says:

    The Laker organization has a big decision regarding Kobe Bryants status at the end of the year. If he wants the high pay that he’s used to (and he says he does), then either he or the Lakers will have to make a cold, hard decision. Oscar Robertson went to the Bucks to be with Kareem. So, maybe Kobe will go to OKC or Chicago and learn to play second fiddle with a team with real championship aspirations. To stay with one team for his entire career will be a tough choice for him–if he wants help (another star player), he’s going to have to take a pay cut. If the Lakers want him to be a Laker lifer, then they have to get help. That’s what most of the pundits say, and it does seem pretty obvious. So, let’s wait and see. Meanwhile, they will upset a few teams, and maybe get 45-50 wins. Championship? No, not until they have some new, young horses. Gonna be fun.

  21. CreativeIce21 says:

    Y’all gon’ see. As a Laker Fan I am loving all of this negativity and hater-ade spewing out your mouths. And trust me, so is Kobe Bean! Our lame bench just happened to score 74 points the other night against the Jazz. Y’all are ignorant and know nothing about my team. May you choke on a chicken bone at the end of the season when you realize that the Lakers are actually a top 4 team in the west. Won’t that blow your mind? Later, Haters.

    • Mark says:

      Lakers? A top 4 team? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh. 12th seed sounds more like it.

      • CreativeIce21 says:

        Mark, I knew that would blow your mind! Some things are just impossible for the ignorant to comprehend. Can’t wait!!

    • Stephisbeast says:

      Lakers as a top 4 team lmao…

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Is it just me or are the Laker fans on here extremely delusional LOL. Almost crazy delusional. Lakers will not make the playoffs this year! Mark my words you will not make the playoffs laker fans! Last year the Lakers barely made it, and some Nut on here (CreativeIce21) is talking about top 4 LMFAO!

    • WadeFan says:

      Top 4 as I see it most likely happening is Spurs, Clippers, Rockets and Thunder. Than Grizz and Warriors, so I don’t see room for the Lakers.

  22. william_juan says:

    KB24 will rock em all…

  23. Juan Kevin says:

    Kobe will not retire until Duncan,KG,Pierce and Allen retire. Kobe retirement will be the ending of that great era

  24. Cedrick Labbe says:

    Yes, Lakers might not have such a deep roster. But, I still believe having Jordan Hill, Steve Blake, Wesley Johnson, Jodie Meeks, and even an aging Steve Nash is a positive. They were doubted last year and still made it to the playoffs. Also, in my opinion, the ’13-’14 Lakers are a little better than last year’s Lakers. If the Lakers could make it to the playoffs at least last year, I believe they can go a little bit farther than that. Maybe not championship material yet, but they can work their way towards it with what they have.

    • justsayin says:

      I’ll have what he’s smoking

    • WadeFan says:

      I doubt they will make the playoffs and even if they do itll be a low seed again and 1st round out. Last season the Thunder, Spurs, Clips, Rockets. Warriors, and Grizzlies all made the playoffs and will most likely make it again without much trouble. That leaves 2 playoff spots in the west. And I don’t beleive the Lakers can take one of those. The Nuggets while without Karl are still a good fun team, Portland has a much better bench to work with now, Minnesota is healthier, and Dallas could always sneak in. Also, if the young guns in NO (refuse to call em Pelicans)have a break out season they could be trouble too. All in all the deck is stacked against the Lakers.

  25. Larry Cole says:

    All I can say is five time World champ find another in the NBA right now without a superstar team all you band jumping heat fans.

  26. you are all ... says:

    Kobe should just retire and seek another ring elsewhere, he still thinks he is top dog but he is not anymore.


    nuff said

  28. boston rules says:

    Even though the lakers won against the jazz with over like 50 points from the bench??

  29. Romeo Aguirre says:

    I agree with you either bring in Carmelo and LA or maybe Rondo and they can get Kobe another ring or Kobe to OKC want that be something but like you said he’s to stubborn

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Kobe doesn’t have time for that! lol
      Kobe doesn’t have years to build chemistry with new players in a already very competitive and young western conference. & there is no guarantee that Kobe doesn’t get another injury, one more serious injury at his age and his career is over.

      • justin says:

        Everything that a heat fan says is void

      • WadeFan says:

        Saying that of Heat fans in general is ignorant. For one he never mentioned the Heat at all. He is discussing his view on the Kobe situation. Or you could say “anything a Heat Hater says is void” but than again thats unfair to you.

    • asd says:

      Kobe to live and play in oklahoma haha,Kobe is hollywood, he will never leave LA, and if he wants to be like jordan he has to win all of his rings with 1 team. he has said it himself to, either it happens here or it doesent happen at all.

    • K-Wood says:

      Rondo would never go to LA. OKC doesn’t want Kobe and couldn’t pay him. Grow up.

  30. okc2014 says:

    The Lakers will eventually do a major overhaul. It’s time. Kobe still has several years, I believe, to play. He is better off going to a team that is already aligned for championship status. The Lakers are done and he is wasting his time there. I just think he is too proud and stubborn to leave the Lakers. And that coach they have, is just bringing them down even further. Yuk!

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      @ okc 2014

      If you go back and read my posts I have been saying the EXACT same thing for months. I agree with you 1000%.
      Sorry Laker fans, but Melo is not the answer to the numerous problems with the Lakers. Kobe should go to the Bulls if he wants a legitimate chance at that 6th ring, and since he wants to like his big brother MJ so badly.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I don’t know I wouldn’t be so sure what if Kobe doesn’t fully come back from his injury?
      It’s happened to t-mac, shaq, even iverson lost it…I always cheered against Kobe, but I hope he does come back as Kobe and not fade away as athletes tend to…
      Kobe stood the test of time and age but injury is another story…

    • alp says:

      kobe doesn’t have “several years left” to play though… his fg% just goes down and down, he just forces more bad shots than he did in the past… i’d say he has 1-2 more years left, but he has to change his style of play to win a ring, he can’t just takeover the show a force up shots every game, he has to be more of a team player at this point in his career or else he will never get 6

      • RamtheMan says:

        WOW! Thats harsh to say that he will never get his sixth ring. I’m a die hard Rockets fan and to say that Kobe is not a threat to our title hopes would be unrealistic. I’ve never liked the lakers, but I have much respect for the man. Management did a terrible job of giving Kobe the best team and coaching staff. If I were the lakers orgamnization i would create a replica of what the bulls were when Jordan won there. To begin with, I would bring back Phill Jackson, keep nash at the point and have a good back up point, Kobe as their main scorer/ weapon, bring in a solid SF, lure in lemarcus aldrich at the pf, and finally a good center that can rebound and alter shots, I don’t know, like a Omer Asik. Believe me my friends that this would turn this Laker team around.

    • R-Dawg says:

      Kobe does not still have several years. No other team would let him ball hog like he does with the Lakers. He is 35 and injured. If he went to another team then he would have to accept a supporting role.