Hang Time Podcast (Episode 131) Featuring Stalley

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re still not sure if it’s real or fake, the Kevin DurantDwyane Wade feud that has played out on social media since Tuesday.

Was Durant’s suggestion that Wade be removed from a top 10 list of NBA player the first piece of a larger scheme that the Gatorade commercial co-stars legitimate or just the opening shot of a faux-battle that will be played out at a later date?

No one seems interested in offering any context right now, which leaves the door open for all sorts of interpretations of what’s really going on between the Oklahoma City and Miami Heat stars and rivals. And you know we love open doors around here … (kick them open and crank up the debate).

That’s just one of several items we tackle in Episode 131 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Stalley, the Maybach Music Group artist whose basketball roots go back to the same Northeast Ohio landscape dominated by one LeBron Raymone James, a high school rival of the rap artist.

We also wrestle with the issue of nicknames on the backs of jerseys, Shaquille O’Neal’s strange relationship with the city of Sacramento now that he’s joined the Kings’ ownership group, training camp issues around the league, the Heat’s choice of the Bahamas for training camp (and why our main man Rick Fox cannot get us there) and much more.

The first phase of the 2013-14 NBA season is upon us and we’ll make sure you a ready on Episode 131 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Stalley …


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  1. jetong says:

    sports is all about respect and pride…
    with all respect to KD…but saying that about wade, seems improper. its a given fact that he’s a great young player. but KD does not think before he speaks, its like when micheal jordan was a young player in the league (no titles until ’91), he did’nt say anything disrespectful to magic and larry…michael ddn’t talk, and he just made his game do the talking and when he started winning championships he started bragging! ‘coz it’s his right.
    kd just need to play hard,win those rings then time will tell,when he can appopriately talk bout someone in the league. while in d-wade’s part, its his right to react like that. ‘coz he has the goods, credentials and hardwork that all paid off … in this case, kd lacks respect and wade has rights to brag about his pride.

  2. Jake Okalhoma Pruitt says:

    Durant has wade beat on age and health. If wade was a little bit younger and healther, then it would be wade hands down. Wade has actually won three rings, unlike durant he has none, when wade won his first ring he had really nobody to play with. unlike the thunder they had a lot of people to help them win.

  3. stefan says:

    healthy wade>durant hands donw