Wade, Harden Confirm … The Feud Is Real

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There’s no faking this feud.

Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade didn’t stage their social media back-and-forth earlier this week. It’s legit. And it’s been confirmed by Wade, who took offense to Durant suggesting he’s not a top 10-player in the league right now, and James Harden, the player Durant said he’d replace Wade with on the top 10 list Sports Illustrated produced.

Both Harden and his new Houston Rockets teammate, Dwight Howard, confirmed to CSNHouston.com that the views expressed by Durant and Wade were genuine. And Harden agreed with his good friend and former Oklahoma City Thunder running mate Durant that he belongs in the top 10.

Howard weighing in on this debate adds another interesting twist. No player in the league has spent more time in the social media crosshairs the past two years. But now that he’s aligned with Harden in Houston, Howard was bound to get pulled into the mix:

My main man Ethan J. Skolnick of Bleacher Report asked Wade about the validity of the statements exchanged by both sides and Wade made it clear that it was real and not some stunt from guys who have shared commercial interests (Gatorade) in the past.

Now that we have that cleared up, we can move on to the next phase of this mess — when these guys have to rehash this whole mess during media day and training camp in both Oklahoma City and Miami.


  1. Hall of Fame is about what have you done in the past. Player ranking is about what can you do today. If I have to draft a team for my fantasy squad or play GM for real today, I choose James Harden over Dwayne Wade today. Harden hasn’t even peaked yet, and with Howard, Lin, Parsons backing him up Harden will be even more dominant than he was last year.

  2. Usaf says:

    harden had one good year, does not put him in the top ten.

  3. ray says:

    wade is better then harden anyway..

  4. Charles young says:

    Both are great players as far as I’m concerned and harden has made his mark, if it’s that important create a top twenty !!

  5. MIND BLOW !!! says:

    I can`t believe that you listen to this baby Durant, he is 0 without Russell Westbrook !! And that was proved last playoff… He is just jealous on Wade.. Wade is 1000000 times better then Harden and Durant if you consider their best years, and you will see my point in 10 years when they all retire !! GO WADE YOU ARE GOAT TO ALL OF THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. anthony says:

    wade is not the same from 2006 no more and i dont wana here shi about injuries!! obe and ai had a ton of them !!

  7. anthony says:

    u r pathetic !! wade hasent been the same past 4 years . just a regular 2 guard!! harden was getting 40 off the bench when he playd with okc!! are u guys freaking serious ?? stop living off 2006 # stop it 1111

  8. bill anderson says:

    Its just motivation for the heat

  9. Hugh says:

    Doesn’t matter,a healthy Kobe is still the best shooting guard in the game and last year was still,in my opinion,the best player in the league and had he not gone down things could have been very different. The Lakers were gelling at the time of his injury. If Kobe returns at 90 percent of last year,with Gasol able to move without Howard clogging it up and with athleticism of Young,Johnson and Farmar….Lakers will be MUCH better than last season.

  10. Tlach says:

    I just want to see a team who would pick Harden over Wsde. Please, it would be really funny.
    Yes Howard, Harden is 24, yes he has potential but top 10 players in the NBA.? A straw man, no logic at all,

  11. Joven says:

    Yeah KD and Harden are both 24 they were great players, no doubt. But Wade at the age of 24, he won his 1st championship already and won Finals MVP too. performance speak my man..

  12. Anz says:

    Let’s not forget wade is a 10 times better defender then harden. I’d take Harden for this season though, only because of Wade’s health issues.

  13. James says:

    Will everyone just forget about anything that happened over a year ago when discussing who is better NOW. Its not the top 10 players from the past 5-10 years, its the top 10 players NOW! So Wades first ring definitely isn’t part of the calculations, his second is debatable. Either of their stats over several seasons isn’t part of the debate either. Its a debate over who is better NOW, get it.

  14. Ryan says:

    Wade needs to work on his outside shooting if he wants to stay in the top ten.

  15. forreal says:

    are you guys kidding me ??? Harden is not a top ten player in the league, he had one good season under his belt on his team and that doesn’t make you top ten ,, if the Thunder thought HARDEN WAS TOP 10 Caliber, there’s no way they would have let him go for Martin who’s not even on the team anymore, i think he has the potential to be top ten in a few years , but you’ll have to show the world more then just 1 or 2 years first..now on the other hand,…Wade has proven to be one of and still a top ten in this league …, Lebron, Kobe, Mello, Durant, Paul, Rose, Wade, Rondo, Dirk , Westbrook ,# 11 Parker # 12 Howard, D.Williams of Brooklyn # 13… the top 10 not necessary in that order .. Kevin Love , Josh Smith , Blake , Harden in the top 17, and not necessary in that order either..

  16. Kofi says:

    So he’s a guy who hypes himself way too much without any stat line, As for Dwade stats dont lie at least 3 is better than 0

  17. awefna says:

    wade is only the 5th best shooting guard in the nba…. so there’s no way hes a top 10 player

  18. jermaine says:

    last year you got to be the man on Houston because you were the only one on the team.
    playing in OKC you came off the bench because you werent worthy of being in the
    starting line up.Wade plays with two all star and still put up numbers you played with
    all stars and came off the bench.you still haven’t proven your self in the league yet James

  19. oryan87 says:

    Harden is a great scorer and deserves to be in the top 20 maybe even 15. But I wanna see what he can do on the defensive end cause even if wade isnt the scorer he was he still is a threat on both sides and thats what makes a TRULY great player. Harden and Durant great scorers, defensively mediocre. Dwight howard great defense no post game cant shoot a freethrow. Durant and Harden havent done anything to be compared to Wade in my opinion. Both may be better scorers right now, thats a fact, but as far as a complete player I think both of them got a lil bit to go. Defense wins titles and gets you out of the first round which they have done neither. Durants gotta do more than just score same with Harden, Wade has always played great D and been a great scorer. If wade has a bad year this year and dissapears in the playoffs then ill say ok maybe hes not a top 10 player but I dont think its time to slip Harden in there just yet. And Durant shouldnt throw names out there like that either he sounds bitter from the 4-1 beating that they took in the finals oh yea and Where was Harden that whole series? MIA! Thats not top 10 player worthy, Wade was injured all year this past season but he showed up when he was really needed either on Defense or offensively, Thats what top 10 players do.

  20. I M My Own Fan says:

    Durant said that Harden is better than D-Wade…
    Next he (Durant) might compare himself with Kobe and/or James…
    And when he (Durant) retires, he will probably compares himself with Jordan, Magic and/or Bird.

    So, unless you (Durant) start piling up championships and getting rings, please do yourself a favor: “DO NOT HUMILIATE YOURSELF” ‘cuz you’re still at: Championship = 0; & Ring = 0

    P.S. As for all the haters, whether D-Wade won it wiith James and/or Shaq it’s still doesn’t matter… The bottom line is: He was part of it and he got the rings as proofs.

  21. micdogeyes says:

    glad to see some players saying stuff about another player that isn’t all love. too much love between players these days

  22. William says:

    If Durant had a chance to list his own top ten, it’d be all the former and current idiots on his team. Westbrook being number one obviously.

  23. freal says:


  24. R-Dawg says:

    The entire top 100 list is way off if you look at it. Westbrook, Parker, and Paul at 5,4,& 3. Please, since when was Westbrook and Parker better than Derrick Rose. Any why isn’t Luke Walton in the top 10???

  25. Manny says:

    D Wade just adjusted to adding two scorers. Harden could’ve helped by playing offense in OKC vs heat finals. Harden needs to prove himself that he can win it with DH, be finals MVP and Scoring champ all like D Wade. Whoever think wade ain’t on top should wipe their dog with hardens beard.

  26. keke says:

    First off,let me settle something wade averages over thirty points the whole playoffs to win championship in 2006 #2 wade would have 4 rings but lb choked in 2011 and lastly wade average and has averaged throughout his whole career at 6 ft 3 almost 2 blocks a game 2 steals 20points 5 to 6 rebounds don’t trek me he not top tier even right now lets not forget lbj AND bosh bring their talents to south beach not wade bring his talents to Cleveland our Toronto one more fact kd,wade,lb,bosh,melo all to put a team on their back but wade is THE ONLY ONE TO RETRIEVE a championship before it became the big three

  27. Beltran says:

    All I have to say is who the **** is Harden. GOODBYE….Let me know when Harden can play like The Flash. Thank you HATERS..HAHAHAHA

  28. PM&R MD says:

    This comparison is tough. I respect both players as they are so versatile and talented. Keep it mind that it does not compare an “all time” Wade with James Harden…it is a comparison about how they compare today, so the rings are not a factor. Anyhow, these are the facts:

    2012-13 Hollinger NBA Player Statistics – All Players

    9 Dwyane Wade 69 34.7 .571 19.3 10.6 27.0 4.7 12.6 8.9 24.04
    11 James Harden 78 38.3 .600 18.7 12.1 27.4 2.4 11.9 7.2 23.00

    For people who don’t know, PER means Player Efficiency Rating. LBJ is at the top with 30.3 and KD second with 27.7. It essentially sums up the “good” stats and subtracts the “bad” stats. Wade is #9 and Harden #11. As I said, pretty close, so it is understandable why the comparison. However, have in mind that Wade is 31 and Harden 24…not too bad for an “old man”!! Also have in mind that James Harden was “THE MAN” in Houston last season, while Wade had a secondary role under Lebron. For a talented player it is easier to put up great numbers when you take charge of the team (i.e. Lebron, Carmelo, Kobe…).

    In my opinion, I believe Wade has the edge by the numbers until last season. It may be different in the next.

  29. v says:

    Haha. Harden agrees? Of course he agrees. What was he going to say? No I dont belong in the top 10? Now I dont know who is in the top 10 but I do know that at no point was harden ever better nor will he ever be better than D-Wade. Let us not forget he could not manage a starting job on that thunder team which Wade/James oblitterated in the finals. Just total domination. James in fact was no where to be found. So what now you get a good season on a rockets team that has no scorer other than you and suddenly you re better than a 3 time champ, 1 time finals mvp, and I remind you that you and batman over there had your chance and he killed y’all boys. Naww dawg, you got to win at least one before you can even start ranking yoirself against a 3 time winner.

  30. mark says:

    right now!!! top ten in the league…right effin now!! cut the his place in history bullsh..harden is better than him right now untill he can prove he can comeback to form this season.

  31. King James L. says:

    I don’t want to comment before but now that Howard confirmed that Harden is one of the top ten and he never played with him on court. I have played with Wade, I can tell you now that Wade is better now than Harden. Guys I played with both of them and I will pick Wade again and again. Period. Pls stop laughing this story bothers me how can you pick Harden over Wade? lol.

  32. K-Wood says:

    How about Derrick Rose not being in the top 10??? How is that okay? If we are putting an old injured Kobe on the list why can’t we put the only recent MVP not named Lebron??? I would be willing to wager anything that D-Rose is top ten this year. Can’t say the same for old man Duncan and old busted up Kobe…

  33. Kwantu says:

    This is a personal beef that KD has with Wade. I believe it is less about Wade not being top ten material and more about KD feeling he has a real chance at winning ring this season by beating the Heat when Wade seems to be on a decline. The truth is that KD made a point to say Harden deserves Wade’s spot. He could have chosen another player but he feels as though Wade is a soft target. Now maybe Wade isn’t at his best now but it seems a little disingenuous to say that the 2nd best player on the 2x defending championship team (the same championship team that beat your team 4-1 and basically shut your top ten player down) is not just unworthy of top ten status but should be replaced by your former teammate.

    I say this not as a Heat or a big Wade fan but as a fan of the game. I think KD has the right to his opinion but I don’t believe it was at all non bias.

  34. RealBasketballFan says:

    For all you losers who think Harden is better than my man Wade, YOU GUYS DO NOT KNOW BASKETBALL!!!!!!! If we are going to say based of LAST season is Harden better than Wade, yes. Let’s remember wade was injured. This season Wade will be a beast, use this for motivation and help lead the Heat to a 3rd straight title and keeping this Heat organization together. If you idiots are going to go based strictly on last years stats Wade isn’t even better than Stephen Curry, Westbrook, Brooke Lopez, and Aldridge ar e they top 10 players? NOOO. Harden is not a better player than Wade because he shoots the ball every time he touches the ball, the guy cant play defense while is needed to be an all around player and be considered a top player in the league. Is Harden a high scorer, yes because he shoots a lot but that’s not the question. If Harden is a beast in the league for 5-6 years than he can be mentioned but not for one good season .Do you guys remember the other Chinese guy who is in the back court with Harden? Yeah, he was pretty good 2 seasons ago with the Knicks and we never said he is better than Rondo or Williams? it was one season now he’s a nobody! Durant is an idiot and needs to worry about gaining some weight and how to get Westbrook which is on his team to become a top 10 player in the league, his argument should be about Westbrook not the guy who left you.

  35. Flash says:

    Kd is right, if this is a top 10 for he year, he had a great year, that’s all……………if we’re talking about the top 10 in the NBA, harden is not near close to that list, remember lin had a great year with the NY and last year desappear, HARDEN had 1 good year if he does it again then he deserves to be top 10 but not now, If the list is only for last year performance then DRose should be out because he didn’t play and nobody is talking about it, so that means is not about one season, is about the best of the best right now, and harden is way far from that

  36. len says:

    what happened when wade didn’t have shaq and lebron ? tell lebron to leave in 2014 and make wade win one by himself.

  37. len says:

    getting a ring doesn’t mean you are a great player and not getting one doesn’t mean you aren’ta greatplayer.. there are lot of factors invilved in a championship. for example harden not playinfg well against the heat and ginobili not playing wee against the heat and the mavericjks having jj j barea as an x factor

  38. Erlo says:

    Everyone does realize this is Gatorade’s ploy right? They manufactured this to make more commercials…sheep.

  39. rich says:

    Ha if anyone saw wade play when he won his first ring he beasted! And was one of the top players that year

  40. ballin' says:

    Harden is a G, Wade is an OG. but Wade in his prime was a top 5 scorer and defender in the league. He still in the top 10 when healthy. He also had the best performance in a finals series ever in the history of the NBA (FACT) when he won his first ring. Wade clearly over Harden. Not even a discussion. oh and wade has a total of 3 rings that he earned by balling on both ends of the court.

  41. malikdamon says:

    All cuz of Kendrick Lamar now he got NBA players doing it

  42. . says:

    so it is confirmed
    every one in the nba is good
    what a surprise


    I don’t get this argument KD sturred up I mean REALLY!!!this is BS and somewhat annoying….ok yea its not about career accomplishment but whose good right now BUT were forgetting HARDEN PLAYED ON A ROCKETS SQUAD WITH NOOOOOOO ESTABLISHED ALL STAR…DWade is playing alongside Lebron and avg 20+ in the season and he doesn’t deserve a top 10!!!!y are ppl even making this a serious convo when clearly its NOT both are good and can do damage….so I don’t see how The BEARD is a automatic top 10 and Wade is out…Wade is still a top SG in the league after Kobe and Harden who else!!!??enough with the playoff performance Dude has taken a beating in the league of course he slowed down but he still puts in work!!!!!Forget what KD says and Harden and D12 just adding to the beef!!!what its now a Rocket vs Heat rivalry like give me a break with the publicity stunts!!! ITS BASKETBALL they should all stop the talk and walk the walk ON THE COURT and the end of the day its where it counts the rest of this nonsense during offseason aint nothing cause anyone of these guys could get hurt during training camp and then what!!! I a HUGEEEEE DWADE fan since he joined the league and I respect Harden cause hes the up n coming BUT I dont see what they trying to prove with this TOP 10 LIST it means nothing until the season has started..this thing about projecting the top 10 players this season is ridiculous because since the NBA lovvessss throwing around punch lines like “Where Amazing Happens” you just dont know if someone else will step up and then what!!!I just say PLAY BALL let this social media beef nonsense to rest it looks like some kind of Kim Kardashian strategy to gain popularity or whatevs LOL #purenonsense

  44. Unkle Daddy says:

    It was 06 when Wade lead the heat to a ring, not 04. At that moment he was the best player in the NBA no doubt, but this is 2013 and he isn’t the same player. He probably lies some where between 10 – 15 now, I mean there is roughly 450 players in the NBA that’s pretty good I think. He was a great player for a few years, he is now a really good player. To be a great player your whole career is very hard your putting yourself in league with say Magic, Bird and Jordon which he is not. If people won’t to say he has three rings that’s fine, but really he has one. The other two rings are Lebron’s. If you take James out of that equation and insert any other player there are no rings two and three. *Just like if you take Shaq out of the equation of Kobe’s first three rings, he only has two.

  45. tuisamau says:

    if harden was in the top 10 players OKC wouldn’t let him go…end of discussion.

  46. blackmamba_38 says:

    Come on people basketball is not a one on one sport that is why having a ring does count. Kevin Durant had his own opinion. He shouldn’t brought out names to avoid conflicts. My message for KD is to concentrate with your team for you to be able to grab one ring hehehehe obviously, wade will react because his name was mentioned by stupid KD.

  47. moeheat says:


  48. WHB says:

    Wasn’t it Harden that was a NO SHOW when the Thunder played the Heat for the Championship? If Harden is a top 10 guard, then explain why Ibaka is still in Oklahoma and he was shipped out to Houston? I can answer that, he was expendable! Top 10 players are NOT traded! They are coveted and the team does whatever they can to keep them. They don’t sign overrated shot blockers before them! He shined this year because he was on a team with zero superstars besides him. Of course he was going to break out! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves putting a possible HOF before a GUARANTEED HOF! I appreciate KD’s loyalty to his ex-teammate but REALLY!?! When Harden single handedly leads his team to a championship then we can have this debate again!

  49. WHB says:

    I do believe that Wade lead the Heat to a title BEFORE Lebron joined him! Try again!

  50. sanjay says:

    if these so called writers do not write anything looks like they will be without jobs pretty soon! So, they write anything to keep their job no matter how pedestrian the material is!

  51. PTRD says:

    rings dont matter, is the quality of the player! and wade has 3 rings because 2 of them got them from LBJ! but now Harden has a chance too!


  53. OTIS DURRETT says:

    hey people, lets not be stupid! what has mr. harden done so far? he has had one good year only as a starter on a sorry team. secondly, he has won no championship. So, he is not even in the discussion of the top ten players in the league!
    Dwayne Wade on the other hand, is a three time champion, and he has a stellar career as a starter and most of his years , he was the lead dog! He is averaging over 23 pts per game for a career of 10years, and a eight time all star!





  55. Mantine says:

    Man wade is like pippen who only got rings cause jordan wades 1st ring ill give him but as wade said in 2010 i need help and he needed more than jordan/james cause he got bosh 2
    No he aint better than harden but he does belong above harden cause harden did fold in his first finals appearance which probably didnt help in okcs decision to trade him and i havent seen wade fold in the playoffs ever only injured

  56. Boston#1 says:

    It blows my mind how many people totally misunderstand this whole argument. Nobody is questioning whether or not Wade has had an awesome career or accomplished more than Harden, he has, obviously. The question is who”s better right now and anybody who can understand stats can see that Harden is producing more than Wade, end of story. If you could have one of these two players on your team, right now, who would you choose? If you have a brain in your head you would choose Harden. He’s putting up better numbers and he’s going to continue to improve. Not to mention he can make it through a whole season healthy. Wades career is winding down, he’s not what he once was.

  57. Alfred says:

    It doesn’t matter who is consider a top 10 in the league. I personal think you should judge a top 10 player in the NBA, after he has been proven over a 5 year span. I like james Harden as a player and I don”t think that KD should be putting JH in to a situation like that one. Because, before I put james harden before D-Wade, I would put him before KD, why? because if it wasn’t for the help of Russell Westbrook, they may not win 30 games, with only him as their main player.
    When LJ was with Cleveland, he didn’t have no major help and he handle it very well. KD, can’t carry a team like that, so he can’t say, who he think is a top 10 player.
    D-wade & J-Hardee is a top 10, leave it alone……

  58. Jay says:

    rings is not legit argument in this case. we r talking who is the better player NOW and rightfully deserve the spot of top 10 NOW and i can’t stress the word NOW even more. so the achievements before is not related at all!

    physically (skills, fitness, body, strength etc.) – i think Harden is slightly better than DWade now cuz Harden is younger, can obviously shoot and score better than Dwade and able to do that more consistently than Dwade right now (mainly because Harden knows Rockets is relying on him..no offence to Dwade but Miami is is Lebron’s team)

    Basketball IQ – this is a sure win for Dwade cuz no matter how smart u r with the basketball, Experiences that Dwade has does give him the advantage. Dwade has been in the league for about 10 seasons now, so surely he knows how to win a NBA game better than Harden, right? especially Harden just experienced being a full time starter the first time in his career.

    both players has definitely has advantage over each other. when a 5v5 match, i would think wade would win because he knows how to win a basketball game as a team better tham harden, but if its a 1v1 match, harden will have the slight edge cuz of his stronger physicalty. So individually, i would choose harden ahead of wade in the top 10 list BUT both should be considered in the top 10 list for what impact they have to their team right now {judging by dwade winning his thrid ring and harden made rockets a playoff team all by himself}

    • Truth says:

      HARDEN Can’t win against DWADE on a 1vs1.

      # 1 Harden does not play defense the way DWADE DOES!
      # 2 Dwade can post him up all game !

    • RandR says:

      U never mentioned defense. That’s the real reason it’s no contest because Harden plays No D n is an inefficient scorer. Wade had a better PER last year because even as the 2nd option he does more to help his team won than a first option younger harden. Physically Harden isn’t near the athlete that Wade was or is. Savvy n body control r Hardens game. Physically Wade wins too. And I’m a Harden fan as well since Arizona State.

  59. Scapegoat says:

    I think most of you are missing the point. We aren’t talking career achievements here, titles for example, but instead, where a player ranks in the league in regards to their current ability.

  60. celentano says:

    KD should shut up!No,KD is not a hof until his career is ending, same about Harden en certainly Dwight has to proof a lot before he’s into discusion.He’s stupid to comment >>>>>>>KD ,why he and Westbrook didn’t made a paycut for keeping Harden at Okc at that time?Greed?probaly.
    Okc gonna win nothing until they got a new very talented big center,even than a big maybe!
    Thus Perkins is done.

  61. JOE L. says:


  62. FrankL2010 says:

    There’s nothing to brag about unless you have it. Both are great players but argument as this is out of sense. Show it in court fellas πŸ™‚

  63. Dwyane Wade is no longer a top 10 player, Durant is unfortunately right. Dwyane Wade’s stats have been going down since Lebron joined, plus he has become more injury prone. You can look at his stats yourself: http://www.hostnumber.com/dwyane-wade-career-stats.html and see that he has lost a step. However D-Wade is still an all-star and a matchup problem for most guards in the league, however he is not a matchup problem for the elite guards.

    • Zeus says:

      Anybodys stats would go down with Lebron on their team. Add a knee injury? You know who’s stats really went down? Harden’s in the finals.

  64. Akeem Asante says:

    It will be hashed out on the court. I would replace Wade with Harden as well. Being that I like the Heat over OKC and Houston, I like the motivation piece for Wade. Step it up Wade, let’s see how you respond!

  65. Magic says:

    First of all wade actually won a ring by himself basically harden couldn’t do so and now doesn’t have the chance to do so , wade if he had never teamed up with James and bosh would be in the conversation today of who is better James wade Bryant if he didn’t team up but he is a team player that did . Also wade was suffering from injuries last season so if wade is healthy this season he will destroy harden lol plus harden has to adjust to Dwight now so he is second his scoring is going down and so is everything else wade is a much better player

  66. Carl says:

    One good year does NOT make you a Top 10 player. On top of that, you’re not even the best player at your position. I’ll take Kobe and D-Wade over James Harden because I’m not caught up in what I saw one year ago. They’re both PROVEN. James Harden still has to prove himself. He should have taken Dwight’s advice and just stayed away from it.

  67. AlvinJ says:

    Finals MVP? Championship?
    Wade or Harden?
    No contest!

  68. Kahmelion says:

    NBA Seasons
    Kevin Durant 6
    Dwyane Wade 10

    NBA Championships
    Kevin Durant 0
    Dwyane Wade 3

    Playoffs Played
    Kevin Durant 4
    Dwyane Wade 9

    All-Star Games
    Kevin Durant 4
    Dwyane Wade 9

  69. griffin says:

    let’s not forget how Dwade led the to championship in 2004. And with 3 rings, he deserve to be respected KD.

  70. Kobe bryant says:

    I don’t understand why this is an argument, but dwade is better than harden it’s not even close. Just because harden had one good year that does not mean his better, dwade almost won a ring by himself, he was the finals mvp in 2006, I can even make an argument that a healthy dwade is better than durant. When his healthy the only two players that better than wade is lebron and kobe.

  71. Peter says:

    Harden is not a top 10 player. The guy plays zero defense and scores purely because he chucks up baskets like they are going out of fashion.

    Much as I dislike Wade these days (he is a thug) he plays on both ends of the court.

  72. Adam says:

    Sekou, why did you have to come back? Every news article was great around the NBA until you came back.

  73. moeheat says:

    there is no comparison between wade and harden. harden was a bench player for most of his career and had up and down games for the thunder. now with Houston he is starting and playing well, but he still has too many games where he is completely off. he will get 15 free throws a game and his points will add up like this, other than that he his just shooting wild like Kobe. the team rises and falls with harden. its nothing unusual for him to take 30 shots in a game and make 30 points (which are by the way not superstar stats). he definitely does not belong in the top 10, he is not proven enough like wade. just because he is aggressive that does not make him top 10. you think that if wade will take shots from allover the court he will not get at least 30 points? another thing is that wade is sharing the ball with the best player in the NBA, Lebron, and harden is just keeping the ball for himself. when wade was in miami without Lebron he was scoring left and right in a way more efficient way. end of the story is that wade is still light years ahead of an eager harden.

    • The Beard says:

      Harden is keeping the ball for himself because he didn’t have 2 other superstar teammates, plus D-Wade shoots 28% from 3 which is why he doesn’t take more shots, BECAUSE HE CANT SHOOT 3’s!!!!

  74. Jstew says:

    Why does anyone care what Dwight Howard thinks in regards to this hahaha

  75. Greg says:

    So what does this say about Lebron that OKC had 3 top 10 players (Durant, Westbrook, and Harden) and Miami had only 1 (according to Durant) and they still lost in the NBA finals? For those who think Wade is washed up, I think he’s gonna go off this year.

  76. Allister says:

    wat is wrong with these idiots….so many players were in the top ten for there carrers and never got a ring (Karl Malone,Allen Iverson). Wade has 3 rings Durant 0….top ten has ntn to do with championship…let them talk D wade…

  77. JJ (Rockets Fan) says:

    Harden didn’t say that he was better than D wade, he just said he felt he should be in the top ten, I agree.

  78. LOKO says:

    D.WADE = 3 RINGS


  79. defdun says:

    Who cares what SI thinks is the correct ranking…
    Wade is on the way down while Harden is on the way up, so nothing but normal that they change positions in the list sometime sooner or later. Only winning / rings count baby!

  80. Truth says:

    let KD play for 2 years with a bad knee and let’s see if he can perform like DWADE does!


  81. priadr says:

    Sekou, please stop saying “my main man”. You sound like a douch bag from the 90’s.

  82. Kyle says:

    Wade is washed up. This clown a averaged 15 points in the playoffs lol and he’s mad he’s not top 10? Shut up Diva Wade and continue to ride Lebron’s coattails.

    • Schwanbeck says:

      Washed up? Oh by the way man have you read the article? Wade is on the top 10 list. The decision was made and it was made by professionals. Go on hate the great players just to defend your own loser idols. There’s nobody stopping you.

    • Talk what u know he is in the top 10 clown dwade is the 3rd best shooting guard of all timeq

    • W4YANS says:

      Even doing almost 16ppg on playoffs, he got a ring. Why KD didn’t got his ring doing 30.7ppg?
      DWade is a beast, and always have been putting Heat on his back.

    • ftg419 says:

      21ppg 5rpg 5apg 2spg 1bpg thats while shooting 52% the only sg to shoot 50+ percent…yeah he was banged up goin into the playoffs…but he stepped up when his team really needed it..so miss me with that “washed up” talk

      what the hell is wrong with people hating the winners and praising the losers?..#THREE

      • Zeus says:

        Very well said. Statistically Wade is CURRENTLY the best all around shooting guard in the league and thats on an injured knee. Haters are just adding fuel to the fire.

    • Marmar says:

      wade is playing with a knee injury you genius. yeah he’s struggling from offensive end but he fills it with his defensive plays. and we are not discussing about play offs. its all about the regular and post season. and by the way wade is averaging around 22pts 53% fg while harden is 26 & 43% fg regular season and pls lets make it clear and lets talk about regular season games because harden was kicked out round 1 of the play offs

    • Ty says:

      Wade was in the top 10.. Harden wasn’t. KD said that Harden should replace Wade and Wade responded, that’s what this whole debate is about.

    • fasciante says:

      @ Kyle, what have you achieved in you entire life. Who told you is not top 10 player. read the list, he is number 8 there.

    • poopskis says:

      haters gona hate, cant deny that

    • poopskis says:

      haters gona hate, cant deny that… sad soul you are

    • amed90 says:

      @Kyle you need to learn to read before you comment

    • Taha says:

      Ok for your information. Whosever sitting there nd bashin on wade is a straight up dummy. Bc dwade carried the heat to 1 title. Nd helped lebron to 2 more. Last yrs performance wasnt all that. But still without wade there wasn’t gona be a 3rd title. You gotta respect dwade game. He’s a hall of famer no doubt. Until harden can get a title nd be as flashy as dwade was. Y’all dwade haters can’t say jack

  83. DH!@ says:

    oh, on the other notes, i think 3 beats 0. even if Dwade might be on the other side of his hill, he is still better than Harden

  84. DH!@ says:

    is it just me? Dwight looks like Pat Ewing from this video.

  85. Phil says:

    If I was Wade I’d pour water over the whole argument and show Durant a picture of his 3 Championship rings. Game over. Durant is great but why argue with someone who has done more than him. Who cares about top 10 players if they don’t win rings?? Thoughts??

    • dd def says:

      i’d show him a picture of lebron with a caption saying “come at me bro” lol

    • Sheldon says:

      Two points:
      1. I would officially like to thank Durant. Now I’m confident the Heat is going to three-peat, giving Wade is 4th Championship ring. Yes I said it, 4th ring.
      2. All Durant is saying is that the wished the Thunder had traded Westbrook instead of Harden.
      3. …Oh, by the way, Wade’s second rings was against the Thunder where Harden was a no show. Yeah, I hear yah, it was Harden’s first trip to the NBA Finals…Oh, on Wade’s first trip….He was the NBA Finals MVP!!! Until Harden has proven he can do it in the really big moments, you’re just another great player brah, WAIT YOUR TURN!!!
      I know I said 2 points, but Wade is number 3 with 3 championships whose BIG 3 beat the thunder’s small 3 to win the Championship before the 3rd one. DWADE 2 D WERL!!!

  86. bob says:


    • Taranis says:



    • dd def says:

      how was this in any way, shape or form criticizing the heat? did you even read the article? and further, if you don’t like sekou’s articles, why don’t you just stop reading them instead of torturing yourself like a moron. it’s pretty simple.

  87. Ron says:

    Honestly, I like all of the back and forth between two great players. I also find it interesting that LBJ has chosen to stay out of the fuss. I don’t believe that DWade has to prove anything to anyone. He has a spot in the HOF as well as KD. To me, it is just great talent rising to the challenge. I believe that KD suummed it up best, “Show me don’t tweet me!”

  88. bob says:


  89. LOL says:

    Wade still is ahead of Harden until his knees prove otherwise. His regular season last year was legit. The playoffs he was hurtin. Wade deserves the right to still be ahead of Harden and will prove it again this season barring injury.

  90. Ro says:

    Hahaha ladies please!
    Are we in high school or are we professional athletes?

  91. Andrei says:

    Both are top 10. Both in playing basketball and vanity.

  92. No Regrets says:

    great work sekou!!

  93. Cadu says:

    Harden + Durant + Dwight Howard = 0 titles
    Dwayne Wade = 3
    End of discussion

    • alp says:

      what does that have to do with whose a better player though…. stop bringing rings into this..

      • Pakyaw says:

        @ alp, they are like Kobe fan boi always bringing up rings or the 81pts…wink!..

      • bb says:

        Wade is also better statistically, and has been in the league much longer. There really is no comparison outside of the fact that they are both SG.
        Why even compared a 24 year old to a 32 year old?

      • Zeus says:

        Because durant, harden, and howard have all disappeared in the finals before. And had they won a ring when they had a chance to, they would have more credibility.

    • RED says:

      Yeah wade got 3 titles but hey we gon have to see if he gets the 4th the heat will go down sooner or later bro teams are much better and they are vulnerable but this will be the big 3 last season together they won 2 it’s not theyre time no more and the pressure will be on wade not durant or harden remember that bro

    • Robert says:

      If it wasnt for lebron and shaq wade would have any of those

      • Sheldon says:

        Durant should have made it so he had Westbrook and Harden to thank. Until he has somebody to thank zip it! He should have said Harden is definitely a top 10 player but shouldn’t have uttered Wade’s name out of his mouth. I guess he’s upset Wade showed Lebron how to win it all, Haha at the expense of Durant. Don’t hate the player hate the game bro.

      • Pakyaw says:

        There you go again , the word ” IF”..

      • ZIC says:

        That’s why it call team sport. You always need to play with someone to win. Why don’t take a look at the stats sheet then make ur comparison. When 2 players are equal only ring differentiate them. Forget bout ring anyway, just check the stats sheet bfore make your comment. Of course Harden is great, replace him with a future HoF das ridiculous. Durant is still in pain of 2012 championship.

      • Ant says:

        That may be true but dont take away from the fact that the man averaged 35 a game in the finals that year. You sound silly right now.

      • Eddy Jr. says:

        Robert Flash is the man don’t be hatin Lol

      • Zeus says:

        If it wasn’t for Dwade, lebron would have no rings and the Heat would have not even made the finals the last two seasons. Shaq disappeared in the 2006 finals partly to being injured. Alonzo Mourning stepped it up. Dwade made history. Finals MVP, two words that will never be next to harden, howard, or durant

      • Heat3 says:

        Nice….If It wasn’t for Wade King James and Shaq wouldn’t have those rings either…….

    • bballjunkie1 says:

      Love good basketball and titles alone doesn’t measure a Hall of Famer. Wade has proved he is one of the best, he didn’t win titles by himself, no one does. Let’s see if Durant can ever get over the hump for championship title, he can speak loudly at 24 years of age because he is currently youngest player in NBA history to win three consecutive scoring titles. He averaged 27.7 points per game in 2010-2011 and 30.1 points per game in 2009-2010 and just missed last year. We will see !!!

      • Sheldon says:

        The thing is, scoring alone doesn’t win NBA Championship. You’ll win a lot of games and scoring titles but the NBA Finals is won on the defensive end of the floor. Wade alone has more defensive prowess than Durant and Harden put together. “Show me don’t tweet me”; Durant need to show us a RING. Wade has 1/4 dozen of em’ bad boyz. Wade need to show him a picture of Durant crying on his momma’s shoulder when he lost 4 – 1 in the NBA Finals…to Wade. And I’ll say this. Thunders will….let me go BOLD PRINT…THUNDERS WILL NEVER MAKE IT BACK TO THE NBA FINALS WITHOUT JAMES HARDEN!!!

    • Snorlax says:

      The discussion was about the best players in the league now. Not his place in history, what you did is the same as saying magic johnson is better now because he has 5 titles. Harden is better than wade right now so he should be in the top 10, in history wade obviously beats harden.

    • Taranis says:

      Harden + Durant + Dwight Howard + Reggie MIller + Karl Malone + John Stockton = 0 Titles

      Jud Buechler = 3

      End of discussion.

    • dd def says:

      ok, 1st off: wade only has 3 rings because LBJ came and won him 2. wade was hardly present in those playoffs. in fact, battier was more integral in winning them than wade was. 2nd: tim duncan = 4 rings. so by your logic he’s better than all 4 of these guys? i mean he’s great, but is he truly better than all four of those guys? rings are not what makes one player better than another, it’s what makes one TEAM better than another.

    • ringsnotall says:

      rings arent everything. by the logic you are displaying Luke Walton who has 2 rings is just as good as Lebron James who also, coincidentally, has 2. Try examining players for their skills once in a while. you might actually realize that James Harden is, in fact, good enough to be viewed as top 10. Kevin Durant, though he does not have a ring, is better than dwayne wade. he just is. Dwayne Wade has also been in the league a few years longer than any of the players you added together for 0 titles. This gives Wade more time to get the coveted rings. Dont mistake what i am saying as writing off dwayne wade though. He is certainly a top 10 player and he has proved it in the past. James Harden also has achieved a level of skill that few in the league today have.

    • Reggie Scott says:

      No.. That’s not the end of the discussion. THe debate who has the most successful career thus far,…. the debate is, Who is a “CURRENTLY” a top 10 player in the league…. and the fact is, James Harden is and Dwayne wade isn’t. I hat when people use the rings argument….Use your brain

      • Sheldon says:

        At this very moment Wade is a waaay better player than Harden. Harden is good, but Wade is beast on both ends of the court. You think Harden could have transformed his game like Wade did to fit playing along side Lebron. Harden would have been out of his element and eventually off the radar. Wade can do anything in the game of basketball. Harden can score and that’s not enough, that’s just a part of many.

      • Mike says:

        So if your building a team and two guards wade and harden are left and it’s a must win yr your taking harden over dwade?

    • Hakeem says:

      thank you team wade!!!

    • Champkobe says:

      Horry = 7 so Horry > wade then?

    • HighAlt says:


    • Tony says:

      Harden went to school of Wade in flopping and fooling refs into making calls. Coward is not even worth being mentioned in same level of those guys His a second rate player,
      Durant is legit but chokes in crunch time.
      Over all the edge goes to Wade for having 3 championship rings.

    • Mike44 says:

      Thank you Durant needs to stfu because he can’t even make it past the second round alone and Dwight and harden really need to stay out of it

      • richardlowry says:

        @mike44 So what you’re saying is Wade made it to the Finals alone? “Thank you Durant needs to stfu because he can’t even make it past the second round alone”.. You must of forgotten about the BIG 3 and the Heat grabbing two other stars?

    • david says:

      Wade+shaq+lebron= 3 titles lets get the facts right!

    • okckd35 says:

      Derek Fisher 5 rings, Wade 3 =Derek Fisher > D-Wade. Nice logic buddy

    • X says:

      So you are saying Wade is better than LeBron? Wade’s 3 championships > James’ 2 championships?

    • The Beard says:

      Dwayne Wade=REAL/ORIGINAL superstar of the Heat

  94. Kome the Black dumba says:

    Really? Sekou really? I guess this kind of news falls into Kardashians/miley cyrus level.
    You did good, have a burger.