Blogtable: The MVP “Challengers”

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Is the MVP race over before it begins? Give me two players who could really challenge LeBron and what they’d have to do to make it close.

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comKevin Durant and Derrick Rose. Three second-place MVP finishes in the past four years (and one fifth) have Durant poised to benefit one of these seasons from voter fatigue, boredom or the slightest slippage in James’ game or results. Besides, Durant still is improving and has a scenario now – extended Russell Westbrook injury absence, still no James Harden replacement – where heavy lifting truly is required. As for Rose, if he were to snap back to his pre-ACL surgery, 2011 MVP form and the Bulls ripped through the East for the No. 1 seed again, his impact on Chicago’s team would be hard to deny.

Fran Blinebury, The prime reason it’s never over is how high LeBron has now set the bar for himself.  There will be voters who will look for the slightest sign of slippage, any chink in the armor, if for no other reason than the sheer boredom of simply acknowledging greatness. It’s why Kobe Bryant has only one MVP. Kevin Durant will always be right there nipping at James’ heels and in his second year without James Harden and with a recovering Russell Westbrook, if Durant can lead the Thunder to the best record in the league, he’d be a threat. My other candidate is in Houston. If a healthy Dwight Howard can put the past two years of injuries and nonsense behind him to become a dominant force in the middle at both ends of the floor and lead the Rockets to a top 2 seed in the West — and make them look like real championship contenders — he’s in the race.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE)

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comObviously Kevin Durant has to be 1A. He, like LeBron, has put the league on notice that he’ll be even better than last season. At the Thunder’s Media Day last week he declared that he’s taking his leadership to a new phase, and they’ll need it with Tuesday’s news that Russell Westbrook will miss the first four to six weeks of the season. If they roll early, Durant’s MVP stock will never be higher. Here’s my No. 2: Chris Paul. We all know he’s fantastic, but there’s been something missing. He’s now 28 and entering his ninth season, yet he’s never gotten out of the second round. Somehow, unlike other superstars, he doesn’t seem to get saddled with the “when’s-he-gonna-win-a-title?” business. Durant got roasted after losing to Memphis in the second round without Westbrook. CP3’s Clips lost to Memphis in the first round after going up 2-0. He skated as blame landed on lame-duck coach Vinny Del Negro. Doc Rivers is in charge now and that brings a new level of credibility and accountability. It’s Paul’s time to raise his game even higher.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comNo, the race is not close to over. LeBron will set the pace at the start of the season, but voters will be looking for someone else, just to not pick James every year. Kevin Durant, obviously. Chris Paul is the second nomination. If the Thunder remain among the elite despite the absence of Russell Westbrook, KD’s campaign with have a unique twist. And the Clippers at that level would be the platform of the Paul candidacy. Both are leaders.

John Schuhmann, If Kevin Durant can keep the Thunder in the West’s top four with Russell Westbrook out, it certainly enhances his candidacy. But he’s just not the defender that LeBron James is. With the upgrades that the Clippers made, Chris Paul is the other guy who should be a part of the conversation. But he will need help from his frontline, which needs to improve defensively for L.A. to truly contend for a title. If LeBron is LeBron, he’s the MVP, unless we get a narrative vote like we did in 2011.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comTheoretically, yes, the race is really the field chasing LeBron James. But technically, he has to stay healthy to win a third straight MVP. And you never know how things will play out. That said, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul have the best chances to make things interesting in the MVP race this season. They’ll have to do what they’ve always done and that’s not only put up wicked stat lines on a nightly basis but also lead their respective teams to the top of the standings opposite LeBron’s Miami Heat. A third player who could make this race interesting this season is Carmelo Anthony in New York, if he can locate that groove he was in late last season.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: To me the player right behind Bron is Kevin Durant. He hasn’t averaged fewer than 27.7 points per game over the last four seasons, and last season he finished with that ridiculous and historic 40-50-90 percentage line. With Westbrook out at least for the beginning of this season, Durant has a chance to carry the Thunder early and remind everyone that he’s the best scorer in the NBA. The other guy I’d think of is Derrick Rose, which may be wishful thinking considering he hasn’t played in an NBA game in over a year. But Rose was the last player other than LeBron to win an MVP, and since he can be such a dominant part of what the Bulls do, if Rose is healthy, I don’t see how he can be overlooked.

Karan Madhok, NBA India: The two players that I think can challenge LeBron in the MVP race this season are the same two who finished second and third in MVP voting to him last season: Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony. For Durant, who will be starting the season without Russell Westbrook, increased responsibilities could equal increased efforts and better all-around play, more rebounds, and more assists. If he can keep the Thunder among the league’s elite as well, he could be a serious MVP challenger. For Anthony, who is New York’s only consistent scoring option, an MVP award could be in sights if he matches his offensive efforts from last season but with more focus on defence and leadership, and once again helps the Knicks peak near the top of the Eastern Conference.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA BrasilKevin Durant and Derrick Rose are perennial MVP contenders and should not be discounted. Durant did get in the 50-40-90 club last year, and it still wasn’t enough to win the award, but since the East is stronger than last season, LeBron and the Heat could get a harder time shining as brightly as last season, and that could help KD. As for Rose, if he can get the 5th-seeded Bulls from last season up to the 1st seed in the East, that should probably do it to show that he is the MVP.


  1. sports fan says:

    MVP means most valuable player TO HIS TEAM. So technically a lot of player s should be considered for the award.
    Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, & Dwight Howard are the top 4 in my in my mind to be able to take it away from LeBron. Since MVP means most valuable player to the team then it can definitely be argued that Durant is more valuable to his team than LeBron is to his team since the Heat are very stacked to begin with.

  2. Shawn K says:

    In my opinion, this is my top 5 MVP candidates;

    1)LeBron James
    2)Kevin Durant
    3)Chris Paul
    4)Dwight Howard
    5)James Harden

    Now, some of you may be wondering, “where’s D-Rose?” I highly doubt that Rose will be at a MVP level this year. Even though he took more than 500 days to suit up again, he still had a torn ACL which is very difficult to come back from, especially at that level.

  3. kobe ballhog says:

    The Hammer
    October 3, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    That shows how shallow fans are they only remember last season. TP has three rings,finals MVP and multiple visits to the NBA finals and Con ference finals. Great resume in a team that doesn foster superstars like most do. LBJ got MVP for his endorsements with media which means big money in the NBA and Heat. The Spurs don’t have that we have clean and orchestrated basketball the old fashined way, stacked team will be unstacked and LBJ will be back to his underperforming acts.

    really? aint you the shallow one? Lebron with a ragtag teammates in cleveland brought them to the finals, underperforming what?

  4. NBAfan says:

    I like Paul George, but please stop hyping him up just so you can say that Lebron defeated a worthy rival….

    Lebron is in a supert stacked team in a very weak conference where the second best player (D. Rose) is seriously injured….

    When it’s all said and done, people will remember Lebron’s stats and rings…but no one will remember how he got them…

    I wish he just stayed in Cleveland and he would be a REAL legend loved by ALL….not just those who fell prey to the Jordan Program of 2010…

  5. okc2014 says:

    This will be the year of Kevin Durant. He will not have to worry anymore about being 2nd……Go Thunder!!!

  6. connor says:

    Look for Paul George to make another leap this year and get some votes as well.

  7. The Real Deal says:

    This is a list of the players I think will be on the run for MVP, keeping in mind that Rose, Westbrook, Kobe and Howard are coming from difficult injuries that surely will make it hard to have a full season to consider their true value.
    1) LeBron – reigning MVP and stats monster
    2) Durant – elite scorer, needs to be a better defender to dethrone LeBron
    3) Tony Parker – unstoppable and the quarterback of the great San Antonio offense
    4) Chris Paul – Doc will bring his A game, but they have to beat the Spurs record or Parker will end up ahead
    5) Paul George – he is a great defender and is improving exponentially scoring wise
    6) Derrick Rose – hopefully he comes back as close as he can to the player he use to be
    7) Kevin Love – all-around beast, team needs to make the playoffs and become contenders
    8) Stephan Curry – led a mediocre team to a fairly deep playoff run, needs defense
    9) Carmelo Anthony – elite scorer, needs defense and to become a better team player
    10) Dwight Howard – if he does more than James Harden, he can be the team’s MVP, but not the league’s
    This my opinion, and in no way reflects the fact that I will be a bandwagon fan for the Brooklyn Nets this coming year. Got to love the NBA!

  8. The Hammer says:

    Three players more worthy than LBJ for MVP:
    Kevin D
    Tony Parker

  9. The Hammer says:

    LBJ is a great player but not a real MVP becuase he is getting the kudos while attached to a very stacked team. I say go back to Cleveland or any middle of the road team and show us that you can win in that team, when LBJ does that and win then he can wear the rings and the MVP award until then keep them out of sight. Not a real MVP but a made up one by the NBA elite.

    • astar23 says:

      Another lebron hater. He carried cavs to the finals. Kobe wasn’t alone when he took his team to the finals, MJ wasn’t I guess those guys arent real champions and MVPs. You are a moron.

  10. pierrepaul says:

    the tunder team need a nother transaction to wins the finals someting big like kevin garnett, Dirik nevensiki or kevin love to wins they need a good third option beause naw it only durant in wesbrook

  11. Dillon says:


  12. Bruno says:

    What about a healthy Kevin Love? I hope the timberwolves finally make a big splash and get out of that slump/curse.


  14. Shady says:

    After seeing Durant yelling at his teammates and his body language in Memphis’ closeout game in this year’s playoffs,I wouldn’t think about giving him the MVP.

  15. Erlo says:

    Rose is not and never was the MVP. Rose is NOT that good.

  16. J.E. says:

    I seriously think that the person who will have a breakout season this year is none other Deron Williams.
    Call me crazy but, with the additions of KG, The Truth, AK-47, and many other players, Deron now has more weapons to go out there and shot the NBA what he’s truly made out of.
    1. Deron Williams.
    2.Lebron James.
    3. James Harden.

  17. kobrick says:

    people who dont understand basketball think difficult shot makers are the best players

    its why idiots think kobe is better than tim duncan…gtfo

  18. kobrick says:

    i love people who dont know s***

    kobrick only has 1 mvp beause he led his team to one of the best records for 1 year

    in 2005 no playoffs, in 06 low seed

    in 2003 Tim duncan was the best player in the game, in 2004 KG Was the best in the game, and in 2005 Shaq/Nash were the best

    in 2006 kobe was still the best scorer, never the best player….wade was by far the best in 2006

    • joegore says:

      Lebron has put himself in a position to be on the best team for the next 5 years sooo having good stats isnt enough you have to have a great record too lebron is on a stacked team the mvp race is rigged he will win every year they created a super team lebron resume is tarnished people dnt examine the facts

    • zampadivolpe says:

      Just to clarify something. It doesn’t exist just the NBA. Did you forget the ridicolous US national team in 2004 and 2005?? Where were Duncan, James and Wade?? On the field.
      When did US team come back to the vicotry? In 2008. Who was on the court? Kobe Bryant

  19. Dee.jay says:

    U guys got all wrong in my opinion, Paul George and Derrick rose are the challengers in this one.

  20. I think KD or CP3 will win it this year. not becuase they will be the best players, but becuase lebron has won it back2back. i think for lebron to win it he must lead the heat to an even better regular season record than last year, and i dont see that happening with them having that 27 game win streak and all.

    cant wait for the season to start, to watch how Dirk Dwade lebron kobe(when he returns) duncan and all those guys play.

  21. LoyalSixersFan says:

    Last year in my opinion Tony Parker was the best PG in the league. He led his team and no other PG did that. CP3 got knocked out. And no other PG in the play offs last year was on his level. but for this season for MVP it’d be out of bron DRose and KD

  22. CSTOKES says:

    Don’t really agree with the Kobe non sense going on here and how he just shoots too much, doesn’t make his team mates better or whatever and how LBJ, Melo and all of them are better than Kobe. First of all don’t forget that they’re not from the same generation and that Kobe at his age is really an impressive player, many players from his generation are already gone…then saying he does not make his team mates better is not correct…need I mention Dereck Fisher and Ron Artest who basically hit the winning three in the 201 finals? Yes Kobe had Shaq and many other players in his first 3 rings…the last 2 he didn’t. Lebron is a great player, yes, and the best in the world right now yes, but I don’t think you could easily compare the two….and Lebron didn’t win until he got to Miami with Wade and Bosh, not to forget Battier et Miller who have a tremendous impact in those finals…So yeah Lebron is great, no denying that, but also show respect where respect is due because Kobe may not have 4 MVPs and only one, but he does 5 rings and will be considered one of the best that ever did it when he retires.

  23. Bongoman says:

    Sleepers: Tony Parker, Paul George, Dwight Howard and Curry.

  24. mess51 says:

    It’s interesting how no one even mentions Paul George. Realistically with his all around game, I’d the Pacers get the number 1 seed which they could, and he remains consistent as he did last season, he could contend for the MVP. I’d nothing else his name should be thrown in the hat since he and the Pacers have the potential to dethrone 5he mighty heat themselves. Don’t sleep on George and Indiana! #shoutouttoNaptown

  25. Akis says:

    When he put 50 points per game and was the only superstar of the lakers kobe had how many wins? one time 2009 67-15 and then he had some good teammates. Kobe was no MVP. The best player in the world in his prime yes but no MVP. You dont score 81 by chance. Even if you want to and try to it is unbelievably difficult. He was the best but no MVP.

  26. nAsh says:

    MVP that disappears in crucial moments.. (thank you ray allen)

    • NBAfan says:

      Thank you Chris Bosh first..for being the Reason a big was taken out in the situation and getting Lebron’s miss…why didn’t you just not grab that rebound so that Lebron and his super stacked team is 1 for 3 in the finals…

      Admit it Lebron and your legions…you got saved big time…by the third wheel and a real champ…Ray Allen

  27. Akis says:

    Name me 1 player just one player who with players like Varejao, Moon,Williams,Inglauskas,Jamison,Hickson and Gibson had records 61-21 and 66-16. Please give one name. One team that had over 60 wins with that roster. thats why he was MVP then. Cause he had over 60 wins with those players surrounding him which means he made them all better and he was the best player in the NBA. In 2011-12 the lockout season you can argue with that MVP if you want cause it wasnt so clear, he didnt have the best record but still was the best player. About last year 4 things 27 straight , unreal stats , best record in the NBA, best player in the league.

    • NBAfan says:

      People say Lebron is a TEAM player, but keeps bringing up how he did EVERYTHING in cleveland…

      Don’t forget Cleveland’s 6th man of the year…the NBA…

  28. Bulldog 34 says:

    Lebron is highly overrated as a defensive player. Against sub-par talent he shines. But, when he matched up against Durant, Melo, or Pierce, they all did him bad. He gets on highlight reels when he has to chase someone down from behind to cover up his offensive mistakes. Rarely do you see him block a shot when he is guarding his man. HIs jump shot and freethrows are suspect. Many times you have seen him throwup bricks in crunch time. Durant is a far superior onball defender and scorer than Lebron. The media is the only reason Lebron won the MVP. Melo puts up comparable numbers as Lebron. But, his team is not as good as the Heat. But, the Knicks give the Heat hell everytime they play. Nobody can stop Melo or Durant.

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Melo is nothing but a ball hog tht misses more than half his shots he is not a team player. And durant needs to put on some weight cuz Lebron will jus run through both of them Melo will never be a lebron James period

  29. Abdul Camid says:

    These Lebron haters just can’t accept the fact that lebron is really better than everyoe. nuff said.

  30. Freakin' hater Ehh says:

    Just wait and watch Indiana become 2014 Champs dude! Watch them dethrone Miami and Paul George claims his first MVP. I’ve already seen the future includiing YOURS!

  31. Freakin' hater Ehh says:

    LBJ better than KOBE? thats why Mike (MJ) said “he could beat anyone in his prime except for Kobe…”

  32. adrien delmas says:

    What about Tony Parker?

  33. kenneth says:

    they will continue to give lebron mvps. he’s the nba’s bread and butter. the babied jordan and they will baby him also

  34. European point of view says:

    The season will show us who are the candidates for the MVP title. Now we can just look back to the 2012-2013 season and see how the top players performed then. It’s been a long summer since the end of the season and all the players have changed, as we all do constantly.

    If LeBron James really is even better now, as he said, it would be just wrong not to give the MVP honors to him. I mean, just look at the way he plays, the way he is. Last season from Tony Parker was good, really good. I remember him saying to Tim Duncan that he’ll get them to the finals, he’ll get Duncan another ring. Well, they got to the finals, right? They got to the last quarter of Game 7 but that was too much for little Tony. I wanna see how this has affected on his game and how he will play next season. I mean, losing in the finals is always great motivation. Just look what happened to Miami Heat in 2011. But it’s so hard for a point guard to win an MVP trophy. The last one was Rose, the one before that Nash and the one before that Iverson (who isn’t even a point guard, really). Even tho’ I admire Tony Parker and love everything about his game I don’t think his name should be mentioned in a group of MVP point guards such as the people I mentioned before.

    Then there is Carmelo Anthony. What has he ever done? From Denver to Knicks he has been an all star and among the top players in the league, but really. Just look at the Knicks’ last season, I have no faith in him anymore.

    Kevin Durant, he is great and I love his style, but there is just something missing. I don’t think he’ll be able to carry OKC on his back. As a scorer he is in the top 2 of the league, no doubt. As a basketball player, maybe not as high. But getting better.

    Anything could happen in LA too, I am really thrilled to see Kobe-Pau-Steve trio in action, now without Howard and with D’Antoni having the luxury of more time with his team. Just think of the names and what they could do, there is two MVPs in that team. Two. Two old MVPs and no depth on the bench, tho’.

    I don’t know, the season will show us. It is impossible to say for sure now and useless to speculate. Time will show, but right now I’d say the race is over, there just is no player as good or as valuable to their teams as LeBron James.

    PS. All of you not believing in Dwyane Wade: I am not sure if you even watch him play anymore. Watch Miami’s games from the playoffs and the finals, just watch how Wade played during those last weeks of the season. Wade was as great as a player can be with his injuries, seeing a little bit of the old Flash just made me smile. He is still out of the MVP conversation, but if he now is healthy I think we’ll see one heck of a season from him. That’s at least what I hope, I guess.

  35. dreadyjun says:

    No one can catch him. Everyone knows MVP doesn’t always go to the player who deserve it. How lechoke get mvps is really stupid.

    • Lebronjamesthebest says:

      Really? How does he choke? Ur so pathetic. He won basically by himself during the pacers series and he demolished and closed out the spurs game 7 u obviously just a jealous hater

  36. J says:

    unless lebron somehow gets a season ending injury its pretty much impossible right now to beat him for the mvp award. but I will name 2 players

    if Kevin Durant averages 30.7pts, 11reb, 6 ast, 1.9stl and 2.3 blocks he will be a great contender
    if derrick rose can get say… 25pts, 8.5 ast, 4.9 reb and 2.8 stl then I will put him next to lebron

    I still say lebron james gets it

  37. chi says:

    Steffen Curry! Dont forget Golden State, the team that that became a treath to the western conference..

  38. Stephan says:

    you might be right about that, however I don’t think he will win it. but it could be possible that they are talking about him this season

  39. NBAfan says:

    MVP no longer equals Most Valuable Player….it literally is Most VOTED Player…it’s a popularity thing…and we all know how most people feel about Kobe…..

    his 1 MVP…..cause they couldn’t DENY him any longer….(Nash 2-time MVP…really? Dirk…really?)…I think that’s worth more than the 4 “MVP”s that the writers wanted to give Lebron….

    Lebron received 4….Kobe TOOK 1!

  40. Ludo says:

    And once again, CP3 is mentioned and TP9 is forgotten…until April

  41. BRONDO says:

    RONDO!!! no one else!

  42. mattchew says:


  43. DR BBAL says:

    CP3? Paul George? Drose maybe?

  44. Karlo Garcia says:

    No, the MVP race is far from over.
    1) Tony Parker & 2) Kevin Durant. What both Parker & Durant have to do is both be consistent with there play night in night out & be healthy.

  45. The RAMON says:

    if lebron stays healthy this year.. all other arguments will become moot and academic..

  46. Kobe-Nash-Pau-Carmelo-Lebron@Manila says:

    Wow…… Full of Kobe hater here…. Wait next year and you will know that they can co-exist in a TEAM.. IN LA!!!

  47. Chris Szczepanski says:

    how about letting the season play out before announcing that LBJ has the MVP in the bag. Most hated part of the off season = speculation… let the boyz play ball


    MVP needs to be changed anyway the voting is basically going to the best player in the league NOT who took they team from horrible and lead them to a good record and put up great number but people dont look at it like that anymore i guess nobody remembers AI and his booty sixer team and leading them with his pure talent and skill to the finals


    Paul geroge has the skill to really become a contender for the MVP title and with the new peices in INDY i feel they can get it done this year as long as Paul stays aggressive and keep attacking the basketball like last season he could be right up there with kd lebron and tony parker for the MVP conversation that just what i think

    • Ty Nesby says:

      I know people are going to be like WTF but as stated earlier the East have gotten thougher and I think Rudy Gay and the Raptors can make some noise… I mean it was said that the guy was literally playing with bad vision all these seasons and I’m just curious as to what he’ll do now that he’s gotten his eyes fixed… Once again bipolar mf’s just a thought lol… Who knows maybe he’ll finally be the awesome player those who’ve watched him knows get can be

  50. goldenstate alltheway says:

    MVP is now morelikely a celebrity voting poll imo,Lebron is always in the NBA media and always a talk for people. Lebron was a Final MVP for 2 consecutive years and 4 times NBA MVP ,and he might take his 3rd Final MVP this year or 5th NBA MVP, but lets all be clear, WITHOUT WADE and his ALL-STAR TEAM, he wouldnt able to get those in a silver platter. yes he worked hard for it but we all know WADE and his ALL-STAR TEAM is backing him up to get those.

  51. Emmanuel says:

    KD missing Westbrook actually hurts his chances rather than helps them. He’ll get a lot more turnovers trying to play point-forward (he is already turnover prone), less open looks without RW breaking down D’s for the kickout 3’s (his shooting pct. will be lower), and the Thunder will struggle to stay in top 3 in the East (Russell wont be 100% even when he comes back, so it’s essentially 2/3 of the season without him). If the Bulls win 55+ and D.Rose plays in at least 70 games, he is the pick. The more likely scenario is that Paul will lead the Clips to 60 wins and get his 1st, since Doc is the best coach he’s ever played for, and this is the most talented team he’s been on.

  52. Milk says:

    Fact # 1Kobe is great no question, Fact# 2 during his 1st 3 chips he was the number 2 guy… Fact # 3 Kobe has never won chips without great or topnotch bigmen (Shaq Pao Andrew & Lamar)… Fact 4 the 2years Overrated Nash won the MVP for IDK what the league gave Kobes MVPs away… these are the reasons he only has one MVP… and dont forget da Lakers superteam… Shaq Kobe, Mailman and da Glove …. Kobe has 5 chips only 2 final MVP not da GOAT like but GREAT…

  53. Dave says:

    The only player who will stop Lebron from getting another MVP……. is Lebron James..period. His ridiculous numbers ecilpsed anyone elses in the modern game and if he continues playing at this high level nobody else will catch him. If i was to pick anyone other players to be a threat I’d say Durant & Melo.

    • OldCelt says:

      Durant does not defend as well as James does and Melo does not defend period. Melo needs to have 45 PPG to have a shot at MVP.

  54. erek says:

    Just gonna throw this in there. Steph curry will be talked about as well, he will break the threes record AGAIN and with healthy talent and an improving defense around him and the floor spacing/ fastbreak situations with iggy added he could easily average 26 and 8 while joining the 50 40 90 club. Pay the man his respect now please!

    • OldCelt says:

      For Curry it’ll not be about how many 3s he jacks up but rather about whether he can go from 26-8 to 26-11 or even to 26-12. As a PG your role is to make others better. Now that he has lots of weapons around him its up to him to use em right. If he does it and if his defense improves to a point where he shuts down opposing ball-handlers I’m sure he’ll be in that MVP race.

  55. danks says:

    Kevin durant to win the mvp this year. He gonna step up in the absence of RW

  56. brio says:


  57. goopsplash says:

    We all know that Javale Mcgee should be in the conversation… Let’s all be real and put him on the table. He really deserves an MVP.

  58. Dingo Rob says:

    Lebron has the best chance to win because he is the best player, people need to vote for the best player regardless of history. It makes me sick that his success will hinder his votes when I think about it. He ain’t playing forever and it’s disrespectful to the legacy he is creating.

    Good luck Durant hope you step it up and be good enough to win it still

  59. Proper says:

    What really make me upset with These writers is how do you not come into the year with a clean slate. Last season is last season.. If your mind is partially made up before the season starts you are not objective as journalist and person who votes for mvp.. I really thing a few years james won others were more deserving.

    • chigchig says:

      you could give it to James every year he was a cav and it would be deserving.. I aint a james fan.. just a fan of greatness.. i think now in miami the fact that he puts up near identical numbers while shooting less and being in a team with more dominant ppl is just proving he is the best in the league by acoupla margins

  60. Kdawg says:

    Miami Heat is my team and I stay by them as the greatest team in the league, but looking at is a Fan of the NBA, I would say Stephen Curry could be a threat in the MVP mentioning’s. Rose coming back also?? Tony Parker shooting, layups, 3’s, great point guard? Durant? There are many players out there, from watching last season’s, that left me hoping LeBron gets better because the MVP spot is not totally secured !

    • OldCelt says:

      +1 for mentioning Steph. Now that they got Iggy if they all stay healthy GS is a dangerousely dangerous team.

  61. Saeed says:

    LeBron James might not win the MVP because do you know how difficult dominating his last season performance is?

    To all who says guys hate Kobe: No one hates Kobe, the only thing is that we can not understand why a guy should be praised only by his championships when he has NOT been MVP in half of those?
    If Kobe is one of the greatest of All-time, then Norris Cole also has two championships entering his third season and thus he is one of the top 100 players of all-time, right?!!!

  62. eliot says:

    The finals change I would like to see: Give the team from the conference with the stronger record the home court advantage.
    For a San Antonio to need to have a better record than Miami is just ridiculous given the different level of competition across conferences.

  63. gfaasfdfasdfasdfdf says:


  64. x6janeo says:

    50-40-90 or 40-50-90? You had both stat lines in the article.

  65. rusty says:

    nah… I am sick of this all Lebron hype… hey let’s be realistic.. he is not the best basketball player right now..
    He is the best player because of this media hype and all those propagandas… tssskskkk…. sickening blog…

    • Pakyaw says:

      @ rusty, “let’s be realistic”?.. Look who’s!.. Hate makes you blind sometimes..

    • Ilovelebronjames says:

      Ur a joke lebron James is 250 pounds of pure muscle and he’s a beast at this game. Haters always gonna hate. You obviously dunt watch the FREIGHT t TRAIN play

    • Kome the Black dumba says:

      I am no Lebron fan but tell me who is. If there’s a prime MJ there will be no doubt who the best is but now? I say it’s lebron because of his all around skills.

  66. The beast says:

    How can y’all be the only team with home grown talent?!?!? Spurs drafted tony Manu Duncan Nando de colo Cory Joseph and Tiago splitter…yea y’all have a lot of home grown but y’all aren’t the only team with home grown talent

  67. OKC says:

    It cracks me up that so many commenters are counting out OKC and say we are done, when all the experts whose opinions actually mean something all agree that Kevin Durant is going to be the second best, if not the best, player in the league. People are already saying RIP Thunder and Russell is only out for a month @_@. It blows my mind that so many people hate on the Thunder when we are the only elite team who has only home grown talent. We didn’t buy our stars in free-agency or get some desperate team to trade us their star. I know why people hate Russ, because America can’t handle a confidant black man who isn’t cowed into acting goody goody for reports. I think if more people knew Westbrooks story, and about KP3 and what he did for his friends family, than they might understand why he plays with so much emotion and energy.

    It’s all good to me though, at least we don’t have as many terrible bandwagon fans and it gives us something to prove.

    • Dr. Dre says:

      “we are the only elite team who has only home grown talent.” beach pleas!! Have you met the SPURS?!?!?

  68. Bucks4Life says:

    Dumb idea Fran. Kobe got his 2 Finals MVP’s when he should only have gotten 1. He made it clear he’ll be happier with $30 mil a year vs MVP awards.

    Unless Miami goes again for best record in the league, LeBron’s # of MVP’s is probably over. Other teams and players are gonna step up, and LeBron and Miami are likely gonna stall at some point this season.

    MVP list: 1) KD 2) D-Rose 3) Tony Parker – Spurs could have the best record in the league by 5 wins, and he still wouldn’t win it. 4) CP3 5) Paul George – He’s knocking on that MVP race door.

    • OldCelt says:

      I like the way you thinking with Paul George there. Its all gonna depend on who wins East Conference tho. If Miami does George won’t have a chance at MVP no matter how good he playes.

      Same way if an epic miracle happens and say Detroit wins East then whoever leads them to finals (Monroe, Smith, Jennings etc.) will have a good chance at MVP as well, coz to actually get Detroit into finals you need to play REALLY good.

      I am also surprised that nobody considers Nets players as possible candidates. I mean last season was horrible if you think about the roster they had, but if they do start playing basketball then anything can happen. I don’t see how KG or Pierce can get MVP at this stage but Deron can, Lopez can, maybe even JJ can.

  69. Markus71 says:

    Kevin Durant! With a 10% drop off in R.Westbrooks production (injury?) & a younger on court team. Kevin will continue to be a facilitator & coming to terms with that increase in work-load, he’ll will find his energy levels more sufficient to score as he has always scored! Along with another Conference leading season! MVP!? This year or next for the Title!

  70. Ro says:

    Kobe has one MVP, cos the other winners were more valuable! From when Kobe was really good, til now, who could you have Kobe win instead of? Duncan, nope. KG, nope, Nash, maybe but team record wasnt good. Dirk, possible argument. Lebron, nope, nope, nope and nope. Rose, nope. Kobe’s lack of MVP’s has nothing to do with his personal life, or jacking up shots. Individual value combined with team record is how its won.
    Just because you’re a great player doesnt mean you should have MVP’s. Should MJ have won more of them in the 80’s? Probably not, as his team wasnt at the elite level.
    TP gets overlooked as the Spurs are such a solid, disciplined team. If Parker was out, they’re still a very good team. Nothing against Tony, he is one of the better PG’s in the league. Just how good/professional the Spurs are.
    And lastly, Wade has the ability to be an MVP type player. He isnt going to try that, as he has LBJ there. They’ve learned to compliment each other and win rings. Why would he come back for his own personal glory at age 31?!!

    • Dr. Dre says:

      TP gets overlooked because he´s French… Parker is the only ball handler in the team, a lot of the time when he´s out they strugle. If the Spurs had another ball handler (not counting Ginobili because he played terribly) they would have beaten the Heat. The only one who could guard TP9 was James and when that hapened the ball handler was Ginobili and he couldn´t make it hapen. With another ball handler Spurs were the Champs.

      • RG says:

        which is exactly why the Spurs picked up Belinelli this offseason, another ball handler to help take the pressure off of Parker and Ginobili.

    • alf C says:

      Duncan was head in shoulders the Best Power forward while Kobe was a top 5 shooting Guard hell i think vince Carter before the injury was better than Kobe

  71. Ladipo says:

    For wade, he is deserves to be there but rose and parker offer more to their teams than him.

  72. Ladipo says:

    To be honest I don’t think Carmelo is the kind of player to mentioned in this MVP race… Nowitzki, Cp3, Durant, parker and Rose are lebron’s contenders for the title

  73. Eduardo Moy says:


  74. TonyANYONE? says:

    I thought Tony Parker would not be overlooked anymore, since his perfomance last season… Well, looks like he still is. I mean come on. The guy is a beast, and carried his team to the NBA Finals where they almost beat the best team in the NBA. How can he not even be mentionned in this article. Add to his resume his recent European championship. He is one of the top 5 players in the league right now, just very slighlty below LBJ, KD and Chris Paul

  75. NOCHIPSNYC says:

    What are you smoking? I need some of that!!! All Wade is poised for, is another ride on the Le Bron train to the final. He needs to work on that jump shot. Flash is no more.

    • YoYo says:

      That is so disrespectful to Wade…If wade decide to take over and not let LBJ shine anymore he could but he’s a team player and wants rings…

      • The Voice Of Reason says:


        Everytime Wade is on the break he is looking to get LeBron the alley-oop dunk. If he did a Kobe/Melo, even a LeBron and kept it for himself, his ppg would be WAY higher! He also knows that right now his injuries mean he can’t be as explosive/agile as “The Flash” of years past so he looks to create for others. Wade is the absolute definition of a team player.

        I not a Heat fan at all but I can recognize a team player when I see them 🙂

      • Ilovelebronjames says:

        Lebron will always shine no matter what he does

  76. cloudskater says:

    yes im surprised tony parker wasnt mentioned in the discussion..i also do believe kobe deserved atleasts 3 mvps. reason being that he was the best player in the league for at least six years straight statistically whether he was sellfish or not he put in work. besides that everything else is pretty acurate

  77. Dyron says:


  78. Cripple Rapist says:

    Romeo Aguirre that is BECAUSE kobe doesn’t make his team mates better…. It’s not all from scoring… rings means team achievement… season MVP means, How valuable you are on a team…. you mean horry’s 7 rings > than mj 6 rings??? or Bill russell 11 rings better than all of them???

    • juggernaut584 says:

      So if Gasol only made one all star team as a reserve in 2006 for Memphis, Bynum never made the all-star team, and Lamar Odom never won 6th man of the year until he played with Kobe, doesn’t that mean they got better when they played with him? Didn’t they go further in the playoffs than they had ever been with their previous teams? Kobe doesn’t win MVP’s because…. A) The Lakers don’t usually have the best record in the league or the conference, and B) The media doesn’t really like Kobe like that. You can’t really believe that the leader of a championship team won rings without elevating the play of his teammates. You can’t win like that.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


        That’s your reason why Kobe only has 1 MVP … 17 years ? looooool

        Or is it because the MVP is given to the Most Valuable Player, not the player who jacks up 30 shots a game and doesn’t make his teammates better. but in fact makes his teammates want to leave ..(shaq)… and makes other all-stars not want to play with him (Dwight Howard) loooool…. Kobe is no better than Melo, or KD .. the only thing different is the fact that Shaq brought Kobe along for three championships early in his career and in doing so has elevated Kobe’s status to the point that Kobe is in the same convo with MJ & LBJ… LOL … Kobe should grateful to Shaq for the rest of his life… MJ had 5 …LBJ has 4 …… Kobe is lucky to have ……… 1

      • RG16 says:

        you’re just another fricken kobe hater. he’s great, one of the best. if you watched him play and put your stupid hating away for a while, you would realize that.

      • RealistLakersFan says:

        MVP DOES NOT EQUAL Most Valuable Player. The MVP voting is no longer as it used to be. MVP is really now MVTP, which is Most valuable TEAM player.

        From 2003-2010 Kobe was clearly head and sholders above the rest of the leauge (maybe not so much around 2010 as Lebron was prolly right on his heel or on par at that stage). There was not a coach in the NBA that would not have taken Kobe during those years. He was a BEAST. He could single handedly win you games more than he lost them (and he did lose some for Lakers).

        If coaches were voting, I can guarantee Kobe would have atleast 3 MVPs. Unfortunately MVP voting is now done by the media and we all know how mcuh the media loves Kobe (this is a sarcastic statement btw). Media is so high on Lebron its not funny. I wouldnt be surprised if he ends up winning 7 or 8 MV(T)Ps. Hes still got another 4-5 yrs of his prime left and he has laready won 4.

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      Thank you juggernaut kobe does make his teammates better maybe not the same way lebron does it but he does make them better please watch these players closely and you will agree

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      I can tell you don’t watch these players the way I do Gasol, Bynum, and Odom all improved their game why because they played with kobe. If kobe would have never been accused of rape I grantee he would’ve won more Mvps it’s clear you don’t watch basketball the way real fans do

      • Kome the Black dumba says:

        Please Gasol already established his post and all around game when he’s in Vancouver. Kobe stunned the f’growth on Bynum(which I think he’s just a soso player.) and Odom? Please son.

        I cannot think of anyone who plays better when they are around Kobe. Please list some and entertain us.

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      It’s clear you don’t watch basketball

    • YoYo says:

      Always respect Kobe but 1 MVP is all he deserved, saying Laker is always a stacked team, go check their salary caps for each season and you will see…

    • Ilovelebronjames says:


  79. manie says:

    wade is poised to take the driver seat in Miami although he will not be better than LeBron, wade will lead the heat in scoring making James look less valuable than he really is

    • Chunk says:

      I like you, but you’re crazy man.

    • YoYo says:

      More like Wade will have his mins cut to keep him healthy for playoffs

    • LeggoHEAT says:

      I wish Wade would be in the MVP conversation but you and I both know that’s not gonna happen while LBJ is in town. And I’m not sure if Dwyane will be leading the scoring either, maybe in steals but he’ll just be 2nd in everything else.

      • Kome the Black dumba says:

        People really that dumb? Wade is a winner and want to play team ball. He doesn’t care about individual stats anymore. That guy was a finals MVP , literally won a chip on his own and can go to Lebron(which people consider now best player) toe to toe. He was the King of miami and he put his ego down and let another guy come over and take his team and now he has 3 chips. Would Kobe let D12 take his place as the Man in his team? I think we all know how that turns out. Wade> Kobe in better teamate, better winner and better all around player.

      • PAULGEORGEFAN says:

        Dwade did not win it on his own that a fact he scored alot yes but the D they had inside the paint saved them from going down 3-0 after they stopped dirk they was able to win the series

  80. Romeo Aguirre says:

    Kobe should have at least 3 Mvps but since people don’t like kobe I think that’s the reason why he only has one in 2010 he hit alot of game winning shots but every time lebron got an MVP kobe got a ring so it’s all good

    • Pakyaw says:

      He’s lucky to have one already..

    • OmgSTUDY says:

      what? are u high?

    • Dawg says:

      Where do you live ??

    • YoYo says:

      Goes to show you the stacked team Kobe always on and LBJ never had…

      • YoYoYo says:

        Lebron’s last 2 MVPs were on the most stacked teams in the league, perhaps more stacked than any team Kobe’s ever been on.

      • Kome the Black dumba says:

        And Lebron won MVP on his stacked team(wade and bosh) and Kobe lost to Shaq for MVP awards on his stacked team. Now who’s better? Clearly Lebron now is the man on his heat championship team and Shaq was the man on those championship team. Kobe? Just riding coattails to prime shaq years. Remember those airballs 3s against the Jazz in the playoffs?

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        Lebron was robbed of MVP because he was on a stacked team.
        Kobe was never “robbed”. He never stood out on his stacked team.
        Lebron stood out in his stacked team. And his all around game kept improving.
        Kobe’s game wasn’t really changing. Top notch defender, always one of the best if not the best scorer, but no real adjustments made for his team. And he never stood out over Shaq, unlike Lebron who came to Miami and became the Batman to Wade’s Robin. And you know what? BOTH wade AND lebron became better for it.
        Wade accepted a more humble role and Lebron really became a very unselfish player and grew his game in ways that benefit his already stacked team.
        It’s not about the “haters”. There are as many people hating Lebron as there was hating Kobe. But on the court the game speaks for itself. Kobe’s game, great as it was (and still is), is nothing more than a selfish version of Jordan’s game.

        Kobe will always be second to MJ.
        Lebron will be the first Lebron.

    • Brodie says:

      HAHA People Don’t like Kobe? No maybe not but just as many people don’t like Bron either and he still managed. And By the way im not really a fan of either. Theyre pretty even to me

    • gevo says:

      Really? Im pretty sure lebron got 2 mvps and 2 rings to go with that. And kobe does not deserve 3 mvps lol he isnt the most valuable player in the league he just jacks up shots.

    • Van says:

      Not every time Romeo. Lebron has back to back MVP’S and back to back rings. Hell eventually have more rings than Kobe, and way more MVPs than him. So stop hating. Lebron is already the second greatest player to ever played and he might just end up in first

    • He didn’t deserve it the year he got it. Chris paul was lightyears ahead statistically and for what he did with his team. Kobe got a lifetime achievement award disguised as an MVP

  81. mee(a)t says:

    Really? Tony Parker doesn’t get mentioned?

    • YoYo says:

      Park isn’t even the MVP is his team…IMO

      • who? duncan? he will retire soon…parker is the MVP of his team

      • YoYo says:

        Without Parker Spur still makes playoff, without Duncan Spurs are doom…You tell me

      • Another Heat Fan says:

        you are both wrong
        A) Parker is the MVP on his team
        B) Parker could not win MVP of the league, because even though he is a candidate he is not the best point guard in the league so to give him MVP would be a crime against Chris Paul.

      • The Hammer says:

        That shows how shallow fans are they only remember last season. TP has three rings,finals MVP and multiple visits to the NBA finals and Con ference finals. Great resume in a team that doesn foster superstars like most do. LBJ got MVP for his endorsements with media which means big money in the NBA and Heat. The Spurs don’t have that we have clean and orchestrated basketball the old fashined way, stacked team will be unstacked and LBJ will be back to his underperforming acts.

      • Logic Matters says:

        The Hammer, are you dumb? if we were to count the achievements, stat lines, and contributions to their respective teams of every player from before the year in discussion for the MVP award then that defeats the purpose of declaring an MVP yearly. they should have declared an MVP every decade or so… LOL. your reasoning is stupid and bias is clouding your brain cells, better get some acid and wash that imbecility away brother.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      KD is not that far behind LeBron. He will be the face of the league one day.

      • cccc says:

        yes but lebron will be the best player on the planet for atleast 5-6 years more. and the scary thing is that lebron might get better next couple of years.

      • KDfan35 says:

        whos Lebron its all Kevin Durant

      • KDfan35 says:

        you guys are forgetting Stephen Curry the most dominant point guard ever better than rose

      • The Hammer says:

        LBJ is great but let get him in a team that is not stacked and see if he is who the elite have paid him to be….an underperformer then, that is why he would not go to a team like the Cavs again because they are not stacked like he wants it. Not the MVP but the underperformer MVP (made up)

      • Jorge says:

        @The Hammer, you seem to forget that LeBron won two of his four MVP’s playing for the Cavaliers. It is common for a great player to lead their team’s stat lines and score much more than average due to lacking enough talent around them to share the ball and scoring responsibilities, these teams often lose a lot of games so these stars do not usually get the MVP-nod. LeBron took a fairly average / team in the Cavs and consistently kept it on the top of the league (failing to finish it in the post-season, I give you that.) So, you either cannot make a simple search or simply do not know what you are talking about.