Bosh States The Obvious: It’s Three-Peat Or Bust For Heat This Season


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It took a little while, but heading into the fourth year of one of the greatest experiments in NBA history has given Chris Bosh a certain perspective on things.

Temporary stress produced instant overreactions that, in the long run, simply did not matter. The Heat either failed (as they did in their first season together in The Finals against the Dallas Mavericks) or triumphed (as they did in The Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs, respectively) on the big stage in each of the past two seasons.

The Heat center understands the bottom line for Miami’s Big 3 remains the same for the 2013-14 season. It was championships or bust from the start and it will be that way to the finish.

If Bosh and fellow Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade cannot find a way to persevere this season and win a third straight Larry O’Brien trophy, the future takes a decidedly different shape than it will if they succeed.

Free agency looms either way and structural changes would surely be a part of the next phase for the Heat if they don’t find their way to the championship parade route come season’s end. That gives this season with the “SuperFriends” an edge it lacked previously, mostly because no one would abandon the master plan that early in the process.

The pressures facing the Heat this season are as daunting as ever, as Bosh told Shandel Richardson of the Sun Sentinel, but much more manageable now than they were years ago:

“I couldn’t believe it,” Bosh said Wednesday, speaking after the filming of a commercial for the Henry Warren Auto Group at Turnberry Isle Country Club. “I was like, `Man it’s been four years already? But we’re professionals. We know it comes with the job. We can’t do anything about it. We just have to make sure we take care of our business, stay together and just really answer the call to adversity when it comes.”

That business consists of completing another championship run. The Heat are attempting to become the first team to win three consecutive titles since the Los Angles Lakers did from 2000-02. Only five teams have accomplished the feat in league history.

For the Heat it’s more about keeping the core of their team in tact. Making history is just an added bonus.

“Everybody wants to know what we’re going to do (after the season),” Bosh said. “Yeah, I get it. Everything depends on this season. If we win, cool. If we lose, that’s when it’s like `What if?’”

Bosh said he is better equipped to handle the attention than the last time he was in the situation. He was a free agent with the Toronto Raptors after 2010 season before joining the Heat. He said the key is keeping focus on the current season.

“You think about it but I’m mature enough to know that if I really start to think about it, I’m going to start playing bad,” Bosh said. “Things aren’t going to go right. I’m just going to enjoy today. I’m looking forward to having a big year this year. That’s all I think about. In Toronto, it kind of messed me up. I was thinking, `What is going to happen [in the offseason]? I started struggling and then I snapped back into basketball.”

The guessing game on the Heat’s future ends with a third straight title.

It would be tough for any executive to pull the plug on a dynasty like that, even someone with the credentials of Hall of Fame Heat boss Pat Riley. The core of James, Bosh and Wade would still be viable for at least the next four of five seasons (with Wade being the only legitimate question mark).

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is going to be among the league’s best for years to come either way. And Miami will remain an enticing spot for free agents, so long as Riley is there to woo them.

The player component obviously hinges on James, first and foremost, making the decision to stick around. The futures for Bosh, Wade and the rest of the Heat’s rotation players depends on James’ choice, as well. This isn’t breaking news in South Florida, where fans have to be a little restless thinking about the future, or anywhere else in the NBA universe.

The fact that Bosh is as clear-headed as he is about this in advance of training camp speaks to the complete understanding of the journey he and his teammates have traveled thus far.


  1. TSequoia says:

    People forget Bosh gets paid 19 million this year, could pay 3 good players for that much money.

  2. Oliver says:

    I want Bulls to get revenge on Heat cuz Imma Bulls fan! GO BULLS!

  3. Patrick says:

    As a Raptors fan the only thing Bosh learned in Miami is how to’s what got Miami to the finals 3 years in a row. Also, he’s a glorified role player right now and can’t be your 3rd best player going forward. Miami fan’s you make laugh defending Bosh, you are like us in Toronto when he had him and complained about the lack of respect he was getting or that he was soft.

  4. I speak for myself about what I think on Miami Heat team.
    Chris Bosh when is free in the court often he has terrific % from field because his mid range shot is unbelievable.
    I don´t know too much about history of NBA but Chris Bosh´s mid range shot remains me Karl Malone when he played 97-98 for Utha Jazz.
    Do you remember that Final against Michael…Malone was unstoppable…
    I believe that you have to set free Bosh in the court. That is to say to don´t put pressure over him. In my opinion he has to play free in the court. He can play inside . outside, from dowtown…whatever He has a lot of chances in the court.
    In fact in 2012 playoff against Indiana he injured and was very difficult for The Heat advance to the next one that year.
    I think Bosh is a kind of player that his highlights in the court are when emotionally he is calm off the court. He is a kind of player who depends on and off the court of his confidence.

  5. HKahlon says:

    Im a raptors fan, and one thing id just like to point out, is that Bosh’s last year in Toronto was his best year, he didnt struggle, he just decided to sit out last 3 weeks with injury. Im not saying he faked it, just clearing that up. Second, as a raptors fan, we realize this more than anyone else. (i HATE the heat BTW) but Bosh is such a huge factor on the championship teams because even tho he sacrificed his touches, hes one of the best scoring PF in the league. He proved in Toronto that he can score on anyone as he averaged 24 and 11 his last season. Yes defense is not is strong point, but he is a natural scoring PF, not a defensive center. stop bashing on the guy.

  6. bob says:


  7. Justin Fiorilli says:

    I’m a Miami Heat fan and I’m not “restless.” Speak for yourself Sekou. Let’s go Heat!

  8. elvis says:

    ehm why should lebron go to cavs?

  9. natan says:

    they will not 3 peat lebron will never win another championship

  10. HeatHater says:

    Bosh is one of the top overestimated players in NBA

  11. J says:

    I think they will 3peat but it will be tough

  12. edrik says:

    Frank vogel got scared of bosh by benching hibbert… that says it all.. and frank admitted it himself… but really.. it was paul’s fault in the defensive side. he got hesitated by lebron…

  13. bkn says:

    This is the way things are now in today’s NBA who can I run to next and win a title with no one is willing to build anymore or fight with the guys they have always looking for the path of least resistance. If Miami loses Lebron will leave and try to find another place to conveniently win a title. Lucky for them that last year spurs coach Pop had brain lapses that cost them a title everyone knows they should have won

  14. BigMike(From North Hill in Akron,Ohio) says:

    Bosh is 100% on this. Three Peat or Bust for sure. But what if they win and Wade tells Lebron he can’t go no more due to his knees.Then does he stay even tho he three peated???

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      Legacy wise he should stay how much credit is he going to get for teaming up with other superstars else that wouldn’t put him up there with all the greats

    • krespino says:

      Even with those knees Wade can do 3-4 years more. We hear he has lost weight recently which would help on his knees.

  15. bulls says:

    dang, still stings, the horrible decision to pull the plug after a 3 peat wasnt so obvious for jerry krause

  16. Darryl says:

    if chalmers and cole step up the heat will be fine!

  17. Duv says:

    I say Bosh for the Rockets at PF! He’s a Texan as well and better yet would be the ultimate player for the Rockets. He’s the most versatile big in the league. Great inside/outside game and solid defense. Sometimes gets beaten up by the Hibbert’s of this league (and there aren’t many punishingly physical big men in the league anyway so it doesn’t factor much) because he has to play center for the Heat, but put him next to a strong center like Howard and the Rockets would be in line for a 3-peat of epic proportions!

  18. Andrew says:

    What happen to le bron’s quote: “we will win not only three,…, four, five, six, seven,…” Before u said something, u need to think it carefully since loyalty to a company is a very important part of life. Lebrun is the best basketballer in the planet, but u just need to shut up when u can’t keep something u promise I font of the whole world especially to the fans who came to ur unveiling as Big 3 in Miami,Florida.

  19. Banks says:

    you gotta realize bosh gets dogged on offense he is the third and sometimes the fourth….and in my opinion bosh should be second option and wade third cuz wade is going to get his and he slowing down anyways but when you get bosh involved its a hell of a nightmare offensively and defensively.
    p.s. Most overlooked allstar in game

  20. hegel says:

    Bosh is one the 5 best PF in the game, but he does not deserve a max contract. And, by the way, neither does Wade! They should stay together but the two aforementioned players should make about 14 million each. This would free up enough money to pay stronger role players!

  21. Earnest Brooks says:

    They will be ok the injury bug will be the biggest challenge Indiana played over there head last year.

  22. seydou says:

    to all the heat haters just keep hating and tang about bosh.give us a break.its lebron time did u forget..its a new generation of ballers.its heat time for as long as king james is playing not worry about d wade hurting or bosh not beeing consistent.the chemestry is there n i dont think but kno that they get another ring. fyi we dont need for bosh to b scoring big cause the whole team play and they kno each other well.its the dream team if you kno n play ball before…

  23. AKA says:

    Still some people are saying Bosh is fine because He grab ONE key rebound. Look we are not saying he is totally useless. But at the same time he doesnt live up to the name of so called Big Three. LBJ is always LBJ and Wade is doing his job when he is not bothered by injuries, Bosh doesnt contribute as much as other big man on EITHER team they are facing. I will take Boozer or Noah or Roy over him any day. He only performs well when facing teams with less dominant inside force, or when he gets alot of help from the guards and SF.

    No he is not useless but he is not as a key factor people making out to be. Go look at his play off stats. He has a few good game if I recall and most of them are outright terrible. He hardly gets double figure rebound. Gets out rebounded by guards. Miami will be better of getting someone instead.

    There wont be key rebounds or key blocks if Heat has a good inside presence. Coach said he is the most important person on the team just to clam the talks of Bosh down. Of course he is the most important person on the team, the most important position on the team in fact. And he has not done well. Hence lot of close calls in the seasons and play off.

  24. RPT says:

    I dont understand why just because you dont win it all the team has to be dismantled. There is no other team in the league suited for these guys to win. If they cant do it together where else do they think they can? Any other team with a superstar doesnt have the cap space and a team that does doesnt have the firepower to act as a supporting cast. I cant stand talk of james going back to cleveland. Yes, kyrie irving and james are going to take the cavs all the way. GIMME A BREAK! Why does one season of no trophy have to equal uncertainty? Why cant they stick together and come back to fight harder the next season? What is this give up mentality the second it doesnt go according to the script? Why does the seven championships they promised have to all be in a row? If they dont win this year, that is still 2 in 4 years. If they could get 4 in 8 that would be a huge accomplishment. And staying in Miami is the best chance any of them for ever winning again. That is why I respect organizations like Spurs. They plug away with their core players and build around them to get better. You didnt see timmy, manu and tony running off when they didnt win after 04 or 06. Staying was what allowed them to win in 05 and 07. In terms of winning, staying with the team youre on is the best chance youve got if youve already won. The chemistry is already there. Personally, I dont care what they do. I just think fleeing the scene is an utterly ridiculous option.

    • freal says:

      They won’t dismantle the team unless LeBron leaves. Even if they don’t win it this year, if Lebron stays they’ll still have a chance to win every year for the next 4-5 years, that’s pretty good. The media just does this to hype things up and in the process put mounds of pressure on players.

  25. boshbosh says:

    Don’t understand why people complains about bosh scoring little points….
    He is a third scoring option and for a 3rd option he average more than 10 pts thats very good.
    He don’t have the ball in his hand all the time while mario, james and wade is controlling it and he can’t really get his rhythm going sometimes.But when he does, watch out.. 20 plus pts game for him with very low FG atmp and high FG percentage.

  26. You forget J.J.
    Do you remeber the serie against Chicago playoff 2011?

    J.J. delivered.

  27. And put an eye on JUSTIN HAMILTON the guy knows how to play!!!!

    Justin can shot from downtown and play with ball in his hands.

  28. For the ones who say that Bosh is not a good player. this is for you:

    He grabed the crucial rebound in game 6 remaining 6 seconds to extend the serie to a game 7.



    second team:




  29. coolitdude says:

    Anderson, Oden and Allen will be the true camoflage to the big 3. Three peat in sight if team remains healthy.

  30. Willy Spurd says:

    Wow! You can stir it up better than Sekou! hahaha! I do agree he is over rated. I do like the fact that with another center on the team Spice Bosh can go back out to shooting his very high percentage 3! No chance they win this year. Mike Miller is gone!

  31. Kyle says:

    Why most of the people talking about this bosh issues? Just try to look at their Back to back championships with their solid roster, their 3rd time ECF appearance. Every heat player has its role,plays and rotations. no one in the league is perfect, You guys should understand that there are always bad times good times off times and “on fire times”. always remember that no one in this basketball league is consistent. Coach Spoe said that aside from LBJ “Bosh” is the most important player he had, only the coach knows how he would handle and put big plays on the players. plus this season they only lost miller and the heat have additional key players. even if the stars of the other teams get back this season. Or they upgrade their roster, the heat still have high chances of winning the 3rd straight title.

  32. dwilliams says:

    go heat goheat go heat

  33. AKA says:

    Well, for those people said Bosh did have the block and that wining rebound of the series, therefore he is GOOD. All I want to say is if he has performed like the Big Three we expected him to be, the Heat wont be needing that last block or rebound. Get real, you dont hire a so called all star to make 1 or 2 plays. It was role players who contributed more to kept Heat in the game for that last rebound or block. It could have done by anyone else. Almost everyone has out rebounded him, even the guards. All he has over some other PF or C is a sub par 3 point shot that hardly hits when game is close. There are other PF or C who can shoot threes, and does matter in other departments

  34. Unkle Daddy says:

    No three-peat, James goes home to Cleveland to finish his career, Wade in tow. Bosh goes back to Toronto. Spo is fired a season later when they realize he can’t coach, he just had the best player in the game.

  35. RED says:

    The heat have a very tough task ahead sooner or later they will go down

  36. Bulls all day!!!!! says:

    If the Heat don’t three peat, than Lebron is moving to Chicago in 2014. Simple as that folks.

  37. Ruben says:

    All I have to say in regards to these negative comments about Bosh is that none of you take in the consideration that Greg Oden will most likely play the Center position.You can’t judge Bosh for being a Power Forward playing a Center because it’s not his natural position to begin with. That being said, the addition of a hopefully ”Better” Center in Oden, will make it so that Bosh excels at his PF position. That will alternately be the test for Chris Bosh, and the 2013-2014 season will show the NBA whether or not Bosh deserves to remain a member of the Heat franchise.

  38. Gillsy says:

    I am not saying Bosh is a bad player but playing out of position and getting slower is catching up with him.

  39. Gillsy says:

    What will happen if they don’t win. For James going back to the Cavs with a team stacked with young talent sounds good in time they will be able to help carry him, not that will happen soon. Even if they have to let a few go to the Heat to get him. Bosh is a shadow of his former self. Wade even though he is a good player is injured more times than not, with that knee really starting to bother him. While you have a number of pieces around them who can play but like Allen and co who are starting to get old themselves. The luxury tax is starting to creep up on the Heat and something most likely Bosh will have to go. I Wade and James is to stay together.

  40. Matt says:

    How many times is the media going to tell us this? it seems like this article has been written atleast 3 times before. still no respect for chris bosh, who was the second most important heat player behind lebron last year. I can’t think of another 8 time all-star that gets disrespected as much as chris bosh.

  41. Vince Guffin says:

    No matter what I am going to be the next kobe bryant by Vince Guffin from Memphis tn

  42. marty says:

    CB does what he’s supposed to do.He’ll never be K Malone.He’s a skilled forward who sacrificed for the team by playing out of position.

  43. bob says:

    bla-bla-bla….Heat haters!!! keep suffering….lol

  44. Fedell says:

    You Bosh haters are truly hilarious. Anyone who doesn’t think Chris Bosh is an elite power forward in the league is clearly driven by something other than the facts. Lets forget about his scoring avgs in MIA or TOR for a min. I challenge you to check out his old head to head performances against Dwight Howard in Orlando and Amare Stoudamire in Phoenix when both were still first rate all-stars.

  45. sanjay says:

    The only area heat needs to strengthen is on the defensive end is to get miller kind of player who used to hustle a lot inside the paint. If lewis cannot do it in his place, which I doubt he can, they need some player like verajio during the mid-season! miller time would be missed no doubt but some body has to cover for him!

  46. sanjay says:

    lebron, lebron n lebron and he has few beasts joining him this time. From the core 2 players are coming better for the heat. They are chalmers and coel. coel was sensational against chicago where he would be needed again and chalmers again showed why he is a big time player but has to be more consistent.

    He is slow on defensive end. Birdman will contribute more this time, haslem will hustle, ray will get more open looks and may be better this season as there is a new beast in town called beasley who is a deadly offensive player perfect for heat kind of play which everybody seem to overlook. If he can get his head right he would be perfect ally for lebron kind of play. And than there is another wild card oden. If he can give them 15 minutes he would be way more handful for all the teams. Can you imagine lebron running amuck in the post along with oden and bosh to cover them with bird and wade cutting to the hoop?

    The only area heat needs to strengthen on the defense is to get miller kind of player on the defense who used to hustle a lot inside the paint. If lewis cannot do it they need some player like verajio during the mid-season!

    And till the new year, I suggest spolsta to limit wades minutes under 30( for bosh too) and lebron under 35! And let others jell for a while! And heat would be just fine!

  47. tyrone says:

    the heats will three peat no matter what

    • RED says:

      to all yall heat fans out there this season will be yall toughest yet the east has gotten much better keep that in mind the heat are vulnerable and it showed yeah they have won 2 straight but before yall just try to hand the title over to the heat remember the bulls, pacers, possible the nets, knicks, okc, spurs and the newly coached clippers will be right there sooner or later the heat will go down they had they time teams will be even more engaged to take them down and if the heat have any injuries to the big 3 there wont be a 3 peat

  48. DARNELL says:


  49. dmh says:

    Bosh was forced to play center due to the dynamic of the team. His outside shooting has been horrible but improving. However, Bosh does have a midrange game in which is underutilized. I think that the only reason why the heat won the last two championships is because Lebron had role players that accepted and excelled in their roles and Lebron figured out how to use them.

    Bosh is a pf. He only played center out of necessity. Bosh still could be a credible allstar if he is used right. Granted, he is an allstar but, not credible for a pf or c. Bosh only paid lip service last year because if he didn’t he would be shipped out the door. Hopefully with all that the heat had going on this summer, Bosh can move back to the 4 and do the weakside stuff that he is actually good at instead of trying to shoot 3s on one end and being overpowered on the other end. Otherwise players like Roy Hibbert will continue to abuse Bosh down low leaving Lebron to hold the bag.

  50. Game Time says:

    Chris Bosh plays outside his element and still averages numbers better than most the centers in the league, but get’s criticized more than any of them smh.

  51. Wow, Bosh really put himself out there with that statement. But I believe he is right; if the Heat win their 3rd straight championship then they will stay together. If they don’t then they break up. Lebron James Stats can stay the same, but Bosh needs to improve. Wade is still an allstar, but he is past his prime and can only be expected to score 20ppg during the season. Not sure if they will make it, but it has been a great ride the last 3 years.

  52. Jayy says:

    I hate when everyone dogs CB did anyone watch him play when dwade and lebron were sitting out of games he avg 20 or more points a game. If it was just Dwade and CB and lebron didnt go to the heat then bosh would for sure be avg what he did in toronto but now that you have Lebron and wade he doesnt have to play as hard as he did on the raptors but at the end of that day you have to give the man some respect hes one of the top 5 big man in the NBA

  53. sanjay says:

    bosh needs to provide better results , just 12 points in the play off wont cut it this season with dicey wade! This is when new swingman beasley comes very handy.

    He can score the lights off and is money offensively. And hope oden, also can provide valuable minutes. But miller time would be sorely missed and hope some body steps in his place. Rashard has been a disappointment ( he has not hustled with his size inside unlike miller)
    The heat needs one more miller kind of player to address the defense problems, if beasley cannot cover miller on the defensive end!

  54. If you give me Oden in defense over guys like Garnet Hibbert or Hafford the Heat will not depend on three or 5 or 6 guys to win.

  55. Maybe role players like jj Cole Lewis Beasly Oden can do more to give to Miami the championship

  56. Wu says:

    jealousy is the best form of flattery.

  57. They can do wahtever they want. Mission has been accomplished.

  58. James says:

    @WoW. Do you even watch the last playoffs? “Anderson is better than Bosh you must be an hockey fan not a basketball fan.

  59. RyBot says:

    the heat wouldn’t be champions without Bosh and that’s 100% sure. Not sure where all the hate on this guy comes from other than he looks like a dinosaur. He’s a great player and that’s undeniable

  60. TRE TRE TRE says:

    @WOW you cant be a real basketball fan with comments like that. I absolutely HATE the heat. But I’m no hater. With that being said, Bosh was absolutely indispensable to the Heat’s success last season. Wade went down – Bosh was there; Bron went down – Bosh was there; spraying champagne in the face – Bosh will be there LOLl! Had to throw that in there. But seriously, all 82 games might not have been masterpieces, but he was the one who held the team together. If Wade or LeBron struggled, the other was there and the team did fine. If Bosh struggled, or was absent, the Heat definitely showed it…anyway KOBE all day!!! what up VINO!

  61. Don says:

    @ wow you’re an gigantic idiot my friend. Bosh brings something to the Heat that very few players his size are capable of, he’s a big men who can consistently knocked down a 15 to 20 feet jump shot sometimes even the 3, which forces the opposing power forward or center to leave the paint while Wade and Lebron hurt the opponent with all kinds of acrobatic lay ups and devastating alley oop dunks. Bosh is also quicker than most players his size I’ve seen him countless time fake the shot go around his defender and finish. And guy whether you like it or not without Chris Bosh Miami don’t get that last championship…… but I’ll let this link do the talking for this one……..

  62. Bob says:

    Bosh is the weakest link in the Miami chain. Sure, he made some big plays at big times, but he is wildly inconsistent and I can’t figure out why Pat Riley loves him so much. He’s just not a dominant player and that stresses the other players. They don’t know what he is going to give you night to night.

  63. hope piend says:

    Just by looking at the top 10, there’s a huge chance the Heat would not have won last season without Ray Allen (who, I personally consider, was a little better than All Star caliber even though not a HOF lock like some of the greats already in).

    Just also on a side note after watching the top 10 again, the Heat would have lost East Finals if Paul George had a bit more playoff experience.

    Just some notes…

  64. Seriously... says:

    The Heat need to upgrade Chris Bosh after this season either way. He’s by far the most over-paid/over-rated player in the NBA. There are at least 10 post players better than him, and I’m sure Pat Riley and co. can get them to come to the Heat. They’ll still be contenders without him either way ad they’ll have more cap space.

    • RandR says:

      There are 10 post players worth honorable mention in today’s NBA? Lol Name em without naming a practically 7 foot 52% jump shooter that can gaurd the pick n roll as good as any big man in the game n ur certified crazy. Without Bosh there is no “Pace n Space” or “flying around” on Defense. It’s about skill set. There aren’t 10 with a more diverse skill set. If there is please inform us all, and let us know if they are available as free agents next year. If not burn nething that gives u access to the internet n save us all from ridiculous statements like the one you just made.

      • BigBoy says:

        i take that back, not even the GOAT. the untouchable player no one will ever even come close to!!

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        @ RandR .. Good point … people forget that there is a shortage of quality big men, Bosh is one of the most versatile and skilled big men in the league. The only reason Bosh is not putting up his Toronto stats is obviously because of LeBron & Wade, but mainly because he is forced to play Center when he is really an undersized PF, if Bosh was any other team he would be a 25ppg/9rpg easily.. If Oden and Birdman can give the heat what they have been missing in rebounds and defense then I think Bosh will not be traded. The only reason Bosh is being mentioned in trade talks is because he is the only piece that the heat can trade and get something valuable in return in order to strengthen their core and get younger.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Name them or Shut up Dummy! Have respect to an Allstar (every year too) LOL you Heat Haters are pretending to be fans now? LOL. Loosers!

  65. Lol noobs says:

    Lebron says “not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7” , obviously not gonna happen, everyone agrees with him, bosh says hes doubting the win (which is true) every miami fan hates him.

    • BigBoy says:

      with a healthy wade and adding a couple pieces each year, heat can possibly 5-peat then trade wade and sign Harden in free agency. then 7-peat and trade bosh and sign Kevin Durant Kevin Love in free agency. then 10-peat and LeBron can retire the GOAT.

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      You are an Idiot. All true Heat fans love Bosh! All Heat fans know that Bosh spreads the floor and can hit the mid range jumper and can play D.

  66. wade says:

    sekou knows how to stir some issues

  67. PLuto says:

    BOsh kills…..he opens up floor with shooting..LBJ and Wade can eat in the lane all dizayyyyy

  68. WOW says:

    Please Bosh..
    Let James and D-Wade do the talking.. I think role players like Mike Miller and Chris Anderson contributed more to win the title last year… You are just another player on Heat’s roster.. Please go to a team where you can become a leader and take the title.. Until then.. you are a scrub…

    • mee(a)t says:

      Who told you to have high expectations of a PF to play center?

      • hate to say it... says:

        I hate to say this (as a Bulls fan), but this statement is fact. Bosh playing center puts him out of his element a bit. With a lot of teams playing small ball the Heat have obviously done quite well with him, but a healthy Oden at center allowing Bosh at PF, James at SF, Wade at SG, and whoever at point is a daunting lineup to say the least.

      • Antonio says:

        Yeah, it’s not like Bosh had two game winning rebounds and a game winning block in the Finals last year.

      • Nathan says:

        WOW … you are an idiot.

        A. Do you know that its his job to answer questions, its not up to him whether or not he takes interviews or whether or not they get published.

        B. Ask any player on the heat if they’d rather subtract Bosh from their roster than play with him and all of them would answer the latter.

        C. based on your comment you have a negligible amount of basketball knowledge…

        Shut up and watch.


      • Hey – don’t ever click my name guy …
        Yeah … KG was effective at center – enough to bring the Celtics back to the title after their 2008 championship. Right? I thought not.

    • KunJayMaster says:

      Yes he could have played better in the playoffs specially that series with the Spurs was a disaster, but unless we are getting someone like Kevin Love or Vucevic I’ll take Bosh over any other power forward out there.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


        Why get rid of Bosh unless were getting a K.Love or Marc Gasol or a player of that caliber. I think what Bosh meant by his comments is 1st of all that the Heat’s goal is to win a championship and anything less would be considered a failure… 2nd of all, I think what Bosh meant is that if the Heat 3Peat it would be pretty hard for King James to walk away from this team and join the Cavs this summer for example…

        But if they don’t 3peat then it would essentially be the end of the big 3 for a couple of reasons, because if the heat don’t 3peat then Pat Riley will probably look to trade Bosh to get some pieces to strengthen their core in an attempt to revamp the roster to try & keep LeBron from opting out and signing with the Cavs, LeBron might not want to sit around and build chemistry with a revamped Heat roster, especially if Wade cant stay healthy.. Cleveland has a pretty solid & young core .. add LeBron and they become an instant contender… …. … 3 Peat or Bust … …. ….

    • macman says:

      You clearly don’t watch much basketball. Bosh has been improving every year since he was drafted.
      It used to be said he was an allstar only because he was on a weak team when in TO. What do those say now that he still is, while on a great team? Mike Miller and Chris Anderson are great role players, so is Norris Cole, UD, but seriously bro, you gotta give some props to Bosh.

    • showbaba says:

      @Wow I know you are not a Heat fan, We heat fan appreciated Bosh and all the team. Without the help of Bosh Miami would have lost. Because of Bosh Pacers had to bench Roy Hilbert and it cost them, because of Bosh SA had to bench Tim Duncan at dying minute and it cost them both times Bosh rebounded and the last one gave it to Ray who knocked the hell down. Please keep quiet if you don’t know about basketball that you cannot even play at a big stage. I hate it when guys talk than on the players and these same people can’t play nada.

    • Dieter says:

      Just a player on the roster? Are you for real? Bosh was an All-Star when playing for the Raptors, and he got alot better. If Bosh would’ve played for the Spurs last year, the Heat wouldn’t have had a chance. I don’t get all the blame on Bosh… he’s a ‘great’ teammate and a great player and would be a great fit for pretty much every team in the NBA. He ain’t Lebron or the next Garnett, but he has been a top 5 power forward in this league for 5 years now. With Nowitzki, Gasol, Garnett and Duncan declining I can’t really name any power forward in this league besides “maybe” Aldridge and Randolph that’s better than Bosh.

      The Heat can’t win 2 championships in a row with the best NBA-player + a bunch of average players. Wade is probably the 3th best SG behind Bryant and Harden, and Bosh is a top 3 PF. I would’ve loved to see the Heat play with Chamlers, Eric Gordon, James, Andrea Bargnani and Anthony… this team wouldn’t have reached the conference finals in each of the past 3 years. Bosh will get in the Hall of Fame and it will be well deserved.

    • Peteski says:

      you are a scrub sir, if you really thing that Bosh is not necessary…look at the Indiana series during the first title…when we lost him…bad stuff started happening and with him coming back…BOOM. Plus last year with the Spurs…if you don’t take the fact that he did the best he could with Duncan then you are a moron. Duncan is a Hall-of-Famer-to-be FOR SURE, plus he is probably top 10..if not top 5 PF/C of ALL TIME. If we didn’t have Bosh to protect and bother him, we would not have gotten ANY wins. Just cuz he didn’t score in the last game everyone in the media gives him a bad REP…WATCH THE GAME FOOL!!! I hope that the SUPER FRIENDS stick together, and even if necessary, have Wade take less money (he is physically lowest on the list with his injuries unfortunately) but the three of them really DO work great, and if someone doesn’t see it….you probably just read the articles after the games rather than WATCH THE GAMES yourself.

    • miamibill says:

      Stop hatin on bosh

    • George gonzalvez says:

      I don’t care how many championships the Heat win, the team is built by the players ( Lebron, Wade,& Bosh)!!! What team can’t win with 3 of the top 5 or 6 players in the NBA that are in there prime!! This isn’t like years past where top players that are at the end of there careers get together to win a Championship!! This is too easy for the Heat!! Their Championships should’nt even count !! ***