Jordan Calls Pera Challenge ‘Comical’

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan offered an appropriate response for a laughable challenge from Memphis Grizzlies owner Robert Pera, who wanted to challenge arguably the greatest player of all-time to a game of one-on-one for charity.

Jordan dismissed Pera’s Twitter antics by laughing at his fellow owner.

“I think that’s comical,” Jordan told the Charlotte Observer. “It didn’t make any sense. Why would I play one one-on-one? It’s a no-win situation for me no matter what.”

Pera issued his challenge Monday night, accompanied by a video (above) showing off his on-court prowess:

Jordan let it simmer for a while before brushing Pera aside. Pera’s intentions were most noble, he was trying to raise $1 million for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Trying to do it at the expense of a fellow owner who also happens to be a Hall of Fame player and considered by many the greatest player in NBA history, didn’t win him any points with Jordan’s legion of fans and admirers.

Jordan’s response was certainly appropriate. He didn’t take the bait from Pera, who at 35 is 15 years younger than Jordan. He didn’t allow himself to be distracted from his most pressing concerns, which revolve around reviving a Bobcats franchise that is breaking in yet another new coach, Steve Clifford, and several new faces, including veteran big man Al Jefferson and rookie 7-footer Cody Zeller.

Jordan told the Observer that he is pleased with the progress he’s seen on all fronts:

“I’m so happy about Steve. He’s a very professional guy. Professional in a way that the players can respond. He’s worked with some very good programs. I’ve watched him with the players. He has the right patience and rapport – he knows how to position himself with the players.

“That’s a big move for us because no matter how we spend on players, it starts with the coach. I’m not putting down (predecessor) Mike Dunlap. He had some of the same qualities.”

On Jefferson:

“Jefferson is a great addition. He’s been asked to be a leader on the basketball court. He’s never been asked to do that before. But he has some credence with our guys and I think they’ll respond.”

On Zeller:

“I love Zeller. To me, he’s a connector like (Josh) McRoberts, only more talented. He’ll make teammates better. He’s not flashy in what he does, but he’ll be a really solid player for us.”

If Pera wants a challenge he might be able to win, he’d should ask his Grizzlies to challenge Jordan’s Bobcats. But owner-on-owner, he’s a major underdog any way you slice it. (Here are a couple of reminders for you Mr. Pera!):


  1. HenyoNGBasketball says:

    I see a lot of Hater’s comment here.
    MJ is smart enough not to take Pera’s bait. MJ is has the right not to accept the challenge. It’s obvious that we know who’s going to win. If it is for charity, I would rather give it to griz charity and not in way to suit an ego. anyway, I think that’s what millionaire does.

  2. LB says:

    WOW!! All these ppl attacking Jordan’s character. Lemme ask, have any of you met him or gotten to know him personally?? If not, then stop “speculating” as to what type of person you THINK he is or what the media has portrayed him to be. One thing we ALL know, whether haters will admit it or not is that he is the best to ever play in the NBA thus far. All these current players ppl like to compare him to are still playing so its not a true comparison.

  3. Chikinho says:

    You missed a layup, a 13 yo would beat you

  4. mem10 says:

    While he challenging people to 1 on 1’a i hope these grizzlies play hard this year and win a finals game

  5. Soul Bro Ian says:

    Some of these comments amaze me, wow, ain’t you got anything better to do than to put down Jordan, your so unfair, if he wants to give to charity do so, like we all should give to charity, i wander how many here do give to charity, i bet you make excuses when the time comes to take our your wallet and give someone a helping hand, so what if he don’t want to play one and one for charity, he gives to charity and maybe he does a lot more than you give him credit for, some people prefer to give without anyone knowing, and there is nothing wrong with that, we as a people must look at ourselves, why are we put ting down the brother, he has a heart like all of us and just because he played basketball, doesn’t me he has to prove to anyone here that he is generous, i am sure he does his bit, so you guys look at yourself and stop looking to bash down someone who dosen’t live up to your ideals, he’s still a great basketball player, and i bet there are a lot of people who would tell you to give a life, it amazes me how we supposed to be grown but don’t set the right example for those we should, our communities we live in, we are all human and we all need help, get to work we all should then we wouldn’t have time to look at anyone else, agree?

  6. Elvis says:

    his problem and mj problem… MUSCLEBOUND, peace.

  7. Elvis says:

    Ill play mj ill play you , ill play you and mj and it can be for 0 or 1 dollars… peace. i dont care

  8. marc says:

    Got to hand it to the guy. He is in decent shape. Not NBA (or even D1) shape, but he is in shape. That being said, MJ can still play. He couldn’t run for a whole season, but he destroy this guy with old man strength and the best fade away EVER!
    Dude couldn’t stop one shot. He could barely get off the ground for a lay up. MJ can still dunk.

  9. Joseph Stanson says:

    Say what you want about his ego or him being a deuchebag (Which he is, but is also something everyone already knew) If you are telling me six rings, six final MVP’s, TEN scoring titles, all star appearances every season, etc. In REALLY only 11 years ( 2 with Wizards, 1 with broken foot) of playing is NOT the greatest of all time. You should not be on this website.

    And for the sake of the debate, LeBron is GREAT. But Imagine if he retired THIS YEAR. Would he go down as the G.O.A.T? I don’t think we have to answer that.

  10. bu says:

    Is he supposed to respond to every request on charity? No!! He can choose what’s suitable. Who are we or anyone to judge? Who can list all the good deeds this guy have done & who sets a “benchmark?” For those of you who criticize, please!!

    For other points about him such as not recognizing others, again, what is “right” or “wrong” here? He’s arrogant because he can. Besides, he did have a few good words on the elite players but just that he still thinks he’s the best compare to anyone. How can we expect the guy to “hypothetically” compete against Kobe, LBJ….etc.? Is that what Jordan should and can do? Com’on!!

  11. Beast says:

    That was a selfish comment by MJ honestly he should do it because its for a good cause. It bothers me that people hate LeBron for something so dumb hes one of the most nicest dudes and no one gives him credit for what he does.

  12. basketballfan says:

    It seems many of you don’t know who Michael Jordan is….I’ve read ppl call him a joke, just a “good” basketball player, top 10 max, and selfish among others.
    Selfish – because of 1M bet? He raises and donates money daily….more money than the average person makes in a year…daily – enough said.
    “Good”/top 10 max- hes got the rings, the mvps, the scoring titles, the defensive accolades, the leader characteristics, the team player skills, look at the stats – look at the film…because if you think hes only ‘good’ and not the GOAT, then you don’t understand the game.
    And to the ones that say he’s a joke, he doesn’t give credit where credits due or that he doesn’t appear on NBA things like Magic or Charles, just remember that Michael is all about business, thats what made him great on the court and as a business man. He was the face of the NBA for a long long time and it was time to give it up and focus on himself, is that so bad? . Now as an owner, he can’t be a part of those things even if he wanted to.
    And my favourite: doesn’t give credit….why? because he refuses to compare legends to the likes of lebron, kobe, or wade? I think its disrespectful to the legends like Bird, Magic, Robertson, Russell and others to do this comparison. If you want to fantasize about that, do it on your time. If you ask the legends, they’ll stick with the ones that have proved and done it till the day they retired; not a current player who’s maybe half way through his career.
    Lets not disrespect his Airness or the rest of the legends

  13. dunda says:

    People who say MJ is selfish, please look up Michael Jordan Foundation.

    MJ does not need to play one-on-one basketball with an amateur to raise money.

  14. jason says:

    This my take on this.

    I agree with Michael. This is comical.

    If this Pera guy really wants to donate 1M dollars for charity, then just donate. Why does he need to make a condition where he has to play against Michael first?

    I think this Pera guy is up to 2 things. Either he wants to gain popularity by one-on-one with Michael or playing with Michael is one of his top list.

    If I were Michael, I will do the same thing too. This is just silly. Get me one-on-one with this Pera guy!

  15. alp says:

    lol pera thinks that he can handle jordan just because he getting face time in practice with the grizzlies? thats funny, I would PERSONALLY destroy pera in a one on one, to challenge a bball god like jordan like he did is blasphemy

  16. Chuckster says:

    what are we talking bout….

  17. Mossman says:

    Even at 50, Jordan would smash this fool. Judging by the footage I will grant you he has an OK first step, but not much else. Anyone can hit a few shots in practice, but up against Jordan he would fold quicker than a cheap suit.

  18. October 17, 2013 at 11:29 am
    Micheal Jordan is that GOAT and I don’t know him as a person so I can’t comment if he’s a good person or not. Problem is that I don’t see MJ in any NBA related activities at All Star Weekend like Legends game or Shooting Stars (one legend, one WNBA, one NBA). I remember seeing Pippen for team Bulls one year though. MJ does not look like he wants to help anyone (again, I don’t know him) and I think he needs to work on his public relations. Such a shame as greats like Barkley and (my favorite) Magic Johnson are so visible and likeable. Why not do 1-on-1 for charity. There is no way MJ can lose and if he really feels like it, just let Pera win in an obvious way. GOOD COMMENT

  19. pablo says:

    Someone please get this pera idiot to go one on one with somebody who isint as busy as MJ. Maybe AI or T-Mac?

  20. Danny taliya says:

    Mj can say whatever he wants to say. I watched all his games and all his championships. Compared to guys like kobe and Lebron , no dis respect there allstars but they should not be put in the same sentence as Jordan period. Mj in his prime compared to anybody in there prime is the god of basketball. Imagine if he didn’t leave to play baseball he would of had more championships.

  21. dreadyjun says:

    Challenge is a challenge. It doesn’t matter who challenges you, you accept, otherwise you are a chicken.

    mj… boook boookok. Flap your wing and fly mchicken.

  22. Marcus says:

    haha rtrhyer, are you serious? look his attitude is questionable, but to say he is just top ten? this guy changed the game of basketball, even ppl in other sports see him as the ultimate sports icon. as someone stated already, MJ is the GOAT!

  23. NYman says:

    Everyone know’s that he is basketball. He is The Best. He is The best even you compare to others. Same Age.. Lebron is not any better to jordan on SAME age even Kobe.

    Well, he been retire for Decade. Still, We talk about him, Why? BECAUSE HE IS BASKETBALL. He is the only player that EVERYONE CHEER even its not his HOME-COURT.

    @josh, You dont know nothing about MJ, Ask your Lebron. Lebron will say MJ “Was” his Favorite. Don’t Watch NBA if you dont know nothing about nba,

  24. xyz says:

    Most of you probably haven’t reached the age of 20 otherwise you wouldn’t dare say anything bad about his airness. Gee if it wouldn’t be for him, the game would not be what it is today. Everything Stern might claim to be his accomplishment really is MJs. I really would love it for him to take down this Pera joke who is just a stuck up like Cuban. The reason he won’t do it I can only figure if you watch the video the way this fart sticks out his elbows unsportsmanlike. Jordan probably is don’t wanna get hurt that’s all.

  25. Old School nba Fan says:

    Even if Lebron wins 10 championship he will never be better than Jordan. Jordan had real compatition back then. The old school player are teaching the new guys how to shoot and play defense now. That just tells you the compatition that Lebron has. Again Jordan could have Won 7 or 8 if he never had played baseball. Jordan and the old school players put basketball on the map.

  26. Old School nba Fan says:

    MJ is the best and he can say whatever he wants to say. When you work so hard to make the nab what it is today then you got the rights to say it. MJ had more compatition back in the 80s and 90s. Domoniq, Drexler, Barkley, Magic then name goes on. Koby and Lebron has what kind of compatition

  27. Josh says:

    Why do so many people have MJ as their favorite player. 1 you can’t watch him anymore live, and 2 it’s just popular to like MJ. Im sick of people saying they loveeeee Michael Jordan so much. This dude has the biggest ego on the planet. I gurantee you that half of his fans only like him because they wear his shoes or his clothes, it’s ridiculous. MJ has to have the whole world like him forever to be happy. Man screw MJ… Lebron needs to hurry up and win 4 titles in a row so I don’t listen to this shyt anymore.

  28. Mark says:

    It seems to me a good response would have been, “Robert, good to hear from you. I don’t really play basketball anymore, but I have taken up golf. I’m pretty busy, but would love to try to help a charity. How about 18 holes at Pinehurst – I’ll cover the green fees and lunch.”

  29. Aussie Aussie Aussie says:

    Im not sure why people seem so suprised about the arogance? 95% of American athletes put themselves on top of a huge pedistal and think they are the worlds best. MJ is just one in a million

  30. Troy says:

    He know he cannot beat Jordan…..But by getting the biggest name ever involved in a game would guarantee the views, and generate $$$. Jordan saying theres nothing in it for him, is ridiculous. He couldve said it another way, but to say that makes him out to look so selfish.

  31. LJ says:

    meant to say old-timer games

  32. LJ says:

    At 50 things don’t work as well, you slow heavier, and more easily injured, remember how awful those old-timer. There is up side for Jordan in this, and just an ego thing for Pera. For those of you who think Jordan should spend more time out front, remember this was a man who could not even go to a movie during his career. I think now that he retired he wants to say as far away from the spotlight as possible.

  33. MJ even after years of being out of the league is my favorite basketball player/athlete to ever watch. When I was a kid if you did not own a pair of Jordan’s to ball in or have an Air Jordan shirt or MJ jersey, you were not relevant. Greatest of all time is in his pocket until someone comes and claims it, Lebron does have a chance despite all the critics but he’s only 28 he’s still got a ways to go so lets leave him be. However, after all this is being said it does sadden me a little bit because I agree with these statements above, firstly he has been a terrible owner which isn’t for everyone. Isiah Thomas was one of the best PG to ever play and he was awful as an owner/coach. Not only that but I have heard in articles everywhere he is selfish and does not contribute greatly to charity. Now obviously he is a busy man, owns his own brand and an NBA franchise he’s clearly not going to be out at the soup kitchen everyday but like these people stated above its a charity 1-on-1 event. If you don’t want to partake in it or want to do it another way that’s totally fine but don’t respond by saying, “There’s nothing in it for me.” I mean come on it goes to a Children’s Hospital for crying out loud give them some credit and you gentlemen or ladies are absolutely right its not about MJ all the time especially in this case.

  34. BC says:

    I think one of the big reasons is that is Pera is donating 1 million, Jordan has to as well. He’d have no face if he just played for charity without making a sizable donation as well. No one likes to be forced into donating an additional million on top of what Jordan already donates to charities, GOAT or not.

  35. CZ says:

    I think Jordan should accept the challenge it for charity. I know Jordan will win the game but it would be something nice to help other people who need it. Pera will pay for the charity, so I don’t know why Jordan is worrying about.

  36. Shot Shooter says:

    This guy is a clown..Age difference and all, he cant take MJ. He’ll get posted up all day. Plus arent you a buit ashamed? You own a team with at least 15 players, challenge one of them. Instead you go challenge a 50 year old, so if you win (Which I doubt after watching that lame video) you can tell your kids “I beat Jordan one-on-one”.

  37. westoverem says:

    “It’s a no-win situation for me no matter what.” What a selfish comment. It’s not always about you. This is for charity. I know he’s not a charitable guy, but get over yourself.

    • callum says:

      Pera is trying to buy a game against MJ and using charity as a tool to do it. Instead of donating that money through good-will he applies pressure on MJ through a public challenge ‘to benefit charity.’ I don’t argue it’d be great to see a million dollars go to charity, but Pera’s motives certainly shouldn’t paint him in a good light.

    • alo says:

      What callum said… If Pera really wanted to help sick kids, he can just donate the money.. instead of using it as a tool to get what he wants.

  38. JBR says:

    This Pera guy owns the Memphis Grizzlies. If he wants to ‘raise’ $1million for charity, why doesn’t he simply donate it from his own pocket? If he can afford to own an NBA team, he can afford a $1million donation without dragging anyone else into it.

    I suspect ‘playing Michael Jordan 1-on-1’ is probably somewhere near the top of Pera’s bucket list, and that is the true reason for the ‘challenge’.

  39. New Yorker says:

    Umm, I get you have a lot of money and all, but in all honesty I can take you. Why would you disrespect the GOAT?

  40. Majk says:

    MJ is a joke.
    He was a very good basketball player, but he’s pure trash as a person. Thinking he’s better than everyone else in everything that exists …. and not giving any credit to current basketball superstars. He’s just like a little wet puppy – afraid. Scared people will choose any other player over him as “the best”. Stupid. Other basketball legends know how to show respect and applaud players – Jordan can’t. What a looser!

    • chalice says:

      Micheal Jordan is that GOAT and I don’t know him as a person so I can’t comment if he’s a good person or not. Problem is that I don’t see MJ in any NBA related activities at All Star Weekend like Legends game or Shooting Stars (one legend, one WNBA, one NBA). I remember seeing Pippen for team Bulls one year though. MJ does not look like he wants to help anyone (again, I don’t know him) and I think he needs to work on his public relations. Such a shame as greats like Barkley and (my favorite) Magic Johnson are so visible and likeable. Why not do 1-on-1 for charity. There is no way MJ can lose and if he really feels like it, just let Pera win in an obvious way.

      • jamal allen says:

        Jordan cant compete in all star weekend because unlike pippen and all other retired legends, jordan is a current owner.

      • Haydz says:

        Jordan cant compete in any events, nor can he commentate or be in the media (other than press conferences) because he owns a team. Simple. Plus, what else does he have to prove? Has he not done enough to prove he is the best by now?

    • rtrhyer says:

      he’s a complete a-hole, and I don’t care what anyone says he’s not the greatest of all time. top 10, but not greatest of all time. It’s not about who’s better, he’s donating 1 million dollars to help sick children, that should be enough reason for mj to do it. btw he is a terrible owner as well

      • jaykwan says:

        Everyone knows he isn’t a paragon of human decency, and no one is going to call him a successful owner, but to deny that his greatness sits anywhere below basketball’s absolute pinnacle is dubious. Either substantiate it with depth or don’t claim it at all.

      • alo says:

        So.. your reason for him not being the greatest is because he’s not playing one on one with pera? Do you really think pera’s doing it because he wants to help sick children? All for publicity..

    • J.R says:


    • alp says:

      i wouldn’t go that far calling him a joke… Michael Jordan is one of my idols but i agree with you on one thing, the fact that he doesn’t give guys like lebron credit where credit is due is just disgusting

    • wooderson says:

      could not agree more. Michael Jordan is a despicable person to be perfrctly honest. most overrated athlete of all time and thinks hes some sort of god. not even close to the greatest player of all time either.

  41. Michael Peloton says:

    Pera is in no position to challenge a basketball god like MJ.