Gloves Off For Durant, Wade?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Their Instagram/Twitter feud won’t go down in NBA annals as one of the classic dust ups, but nice guys Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade beefing, even if it’s just temporary, adds a nice layer of pre-training camp drama for the rest of us.

It started out simple enough. Durant said publicly during a Tuesday interview with CineSport that he would choose his ex-Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, James Harden, over Wade for a spot in a top 10 players list. That’s when Durant was informed that Wade was included in the top 10 of Sports Illustrated‘s ranking of the best players in the league and Harden was not.

Wade took exception and responded via Instagram …

Don't believe me just watch

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… and Durant fired back via Twitter …

And that leaves us with a two guys who rank among the league’s truly elite tossing barbs back and forth with training camps set to open around the league in just days.

Wade’s Heat and Durant’s Thunder head into the season as the favorites to represent their respective conferences in The Finals, so we might not get an appropriate conclusion to this affair for quite some time, if at all. Not that there was extra hype needed, those two regular season matchups between the Heat and Thunder just got another piece of flesh for everyone to chew on.


  1. Boere says:

    Wade shouldn’t even be in a top 30 list imho.

  2. tony says:

    Real top 10: (in no particular order)
    1. LeBron James
    2. Kevin Durant
    3. Chris Paul
    4. Dwight Howard
    5. Kobe Bryant
    6. Derrick Rose
    7. Russell Westbrook
    8. Paul George
    9. James Harden
    10. Dwyane Wade

    *Stephen Curry and Tony Parker deserve props though

  3. I don,t think that kevin durant should had said that because both of them should be in the top ten but kevin durant is intitle to his opion

  4. Alex says:

    If Dwade had to carry his teams scoring load, he could. He had 22ppg playing with Bosh and James. Not only can he still score, rebound, set up teammates and play defense, he does it all efficiently. 50% shooting for a guard should never be overlooked, unfortunately it is.

  5. Jason says:

    Harden any day over wade .durents also a way beta player than wade will eva be

  6. junejoseph says:

    KD manages to question other players ability when he failed to carry his team past the 2nd round of 2012-2013 NBA Playoffs.

  7. junejoseph says:

    Even KD himself is not even close to what DWADE was able to accomplish is their 6th year in the NBA.

  8. rey says:

    It`s funny how people forget that Wade was an starter from the moment he entered the league in a team with several hall of famers. Hardens had to leave a good team and join a just okay team to be able to be able to come out of the bench at the age Wade became a champion.

  9. Truth hurts says:

    After e ending to OKC season when Westbrook got hurt, Durant should be taking his own name off the top 10 players. He amongst others like Melo and Westbrook are unproven players that should keep silent until they prove the hype that they have not lived up to. Harden, durant and Westbrook all had the same opportunity to be champions but they were out played by a greater team of men lead by Wade’s experience

  10. Barbara Miller says:

    Two words: Tim Duncan.

  11. Zeus says:

    Dwade one of only four players to average 20+ ppg 5+ apg and 5+ rpg with a bad knee last season. Thats top five haters. And when it counts he comes to ball while harden and durant dissapear.

  12. ihoop10 says:

    Ummmm. Where is Steph Curry at. He gets buckets ! And can find teammates. He a top 10 for sure.

  13. Robert Mapp says:

    Hey d-wade (a.k.a )speedy , brother why do you need to worry about K-D, when you have in your possession , not 1,not 2, but three world champ rings , I do think that there is nothing more to say, but haters are going to hate , how about you letting them do just that; hate. Brother just keep getting your jewelry, GmamnG, and I’m out.

  14. Dave says:

    Please…remove Kobe from the list…he is on his own list…simply put – “the best”. Be careful Harden fans, as he cannot be the best on the team or what’s his name in the center will pout. I love that Wade has to prove to Harden or KD that he has to win without LBJ? Hmm…KD + Harden=0 rings and Wade – LBJ=1ring. Maybe my math is bad? If, this is about young talent then take everyone off the list over 28 and at least 1 future ring with them. Then argue about everyone under 28, especially this is not about past performance? With that being said Harden on the 2014-2015 lists will be replaced by Andrew Wiggins…Julius Randle…shall I keep going? Now we are talking about young talent. Rookies usually struggle with defense but others keep struggling with it. Harden is the worst defender on anyone of the lists above and do not see that changing anytime soon. Let’s define the parameters of these lists and then a true basketball debate can begin. Remember potential is just that until someone actually proves something. Or we could put up arguments such as: show me your rings and your accomplishments and then list anyone currently playing as number 1 over Kobe? Maybe it is my math issue again? With that being said I am a huge fan of LBJ, but facts usually win that argument over opinion. Let’s not forget when OKC had KD, Westbrook and harden they still came up with zero. I doubt we will ever have the argument of can Harden win without Howard because 0 still equals 0 and will in the future. One more thing if rings are the argument then only past Heat, Lakers, or Spurs players have multiple rings and should be on the list. It is hard to track all the arguments.

  15. Dyron says:

    The only people presently in the league i would rank over TD all time is KOBE and i hate Kobe and the lakers but i respect him because i am a fan and student of the Game! whatever lebron, KD, Dwade amd these guys are doing whenever they are in the category of TD and Kobe my hat come off! Take that Stephen A!!! all the way from Belize

  16. Dyron says:

    we can talk now and we can talk career! Where is TD……… Mien i hate how all these over hyped and over rated guys are so worshipped and because of his demeanour and character the “plain & regular” Tim isn’t!

  17. Dyron says:

    Where the heck is TD???? he was all NBA 1st and All NBA defensive 2nd

  18. Daniel Evans says:

    Well let me say this KD and Wade is my boy’s…. But since WestBrooke went down last season they have sumthing to prove…. They have a chip on their shoulders I mean really every NBA team has regrouped and gained pieces to their team…. So I’m ready to see this season…..

  19. Bob says:

    I remember the Heat ripping the Thunder in the Finals pretty consistently. And, seeing that OKC’s big three getting stopped when they had to make superstar plays. Besides, Wade was injured and still played. He did all the little things to win. Anyone that doesn’t understand those facts doesn’t understand the game. I guess that is why OKC continues to be non-champions

  20. byrdymann says:

    Its no question if you are to be considered an elite player for any top ten list, the pundits always bring up championships before anything. Therefore, the list should be 1. Lebron 2. Kobe 3. Tony Parker 4.Tim Duncan 5. D-Wade 6.KD 7. Melo 8. CP3, 9. D12 10. D-Rose. THese guys are in the playoffs year after year and leaders in most categories on their teams.

  21. chrisrob84 says:

    Wade got a ring when he first came in the league and was because of him. Shaq and payton recongized what a player he is and said he has to be the man. When you habe vets saying that…… he definitely needs to be on the top list….. Harden has to prove himself….paul George over chris paul??? Nah

  22. Sheldon says:

    Durant relax and stop trying to make yourself relevant. “Show me don’t tweet me”. The point is you haven’t been watching. What you need to show us, facebook us, tweet us, instagram us, anything us a championship ring. Show us that. You are on the verge of not getting a ring, you lost it when you lost Harden. You are also on the verge of losing Westbrook who is your superstar status. Unlike wade, you can’t carry a team by yourself so zip it. Like Jordan denied Ewing, Malone, Barkley, etc their rings, so will you be denied by Lebron. Show me the RING!!!

  23. sanjay says:

    James hardin is a good player but he cannot be compared to legendary wade. wade on one leg is much better than hardin. He was a non-entity when heat won for the first time. This year we will see how hardin does with the latest enforcement.
    he is young and can surely get better!

    And who cares about what KD thinks? The OKC was sent packing as they let go hardin( brooks injury not withstanding). So when OKC let go hardin, KD did not think he was nearly a top 10 player? And now all of a sudden he is with those bogus statistics?

    Come to think of it this year OKC chances are worse than last year and ironically houston chances are tad better than okc’s. Last time I checked the spurs ain’t going anywhere with kawhi leonard elevating himself to superstar status bigger than hardin and clippers got doc and memphis and golden gate will also compete better!

    it is gonna be a dog fight on the west and KD rather than this stupid rant need to focus on the upcoming brutal season!
    He continue to come short late in the fourth quarer as he has no strength in the legs when hustled on both defensive and offensive ends and that is what he should have worked on these off season rather than running his mouth needlessly.
    Waking up wade is not a bad idea and bad news for contenders out there!
    Dig it?

  24. Mike Ratliff says:

    Both Wade and Harden are extraordinary talents with wade having a longer string of really good seasons and Harden, I believe , being on his way to a stretch of really good seasons to come. What I like about this beef, being a former Pro basketball player myself, is that these are the conversations Teamates share intimately with one another on road trips when the media isn’t recording the conversation. I commend Durant for speaking up on how he feels about HIS top 10. He has that right. I love the fact that D Wade is a proud star willing to show that he’s ticked off by Durant’s comment and is publicly saying he will prove Durant wrong.
    Finally some words from the heart !!!!!!!

  25. Kp says:

    Wow The disrespect on this post isnt even fathomable.. My list Kobe Lebron KD D Rose Parker cp3 Irving j harden rajon melo

  26. kevin seymoure says:

    i love to take comment in this case.
    i think KD must look at himself last 2 season, when westbrook got injury he cant carry the team like wade did 2006, lot of technical foul, its like childist play LOL

  27. capsilog says:

    look at the letter closely,

    apparently, 2 people were involved in the writing of this note,
    see how the a’s were written…

    the top part of the letter was written by another person and the bottom half was written by another…
    its just gimmick to keep the off season interesting…

  28. Joshua Jarvis says:

    I’d take wades defense and competitive spirit over hardens high volume shooting and turnovers. Defense wins championships. Anybody can score points in the nba.

  29. At this point in time, Harden over Wade is the right attitude. Dwayne Wade is approaching the end of his career, with no outside jumper. He can only get his points from inside the paint. James Harden has no championships, sure, but he’s still young, he was close to getting one with the Thunder. Regardless, both players have the ability to make their teammates better, but James has an inside and out game while Wade does not. Wade can try to “make him remember his place in history again”, but his athleticism is running out and running out fast.

    • Abi#3 says:

      Wade did almost same stats like Harden last season and he was injured.Harden had better ppg and that’s all…but Wade is more more better in defense. Defense is as important part of basketball as scoring. so I don’t know WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!(and KD talks about)

      ps: about Lebron’s successful.Wade means a lot of help for Lebron…

  30. Sean says:

    1. LeBron
    2. Durant
    3. CP3
    4. D12
    5. Parker
    6. Melo
    7. Wade
    8. Harden
    9. Kobe
    10. Curry

  31. andrew lirette says:

    And where is stephen curry the dude should be in the top 5 players

  32. Edub says:

    KD just wants to focus on this season, the future. That is what he means by show him. He obviously is going to be a better player this season and KD wants Wade to try him and OKC now. KD is jut saying the past is in the past.

  33. andrew lirette says:

    KD is number 1 he is right james harden is better than dwayne wade he puts up more points then dwayne wade

  34. Erik says:

    I love it! I love it! These games are going to be soo much fun to watch. Nothing like a little trash talk. Durant Has the right to say what he wants and DWade has the correct rection. Time will tell who will have the last laugh.

  35. T-Boogey says:

    Look up the numbers. D-Wade ranks up as one of the best players in the nba finals even compared to MJ’s numbers……

  36. simon says:

    What list are we talking about?
    Greatest active player at all? Harden and George are too young to compete for a place. If we have to discuss about rings and career achievements and production throughout one’s player career, why not Garnett, for example? He should deserve it more than Paul George…
    Best active player according actual playing? DRose shouldn’t be there, he isn’t playing since when? One year and a half?

  37. TOP ten list healthy says:

    1. Lebron. 10. D howard
    2. Durant
    3. Kobe
    4. CP3
    5. D Rose
    6. D Wade
    7. Melo
    8. Duncan
    9. Westbrook
    10. Dwight
    9. Westbrook

  38. iLOVEthisGAME_NBA! says:

    My Top 10 Players Next Season 2013-2014:

    10. Kyrie Irving
    9. James Harden
    8. Stephen Curry
    7. Chris Paul
    6. Dwyane Wade
    5. Carmelo Anthony
    4. Paul George
    3. Kevin Durant
    2. Derrick Rose
    1. LeBron James

  39. iLOVEthisGAME_NBA! says:

    My Top 10 Players Based On The 2012-2013 Season and Playoffs:

    10. Tim Duncan
    9. James Harden
    8. Tony Parker
    7. Stephen Curry
    6. Kobe Bryant
    5. Dwyane Wade
    4. Paul George
    3. Carmelo Anthony
    2. Kevin Durant
    1. LeBron James

  40. MJ23 says:

    1. Kobe 2. DRose 3. KD 4. LBJ 5. CP

  41. jboy says:

    1. LBJ 2/3 KB24/KD35 4. Cp3 5.Drose 6. Dwade 7. Rwestbrook 8. james harden 9. kyrie irving 10. rondo

  42. OPENMINDNED says:

    Durant is sick… great player but no championship ring you are going into past now and be a poem or an old times story. just get a ring before you become a judgemental attitude. show your leadership in game not to become a trashtalker….

    Durant – 0 ring Wade – 3 rings

  43. NBA Yo says:

    Anyway, Durant would never said that he is better than LBJ

  44. dreadyjun says:

    If it’s not about Kobe or the Lakers, it’s not worth talking about.

    Rest of the NBA teams are garbage.

  45. Explorer says:

    OH mAN.. fOr now James Harden is too far than DWADE. James Harden is just rising to be a superstar but DWADE is already there up the sky for what he did in the nba history…

  46. Otobot says:

    Ken Durant is same like Chrales Narkley, always open his mouth tryingto convince the basketball nation that Scottie Pippen is working under the shadow of MJ but we all know that Scottie Pippen is one of the heck electrifying smart guy who deserve to be in the list as one of the most and best basketball player that NBA has. So its happening it again Durant trying to conviced that Harden is beeter than D-Wade, Durant your shoudl work more hard to be LBJ. Wade has 3 rings on is hand and Harden is still working that but with Dwight Howard and not with you because you’re a losser man.

  47. mamaba24 says:

    ya all are young kobe is well established in the nba more ring then all older den all and still compete still breaking records smh

  48. Johnny Reyes says:


  49. Jack says:

    Majority of people here are commenting as band wagons, CP3 and Derek Rose, extremely good Point guards and can both hold their own, Derek is just more ferocious, Lebron has to be on that list because the man is a beast, Kobe is one of the Greatest of All Time and has earn’t his spot on that list but he’s struggling with his ankle injury, Westbrooke is top notch, Paul George hasn’t earnt that spot yet, and durant is a beast. Dwayne Wade is debateable, Harden shouldn’t be on the list and I don’t think Wade should be either, the Man can play but I think their are people more deserving, Tim Duncan, Javale McGee (LOL JOKES)

  50. Marmar says:

    i thought KD was an intelligent person. even though wade is suffering from knee injuries during the past 2 seasons his numbers didn’t came down., wade is a consistent player if LBJ cant deliver, he will so how in the world durant said that harden is better than wade. stats dont lie wade average 22ppg harden is 26ppg yeah harden’s leading by 4points but he shoots 10 times more than wade. dont get me wrong but durant has so much hate to this miami heat team. wade can also play DEFENSE i pick him personally as #1 defensive guard in the league. and yeah a healthy wade is better that harden and a 2006 wade is better than DURANT now. simple facts

  51. Number 15 says:

    No point arguing that much. All of you here are right. Its just personal opinions only. I believe all humans have our own likes and dislikes. Dont argue anymore. Enjoy the upcoming season ok???

  52. Jey says:

    Come on guys anyone on here that knows ball knows wade has to be on that list. The man put up 20+ ppg and shot over 52% from the field lebron or no lebron on the team that’s monster . Lol and durants bf shot like 38%

  53. LuckyLaide says:

    Dwayne Wade’s best days are behind him, he’s been sloping since his first chip. Nuff said

  54. garrett3551 says:

    kobe kobe kobe u idiots kobe the black mamaba is the best

  55. eddy says:

    if kevin D. That said ……….. uffffffffffffffff …… psychologically affected because this is not the number one or number two. already known that the ducklings shake when playing with the heat …..KD sorry when you show your achievements …. speaks

    1 .Lebron James
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Carmelo Anthony
    4. Tony Parker
    5. Dwayne Wade
    6. Kevin Durant
    7. Stephen Curry
    8. Kevin Love
    9. Chris Paul
    10.Tim Duncan

  56. D says:

    This discussion is actually hilarious. I mean we are comparing Wade at his 75% to Harden at 100%…

  57. fabolous405 says:

    Dwyane Wade AKA THE FLASH is coming for y’all: KEVIN DURANT & JAMES HARDEN yall seems to forget how lethal/explosive this guy is on both ends of the court (offense & defense) even when injured.
    Note to Kevin Durant dont get block by the 6.4 guard Mr flash cos the game is not just about offense!!!

  58. theflowsson says:

    based on this past season

    1: LBJ
    2: Durant
    3: CP3
    4: Kobe
    5: Harden
    6: Melo
    7: Parker
    8: Westbrook
    9: Wade
    10: Curry/Duncan/George

  59. Maxamill25 says:

    At this present moment, I would say Wade is a better player than Harden. Harden’s a better scorer and his skills will only grow, and even though Wade is on the decline, his defense is still much better than Hardens, plus Wade can still score when he’s healthy, so I would say Wade being on the list is correct. Now next year, it might be a different story, we’ll see what happens…..

  60. mikmaks says:

    just keep on bashing Wade people… that’s gonna help him be better this season and then all of you will just shut your mouth!

  61. The truth says:

    You guys aren’t seriously comparing D-Wade and Harden..D-Wade is a much better player than Harden. D-Wade still manages to put up great numbers considering he has to share the ball with Bosh and LBJ(The best player in the league). Who does Harden have? J-Lin? Don’t make me laugh, Harden pretty much has the ball all to himself and he still has similar stats to Wade. Arguably, Wade is past his prime and still has nearly the same exact stats as Harden.

    So there you have it. WADE trumps Harden. If you disagree, you are an idiot but not for the reason you think.. You don’t take all the criteria involved into consideration; you just look at stats like every other dim-wit. If it was all about stats why hasn’t Kevin Durant won a championship yet? The second biggest contributor goes down and he can barely manage to get past the first-round?

  62. DurantIsTripping says:

    Kevin-Freethrowshooting-Durant should shut his trap. He is the biggest fake tough guy in the league. For someone who keeps getting bailed out 15 times a game by the ref, he talks a lot. He should be busy kissing Stern’s …hand while on his knees.

  63. RJSanity says:

    KD..I used to like him but now he is showing. Harden over Wade? He can’t even carry his team last playoffs and was a crybaby during the 2012 Finals. No leadership and was a bad ball handler. Without Westbrook OKC could not reach the playoffs. He needs to respect his elders. James Harden, I respect the guy because he is talented but comparing him to DWade is out of the question. We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. Where is his ring? Where is Harden’s ring? Nothing! Let KD win his first ring.. just once.. if he can.. then we’ll start discussing.

  64. D_Will says:

    1. King James
    2. KD
    3. Cp3
    4. Melo
    5. kobe
    6. D.wade
    7. Parker
    8. Westbrook
    9. Harden
    10. Curry
    This list is based on who benefitted their team the most, and no stats, which can be decieving.
    As some advice for you Kobe fans out there if you want people to take you seriously put Kobe in a realistic position. It’s true that he is “one” of the best players in the league, but he is clearly no longer “#1”.

  65. Art says:

    Wade had a wonderful career and was years ago one of the best, but this list is not about accomplishments; otherwise Duncan & Bryant should be on the top. This list is not about the last season either, otherwise why Rose is there. So it’s about who is better today. I see that some people don’t understand that.

    Wade in top 10 is just ridiculous. If all teams didn’t have to pay so much attention to guard LeBron, Wade numbers wouldn’t impress anybody. Actually he is not top 25.

    At least 27 players: James, Durant, Bryant, Paul, Parker, Harden, Antony, Westbrook, Rose, Love, George, Howard, M. Gasol, Noah, Irving, Curry, D. Williams, Horford, Aldridge, B.Lopez, Hibbert, Griffin, Novitzki, Leonard, Cousins, Wall, Randolph are better.

    And Bosh #17?? Sorry, he is not top 50! In addition to all mentioned above there are at least 30 more players better than him: Chandler, West, A. Davis, Ibaka, J. Johnson, Rondo, Deng, Igoudala, Lee, Josh Smith, Gay, Pierce, Evans, Gordon, Garnett, Jefferson, JR Smith, Holiday, Monroe, Granger, Batum, Gallinari, Lillard, Lawson, Pekovic, Mayo, P. Gasol, Ellis, Sanders, Drummond. This list could be extended…

  66. D_Will says:

    Dwade, even with his recent injuries is better than Harden because if he did not have Lebron on his team he’d easily average 25+ points per game, and still be ahead of Harden in his other stats. When Harden was on a team with 3 stars (OKC) he did nit avg anywhere near what Wade has averaged with his 3 years with LBJ and Bosh. The bottomline is that the only thing Harden has seemed to be better than Wade this year is scoring which he needs to shoot 5+ more shots than Wade does to do, so really aif Wade was on Houston being a one man show, his numbers would be way better than Harden’s.

  67. Ernesto says:

    Here is the SHOULD BE list of the top 10 players of today’s NBA

    1) Lebron James
    2) Kevin Durant
    3) Derrick Rose
    4) Carmelo Anthony
    5) James Harden
    6) Kobe Bryant
    7) Tony Parker
    8) Stephen Curry
    9) Dwane Wade
    10) Chris Paul

    Russell has a long way to go, he still does not understand the meaning of team work and he has got to work on that.
    Paul George will be top 5, just not now.
    Tim Duncan is not top 10 anymore people, he used to.
    Derrick Rose is a baddas he deserves that 3rd spot, and he will prove it to you next season.
    Dwight Howard, let´s not talk about him, I am a huge Rockets fan but I play fair and this guy has a lot to prove this upcoming season.
    A lot of people is forgetting about someone who I give the 11) spot, this kid is Kyrie Irving, this kid will be a champion one day, no doubt, but right now, he is going against huge guys now days.

    Did I leave anyone out? Please let me know

  68. Dipak Patel says:

    Any top 10 list without Matt Bonner cannot be taken seriously!

  69. George B says:

    I used to like Kevin Durant til i heard of this. What an idiot and what an insult to a great player in DWade.JHarden is great but he is not in DWade’s league yet.

    DOES ANY REMEMBER WHERE JAMES HARDEN WAS IN THE 2012 NBA FINALS??? cause he sure wasn’t noticeable to me.

    DWade is prooven and he is still a great player and definitely top 10. Get over him struggling a bit last ear injured. atleast the guy was playing. not like so many other players who werent even suiting up. DWade has heart and he’s a prooven champion 3 times.

    Durant go back to sleep

  70. dfishe5 says:

    If I had to start a franchise I’d have to choose in this order:

    1) Lebron…No need to say, but he’s the best
    2) KD… Simply balled his way into elite status
    3) D.Rose… MVP at 22..enough said (minus the injury)
    4) K.Love… Puts up unheard of numbers (Leader that hustles)
    5) CP3… Proven general (but should be more aggressive)
    6) Melo…Can put the team on his shoulders
    7) Kobe… 81,,,that is all..(minus the injury)
    8) D12…Took a team to the Finals with where he was the man
    9) Russ… Has a lot of dog in him… a star that still has scary potential

  71. Ferny Perez says:

    What has James harden accomplished other than high scoring for the rockets? Don’t get me wrong, I love James hardens style of play but to toss Dwayne wade out because of him? It’s ridiculous. A 3x champ still playing should be top 10 especially if he still shows he has it in him. I’m not a maker fan but to not put Kobe up in ANY top 10 list of current players is just INSANE!

  72. ATLfan says:

    Uh oh. Time to break out the gatoraid prime energy chews. Lol

  73. yamel says:

    all these people are really crazy durant first need to look he’s finger and say why WADE have those 3 ring and i’m so looser the i have none

  74. Flash says:

    KD is crazy, he’s still upset cus the heat denied him the chance for a RING, It is true that Harden had a better season than Dwade, only in Point per Game, ( Having in mind that Harden was the main scorer and Dwade the secon option on his team) been down only by 4 points doesn’t mean that Harden had a better season, and Dwade was playing injured……..
    Harden had 1 good year, When he can do it for 3 or 4 then we all can start making comparisons, for now Harden isn’t even close to a top 10
    Duran is a good scorer , but that is all he does, let’s see what happens when they play against the heat this season

  75. alex says:

    It’s just funny how on the one hand, everyone is yelling at LeBron, that he can only get it done with Wade and Bosh and on the other hand the same guys complaine about how much of a non-factor wade was in the last two seasons… that doesn’t really fit…

  76. A higher ppg does not make a player better says:

    James Harden typically has a game that consists of about 7 for 25 to score about 20 points. Just because harden can shoot a whole bunch to get a higher ppg than Wade does not mean he is a better player. That is a piss poor shooting percentage. Wade not only contributes on a nightly bases in a variety of ways he could also average more points than harden if he jacked up as many shots as freakin harden. Instead Wade chooses to be a team player and get three rings.

  77. IIiad from Germany says:

    If its just about the momentun then it has to be the following ones:

    1) Lebron
    2) Durant
    3) Kobe
    4) Parker
    5) CP3
    6) Paul George
    7) Carmelo
    8) James Harden
    9) Tim Duncan
    10) Wade

    11) Westbrook 12) Irving 13) Hibbert 14) Blake 15) Kevin Love…360) Kendrik Perkins

  78. Ramon Allan says:

    Greatly said Kobe has also changed the game in Basketball Paul George is an future top 10 but don’t forget what Kobe has done by himself Lebron is over rated and will not be a game changer as good as Michael Jordon, Jerry West, Kobe Bryant just sayin

  79. Nathanyel says:

    Well wether harden should replace wade or not, even with durant Westbrook and harden the heat still sraped them (I’m an okc fan). Don’t have to like wade but have to admire his worth ethic and determination for a championship

  80. says:

    durant is so disrespectful did he won a championship already?…did he won MPV or finals MVP he’s just good in scoring that’s all he can do,but in terms of maturity and putting a team on his back to win a championship he can even do that..look what happen when westbrook got injured durant scored atleast 40+ but did he manage to win the playoffs? not right?..before he say this people were better than the other he should look into himself and ask how can i improved my over all game and not just think of scoring..durant ur a fool..

  81. saly says:

    so for pepole sayin james harden is better than dwade are you telling me that if miami had harden rather than dwade they would have won yeah righttttttt and for durant let me see u win a championship by yourself last time i checked u couldnt past one round with out your boy russel westbrook

  82. Diego says:

    you guys choose players like Harden, Curry and Paul George because they have been playing very well in the last sesons, but D-Wade is one of the best players since the time he got drafted

  83. Zach says:

    Show me, dont tweet me? Hasnt he already showed you?

  84. D.... Lakers fan says:

    Top 10
    1. Lebron
    2. Durant
    3. Parker
    4. Cp3
    5. Westbrook
    6. Duncan
    7. Kobe
    8. Carmelo
    9. Wade
    10. Harden

  85. alp says:

    1. Lebron
    2. Durant
    3. Cp3
    4. Kobe
    5. Westbrook
    6. Curry
    7. Melo
    8. Parker
    9. Harden
    10. Irving

    i’d take any of these guys over a dwayne wade RIGHT NOW, NOT IN HIS PRIME, BUT RIGHT NOW.

  86. TonyZ says:


    Kobe is still number # 1 in the NBA ….honestly he is the player that almost everyone wants to watch !!!

  87. Bridgepa says:

    Kobe no.1??? hhahahahahahahaha I think Kobe is a good player but right now he aint no.1!!! King James is head and shoulders above everyone, Back to Back Championships, Finals MVP’s and Reg Season MVP’s, Not even Kobe did that in his last two peat. Also Lebrons stats and shooting percentages are above Jordans!!! so Kobe nnaaaahh, Get real people!

  88. sunra says:

    wade is pathetic , shouldnt make top 50 list. seriously

  89. y.p 18 says:

    kobe has to be on there
    no matter what wade is better then george and harden
    proboly now there will be a lot of fights with wade and kd now
    watch out for technical fouls big time

  90. y.p 18 says:

    kobe has to be on there
    no matter what wade is better then george and harden

  91. JohnV says:

    Uh-oh.. Durant gotta be careful this season for wade’s dirty plays

  92. celentano says:

    To ROckets fan, You’re dreaming about Harden d’ont you?Harden a better season than Wade & Kobe?Stay of the “legal highs” boy! Check your facts! Kobe was breaking records,topscoring putting mamba numbers in a long period in order to win before his severe injury!
    And Wade show’d up in the play-offs with strong numbers, put some defence + blocks,taking over when Lebron was choking various times putting finals games on the line!
    Both are all-stars veteran champs and Harden just getting in his prime + he had a streak with low numbers during play-offs!
    What’s your point again, regular season stats?
    Just pray for other teams not pulling the “hack a Howard” trick when the game is on the line costing a lot cash + time&game waisting on him!

  93. David says:

    Wade still has some fire, let them add FUEL to the fire, keep talking KD…3Peat!

  94. dl says:

    1. James 6. Anthony
    2. Durant 7. Duncan
    3. Kobe 8. Paul
    4. Parker 9. Harden
    5. Wade 10. Curry

  95. DJ says:

    At their best, at their highest level of play, you pick the year, D-Wade is a better player than Harden…. easily.

    • Game Time says:

      Easiest way to compare is by their respective years in the league. Wade at the stage Harden was at right now was a monster and a champ. Harden is developing but honestly I think he’s as good as he’ll be which is not greater than D Wade.

  96. Michael McBride says:

    Lebron,Kobe,KD,Duncan,Parker,Melo,Rose,CP3,D12, and this is my biased opinion for #10 all the haters can kiss my ( l )
    Tyreke Evans!

  97. ringsnoteverything says:

    its not all about championships. Harden IMO is better than Wade at this point in time. Yes. Wade has a better career than Harden. for the first 2 years Harden played third fiddle to KD and westbrook. no matter how good you are, things can drop like that. on top of that, Harden was a 6th man due to the defense Sefalosha provides. Wades career has been better, he has never come off the bench, he has won 3 championships already. However, Wade has been in the league several years longer than harden has, giving him more time to accrue these accomplishments. Harden may develop into an iso monster, you never know. If rings were everything, then Luke Walton (2 rings) is just as good as Lebron James (2 rings) which leads me to the conclusion that rings are not everything and that rings are the true tale of skill is in fact a misconception. Finally i will restate my thesis in case you didnt get it: Currently, James Harden is better than Dwayne Wade, but in the past Wade is better.

    • Game Time says:

      Wade got his 1st ring 3 years in! And granted he had Shaq plus some seasoned vets it was still Wade being the major contributor that got them there. As for Harden his 1st finals appearance was more of a disappearance. Where was he? He had the opportunity to be a major factor but choked plain and simple. Now people want to say D Wade is not good because of injuries even though his numbers are still in the top 10. Give me a break, you kids need to watch more ball, play some too while your at it and get a better understanding of the game. Harden is a weak player compared to Wade and will NEVER have career accomplishments that even come close to Wade’s.

  98. EDUARDO says:

    Stats, Videos, Rings, Durant must really hate This guy, He deserve his place there. period…


    Ok for starters….this is all for publicity but seriously KD shouldn’t have gone out and said what he said REGARDLESS of if this is a list of next yr top players!!!if KOBE had been said to be taken out for Harden all hell would break lose with Lakers fans and also some basketball MINDS saying you just don’t do that….soo what’s more to say about Wade whose a accomplished athelete,a 3XCHAMP!!!!has a scoring title has been known as the THE BEST SHOT-BLOCKING GUARD we’ve seen.Yes he’s past his prime but I honestly wouldn’t go off to say “show me” to a guy who won a championship on me and has 3 to showcase it regardless…..aint noone tried that with MJ’s teammate when he was around and because Lebron is around makes Wade less valuable!!!!!Im sorry did everyone forget what he did last yrs playoff against the Pacers when he was critized and said to be washed up OR THIS YEAR whith Barkley calling him out…NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!!JHarden is good…he’s the futur BUT HE HAD ONE BREAKOUT YEAR we all knew his impact on the game and what he can do….but like I read in a earlier comment that if KD thinks so highly of Harden why not push to keep him!!!!why not try to keep your core which could of became the best trio of players within a couple of years!!!!now he’s boasting a guy who has a team built not to just take out the Heat but the THUNDER as well since last playoff series was a tester for the Rockets now they got players and experience!!!This could all be tactics for all I know but I just don’t get how so many people on here critize Wade like the dude was done!!he’s still avg 20pts a game and still can bang with the best SINCE HE’S SITTING AMONGST THE BEST so him and Harden not in the same sentence YET!!!!KD needs to be more than a “scoring champ” to be having that much credibility because until that man they KING JAMES is in the game KD still a second fiddle..close but still 2nd..TMAC reincarnation maybe LOL I still agree with The Bearded One to be on that top 10 list but dont throw names in his place ESPECIALLY NOT guys like Wade or Kobe for that matter aka PROVEN CHAMPIONS

  100. rhumz says:

    d-wade has a 3 championship ring….KD nuff said……0 ring….
    1. Lebron James
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Carmelo Anthony
    4. Tony Parker
    5. Dwayne Wade
    6. Kevin Durant
    7. Stephen Curry
    8. Kevin Love
    9. Derrick Rose
    10.Chris Paul

  101. jeff says:

    durant is weird they didn’t know how to respect a player james harden for wade its to far for comparing wade is still the best player than him even lebron james and their coach ask them how wade helps the miami heat team and carrying being a leader,,,, and ask him how tough is d wade playing with a serious injury even all players wade for me is still top 1 not top 10 not looking what lebron’s doing yah lebron is the number 1 player in the world but look at last championship they won who;s the main player ray allen all players in miami knows that that’s how miami players play as a team…. there’s a lot of individual player our tough but being a leader is hard.. what is the purpose of playing their in their league to become a tough individual players.. no as a team your main goal is to win a championship and Mr. DWADE is part of Three Championship in miami…. how come mr. durant comparing harden even westbrook…….. Still NO. ! fan Of Mr, DWADE from Philippines… Love you Dwade…….

  102. junejoseph says:

    HARDEN better than DWade in scoring maybe. But as a player, as a leader and as an inspiration to the team, HARDEN is nowhere near. DWADE even hurt is playing at a high level. Harden has to work his way defensively and needs to be a leader.

    HARDEN disappears in the finals against the Heat. DWade is just too good as a player and not just as a scorer. But harden will be one of the Best but now is just not the time.

  103. bob says:

    Ok Rockets fan…I agree on that one 🙂

  104. bob says:

    Wade averaged 22.6 points in the 2012 NBA Finals against Durant, Harden and the Thunder. Harden, who now plays for Houston, averaged 12.4 points in that series.
    A little respect please!!!!

  105. bob says:

    I think DW won a Ring without LJ, am I right?

  106. bob says:

    I really love KD, but…Wade won already 3 Rings….Sorry KD…

  107. ROckets fan says:

    all yall heat and lakers fans are stupid! Harden had a better season last year than kobe and D-wade. Kobe is done he’s to old and D-wade is just sidekicking lebron

  108. SorryWade says:

    sorry DWade..but unless you can make KD respect your place in history WITHOUT LBJ, then i guess KD has still has the edge over you..

  109. celentano says:

    To Anton, who’s J.Harding?Ohw you mean probaly Harden right?lol.


  111. True fan of the game says:

    Honestly, Durant is right… D-Wade has been a top ten player for years, but its obvious that he is on his way towards the end of his dominance, and almost all statistics show Harden being a better player. He had more clutch performances than Dwade and was way more consistent than him in the playoffs even though he played a lot less games… this list is kinda like a wish list… Dwade has always been on it so there is an automatic obligation to put him on there again… Here is a true top 10: 1. LBJ 2. Kevin Durant 3. Chris Paul 4. James Harden 5. Russell Westbrook 6. Kobe Bryant 7. Carmelo Anthony 8. Dwight Howard 9. Stephen Curry 10. Kyrie Irving.. Rose is not on the list because no one knows how well he will be able to bounce back after being out for a year… for all we know, he may have a BROY season

  112. Game Time says:

    He’s telling Wade to prove it when he’s already done that in his career and personally to the Thunder in the Finals. Now if he’s talking about this coming season then shouldn’t he have questioned Kobe as well since he’s coming off injury? I understand he THINKS Harden is the better player, but fact is D Wade is a 3x Champ Finals MVP who HAS proven himself while Harden CHOKED vs Miami.

  113. bodjee says:

    Durant has a right to his opinion like the rest of us! I think it is hard to judge a basketball player from stats alone because basketball is a team sport and each player has to play within the team system. If I was to pick 10 best player, it wouldn’t be based on their status or salary, it would be on their skill sets. Here is a list of the basketball players who I like to watch:

    1. Kobe
    2. J.R Smith
    3. Manu Ginobili
    4. D. Rose
    5. Ricky Rubio
    6. L.B. James
    7. S. Curry
    8. C. Paul
    9. K. Irvin
    10. Melo/Durant/Wade/Harden/Lillard/Hall/Westbrook/D. Williams/Rondo/DeRozan

  114. Shawn says:

    Look at D Wade, and James Harden stats from last season. Almost the same, and remember D Wade played on bad knees. And for those idiots saying “oh, it’s because he played with Lebron” look at his stats from the years when he was ALONE in Miami! He was MURDERING dudes!!! He averaged 30+pts twice I think, and he CANT SHOOT 3’s!!! Imagine if he was a better shooter, you’d be looking at him dropping close to 40, if not more!!! James Harden has work to do!!!

  115. JMaine says:

    One anyone who thinks KD is right is either young, dose not know basketball or both. James Harden has a great game i was shocked by his play last season. But I’m not replacing him with Wade as Top Ten in the game today. I would take Melo off, Kobe should be there, there is alot of players that shouldn’t be on there and players that should that are not. KD makes it but not #2 I got to see him last year in the playoff learn what it is to really lead a team and fail for as great as everyone says he is. He dose not have the skill set yet to be the second best player in the league. The gap between KD and LBJ is huge. KD Sounds like a hater right now i would have pick another player besides wade. but i appreciate him for putting fire under wade might help insure he finds a way to stay healthy all year which would mean trouble for the league. LMBAO KD picks wade of all player too funny. about as funny as the reason yall come up with to agree with KD. Y’all know no ball.

  116. Michael Jordan says:

    Stop it guys! 3>0 right?

  117. juggernaut584 says:

    Harden had a breakout season last year, but he still is not a better player than D.Wade. In my opinion, they are probably evenly matched offensively. Harden excels at getting to the cup, drawing fouls, and has 3pt range. He is also adept at making plays for his teammates. However, Harden hasn’t shown a consistent mid-range game, and has yet to show up and deliver in clutch situations. If you can run him off the 3pt line and keep him out of the paint, it will render him ineffective. We saw this strategy executed perfectly by Miami in the 2012 Finals when we were wondering if Harden was even playing in that series. Wade also excels at getting the cup, drawing fouls, has a pretty good midrange game, and can also thrive as a playmaker for his teammates; but he doesn’t have consistent 3pt range on his shot. However, he has shown that he is clutch on several occasions, and will show up when his team needs him most. The dealbreaker for me would be the fact that Wade is head and shoulders above Harden on the defensive end; which along with his ability to make plays in clutch situations gives him the edge over Harden. Now if I had to pick one today, it would be Harden based on his youth, non-injury history, and potential; but based on both players’ current bodies of work, you have to rank D.Wade ahead of Harden.

  118. GW says:

    Wade is better than KD. Durant may see him as a threat that durant feels he can overcome by disrespecting and diminishing Wades feats and still a better overall game than Durant has. Durant may be better one day but right now he isn’t and hasn’t accomplished what Wade has. End of

  119. Anonymous says:

    You guys need to start learning how to read. The si list is the ranking of the top 10 players coming into the next season. Now, who do you guys think will have a better season? Dwayne Wade who’s past his prime and has had loads of injuries, or James Harden who’s had a better season (individually) with lesser to no stars in his team? It’s not about career accomplishments, obviously. That’s what Kevin Durant is trying to say.

  120. Carl says:

    All of you are idiots. One good year does NOT make you a Top 10 player. James Harden is NOT top 10. But my problem is with Kevin Durant. He’s never been this talkative. He’d better shut up. If you thought James Harden was so good, then why not fight to keep him in OKC? Also, Dwyane Wade has three championships, and he beat you for one. As far as I’m concerned, as long as LeBron’s on the opposite side, you will never win one.

  121. leonard says:

    lebron and wade has not accomplished what kobe accomplished so what’s the argument about

  122. leonard says:

    remember lebron nervously heading downcourt after a foul against durant wasnot called, officiatinf can help a little to win a championship. remember the ginobili going through all those heat defenders and no foul called. a history of flopping should have nothing to do with whether a foul is called or not

  123. bnics says:

    1 kobe
    2 Lb
    3 Kd
    4 melo
    5 rondo
    6 cp3
    7 parker
    8 George
    9 d Howard
    10 harden/curry idk
    But kobe go be number 1 tell he retired so quit disrespecting the second best player of all times in can retire the greatest of all time

  124. Roy says:

    Well in terms of their CAREERS it’s impossible and foolish to compare these two players now considering Wade in going into his 10th season (I think it’s his 10th maybe 11th), and Harden is going into his 5th (6th?).

    But in terms of right now, Harden is the better player overall, Wade is better on defense though.

  125. DeoDURANT says:

    James Harden had his worst moment of his career. In Game 1, he finished with five points off 2-of-6 shooting. In Game 3, he scored nine and was 2-of-10. In Game 4, he scored eight and, once again, went 2-for-10. durant should shut his mouth up

  126. Anon says:

    Far more likely is that this whole dramatic episode has been manufactured and enouraged by Gatorade in order to make gullible “journalists” report on it as though it’s of genuine interest to anybody and to make the next series of commercials even more popular. It’s disappointing to see this kind of cynical, tedious marketing campaign being given any attention, but I suppose the media echo chamber is designed for just this sort of thing.

  127. pistolj7 says:

    No one would have had a problem with KD saying he believes Harden should be in the top 10. However, he need not have named anyone to replace. If he had to, it should have been Kobe. Not talking careers here. It’s TODAY. No one even knows when Kobe will get back on the court. And when he does, no one knows how effective he would be. In the last 2 years D-Wade has not delivered the numbers that we are accustomed to. But it’s still definitely all star level and that’s impressive because LBJ dominates his team (as he should). It’s still good enought to win the championship because we all know LBJ can not do it alone. No one can. Even Jorrdan needed Pippen plus a host of other effective role players.

  128. Nbeatz says:

    TOP 10 and beyond
    1)LBJ – 25 PPG, 8 RPG, 7 APG, 2 SPG, 1 BPG, 55% FG, 41% 3`s
    2)Durant – 28 PPG, 7 APG, 5 RPG, 1BPG, 1SPG, 91% FT
    3)Kobe – 26 PPG, 5RPG, 5APG, AGE 35
    4)Kevin Love – 26 PPG, 15 RPG, 40% 3`s (When healthy for a full season)
    5)Dwight Howard – 19 PPG, 13 RPG, 2 BPG
    6)CP3 – 18PPG, 10 APG, 2 SPG,
    7)Derik Rose 24 PPG, 7 APG, 4 RPG, 2 SPG,
    8)D-Wade – 21 PPG, 5 RPG, 5 APG, 50% FG
    9)Tony Parker – 20 PPG, 7 APG, 1 SPG,
    10)Russle Westbrook – 23 PPG, 7 APG, 4 RPG, 2 SPG
    NEXT 5
    11)Carmelo Anthony
    12)James Harden
    13)Paul George
    14)Zach Randolph
    15)Chris Bosh ( TO JUSTIFY THIS SPOT……… 55% FG, 17 PPG, 8 RPG, 1.4 BPG, #1 mid range shooter in the league, playing 3 minutes less then his career average, replace Bosh with Love in Mini, and Bosh gives them, 55% FG, +23PPG, +10 RPG, 1.5 BPG, 38 minutes per game, HE IS STILL ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD, look at his TOR states!!!!!!!)

  129. Vijay Reid says:

    The difference between the greats and the others. Note kobe would never find himself responding or involving himself in situations like this. To durants credit his response was admirable in terms of show me dont tweet me. Wades initial reaction says a lot more to me. Three time champion, a guy supports his former teamate and not a rival in another conference. If you credentials are noteworthy the initial reaction makes no sense. Jordan, kobe, duncan would never have reacted to such a comment. Rings a d winning speaks louder than idle comments made in an interview.

  130. banks says:

    Do you guys even KNOW basketball? The TOP ten usually involves the SEASON performances, and all you guys are talking about is the playoffs. A LOT of guys are hurt come playoffs time, thats why its a different dynamic, and is judge on a different scale than the season. Wade and Lebron shot over 50% shooting all SEASON and BOTH lead their team to the second longest winning streak in history. Wade wasn’t hurt during the season, he didn’t look like an old man during the season, that was the playoffs. You guys naming Harden, Curry, and George Paul but none of them are proven, they had decent seasons last year, but to be top 10 you have to be consistent, thats why Kobe makes the list, because he is always consistent.

    • K says:

      Why is everybody making this about the list? The question is simply, is Dwade better than Harden. In Durant’s OPINION, he feels Harden is better. So answer that question. This isn’t about Kobe!

  131. Bigmac5066 says:

    These dudes are so disrespectful, how are you ganna ignored Kobe greatness..

  132. Blah23 says:

    wade not james*

  133. AYBABTU says:

    Wade should reply : “I’ll do both” and post a pic of his championship ring.

  134. Blah23 says:

    wade didnt show Durant anything! Lebron showed Durant! take james off Miami and the Heat MAYBE make it out of the first round of the playoffs. so before you open up your mouth wade ….make sure youre the best player on your team before you open up your mouth towards the top dawg of another.

    • K says:

      Wow that’s funny you speak about taking Lebron away from the Heat and the Heat don’t even get out of the first round. So I guess using that rationale that would make Westbrook a better player than Durant, since the great Durant got sent home in the second round last year after Westbrook got hurt. So whose the side kick Durant or Westbrook? Think about it?

  135. Speud says:

    Vote now @

    Who will be the best player for the next season ?

  136. WOW says:

    1. James
    2. Durant
    3. Kobe
    4. Paul
    5. Parker
    6. Harden
    7. George
    8. Curry
    9. Howard
    10. Melo
    11. Rose – b/c he has to prove himself again
    12. D-Wade

    Durant might be right.

  137. Antonn says:

    Any1 who believes J. Harding should replace my favorite player wade is an IDIOT Harding hasnt done anything close to what Wade has accomplished in his career. KD has lost his mind with this one.

    • Jalen says:

      All of you guys sound silly for not putting Kobe Bryant in the top 10,,,,He score anyway he pleases to, there isn’t to many players who can do that.
      9. Wade

  138. darkacoustic says:

    This is only my opinion.. KD is just stating his fact of his OWN about D-wade and Harden.
    The real thing about NBA is.. Mostly people (not everyone maybe a few or more I guess)
    are thinking that NBA is only for a one man’s games which is NOT! For example: M-Jordan… Mostly
    they said M-Jordan can win even if he’s the only superstar on the team.. which is NOT..
    He played it with his team. It is a team effort. Led by him alongside with his coach.
    Aside from that.. NBA teams can have a maximum of 15 players signed and practicing with them,
    but only 12 players ready to play per game. There are exceptions when 3 or more players are injured, though.
    (But only 5 players in both team are allowed to play on court)
    And now.. were talking about 2 players.. Maybe some of you base it on stats.. and some for the rings and probably your a big fan.
    The thing is Harden got better stats than D-wade last season. Without a doubt he’s better on stats.
    But D-wade and his team won the Championship. Some of you will say (Wade wouldn’t win without the help
    of Lebron and the others) The thing is.. D-wade did not pick his teammate. The one who pick it up is the management of his team.
    Lastly.. If anyone of you will tell me that a one player can win a championship.. Maybe your watching Tennis or Golf or something
    were talking about basketball here my friend not a one player game. Anyway back to Harden and D-wade
    For me maybe KD’s opinion is base on stats.. and because he played with him before with his team.
    Wade felt disrespected maybe because he was being compare with harden. Maybe Wade felt like
    he and harden have diff. way of playing the basketball. Now which is better? If your a fan between the two
    you know who.. If you base it with the stats its Harden.. If you base it with rings its D-wade.
    For me its D-wade.. just like MJ said.. its all about the championship. try to watch this >>

    • banks says:

      Harden shot 43% shooting, and he was the only star on that team last year so he gets a natural stat bump……and his PER is one point lower than wades….

    • Tilden Matthews says:

      Wade dunk on Durant in the clip!! Broke!!!!

      D wade the truth

  139. Go Thunder says:

    Wade at one point was the best player in the league, but when LeBron and Bosch came he lost a lot of credit.
    I still agree with KD about James Harden being in the top 10 but Wade should be there as well.

  140. MJ to LBJ says:

    Wade averaged 22.6 points in the 2012 NBA Finals against Durant, Harden and the Thunder. Harden, who now plays for Houston, averaged 12.4 points in that series… “Show me don’t tweet me?” WTF!

  141. rem111 says:

    People underate Parker, he is the best PG out there

  142. rem111 says:

    People clearly underate Parker, he is the best point guard out there

  143. e says:

    It’s so sad when players without a single ring make statements like these. If Harden was better than Wade, they would’ve won at least two rings. I mean Durant AND somebody BETTER than Wade in the same team? That’s championship material, isn’t it? Oh, they didn’t win a single ring? Durant, grow up!

  144. joel says:

    1. LBJ
    2. KD
    3. Melo
    4. Kobe
    5. Parker
    6. George
    7. CP3
    8. DWade
    9. Harden
    10. Curry

  145. The_Real_Top_10 says:

    Based on the 2012-2013 Season, these were the top 10 players that earned their spot throughout the Season and Playoffs.

    1.) LeBron James

    2.) Kevin Durant

    3.) Carmelo Anthony

    4.) Dwyane Wade

    5.) Russell Westbrook

    6.) Tony Parker

    7.) Tim Duncan

    8.) Paul George

    9.) Chris Paul

    10.) Stephen Curry

  146. John says:

    In his prime Wade was a better player than Harden will ever be. Also, Durant should show more respect to Wade. However, right now Harden is a much better player than Wade. Harden will be a top 3 scorer in the league for years to come. Harden is the best offensive guard in the league with his ability to slash, get to the line, and shoot the three.

    • Arky says:

      Defence wins championships. Until Harden proves he’s more than a better Monta Ellis, he’s got no business being ranked above D-Wade. As the 2012 Finals showed.

  147. joe banks says:

    man dwayne wade is washed up he only won the last two championships because lebron durant is right harden is alot better then wade

  148. Ro says:

    You’re all comparing Wade and Harden at different times. Right NOW, Harden is better than Wade. That doesnt mean that Wade isnt great, it just means he is slightly less than what he used to be, and Harden has become the 2nd best SG in the league.
    For me, the Wade of 2006-2009 is better than Harden is now. He could have won the ’09 MVP (not saying Bron didnt deserve it, but arguable). Harden not at MVP level yet.
    So yes, Durant is right in that Harden’s better now. But i think Wade goes down in history a better player than Harden

  149. zac says:

    dwade is way better than Durant. in his prime or his age now. he has had more success in his career. point blank period.

  150. Yrrol says:

    Wade is way more better than Harden is all aspects of the game except on age… this comment from Durant is with bias and is not objective. Harden is starting up his career and yes, will be in the top 10 players in the future for sure due to his intensity and style of play. But if he was good enough, OKC would keep him regardless of the price. The point is, his game is on and off at times and not as consistent as that of Durant’s. Wade accepted his new role with the HEAT and is not the scoring monster and play maker from 2003 to 2009 which we can attribute to injuries, age, and fatigue to the NBA game of today. DWade should be in that list no matter how you look at it, at 6’4″ he can dominate games.

    • Bill says:

      Yrrol your first statement is foolish. Think about it, harden is a better overall shooter, be it spot up, middle range or 3pts. Harden can shoot very and very well. Now look at wade, the guy cant shoot a 3 and he is nowhere near harden at shooting. They have 2 things in common, and thats the penetration/driving. Oh and wade is losing in athleticism to harden nowadays aswell.

      • 0_o? says:

        harden 43% last year? against wade’s 50%+ and your talking about shooting? idiot. he can shoot, is he consistent on making it? idiot.

  151. DELANEYD45 says:

    If the question was posed to each player in the league you would receive a different list each and every time. Harden is up and coming but not there yet. Durant himself is up and coming and not there yet but without a doubt he’s extremely close. Wade should be on the list and Kobe should be the number one guy, however, the rape case hold Kobe’s accomplishments down and he can’t be the face of the NBA due to that situation. Most of these list are personal; last week or two Dr. “J” gave his top five list and it did not include Michael Jordan; not that it should have because it was Dr. “J’s” list and it was personal not a knock on Jordan. Wade has the right attitude “Ill show you.”

  152. julie says:

    3 is better than 0!!
    Lebron is no. 1. NICE SI!!!

  153. ayo says:

    Is this SI rankings about a player’s past or present form? Does anybody stays mvp caliber for life?………………………just saying

  154. D-WAD3 says:

    Wait, who´s Durant? lol

  155. Kobe Fan Not a Miami Hater says:

    Kobe, wheres kobe. I mean kobe is better than wade whether any year. Plus if that list refers to last year or 2 years ago, kobe way better than some of that guys we are after all referring to individual talents right. Where’s melo?

    Good LA Lakers jersey BLACK!!!
    Heat probably gonna win it all again…zzz
    But 2014 gonna be good not only for the Lakers but for the League coz of players switching here to there gives more spice in the game.

  156. YOUKNOWIT says:

    It should be 1. LBJ 2. Durant 3. CP3 4. Kobe 5. D Wade 6. D rose 7. Parker 8. Anthony 9. Westrbrook 10. Duncan

  157. Ben Montoya says:

    I think that both of these guys are great players. There is a time and place for this and it is on the court. James Harden has his chance this year to be in the top ten. It doesn’t mean that he should replace Wade. He should earn his spot by making progress on his game.

  158. ripistons says:

    What happened to the Podcast Sekou ? It’s been a while since the last one..

  159. viecha says:

    Maybe in this season Harden was a bit better than Wade because he was the leader of Rockets but Lebron is leading Heat but look at Wades carrer and you can 100% tell Wade is top 3 in NBA

  160. Gaz says:

    Where is Kyrie Irving in peoples lists??
    Most people don’t seven seem to have him in their list
    The list is based on talent at present and not based on previous acheivements or number of championships to my understanding
    And Kobe is still top 3 for me, I’m pretty sure he led the NBA in scoring for some part last season
    I can’t understand people who say Wade is top 3 shooting guards of all time beind Jordan and Kobe, this is surely forgetting all the other great HOF shooting guards imo. I still think Clyde Drexler is up there in the argument and so is Reggie Miller or Ray Allen
    My list based on talent would be as follows:

    2. Lebron
    3. Durant
    4. Rose
    5. Melo
    6. Parker
    8. Paul
    9. Curry
    10. Irving

    • eksde says:

      why wold irving be on that list? he hasnt even had a winning season yet.

      • Gaz says:

        Because the list is based on best players i.e. talent and not based on winning seasons or where their teams finished last season
        Kyrie Irving is currently the most talented young player in the NBA and the ‘next big thing’
        He is surely 1 of the top 10 players talent wise in the NBA at present

  161. Big Euro says:

    KD must know very little about defense because those rankings measured both D and Attack. Harden is a minus defender.

  162. TheTraveler says:

    And yes I know that I spelled his name wrong. No respect!

  163. TheTraveler says:

    Durante told DWade that he was too small to check him, after he scored on a jump shot over DWade. Really? Of course he is, your 6′ 10″ . But the Heat won!

  164. Dash says:

    This is a non-story in a boring offseason. Had this happened last year or the year before, nobody would give a damn. C’mon ppl, we’re better than this. So are KD and DWade. KD gave an honest opinion, DWade should have kept his anger inside as fuel for the coming season. And KD should not have retorted with that “show me” comment after DWade went public with his displeasure. By the start of regular season, nobody will remember this.

  165. Name says:

    *shows hand with 3 rings….

  166. jordan389 says:

    Wade is way much better than James Harden… Heat guard Dwyane Wade was named Most Valuable Player of the series in 2005-06 wade has got extra star in his team and he is gotta adjust his plays that doesnt mean he is behind Harden..wade has a championship heart where as harden is nothin but a player who wants to score with no style some flopstar.

    • purcell says:

      No is saying he’s not better….”in the long run”….but as far as RIGHT NOW KD is right harden is better than wade……..its funny how people keep bringing up the 06 finals and how many rings wade has…..right now say what u want but harden is better and that’s all KD was saying

  167. dreadyjun says:

    Let me change that.

    Top 10

    1. Kobe Bryant
    2. Myself
    3. – 10. Who bloody cares.

  168. dreadyjun says:

    Top 10

    1. Kobe Bryant

    2. – 10. Who bloody cares.

  169. alberto del busto says:

    Wade is delusional if he thinks he’s CURRENTLY better than Harden , and the only reason he even owns rings is because of shaq and the referees vs dallas and the two LEBRON JAMES gave him. And KD would OWN wade on the court , the heat are the better team yes but wade needs to get off his high horse. He was awful last season and showed up to maybe three games in the playoffs, Harden carried his team. Nothing wrong with what KD said.

    • purcell says:

      Definitely agree with that

    • K says:

      Harden carried his team where, home after they got beat? This debate is senseless because all these players are great at what they do; however to truly be able to rank them is impossible, because everyone has their own opinion!

    • Nick says:

      Do you know how stupid you sound when you say harden Is better then wade and shaq was washed up in 06. Erase wade from the Miami heat they don’t win championship. Lebron came to wade

  170. Aunt JJ says:

    And secretly I’d be glad to get rid of him since my girl can’t stop licking the screen every time they show a D Wade close-up. J/K DW, I still love ya,

  171. LordP says:

    Durant you better not get into this with TREE cause he’s a fierce competitor like few superstar in this league..He’s goin to EAT whoever gonna defend him when they play OKC..get ready!!

  172. Baller 03 says:

    Kyle do you realize how stupid that comment sounds? Wade goes to the free throw line every time someone breathes on him in the 2006 finals? Did you watch any Rockets games last season? Harden could be shooting up to 15 free throws in a game, it’s called being aggressive. You just cancelled yourself out saying that. Remember what Avery Johnson said in those finals Wade was dominant in? He didn’t complain about any calls. He clearly said “We haven’t found a solution to deal with Wade* And KD has guts, what your saying is the exact same reason Dwight has gone to Houston. I was really impressed with what Harden did last season, really impressed. That’s how you get superstars to join you and help win championships. When Wade is healthy, he is right there with Kobe as the best shooting guard. Did you see what he did against San Antonio in game 4? 32pts, 6rebs, 6stls, 4asts which lead to a big win in San Antonio, and followed it up with 25pts and 10asts in a game 5 loss at Spurs and then in game 7 he had 23pts and 10rebs. Will be interesting to see how Harden goes with a superstar next to him again in Dwight, like he had in Durant and Westbrook at the Thunder.

    • Richard says:

      Wade and kobe are how many years apart? The statements of “if wade is healthy, he’s right there with kobe”, is misleading. Of course wade would be at this point. Now if we were to say, if they were the same age and both healthy, wade would have no chance against kobe. Have respect for the greats. Both players are in different eras of basketball, and for kobe to be doing at his age, is pretty amazing.

  173. Stefan says:

    Wade = 3 Titles, won the title in 06 almost by himself – at which time ever did Durant deliver such a Performance?
    SHOW ME?!? Sorry; I had respect for KD but this is LOL!

    Harden may be better these days but only because DWade was a Highlight movie in his career an didn’t stop until his knees gave in as a consequence.

    But other than Harden and KD he has proven that he is there for his Team when it Counts most. And not only 1 time…

    Go Heat – Go DWade!

    • Greg says:

      What performance? Shooting uncontested “Free Throws” it not putting on a performance. Can you say “Phantom Foul Finals” 3x

  174. Brandon says:

    DWade is still that man. Durant talkin now, but when he gets Wade age I bet he won’t be doing nothing. Harden just younger, at that age Wade was a beast & still is. Harden just has a better shot then Wade…Wade is in the top 3 of all time in SG (Jordan & Kobe) harden still has stuff to prove..D Wade is a 3 time champion . & LeBron didn’t carry nothing, Wade helped him just like he helped Wade so just hush. Wade will show you all this upcoming season. 3peat & 4xs champion WATCH!!!

    • joka geezy says:

      Lebron carried the heat. D wade coattail ridin. Get over it

    • Jslen says:

      Exactly !! The only reason why LeBron is the LeBron he is right now is because Dwyane Wade let him ! Harden is younger and if you want to compare years, Wade already won himself a ring by his 3rd year…where’s Harden’s ring?

  175. JJ Bowman says:

    Me thinks Durant should ask Anderson Varejao, if he asked Wade to “show him how” before Wade doing the afore mentioned …..

  176. Durant is right. Dwyane Wade is no longer a Top 10 player, but he is still an all-star.

    • Arky says:

      No-one who watched a healthy D-Wade during most of the regular season tear it up on offence and defence and a healthy Harden tear it up going one way and phone it in going the other way would say that.

  177. KD has guts says:

    KD is right.. Wade is a top 10 player, but that was before, a couple of years ago..
    Not now, KD is saying that Harden is a better player than Wade today, base on the level of their play last season..
    Wade is a HOF, but that’s it, his prime was over since he recruited another superstars in the league

    • Giddi says:

      So the last 3 seasons of Wade are behind his prime. He averaged:

      23.1 ppg (sixth in the league)
      50.6 FG% (second among the top 10 scorers)
      5.5 rpg (first among all guards)
      4.8 apg (third among all non-PG guards)
      1.7 spg (ninth in the league)
      1.1 bpg (first among guards by a wide margin)
      25.2 PER (fourth in the league)
      30.1 WinShares (fourth in the league)

      So he was a top 5 player after his prime, shows how good of a player he is/was.

      • Ant says:

        Preach Giddi! Enough said! Number dont lie. James Harden averaged two more points while shooting ten percentage points fewer from the field. And on top of that do any of you take defense in to acount lol. Wow so many bias haters out there. Cut it out..

      • YoYo says:

        Also James Harden is the number Option on his team Wade isn’t…don’t forget

    • Aunt JJ says:

      D Wade didn’t show him up int the finals!! LeBron did! Hmmmmmmm…. I wonder who would win one on one. If KD and DWade agreed to a showdown who’re you gonna put your money on?:

      Still love DWade, but right now in his career he is riding LeBron’s coattails. Knees, anyone?

      Please think before you type, you sound ignorant.

      • New Yorker says:

        Today? I’d put my money on KD. If both were in their prime and healthy… I would put my money on a proven winner that D-Wade is.

      • Nate says:

        Even if Wade is in his prime, i would still take KD over Wade. KD is long as hell and can just shoot over Wade all day. Not even a contest.

    • Eddie says:

      Lol James harden is not better then D wade… That is the craziest thing I’ve heard. Wade has been playing through injuries for the past two seasons. N still has produced allot. Of course he isn’t going to produce as much, he has Lebron on his team. I bet if Lebron leaves Wade will have no choice but to average 30 a night. Which he is still capable of

  178. Kyle says:

    Lebron carried the heat to two back to back championships. Washed up Wade should just shut his mouth and continue to be a sidekick. This isnt 2006 anymore where Washed up Wade got free throws anytime someone breathed on him. LOL

    • Adam Morrison says:

      Stop crying Kyle. LOL

    • Eddie says:

      Man what are you talking about.? D wade is a hall of famer. People forgot what he is capable of just because he has bad knees, including durant. Lol must have forgot that Wade almost single handedly won that championship against the mavericks when the big three first got together.

    • Kerr you idiot says:

      I AGREE WITH YOU !!!! wade is washed up and ive been following the heat.. LBJ took em to championships back to back

      first time it was JAMES and help from shane battier
      and this past year it was JAMES and mike miller + ray allen

      WADE and BOSH both fell short in playoffs!! idc what any heat fan says thats the truth!

    • Jay says:

      I smell a Hater ^^^^

    • Lebronkingjames says:

      We can tell this guy watches a lot of basketball lol.

  179. SportsLife says:

    haha the funny thing about Durants Tweet, is the Wade already showed him. In a 4-1 Finals victory. Also what about their 2 games last year? Oh ya the Heat won those too. lol BUT I will say, purely from this years standpoint and not counting past stats, I would agree with Durant that Harden should be higher. But getting into an argument with Wade about “Showing you” is a bad idea when Wade is already a proven winner.

    • KareemOftheCrop says:

      KD wants DWade to show him that he is a top 10 shooting guard not that the Heat are a better team than the Thunder?

      • Game Time says:

        No offense but you don’t know jack. Wade is easily still a top 10 SHOOTING GUARD. Kobe, Harden, Wade. Those are the three best right now and who else would you put above them? No one! Wade’s stats when injured are better than Harden’s except for PPG, but Harden has a HORRIBLE FG%. KD is mad and it’s showing. I used to like the guy but he’s kind of a hater.

    • Sergio says:

      LeBron showed Durant. Unfortunately for Durant, LBJ still tops him and DWade still tops Westbrook, that’s why the Heat topped the Thunder and would top again.

  180. wak9 says:

    Durant and the Thunder got stomped 2 years ago and if some miracle were to accure and they actually get back to the finals………… yeah they’ll just be stomped again weather it be by Miami, Chcago or Indiana…….

  181. AD says:

    Show me? I love you KD, but, oh my, you have a short memory span :/

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I’ll take a healthy Wade over Harden ANYDAY! Harden can ball, but people shouldn’t take away from Wade’s greatness because of knee problems, Harden over Wade ? lol, we shouldn’t even be having this discussion.. its funny how KD forgets that Harden CHOKED & DISSAPPEARED during the MIA OKC finals in ’12. lol
      GO HEAT!

      • Nate says:

        Well the list was best player from 2012-13 if I’m not mistaken. As you stated, a healthy D Wade would beat Harden, but D Wade wasn’t healthy for a couple years now. I’ll take Harden’s performance last year over D Wade’s anyway.

      • ahahaha says:

        Nate this ain’t a list for best players for 2012-13 because D Rose got in and he didnt even log a single minute. a total WTF moment

      • MemphisTruth says:

        Again I believe this thread is referring to the previous year. Not the 2012 Playoffs.

      • JIng says:

        Bottom line Wade will. will you to a championship before James Hardin. It’s like give me Wade Bosh and there supporting cast mius LB . Haden cast with OK minus KD. Who will get you there. D. Wade. Turn up Wade I smell 3peat. Hardin is no match.

  182. PC3 @swHtown20 says:

    UNFORTUALLY DURRANT IS RIGHT Top 10 Players 1.LBJ 2.Durrant 3.Harden 4.George 5.CP3 6. Parker 7.D12 8.DWade 9.Drose 10.WestBrook…This is The Real List Weather Laker Fans Want To Accept It Or Not They Will See How Bad Lakers R W/ Kobe Running the Show LoL

    • Adam Morrison says:

      Where is Kobe? You are so disrespectful, and neither Paul George nor James Harden should be on the top 10, avoid the hype. Those guys are future top 10 for sure just not now, and how in the world is Harden, George, CP3 better than Wade? They can’t even measure up in terms of statistics or career accomplishments.

      • norques says:

        With all respect. This has nothing to do with statistics or career accomplishments. Derrick Rose havent won any championships, he didnt even play last season and he still got a spot. Wade is a fantastic player, but he has nothing to do on that list. His team reached PO’s and thats why he “has” to be on it.
        The list isnt a playing-hall of fame list. He definitely would be on that one.

      • keegen says:

        agreed. wade is better than them. although i dont think paul george should be on any top 10 list, unless its for most improved. harden has to at least go deeper into the playoffs with the rockets. and CP3 isnt better than rose in terms of aggresivness and strength

      • i3lance says:

        “You are so disrespectful”…haha, you sound like Stephen A Smith!

        This is about current production. Then yes, Wade and Kobe (before the injury) should be higher and there respectively.

        However there is no indication of “what context” this was saiid. Care to shed on light on that Sekou Smith?

    • durant is right…but your list is wrong…Kobe should be number 1….almost all of the lakers last year were injured or came off injuries…but yes…harden should replace wade in the top 10…also in your list…curry should be there not westbrook

      • ---11--- says:

        Pathetic Laker fan!!

      • Truth has to be told says:

        Kobe is #1, anyone who disagrees should die.

      • Pakyaw says:

        Kobe no.1..hahahaha!..stop living on the past my friend, it’s time to move on… Denial stage!

      • DCAS says:

        Kobe should not be number 1 or 2. Lebron James and Kevin Durnat are better than him

      • alp says:

        stop it… paul george shouldn’t even be on the list, neither should derrick rose, who didn’t even play last year. russell westbrook is better than both george and rose but steph curry should be on this list

      • MemphisTruth says:

        Lets go off the previous season

        Wade, a aging superstar with 3 titles, on 3 super teams – Play w Lebron Mike Miller(Broke Record Set by Ray Allen in Playoff 3’s) (Though He’s traded) Mario Chalmers Shane Battier, Ray Allen (All Time Leader in 3’s). Wade missed a ton of shots, came up big in a game 7 of the Finals, but all and all the basketball world thought he was breaking down. We did not see the same D Wade from even the first season of the big 3. Wade had his Left Knee drained before Game 7. If you do not think he is tearing down.

        Let’s see James Harden had (2012-2013) – former Chicago back up Asik, Delfino, Parsons, who is a quality player and Jeremy Lin (I think we can all agree is a bit overrated. James Harden dropped 48 vs OKC in the Regular Season’s Final Game, 2-7-13

        Playoff Wise

        Wade 15.9 PPG Harden 26.3, Wade 4.6 RPG, Harden 6.7, Steals Per Game Wade 1.7, Harden 2.0

        Note at the playoff celebtration, “Dwayne have a good off season, you and your knees”

      • Bamboo says:

        —11— must be even more pathetic where he is right now… Pathetic hater

    • Kegaallen says:

      Horrible ranking son! #ThatIsAll

    • CY says:

      Kobe single handedly carried the Lakers to the playoffs before he was injured. If Harden was that good he should have willed the Rockets in the playoffs from the 8th spot. Remember the last game against the LAKERS!!! Chandler Parsons 3 to tie and then get beat by the Lakers!!! They had a solid team and nothing to complain but inexperience. Utah had a loud mouth in Gordon Hayward last season and he paid the price. I would like to see any athlete after playing 16 or 17 years and still give the young guns a run for their money when it comes to scoring and lifting the team when needed. With the exception of LeBron James, how many in the top 10 list will even get close to that level of physical fitness. You have to respect the fact that he has won 5 championships, plays exceptional offense and great defense, and is the most widely recognizable basketball icon (among active players) outside the United States. Truth hurts but it is the harsh reality of life. Many of these kids in the top 10 were wanting to be someone like Kobe 17 years back and they would not openly admit it. Wade is a great player like Kobe. In a era where comparisons are made, shooting guards vs. shooting guards, do not try to take away the 3 championships won by him. Wade is an all-time great shooting guard for his accomplishments. Let their statistical numbers and Championship banners rise and then you can talk all you want. But now it is time for you to stop being judgmental and being too naïve in exposing your ignorance!!

      • MemphisTruth says:

        Kobe is good, Wade is good, Lebron is good, Rose is good, Dirk is good. Talk supporting cast- Kobe can do it with Shaq, without Shaq (#’s wise) this Wade – Harden and being thrown at Durant is great- seeing all the stars being buddies is how the super teams came to be. Lets get back to old school intensity, when your not looking at the supporting cast’s and discussing how that stats match up based on who you play with. Pick the Intesity up stop writing it on Nike Shirts. Wade is obviously feeling the criticism with age. Kobe took free throws after tearing his ACL, Dropped over 80 points in the modern era, forget about it Kobe is ONE OF the GoAT!

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I’ll take a healthy Wade over Harden ANYDAY !!! Harden can ball – im not saying he cant, but just because Wade has been injury prone this last 2 years it shouldn’t take away from his greatness.. its funny how KD forgets that Harden CHOKED & DISSAPPEARED in the 2012 finals .. lol .. Harden over Wade? we shouldn’t even be having this discussion … if Wade finishes his career with 4-5 rings then in my opinion he is in the convo with Jordan & Kobe as one of the best of all time.. KD is disrespectful – he has to learn to respect his elders

      • Lake Show says:

        D wade was a non factor in last years playoff run until the end of the finals (which is great) but Harden had an all around better season and doesnt have a Lebron James on his team. Anyone with Lebron can feed off his double teams and score easy yet Wade still struggled to get it going. So Harden is much better; He can create his own shot much easier then Wade and in my eyes a better play maker.

      • Mighty says:

        People can not be serious about this ?!? Harden is so uncoordinated it’s not funny … He basically almost falls over all the time when he drives the basket. The guy got put on the B team- the rockets- because he wasn’t even worth keeping haha. Harden over wade haha Durant be trippin y’all

    • Riders says:

      Melo top of harden

    • JJ Claudio says:

      ur dum!!!!!!!!!! D wade idc what u say is better the harden!… 3 is better then zero yes he better then Wade now but how good is he to lead his team to a finals and win. U guys are so disrespecful D Wade is better then him off and on the court.

    • Michael Jordan says:

      here are 2012-13 stats from
      dwyane wade james harden
      ppg 21.2 25.9
      rp 5.0 4.9
      apg 5.1 5.8
      stl 1.9 1.8
      blk 0.8 0.5
      fg 52.1% 43.8%
      +/- 8.3 2.5

      clearly harden has average 4.7 more points than dwade but aside from that almost everything dwade owns including the monster 52.1%fg from a sg right?

      • Michael Jordan says:

        here are 2012-13 stats from

        dwyane wade
        ppg 21.2
        rpg 5.0
        apg 5.1
        stl 1.9
        blk 0.8
        fg 52.1%
        +/- 8.3

        james harden
        ppg 25.9
        rpg 4.9
        spg 5.8
        stl 1.8
        bpg 0.5
        fg 43.8%
        +/- 2.5

        clearly harden has average 4.7 more points than dwade but aside from that almost everything dwade owns including the monster 52.1%fg from a sg right?

      • MemphisTruth says:

        Check the playoff numbers
        Lets go off the previous season

        Wade, a aging superstar with 3 titles, on 3 super teams – Play w Lebron Mike Miller(Broke Record Set by Ray Allen in Playoff 3’s) (Though He’s traded) Mario Chalmers Shane Battier, Ray Allen (All Time Leader in 3’s).

        Let’s see James Harden had (2012-2013) – former Chicago back up Asik, Delfino, Parsons, who is a quality player and Jeremy Lin (I think we can all agree is a bit overrated.

        Durant just competed against both teams in playoff series, I think he may have a insider’s idea.

        Playoff Wise

        Wade 15.9 PPG Harden 26.3, Wade 4.6 RPG, Harden 6.7, Steals Per Game Wade 1.7, Harden 2.0

    • drosebulls01 says:

      …you’re an idiot.

    • Nate says:

      I agree with you and Durant, but not with your list. If D Wade was healthy, he would be definite top 10, but he’s been hampered with injuries the last couple of years and hasn’t been consistent. Sorry D Wade but Durant is right. My top ten from 2012-2013 only, this isn’t including how many rings they’ve won before or accomplishments from the past, just strictly from last year’s performances.

      1. LBJ – does everything for his team, unstoppable
      2. Durant – crazy scorer, can score from anywhere, needs to gain more muscle weight
      3. Bryant – see signs of slowing down, but still one of the best
      4. Duncan – this guy is unbelievable, is still the best at his position and still dominates both ends when he has too
      5. CP3 – best PG and floor leader in the league right now
      6. Parker – MVP worthy season last year
      7. Anthony – Probably the best Offensive scorer from anywhere, but needs to work more on Defense
      8. Westbrook – most electrifying PG, but sometimes too out of control
      9. Harden – deceivingly good offensive player
      10. Curry – can this guy shoot or what?

    • IB says:

      You sound very bitter about Kobe – he must have slept with your sister and never called back – by your comment one can tell you know Nothing about basketball – when did you start watching basketball – last two seasons?

      At 35 (Post 17 seasons) kobe is still head-to-head with the best in the league (Best Money lakers organization ever spent post Irvin Johnson) – Last season before his injury – that man played/go hard like he was 25 years old – Real NBA fans know better

      LBJ, Durant, D-Rose will be lucky if they can ball like he has been at age 35 and after 17 seasons – so please stop making hateful comment when you know the truth (that is if you know the truth)

      My question with the list is why is D-Rose on that list? he hasnt played in two years…

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      5 rings buddy

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      5 rings buddy on kobes hand

      • Ilovelebronjames says:


    • Chris says:

      Worse top 10 list I’ve ever seen

    • MemphisTruth says:

      Your list is terrible FYI. Lol, Kevin Love should be in discussion. George may not even be better than Granger night in, night out. and how is Duncan not on your list he is the best rim protector in the league.

    • Christopher says:

      Your so wrong not to add Kobe if they win or not he has Five rings and has scored more points then all of those players wow

    • You are So Wrong says:

      I like Paul George but there’s no way he’s better than Kobe, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Westbrook, Wade, and Derrick Rose. Tim Duncan was the best big man in the league last year at 36, CP3 was the best pg, and Kobe was the best 2 gaurd, Wade still averages 20+ per with both Bosh and Lebron on the team. Think about that bro. And Harden nor George can’t be considered better than any of the afformentioned based off one year breakouts.