Hang Time Podcast (Episode 134) Eastern Conference Preview Featuring Caron Butler

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Identifying the first four or five teams in the Eastern Conference regular season and eventual playoff pecking order is easy.

The two-time reigning champion Miami Heat lead a pack that also includes, in whatever order you’d like, the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.

Stars like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Paul George, David West, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce make the job a breeze.

Figuring out which teams will occupy those final three spots, however, can start a fierce debate some folks might not be ready to have with the start of the regular season just a few days away. Luckily, none of those timid souls reside here.

We couldn’t wait to get after it on Episode 134 of the Hang Time Podcast, our Eastern Conference Preview featuring our special guest Caron Butler of the Milwaukee Bucks.


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  1. Shok says:

    Sekou really contradicts himself all over the place in this one. Especially regarding the Bulls’ regular season performance compared to the playoffs. With Derrick Rose, the team has been full strength only twice, three years ago, and then they lost to the Heat, and the year before in the epic 7-gamer with Boston. To say they’re maxed out and don’t have an extra gear is ridiculous without seeing them play with their full roster. He could have just said “I don’t think they’re healthy enough.” Boom, much more of a decent argument. Can’t wait for the season and for Sekou’s picks to be turrible. The Bobcats making the playoffs?

    • Franklin Clinton says:

      The NBA Season is marathon , I don’t think the Bulls can make thru a whole season and post season healthy . That’s what Sekou was talking about.

  2. cjhourican says:

    On iTunes this episode plays as last weeks podcast so I had to stream it here just so you know. That happened on another episode over the summer too. Enjoyed the show Sekou and Rick should just plain wrestle.