Clippers Wise To Challenge Lakers Now

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What do you do when the bully is wounded, down on a knee and struggling to gain his equilibrium?

You pound on him. You take every shot you can to keep him down, to gain whatever measure of satisfaction you can. It’s the law of the jungle, as they say, the way it’s done in the cutthroat world of professional sports.

That’s why the Los Angeles Clippers are wise to strike their Staples Center hallway neighbors now. The Los Angeles Lakers are in a holding pattern with Kobe Bryant fighting his way back from a devastating injury, Dwight Howard gone and guys like Nick Young and Robert Sacre joining Steve Nash and Pau Gasol.

The Clippers had the upper hand last season, when Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and the rest of Clipper Darrell‘s favorite team won the Pacific Division. They served as the most exciting team in the Southland — though the Lakers still won the headlines battle because they generated the most drama in SoCal this side of the Kardashians.

Adding front office ace/coach Doc Rivers, sharpshooter J.J. Redick, utility man extraordinaire Jared Dudley and others bolstered the Clippers’ situation over the summer. Rivers helped make sure Paul’s free-agent frenzy ended before it got started, and that led us to this point:

The Clippers covered up the Lakers’ championship banners and retired jersey numbers at Staples during a preseason game Friday night, a move initiated by Rivers. And that dials up the energy in the battle for Los Angeles to new levels:

“He can do that?” Young said after Lakers practice Sunday, the team’s first since returning from China. “For real? That’s disrespectful. We got to talk to Doc. He can’t have that. We got to do something about that.”

The Clippers revealed their Staples Center redecoration during a preseason game Friday, as they plastered giant posters of players Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Jamal CrawfordMatt Barnes, Jared Dudley and J.J. Redick over the Lakers’ 16 championship banners and 10 retired uniforms.

“That’s a lot of pull y’all are giving Doc,” Young said, somewhat facetiously. “I think he shouldn’t come in and have so much pull like that. He’s got to earn his keep.”

I’m not saying what the Clippers did is right or wrong, but it is certainly understandable when you are battling for the hearts and minds of millions of Angelenos. The Clippers don’t have decades of credibility to lean on in this fight. They have a sliver of an opening to exploit while the Lakers are in flux. They have to go for the jugular.

Bypassing the Marquess of Queensberry Rules for the UFC playbook makes perfect sense. If you can’t win a fair fight (the Clippers are down 16-0 in the titles category and decades behind in the credibility department), it’s time for the by-any-means-necessary approach.

Rivers knows what he’s doing. He understands what it takes. He’s been a part of the only franchise that can rival the Lakers in terms of all-time success. He has a keen insight on how this works.

He knows that maintaining that elite level is just as pressure-packed a situation as trying to get to that level.  So while covering up a few banners and retired jerseys might seem like a stunt to some, it’s much more calculated than that from this perspective. The Clippers are firing shots at the Lakers. They smell blood. They are on the attack.

We’ll find out if they have what it takes to follow through on all of this or if the Lakers have what it takes to fend them off. Either way, fans of both franchises, in Southern California and around the world, will be the biggest winners. Because this sort of contempt only cranks up the level of competition. Just the way it should be.


  1. OKC says:

    Lakers fans are going to be so floored when they have another whiff in free agency lol. They all think they are getting Melo and Lebron, but come on no one but Lakers fans really believes a superstar would jump into such a terrible situation just to wear purple and gold. Can you imagine how foolish it would be for Lebron or Melo to go watch Kobe hog the ball? Lakers fans just keep talking about the past and their franchise, well get used to wishing for the olden days lol.

  2. magickobeshaq says:

    Just win clippers let your game do the talking. Dont be concerned about the lakers Legacy its 16 Banners to your 0.Overnight? clippers have been in L.A since the 80’s so its on them to just Win and stop getting bounced out of the playoffs every year.Ever year since chris paul has been there u guys have had a good team, this year you just cant make excuses anymore if you lose.

  3. Jim says:

    Tony Parker is better than CP3. CP3 is no good, never get his team past second round. overrated but a good father.

  4. Bonaroo says:

    Relax people. The Clippers rent the Staples center same as the Lakers. They have the right to decorate it anyway they want. Its like if the Clippers played on a court that said Lakers. Lets face it people the Clippers are a great team and are moving forward in the NBA it is time for you to understand this. It doesnt matter who was the better team 5 years ago all that matters is the present and the future people.

  5. TD Touch Down says:

    Everyone calm down, business is business, when the Lakers plays they display their banners, when the clippers play they have every right to cover in fact remove those banners. So considering all facets, Doc made a bold move but a great move to change the culture and produce a title contender in the team known as the LA Clippers who share home court with the LA Lakers.

    Again- It’s only business- it’s not personal.. They are two different teams with home court in the same arena. Clippers or Lakers whoever takes “home court” pays for the right to the facilities and all in and around the arena.

    It’s not disrespectful… it’s not personal… its BUSINESS!!!!.

  6. marlon says:

    you know the best thing the clip should do to move city like ontario I.E they have nice arena and change there name inland empire clippers hahaha they are not that good only 2nd round they need another player to take them that far

  7. Karlo Garcia says:

    I know that covering up the Lakers banners would not do any favours for the Clippers. Every NBA fan knows that the Lakers r the real deal in LA. Unless the Clippers win a championship or championships then it is the Lakers city of LA,until it’s all said & done.

  8. earnit says:

    Floor boards and banners are not the same, the floor the decor is just that — its decoration. The banners represent achievement, accomplishment , success – something that (regardless of the reasons) the Clipper organization has not yet done. Every team has their own floor only a few have multiple Championship banners. You share a building so show respect to the accomplishments made by the other tenants and if it bothers you then do something real about it – go out and win a championship.

  9. Stone says:

    Covering up the Lakers banners won’t make people forget, nor will it bolster the Clippers fan base. So it really doesn’t matter one way or the other. People who support the Clippers do it more because they like the Clippers, than because they hate the Lakers, and vise versa. Maybe it’s a part of Doc’s plan to get the Clippers organization, team, and fan base to buy in to the new winning culture. But personally, I think Doc did it to gain a psychological edge. It’s a lot like how Phil Jackson used to use the media to get in opposing teams heads. In that regard, it was probably smart. It’s not worth worrying about though.

  10. jimbo says:

    Both teams currently share the rent-a-center, so both the Clippers and Lackers (no typo) have the right to decorate as they please when they are the “home” team.

  11. jordan says:

    until they start winning important games they will always be in the shadow of the lakers and its is much easier to share a arena when when both have a reasonable amount of championships they. lakers won those titles and were put up there to be remembered.. now my question is when they win onw will they continue to cover them up to me its all jealousy and you cant talk about nick speaking his mind when doc is doing the same everybody has a right to there own opinion no matter who they are and where they been in life

  12. Yohann says:

    The Clippers need to get there own identity as well as there own stadium, they can’t and will never walk much less run in the LA Lakers shoes. Don’t be disrespectful Doc, let the Clippers earn their respect somewhere else.

  13. lol noobs dont know says:

    lool, thats like saying why do clippers change the lakers floorboards, its disrespectful

  14. earnit says:

    The logo on the floor, the wrappers on the hot dogs – that’s all branding – thus the Clippers have a right to change that for their games. However the banners are earned, the statues are earned. If you want to cover them up you need to earn it. Doc Rivers is just as new to Staples as Nick Young – both of them ought to earn the right to comment either verbally or symbolically. Come on Doc, show a little respect for the work and talent that went into winning 16 championships. As a coach who won just one championship over several years with an incredibly talented team – you should know how hard it is and show a little respect for the hall of fame coaches and players who have done it several times. If you want to display Clipper pride – then earn it – win a championship and hang the banner. Until then let those who enter Staples Center see the banners earned by all the hard working and extremely talented players.

  15. pacquiaoverated says:

    Lakers are done as long as that ballhog still rules the whole team.

  16. Geovany Medina says:

    I dont get why does it bother anybody. Covering it doesnt change the history. Lakers are down but not dead. Watch out clippers like rudy said dont ever underestimate the heart of a 16 time world champion. Ugly but you wish the clippers had at least one of those ugly banners and trade it for matt barnes picture.

  17. Henrik Jensen says:

    they are like 17-18 banners behind.. come on, even a hardcore Celtic fan have to admit that…

  18. los says:

    maybe one day they will be chamos to cover them up o wait they are dreaming no matter how bad a team is injured this will always be lakers town for life

  19. Aussie Clipper says:

    Whats wrong with this lakers fans, afraid that the clips are too strong this season without your beloved kobe, no dwight, phil jackson is long in the past, no title for you! Clippers will take the stapples center and rock it every night, so good luck holding the baby blue back baby!


  20. phylliest says:

    Lakers hang banners, Clipper hang selfies…..LOL

  21. J says:

    you know sports shouldn’t have more than 1 team in 1 city. the Lakers should be in la and clippers should be in another city. if they cant change cities they should change arenas atleast.

  22. WOW says:

    Doc thinks he is cool, watch the clipps not even make it past OKC or the spurs lol…
    the Lakers earned those banners, when the Clippers get a Championship banner then they can decide how to decorate Staples

  23. polo says:

    Who cares…. Heat are going to 3 peat

  24. Tom says:

    Why is Young even commentating? He’s barely a Laker and the Clips can do whatever they want when it’s their turn at staples.

  25. talkin smack says:

    what is all this banners the clippers are talkin about. I see a bunch of over grown boy band posters. Get a championship and we’ll talk.

  26. L A Norm says:

    To all the Clippers and their fans : U can cover all of our championship banners all u want , we’ll do the same to yours , oh wait . . . . . U DONT HAVE ANY CHAMPIONSHIPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jevon says:

    Waaaaaah wwaaaaahh waaaaaah

  28. NotALakerFan says:

    If the Clippers will win their FIRST title this season..LA Lakers will wrap the Clips title banner with 16 of Lakers Championship banners..How does it feel? Clippers!!!!!!…
    They covered the Lakers 16 banners with posters of the Clips players? Because they don’t have one…

  29. ar ar says:

    Clippers overrated.. awan met champion u pay..hahha
    Still LAKERS man….

  30. LakerHater82 says:

    Like DJ said, “Its not called Laker Arena. It is called Staples Center!” Don’t live in the past!

  31. Daniel says:

    thay should get there own place to hang there banners

  32. Bryan791 says:

    Clippers > Lakers ? oh man, clippers is just an overrated team with 0 championship title, yeah just 0.
    i admit that they have a very strong team right know, but cmon guys, give Lakers some respects. Lakers is one of the greatest team of all time.

  33. Laker4Life says:

    If the so called men on the Clippers are so fragile that hiding the truth helps them, doesn’t hurt my team. We’re still more likely to add another before they do.

  34. Lord KGM says:

    Marc is not only right but left out one thing, THERE’S ANOTHER SIDE TO PUT UR TEAMS “POSTERS” OR WHATEVER! This is not only disrespect to the Lakers but the NBA. This is like if the Magic came and covered the Heats banners cause they’re jealous. Sad the leagues allowing these kind of actions but it’s a new age.

  35. Andy says:

    Don’t worry. When the lakers play a home game they’ll cover up all clipper banners or retired jerseys.
    Oh wait. . .

  36. Brendan says:

    huge clippers and lakers fan and I say it’s great I only root against the lakers when they are playing the clips with that said I feel at home games for clips against lakers they should leave them up but I suppose that makes no sense

  37. RyU says:

    Would be nice for the Clips to own their own City…. How about looking back to there roots… San diego Clippers..

    • Sit Down says:

      They should move somewhere near Anaheim, maybe Honda Center.
      LA Anaheim
      NHL: Kings vs Ducks
      MLB: Dodges vs Angels
      NBA: Lakers vs Clippers

      • Precious says:

        RYU – The clippers roots would be in Buffalo NY . . .they moved to San Diego when the then owner John Y. Brown met with Irv Levin old Celtic owner to swap franchises. . . long story short Clipps are in LA to Stay as its a better market. with their all Star cast they not going anywhere so get over it.

  38. Benedict Navalta says:

    Clippers should get out of town, kings are in sac, golden state is at sf, clip should go back in san diego.

  39. LAKERSFAN says:

    The Clappers are making a big deal of them being the best team in LA, they just cant face the truth that the Lakers has better history compare to them. The Clappers roster will be an A for this coming years, (3-4 years maybe) then they will be on the bottom of the conference once again, so they should enjoy this while it last. The Lakers will comeback before they know it so watch out.

  40. okc2014 says:

    The Staples Center belongs to the Lakers. The Clippers should have their own arena. They deserve it and will probably sell out more games than the Lakers. Problem solved. I wouldn’t like it if another team hung their stuff over Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrooke, I understand!!!

  41. Patty says:

    The reason the Clippers will be the best team in Los Angeles is because The Kobe Bryant is injured. It is good to have Doc Rivers.

    • icoNick says:

      The Clippers were the best team in LA last season with a healthy KB & Vinny Del Negro as coach……

  42. the black mamba says:

    screw flop city. we still own and run LA. I am freaking pissed right now yall. pissing me off is the biggest mistake yall have made. i also remember and will remember 12 and 25 by espn. yal are ajoke

    • Sit Down says:

      I understand if you’re upset with the #25 rating, but #12, that’s just about right IMO, maybe even 1-3 higher.

  43. Flexy says:

    Who cares…They both will lose to the Heat anyway…Can someone put up some Lebron, Wade, and Allen Posters…Now this would be a worthy article to get all crazy over, and reason for Doc to get crazy over…And it would make this article much more TRUE…HA!

  44. boston rules says:

    Clippers don’t even come close to history like the lakers

    but its just the same as changing the floor decor, even though they shouldn’t even be in LA

  45. Brandon says:

    IMO, the Clippers should let them stay up there and use them as motivation for their own. This is from a Clipper fan.
    But since they did cover up the Laker banners, there is no reason to be butthurt; its their home court. Laker fans won’t see them unless they decide to troll Clipper home games. The banners aren’t vandalized at all in any way, just being covered; its the equivalent of changing the court tiles each game.
    And Staples belongs to both Lakers and Clippers since 1999-2000; its no one’s arena. Just because the Lakers They both started sharing it at the same time.

  46. icoNick says:

    When Staples Center goes from Lakers to Clippers (or vice versa depending on who’s the home team) there are many cosmetic changes that take place inside & outside the arena. When the Kings play there, same thing happens. Outside of the statues (which include additional sports figures) & the Merchandising store you can’t tell that anyone else plays there other than the team currently playing. Smart move on the Clippers part, wouldn’t be surprised if the Kings covered up the Lakers banners with images of their own player while they’re on the ice. (Side Note: The Kings’ retired jerseys hang from the ceiling and are not covered, maybe the Lakers should follow suit.)

  47. lol says:

    maybe in 50 years from now that might happen. ……………. clippers still the clippers… even if a miracle happens and get 10 championships the next 20 years they will still be under lakers shadow. GET REAL, Clippers got no history

  48. HereHereBeer says:

    Clippers have every right to deck out the stadium for their home games as they see fit. However, in doing so they should cover up the other teams’ jerseys as well, not just the Lakers. Either way, if they do just cover the Lakers jerseys, certainly adds to the rivalry between the two and that’s great for viewing!

  49. Chives says:

    Yeah! Let’s celebrate the best season of the Clippers!! Kings of L.A. deserved! They get the best record in FRANCHISE history, a pacific division title, and a 4-1 loss in the 1st round of the playoffs! And the struggling 7th seed Lakers, one of the most disappointing in history, fell 4-0 in the 1st round as well. Did I mention they had 4-5 guys out! Nope, there’s nothing to argue here.

    • Sit Down says:

      Clipz lost 4-2*

    • Geovany Medina says:

      Best comment I have read. Any clipper fan has something to say about this?? I also think that the Lakers should ask why are only their jerseys and 16 CHAMPIONSHIP BANNERS Being cover why dont they cover up the kings Jerseys. This fact makes it personal. Grear comment Chives

  50. jaime25 says:

    well the clippers better start winning some championships..

    16 banners > poster of jared dudley

    • Sit Down says:

      Not anytime soon, or not until that LeBron guy gets knocked out of his throne.. Hate to admit it but that’s the truth.

  51. Jus Saying says:

    L.A. has the money and the space.. there are PLENTY of teams that share the same building and I have NEVER seen anything like this. For me its more annoying then anything. I guess I can force myself to understand the logic behind it but in my opinion instead of trying to cover up a legacy or temporary erase the facts of the legacy I feel they should build there own. Maybe use whats hanging over your heads to actually motivate you to elevate yourself above those rafters. Get your name and team imprinted in history, hang some L.A.Clipper hard earned banners. Retire some L.A. Clipper jerseys. I mean what did magic, wilt, kareem etc. do to the clippers? There legacy is being “covered up” as well. Or hey here’s an idea… JUST BUILD A NEW ARENA an actual L.A. Clippers arena… L.A. has enough money to do it.. im jus saying

  52. OKC says:

    Wow Lakers fans are so butt hurt over such a minor thing. This will be the least of your worries this season lol.

  53. sports fan says:

    Whenever the Clippers have a home game then they have every right to cover up the Lakers banners. They didn’t take them down, they covered them up. It’s only fair for them to do this because they are sharing a stadium, whereas most teams have their own stadium. Fans watching their home team play a home game do not want to see banners of another team.

  54. Matt says:

    Covering the banners is right on par with replacing the floor they play on. It’s not a big deal.

    There’s no need to cover the WNBA and NHL banners as they have nothing to do with NBA. They mean nothing to the Clippers or Lakers.

    Things at must be slow if this what they’re posting as news these days.

  55. Mikey says:

    Doc and the Clippers have also requested all other teams that have won NBA Championships to hide their banners during the Clippers away games to those arenas…

  56. What is gonna do next ? Bury his head in the sand ? says:

    As a motivational gesture, the move may have some credibility, although even that can be argued.

    Nick Young is right, Doc Rivers should earn his honors before claiming his, or his team’s, superiority.

    In the meantime … He can only hide the facts … He can’t deny them !

    • Jacob says:

      Nick young should learn a thing or two about respect before calling another organization disrespectful. This clown has done absolutely nothing to earn the respect of the lakers fans or organization. He is lucky to have joined such a franchise. He should close his mouth and let his game do the talking on the court.

    • justsayin says:

      They proved they were superior last year and will likely again this year. Though you are putting words in Doc’s mouth on that count – how disrespectful.

      Showtime Lakers won me over to loving basketball as a kid but people need to recognize the current reality of each era.
      Disrespect would be covering the banners with pics of Jim Buss piloting the Exxon Valdez, Hindenberg, and Titanic. Though they would be apt allegories – I am tired of his terrible decisions.

  57. DIZ says:

    first of all….who tf cares what nick young thinks….’DOC NEEDS TO EARN HIS WORTH” ?!?!?! This sorry mfer better stay on a team for more then a 1 yr min contract for he get all loud…

    AND SECOND OF ALL….I guess lakers fans want the CLIPPERS to play on the LAKERS FLOOR TOO!?

  58. DIZ says:

    first of all….who tf cares what nick young thinks….’DOC NEEDS TO EARN HIS WORTH” ?!?!?! This sorry mfer better stay on a team for more then a 1 yr min contract for he get all loud…

    AND SECOND OF ALL….I guess lakers fans want the CLIPPERS to play on the LAKERS FLOOR TOO!?

    • Precious says:

      LOL. . . thats what it sounds like. they are in the beginning of a bum out season and want to complain about anything “we didnt win again this year cause the Clippers covered ou banners” lol.

  59. Casual Fan says:

    The only problem I have with this is the covering of ONLY the Lakers banners. If you want to make it YOUR arena, YOUR home-court, why not cover all the other banners from the other sports as well?

    • Precious says:

      Because no one cares about the Sparks or Hocky banners . . just the competitors banners. its common sense.

  60. Whocares says:

    I am confused, since the Clippers play there also it’s only fair to cover up the Banners and whatever when they play. What’s the big deal it’s not taking away from what the Lakers have done

    • Sit Down says:

      Seems like Laker fans cant get enough of their own accomplishments that they want it to be glorified even when they aren’t playing in their home court.

      • justsayin says:

        The fans didnt accomplish jack squat anyway.

        It’s the unspoken conceit of sports that half the fans root for the frontrunners so they can feel smart and accomplished when they are proven right.

  61. Jacob says:

    I am neither a Clippers fan or Lakers fan and I never will be. So I have an unbiased point of view:

    1) NIck Young? Please shut up. You have absolutely no right to speak on behalf of the Lakers. Who cares what you think. Especially since you once played for the Clippers. LOL.

    2) Lakers and Clippers both pay rent to AEG Live, who owns the Staples Center, so neither of them own staples center.

    3) Clippers should really move out of there, but unfortunately, their owner is notoriously cheap so it will probably never happen. So it is more realistic for the Lakers to move out, but that would probably never happen either. However, the Lakers moved out of the forum after 11 Championships, so it would make sense to leave the staples center after 5. But this won’t happen so forget that scenario.

    4) Since the Clippers pay rent, they have every single right to decorate the arena they see fit during home games. They are NOT doing anything disrespectful. It is not called “Lakers Center”. it is called staples center. Same goes for the lakers, sparks and kings. They can all do what they want during their own home games. lakers fans are acting like they are ripping down the banners and throwing them in a closet. Clippers want there home games to feel more like a home game, which is totally fine, so they should do that. They don’t need to play home games with lakers banners looming over them and there fans.

    • Tony says:

      AEG also owns a piece of the Lakers.

      • Jacob says:

        Tony, AEG owns a piece of the Lakers, but the lakers DO NOT own a piece of AEG. It is not their Arena, therefore, any tenant who pays rent can do whatever they want during their home games. end of story.

  62. Lakersince76 says:

    All I know is whatever the Clipper do, it better happen this year or maybe next. Everything after that belongs to the Purple and Gold again

  63. Bucks4Life says:

    That’s awesome. I love the Hallway Rivalry.

  64. Edwin says:

    All those posters to carry all those 16 banners and jerseys. This is funny to me being a Lakers fan, they should wrap their Pacific Division title around the Sparks WNBA championship.

  65. Ballin for life says:

    Well, the Lakers have a good chance of winning the championship this year. They’re in prime position!

  66. Mate says:

    Don’t you think Doc tries to fire up his own team with this to achive one banner for themselves?

  67. Precious says:

    Nick young needs to hush. . . he has no right to say anything. The clippers pay rent just like the Lakers do, they cover up the banners only during clippers games. Doc did what I would of done as well, to answer the question on why the other banners like the Sparks or the hockey banners were not covered. . .well the Lakers are a competitor in the NBA. . the Sparks are not. . . . Nick just needs to be quite and be happy he got picked up by the Lakers during their drought. . cause he would not of got picked up any other way. . .I love the NBA and this story is just cause a non factor player made a comment that he knew would make a small ripple in the news.

  68. Tony says:

    With this act Clippers just lost any hope of adding more fans and followers during Lakers down time, Its not so much covering the banners, Its the disrespect shown to Magic, Kareem, Worthy and the rest of players who have their Jersey retired. Those are some all time greats whose retired jerseys have been covered by picture of scrubs.

    • LeggoHEAT says:

      It’s not permanent, it’s only for Clippers games. might as well say the Sparks are disrespectful for changing the Lakers floors whenever they have a game. Those great banners are still great and awesome, it isn’t vandalized. I’m sure the Clippers will not have trouble finding more fans, in fact they may gain more fans for showing that they actually have self respect.

  69. santi says:

    if they are such a great team, and want their own identity, maybe they should build their own stadium. The Staples Center is and always will be the Laker’s home. They can build their own place and put up as many banners as they want, and feel like their finally getting somewhere.

    • Sit Down says:

      You do know the Lakers did not build SC for their own team, the Lakers and the Clippers both moved in at the same time and ended up sharing the stadium.

  70. CLIPPERFAN says:


  71. installerx says:

    Since Staples center is a shared coliseum and Clippers are holding home court, they can cover the banners as long as they want. This is a non-issue i think. Just to make a story out of it.

  72. Dylan says:

    Do the Clippers even have enough players on their roster to cover up all those banners???

  73. Bola says:

    It will be awkward when Lakers are playing as away team to Clippers at SC without them banners.. Funny move Doc!

  74. Larian1983 says:

    For so many years Clippers didn’t mind the banners because they didn’t want to be jealous. Doc Rivers doesn’t mind being jealous. There is no need to tell us what the Clippers can or cannot do, the fact that the Clippers covering only the Lakers banner, but not Sparks or Kings banners tells us all; however, it still shows that the Clippers is the only LA pro team with a championship.

    • Larian1983 says:


      • Precious says:

        nothing to do with being jealous. . . the banners are only hung during clipper games. and for the record I am not a clipper or Laker fan just a NBA fan.

    • LeggoHEAT says:

      That’s because the Clippers do not have to be competitive against the Sparks nor the Kings. It’s simple logic. Those banners weren’t even vandalized, they are kept intact and still hangs after Clippers games. The Clippers posters serve its purpose when it quiets down the Laker trolls who thinks Clippers are mere squatters of the arena.

    • realnbanews says:

      Don’t post comments if you’re not even willing to attempt to follow basic English rules of grammar.

  75. JHS2112 says:

    I’m a Lakers fan.
    I think the Clippers has the right to cover or take down anything related to the Lakers when they are the home team.

  76. allen says:

    who the hell cares what nick young says especially when he speaks like an illiterate.

  77. Stephisbeast says:

    Nick who?

  78. David says:

    I dont see why not? People go to Clippers game now to actually watch the Clippers. They’re no longer the joke of the NBA. People don’t have to go to clip’s game to watch the Laker’s banner. I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all. I mean if they cover up the banner while Lakers are the home team, that’s pretty disrespectful.

  79. Ellah Wadood says:

    It is good to have both teams have banners at staple center it is good for la and California

  80. Ellah Wadood says:

    It is not only lakers home and also clippers home too and they are on the rise so let them enjoyed like the lakers did

  81. totsky says:

    if the Clippers will be a World Champion then it’s fine but “not” right now, they still have to prove something or in the future

    • DeeJay says:

      World Champion?? The NBA is a national competition in the US not the World.

      • Sit Down says:

        Chill bro, its just a term, look at the World Series, its held in the US but called the WORLD SERIES

      • mattbpowell says:

        The Baseball series is called the World Series because when it was first created it was sponsored by The World newspaper, it could have been called the Times Series or the Post Series…

        The NBA and NFL have no right what so ever to call themselves World Champions. Don’t get me wrong, the winner is clearly the best team in the world. But you do have to at least play and beat the other teams to claim the title.

  82. Brent says:

    “Guys like Nick Young and Robert Sacre joining” get your facts straight Robert Sacre has been here.

    • Brent says:

      Just another laker hater trying to get on the clipper bandwagon while it’s around

      • reason says:

        when did you get on the laker bandwagon? youre just mad because your sure bet lakers are going to have a rough year and you know it.

  83. Sid Walker says:

    As a long time Laker fan I have no problems with the Clippers move. Actually it will make the 2 games the Lakers & Clips play when the Clips are the host much more interesting. Most important accomplishment the Lakers can reach this season? Ownership getting on the same page for next season.

  84. We all think that Chris Paul is the best in the NBA

  85. Brian, California says:

    Clippers? Who?

  86. Tom says:

    What’s next? covering up the statues outside staples center?
    Maybe the Clippers should find a new home court.

    • LeggoHEAT says:

      But they’re not covering up the statues, you should be happy. Probably because the game takes place inside, things outside do not really take away the focus of what’s going on in the arena. The Clippers have every right to be at Staples center, no one’s kicking out anybody.

    • justsayin says:

      Actually wouldn’t mind if Clips moved to Seattle – 2 birds, 1 stone.

      They already carry a similar tough pg/nasty dunker tandem à la Payton and Kemp.

      But nooo, LA and NY have to be gd greedy and let others go hungry for a single home team.

  87. CornHole says:

    very surprised the Clips just now started doing this.. As a Laker fan it doesn’t matter at all.

    Side note: they had to cover up so many banners that Matt Barnes made it up there!

  88. sam says:

    lolz..nick young…when is it his turn to speak about lakers when he is the newcomer? shut up and play…

    • CLIPPERFAN says:


    • LeggoHEAT says:

      Nick Young, talks first, thinks later.

      • sam says:

        This is one of the line he said in another article that didn’t include in here

        “But he didn’t win no title in L.A,” Young said. “Look at all these banners in here. You can’t shadow those up.”

        lolz..coming from someone who didn’t contribute to a single banner up there….Mike D’antoni better slap his face to get this “wanna be tough guy” to keep his mouth shut…

        see how Nash is handling this is much better…

  89. Bormasina says:

    And now all the Hell shall break loose …

  90. aron78 says:

    It’s only fitting for the Clippers to replace the banners whenever they hold court. They are two different teams but only taking homecourt in the same arena. Clippers or Lakers whoever takes “home” advantage gets the privilege to use the arena to their own advantage.

    It’s not disrespect. It’s just playing the game.

  91. Matt says:

    I’m a Lakers fan, and I think the Clippers can do what they want
    for there home games! Covering them, it’s no disrespect at all,
    It’s not like they are removing them!
    The Clippers are only trying to create a home fortress, without Lakers banners
    and jerseys over shadowing there home court!
    3 teams share staples, they can have there home
    court how ever they want!

    • Christian says:

      Then why don’t they cover the sparks or hockey teams banners?? Clippers just jealous

      • Sean says:

        Do the Lakers cover up the WNBA and Hockey stuff?

      • LeggoHEAT says:

        They do it to quiet the smart alecs who come to Clippers games and say “This isn’t the Lakers?” or “The
        Clippers do not have any business playing here look at the banners up top.”, they don’t really care much about the Sparks or any other teams.

      • realnbanews says:

        Christian, that is because these teams are affiliated while the Lakers and Clippers are rival in the same pro sports league. Also, I believe the banners will only be covered up for home games, there is no disrespect in that, they just want to get out of the Lakers shadow and they want to be taken seriously as a title contender in the NBA.

      • Sit Down says:

        I’m not sure about the Sparks stuff, but it was said on a news broadcast by the Lakers’ channel in LA that the Clipz did cover up the King’s (LA Kings; NHL) stuff while the Clipz were playing their home games, just not sure about the Sparks stuff

    • Ruby says:

      I agree 100%. If the Clips are playing, then who wants to see Laker stuff? Not me for sure. And if I did, then I would go to a Laker game.

  92. Alexis says:

    ugly? maybe because they don’t have one…

  93. Bermir says:

    The Clippers have all the right to cover up those ugly banners.

    • Marc says:

      If only they covered them with actual banners and not posters of players somebody would take them seriously

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      the clippers should not remain as the lakers shadow
      If they are to be taken seriously they need their own fan base and their own identity
      this is a great move

      • Typical says:

        You don’t create an identity by trying to erase someone else’s.

      • Denholm says:

        Oh my god they arent burning the banners and uniforms out the back of staples, they are covering them up for their own home games, its basically the same concept as changing the floor so it doesnt say lakers instead of clippers.. on the clips night, its their court and you dont really want your rivals laurels looming over you. good move doc, lakers fans, shut up and endure mediocrity for a while, and nick young, you literally just got to the lakers, so stop talking about all the history…

      • Typical says:

        So why not cover up the statues outside of Kareem, Magic, West, and Hearn, too?

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      by the way its fair because they do it during their home games its not disrespectful to the lakers

      • Christian says:

        Actually it is because if you even look it up the team tht wins them then they got the right to hang them there 24/7 they only covered the lakers banners too not the wnba team sparks banners or even the hockey team you idiot

      • LeggoHEAT says:

        Clippers do not have anything to do with the Sparks or any team outside the NBA. The Lakers, however, is a team to beat for them that’s why they do not celebrate the competition’s banners.

    • how many championships do they have again?

    • LeggoHEAT says:

      They’re not ugly, they’re majestic. Behold, fool.

      • Laker says:

        uh huh, majestic like all dem championships they won, oh hold up, they havent won any? oh yeah, sorry clippers and Leggoheat( bandwaggon) u need to step the !@#$ down

      • LeggoHEAT says:

        I don’t get why you call me bandwagon, been a Heat fan for 10 years..

      • LeggoHEAT says:

        And I was referring to the LA banners as majestic, SMH, I was actually complementing it. Some fool called it ugly.

    • Gregory Lu says:

      ugly banners? looks like someone is jealous of those 16 banners.

    • ocsick says:

      its not that big of a deal im a laker fan myself and i dont take it wrong i mean theyre just selfies of the clippers now if they were to cover em up with a championship banner then maybe ill get a little upset