Bad Blood Boiling Up Between Nets, Heat


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just because their addresses have changed doesn’t mean the ill will Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (and vice versa) has subsided.

The wicked rivalry between four of the most intense competitors in the NBA started when James was in Cleveland and Garnett and Pierce were in Boston. It was stoked even more when James joined Wade in Miami and continues to this day, with Garnett and Pierce now in Brooklyn.

When LeBron jumped to the defense of his Heat teammate (and former KG-and-Pierce running mate) Ray Allen the other day, saying KG and Pierce owed Allen an apology for leaving Boston for Miami the way he did via free agency in the summer of 2012, you knew Garnett would have a retort.

“Tell LeBron to worry about Miami. It has nothing to do with Celtic business,” Garnett told’s Mike Mazzeo when asked about any apology being owed to Allen.

James called the ex-Celtics hypocrites for ripping Allen a year before the Big 3 core was torn apart anyway. Garnett and Pierce were traded to Brooklyn after Doc Rivers departed as coach for a front office/coaching gig with the Los Angeles Clippers.

“I think the first thing I thought was, ‘Wow, Ray got killed for leaving Boston, and now these guys are leaving Boston,'” James told ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “I think it’s OK; I didn’t mind it. But there were a couple guys who basically [expletive] on Ray for leaving, and now they’re leaving.

“That’s the nature of our business, man. I don’t know what Boston was going through at the end of the day. I know Ray had to make the best decision for him and his family and his career. Doc [Rivers, former Celtics coach], KG and Paul did that as well. You can’t criticize someone who does something that’s best for their family.”

The circumstances in each case were obviously different. Garnett and Pierce were traded away in a franchise-altering summer for the Celtics, who had clearly decided that the Big 3 era was over and that they had to move on. But I can see where LeBron is coming from in regards to the way Allen was treated. Garnett was particularly brutal, turning his back on Allen instantly.


Allen handled the situation with the class you’d expect from one of the league’s true gentlemen. He didn’t react in kind. And when he helped the Heat win a championship in June, he showed love for his current Heat teammates without rubbing it in the face of his old Boston teammates who had disrespected him with their words and actions last season.

The rhetoric cranked up again earlier this week, though, with both James and Wade weighing in on the new-look Nets prior to Thursday night’s preseason matchup in Brooklyn:

“We all know the world, how it works,” Wade said. “The biggest thing is Ray is happy [in Miami]. If they’re happy in Brooklyn, then let them be happy.

“People say things about people when they do something when they themselves would do the same thing. It’s about putting yourself in the best situation, and at the end of the day, we all do that. You can’t really say anything about someone that does it for themselves.”

All this does is set up what should be the continuation of a fantastic rivalry between some of the league’s best players. This rivalry that could spread not only throughout this regular season, but also into the playoffs — should the Heat and Nets stumble into each other come April or May.

The Nets’ Nov. 1 regular-season home opener is as good a place as any to start.

“They have champions on their team, they have gold medalists on their team, they have guys who have been through a lot,” James said. “It should be fun playing against them throughout the regular season and possibly in the playoffs.”


  1. Joseph Bellucco says:

    The Brooklyn Nets need to shut up they haven’t played one game of the season yet they talk wayyyyy too much. Just because they moved to Brooklyn they think they are the “team of NY”. If that was the case why did you move to NJ then back to NY. The Knicks have been here since day 1 so the Brooklyn Nets need to shut up and just play ball. Hey I really cant stand LeBron either but at least he has the rings to back up his talk.

  2. jimbo says:

    Do all you people really care who said what to who ??? Each one still makes millions and they d_____ well better play like it this season, or else we the fans should not pay for seriously inflated ticket prices to see them. If any of you were to lose your job tomorrow, do you think any of them would lift a finger to help you ??? We all need to get real.

  3. Bucks4Life says:

    in more important news, the Nets retired Jason Kidd’s jersey.

  4. marvzzz says:

    let the ball do the talking wannabees!!!

  5. marty says:


  6. Shane says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  7. calling all toasters says:

    One reason Pierce and Garnett thought it was OK to leave was that RAY ALLEN had left as a free agent a year ago. Allen took less money than he was offered in Boston, just to have an easier shot at a title, and the Celtics got nothing in return.

    After last season, the decision was made to break the team up. Doc Rivers asked to be traded or released, and was traded to the Clips. Garnett was apparently willing to be part of the trade, but league rules wouldn’t allow it. When the Pierce and Garnett trade was made, the Celtics were in full rebuilding phase, and they got a load of draft picks to help them out.

    To sum up: Allen ditched the team. Doc more or less ditched the team. Pierce and Garnett refused to screw up Boston’s plans by using their no-trade clauses. This is why Allen gets booed in Boston, and Pierce and KG won’t be.

  8. Kevin says:

    “When LeBron jumped to the defense of his Heat teammate (and former KG-and-Pierce running mate) Ray Allen the other day, saying KG and Pierce owed Allen an apology for leaving Boston for Miami the way he did via free agency in the summer of 2012, you knew Garnett would have a retort.”

    KG and Pierce left Boston for Miami? They need to apolozige to Allen for it? Come on Sekou, prooooooof-reeeeeeaaad!

  9. tristan says:

    lebron all the way

  10. non biased NBA fan says:

    On another note, Recently Lebron has stated, “I improved every aspect of my game”.
    where do you guys think he’ll improve the most?
    I saw him use his fade away very effectively against the nets. One of the many possibilities

  11. Lerob-Choker says:


  12. pacquiaoverated says:

    yeah lebron will never be Kobe, cause Kobe is the one and only ballhog player in the NBA the greatest there is there was there ever be ballhog player ever.

  13. TOM says:


  14. John says:

    Hey the Rockets won back to back. Big deal. Hardly call them a dynasty? I don’t think they even go around calling it a dynasty. I finally watched game 6 of the finals last season. Wow. No foul on Ginobili? Really? Heat barely won CHEATING.

  15. Unkle Daddy says:

    First off, who doesn’t know the history of Garnett turning his back on his old team mates he has always done that. Second, neither one of these teams are much better than the other, Heat better SF and SG, Nets better PG and Center, both have decent PF’s (all though in his prime KG was on a level Bosh could never get close to). Thirdly, who ever comes out of the west is winning it all.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      agree with everything u said except the last part, I think it will be the opposite ……. whoever comes out of the east will win it all.

  16. Kal says:

    The latest example of LeBron’s half baked intelligence off the court…

    Garnett and Pierce traded because Boston wants to tank for Wiggins… is not turning your back on the Celtics. What Ray Allen did was. And that is okay. He is allowed to do that if that is his choice and it was the best thing for him. LeBron is right about that much.

    But to turn around and talk about it like it’s the same thing with KG and Paul — who both would have happily played for the green until they retired — is him still trying to justify The Decision instead of just accepting he’s The Badguy who traded loyalty for rings…

    And as far the love and war game of basketball goes, all is fair if you pick war. LeBron has the right to want to win rings, so that people never question his ability to win when given the opportunity… But don’t be surprised when half the fans — the ones who pick love — hate you. Whereas people still love A.I. despite all the disappointments because he was so loyal to The City of Brotherly Love.

  17. Jboog says:

    This is not a real rivalry unless KG and PP can turn back the clock. That’s no disrepsect, due to the fact that last year, even when Rondo was healthy (in respect to having another all star guard in DWill) they were irrelevant. When you run down the Nets roster a lot of things are similar to what the Celtics had last year…AK is like Jeff Green..and even though they are on the same team now..Jt was supposed to add the offenseve Joe Johnson provides…but through what may be father time each player seems to be unable to impact games the way they used to consistently.

    Overall the Key difference and key to beating the heat has to be Brook Lopez…the Heat are notoriously weak at the center position (unless by some miracle Oden can provide 7-15 solid defensive minutes a game). The heat are generally undersized and undermanned compared to some of their Eastern Conference Rivals

    I still place the Pacers above the Nets in beating the heat (and let’s face, that is the main hurdle in winning a championship) due to youth and the plethora of issues they posed to the two time defending champs. The Nets will be good this year but I don’t see them making it past the ECSF or the ECF depending on where the teams land.

  18. TonyZ says:


  19. Jay says:

    It’s funny how people like lebron now,but just a couple of years ago everybody hated him. I still don’t like him a never will,and he will never be the best. Nets in 6

  20. Mary says:

    James and Wade are idiots.What Ray Allen did was very different from Pierce and Garnett. Everyone knows that PP wanted to retire a Celtic but, was traded.Garnett only went to the Nets out of loyalty to Pierce,otherwise he would have retired.So,F this BS that Wade and James are talking.They don’t need to worry about Paul and Kevin,they need to be worrying about the Brooklyn Nets.

  21. Celtics4Lifeeee says:

    omg too many 5 year old heat bandwagoners trying to backup LeBron here haha Ray Allen left the celtics because he wanted another ring! KG waived his no trade clause because he knew pierce wouldnt be there next season and also that Ainge would have loved to get KG involved in a trade! KG waived his no trade clause because it was the best for both the organisation AND one of his best friends!!!! thats true loyalty !

  22. Kevo says:

    Stop arguing Jorge, you’re wrong just like all of the Heat fans. Accept that there are several legitimate threats to the 3peat this year and if there is any year to stop the Heat, it is this year. Pacers, Bulls, Nets, Thunder, Rockets, Spurs…the list goes on.

    Denying that there are true challengers out there will be the Heat’s biggest downfall. I’m not saying that LBJ and co. will underestimate the other teams, but this is more directed towards fans like yourself. Learn the game.

  23. marlon says:

    Washington Bullets are back, we got the young trio to beat the oldies!

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Miami old? Hahha they run very fast down that floor for an “old team” and same with spurs!!

  24. ray allen knew what he was doin for leavin he wanted to end his carrer with many more rings and whats going to get u rings playin with the heat

  25. mdot says:

    THANK YOU ndmion obviously your the only guy that knows what hes talking about…salute

  26. ndmion says:

    I respect LBJ for being a great player even though he acts very immature at times. First, let it go Lebron, Ray has.
    Ray’s situation was completely different from KG Pierce. Ray left on his own accord, for whatever reason. we don’t know if he knew that he will be traded even if he stayed at Boston. Boston fans were not hurt about Ray leaving, we were upset about were he went.KG and Pierce were traded even though KG had no trade clause in his contract. The first time Boston tried to trade him to the Clippers he said no and the league did not allow it because a coach cannot be traded. The C’s wanted to completely rebuild and when KG saw that Doc went to another team and they did not want to renew PP’s contract, he knew that it was time to leave even though he wanted to retire in green along side PP. Every Boston fan knows that he reluctantly agreed to the trade. KG wanted to stay, the fans wanted them to stay but the organization did not. Lebrons comment is innapropriate, even though it might seem that he is defending Ray, this is not his business because Ray has moved on and KG and PP did not bad mouth Ray himself, the fans did. This is hard for me t o say but it was not Lebron who saved Miami from loosing to the C’s, it was …. Bosh (sighs).

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Uhhh lebron is very mature. How many times hav we seen kg act immature? Pushing people trien to punch them like a cry baby. U wunt see lebron do that hel walk away

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:


    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      bosh sux he had one lucky rebound that whole series. Please lebron always does it all

      • Tim Duncan says:

        Got dang man, your really like LeBron. you must slobber over him while you sit in front of your t.v screen, only for LeBron though. hahaha, because LeBron is a God. All hail a dude that just plays basketball! woohooo!

        Don’t get me wrong I LOVE basketball. and you love LeBron. you must be from Afghanistan. lmfao

        and Lebron is NOT mature. He has a mind of a 18 yr old NARCISSTIC teenager. KG is not mature either.

  27. BullsFan08 says:

    Nobody mentioned how they were planning to bench ray allen anyways and start avery bradley. He didn’t want to be a backup in boston so he left. Yeah he went to a rival team but players like KG and Pierce didn’t say anything when Ray allen was involved in possible trade rumors.

  28. Brady says:

    Danny Ainge got rid of pierce and garnett for a reason…..hes smart there getting washed up and old….the future is JEFF GREEN 8 baby here we go LBJ knows all about green!!!!!!

  29. celentano says:

    so heat bandwagons are so sure to threepeat? not so fast folks,i know pre-season means a bit.losing your pre-season games ain’t a good sign to start the new season!!you can see theyr hunger and concentration are less than season before.a great chance the heat ending up second or third seed before the bracket starts! !ndiana,,knicks&nets are knocking behind is a thing to worry kids!lebron&co mindgames ain’t gonna help to three-peat,be aware ain’t gonna be a cake walk this time!

  30. saevan says:

    KG is a Hypocrite. He left the Wolves before coz he wanted a ring and got it at Boston. The same reason LBJ and Ray left their old teams. As a player, getting a ring is the ultimate dream of being an accomplished Bball player. So stop hating Nets. You have too many overpaid players who doesnt have what it take to beat the King and the Champs. 3peat will happen.

  31. Kobe bryant says:

    I see a lot of net bandwagons, the heat will smash you guys keep dreaming you will beat them because it’s not happening

  32. Akeem Asante says:

    I like what Wade said. Any reasonable person probably would have done what the Heat and Nets players did. None of them owes anybody anything, except to play hard for their paychecks.

    I am happy for ALL of them.

    On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 9:05 AM, Hang Time Blog with Sekou Smith | wrote:

    > ** > Sekou Smith posted: ” [nba-video > vid=/games/heat/2012/10/31/] HANG TIME > HEADQUARTERS — Just because their addresses have changed doesn’t mean the > ill will Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have for LeBron James and Dwyane > Wade (an”

  33. SOmebody says:

    Do not worry LBJ is leaving the Heat in the free agent if the Heat does not win the NBA championship. Than we will see who is loyal or not. Than we will see which fans are Heat or they are LBJ.

    • K says:

      And let me tell you every LeBron hater would change their loyalty for LeBron if he ends up with their favorite team, no matter how he gets there. Boston, Brooklyn, New York, Chicago, Indiana, Lakers, Clippers, hell even the sorry butt Cleveland Cavaliers who treated him so bad when he left would take him back in a heart beat and start worshipping the ground he walks on. LeBron James the current NBA Rock Star!!!!!

  34. K says:

    LOL……. Welcome to the business side of sports! I like what LeBron said, stir the pot! Create an old – fashion rivalry. The NBA hasn’t had one since the Bulls – Pistons rivalry back in the 90’s. These teams and players in todays NBA are to damn nice to one another. There’s no loyalty in sports, owners want to win, players want to win, so when they feel they have a better chance somewhere else then their out, period! Just like the owners will release a player quickly if they feel they have a better opportunity to win with some other players. The only people loyal in sports are the fans of that City. The Players, Coaches and GM’s come and go it’s the natural of the business. All you LeBron haters I guarantee if next year LeBron should decide to opt out of his contract and leave the Heat, there isn’t a team in the NBA that wouldn’t jump at the chance to sign him, including the almighty holy grail Boston Celtics. Brooklyn would dump their whole roster if they thought they could sign LeBron! Miami Heat BACK – TO – BACK WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!! Live with it!!!!!

  35. j'quail Johnson says:

    The Heat will smash the Nets

  36. Lebronjamesthebest says:


  37. BBallKaLYe says:

    boston rules: Your the mmhheeennnn! LOL

  38. Valentine Young says:

    The Nets aint going nowhere with a Bunch of Boston rejects. If they were a threat, do you think Boston would of released them to a Team in the East? Jason Kidd aint no real Coach he dont have clue about Coaching!!

  39. cjstan says:

    laugh first who laugh last. In this business, to each his own. Ray showed poised and professionalism, by making in the end a decision that only affected possibly him and his career; who know without that key 3 pointer during finals, we might have been talking about something completely different.
    NB: WE NEED GO (Greg Oden) to suit up and play.

  40. jditty22 says:

    It’s hypocritical, whenever it comes to Miami and Lebron, fans think a player should allow only GM’s decide where a player should or should not go. Celts had Ray on the trading blocks, I didn’t hear KG and Pierce stand up to Danny Ainge protecting Ray then. KG and Pierce had no trade clauses protecting themselves, Ainge was looking to trade Ray Allen. Ray did was better for his family and his legacy. He has a chance to add yet another Championship to his trophy case.

  41. jditty22 says:

    The caveat that no one wants to discuss if the Celtics had Allen on the trading blocks, therefore he would have been traded away regardless….so Lebron was right. Ray Allen just left for a better opportunity before the Celtics GM got a opportunity to trade him. With KG and Pierce, they wasn’t on the trading block, so it’s easy for KG to say what he would’ve done, but Ray had no choice…KG had a no trade clause protecting him. When Ray Allen says that it was the best place for his family….he didn’t lie, his son has medical special needs, Miami has a hospital specialized for his needs.

  42. I got a question for Labron.

    Oaky, so this one guy, let’s say his name is Ray, quits his job and goes to work for the competition for half his salary with the company he left, while this other guy, let’s say his name is Paul, gets fired and hustles up another deal with another company. Hey, it’s the same thing – they both left. Right?

    Allen took about a 50% pay cut to sign with the Heat – about 6.2 million for two years with Heat versus about 12 million for two years with the Celtics. Pierce? Celtics would not renew his contract.

    Hey LeBron, same thing, right? Same thing as your buddy Ray Allen that pulled your fat out of the fire hitting that 3-pointer in Game 6? I mean, you got to pat him on the back. He had the option to leave, so you want to keep your man Jesus Shuttlesworth happy, right?

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:


    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Also lebron carried that team through pacers series and got them up in game 6 finals and won game 7 finals the only person who “acts” old on Miami is wade Birdman and Ray are amazing

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      shut up jerry

  43. CSK says:

    Are you sure @NBAfan? KG waived his no trading clause in his agreemnt to be traded to NETS for better opportunity.

  44. nets says:

    LeBron is stupid leaving boston by free agency and less money is being a coward being trade for future talent is a business deal LeBron really show his stupidity looks like he’s all basketball and no brains

  45. Mladen says:

    Heat were not the best team even last year. They had huge support from refs in Conference Finals vs pacers and later in Finals. Even with this help, they hardly won both of the series. While pacers are getting better, nets also, everyone is investing in getting better, Heat are just older. They are leaving what Celtics already went through.

    Wade is not the same as 2 years ago, rest of supporting roster is not good enough. Miami Cavaliers cannot win it – Lebron is now alone as he was in Cleveland.

    • K says:

      Cry a river would you please! Help from the refs, hardly winning, who cares their 2 time WORLD CHAMPIONS and all your excuses isn’t going to change that fact! HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. ??? says:

    I thought Allen left Boston because Rondo hates his gut? The C’s are clearly in favor of the younger as their future. IMO, Allen made that decision more because of Rajon Rondo.
    Heat will have A LOT of trouble 3 peating with all the upgrading other teams have made. Sad to say but I don’t think the West has any chance of winning for the next couple years.

    • dd def says:

      i think you’re right about the west. it’s weird, it’s easily the stronger conference, but doesn’t seem to have quite the best team overall. if standings were more like college football, the heat wouldn’t even get a shot at the championship, it’d only be western teams. but, such is not the case. so it’s mute really.

  47. LemW says:

    Ah,ah…not so fast.
    Look at the big picture.
    Feb 2013 NBA Allstar break Boston Celtics wanted to trade KG to LA Clippers.
    KG said no, for he had a no trade cause in his contract.
    Summer 2013 trade talk open Doc River and KG to LA Clippers.
    NBA said no because a coach can not be traded.
    The point is KG open the trade door and made a choice.
    A choice like Ray Allen?

  48. LS says:

    Man, for once, Sekou wrote about something I care about. I heard LBJ’s comment during the Nets/Heat game last night. I also heard Kerr’s comments as well. I thought “what a bunch of idiots.” Twist the truth for real. Didn’t Ray Allen CHOOSE to go to the Heat instead of taking more money that the Celtics offered him if he stayed? I’d say HE made a CHOICE. Of course it was his right to leave but it doesn’t change the fact that he went to Boston’s biggest rivalry. He made a choice; his former teammates chose not to like what he did.

    If I understand KG and Pierce’s situation, they were TRADED to the Nets as a result of the Celtics’ decision to rebuild. Two totally different situations. The test will be how the Boston fans react to them when they play in Boston. Perhaps LeBron should watch that game. I think it’s going to be totally different than when he returned to Cleveland.

    LeBron shows very little personal insight and growth with his comment. Could be looking to stir up something for the season, who knows. Ray seems to have moved on; LBJ needs to keep his mouth shut. His comment is not going to rewrite history about how (and why) he left Cleveland. Nothing will ever top “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” (spoken like a true traitor) after leading his teammates and fans to believe he was going to stay.

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      If Miami is sooo hated then why did Boston fans cheer Ray Allen when miami played in Boston? And Lebron usually never causes trouble. When he gets trash talked in the face he does nothing but smile or ignore it he’s backing up his teammate ray we hav no idea what is all talked bout with all these nba starts. End of story

  49. BigK4 says:

    First off LBJ and Dwade our great players but EVERYONE fears meeting KG in the paint….Second Ray left to go play for a rival when the Celts were building to beat the Heat, yeah I would feel hurt by that too, with that said however he did do what was best for his career although he could have finished anywhere and still will make it to the Hall for his shooting…Third as for the KG not being wanted, you realize KG had a no trade clause…he chose to stay loyal to his “brother” Paul Pierce and follow him to Brooklyn….Fouth the only reason that PP left is because Danny Ainge and him talked and PP knew it would be better if they left and let that Celts rebuild around Rondo Jeff Green and Sullinger and hopefully a high pick next year like Liggins

  50. DC says:

    I feel like it’s worth pointing out that Ray left Boston and signed with Miami as a free agent while KG and Pierce were traded. LeBron needs to do a fact check.

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      I think Lebron knows his fact lmao he’s in the nba!!!!!! Ur not they obviously know wat more than any of us. Funny stupid people

    • dd def says:

      so do you. kg had to approve the trade because of a no-trade clause in his contract. so he made the decision as well.

  51. LemW says:

    the beef is good marketing. Shaq vs Kobe drama. Muhammad Ali was the pioneer of beef….The bigger the drama, the bigger the revenue

  52. Adam says:

    Sekou, here you are again and your love for Lebron and your Heat. I hope for once, even maybe in your future articles, become less (take note, “less”) biased of the your favorites. I hope the NBA will stop promoting your blog and you become independent again because you’re such a biased writer. Your grammar also bothers me because you don’t proof read, thus you have several errors. And maybe, the editors will delete this comment because they too, are Lebron and Heat lovers like you.

    • dd def says:

      this was actually a very neutral article. i don’t think you really understand what the word “biased” means, because this article never stated that anyone was better than the other, or that one was right while the other was wrong. you just got beef with sekou for some reason, but it isn’t this phantom “bias” you accuse him of.

    • Alex says:

      Forever enjoying the irony of commenters criticising Sekou’s grammar, when their own efforts barely qualify as English. ‘here you are again and your love for Lebron and your Heat’ – you sound like a 7 year old. ‘And then, and then, and then’. It should actually be ‘here you are again *WITH your love for LeBron and the Heat’. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it back buddy.

  53. ludasweeny says:

    kg situation was more stable than ray because ray was a free agent and kg was under contract with a no trade clause so if he wanted to stay in boston he would b there but he waved it so he can go so me most definitely owes an apology to ray

  54. Lichen says:

    Surprised no one mentioned that KG had a no-trade clause in his contract. He COULD have blocked that trade. So stop saying he didnt want to be traded. BS. Allen is just smarter to leave a year earlier – he got another ring.

  55. alo says:

    how is ray allen going to miami heat the “best thing for his family” how does that have anything to do with his family.

  56. NBA Fans says:

    LBJ doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Ray Allen made his decision to leave the Celtics. KG and Pierce wanted to stay in Boston but got traded. It is 2 different situations. KG doesn’t owe anyone an apology.

    • guest says:

      kg had a no trade clause. he had to give permission to leave. basically he left as a free agent.

      • heat fan 6 says:

        Thank you he could have stayed with the Celtics but he wanted to get out of there ray just went to the better team

    • Killer Instinct says:

      what do you expect out of lbj who hasn’t even been to college. The lack of understanding clearly shows in his statements. Ray was just a straight up p*ssy for leaving

      • 0_o? says:

        idiot..he didn’t need that “understanding” to be the best player today and earn more than a year than you could in your lifetime.. idiot..

      • Killer Instinct says:

        sounds like someone is mad LOL, i’m entitled to my own opinion so please leave because you sure don’t know what you’re talking about

    • ChosenOne says:

      KG and Pierce wanted to stay and forced to trade lol 🙂 they know they would never beat Heat and Bron with that team so changed their team

    • who cares says:

      Garnet waived his no trade clause ? I don’t think he wanted to stay too much.

    • ?????? says:

      OK. For everyone saying that Ray Allen chose to leave, and KG and Pierce got traded, doesn’t really get it. Yes, that is correct on the surface, but KG (and for all I know, Pierce as well) had a no trade clause in his contract where he could veto any trade he did not want. So, ultimately, KG also CHOSE to leave. Yes, they were under different circumstances, and yes, one could make an argument that KG and Pierce left out of loyalty to the franchise wanting to start rebuilding, but the fact of the matter is that we can’t know any of their motivations, and all parties made the choice. KG and Pierce weren’t traded against their will.

    • legazy says:

      1. Garnett had to waive a no trade clause so in essence he did want to leave.
      2. Ray Allen left because the Celtics dangled him like bait every trade deadline that he was there. Why would anyone stay somewhere where is isn’t wanted?
      Boston acts like they could have won the championship without Ray Allen. How well did that work when he was gone?

      • marlongreen says:

        Finally someone that knows what their talking about! And might I add how Boston was starting to give some of his minutes to rookies or 2nd year players like Bradley who hasn’t proved jack squat! And Garnett is a hipocrit and one of the Fakest players ever!

    • Are u Stupid says:

      Are you stupid? Garnett left with his choice, he has a no-trade clause on his contract, so even if the Celtics wants to trade him, they can’t if KG doesn’t want to be traded. The fact that he was traded is he allowed and waived his no trade clause in order to get traded.

      Learn your facts before bashing LeBron. Also you’re not an NBA FAN as what your name says.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Wrong!!. Boston is on rebuild mode.. Garnett and pierce don’t wanna be part of it, that’s why they got traded…of course they gonna say they wanna stay in boston , just to make them look good in public and media..

  57. boston rules says:

    Does anyone actually care about the nets? No? I thought not

  58. Vanquished says:

    Totally different circumstances. Lebron is such a tool.

    Paul Pierce and Garnett did not turn down more money and a longer contract to go to an arch-rival (like the TRAITOR who is Ray Allen).

    • NBA Fans says:


    • Jorge says:

      No, they were actually traded away, unwanted. I take Allen’s route any day. He did what was best for his career, for his personal life and ultimately got rewarded for making a smart decision. This concept of loyalty in sports border-lines with the ridiculous, players are employees, they are in their teams at the whim of the owners. If an owner does not want a player to play for them, they may simply drop them (even if they have to still honor the contract, etc.) Basketball as all professional sports, is a business, players are part of this. If for Allen, in terms of his career, made more sense to play in Miami, then that’s good. If for KG made more sense to stay in Boston an extra year, that is also good.

      • Nick says:

        Oh yeah, life is so rough for the players. Imagine being “simply dropped” and continuing to be paid millions – terrible, just terrible.

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Lol Lebron is such a tool huh? U are all jealous he can have anything he wants and he’s the best player in the world. He’s everywher get used to it

    • Denise says:

      Thats right you can not compare being traded to LEAVING for an ENEMY TEAM for LESS MONEY to get a ring (which he did-big deal) KG owes nothing to Ray …………..neither does Pierce

      • thatguybob says:

        Um KG agreed to be traded. He didn’t have to go anywhere. He had a no trade clause in his contract that HE agreed to waive so He chose to leave just like Ray did.

  59. Nante Rosa says:

    Nets=made… Heat=bought

    • fo real? says:

      There is no team in the history of the NBA more bought than this Nets team… Their tax bill would make the lakers blush!

      • nets says:

        lol net’ tax salary shows that they are giving all they have using what resources they have cHeat team is just a group of coward making nba games cheat a reality

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Seriously!!!! Ray Allen and lebron James both took a huge pay cut to join together. Get ur facts straight!!

  60. Nicole Thomas says:

    At the end of the day Garnett and Pierce were wrong, but they’re not going to admit it because Ray got a ring as the ending result.

    • NBA Fans says:

      KG and Pierce are loyal to the Celtics.

      • Lebronjamesthebest says:

        If they wer loyal to the celtics they wuld of stayed…. End of story

      • KunJayMaster says:

        Yea very loyal, he even agreed to lift his no trade clause.

      • asdf says:

        @Lebronjamesthebest, they were traded, they didn’t leave on their own…

      • mckynetic says:


      • Lebronjamesthebest says:

        Lol mkctnetic ur the idiot!!! A no trade clause means they both coulda stayed in Boston obviously pierce and kg didnt want to also lebron wuldnt say tht if he knew they wer traded. We dunt kno wats all being said Ray Allen could of possible said all this and Lebron responded

      • Brendan says:

        yes they had a no trade clause but if the trade is beneficial to the Celtics and there organization why would they go against management that’s not what respect for an organization means unlike LeBron who made sure the cavs got nothing in return from leaving to Miami

    • Akeem says:

      NONE of the players were wrong for leaving. They have the right to play for who they want to., just like teams have the right to trade who they want, so stop it!…all of you! …also, KG and PP were no longer wanted by Boston mgmt. Why would KG force them to keep him? He SHOULD have agreed to leave.

      The thing to do now is to get a ring, or two out of it.

    • bob the rebuilder says:

      Paul Pierce didn’t have that clause on his contract. Boston would of traded Pierce, that’s why Kevin agreed to it.
      Nobody wants to leave Boston. Not even Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

  61. JohnRoy says:

    NETS will destroy the Heat. bye bye 3peats.

    • TheKing says:

      In your dreams

    • says who says:

      they all said that about the LAKERS last season..

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Lets see if these old men can stay healthy long enough to last for the playoffs LOL


      3 PEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Christian says:

        Heat bandwagon lmao if you notice the heat are aging Dwyane is 31 chris Anderson is like 33. Ray is like 35 or older the heat are getting up in age but people don’t notice and don’t forget i only named a few.. Heat got more older players just look at the roster… Smh heat bandwagon

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        LeBron fan since high school, no “heat bandwagon” here kid …

        the nets and old man KG and washed up Pierce are a joke.. you don’t want to make the King angry – you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry … just ask the Celtics in the 2012 ECF in game 6 and game 7 …..

        WE AINT WORRIED ABOUT NUTHIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        BACK 2 BACK 2 BACK !!!!!!! 3 PEATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • reply to dumbarse comment says:

        LBJKIN6JAMES —–>U r a bandwagon jumper. U r clearly admitting to following a player and not a team. U will be a fan of any team ledusche is on. Guess what that is buddy? a BANDWAGON JUMPER.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        whatever kid, then I guess Im a “bandwagon jumper” if LeBron goes to the bobcats i’ll still be fan, if that’s a bandwagon “jumper” then I guess that’s me ! and proud f it ! lol

      • jc says:

        Paul Pierce still fills up at stat sheet with like 10pts 4ast 5reb and KG is still debatabley the best defensive player in the league. I don’t know where you’re getting that they’re washed up….

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ jc

        “Paul pierce still fills up the stat sheet and Kg is debatably the best Defender in the league” ????????????????????

        Another delusional heat-hater looking to jump on the next bandwagon who can try to defeat the KING !!!!!!!


    • NOCHIPSNYC says:

      keep dreaming. team full of crippled codgers. LOL dreams are good brooklyn bandwagoners…

      • no says:

        the heat and nyc haven got better but the nets… thats another story but of course nyc and heat fans are stupid so…

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Hahahahahhahahhhh they are not destroying Lebron!!! Ur crazy

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      lebron has the #1 selling jersey wohooooooooooo!!!!

      • Lakers' fanboy says:

        finally lol after yrs of kobe’s jersey being number 1

      • Lebronjamesthebest says:

        Jus wait there will b plenty more of his jerseys being #1 Kobe is old and he also had shaq in his prime and he didnt hav all these haters either and Kobe also didnt get stuck with a city named Clevelad that can’t win nothing since 1964

      • The Beard says:

        Oh so now it’s clevelands fault that Lebron couldn’t do it on his own and had to team up? Well all you have to do is ask Dwayne Wade how he did it. Problem solved.

    • Joseph Bellucco says:

      Front runner did u like them in NJ seriously doubt it.