No Love For The Knicks?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The ending was a bitter pill to swallow for fans of the New York Knicks last season. Falling to the Indiana Pacers the way they did in the Eastern Conference semifinals, getting pushed around and basically overwhelmed by a healthier and more defensively sound team, exposed the weaknesses that were there all along.

That crash landing in the playoffs might explain the lack of buzz surrounding these Knicks as the start of 2013-14 season nears. As we get closer to tip-off of the regular season, you hear about the Pacers, Chicago Bulls and even the Brooklyn Nets as teams the Heat need to worry about before anyone mentions the Knicks.

There’s no love for the Knicks these days and you have wonder: Why?

The reasons for the lukewarm interest in the Knicks are varied. There was no free agent splash over the summer (sorry Metta World Peace). There was no miraculous recovery for Amar’e Stoudemire. Carmelo Anthony needed time to heal his battered body in an attempt to recover from the pounding he took last season. J.R. Smith didn’t exactly distinguish himself in the offseason either with a five-game suspension looming at the start of the regular season.

It’s a lesson plenty of would-be contenders learn when their results don’t match the expectations. And for a time last season, the Knicks, not the Pacers, looked like the team that would challenge the Miami Heat for that trip to The Finals.

Everyone seems to have forgotten all of the positive work the Knicks did last year, finishing with a 54-28 record, winning their first playoff series in over a decade and coach Mike Woodson finishing third in Coach of the Year voting.

Woodson’s teams in Atlanta got progressively better in each of his six seasons without the Hawks ever making the sort of free agent splash that usually spurs a dramatic rise in a team’s fortunes. Woodson, despite a legion of vocal critics, is one of a handful of coaches in the league with a proven track record of taking a disjointed group and making sure they compete at a high level.

And disjointed might be a kind word for the group the Knicks will suit up this season. The Raymond FeltonPablo Prigioni backcourt tandem is interesting, to say the least, and the Iman Shumpert-Smith battle at shooting guard promises to deliver plenty of drama (and potentially headaches for Woodson) throughout the season.

(Shumpert insists he’s playing with a “chip on his shoulder” that could help fuel the Knicks early on, and that’s a good thing.)

Call me crazy, but I think World Peace is going to be a fit and rookie swingman Tim Hardaway Jr. is certainly going to be a factor. The only glaring question for me is if Andrea Bargnani can revive his career as the floor-spacing stretch-4 the Knicks need to free everyone else up to play to their specific strengths?

You never know what you’re going to get with Amar’e because of his injury issues and even with an offseason worth of work on his jump shot it’s hard to lean too hard on Tyson Chandler for the offensive help Bargnani should be able to provide immediately.

Ultimately, the pieces are in place for the Knicks to battle for a top four spot in the Eastern Conference playoff chase. That’s just a fact, even if no one outside of the Knicks’ locker room believes it.


  1. Krod_pr says:

    Im not a knick hater i think they got a pretty solid team i just think they do to many isolation plays for melo

  2. pablo says:

    I think amare better get healthy and start playing. I dnt want to see him get trade. It would be funny if he went back to Phoenix but I doubt it.

  3. MoneyTeam21 says:

    The Knicks are not finishing 2nd in The East this season the only good pick up was Bargnani IF he can stay healthy which I’m sure he will not be MWP is DONE he won’t be providing anything but semi defense now because he’s losing that as well and we all should know that preseason and regular are different the stars come out in the regular season alot of those guys on the knicks will not be seeing that ball once Melo hit the floor top 3 teams in the East are Heat, Bulls and Pacers the knicks will be fighting with the nets all year knicks will be a worse defensive team this season

  4. Frank says:

    I hate people who don’t know anything and doubt people. The Knicks had last year a great season and added some great players for this season. See MELO was the scoring champ and will possibly be this year as well one of the best offensive players I’n the NBA and one of the BEST SF I’ll say 2nd best I’n the NBA. Jr Smith despite the things he did he was sixth man of the year easily will be again thus year. Tyson was the defender if the year not to long ago along with Metta also was a defensive player of the year and now adding with inman shumpert defensive and his 3pnt shooting there going to have an good I’ll say B- defense overall and offensive MELO of course can score when he wants and with jr smith coming off the bench as a BIG threat and Andrea B spreading the floor with his shooting and Iman Shumpert and TIM jr offense I’ll say A overall the Knicks will have a great season once again a will go farther than last year with the better team this year. Knicks will be a top 3 seed team I’n the east and if Amare does come back I’n mid season healthy it would be even more better for them

  5. HoopDreams says:

    Melo to LA? Really…..Kobe doesn’t mesh well with a primarily scorer like himself…the lakers sell free agents on history and its been proven that Kobe doesn’t work well with other stars , ask shaq or even Dwight , no offense to LA fans or Kobe its just my opinion , I think LA would be bad on defense if Melo joins , not saying Melo isn’t a good defender but imagine what the lakers would have to give up to get a star like Melo , just saying

  6. olb says:

    Delusional. None of the players mentioned will even see the ball except for melo. Good for melo, bad for the knicks

  7. b-rad says:

    The knicks have improved just a bit from last year. Their success depends on Amare getting back and staying healthy, Bargs returning to his old form from a few years back and the continued development of Shumpert. Shump looked great the other night. Bargs not so much. If I was him I would have gotten into the best shape of my life before camp and came in guns blazing looking for a fresh start. He looked out of shape but hopefully gets it together so he can contribute. MWP will help as well. I think we battle for 3rd or 4th seed but unfortunately too many other teams in the east have improved as well so getting through the playoffs will be tough. Cant wait to get Amare’s contract off the books and hopefully Melo hangs around after that.

  8. curtis: the bronx says:

    Some of these folks must be smoking something. The Knicks have gotten better and I don’t see why they won’t be at least 2nd in the east again.

  9. change says:

    Point blank the Knicks number one two or three seed the nets and heat only other teams that are comp pavers look weak and the knocks will not surprise anyone , nor do they have to . The Knicks are a dangerous team mark my words

  10. danny boi says:

    how did the Knicks get worst from last year ? I don’t get it. I know we havent gotten as good as most teams in the east. but saying we will be fighting for a 7 or 8 seed with Detroit and Toronto? is insane. those team’s have yet to prove themselves, and chemistry is not built over night.

  11. Facts?.....Please says:

    The FACT is the Knicks are NOT competing for a championship with this past post season’s moves. They are mediocre. Just like they were last season. I’m a NY fan who would love for NY to win for once. I want to see efforts like Indiana- THAT’S making moves to beat Miami. Carmelo is a lethal scorer, but he is not a leader. He wasn’t in Denver and he is not here, He can score all day but needs a coach that can help him see the rest of the duties on a franchise players to do list. Is everything his fault? Absolutely not- The Knicks front office is to blame for the many years of missing the key ingredient of chemistry in their teams. You won’t be seeing the Knicks with this group in the Finals. That’s a damn fact.

    • Frank says:

      Umm you need to stop commenting let me reach you something about Melo. You say Melo isn’t a leader right well I’ll tell you why he is a leader. Starting from HS he lead his team to a championship and was the top player along side with LBJ. MELO college team Syracuase as a freshman lead his team to a NCAA championship and won 1st freshman to ever do it and Melo rookie year and others years a Denver lead his team to there 1st winning season since 1994 and every year lead his team to the playoffs and switching to the Knicks Melo lead them to there winning 1st round I’n the playoffs for a long time when Melo went to the Knicks he was the leader lead them to many winning season and you say MELO isn’t a leader your WORNG thats a PROVEN LEADER all he needs is another superstar like LBJ and KD does. KD is the one who isn’t a leader he can’t do ANYTHING without Westbrook and people I’n OKC knows that for a fact nobody wasn’t really a KD fan when he played for the Sonics when they switched teams to OKC and got Westbrook that’s when people started being fans KD has never lead any of his teams not I’n HS nor College nor today. Melo is a proven to be a leader he is one of the biggest threats I’n the NBA Kobe and MJ and Charles Barkely gave MELO his props Melo is arguably the 2nd best player I’n the league he was the Scoring Champ 2nd runner up for MVP and 2nd best team I’n the east had more wins N the playoffs than kd did and had the best defensive year if his career you telling me he’s not a leader he is the best SCORER I’n the NBA right now I would let him lead my team and add another superstar by his side so he could win a championship. They have a better team than last year so they will be the 2nd best again they have players that can really spread the floor and 4. Players that can really play defensive two were defensive players of the year

  12. sanjay says:

    they should have hired phil jackson to teach them how to win. With all the money this franchise is going nowhere! Melo would be gone next year to may be LA!

  13. Krum Krumov says:

    Okay now, you got your article popular witht he rediculous title. Good job. Now sit back and watch as Knicks kick some behinds around this season!

  14. jake s says:

    JR gets suspended for smoking weed? Thats some bullhockey. If players smoke weed they should let them. The players that go to excess will be weeded out naturally by their performance.

  15. okc2014 says:

    Not excited at all about the New York Knicks this season. And I would imagine Spike Lee is not amused at this point either.

  16. Ian says:

    The knicks will probably be the 5th seed or at best the 4th seed. They’ll be a 50 win team. Even through I don’t see them beating Chicago, Miami, or Indy, I’ll give them a puncher’s chance if they’re healthy. The knicks have the best scorer in the East and if he’s hot, Deng/Butler, George, or James won’t be able to stop him. If the Knicks are not healthy come playoff time, they won’t last long

  17. Erica Smith says:

    I think there might be a surprise from the Knicks this season. So many people are doubting them, they might just push through and beat the Pacers for the Eastern spot this season. However, we know the Pacers are working with a great team and with Danny Granger coming back, who knows what’s up there sleeve. The Knicks have a lot of work to do but, they can pull it off.

  18. Honey Nut Cheerios says:

    The knicks are 12 quality players deep and it’s going to be really hard to defeat them. We have ridiculous firepower. Our bench alone can beat most teams in the league. Other teams would drool to have a starting lineup like our bench. Come on, the team is so talented, we have metta, JR, stoudemire as our bench LOLOL. Bring it on Miami, Indiana, Chicago, Nets.

    PG: Felton
    SG: Shumpert
    SF: Melo
    PF: Bargs
    C: Tyson

    PG: Prig, Urich
    SG: JR Smith, Tim Hardaway Jr
    SF: Metta World Peace
    PF: Kenyon Martin
    C: Stoudemire

    • frans says:

      Two good teams on paper indeed. And if the NBA was a videogame NY could beat every team. But in real life the weak point of NY is chemistry. A lot of players could interfer with the ambitions of the Knicks. At some point in the season Stoudemire will demand his roll as well as MWP, Shumpert and Smith (and probably even Bargnani, who wants to wash away wasted years immediately) and that will be the real headache for coach Woodson. Cause there is no player – like Kidd – who is able to demand the leadership role and is able to talk about taking responsibilty in the locker room. I respect Melo, but I don’t think he could be that kind of player.

    • Marco says:

      I totally agree with Honey Nut Cheerios.
      It took time but finally we are complete in all roles and have very good and versatile ‘backups’, whatever the starting 5, which in a long season as it is the NBA, it’ll matter a lot.
      If they play good basketball like last year, it’ll be quite tough for any team to beat these Knicks.

      With a LOT of love……

  19. i think that mello is going to get his second championship in n.y. first at syracuse and now with the knicks.

  20. Jason says:

    Sekou my friend! stop hating its not a good look on you put down the pen and the twinkle and start hitting them pushups because this year the knicks are going to explode

  21. Canadian fan says:

    I still think the Knicks are a very good team but I just don’t see them beating the likes of Miami, Chicago, Indiana and Brooklyn

  22. KnicksAllday says:

    Sekou, I don’t know if you watched the full game last night but although Bargnani didn’t shoot well, that shot fake looked great and the set he, Melo and Felton ran together on the strong side looks like it will be trouble for opposing defenses. The Knicks are deeper, younger, more talented and more athletic than last years team with the additions of Hardaway Jr., Udrih, MWP, and others. Even if we get nothing from Amar’e this year we still make a playoff run. However, there are plenty of contenders this year. It will be tough but I’m looking forward to the NBA playoffs 2014; it’s going to be a great tournament.

  23. ImJusSayin says:

    Metta will have a bigger impact than you think.

  24. AmericanoII says:

    I believe Carmelo must show a leadership like Labron…. He must will that leadership on the teammates; a role I believe that does not come natural to him .. For I do see a sound talent pool but not the unity that a leader provides…

  25. Anthony^17 says:


  26. Anthony^17 says:

    This guy has to be a Knick Fan if he think they are playing in June lol. Knicks are a fourth seed. They cant beat Indiana , Chicago , nor Miami. Those teams are all way more balanced than the Knicks and better defensively. The Knicks need a legit second option. Jr smith is not a second option on a championship team, and Barg isnt the answer either. Any time a GM has been trying to trade the guy he once took number 1 overall for two years their is a reason.

  27. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Knicks will be fighting for at worst the 5 seed, but I believe the 2 seed is attainable again this year. They are, no doubt, an improved team over last year’s. Stoudemire’s health is the biggest question mark, but he is far from the lynchpin anyway. I’m very optimistic for this season. Yes the East is largely improved, but so are we. I couldn’t care less about the lack of love we seem to be getting, words don’t win jack.

  28. marty says:

    There will be love once they get some wins against the media contendors or the Heat.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      that means absolutely nothing unless they win a championship, Melo will be 30 in may..hes not getting any younger and he wants to win a championship, not scoring titles or regular season wins against good teams.

  29. Bob M says:

    The Knicks were not healthy going into the playoffs. No teams with their injuries problems would be a serious contender. They have a good collection of talent and have shown the ability to explode offensively. (I think they should have signed Josh Selby, a friend of Melo, and can just terrorize players offensively)

  30. kaisersoser says:

    Sekou my friend! We Knick fans were enjoying the relative anonymity. Let the Pacers, Bulls, Heat and Brooklyn have the spotlight and the pressure that comes with it.

    We Knick fans know the team has significantly improved on a lot of its previous weaknesses, You don’t need to sign big names to improve as a team. You only need to plug holes, and improve team chemistry, which we did.

    The fact is we don’t need the love. But we will earn respect come june 2014.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      In June the Knicks will be fishing …
      I disagree that the knicks have “significantly” improved , they may have “slightly” improved at best.. but they still are not a championship caliber team whatsoever. I don’t think Metta World Peace and a constantly injured Bargnani is the answer the knicks needed… the knicks should have traded Amare this summer and got rid of that waste of money.. If they traded Amare they would be able to clear up so much cap space and be able to sign a legitimate 2nd option for Melo… Knicks are doomed for an early exit in the playoffs once AGAIN.
      I still am confused why the knicks GM is not fired by now, I wouldn’t blame Melo if he decides join the Lakers this summer ..

      • kek says:

        I would say the knicks have improved alot. Melo and chandler seems to be in much better shape than last year. Metta is a good adition and he always plays hard, and I think he is a great fit for the knicks, he wont have the ball in his hands on this team like he did for the lakers. He only needs to play defense and make corner 3s. Shumpert went 7/7 against boston in the first preseason game, and shot 3/3 from 3pt so he seems to have improoved. udrih is a good reserve PG. Hardaway jr is a promising rookie, good defender and can shoot the 3s. Prigioni one of my favorites on this team, hes just a plague to play against he can take the ball from anyone.

      • richard says:

        You can’t just trade Amare. who is gonna take a player on a max contract who is constantly plagued by injuries. They are stuck with him and they have no choice but to try and make it work. I doubt it will, so Melo is LA bound.

  31. steppx says:

    I doubt they even believe it in the NY lockerroom. This team might struggle to make a 7 or 8 seed. Bargnani is a joke. Did nobody watch him the last few seasons? First off, he is an awful defender. Among the worst in the league in fact. Chandler is aging……metta is a has been….he was pretty awful last year for LA which is why they got rid of him. So basically this is Melo again, getting hot a few nights and beating some bad teams. But this team has no chance to beat Miami or chicago or indiana. And i doubt they can beat brooklyn or detroit and maybe not even toronto.

    • metellus3d says:

      Wow. You’re entitled to your opinions but not your own facts. Before the start of last season, people like you doubtes the knicks and gave them 8 th seed at the most and had them being bounced in the first round. With all our “old guys” and injuries we managed to beat bad teams and good teams, including Heat, Pacers, Spurs, Thunder, etc. Those are the facts. More facts: division champs, scoring champ, 6th man of the year, finished 2nd overall In the East. Not bad for an old team and battered team. Chandler is aging? He’s 31 and still a top defender. Bargs was plagued by injuries but now gets to take on a lesser role where he can excel. We have gotten younger while still maintaining our core guys. You sound like a hater and you’re ignoring facts. Knicks will be great this season and make you eat your words.

      • Thee Marcus says:

        Thank you

      • anonymous says:

        where are all those “old guys” that propelled the team that far? retired or on different teams. Unless Amare can return to his all-star form, the knicks won’t make it very far

      • metellus3d says:

        I can tell that some of you don’t watch basketball. At all…

        “where are all those “old guys” that propelled the team that far? retired or on different teams. Unless Amare can return to his all-star form, the knicks won’t make it very far?”

        If you’re asking that, you just got exposed as a poser and a Knicks hater. First off, the “old guys”, Camby, Sheed, Kurt Thomas, were pretty much done before the playoffs. We played without them for long stretches throughout the season and still continued to beat teams. Kidd, the only old guy remaining was a no show in the playoffs, that in addition to Melo, Chandler being hurt, caused us to lose the series against the Pacers. Remember facts are just as important as your stupid opinions.

        Again, we’ve gotten younger and bigger and we have really good depth, especially at forward and guard positions. We are by far a way better team than were last season.

        I can see why you chose to post as anonymous….you don’t want to own up to your very stupid comments

      • black and silver blood says:

        hey ny. thanks for taking barg. sincerly every toronto fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kaare Weidling says:

        Aahhh I´d say facts are a hole lot more important, then stupid opinions, but i think the knicks will regress a bit. thats an opinion, not a fact.

      • Kris green says:

        Woooooooorrrrrrrrrrrddddddd up !!!!!!

    • glenopto says:

      steppx,I can see you don’t know much about basketball. Knicks were 5-1 against the 2 finals teams the Heat and Spurs with 4 of them blowouts. With a younger more talented team this year I can’t believe after being the #2nd seed last year,they’re only picked to be 5th this year.They’ll prove a lot of people wrong IMO.

    • asdfghjkl says:

      yes will be a bad defensive team but offensively they are arguably on the top. Melo, Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr., JR Smith, MWP, Felton, Bargnani. But it is proven that Defense wins championships so i doubt they will last long in the playoffs until they teach their bigs to defend especially Bargnani and Stoudemire.

    • harlemATL says:

      Thanks but let him hate… Bargnani replaces Wallace. Metta is a good fit for the Knick and still can defend. He is going to be open a lot this season too. In fact, Metta replaces Novacaine (Novack). Metta has a better all around game than steve and will get even more playing time not to mention. To put the Knicks at 7 or 8th seed is disrespectful and it proves that you know very little about basketball. You are talking about a team that blew out Miami last year twice. SMH! Keep hating but we all can see that you stay on the Knicks page which means you are really watching for something special to happen. I understand your pain. lol.

      • HarlemATL says:

        KnicksTapeUpDate: The only problem I see the Knick have is in not having a low post player that can create from the box and possibly draw a double team. The other may be most important which is on defense and offense crashing the boards with more then one person. We, da Knicks have this horrible tendency to have only one person trying to fight for a rebound due to everybody is standing around the perimeter. This has to change if they plan to go far into the playoffs. Period. Knicks 4 Life…

    • wowwwwwg says:

      you sound crazy a 8th seed?? so you mean to tell me the knicks will finish behind the wizards? cavs? bucks? lol you must not watch basketball they will def be top 4 only ppl with a chance of finishing higher than them of course heat, pacers MAYBE BROOKlYN. Im not sold on them yet yes they look good on paper but hey so did the lakers last yr

    • wowwwwwg says:

      wow you sound really crazy a 8th seed?? so you mean to tell me the knicks will finish behind the wizards? cavs? bucks? lol you must not watch basketball they will def be top 4 only ppl with a chance of finishing higher than them of course heat, pacers MAYBE BROOKlYN. Im not sold on them yet yes they look good on paper but hey so did the lakers last yr

    • knick0019 says:

      clearly…steppx doesnt know anything about basketball. This knick team was 2nd place in the East…UNHEALTHY. The hell are you talking about idiot. Everyone is healthy now…imagine the damage that will be done.