NBA In Golden Age Of Point Guards


The wait continues without any straight answers in Brooklyn, while it just got a little shorter in Oklahoma City, and everyone in Chicago hopes it is finally — finally! — over. They’ve been ready for months around Oakland and the blue-and-white sections of Los Angeles. All of which is greeted in Atlanta by sullen stare.

The storylines among point guards are everywhere with the season about to begin, from the recovering to the dangerously healthy to the rookies and many circumstances in between. So many, in fact, that some places have dual subplots.

Russell Westbrook jumped into part of Monday’s practice, his first on-court participation since arthroscopic surgery on the right knee Oct. 1. It’s an important step to eventually be followed by returning to full workouts and eventually game action. There is no timetable for him being back in uniform, but at least there is now a partial sighting.

Meanwhile, understudy Reggie Jackson is positioned to have a breakout season, whether as the OKC starter or Westbrook’s backup. He begins 2013-14 as a candidate for Most Improved Player and/or Sixth Man of the Year. He also begins it with the running start of 15.2 ppg, 6.2 apg (against 1.60 turnovers) and 52.9 percent from the field the first five exhibition games.

Derrick Rose knows all about point guards, knees and heavily scrutinized injury watches. If he is back once and for all, and if the groin injury does not put Joakim Noah on the shelf long term, the Bulls are a threat to the Heat in the Eastern Conference.

Deron Williams takes Rose’s spot under the microscope. Rose had built up good will with his MVP play, though. Williams has had too many letdown moments with the Nets, and now there is uncertainty, in the Rose role of late last season, how long Williams will be sidelined by the sprained right ankle that has so far kept him out of every exhibition game and precluded him for participating in any full practices. D-Will and rookie coach Jason Kidd are both dodging questions on when Williams will play

No such concerns, for a change, for the Warriors. Stephen Curry and his ankles are fine, coming off a breakout performance in the playoffs that turned him from being on the verge of the All-Star game to being better than an All-Star. He became the kind of player that scares defenses, a primary reason 2013-14 is being greeted with as much anticipation in Golden State as anywhere in the league.

Chris Paul is back with the Clippers. There was never much doubt he would be, but signing the new contract makes it official. With the best point guard in the league leading the way—and a former talented point guard, Doc Rivers, on board as coach — L.A. is a contender to win the West.

One for under the radar: Kemba Walker averaged 5.7 assists a game last season for Charlotte. Now he can throw the ball inside to Al Jefferson inside or long to rookie Cody Zeller outrunning most other bigs on the break. If assistant coach Mark Price, one of the great shooters of his generations, can fix the mangled jumper of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Walker will have three new offensive weapons to get the ball to in 2013-14.

Portland could have a must-watch point guard show. Damian Lillard is the reigning Rookie of the Year and lottery pick C.J. McCollum should be one of the best rookies at any position, despite not starting. The bigger question with McCollum is health. He is expected to be out six weeks with a broken foot, the same injury that prematurely ended his senior season at Lehigh. The Trail Blazers either have a growing health problem or a backcourt tandem that can play off each other for years.

Jeff Teague is running the show in Atlanta, with intriguing prospect Dennis Schroder backing him up. Schroder has a great future – physical skills, an understanding of how to run pick-and-roll for a player with limited experience in his native Germany — and also an attitude. A lot of front offices took note before the draft and now referees will too as Schroder stares in disbelief when a call doesn’t go his way. Go with Joey Crawford over Schroder, but it could be a seven-game series.


  1. Wes Wynter says:

    CP3? nah. RR9!

    • Wes Wynter says:

      Rondo and Lebron NEED to play together in Boston after Lebrons done playing bad guy in Miami… talk about the most amazing duo in the NBA today…. maybe even NBA history… they could leave a legacy of game changing dominance! ….when they meet in the playoffs its the best basketball this league has to offer, period.

      last time they met? 2012 East Finals…

      Game 1: Rondo- 16/9/7/1
      Lebron- 32/13/3/1/3

      Game 2: Rondo- 44/8/10/3
      Lebron- 34/10/7/1/1

      Game 3: Rondo- 21/6/10/1
      Lebron- 34/8/5/2/2

      Game 4: Rondo- 15/5/15
      Lebron- 29/6/3/1/1

      Game 5: Rondo- 7/6/13/4
      Lebron- 30/13/2/2/1

      Game 6: Rondo- 21/4/10/3
      Lebron- 45/15/5

      Game 7: Rondo- 22/10/14/1
      Lebron -31/12/2/1/1

      Its only an example, but honestly just watch them play, Rondo and Lebron raise each others game, lets end the rivalry and lets make history by getting those two together! Danny could do it… DO IT DANNY! lol pull every string needed, and make this happen!

      • Wes Wynter says:

        p.s. rondo also shot better than paul pierce and ray allen in that series… kid cant shoot huh? riiiiight

  2. travis says:

    if you give me Kyrie Irving with Blake and D.Jordan on his team against CP3 with Blake and D.Jordan, who would really win? I think Kyrie got an advantage right? SO KYRIE over CP3

  3. travis says:

    PG is at its deadliest, if he can drive to the basket absorb contact, can SHOOT 2’s “AND” 3’s not “OR”, has good court vision, who can see the open man before it happens. He can open up the court, make everyone play better and make it easier for them to score. Basically if we’re talking about Offense PG, aslong as he can score in different ways + court vision, which means for me the best PG right now in the league is Kyrie Irving.

    Kyrie Irving- can drive to the basket, good finisher, got lots of moves, can shoot 2’s and 3’s, good court vision. I dare anyone to compare them to any PG in the league now.. CP doesn’t really shoot that well, TP got mid range, no 3, StephCurry is so and so, he can shoot but can he really go ISO and drive to the basket and finish, I think Kyrie is still better on that one. Rondo cant shoot, Rubio is soft, Drose just getting back on track.

  4. AWine44 says:

    if we’re talking about Kemba Walker we better be talking about Ricky Rubio then.

  5. RAY says:

    How can Kyrie Irving not be mentioned? That is insane…

  6. Richard says:

    Point guards are like quarterbacks, they run the offense, find the open man, penetrate the defense, kick out, or drive and score plus they spearhead the defense. In the NFL (which is a QB driven league) The NBA is similar if you do not have a top drawer PG. You had better get one.

  7. the m dog says:

    Deron Williams is by far the best, no one matches!!!!!

  8. Richard Burrill says:

    Also, why not mention Lebron James. He would be a great point guard. Think about it.

  9. Richard Burrill says:

    And none of you has mentioned Greva Vaquez, who had an excellent season last year. We also must remember that the article was written for Fantasy League BB, not the real thing. I do agree that leaving out Tony Parker was an abomination, and not to mention Rajan Rondo and several others was rather dumb. As another commenter wrote, “…wait until June rolls around.”

  10. pokie says:

    John Wall can do all of the things those other cats can do AND *the Dougie”. Beat that.

  11. renz_garnett says:

    where’s rondo

  12. JBR says:

    Golden Age of point guards? Now? No way.

    In my opinion, the ‘golden age’ was early-mid 90’s. Magic Johnson, Tim Hardaway, John Stockton, Gary Payton, Mookie Blaylock, Kevin Johnson, Mark Price, Mark Jackson, Kenny Anderson, Rod Strickland, and probably half a dozen other guys I’m forgetting.

  13. bullslife says:

    Irving, Jennings, J dubs, Jrue c’mon

  14. Mike McGinley says:

    How many of the golden guards you mentioned have THREE rings, and a Finals MVP trophy?

  15. johnrandles says:

    What about me?! I’m an up and comer!

  16. Lance T says:

    It’s funny that all it took was 1 year and a healthy Curry,and returning Bogut and now everyone is interested in my Warriors.

  17. C1 says:

    more golden then the previous generation?? just like 10years ago? 😛
    with Nash, KIdd, Parker, Billups, Payton, B.Davis, P.Hardaway, T.Hardaway, A.Johnson, K.Johnson, Arenas, M.Jackson, Fisher, Finley

  18. Haydz says:

    “The Trail Blazers either have a growing health problem or a backcourt tandem that can play off each other for years.” – this is the Blazers we are talking about right? Growing Health problems seem to be their theme…

  19. potzo says:

    I definitely don’t get it: whenever you talk about Best point guard in the NBA or point guards who need to be watched during the season you left Tony Parker out of the mix.

    Strange to say the least.

  20. isitonline says:

    the article simply mentions the golden age … which is true ..the position has never been as strong as now … its hard to name a team that doesn’t have a respectable starter at PG … and there are atleast 10 studs … the weakest teams at PG are as follows in no particular order … Knicks, 76ers, indiana, bucks, Heat, mavs, utah, kings … thats 8 teams out of 30 and to be honest even these 8 all have more than reasonable talent there … Felton/shumpart , MCW, Hill/Jack, Knight, Chalmers, Calderon, Burks, thomas … Long gone are the days when only half the teams had good PGs …the talent is getting better everyday and well i don’t see any of the top 10 going away in the next 5 yrs

  21. cry says:


  22. Sean says:

    Derrick Rose seems to be back to his best, if not better. But whether or not he will be able to maintain that through a full season is another question. I think that this year is the prime year for PG’s who are rookies or new. Damien Lillard should be able to take the league by storm. With Westbrook out, Rose on the return, CP3 going through a rough patch, rondo with a weakened team behind him(plus injury), Lillard can really take it by storm. St

  23. Carlos says:

    Kyrie Irving?!!? Hello why wouldn’t you mention him.

  24. RR says:

    and rondo?

  25. Marcus says:

    First of all, Paul is not the best point guard. Traditional or modern. Rose is. Pre and post acl. Rose has been further in the p.o’s, has an MVP and is undefeated against Paul in head to head match ups. Not to mention more talented and a better physical specimen. Enuff said. Don’t EVER disrespect Rose again.

  26. dustydreamnz says:

    Which starting position in the league do you think is the strongest? Point Guard would be hard to beat.

  27. Aaron says:


  28. Jeff says:

    Even though he’s missed on Rondo, Wall, Holiday, Irving and mentions new and up and comers without mentioning some of the current stock that are still on the improve Bledsoe etc.; there is really a glut of very good points at the moment. Shame we can’t get a writer to do it justice.

    • Jeff says:

      Not to forget Tony Parker, Mike Conley, Jose Calderon, Jeremy Lin, Ty Lawson, Jamal Crawford, Ricky Rubio, even Mario Chalmers (OK some are a stretch)…such an ordinary article. I believe there will be even more to the list by the end of the year. If Marquis Teague gets a run somewhere he could become pretty exciting too. I think he may become no 2 to Rose and Hinrich (no slouch either) may play a bit of PG and SG support when hes well. The league is littered with great PG’s and one of the best is still playing in LA. I demand a rewrite!!!!

  29. TP says:

    Tony Parker best point guard in the NBA

  30. How can you write an article about the Golden Age of NBA point guards and NOT mention one of the very best, Tony Parker????? You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about and you probably shouldn’t be writing for the NBA. Tony Parker led his team to the NBA FINALS last year, something no other person in this article has done. You need to do some serious studying, re-evaluation, or downsizing

    • Father Bob (ret) says:

      Tony Parker is knocking on the door of the San Antonio County Retirement Village. He will not be a part of the Golden Age of Point Guards.

      • vinsanefan says:

        The whole point of the article is that right now is the golden-age of point guards. Ya see it’s in the title “NBA IN GOLDEN AGE OF POINT GUARDS.” With that being said, it’s a crime not to mention Tony Parker. Like Calebturner23 noted, he happens to be the only one of all those point guards who can sport some hardware on his fingers. His collection includes a Finals MVP award as well as a European Championship trophy and MVP award. He doesn’t get too much attention from the sports-media world, probably because after 9 straight seasons of averaging over 16 ppg and 5.5 apg while shooting roughly 50% from the floor sportswriters aren’t sure what else to say about him. He may be entering the twilight of his career, but last season was one of his best and he really hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. We’ll see what everyone has to say when next June rolls around…

      • Mike says:

        This IS the Golden Age of point guards, and Tony Parker IS the best point guard in the league. People can try to build a case for Rose, Paul and Rondo, but the only thing that matters in the NBA is winning the championship and staying healthy enough to do so. Aside from Chris Paul (who might as well have been standing still in the last playoffs), all the other top PGs have suffered injuries that could hinder them for the rest of their careers. Parker has had no such injury (touch wood). The fact that he isn’t mentioned in this article is because of two reasons: 1. He is was so damn good last year, that he is exempt from any off-season scrutiny and; 2. He prefers it this way.

    • bob says:

      If you read it properly he wasn’t making generic a list of great PGs. He was writing about potential story lines, involving point guards, for next season. No one is denying Parker is great just no real newsworthy stories involving him.

  31. BIGMatta23 says:

    No mention of Rondo… c’mon man!

    • celtic533 says:

      exactly.its like people have forgotten that everyday triple-double cuz of the injury.When Rose was out,we had articles about him all over drove everyone crazy with the amount of speculation.Even chicagoans go tired of it(im from chicago).They should atleast be mentioning him in these conversations becuz hes done the most out of all the point guards(except maybe tony parker,who was also not mentioned) in the playoffs.Just look at his playoff stats.

  32. sz says:

    where’s john wall??

  33. Jeff says:

    Competition will make the best ones better. Watch and see. No love for Uncle Drew bit of an oversight me thinks. Also a pelican should be in the mix, along with an injured Celtic. There’s also a couple more knocking on the door!

  34. Sixers Fan says:

    Kyrie Irving?

    • Sixers Fan says:

      And Jrue Holiday for that matter.

      • real says:

        tony parker, john wall, rondo, ty Lawson, mike conley, and some may make argument for Jeremy lin and steve nash, I think he was only making a few points about certain point guards that are reaching their prime and breaking out, I know the article is called the golden age of pgs but I think hes focused on big tim pgs returning like rose and westbrook and breakout players like lillard and curry and kemba walker, despite him mentioning cp3 in the article

  35. Jeff says:

    Competition will make the best ones better. Watch and see.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Best “pure” PG’s in the NBA are

      (1)Tony Parker, (2)Chris Paul, (3)Rajon Rondo ….. (4) Steph Curry / Kyrie Irving.
      To me Derrick Rose is more of hybrid guard, people forget that he is originally a SG.