Johnson Working His Baseball Magic

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Whatever it was that took Hall of Famer Magic Johnson away from the game he adores had to be pretty powerful, especially in Los Angeles.

The only brand that could match, or maybe even surpass, the Los Angeles Lakers in the Southland is Dodgers baseball. While Magic was helping the Showtime Lakers to five NBA titles during their heyday in the 1980s, Tommy Lasorda‘s Dodgers were also busy chasing championship glory, winning two World Series titles during the decade.

Magic and the Dodgers coming together the way they did decades later, when Magic joined the Guggenheim Group that owns the Dodgers and helped revive the franchise, seems almost like it was destined to happen.

They were intertwined, the Lakers star and the famed baseball franchise, during what Lasorda described (in the video above) as the “Golden Age” of LA sports.

Sure, the Dodgers are in a hole right now in the National League Championship Series, down 2-0 to the St. Louis Cardinals. But they are light years away from the drama and turmoil that plagued the franchise in recent years, before Magic and the Guggenheim Group got involved.

As he often did for the Lakers as their star point guard, Magic is already setting the table for Monday’s Game 3 at Dodger Stadium:

When news broke last week that Magic would no longer be a part of ESPN’s NBA coverage, it shouldn’t have come as a complete shocker. He has designs on restoring the Dodgers to the winning and championship tradition they enjoyed during his Showtime Lakers years. And he’ll need to be locked in and focused on that task in order to succeed.

We probably haven’t seen the last of him in an analyst’s role (Magic did guest analyst work for TNT before his stint with ESPN … you never know), but for now, the master of “Showtime” has moved on to the baseball world.


  1. jimbo says:

    Too bad Magic and the Guggenheim Group didn’t buy out the Buss family so they could concentrate on getting the Lakers back on track ! It’s a shame to see a smart basketball talent going to baseball.

  2. BlackDove- says:


    • smileylb says:

      LOL…As a Laker fan, a Kobe fan, and a fan of MJ…I wouldn’t mind seeing kobe in a Bulls jesey finishing off his career.

  3. Najeero says:

    Didn’t know that he was a big baseball fan to begin with but I ‘ont know him personally so ok. I would rather see him in basketball and with the Lakers organization but we all know that it hasn’t been the same atmosphere ever since Jim Buss took over. I hope Jeanie gets to take over oneday.

  4. ray rodgers says:

    every body leaves the lakers

  5. Magic and baseball???? time will tell

  6. justsayin says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any way he could trade that stake in the Dodgers for the Lakers, because I’d rather see him get *them* back on track.