Mayo Recalls Trash-Talk Battle With MJ


From staff reports

Hall of Famer Michael Jordan recently told the Associated Press during a promotional tour for the NBA 2K14 video game that he thought that in his prime, he could beat LeBron James in a game of one-on-one.

Jordan also spoke recently with ESPN and explained the differences between the modern game and the NBA of his day. In the course of that discussion, Jordan recalled a story about how he schooled then-prep phenom (and current Bucks guard) O.J. Mayo at Jordan’s basketball camp several years ago. According to Jordan, Mayo talked a little too much trash, which brought out the fiercely competitive side of MJ in the midst of the camp.

“I had never met him [before]” Jordan told ESPN, “In front of my camp, he starts this thing about ‘you can’t guard me … you can’t do this.’ I’ve got my campers here, so obviously I can’t really go where I want to go because they’re in my camp. So, I stop the camp and send the kids to bed. We go back to playing and he starts his whole thing [of] ‘you can’t guard me, you can’t do this.’ Finally I said: ‘Look, dude. You may be the best high school player, but I’m the best player in the world. So, from this point on, it’s a lesson.’ ”

In case you’re looking for video proof of what Jordan is talking about … well, thankfully, that exists, too. was somehow able to dig up video of the Mayo-Jordan showdown, which includes MJ hitting a baseline, fadeaway (apparent) game-winner in Mayo’s face.

Mayo, for his part, didn’t back away from tale. In an interview with after Wednesday’s practice, Mayo corroborated Jordan’s story … and added some great detail that can’t be missed. The fine folks over at The Point Forward transcribed the entire interview, but here are a few choice quotes:

“Obviously it’s any ballplayer’s dream to play against Mike. I couldn’t tell you how many times I did his move after the Finals, the next day at the rec center and stuff. I got a few buckets. The campers knew I was the only high school kid so they got rowdy a little bit, we got a little bit of jawing. We played two games, I think we split one and one, it was a team game.

“Then he said, ‘OK, now let me handle my business.’ He looked me in my face and said that. I’m like, ‘What you mean?’ So he said, ‘I need all the campers and everybody to leave the gym.’

“We continued playing pick-up. Mike was Mike. He was jawing a little bit, really getting into me defensively. He’s backing me down. He said, ‘Better scream for mama. Ma-ma. Ma-ma.’ Hit the famous fadeaway on me. I said, ‘OK, OK, you’ve got it going.’

“At the end of the day, people ask, ‘Why would you talk smack to GOAT? Why would you talk smack to Mike?’ At the end of the day, it’s still basketball. You definitely respect everything Mike’s done for the game. But when you’re a young buck and you get a chance to go at the top, I kind of had the mentality that I had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Mike did what he had to do.”


  1. Roos says:

    With respect to the two sides, Jordan’s first couple of championships did not include Rodman, Kukoc, or Harper. He won with the likes of Stacey King, Bill Wennington, Bill Cartwright, etc. They can play, in their own rights, but they can’t compare to a Patrick Ewing, Olajuwon, etc. Back then, it was just him and Pippen, and when he couldn’t beat Detroit for 3 straight years, he didn’t give up and Join Magic’s Lakers, etc. He eventually beat them. That’s called taking a challenge. Even when he came back with the Wizards, everybody was saying to go play with Kobe so he can win, but he wanted to take a challenge. A real competitor would want to beat Wade and Bosh, not join them. Do you remember when Pat Riley filled his roster with talent: D Harper, Rolando Blackman, Charles Smith, Doc Rivers? Jordan still stopped them from winning, with New York’s superior roster. That’s what great players do.

  2. Is this from this year 2013? ARE YOU SERIOUS?
    Bring Michael Jordan to Miami. He can score from bench.

  3. nbafan says:

    shaq can overpower all

  4. Colin says:

    Dirk hits a fadeaway on all of them.

  5. sanjay says:

    stop spreading this nonsense. Today’s defense is much better than that of 80’s and 90’s one-on-one defense and so does the offense! Today’s players are also incredibly athletic compared to 2 decades ago! It is always getting better! The outside shooting today is off the charts as it has incorporated european style of play( dirk anyone? mentor larry).

    The ball moment is also much better both inside out and outside inn!

    Looking at 80’s and 90’s games it looks like 2 players are playing and others are just watching-like man barkley says,” he is just standing there and doing nothing..”! There was no perimeters defense back in those days!

    today’s technology is much better in planning against all sort of moves any body can come up with the live footage available on the spur of the moment!

    But some things wont change. The zeal to win, ‘the pluck’ aka ‘ the clutch’ aka ‘ the killer instinct’, cannot be taught really. It comes by being in the moment, inner gut and experience!

    All great players of all era have it period!
    These old folks are just nostalgic. Enjoy the transformation and no need to compare old era to the new era!

  6. sanjay says:

    looking at the MJ videos now, it looks like even he dramatically slowed after the 3 peat. There was no bounce and power in the legs like in the first part of his career. Mj in his 20’s was outright ridiculous! He was light-footed and that is why they called him the-“cat”. There was easy bounce like a dancer and quick-feet. Quick-feet he did retain all his life but he became heavy and rigid and had lost that leap. still was good enough to do his thing. The 30’s jordan might have weighed 25 to 35 poinds more than young explosive jordan!

    He was not even 30% of what he was in his prime in this video!

  7. Lol says:

    Would anyone consider the all-star game a 1v1 when kobe was shutting down lebron? lol
    At that point in the game teams were more serious about winning and kobe did decent in stopping lebron. Why wouldn’t mj be able to do the same when he was the goat? leonard did good against lebron and he weighs significantly less also and he was barely in his 2nd year, I’ve only seen lebron be completely dominant in defense against point guards or not so good offensive players, lebron doesn’t have the whole court in a 1v1 to build of the speed he has but mj was agile and hands down best offensive player to play, mj takes lebron imo. Lebron is great all around but Idk about in a 1v1 especially not the goat.

  8. superman prime says:

    for me, lebron is one of the best player i saw… i’m a heat fan also. but when you will ask me who is the best among all the great player … jordan and his era are the best. they come for step 1 to 10 to get their championship, mean they study their game plan , see how they lost their first to two years in detriot but they learn for that. lebron also bring his cleveland in finals like that but he luck some fuel in the next years. jordan can hit a shoot when they down in the stretch but sorry for lebron he can hit a shoot but when they are leading but when they down he had some miss shoot like in last finals..i know he will improve alot for that … good luck lebron and company in 2013 – 2014 nba

  9. Mark Young says:

    NBAFan whats up brother. If Pippen was never traded from the Sonics to the Bulls his game would have never matured the way it did under Jordan’s leadership. Jordan played a young Pippen in a game of horse using his left hand and nearly beat him. Jordan told Pippen to step his game up or move on. Jordan forced him to be great. That’s something LeBRON could never do, Force greatest on someone.

  10. Mark Young says:

    To His Airness. You can’t teach tough and LeBRON is not built like that. I consider him a brat. If he can’t have it his way, he he hangs is head and cries to the officials.

  11. ak47 says:

    My opinion is that MJ is the best player ever… My favorite all around team player is Magic Johnson then Bill Russell/ Larry Bird a close 2nd and 3rd. What made a player great also was the night in and night out competition and Championship foes. Lebron hasn’t had a foe yet, other than Kobe and they haven’t met in the finals.. The teams are watered down now ( they have talent, but none have a 8-9 man talented rotation… no one sticks with a team because of free agency….Keeping the nucleus together makes championship teams; The Lakers of the 80’s , and early 2000’s, the Celtic;s of the 60’s and 80’s and even the championship teams of 2010. the 76ers with an aging Doctor J, the Defense minded Bulls ( no one mentions that the bulls had several all defensive layers at one time on the bulls teams as well, (Jordan, Pippen, rodman, Horace Grant, Ron Harper, Charles Oakley along with how many 7 footers behind them… cartright, salley, wennington, Stacey King).

  12. wizflux says:

    MJ dominated his era better than anybody else dominated any other era. 10 Scoring Crowns. Who compares? Ok Kobe who is such a great scorer right!! As good a scorer as Kobe is, he only has 2 scoring crowns. 81 pts? Now that is impressive, but to sustain scoring excellence over the entire league for 820 games is much more impressive. On top of that Jordan was the best pick pocket for 3 years. That means he owned the league in two different statistical categories 13 times. Lebron, Oscar, Kobe – they haven’t done that. What about 6 Finals MVPs? Kobe has DEUCE. Lebron Deuce. This means during the most important games of the playoffs Jordan again ruled in June 6 different years. Who sustains that type of excellence through 6 seasons. Wade dominated 1 year and was very celebrated for that back in 2006. Jordan does it SIX TIMES. There is no debate here. On top of that Jordan comes back when he is 40 years old and breaks Carter’s ankles, scores 50 pts, and held his own against Kobe in his prime. When Jordan was in his prime, he was video game MJ as he nearly flew on that court and dazzled the spectators. No one compares to MJ. No one. He is the greatest ever.

  13. gnolas22 says:

    even if you are gifted physically, but one shall not beat will and persistence and will..Mj had both..lebron only all of your argument is invalid..

  14. punkboy101 says:

    Lebron + Shaq (Cavs) = no ring
    Wade + Shaq (Heat) = 1 ring

    Lebron + Wade + Bosh + Allen = 2rings for bosh,lebron,allen and 3 for wade

    NBA this days motto ” IF YOU CANT BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM” hahahaha

    Jordan is better than Lebron

  15. punkboy101 says:

    Lebron + Shaq (Cavs) = no ring
    Wade + Shaq (Heat) = 1 ring

    Lebron + Wade + Bosh + Allen = 2rings for bosh,lebron,allen and 3 for wade

  16. BullyJ says:

    Lebron and MJ are great in their own ways. one area LBJ needs to catch up in isn’t his jumpshot. it’s a CLUTCH shot

    • Igor says:

      LBJ would need something else to get closer to MJ – ability to carry the load of responsibility for the team when it counts most, at playoffs. This is the reason MJ is called the GOAT, not becuase he jumped high, or scored some 30+ points. If you look back at history, the GOAT appeared first in 1993 after the threepeat. Because the guy was the locomotive that pulled the whole team to champioships without excuses, who stepped up when everybody were down with the game, especially PIP. And he did that not once, but every year.
      This is the difference between MJ and LBJ. And not the weight, or height or jumping or any other BS.

  17. BlackMussu says:

    Not a very smart thing to do.

  18. Kenneth says:

    Jordan would have probably beaten James. He was much stronger regardless of his size. Man, the defense in the 80’s to 90’s was far more physical than today. I mean, if Lebron was in Michael’s era, Rodman would have totally shut him down.

  19. tttt says:

    Larry GWOAT!

  20. Ray says:

    I think LeBron would have the advantage even in the post.
    MJ probably one of the best post players, skill wise .
    LeBron is 260-270 &’ Taller than MJ if Roy Hibbert couldn’t stop LeBron in the paint I don’t think MJ could either

  21. Justin says:

    Come on people 2 years ago none of us wouldn’t even argue over this conversation when Dirk and my MAVS made the Heat and especially LeBron look like chumps in the Finals. And now you want to say he would beat the best 1-on1 player hands down in history in the GOAT Michael AIR Jordan , REALLY Please people!!! Great he trained with Olajuwon during that offseason and finally learned some post moves 10 years later to win a lockout shortened NBA season against a young OKC team that should have never traded James Harden!!! And believe me this year they won by shear luck and some Spurs missed free throws otherwise it would be 1 and done for this Heat team and players would prob. be traded ala CB1 or THREE. LeBron is Magic Johnson with a better jumpshot at best!!! LeBron needed help to win a championship and he would need help to beat MJ 1-on-1. LUCK!!!
    Hey but best 2 outta 3 right though!!! It kills me that most of these people saying LeBron would win against MJ are just more FN band wagon HEAT fans!!!

  22. alexmack says:

    lebron cant even beat kobe let alone jordan… so just stahp zzzz

  23. chigchig says:

    I really hate how some of you are saying LBJ s not an offensive player or a good 1 on 1 player..

    this dude has led the league in scoring or been top 5 every year since his sophmore year

    and in one on one he wouldnt be looking to share the rock if he had no one to share it with.. so he would take all his offensive skill and dominate.. period

    Against all the best scorers today he could d them up and score on them

    durant couldnt defend bron
    melo couldnt defend bron
    Kobe couldnt defend bron
    Mj – could as much as bron could defend him..

  24. Jumppong says:

    well for all out there jordan win 3 rings without Pippen and Rodman during his first 3 peat.. Pippen there is only a rookie..

  25. Unkle Daddy says:

    The Bucks should resign Redd for a year or two, I’d love to see him play again and Adam Morrison (fear the satche!)

  26. RONALD says:


    • Kome the Black dumba says:

      He has Dikembe Mutombo, a 4 time Defensive player of the year and 8 all star appearances. Sixth man of the year, Aaron mckie. on their year to finals. BUT they didn’t win.

  27. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    There is no limits that LBJ can conquer. MJ saw this even when Labrons was a budding tenth grader at St. V – St Mary highschool. The gifted young man was destined for being the greatest basketball player in the NBA. He had the gift of Akrons own Gus Johnson from Central High School. Just like Gus I have never seen other greats achieve imposible feets like Labron has displayed. Every time he steps on the court he never feels to thrill the crowds or his opponents. I had the pleasure of attending Cenrtral High School with his grandmother and he inherited her determination to exceel in all of her endeavers. Labron is blessed by God and as long as he reconize who God is in his life, he will always be the greatest of all times. Go Labron we are interceeding on your behalf.

    • Kome the Black dumba says:

      #1 fan please at least get his name right.

    • jc says:

      Lebron Is good but never compare him
      Jordan change basketball in a good way
      All good player the play the game knows is not about titles but remember how many greit players MJ play agains. You dons see those playes the last few years
      Just right threse is no comparation.
      So that’s somenthing you can’t compare jordan and lebron or anybody. I personaly don’t like coby vut is a grait player better then lebron in his year’s. He is old but he was good. You all know about NBA so you’ll can’t compare any of those players. No thisrespect to all NBA players now but look what they do now. All about money thast the diferents betwen the 90′ and now.

  28. OD says:

    Some of these James fans claim Jordan would have problems guarding LeBron? Kawhi Leonard during the finals did a good job limiting James and was stopping him in limited sequences, yeah he still scored 24 points per game but he’s the MVP, you know! But we are comparing Kawhi Leonard, the sophomore from the Spurs! And you morons say Jordan, one of the greatest defenders, the GOAT, can’t slow him down??? People, you are nuts! At the end of this match up, LeBron will say the same thing- “Mike did what he had to do. He kicked my a$$ and I could not do anything”

  29. Drago says:

    Jordan can beat Lebron plain and simple he just has to many good smart moves to be denyed Lebron is not a 1 on 1 player he is a team player with great eyes fer weakness.

  30. 70's kid says:

    MJ can take him out defensively, due to Lebron’s lack of offensive weapons because he’s not a pure scorer but has an all around game. even if he’s giving up pounds and height, he can outsmart him because of his high and exceptional basketball IQ. Now if Lebron for his size has the offensive skills of kobe or melo, or durant it will be very difficult to stop him. MJ on offense, it will be close. Lebron can keep up with MJ step for step, but MJ’s offensive skills are too much. he can fool you with an array of fakes, close to the basket up and unders. windshield wipe fadeaway’s left and right, crossover pull up jumpers, even with a hand on his face. quick as a cat and blow by you if you’re too close. drive left, drive right, twisting, turning, strength to finish with hard contact. he can read through how you play him and play you like a puppet. Lebron just hope he misses and secure a rebound then attack using his height and size

  31. Mark Young says:

    Kobe the best? Give Jordan the same Shaq Kobe won championships with and Jordan wouldn’t lose a game. 72 and 10 without a big man or a real scoring threat next to him. Don’t get it confused, Scottie Pippen was not a scoring threat. Nate Robinson scored more points in a single game then Pippen. Check the stats man and stop call someone the greatest because he’s your favorite player. Durant and Westbrook are my favorite players now, but there not better than LeBRON. Westbrook is close if you compare numbers. Westbrook and LeBRON the only players to average over 20, 5 and 5. Damn man, respect the legend, There will never be another Jordan. NEVER!

    • His Airness says:

      Haha could you imagine that? MJ and Shaq? So unfair! It was unfair with Kobe. MJ Wilt and Shaq are the most dominant ever.

    • NBAfan says:

      Please….do you know why the HEAT doesn’t have a dominant big man in the team…it’s because it will clog the lane for slashers like Lebron and Wade who needs the ball in their hands to make plays….the same for Jordan…he needs the ball in his hands and everybody gets out of the way…

      Shaq…he would DEMAND the ball and the whole entire offensive system centered around..well..the center…and yet, Kobe still found ways to be effective…

      Think about it…..

      Although I agree, there won’t be another Jordan…ever….but also no other Kobe, and no other Lebron…

  32. Mark Young says:

    I watched Jordan play in his prime and he is the greatest to ever do it. They pushed him, held him and even punched him when they had the chance. They created the Jordan rules because they couldn’t stop him. HOF players got no rings because of Jordan. Barkley, Stockton, Malone, Ewing. Drexler and Olajuwon won when Jordan retired and faded away when he returned. Scottie Pippen would of been Lamar Odom at best if he didn’t play with Jordan, instead he’s in the HOF. Just imagine if Jordan had Wade. Oh yeah size don’t matter in one on one especially 2 inches. LeBRON can’t handle today’s so called hard fouls just think about how it would affect him in the early 90s and 80s. if Jordan played today he would average 50 a game easily.

    • His Airness says:

      Ooh a smart commenter finally. I agree with you except I think if you had MJ in the league now he’d be even better. I think because of Lebron’s size and strength, he might be better in the old NBA.
      You might say Lebron is a little weak hearted which is fair, but if he was in the old NBA it would force him to become tougher too. Of course though, Mj all day

    • NBAfan says:

      I agree with you except the Pippen-Odom comparison…

      I think Scottie showed everyone what he could do without Jordan during his prime (leading his team in the 5 major categories, and the bulls still being a play off team)

  33. stewar says:

    Jordan for me is the the greatest. Comparing with Lebron, Jordan build a team from small pieces. Jordan had a great leadership for his team, he makes every player great with him. Pippen just developed his game with Jordan. I believe Lebron couldn’t win championship without Wade.

    • Tony Moua says:

      Jordan couldnt win without pippen and phil and dennis. Jordanless bulls went to semi finals with scottie and jordan with out scottie went no where near first round. James took Cleveland a scrub team to finals. Think twice

      • NBAfan says:

        Latrell Spreewell took a scrub 8th seed Knicks team to the finals….and actually won games in the finals…and the didn’t have the benefit of the NBA wanting them to make it to the finals…isn’t that right Sheed…

      • Kome the Black dumba says:

        And against what teams? An 80, 90s knicks team would sweep most of nowadays team. Not to mention 80s hawks, cavs, pistons boston and this was just east coast.

        80s, 90s team > any team right now.

  34. Dyron says:


    • Tim says:

      Now ^ that’s funny.. Timmy would try to back down MJ and as soon as MJ put a hand on him he would cry and turn his palms up and look for a ref..

  35. Louie says:

    I love the last quote by OJ on that interview..
    “Mike did what Mike had to do..”

    Open a can of whoop a** on that youngster. =)

  36. LBJ06 says:

    On his prime time he could beat lebron, But today he can’t beat lebron. His all about Lebron James, He will get more than 5 rings his only 29 year old he have alot times. LEBRON ALL DAY HATERSSSS

  37. daslickflip says:

    This was old MJ too haha

  38. ImJusSayin says:

    Will they call James charge I don’t think he would get the benefit over MJ he gets over everyone else.

  39. Nikolai24 says:

    nah kobes better

  40. Kenneth Rowe says:

    Think about this who is better goin left mj who better goin right mj mabe tie nd who better shooter mj

    • Tony Moua says:

      Lebron handles way better than mj quit smoking on that old scrubby handles thats why when allen iverson came in the league it was such a hit cuz he an nba player who can actually handle a ball

      • His Airness says:

        Players couldn’t handle the ball before Allen Iverson? What? And now that Iverson came, all NBA players can handle the ball well, so therefore Lebron is better than MJ at handling the ball?
        Can anyone agree with this argument? Just who is smoking here?

      • Kome the Black dumba says:

        Mj has no handles? Please stop watching a 40 years old mike and try prime Mike. Even at 40 still teaching.

      • Rocket33 says:

        How old are you? Did you never see Tim Hardaway? Or Kenny Anderson, Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars… the list goes on…

  41. Kenneth Rowe says:

    Stop arguing mj 8 straight ships 8 mvp in finals stop it mj scored more points against better d labron is a lil soft only 6ft8 275lbs man who push off wit his elbow u saw the indiana series when hibbert nd them use a vintage no layup rule labron didn’t want the contact

  42. Honestly I’m not just saying this because I’m a lebron fan, even if I were a hater of his I would still believe that he would be unstoppable to go against. The man has it all, he’s as quick and athletic as anybody in the world, and he’s 6’9 260 lbs I mean who would stop that. Lebron knows the game so well that I think he would be unstoppable to even beat. He can knock down the three and can attack the basket better than anybody. If he played Jordan it would be hard to determine who would win, but I definitely think it would be a 2 pt game.

  43. garrett3551 says:

    kobe will alwayse be the best don’t try to argue it

  44. db24 says:

    That was Coby Karl (George Karl’s son) that Jordan slapped hands with after he hit that last fade-away on the video.

  45. who? says:

    in a game of one on one vs lebron 2 things will happen to jordan either he lose or he die. Lebron is the greatest player who ever played the game.

  46. NoireHeatFan4700 says:

    I think it is a toss up. I think Lebron can guard Jordan better than Jordan can guard Lebron. However, Jordan is the more skilled offensive player. Remember Jordan couldn’t guard Magic Johnson in the Finals. They had to put Scottie on Magic and Lebron is 30 lbs more muscle heavier than Magic. MJ playing weight in his prime was 198lbs and LBJ is between 250lb to 260lbs. That is like MJ trying to guard Karl Malone or Barkley in the post. The difference is that Lebron has the foot speed to keep up with Jordan but no one in history was a better scorer than Jordan. I agree Scottie would be a more interesting match up and even he is giving up 30 to 40 lbs on Lebron

    • His Airness says:

      It’s funny, I have heard people say that Lebron is as fast as Jordan. Yes current Lebron is as fast as older MJ, but if you compare them at similar ages, MJ hands down. Mj’s first step was madness. Just look at the film. Lebron being as fast as MJ is a MYTH.

      • Witness says:

        At the most for a first step and agility I give MJ a quarter step, but overall top speed LBJ would blow by him with his longer more muscular athletic stride.

  47. rusty says:

    ughhh!! Lebron! Lebron… too much hype again people… I am sick of hearing Lebron, Lebron everyday here.. we should not play basketball anymore.. instead let’s just enter the hollywood like movie stars… too much media and not much of the real basketball talent like MJ… you people need to grow up and see how Lebron play… you just listen to the media that is why you think he is the best… tssssssssssssssssssssskkkk!

  48. RT says:

    MJ was in his 40s when he schooled Mayo. He hinted at a comeback at age 50 in his HOF speech… watch out, NBA. 🙂

  49. DB says:

    I think there is an even more provocative question to be asked here: Could Lebron even beat Kobe, Durant, and Melo 1-on-1? Lebron might be the best overall player in the league right now, but I don’t think he could win against these offensive juggernauts, especially Melo. Quiet as it’s kept, Lebron’s offensive game is NOT his best quality. He has size and speed, but he does not have the scoring acumen of these players. He would not be able to match them shot for shot. So, to my mind, before he gets to play MJ 1-on-1, he’s got to be able to beat the other great offensive players in the game today.

    • celtic533 says:

      i agree

    • chigchig says:

      Yet he came into the league with Melo and owns him in EVERY offensive stat there is… dont get me wrong, melo has a better offensive arsenal.. id take lebron all day over him, durant, kobe..

      1 on 1 he cant be selfless and we have seen when he wants to be top dog and score he does at will

      plus hes bigger then all of them and has a legit post game.. who is stopping him on the block?

  50. eggie25 says:

    Lebron is a freak of nature but I think M.J would win. I’ve seen guys who were genetically gifted lose to average players who would just outsmart or out think them. Let’s not forget that Jordan is not only a better/crafter player, but Jordan is stronger than he looks. many players have gone on record to state this.

    • A.G Coleman says:

      Michael Jordan was the greatest of all time but he was so much bigger than basket ball that it blinds people LOGIC!! Do you actually think that MJ at 6″6 220 would beat LeBron 6″8 at 250 This dude is bigger stronger n faster The NBA has never seen anything like him OJ mayo is is not LeBron James not even close period!! Granted MJ would be hard to stop but How would he stop LBJ he not only is he giving up 2 inches but also 30 to 40 pounds from a foreward who has the speed of a guard n the strength of a center I Love MJ but come on you could neva say he would when that matchup definitively I know a lot of people hate LeBron n I understand because I hate Kobe but u can’t deny greatness n when LeBron career is over it will speak for itself!

  51. darius says:

    Lebron booty asf and derrick rose watched his team lose and he was fully recovered in march if u dont beileve me look it up he was playin all the guards 10n1 he blew everybody out except nate robinson and jimmy butler

  52. s8n says:

    all that mj vs lbj debate doesn’t make much sense. different positions, different style, different environment – their game and skillsets are so much different you just cannot predict the outcome. however if you take lbj vs scottie, that would be nice to see. we’re talking a guy whose all around game and mind blowing, shutting down defense was at least as impressive as his offensive input in mj-less bulls period. that would be a clash to watch.

    • hope piend says:

      well said.

    • His Airness says:

      I would love to see those bulls teams against these Heat teams, but with the Heat healthy. The heat teams as they were would have no chance at all.
      I think Scottie and Rodman could give Lebron fits.

      Which is the better one two punch, Lebron and healthy Wade, or MJ and Pippen?

      • Kome the Black dumba says:

        I say Mj and Pippen. Their 1-2 was really great on defense switch up and offense wise they often pick each other up when the other one was struggling.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Yeah, can someone just invent a time machine? We all want to see this game. By the way… who get’s the superstar calls to help them out? And by which NBA rules are we playing? My point… in ’96 Bosh is a non-factor as Rodman has intimidated and taken him out of the game. In 2013 Rodman receives technicals and gets ejected from the game.

        Anyway, I think the ’96 Bulls win this NBA 2K14 match-up. MJ outplays Wade at both ends of the floor. Rodman shuts down Bosh. Only LeBron gives the Bulls any trouble. Scottie was a great defender so I think he keeps him in check. And they use Rodman on LeBron if he proves too strong and athletic for Scottie.

  53. Boston#1 says:

    In a game of one on one I think Lebron would have the advantage. I think Jordan is obviously better at shooting the ball but Lebron is such a freak of nature physically that I think he would be to much to handle. I guarantee Jordan couldn’t push him around like he did Mayo in this video.

  54. Stephan says:

    Lebron will become the best player who ever lived, it’s just a matter of time you will see 🙂

    • Logan says:

      keep dreaming. he need 5 more rings man.

      • Tony Moua says:

        So I guess robert horry is better than jordan wise boy you are.

      • His Airness says:

        Robert Horry has 7 rings. Is he better than MJ and Lebron? No.
        And Lebron might get more rings. But what about all those years when MJ was retired?

        It was said, “it’s only a matter of time, you will see (that Lebron will be best ever)”. But if you can “see”, you will know that MJ was better. I’ve watched every playoff game both players played in and I saw the superior player. Like Lebron said, he still has a long way to go.

        Compare him to Wilt or Magic first.

      • His Airness says:

        And don’t get me wrong, Lebron is great. He will be one of the best ever. But will he be top 10 or top 5 best ever?

    • TheInquirer says:

      How did LeBron James got his titles again? Yeah! He couldn’t get it by his own team so he joined the other two best players of his generation and form a super team. Form allegiance with some of the best stars so the title could be acquired easier. And that is SARCASTICALLY GREAT! Call me a hater but it’s the TRUTH!

      • jimi says:

        Tell many any championship teams that win multiple ones that dont have other great players on the team. MJ had Pippen Rodman, Harper and kerr. Rodman the best rebounder and top defender in the game. Scottie Pippen was a top 5 player as well. Steve kerr was the most efficient shooter. And Ron Harper was a beast in his own way. BJ Armstrong was good Bill Cartwright was very good piece as well. Kober had the most dominant player in the game, Shaq, on his first 3 and on the last two he had the most fundamentally sound big man not to mention another one who averaged 17 and 10. Also had the toughest on ball defender in Ron Artest. Every superstar who has won rings has other hall of famers on the team as well. Too bad that cleveland couldnt draft or get other players to come to that city to play with Lebron. Lebron’s legacy may be tainted because of that but he still is killing the game now. Plus he leads his team in every category except blocks. Did Kobe or Jordan do that for there championship teams. No.

      • angel.m says:

        Jordan not win all his titles by him self dummi!!!! Lebron know he cant win by him self…

      • someonewithabrain says:

        Have you even watched the heat play the last two seasons? Bosh and Wade are middle of the pack at best as of late..Lebron carried this years play offs.

        At cleveland Lebron had a mediocre cast and a mediocre coach. Jordan had Pippen and Phil Jackson for all of his titles and Rodman for 3…Sorry to be the one to point this out but Jordan did have a super team

        He had 2 Legitimate hall of fame players and one of the best if not THE BEST coach in history. Jordan was a big piece but he couldn’t do it without Phil and Scotty

      • Dillon says:


      • Ceezmoneyallday says:

        Stop it you don’t know what your talking about . A super team that lost to the mavs in 2011? A team that almost lost to the pacers and spurs this year ?? This is not a super team this is a beatable team they just know how to win when it counts the most. It’s funny how people talk about super team but take a look at all of the greatest players that have won rings . Magic had Kareem / worthy and vice versa. Oscar had a young Kareem. Bird had mchale/parish . Russel had Cousy/ havlecik. West had wilt/ Baylor. Jordan is probably the only exception but he is the greatest player of all time . So please stop with this hating in Lebron . There has been no player in the NBA EVER that can guard and play all 5 positions. Fastest and youngest player to 10,000 and 20,000 points . Youngest player to record a triple double , younger player to win an Allstar MVP , I can go on and on

      • His Airness says:

        Ok. The Heat are an exceptional “team”. Don’t forget Ray allen and other good solid role players. On the flipside this should not diminish Lebron’s legacy.
        Also, Of course lebron made those milestones for being the youngest ever because he entered out of high school. If MJ entered the nba out of high school, those milestones of Lebron might actually mean something.

      • Nba fanatic says:

        Calling someone the greatest of all time is and opinion. Magic Johnson to some is the G.O.A.T. To some Larry Bird is so is Michael Jordan , Kareem , Wilt , Jerry West , Oscar , Shaq, etc.
        These players was no less dominate than the other in their prime. Your G.O.A.T. depends on your personal style on basketball player.

      • K. Chief says:

        @His Airness
        MJ out of high shool would never had made it to the NBA so your point is moot. College basketball helped MJ become the player we know today.

      • Van says:

        @ceezmoney- Jerry never had Baylor. West only has one ring as a player and was in 72. Baylor wasn’t there anymore, but he did have Wilt.

  55. Yeah says:

    Yeah I agree 🙂

    The big O could beat them both.

    The things he went through u must have a sick mentality
    to play that well under those circumenstances. Even mj dedint have to go through what Oscar did

    • His Airness says:

      What Oscar Robertson went through, doesn’t make him better. Chuck cooper went through more but that doesn’t mean he was better. People from the old days will never substitute “u” for “you” which tells me you are young and never watched Oscar. Trying to use statistics to compare players from different eras is a pretty baseless exercise.

      • chigchig says:

        It is still one of the key things to use though,

        Stats, impact on the game, level of success

        If you cant compare on them 3 then you could never compare anyone to any past player ever.. and hwats the fun in that?

  56. jim ward says:

    Maybe Jordan could beat James. But Oscar Robertson could have handled both of them in his prime.