Kings Moving Forward With India Plans


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Kings have started talks with the NBA and officials in India about playing an exhibition game in the native country of new owner Vivek Ranadive as soon as next season, Ranadive said.

The connection between the league’s desire to generate a larger presence in the second-most populous nation in the world and the emotional link for Ranadive comes as the Kings announce that the Oct. 30 season opener against the Nuggets will be televised live in India, with plans for a viewing party in Bombay.

“In India, there’s a billion people,” Ranadive said. “When they have a cricket match, there’s 600 million people watching. If we got a small fraction of that, that would still be a very big number.”

Having NBA teams play there, though, is far more problematic because of the lack of arenas at NBA standards. That would be the biggest obstacle for the Kings in India in October 2014.

“We have to find the right facility,” Ranadive said. “Right now they don’t have one. But we have a year and the NBA is very, very supportive about building the brand in India.”

Even though a year is extremely fast for this sort of project?

“I think it’s realistic,” Ranadive said. “We’re building a new arena (in Sacramento) and that will be done in three years. We’re very aggressive and ambitious.”


  1. nayab says:

    As long as i know there are many youngsters in India who like basketball and wants to play it.There are no good coaches and no good facility.I don’t know how vivek is going to help the growth of basketball in India.If he can provide what it requires then few years later there is no wonder if there are Indians playing in NBA.I Love NBA.I dont have a favourite team in NBA.I watch everyteam playing.I like USA team.They are the wonderful team.I like Kobe Bryant, lebron james,Dwayne Wade,Andrew Iguodala,Rudy Gay.I love when they olley oop dunk.Indians schools and colleges must think to develop sports like basketball,football in India.The Indian Government should think about it.I don’t think it is possible for government,because they can’t even protect our national sport hockey.Some private persons can only do this.Best of Luck to vivek ranadive.Indains will definitely accept basketball and they will become fans of NBA.Football is already famous in India.It will our worst fate that we can’t play football.More than 100 crores of people and don’t have athletes,different sports person.I don’t know who will take a step to develop sports in India.I wish all of them good luck.Thankyou…

  2. srinivas says:

    vivek congrts, it is great a indian as ventured into sports in a big way but dont get carried away saying there is 600 million peopal in india and there will good crowd or intrest like ipl, to tell you cricket establised there player devolopment and have lots of talented players equally good in the world and they have generated intrest among youngsters all over india, only if you can provide good trainers and coaches who can train indian coaches and generate god talented players ,who can play good basketball and understand the game and play accordingly , then only media will be intrested and the game will be watched to know how good our players are and where the stand in world standard, hope you will be a great help to basketball india,

  3. Shawn says:

    Good luck to the Sacramento Kings and Vivek Ranadive on developing basketball in India and diversifying the league. This would be great for the organization and for the NBA.

  4. Karlo Garcia says:

    GOOD LUCK Vivek Ranadive on the Sacreamento Kings & developing the sport of basketball in India.