Canada Market Booms as NBA Takes On World; ‘Down Under’ Next?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Chances are good next June that for the second consecutive year, the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft will have honed his skills and built his street cred on the asphalt courts of … Toronto, Ontario. And with Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins as a favourite to take the maple-leaf baton from UNLV’s Anthony Bennett, we might want to refer to the heated jockeying for position among likely lottery teams as tanquing, for this season anyway.

A rising interest in Canada in the NBA is the primary reason behind tonight’s game in Montreal, when the Boston Celtics (with first-round pick Kelly Olynyk, a 7-footer from Kamloops by way of Gonzaga) face the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Bell Centre. A year ago, the NBA staged its first-ever NBA Canada Series preseason games in that country (Knicks-Raptors in Montreal, Pistons-Timberwolves in Winnipeg) and the only thing surprising about that was that it took so long.

The Raptors, obviously, have been playing preseason games there since they entered the league via expansion in 1995. So did their newbie cohort Vancouver Grizzlies for six seasons, until their move to Memphis in 2001.

The NBA’s and basketball’s roots in the nation are undeniable. The man who invented the game in 1891, Dr. James Naismith, was a Canadian, after all. And what is accepted as the NBA’s inaugural game was played at Maple Leaf Gardens between the New York Knicks and the Toronto Huskies, who lasted one season in the precursor BAA.

Sixty-seven years later, the NBA has just the Raptors’ as its single toehold in Canada, and it stages its preseason games there much as it does in exotic lands like Taiwan and Brazil, with a missionary zeal that creates festivals of NBA basketball, stirring casual interest rather than relying on hardcore devotees of the league. The Grizzlies are gone, and expansion even in U.S. cities appears to be low on commissioner David Stern‘s or presumptive replacement Adam Silver‘s lists of priorities.

Beneath the surface, however, there may be something building.

Talent pipeline is gushing

“Right now, the game up here is exploding,” said Dan MacKenzie, vice president and general manager, NBA Canada. “There’s never been a better time. There’s a pipeline of talent coming into the league. … The talent in college is deeper than it’s ever been. We can see a day in the next five years when there could be between 15-20 players in the NBA from Canada.”

Former NBA players who were born or grew up in Canada include Steve Nash (Vancouver/Victoria), Bill Wennington (Montreal), Todd MacCulloch (Winnipeg) and Rick Fox (Toronto). Center Joel Anthony of the two-time champion Miami Heat is from Montreal. Toronto is the hotbed now, though, as described earlier this month by Eric Koreen in the National Post:

While there are pockets of talent elsewhere across the country, Toronto is the epicentre of the Canadian basketball boom. Ten of the 18 players invited to the men’s senior national team training camp this summer — and eight of the 12 who played in the FIBA Americas tournament — grew up within a 45-minute drive of Toronto. (That does not include the injured Bennett, the Kansas-bound Wiggins or the likes of Gonzaga’s Kevin Pangos, Michigan’s Nick Stauskas or Syracuse’s Tyler Ennis, who figure to be fixtures of the program in the future.) Four area products — Bennett, Tristan Thompson (Brampton), Cory Joseph (Pickering) and Andrew Nicholson (Mississauga) — have been first-round picks in the last three NBA drafts.

Among less-elite athletes, basketball is taking hold in part because the Great White North is becoming, well, less so.

Said MacKenzie: “On the grass-roots side, we’re seeing an explosion of participation. A lot of that is driven by demographics and immigration. The countries that newcomers are coming to Canada from are countries where basketball is very popular, if not the No. 1 sport, like China and the Philippines.”

So while hockey remains king by a wide margin, basketball is gaining. The NBA doesn’t need to apologize, certainly, for its one-and-done in Toronto – remember, MLB went from two franchises to one in Canada as well, when the Montreal Expos relocated and became the Washington Nationals. But it’s possible that tastes, passions and market demand might change some day and bring the Raptors some company.

The Montreal game, while technically not part of the preseason Global Games series, will be the NBA’s last out-of-country, non-league-market event this month. Already in October, teams met in exhibitions in Turkey, Spain, England, the Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil and China (Beijing and Shanghai). On Dec. 4, Minnesota and San Antonio will play a regular season game in Mexico City, with Atlanta and Brooklyn traveling to London for their Jan. 16 game at The O2 arena.

Why not down under?

By the end of 2013-14, the NBA since 1978 will have staged 148 preseason or regular season games in 20 countries and territories across Europe, North and South America and Asia. Still waiting their turn – to answer the many emails we get here at HTB – are Australia and New Zealand.

Scott Levy, senior vice president and managing director, NBA Asia, acknowledged the heavy interest in the NBA in those countries. Past and present players have hailed from there, including Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills, Luc Longley, Sean Marks, Shane Heal, Chris Anstey and Nathan Jawai. Oklahoma City’s first-round pick Steven Adams is from New Zealand and Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving was born in Melbourne.

Participation is high, Australia ranks No. 1 in subscribers to NBA League Pass International and in’s international revenue, and the country certainly has the sports facilities and culture befitting a possible preseason destination.

“Australia is an important market for the NBA in the region and we enjoy a great following from our fans,” Levy said. “We have conducted several NBA events in the country, including the 2011 Asia Pacific Team Camp featuring the top youth basketball players from Australia, New Zealand, China, and South Korea. There have been discussions around many different programs from grass-roots clinics, development programs, mass participation events, and a preseason game, but nothing is definite at this point.”


  1. Richard says:

    An NBA team in Montreal would work. The Celtics and T-wolves played to a packed house Sunday night. The Bell centre can hols over 21,000 for basketball, so Adam Silver should take a hard look at this. Before the NBA expanded to Toronto, the NBA played a lot of pre season games in Toronto to great success, Montreal just staged it’s 4th straight successful game. there is a Market there. Time for the NBA to go to MONTREAL !

  2. Ah, Wildcats! says:

    The NBL’s Perth Wildcats regularly get 10-12k at their home games and their star import this season is Miami’s 2nd round draft pick, James Ennis. I believe that might be the first time an NBA draftee has gone straight to play in the NBL as opposed to Europe.

    With Dante Exum being an apparent Top 5 pick lock next year, NBA popularity in Australia should lift even further!

  3. dandan says:

    Bring NBA here to Australia!

  4. sanjay says:

    they should have more teams around the world. Say one in asia with china dominance, one in europe, and one covering east asia and down under. They all have money to pull this off and games are popular enough to draw crowds all around the world. But please keep these endless season games to 82, may be cut them by 10! And whoever came up with these stupid preseason games as though folks were not satiated with regular games already!

  5. Please Come To Brisbane says:

    I would do anything for a game to come to Brisbane. We don’t even have a NBL franchise anymore and fans here are starved of a quality league. Just to have one exhibition game here would sell out so quickly. Just put it in the Boondal Exhibition Centre easily sold out. Plus the players have the courts underneath of the Boondal centre to practice and warm up on. It just maes so much sense!

  6. Joel says:

    An Aussie game would be amazing! Maybe one in each major city would be the best route as Aussie basketball (NBL) at the moment is no where near the NBA standard. Give everybody the chance to go and see the best players in the world! Each game would sell out within minutes and the players themselves would get a good experience out of it also.

  7. Steve says:

    Australia has been ranked the No.2 Basketball nation in the world a few years ago by FIBA – we may be 5th or 6th now (that includes all rankings Men, Women Juniors). Even though it is not a MAJOR sport in Australia – there are about half a million either playing or past basketballers (social to pro) who love the game and obviously the pinnacle of the game is the NBA which we have been starved of until the internet and pay TV…….

    Our own League cannot compete locally with the other sports and we lose all our top players to Europe (men) and WNBL (women)…..many of our top male prospects who have been through basketball development programs by Basketball Australia turn to Australian Football by 15 or 16, which further decimates our male basketball talent.

    We NEED the NBA here to keep basketball alive in Australia!!!!

  8. BlackDove- says:

    Im in Sydney,
    we love basketball
    the nba didnt come here so we went there.
    in 2010 me and my wife went to the usa a watched several games. from the lakers to the knicks and inbetween. we love this game!

  9. K. Chief says:

    So when are y’all coming to Sweden, man? Malmö ’cause that’s where I live. Forget about Stockholm (eventhough basketball is bigger in the middle part of Sweden). Jeffrey Taylor and Jonas Jerebko, represent! Again, Malmö though, not Stockholm 😉

  10. Jamie says:

    As an Aussie, I’d just like to throw in my 2c and say I’d love a game or two Down Under.

    Just to be clear, that’s a turn of phrase. I would actually pay more than 2c for a seat.

  11. fsfs says:

    Australia is so far. Canada is down the road.

  12. Andy Lee says:

    Don’t forget Canadian/Jamaican DYLAN ENNIS who is playing at Villanova University. Y’all better watch out! He is about to dominate the whole NCAA

  13. Nato says:

    Why would the NBA not bring preseason games to Australia when they have statistics that prove Aussies are hardcore fans of the game?

    The Perth Arena would be a great place to hold a game!

  14. knocka says:

    Just as a note, the NBA actually started playing preseason games in Canada as far back as 1988, when the Atlanta Hawks played the Chicago Bulls. I was a ball boy for a two games that happened in Toronto in 1989, when the Utah played Detroit, and the Celtic played the Cavs.

  15. Shawn K says:

    Nice to see the NBA giving Canada some attention. This year has been great for Canada from Anthony Bennett and other Canadians in the Draft this past June, to Toronto hosting this years All-Star game, to the Raptors finally making some noise around the league. I’d really like to see a bit more though. I’d like to see the NBA give an expansion team to a Canadian province to have a rivalry between the Raptors and that team. I know its HIGHLY unlikely, but I think it would make for interesting basketball. But none-the-less I really like the attention and impact Canada is having in the NBA.

  16. danks says:

    Im from sydney australia and they had the NBA jam session back in the 90s forgot what year it was think it was think it was 92 or 93. I went to that and i was 13-15 years old at the time. Still remeber it. mugsy bogues came out, hakeem stacey king, ahmed rashad. and they just had games and stuff they also had a signing thing at bankstown square where you could meet mugsy bogues got an autograph off him and hugo the hornet!!! still have it with me. Anywyas the jam session was sold OUT!!! So im sure they will have no problems in selling tickets! to a pre season game which ever team they bring ou

  17. danks says:

    Im from sydney australia and they had the NBA jam session back in the 90s forgot what year it was think it was think it was 92 or 93. I went to that and i was 13-15 years old at the time. Still remeber it. mugsy bogues came out, hakeem stacey king, ahmed rashad. A and they just had games and stuff they also had a signing thing at bankstown square. Anywyas the jam session was sold OUT!!! So im sure they will have no problems in selling tickets! to a pre season game which ever team they bring out

  18. Basketball is loved in Aus word up Clippers yo

  19. Corey says:

    Yes, Australian kids love basketball and I think it will be great to experience a live NBA game. I say hold 3 games, one in Sydney, one in Melbourne and one in Perth ( I’m a West Australian ). It will certainly attract crowds if advertised properly. The new Perth Arena holds 15,500 people and will sell out quickly for sure. The arena is only a 5 minute walk from the Perth train station and is easily accessible in the middle of the city. Western Australia is the economic hub of Australia and could attract significant corporate sponsorship. The Philippines had a game there so why not travel a little bit further down to Australia and give us the experience 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Duv says:

    Yes!!!!! Please bring it to Australia. I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams by watching my Rockets live in H-Town two seasons. I saw 6 games in two weeks! The hospitality of the Houstonians only made me love the team even more. Was so disappointed when I saw that they were playing against the Pacers in the Phillipines. The Phillipines?!?!!?! Come on, I know they love their bball there but surely you couldn’t travel a few extra kilometres to play a game in Australia!?!!? Australia and USA = Best of buddies!

  21. Rob L says:

    Its great to see all the comments keep them coming this could help drive the message home that its time to come to Australia.

  22. Mick, the big aussie says:

    You guye seem to forget…
    Without Aussies …..
    Jordan would only have 3 Rings, Cause Longley owned that 96-98 Bulls Team!
    the Spurs would be one Ring Less, say thanks to Andrew Gaze!

    But seriously,
    hold 2 games here, Sydney and Melbourne,
    spend a couple days visiting the greatest country on earth,
    take the cash from the gate and run.
    Everyone is happy.

  23. Donna Lauron says:

    I am a filipino, and besides being a woman, I grew up with a father who loved the NBA and with him I learned the rules which of course learned to love the game. I love Lebron James and my hubby would love Kobe Bryant here in Aussie! Yes, I would save money for the tix! I will have to not sleep if it takes to have a ticket for me and my hubby! Please, come here NBA????

  24. chilly says:

    Bring it to Australia!!

  25. Mark says:

    The NBA has been popular in Australia for 20 years and basketball in general was much bigger in the 90’s. Coming down here could make it big again.

  26. James says:

    NBA has controlled Australia for years you should have noticed awhile ago… few months ago fans slept over night to see Kyrie irving and Melbourne and STILL MISSED OUT!!! (i was there) everywhere i go i see NBA jerseys and nba snap backs please SUPPORT YOUR SUPPORTERS! DOWN UNDER!

  27. Scottie Fox says:

    As an Australian-based NBA fan for over 20 years I would love to see the NBA come here, as would many others including my partner and my best friend.

    Unfortunately we live in boring old Perth (West coast) and chances are any actual games would take place in Sydney or Melbourne (East coast).

    Either way it would still be awesome just to know players of their caliber have even been in our country 🙂

  28. Sam says:

    Please, come to “down under” as you call it. Nothing better then an NBA match in Australia. PLEASE.

  29. Jack says:

    Please oh please bring my boy d-rose to NZ. I will settle with aussie though 🙂

  30. Anthony says:

    Big Spurs fan from Sydney. It’s simple, just like the English Premiere League this year, the game will sell out in minutes. Australian’s appreciate sport at its highest level, and there is no disputing the NBA’s status. Consider this my preorder!

  31. Andrew Gaze says:

    I’d like to hear what John Peck has to say on the matter…

  32. Downunder BBal says:

    NBA overdue in Australia. Rod Laver arena, Melbourne (15,000 capacity) would sell out in minutes

  33. Nate says:

    Here is an example of what Basketball could expect if they come to Australia (money wise)

    Liverpool came and versed Melbourne Victory (no one cared who they played just that Liverpool came to town)
    MCG filled out with 95,000 fans. Average ticket price was about $80 so that is $7,600,00 just in ticket sales. This does not count the amount of merchandise they would have flogged or any sponsorship, TV rights, corporate boxes etc. for these major games.

    Holding at Etihad (has a retractable roof) means 60K crowd at at least $150 tickets (Aussie dollar also slightly better then US dollar so means more in US dollars). Looking at $9,000,000AUD just for the ticket sales only. There is still plenty else to make money from such as TV rights, sponsors, corporate boxes etc. Heck I am sure you could sell out more then one game just like Australia did with a sell out game of Man U in Sydney and a sell out game of Liverpool in Melbourne.

    Those saying it is to small a market are thinking in terms of population not in terms of disposable income. Australians are some of the wealthiest per head nations in the world and pay silly money to see famous singers/sports teams and anything else in between.

    Only argument I can see that goes against Australia is in terms of a international marker we are fairly established. Like others have said I would not look at local teams as a indicator. Exact same with the soccer local teams get average to poor attendance as the local teams are just that average. Same goes for basketball. Nathan Jawai was a BEAST in the NBL but in the NBA he is barely getting game time.

  34. Ben says:

    Come on bring them down to Australia the market revenue is huge and half the kids in my school year including me would love to see any preseason game no matter who’s playing.

  35. Ben says:

    Even though im from NZ I would totally fly to Australia and watch a NBA pre-season game. That would be more convenient than going over to the state!

    Just my opinion 🙂

  36. Nate says:

    They could hold the game at Etihad Stadium holds about 60K and has a roof so it would not be an issue if raining. They would make a killing it would sell out even with high ticket prices. Folk from all over Australia are pretty cashed up so everyone travels for major events like Australian open, Melbourne Cup etc. and they would spend big on merchandise also.

  37. Brooklyn Nets Down Under says:

    Seriously get your act together NBA and get down here – bring Brooklyn Nets down under pleaseeee!

  38. CelticsFan says:

    The popularity of the NBA has been huge since the early 90s in Australia. Even though our local competition is now basically irrelevant the core group of kids who grew up loving the game would cherish the opportunity for the NBA in Australia. If we are an international number one contributor to the income and growth of the NBA we should be rewarded with some action. Imagine the NBA at Etihad stadium in front of 60,000 + . Would be amazing!!!

  39. Aaron says:

    Make it happen!

  40. Julia says:

    Would love to see NBA in Australia – its where in Singapore a lot of our coaches in basketball come from. Not just NBA but wish WNBA would do something similar to promote itself overseas as well. Girls also need role models and ideas of how the game is played at the top level.

  41. Martin says:

    Would love a game here in New Zealand, even bring Bobcats v Sixers I would still go!

  42. Riley NZ says:

    Personally I know heaps of huge fans of the NBA live in NZ, me included. IF the Celtics were to play preseason here that would be incredible (only because I support them). Else maybe have the Thunder come to NZ as a home coming for Steven Adams and GSW to Aussie for Bogut?

  43. Matt says:

    As a Canadian who has been a basketball nut for over 15 years. I love seeing the NBA finally start pushing to brand itself more here. FOR YEARS we have been an afterthought when it comes to basketball. The next few years we will continue to have tons of NBA talent and lottery talent.

    I would love to see Canada become a basketball powerhouse like I know it can be.

  44. Jiba says:

    Mark Bradtke , Kirk Penney, Luke Schenscher a couple more

  45. Paul says:

    I think there should be an American franchise with an Aussie affiliation. Call it the Seattle Sonic Boom. Green and Gold, priority picks to Aussie players and pre season games.

  46. jeff says:

    I’d just like to get it back on the TV. Howe about its channel 10???

  47. Mathew says:

    The reason it is yet to come to Australia is because there is only 20 odd million people there, roughly the same as in New York alone.

    P.S You left of the best Aussie basketball player in history, Andrew gaze fro the list. Plus current coach Bret Brown and the long San Antonio Spurs allegiance to the Aussies.

  48. Pete says:

    The popularity of the NBA in Australia is HUGE! If they were to play a game here it would sell out any indoor stadium we have, guaranteed. Hopefully in the not too distant future we get to enjoy some NBA action live in person, at home.

  49. MaddenMatt2012 says:

    I think we’d need a few games down here because theyd all sell out in a matter of minutes!! I’d buy tickets without even caring who was playing it’d be awesome to see some real basketball down under!! 😀

  50. sammmmmmmmy says:

    I was born in Melbourne, Australia became a huge Spurs fan back in ’93 i have since moved to Canada and was lucky enough to watch My Spurs play last year, Im truly grateful for the game of basketball and the NBA. Lots of Aussie would love to witness some of the best ballers in the world.

    Dont forget Andrew Gaze!! won a ring with the spurs in ’99

  51. Montreal Team says:

    How about a Montreal Team. com’on Montrealers!!!!! #nba to Montreal

  52. Jonathan says:

    The NBA is looking for government sponsorship/kick-backs and the Australian governments aren’t biting. If you want a reason for why there are no NBA games in Australia, it’s because the NBA wants a fee to bring it to us

  53. Rob L says:

    The basketball here needs an injection of promotion that the NBA could provide, be it short term. Come to Australia for the fans and for the greater good of the game.

  54. Matt says:

    Wait till Dante Exum & Ben Simmons blow up, wont be able to forget about Australia then

    • wooderson says:

      I was just about to say that.Australia will be the second best looking team at the rio Olympics based on calibre of nba players

  55. James says:

    And don’t forget Kyrie Irving was born in Australia !! American music artists have already tapped into the Australian market in recent years as we haven’t been hit as hard by the global financial crisis. It’s only amount of time before basketball follows suit.

  56. roytroyboymccoy says:


  57. Leroy Loggins says:

    Too small a market. Australia is a country of 20 million. It certainly wouldn’t be a failed endeavour. It would be great to see and as stated the game would sell out in minutes. However, The rewards are far more minimal compared to a market like China, Europe etc. If it were genuinely about “spreading the great game of basketball”, the benefits would be strong. Australia has a significant history with Basketball. We’ve produced NBA talent and compete at a high standard in international competition. In the 90s our national league was quite strong in terms of support and ratings however over the past decade has totally died. A boost of attention from the NBA would certainly generate interest in the game and maybe help develop infrastructure of the game here. However, if its more of an economic exercise to generate more following for the NBA, I can’t see how this would benefit the NBA more than spending their time focusing on Asia/Europe.

    • Machooka / Sydney says:

      Leroy….what are you on about ? We’re not talking about the NBA having an Aussie francise….just the odd game between who cares maybe once a year, or every couple of years. It won’t be a money making gig but just rewards for the many, many NBA nuts who support the game in Aussie and the bros in NZ. The only reason I pay through the nose to have ESPN in my house is because I love to watch the NBA….period !

  58. Jack Woodrup says:

    I got sick of waiting so I moved from Australia to Nashville. Pumped to see a few Memphis games this year.

  59. Daniel R says:

    We need the NBA to bring some game to Australia like a tournament, bring some teams over and they could have like a pre-season in Australia, have it in each major capital city from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and also have meet and greet the stars of the NBA from Le Bron James, Kobe Bryant, Derek Rose, Tim Duncan, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and many many more, including a few basketball greats from the past, it’;s a great way to spread the wings of the NBA in this world

    • Muzdog says:

      What about Hobart, mate!! Don’t forget us down here!! I’m a die-hard Lakers fan, but I would go see any team, anywhere in the country!!

  60. NBAISBIGINOZ says:

    Hold it at the MCG. It would sell out in a second!

    150,000 NBA supporters at one game? Might as well break a world record whilst D Rose throws down!

  61. The problem is that the NBA doesn’t NEED to do anything to build a fan base in Australia. Unfortunately, the money for international projects is better spent in areas where interest in the game is weak. Like any successful company, they want more customers in more markets. Australia is a given. Still, an exhibition game every now and again wouldn’t hurt!

  62. Matt says:

    Please NBA Bring the game to the Aussies. I would see any team that came out to Australia in any state. The MLB are doing it why dont you stand up and be counted

  63. TMJpn says:

    You forgot guys like David Andersen, and Matthew Dellavedova who is knocking quite hard on the door for a spot on the cavs.

    Also by technicality, Kyrie Irving..

  64. dustydreamnz says:

    Yeah I’m from New Zealand, wouldn’t matter who played. Nearly fell off my chair when Brook Lopez recently visited with Steven Adams. Australia have the population over us though so I’m sure they’ll get priority.

  65. Shane NZ says:

    The NBA should definetly look at having a preseason game in either Australia or New Zealand (or both). There would be a lot of interest from both countries and like someone else mentioned tickets would be hot commodity and sell out in minutes!! I live in NZ and if a game were to be in Australia I would fly over just to watch it!

  66. Ben C says:

    I hope the NBA aren’t basing their decision to bring games down under on NBL crowd figures. There’s a big NBA fan base in every major city on the continent. I wouldn’t care who’s playing here in Melbourne, I’d buy my ticket and go and scream my head off to see any NBA match that was played here. If the MLB ticket sales for the Sydney LA vs Arizona game is anything to go by, any NBA match would sell out in minutes. Bring the game here! Go Celtics!

  67. matt says:

    I’d be happy if more players on NBA lists made their way over here like James Ennis did, to hone their skills in our national competition.
    If we lift the audience of the NBL, the NBA will have to pay attention to us.

  68. PJMarq says:

    Without question there should be a game/s played in OZ. Last time i saw an NBA event here was when NBA Jam came out and Shaq attended, and i was a teenager back then. I’m a Bulls fan, but would go and see any NBA team play here in Australia. Come one NBA, we hungry!!!!………………..GO BULLS!!!!

    • Rob says:

      I also attended NBA Jam back in the 90’s, pretty sure Jason Kidd was a rookie – got his signature from back then! Bulls should come to “The Jungle” in Perth, please!

  69. Darcy says:

    Yeah, I 100% agree with everyone on this. Any game, between any teams, would sell out immediately. Literally would be a dream come true if some preseason games were played here.

  70. Daryl says:

    Please NBA come down under! There are tonnes of fans here waiting to get a slice of the action. NBA League is just a small barometer of the interest by Australians! There is plenty of young talent looking to ply their trades in Europe and the USA as we don’t have any decent system after juniors (ie college/university ball). With that said, there’s a pretty big market and following to have games played here! Please hurry.

  71. I’ve been a Celtic fan since ’93 when I was 8 years old, and have followed every season closely since then. NBA come to Australia and show some love

  72. Ben says:

    Yep, waiting here in NZ. It was a big coup just to have an All Star in the city for a single afternoon this offseason. Plus, we have the team who has won the Australian league the last three seasons running, so surely we deserve ag ame BEFORE Australia, eh?

  73. shannon says:

    i live in australia and im telling you any nba game would sell out in minutes!! hurry up and get down here!!!

  74. Jonty SC says:

    Would care who was playing. I would go watch 100%. The MLB are doing it. Why can’t the NBA. Australia needs/wants it.

  75. Bradley says:

    I have friends in Australia who have been saying for years that they would love the NBA to have games in their area. I’m surprised that while the NBA knows that they have a large fan base down here, that they haven’t acted on this information. ANy idea why they don’t give it a shot?