Morning Shootaround — Oct. 17


Jordan dismisses Pera’s challenge | Oden misses practice (knee) | Monroe won’t get extension …  yet | Howard hopes his jersey is retired by Magic

No. 1: Jordan calls Pera’s challenge ‘comical’Just two days ago, Grizzlies owner Michael Pera took to Twitter to challenge Hall of Famer and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan to a game of one-on-one. In an interview with the Charlotte Observer‘s Rick Bonnell, Jordan had a quick reaction to Pera’s challenge:

Hours removed from the owner of the Memphis Grizzlies challenging Michael Jordan to a charity one-on-one game, MJ had a response:


That’s the word the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats (and Hall of Fame player) used in a brief interview with the Observer Wednesday. If new Grizzlies owner Robert Pera wants to play one-on-one for $1 million to charity (as he said on Twitter), Jordan won’t be his opponent.

“I think that’s comical,’’ Jordan said. “It didn’t make any sense. Why would I play one-on-one? It’s a no-win situation for me no matter what.”


No. 2: Oden sits out practice with knee swellingTwo days after participating in his first full practice as a member of the Heat, center Greg Oden suffered a small setback on Wednesday. The big man was held out of Miami’s practice, writes Brian Windhorst of, due to swelling in his left knee:

Oden’s return to contact work had spurred some optimism that he could play in a preseason game. Those hopes have been dimmed now as he’s had to ease off his workload.

The Heat and Oden have been very careful to avoid setting a timetable for the center’s return in part because they’re preparing for setbacks such as this.

“This has been three years for me, as long as it’s no surgery, it’s OK,” said Oden, who last played in an NBA game in 2009. “This is going to be a long season, I’m going to get there.”

The Heat training staff measures Oden’s troublesome knees before and after every workout to monitor any swelling. The team has moved cautiously but had slowly been increasing his workload as he responded well to the first weeks of training camp and the preseason. Getting back to doing full-court work was an anticipated step.

“I was hoping it didn’t (swell up) but it did, but what can I do about it?” Oden said. “Next thing to do is get (the swelling) back down and get out there and figure out what I can do to not let it swell again.”


No. 3: Pistons’ Monroe will have to wait for extension — Pistons fans shouldn’t read too much into the news that Detroit is unlikely to offer center Greg Monroe a contract extension before the NBA’s Halloween deadline to do so. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press says much of the reasoning behind the Pistons holding off on the move is not because they don’t want to offer Monroe an extension, but more due to them wanting to monitor the development of fellow big man Andre Drummond:

At this point the Pistons still consider Monroe a huge part of their rebuilding effort, but the circumstances suggest the team would be better off letting the season play out.

The Pistons probably could get a signature on a five-year, maximum contract offer. There wouldn’t be much point in the offer being declined. But the collective bargaining agreement dictates that teams can have only one five-year, designated player. That spot likely is reserved for second-year center Andre Drummond in the off-season before 2015-16.

So the season plays out and Monroe builds on his promising first three seasons, couldn’t he just walk? Nope. The most another team could offer is four years. The Pistons match it and still retain the five-year designation for Drummond.

The situation works for Monroe because things can change. What if Drummond is hurt or Monroe outplays Drummond this year? Circumstances could change where the Pistons would be open to offering Monroe five years. Or Monroe could be linked to trade rumors if the grouping with Drummond and Josh Smith isn’t working.


No. 4: Howard hopes Magic retire his number one day — Yesterday, Dwight Howard spoke with Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel and said he had ‘no regrets’ over how the end of his tenure played out in The City Beautiful. Before Howard’s Rockets topped the Magic in Houston last night, Howard said he hopes he and the Magic can one day mend fences enough to consider retiring his No. 12 jersey (which is today worn by Magic player Tobias Harris):

This morning, after Howard’s Houston Rockets completed their shootaround, I asked him whether he can envision the Magic retiring his number one day in the distant future.

“No doubt,” he answered.“Despite how things ended, we had eight or seven great years. We went to The Finals. A lot of those banners that are in the arena happened when I was there. I was a major part of that. A lot of the records that are there, I put them there.

“I hate talking about myself, but I feel like I’ve done a lot, not just for the team but the city and the arena itself and the businesses that were around. There’s a lot of things that happened that didn’t happen before I got there. Our team, we did an excellent job at putting all that stuff together, especially in the community. I was deeply embedded in the community and I feel like one day it should [be retired].

“But with all that happened, I can’t control that. All I’ve got to do is win. And, hopefully, when I’m done playing here, I’ll have my jersey retired here.”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Spurs still seeking a capable backup for budding star Kawhi Leonard … Cavs coach Mike Brown wants a better defensive effort from Dion Waiters Caron Butler of the Bucks has trimmed down a little this season

ICYMI Of The Night: Derrick Rose‘s regular-season debut is in 12 days, but if you asked the Pistons after this move on Peyton Siva, they’d say he’s in mid-season form already …


  1. Witness says:

    Dwightmare Coward. Nuff said

  2. Filipino Idiot says:

    If Magic retires Howard’s jersey then Lakers should retire Steve Nash’s jersey

  3. LebronRocks says:

    The magic will not retire Dwight Howards Number because he wanted to leave them. Just like Jason Kidd, Mark Cuban wanted to retire his No.2 Jersey but because he left the magic. And he was the reason Andre Igoudala was sent to the Nuggets. Andrew Bynum was sent to the Philadelphia 76ers but did not play. So the Dwightmare changed everything

  4. Steven says:

    Dwight doesn’t deserve to have his name hanging from the rafters in Orlando. He was a good member of the team during good times, but bailed when things got bad rather than staying to fight through it. You cant force a trade in you’re prime and expect the fans to honour you as a hero. And Shaq and Penny won the East finals and took the Magic to the Finals also, so what did Dwight do for the Magic that hadn’t been done before? The guy needs to stop commenting on his Magic and Laker days, and move forward. Because he burnt bridges on the way to the Rockets that cant be repaired by his cheesey smile.

  5. BB says:

    Dwight Howard, you cannt even spell your name. you are so ungratefull and conceited person, unkind person, trying had your coach get fire. what kinda a person are you? you retire your own number in queen city.

  6. Issywise says:

    One wants to pull for a person of his talent, but he should be grateful his self-absorption hasn’t resulted in the Magic whipping their buts on his old jersey. It is still a team sport–a fact Dwight thinks he’s superseded.

    Gormless he is.

    Develop a midrange jumper or be irrelevant before your contract runs out. Quit primping and start working for skill development rather than just using up gifts. Time dissolves all. Think, don’t just glorify self.

    • Steven says:

      Yea I agree, athletisism fades and without fundamental skills to fall back on, he will not be able to compete. Look at Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett even at the end of their careers they are dominant because they can hit a 15 foot jump shot, convert free throws, find teammates, box out etc.. Dwight cant do any of that and he is 10 years younger than them. He has won the defensive player of the year a couple times, but in my opinion he over plays on defense, he is always looking for the big block and expecting teammates to rotate when he over commits. It pays off sometimes and hes good for 2 or 3 blocks a game, but how many easy buckets and free throws do the opponent get versus how many he turns away?

  7. ShawnKemp says:

    Dwight Howard is like a giant mentally challenged kid, with big arms and exceptionally tiny ears.

  8. Simon says:

    Penny Hardaway deserves his number to be retired before Howard!

  9. Mossman says:

    I got a new nickname for Howard – “His Hot-Airness”, ’cause all he does is talk, talk and talk. Why can’t he just close his mouth and play the game?

  10. deano says:

    Dwight Howard biggest joke in the NBA!!!!

  11. Troy says:

    Jordan, you wont play because you wont get anything out of it?? 1 Million to charity is on the table…OOOOOH I get it, you meant personally! You personally want to something out of it? How about you do something for someone else instead of being an egocentric, big headed, greedy, selfish, Billionaire and help somebody. But no, you want something out of it……that is so sad to hear you say that. Specially, with how the fans bow to your a greatness that once was, you feel as if you are greater and deserve something to help another…..My stomach hurts….. I’m disappointed in you MJ, thought you were better than that.

  12. Ha! There was more drama than good in Orlando. It would be an absolute shame if the Magic retire his jersey!

  13. Troy says:

    Dwight…..who do you think you are? Seriously, the number should be retired?! C’mon MAN! Honestly, I dislike you so much more now, because you have seriously lost it. Get on some MVP levels, compete with the LeBrons, KD, Kobe, of the NBA and then you can talk. But you only took to the Magic to the finals once…..I’m pretty sure that was it. Dont forget the arena was there before you, the businesses were there before you, and the fans were there before you threw your fit, ruined the team, got the coach fired, and quit on an entire season because you couldnt figure out if you wanted to be traded or not. And now you actually have the nerve to concern yourself with the Magic, im sure they are all laughing there a&*es off right now @ how ridiculous you sound!

  14. jizzy b says:

    Orlando won’t retire his jersey with the way how he left.

  15. Tom says:

    Way to go Jordan… Don’t play because you don’t get anything out of it. Shouldn’t the $1 Million for charity be reason enough?

  16. CK says:

    Dwight talking about himself again…
    I love him as a player but his personality just makes him dooche and rank B player.

  17. JROC says:

    I venture to say that in fact Jameer Nelson took them to the finals and without his contributions Howard would only be an improved version of Kwame Brown.

  18. CHEWITT1984 says:


  19. Phil Coverdale says:

    If the all teams retired jersey numbers on the basis of what Howard did for Orlando, many teams would have very few numbers left to choose from! Play for the team on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back. Karl Malone said that…

  20. Jeremymichel says:

    I feel bad for him, maybe if his departure was a little more graceful they would of at least thought about it

  21. Game Time says:

    They will retire it…in honor of Tobias Harris!

  22. CANCER says:

    Lol guys stop crticising dwight howard anymore .. hes done alot for the magics tbh… give this guy a break and lets take alook at his contributions to the rockets next season before judging again.

  23. Unkle Daddy says:

    I’ll say that retiring his number is a stretch, only numbers of players who when multiple championships for a franchise should be retired there. He should have stayed in Orlando, instead of playing one season in L.A. just playing one season there made me lose all respect for him (icing on the cake).

  24. Roy says:

    Dwight was fine in Orlando and they would have had a great chance for another 1-2 runs at a championship after the 2008-2009 season. If management made some moves to pick up a star guard or wing player they would have had a chance. Stan Van Gundy was a great coach for them anyways, from 2007-2010 the Magic were consistently top 5 in offense AND defense. It was management that screwed it up.

    • Steven says:

      I don’t agree, they could’ve been good but Dwight wasn’t willing to work towards making a good team, he wanted a instant , just add water championship like what Miami did. That is how most of the current generation of superstars think.
      Stay with the team that drafted you through your rookie extension and then bail to a big market superteam for an easier chance at a ring. Michael moulded Scottie into the second superstar he needed, He didn’t bail from Chicago to team up with a dominant centre for an easy shot at a ring. I think players really messed up with the lockout, a firmer salary cap would’ve stopped the superteams and made the league more competitive, giving 90% of the players not on a big market team a better shot at a ring. All they did was make it worse, now with the current penalties only the super rich teams can afford to break the cap, but they can afford to pay because they have the market to do so.

  25. dave says:

    he should keep his mouth shut. Respect is earned, not granted.

  26. designbyfrancis says:

    The way Tobias Harris came up after the Milwaukee trade, it’s not going to be Dwight’s #12 they retire.

  27. Tobias Harris says:

    get a life Dwight Coward

  28. JOD says:

    This is pretty sad. The guy is a decent Centre and in my opinion should have stuck in Orlando where he was worshipped as the franchise player. He is a bit delusional and part of me hopes things dont get going for him in Houston, a real high maintenance guy IMO.

  29. He did take them to NBA finals in 2009, they lost against lakers. DRose looks great! Greetings from Serbia

  30. Zacula says:

    There goes DumDum.

  31. J says:

    Finals 09, but everything else you said was true.

  32. Nate C says:

    Derrick looks like he’s finally back and ready to go. I project he will be the best guard in the league this season, by far.

  33. Tom says:

    They’ll run out of numbers pretty fast if they start retiring Dwight caliber jerseys.

  34. babyyyjuggah says:

    How bout hanging up his jersey and putting it on fire??! that would be much better for a drama queen like him…

  35. LS says:

    Howard really shows just how conceited he is. His “greatness” is all in his head. Did he ever take Orlando to a championship or even to the finals. What a drama queen. The greatest accomplish for him will be to get through the entire season with the Rockets without complaining and whining but I’m not holding my breath on that happening.

    • MD QasQas says:

      Actually he did lead the team to the NBA Finals budd LOL

    • asdf says:

      FYI, he took Magic to 2009 Finals, get your facts straight before you criticize someone. Although the drama he cause hinders his chances to get his no. retired really hard.

    • Akeem says:

      ummm im not in anyway a dwight howard fan. but in 2010 he did bring the magic to the finals. lost in 6 games against main man Kobe and the lakers

      • ian0njam says:

        i think i remember celitics as the lakers opponent for the finals.. do some research my friend.

      • ian0njam says:

        ummm yeah (1) magic lost 4 -1 during their finals so there is no game 6 budd. (2) 2010 as far as i remember, celtics was the lakers opponent and they lost to lakers 4-3. (3) 2009 western champs laker – eastern champs orlando magic.
        ummm yeah.. i know right?!

    • T says:

      He did take them to the finals. Do your research before judging someone.

    • Mike Flowers says:

      Howard led the Magic to the Finals once: a losing effort against the Lakers. He had some really good years, but at the same time, he ended up being a cancer to the team. Retired Numbers usually belong to players who will be forever thought of when the team thinks of its best times. I could see them retiring Shaq or Penny’s number, but not really Dwight’s.

    • Robin says:

      He actually did bring Orlando to the Finals in 2009

  36. b-rad says:

    Howard is more out of his mind than I thought. He caused as much if not more drama in Orlando than he did good things. Retiring a jersey should be left for absolute superstars not overrated drama queens.

    • Howard says:

      Magic told me they will retire Dwight’s number. but not under Dwight’s name. This foo thinks he did a lot for the city. The city did a lot for him! If it wasn’t because of the city, he wouldn’t be where he is right now.

      • Dwight did a lot for the city….but I agree, his name should not be retired by the magic…possibly by the rockets in the future 🙂

      • Howard says:

        The Rockets tried to convince Dwight to come over so they said all the good things about him. But the Rockets are not stupid. They only retire jerseys that are worth retiring – that has nothing to do with Dwight. Talk about Lebron claiming that he is the best but has very few rings..Dwight is a whole lot worse! No ring, lots of drama, all talk with no proof!