Kerr: Heat Will Come Up Short In ’14

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — If you were asked to pick one team to win the 2014 NBA championship, it would be nearly impossible to pick anyone other than the Miami Heat. They’re the two-time defending champs, they have the best player in the world and have the best pair of supporting stars in the league.

Most games played,
last 3 seasons
Team GP
Miami 297
Oklahoma City 278
San Antonio 271
Memphis 265
Boston 264
Chicago 264
Indiana 264
L.A. Lakers 256
Dallas 255
Atlanta 254

But TNT’s Steve Kerr believes that the Heat are due for a dropoff because they’ve basically been too good for too long. Making three straight trips to The Finals, the Heat have played 297 games over the last three years, 21 more than any other team in the league and 33 more than any other team in the Eastern Conference.

“I think Miami falls short this year,” Kerr told NBA TV (above). “I just don’t think they’ll have quite enough energy and health and everything you need to win a title — a little bit of luck.” Kerr picks the Chicago Bulls to come out of the East.

In an L.A. Times article by Ben Bolch, Kerr spelled it out further …

“There’s a reason these teams don’t do it,” TNT analyst Steve Kerr said. “Emotionally, it’s just exhausting to keep doing it year after year, particularly when you have to deal with everything Miami has to deal with on a daily basis, just the constant critiquing and scrutiny on the team, and then you factor in the injuries with Wade and Bosh and their health. I don’t think Miami will get out of the East this year.”

The last team to reach The Finals four straight times was Larry Bird‘s Boston Celtics, who did it from 1984-87. The Chicago Bulls might have done it had Michael Jordan not retired in ’93 or ’98, but history tells us that getting back to The Finals isn’t easy.

The last Finals rematch (two teams facing each other for a second straight year) was the Bulls and Jazz in ’98. For 15 straight years, at least one of the two teams that played for a championship has failed to make it back. Kerr thinks it’s the Heat’s turn to come up short.

Kerr played with both Jordan and Tim Duncan, and played for coaches Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. So he knows what goes into winning championships and about the grind of an 82-game season and a long playoff run.

The Heat did regress defensively after their second straight trip to The Finals, going from fourth in defensive efficiency in 2011-12 to seventh last year. They ranked 11th on that end at the All-Star break, in cruise-control mode (call it a championship hangover if you wish) for most of the year, and more regular-season slippage wouldn’t be a surprise.

The improvement of the other Eastern Conference contenders will also make things tougher . Brooklyn added Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Andrei Kirilenko. Chicago is getting Derrick Rose back. And Indiana — who took the Heat to seven games in the Eastern Conference finals — added quality depth, which they were severely lacking last season.

Still, until we see the Heat actually lose a seven-game series, it’s hard to pick someone else. James is head and shoulders above every other player in the league, he’s still just 28 years old, he’s gotten past whatever was holding him back three years ago, and he’s basically indestructible.

The Spurs came five seconds away from dethroning the Heat in June, but should have an even tougher time making it through the grind for a second straight season. And every other contender has as many reasons to pick against them as the Heat do. Only time will tell if Kerr was right to doubt the champs.


  1. lakerdave says:

    All I am hoping is s Kerr correct. As a die-hard Laker fan practically my entire life ( I’m 56 yo) I
    just feel uncomfortable with LJ sharing history via a 3peat. Call it selfish, or……………..?

  2. brian says:

    you don’t know what you talking about. don’t waste peoples time. you will only be able to tell when a champion is crowned

  3. bob says:

    who is butler? that one who used to play with the heat?

  4. Somewhat Guy says:

    People need to stop looking so much at the fact the D. Rose is coming back and realize that the Bulls have made significant changes other than D. Rose coming back. Sure he’s going to make a world of difference but they did add more quality shooting and defense. Their core players will be healthy. I mean just look at what they did without D. Rose. It will come down to Bulls-Pacers for the conference. Brooklyn will be nowhere near the top 5 and Miami is still Miami but on a decline.

  5. da bulls says:

    Go Stevie. You are right about that, the bulls will emerge this year. D-Rose will be back and Butler will be the Lebron stopper!!!

  6. bob says:


  7. bill says:

    Stevie should stop hanging out with L Odom. Drugs are bad for you. Really Bulls? get real. Maybe Indiana but if not Heat will make it to the finals again.

  8. sanjay says:

    kerr is obsessed with travel comment, though a fine commentator indeed. But he is very biased here. chicago’s glory days are long gone. They came back for a while few years ago only to be usurped by other teams.
    If beasely and odam goes to work( both have point to prove and career to resurrect) then it will make thing easier for miami!

    But miami cant have struggling wade and bosh together to get to 3 peat. If bosh can improve a bit and wade can hold his last year self, miami are hard to beat as lebron will be more complete this year! He is gonna bury you if you leave him open this time

  9. yoyo says:

    I think the Heat are a clear cut favorite to take the championship again this year as well. With the additions of a Michael Beasley who if can mentally stay engaged in the game, is a great addition for the team. Greg Oden the jury is still out on him, but if he stays healthy (which is a big IF) the Heat are that much more dominant.
    A lot of talk surrounding Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls, I just cannot see them beating the Heat. They have not done it in the past during the playoffs with a healthy D-Rose as many have mentioned, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Especially when I believe that D-Rose is mentally not the same player (because of the threat of injury) and simply will not be the MVP type player that people may expect.

    Brooklyn is a currently a “paper” loaded team. Sure they added KG and PP, but really they are there for that veteran presence and give you what they can offer, but will be slowed down due to the grinding season. I expect one of them possibly retiring very soon if not after this season, when the inevitable injuries that may ensue. In my opinion Joe Johnson and Deron Williams are good players but not great players with no leadership intangibles, I just want to see more.

    The Pacers, seem to have the best shot at the Heat. They are a big physical team with a rising star in Paul George that seem to have the formula to beat the Heat, but come up shot due to lack of explosiveness, and scoring. Nevertheless this should be a good year in the NBA (right now is NFL all day *go Pats!*) but as far as dethroning the Heat until someone does they are still the best out there. -PS*Laker fan*

  10. AMAY says:

    Well Michael Jordan Won 6 Titles in a row

  11. Zeus says:

    27 games in a row is not a team on the decline. Heat have the best player and the best coach and their both getting better right when you think its not even possible. Thats why every player right now except for prob KG would give their left nut to play with the heat. Dont forget the heat was a playoff team before LBJ and CB4 came along for the Mr. 3 ride.

  12. notahater says:

    i pity this guy, he doesnt know what hes saying. what if hes wrong? what will he say? “opps sorry, i picked the wrong team” yeah right kerr!

  13. Demetrius Edwards says:

    Steve is dead on if you remember the same thing happen to my lakers they lost to boston in six beat Orlando in five the beat the Celtics in seven and were sweep by the mavs after playing in three straight finals Kobe and pau also played in the olympics and the world games so Kobe and pau played year around from 2007-2011 that’s more than 650 games apiece nuff said heat it don’t look good but if anybody can do it brone,wow, and cb1 can go bulls and Lakers

  14. Miami 3 peat says:

    Kerr is a nut the bulls have no chance of Beating the heat and Miami made some major upgrades so unless the bulls replace deng and boozer they are and will remain a non factor.

  15. Bruce Stack says:

    knicks all day 2014

  16. marty says:

    Heat still the best two way team. Those D rankings don’t factor a lot because when it counts Miami can lock down with the best. We’ll see in in the postseason.

  17. martin says:

    people just hate the heat, so they hope to see the heat struggle, but guess what the heat is still the best they are unstoppable.

  18. arian says:

    Here is the reality, the only true threat to Miami in the east is Indiana. Chicago has lost its bench, and how rose will return is a big question mark. Brooklyn will prove to be over matched by the speed of Miami with their aging group. New York will be a bust as always. Indiana has greatly improved their bench and still have one major advantage against Miami: size. Hibbert will continue to get better as will Paul George all while Danny granger is coming back. Unless Greg oden comes back and produces, I see Indiana coming out of the east and have a good shot at a title. In fact their my pick to win it all

  19. AverageJoe2 says:

    Big surprise Steve Kerr picked the bulls. As long as James is leading this team I don’t see them not going to the finals. That 21 game playoff experience is what sets them apart from the younger teams

  20. Lawddd4 says:

    I read enough like really people? 1 MIA is not the lakers 2. This the same bulls team MIA beat 2yrs in row wit D rose and with out him can’t beat us with the same core except for Butler on the roster. D. Rose is not gonna do anything against us. 3 The only team i have respect 4 and that can give us the go is the Pacers without granger. Granger goin 2 get in Paul’s way which will cause them to lose it’s an ego thin. 5 Nets r some bums with the 3 oldies from boston still can’t beat us or pacers so plz stop all that. Teams in the west yes n only team in the east is Pacers without granger.

  21. Gene says:

    Steve Kerr and other sports journalists should be held accountable. If so, they would not be so free to throw things out into the air. Through out the season and the games he will be throwing things out, some of which happens but most does not. With all of the many factors involved, how can anyone realistically claim to know what is going to happen? Many of them don’t have an idea whether or not they will even have a job in 2014.

  22. ESamp says:

    Many speculate that it gets more challenging to find the drive, and to stay healthy over successive extended championship runs. Only the players that successfully complete them know that true grind. If players are not motivated to win championships and endure the grind, why play? Most good professional athletes take a few weeks to rest in the off season, then begin grueling workouts and training in attempt to improve their skills, stamina, strength, and endurance. Players say that these drills and workouts do not compare to actually playing and competing against professional opposition during matches; so, why not set a goal to play a longer season and get the best chance to win and improve? Miami’s chances to three-peat are good, but without any games played – 50/50 at best. If they really want it (more than their opponents), they have the talent, coaching and experience to win it all again head and shoulders above the other 29 teams.

  23. MsHeatNation says:

    Did anyone forget that the Heat beat a healthy Bulls and Pacers team in the playoffs within the last 3 years? ALL the teams have gotten better and the results will be the same.

    Steve Kerr needs to shut up! I have been watching the NBA playoffs play backs on NBA t.v. and I was surprised to see that they played most of their games with him comming of the bench. They stared their games without a point guard on the floor most of the time.

    Miami was the injured team when we beat Indiana in 2012(No Bosh) remember? We beat them at home in 6 and they had Granger. Everyone keep saying how games were close, well went to the finals 3 years straight without a true center!…We have that know…Your Welcome!

  24. the bulls asre going to make it to the finals or indy heat lose vs indy or brookly then bulls beat the team and make it to the finals

  25. Food for thought says:

    So did the knicks fall off the face of the east miami will have a tough time with all top teams in the east with D-rose coming back for the bulls the kincks keeping all their key players while adding to their bench the pacers adding to their roster and brooklyn making strides it would be foolish for anyone to sit down and say miami has an easy way back to the finals with wade’s health decline and Bosh not being one hundred percent reliable they will have to fight every step of the way to make it back to the finals and then to beat the top of the west OKC, Golden state, Memphis or San Antonio all can give the heat a run for their money

  26. Argenis says:

    It doesn’t matter who anyone thinks is going to win … anything can happen in the NBA.

    That is why they play, and that is why we watch them play.

  27. menganito19 says:

    the heat players want to go for history, I don’t think their motivation will go down. they have a great chance at repeating, they keep getting better, and what people forget to mention is that this year they will have birdman for a full year, the winning % of the team has been amazing since he joined the team. the addition of beasly and oden will also help the team. Beasley is still young and he could score from outside. I think the heat is still the team to beat.

  28. Knowledge says:

    I wanna know where all these people saying the Heat had luck on their side and that’s why we won back-to-back Championships are getting this from? If any team has ever had to earn a ring, it was LeBron and the Heat these last two times. In 2012, we had to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder who were the favorites and they also had homecourt advantage. Every game except the last game was close and we still beat them 4-1. Then last year we had to go through a Spurs team who’s never lost in the Finals and we beat them too. Fair and square, And might I add that we did so without a true center. Not to mention the Heat had the least amount of fouls called their way than any other team in NBA Finals history. So where’s this luck you all speak of? Let me guess? Ray Allen’s game 6 buzzer beater shot was luck? Yeah, try telling that to the all time leader in three point shots. Every time we win it seems like people have nothing but excuses as to why we did instead of just giving credit where credit is due. Let’s keep it real, folks, we have a great team who works well with eachother and a coaching/management staff who knows how to bring high caliber players together and keep them humble and hungry. And the crazy thing is, all we did was get better this offseason. We replaced an old Mike Miller with a way younger Michael Beasley who’s averaged 18 points a game before and we also added Greg Oden, who if he works out, will finally be the true Big Man we need that, by the way, we didn’t have when we won our last 2 championships. Now obviously, I can’t predict the future, but if you think for one second that Derrick Rose and the Bulls are gonna knock us off in the playoffs then you may want to take a trip down memory lane and remember that a stronger Bulls team and the MVP that year Derrick Rose couldn’t even beat us in 2011, and that was the year we lost the Finals! lol….c’mon, yall, be real! GO HEAT!

  29. LS says:

    Wow! Popular topic. One thing Kerr didn’t mention is the fact that for the last two finals Miami has been the one team (in the east) whose core players were healthy enough to contribute and they had a decent bench they could rely on. The majority of the teams in the east who would have been serious opponents just weren’t that fortunate. This year will be interesting to watch. Practically all of the teams have had serious player movement and only time will tell. I hope the writers don’t spoil it for us this year as they’ve done in the past by predicting what’s going to happen before it does.

  30. LB6 says:


  31. jojo says:

    Either way, Miami will play two of these 3 teams before they reach the eastern conference so they’re road to the championship 3peat is already that much harder. we’ll see how they do.

  32. idk says:

    Lets go……………..Pelicans?? Wrong Article

  33. Nbasecondmind says:

    steve kerr know better than that.

  34. micah says:

    I say the pacers before the bulls. Paul George is an absolute stud now and is going to be a superstar this season. Not only that, did you all forget that Danny Granger didnt even play in the playoffs last year plus the edition of scola will give the pacers a nice rotation in the paint. They’re are big physical and can wear down the heat who is trying to go for a fourth time to the finals.

    • TheRealDeal says:

      The Pacers will be a force but I wouldn’t count on Granger. Way too injury prone!
      Pacers have upgraded their bench.

  35. Deion says:

    The Heat added, Beasley, and Oden. I think they’ll be an even tougher matchup for the Pacers now. I smell a 3 peat if Oden doesn’t get injured.

  36. Jorge says:

    I have a question for Steve. “At the height of your career , would you make this 2013 Heat squad”

  37. Newark Representer says:

    As a Lebron fan, i have to ride with the Heat! Basketball wise, I’ve seen Lebron turn a no name team(Cavs) and no name players to Allstars.. With addition of Greg and Beasley, I see a 3peat in the making. Nobody is playing on Lebron’s level @ all. And, he makes every player better. No other player on any team has done that in recent years. I say Miami all the way! Lebron is also Clutch to the core as we’ve seen in 2 back to back rings!

  38. How dare he disrespect the 2 time champs in such a manner. The Heat have much more everything than all of the teams mentioned/compared. The Bulls are garbage, Rose will be nervous to get re-injured won’t be as aggressive as he was in the past, the team is the equivilant of sending Rose to the Orlando Majic, obviously I’m being sarcastic in the way that either doesn’t make sense and both scearios would end in failure…Now if he said the Pacers for the east I could take him wayyy more serious, but even then I can’t…why? i’ll tell you why…Have you ever fought with Mike Tyson? Would you want to? why ask that you say…easy Miami is like Mike Tyson to the Pacers, it could easily be a first round knockout or they’d get their ears bitten off and then cry in the corner…The Heat has the mental fear factor to give them the edge over the Pacers…As for BK, well this is interesting to say the least….their weakness is simple, its chemistry…Could you really see KG taking new coach JK seriously, it would be hard, now don’t get me wrong…KG is da man and proffesional, with that said I think JK would really have to prove himself to KG first. Out of the Bulls Pacers and Brooklyn, the team with the best chance of making it to the ECF would be Brooklyn, could either beat a healthy Heat, as a matter or fact could any team in the NBA beat a healthy Heat? I think we all know the realistic answer to that…This year it all depends on how well the Heat have rested…Their starters and bench players are the best in the league. This isn’t based on stats, its based on the statement in which I started this paragraph with…How dare he disrepect the back 2 back 2 time CHAMPS!? About to 3 peat baby!

  39. Benjie says:

    I’ll pick wade against derick rose anytime.Wade single handledly destroyed macs in 2006 with older shaq and older alonso morning with older Payton .now put derick rose in that scenario do you think he could get them the finals spirit like dwade did.For sure they have both knee surgery but I don’t think rose could achieved anything near wade successes .

  40. jorge arce says:

    todo se reduce a un SI, SI derrick regresa al 100% SI se mantienen alejados de las lesiones, SI jimmy sigue creciendo, tengo mucha esperanza e que un hambriento equipo de chicago pero sobre todo un hambriento derrick rose llevaran a chicago a la otra orilla. VAMOS BULLS.!!!!!!

  41. LemW says:

    the success of Derrick Rose is speed and agility. After an ACL injury Rose’s success is questionable thus Chicago Bulls

  42. HEAT3Peat says:

    NAAAH! still Heat 🙂 eat your words please 🙂 just watch as the Heat’s Heart pour’s it out. watch out my man.. donwgrade for you Kerr!

  43. LemW says:

    Steve Kerr opinion is Steve Kerr opinion. My opinion is if not Miami Heat, the Indiana Pacer or Brooklyn Nets. However, it is overlooked the Miami Heat can get better?

  44. len says:

    If leonard had scored his two free throws or duncan was on the floor in game six would this conversation would this conversation be even be going on. My point is miami isn’t all that above other teams. San antonio was 1 47/48 games above them. and the foul on manu between all those defenders not being called. Yes miami did win and thats all the argument some people have to back them up.
    the conversation would be that lebron couldn’t hit a 3 pointer to extend the game. it was a celtics guy who had to do it.

    • KramLessur says:

      A Celtic guy? You mean Ray Allen? Ray Allen is in a Heat jersey now. LOL. I understand that you’re still hurt with rayray’s departure from Boston. But com’on you cant label Ray Allen as a celtic guy if youre reason is the championship ring he got from boston. Btw, if it wasnt for Ray Allen the Big 3 in Boston will never get a ring. Before Ray Allen played for your Celtic team he played for Bucks and Seattle where he drastically improved being an all star type player and a cold blooded 3-point shooter. Ray Allen is Ray Allen even before he joined the Celtics. So stop the hate. And watch Ray Allen add another ring this season.

  45. len says:

    If leonard had scored his two free throws or duncan was on the floor in game six would this conversation would this conversation be even be going on. My point is miami isn’t all that above other teams. San antonio was 1 47/48 games above them. and the foul on manu between all those defenders not being called. Yes miami did win and thats all the argument some people have to back them up.
    the conversation would be that lebron couldn’t a pointer to extend the game. it was a celtics guy who had to do it.

  46. lordkgm says:

    They are hating on my posts so I’m gonna keep this short and simple. Brooklyn over the Heat and the Spurs over Brooklyn in the Finals! Word up

  47. len says:

    If leonard had scored his two free throws or duncan was on the floor in game six would this conversation would this conversation be even be going on. My point is miami isn’t all that above other teams. San antonio was 1 47/48 games above them. and the foul on manu between all those defenders not being called. Yes miami did win and thats all the argument some people have to back them up.

  48. artifex says:

    It seems people don’t the article properly.
    On one discussion: It is not said that the Bulls will get to the finals. Only that they “got Rose back”. Including Noah and Deng, who were out in spring, too, they are more a match to the Heat than this year. That’s all!!
    And to discuss who’s probably, maybe injured seems very difficult to me. Even James can go down with an torn ACL in January… and you can discuss the potential of many Heat players as much as the Bulls players. Thus, if the Heat will meet the Bulls next playoffs, it will take them more energy than this years 5 games. I agree with that!

    And that’s only Kerr’s point, saying the energy can be a problem for the Heat. And you realize that this article is from John Schumann. Kerr’s not mentioning Bulls or saying they are better.
    But you can be sure that though he wasn’t an all star, he got a lot of playoff experience – more than all readers here combined. And if he’s a Heat hater, why he picks Heat vs Spurs for this year? Why all that hatin’ on him just for that?

  49. Adam says:

    all these miami heat “haters” really have a negative impact on the game I think. if you people really loved basketball you would appreciate just how good this team is. Miami isn’t my favorite team but to guarantee that they will win or lose is not realistic. Why post on here and think your opinion is the only valid one? Lets just all enjoy the fact that this upcoming season is going to be amazing

  50. bob says:


  51. chicago says:

    No Bogans makes this bulls better than when they lost in the ECF.

  52. Wilmerdj21 says:

    Sorry for kerr and the one that falow the Heat dinasty is for real belive or not

  53. TheRealDeal says:

    With all of these comments flying back and forth just shows how close the east is going to be.
    The West has always been closely contested in recent years but the East has 4 teams that can make the finals.
    Steve Kerr knows his stuff but at times, he is still wrong. That’s the beauty of predictions.
    The Bulls, I see them as having a shot at the East but they are not good enough to beat the heat in 7. Rose, if he is back to his best, is a fantastic player but the additional help to get him over the hump just isn’t there. The Bulls are one star away from being a true contender. Their bench won’t get it done but here is what I really dislike about the Bulls. This particular player is destructive to team chemistry and is taking up far too much salary cap. Carlos Boozer.
    Defensively he is terrible, not a shot blocker, mediocre scorer (too many peaks and troughs, goes missing in big games (his career proves this, look at Boozers Utah career)) and doesn’t show the hunger to get the Bulls over the hump. D-rose can’t beat/ compete with a Miami trio (Bosh, LBJ, Wade), an Indiana trio (george, west, hibbert – Maybe throw in Granger is he can stay healthy(yeah right!!)) or the Nets starting 5.
    I also think that LBJ has another gear (scary I know) which people are not taking into account. If bird man bird man & Oden can lock down the centre position and provide some rebounding and shot blocking, that’s all the heat needs to run over the opposition.
    A 7 game match up I’d love to see. David West vs KG. Two beasts of the East going head to head. Sparks will fly.
    I think Miami can do it. They will have some scares along the way as they had with Boston & Indiana in the past. Miami fans should pray that Wade’s body holds up.
    The nets are going to put up one hell of a fight a long the way.
    It’s going to be a great year of NBA.
    Heat in 6 vs Indiana ECF.

  54. Ben says:

    With Oden and Beasley, look for those high-risk players to come alive this season. Also, Lewis was hardly used last season and Anderson wasn’t on the roster until January.

    Miami will be fine.

  55. you are all ... says:


    no one has seen ROSE PLAY YET??

    what a douche Kerrbag

  56. officila mason illuminati hater says:

    God chosen and fearing elite Nba team, meaning no heat from the hells heat

  57. bob says:


  58. D-floor says:

    MIAMI HEAT 2012/13/14/15/16 WORLD CHAMPS BABY!

  59. Jsewbans says:

    Blasphemy. With the new acquisitions of Beasley and Oden, they should lessen the playing times of Lebron and give inside presence. Oden may not be the best big man, but far better than what we had before in Joel Anthony. Wades playing time has been cut short since his injuries. and yet he still put up 21 a game with 5 rebs and 5 asts. Bulls have a very limited chance of winning the championship this year because of the teams that are rebuilding in the East. I believe that Brooklyn has a better chance just because of the solid bench to back up the star studded starting lineup. If the bulls go to the finals, they will end up losing to the West team, whether its OKC, SA, or Houston. But I say if Miami doesnt win it, its gonna be Brooklyn or a West team.

  60. bob says:


  61. heatwillthreepeat says:

    say what you want steveKERRR!!
    lebron will carry the heat for his 3rd ring!!
    nobody can stop the KING!!
    we will see you on june mR>KERR

  62. wooderson says:

    oh wow that’s surprising! the former bull and number 1 Miami cynic picks the Heat to not get past the bulls. amazing

  63. junejoseph says:

    Kerr is correct about just everything except the MIA will loose and that CHI wit come out of the EAST. IND has the best chance to dethrone the HEAT, CHI could end up in the 5th seed with NYK or BRK in 3rd or 4th. CHI will have to face NYK or BKR in 1st round and then IND at the 2nd. How will that favor the BULLS. they’ll be lucky if they got out of 1st round provided that CHI did not make any significant move this offseason while the top 4 teams in the east including the champs made major additions.

    For MIA, This is the year for a 3peat for the franchise and for the BIG 3! and for d Super 12… it’s their Contract year except Cole and UD. How can this not be a huge motivation to win the title?

    Miami for 3peat and 2014-2015 season is a renewal of the Dynasty for the HEAT!!!

  64. matt-in-DC says:

    Well, the Wizards should be really, really fresh then.

  65. Marbe says:

    All Heat haters are comin out again…lets just see what will happen next season. I think Steve is just envy with Lebron and company coz they’re gonna make history again next season

    • Bob says:

      Kerr is a former bulls player!!! Lol

    • you are all ... says:

      Maybe maybe not, Lebron is in NO greater position to see what he has got. Can he go 3? 4? 5? in a row


      will he fall short? He should at least get 2 maybe 3 more MVPs and tie Kareem

  66. aaronben says:

    Broklyn are also tired, their players are playing more years than the players of miami heat. Maybe Indiana has the chance to dethrone Miami but it will cost them a healthy Danny Granger and and a consistent bench players… but BULLS? i don’t know if they can even beat Indiana, I still doubt on Rose comeback… i’m sure that he can’t be the known Rose on the first season of his comeback….

  67. Samuel says:

    Big call Kerr, the Bulls have lost in 5 games to the Heat two seasons straight, has enough changed to turn that around?

  68. bobkitten says:

    What sort of investigative journalism is this? The last team to reach the finals four times was the 2000’s Lakers. Never mind they lost the fourth bid.

    • juggernaut584 says:

      Yes, but the 00’s Lakers didn’t go 4 years in a row. They 3peated from 2000-02, they were put out by the Spurs in ’03, and they lost the ’04 Finals to the Pistons.

    • juggernaut584 says:

      Yes but the Lakers did not go 4 years in a row. They 3peated from 2000-02, they lost in ’03 to the Spurs, then they lost in ’04 Finals to the Pistons.

  69. Karlo Garcia says:

    I also believe my Denver Nuggets has a shot of upsetting Spurs,Thunder,Clippers,Warriors,Grizzlies,Rockets & Lakers to advance to the NBA Finals. But playing against one of the East teams with better Defense will b a problem(Pacers & Bulls). Nuggets will win at least 50-60 games(the difficult way). GO NUGGETS 🙂

  70. Cronos1 says:

    The heat will win it all again this year anyone who thinks otherwise is just a hater . We will beat the bulls no problem we beat them 4 to1 with rosé and Brooklyn is being coched by a rookie and its just a older celtics witch we beat twice and the pacers will fall as well if easily if Odens healthy he will slow down hibbert. You all need to just deal with the fact that its the heats time.

  71. Karlo Garcia says:

    Steve Kerr has reasonable points. Saying Miami will come short because of the health of D Wade. But I believe they have a shot at 3peating as well(Ray Allen,Shane Battier,Mario Chalmers all good 3pt shooters).

  72. J says:

    the heat have a great chance at a 3 peat next season. why? well…

    they pretty much have the same team as last year which is a good thing
    they added oden and Beasley which is a terrific thing
    WADE’S INJURIES ARE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!
    and they have lebron

    I’m not saying they will 3peat for sure (the pacers are strong contenders) but they have a great chance

  73. goldenstate alltheway says:

    i’d say Pacers > Heat = Brooklyn (if they have some good sync since it’ll be the 1st time for them playing together).
    remember Pacers brought the Heat to game 7 and the Heat nearly lose to Pacers. If the Pacers were not short on bench player that time, they could’ve beaten the Heat pretty easily i’d say. Addition of Beasley and Oden to the Heat wont gonna do anything, Beasley is a douche, Oden is Oden. Now that Pacers has a decent bench, it’ll be now easier for their starters to lead the team and it is not gonna be a “5 MAN TEAM” anymore

    • KramLessur says:

      Nearly lose? Have you watched 2013 playoffs? If not, then do some reasearch and watch some tapes. As far as I can remember the IND was crushed by the Heat in Game 7. Paul George choked and the Miami Heat destroyed the Pacers. And I cant remember the Heat being down even a single game in the series.

  74. nbaguy1013457j688006 says:

    warriors are probably gonna take it ’14..yo mamma been taking it to the rack

  75. koudrus says:

    WTF!? What is Shuhmann talking about?! The Bulls of Michael Jordan three-peated twice!! First three peat:1991-’93 second three-peat:1995-98
    Get your facts straight!

  76. Darryl Luki says:

    why does eveyone hate on the heat? show some love they proved themselves twice back to back who cares how many games it took a win is a win, as for rose he doesnt have the drive or will like james! heat will do it again!!!

  77. Darryl Luki says:

    its easy to say this and that but you cant control the players on the court! one you guys dissed james and he proved himself twice and now you want to say they wont make it and the bulls will? you have to be stupid. rose has been injured the last two seasons when the heat killed them, does he have the drive and will like james??? i dont think so if anything heat will make it again and prove to you a third time to shut your mouth!!!!

  78. Cedrick says:

    Everyone hatin on the heat to all u HEAT haters tell your team to get that money right and get a team that can beat the HEAT Brooklyn To old the bulls ain’t goin to beat nobody and the pacers can’t beat nobody playin bully basketball so HEAT Haters we got room for y’all on the wagon then again we don’t want u MIAMI HEAT all day every day I’m out

  79. ace pando says:

    Kerr Maybe wrong,maybe right.., the heat still a formidable foe plus theyve add an unpredictable oden and beasley, but we saw that indiana has push them to the limit and the mighty spurs were 5 seconds short to their 5th championxips.. Kerr just giving an opinion,so let him,guys…

  80. sports fan says:

    Pacers will win the East & will face the Clippers in the finals.

  81. mark says:

    who the hell is derrick rose that made the bulls a contender?

  82. jAkl403 says:

    Raptors out of the EAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Miles10 says:

    Fact: Any blog about the Heat means more comments, both Heat fans and haters. Let the endless discussion resume LOL.

    For sure at the opening night, the Bulls will be so pumped up to try to smash the Heat. Lebron and company will definitely bring the burden and expectations much heavier. Lastly, the Bulls should take on other strong team first before aiming for the Heat. Makes sense?

  84. jim cajuban says:

    I really don’t think that the miami will be tired..?! how can you be tired if it’s the dream of all the players in NBA..? DOn’t be stupid.. have you forgotten that the miami heat is really a hard and a good team without a Center ..? They already got Oden and Beasley.. so Bosh can rest … so if you really are scrutized the miami just wait for the 2013-14 season ends and you’ll see that the flag of the miami heat will be rised again..

    • LBJ2k14 says:

      And not to mention, King James can also play the number four spot. Get ready for another small line-up barrage from the White Hot Heat!

  85. Tucker says:

    How is Kerr a hater? He picked the Heat to be in last year’s finals. Excuse Steve for such blasphemy! Dwyane Wade is banged up and a year older. This year could be a less productive year for him. Greg Oden probably won’t work out. His knees are terrible and he hasn’t played a game in three years. Ray Allen will also be a year older. The Heat haven’t made any real positive roster changes since last year and at best they should be as good as last year (which is great). They had two 7 game series’ in the playoffs last year so they weren’t exactly dominant. The Pacers should beat the Heat next season. They’re young, their bench has improved and they’re getting Danny Granger back. The Heat are obviously among the favorites to win the championship next season but they’re not the clear cut favorite and if you think that’s unfair to say then you don’t know that much about basketball. Steve Kerr, you’re the man. Don’t let these idiots call you a hater. Meet them at a park somewhere and drain three after three in their faces until their brain bleeds. Then run.

  86. miami 4 life says:

    Miami will be fine to 3peat- do you know why? I do, My uncle is Bill Foran the strength coach of Miami Heat and he gave me the inside word that there will be a signing in two weeks. And what a signing- RUSSELL WESTBROOK! Oklahoma have decided to trade Westbrook to the Heat for James Jones and Rashard Lewis. This is going to be great for the Heat. They will 3peat for sure!!!!! New lineup:

    PG Westbrook
    SG Wade
    SF The King
    PF Bosh
    C Oden

    Miami champs 4 sure!!!!

    • lordkgm says:

      Ur uncle said the same thing about Roy Hibbert too! Please excuse urself from this discussion fool. They wouldn’t even trade Westbrook instead of Harden! So them trading Westbrook for 2 bums isn’t going to happen. For real

  87. travis says:

    watch out for Clippers and Doc Rivers, i can see them climbing the ladder

  88. Beetlejuice says:

    I’m a lizard. Lizard.
    I drink Beetlejuice.
    Are you a Lizard?
    Fire bugs.

  89. Bob M8 says:

    This is just him favouritising and dramatising his previous club. Miami again are bound to take themselves to the finals and hopefully for the three-peat, but if anyone is to take them down in the east, it has to be the team that nearly did it in this previous set of finals, Indiana.

    • Shoe says:

      Well we all r just picking the team we like and I’m a Bulls fan and yes I am picking the them to win it all. But in the end everyone of us r just giving our opinion, to which we r entitled to. But to all the ppl that r quick to pick Indiana over Chicago, just remember that when asked does he think Indiana was either a threat or a rivalry. Lennon kindly answered “no I don’t” I think if u say Chicago then ok. And just as y’all use the fact that the Bulls haven’t beaten tha heat in the playoffs, tha same can b said that Indiana haven’t beaten tha Chicago in tha playoffs. In 2010 y’all quick to say Miami beat Chicago 4-1, well that same season Chicago beat Indiana 4-1. My point is that’s tha past and u can’t go off what happened then. So with that being said, let’s get it crackin and c u all in Miami on 9/29/13 and let’s start talkin facts then……..

  90. Edub says:

    Bulls will make it to the Finals. If you think this team is worse than the team in 2010 then you obviously have not watched the Bulls regularly during the season and just pay attention to headlines.
    Rose is back, he is a MVP, he will bounce back sooner or later.
    Jimmy Butler is an upgrade over any past shooting guard in Bogans, Brewer, and Belinelli. He can play defense and he was improving his shot towards the end of the season, so when he comes back i expect him to be that consistent shooter.
    Luol Deng is the Glue to the team. Bulls don’t make it far without him guarding the best player at the SF position and him showing up consistent numbers for use.
    Boozer, if you think he is declining then you haven’t watched him all last season where he was the go to guy or you haven’t even watched him vs the Nets where he was big for us and no one could guard him
    Noah is still only developing, one of the best and top centers in the league. He is the reason the Bulls won Game 7 vs the Nets. He said we were going to win and he went out and proved it, making jump shots, hitting free throws and his left hook was consistent.
    The bench:
    Kirk won’t be injured as much with him playing backup, he can guard anyone at the PG position and when his shot is falling he’s big for us.
    Dunleavy is definitely not a downgrade, he is a better ball handler then Belinelli and already has the reputation of a better shooter.
    Teague has yet to be seen, he shows improvement but we have to see.
    Taj Gibson, who many think he should start over Boozer, and we have someone like that coming off the bench, who plays better defense than Boozer.
    Nazr is the weak link but we don’t need too much from him except for consistent minutes of holding his own.
    What we “miss”
    Nate Robinson: Yes, he averaged 20+ points for us, but most of the time, he could not run the offense, could not play defense on even C.J Watson, and was a wildcard. Yes his contribution will be missed, we won many games because of him but we have Rose back who can average that and do much more for us.
    Belinelli: Belinelli was too inconsistent if you asked me. He had a couple game winning points this year but Dunleavy is to replace him.

    The Bulls do have a legitimate chance to come out of the East, I say they will because I’m a fan. Opinion or not, these are arguably facts. SO to say the Bulls will come out the East isn’t guaranteed but it isn’t like it’s a long shot from it happening.

  91. NoireHeatFan4700 says:

    First to set the record straight I am a huge Miami fan. I believe Steve is entitled to his opinion but I agree he has a bias in favor for the team he has played for – Chicago and San Antonio. The missing point that I think people are missing with the Miami/Indiana potential match-up is the health of D. Wade. I think anyone will argue that D.Wade was playing more than 70% of his performance in the regular season. A healthy D. Wade, Lebron, and Chris Bosh will be hard to be because of the match-ups and their experience playing together. People forget that a fairly healthy D. Wade (after draining knees) steam rolled the Pacer with Granger albeit Paul George had not elevated his play to the level of last series. Greg Oden only need to be able to keep Hibbert to 15-17 pts without a double team and the Heat beat the Pacer no problem. I think Brooklyn is Miami greatest threaten. I think Kevin Garner will out play Hibbert because of his perimeter jumper pulls Hibbert away from the basketball. With Hibbert away from the basketball, Indiana defense is very soft. Overall, Miami greatest threat to their repeat hopes is not their competition but the relative healthy of their main stars. Just one fan’s opinion. One intangible: Spoelstra is clearly the best coach in the East now that Doc Rivers is in the West. Spoelstra loves to try to make teams match to Miami’s style. All the expert predicted that no team could win a championship losing the rebounding statistic. Every championship team gets a little lucky at some point if they are in 6 or 7 game series. Someone mighty get lucky against heat but on talent, team concept, chemistry, and experience Miami has a very good chance to 3 peat.

  92. Moses says:

    People need to realize…BOSH has a point to prove & if the Heat are smart, they’ll limit Wade’s playing time & that should make Bosh shoulder some of the burdens on a nightly basis. I mean when ever LBJ or DWade don’t play, CB1 shows why he’s a member of the Big3. I have faith that my Heat will win because as the Heat are battle tested & GREAT teams don’t lose back to back games. The Heat have found out how to win, don’t get me wrong the other teams look GREAT as well but the Heat finally know how to WIN!!!

  93. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    The Heat will definately be champs again in 2014. They already proved to the world they had great chemistry between the players, fans and coaches. Now that they acquired Greg Oden from Ohio State and Michael Beasley playing along side of the greatest motivator on any team (King James) to create a strong natural BEAST on the court. Every last one of the heat players the starting five to the last one off the bench is ready, willing and able to get it done Again, Again, Again and Again. Because the heat is Gods Team . AMEN!

  94. Unkle Daddy says:

    The Bulls are not coming out of the East, unless LJ gets injured sorry, Steve. KD will be the next Barkley if OKC doesn’t figure out some moves to make soon, they aren’t ever getting back to the Western finals as their team stands now. I don’t see Miami three-peating, but if there is a man who can put his team on his back it’s LJ (not a fan, but talent is talent). Pacers Vs. Spurs/Finals

  95. Frank says:

    See this year is going to be Carmelo Anthony see melo and lebron are more similar than people think even though melo is a scorer and lebron is a all around player the only reson lebron won a champion is because of another star was on the team that could score just as well as he could and this is melo last year in his contract so after this year it’s going to be a he’ll of teams wanting he the 2ND BEST in the league look at his season scoring title he is so hungry for a ring if he teams up with somebody like lebron did I bet any amount of money he will win a championship. Chris paul was suppost to join him and if he did the heat would’ve been in trouble but don’t get the Knicks wrong they added some nice puzzle pieces to the floor on both ends to extreme defense players metta and Tyson and a big man who could shoot the 3 and mid range Andrea so they do have a deep squad and the sixth man of the year I can go on about the Knicks they were the second best team last year melo dominated but he fell short and that’s ok everyone keep talking about Brooklyn there still not better than the Knicks it’s not going to be any chemistry with them who gone take that last shot and who going to ball hog cmon people Joe and pierce or both scorers and kg is old and bliss the head coach is not and easy job he might even get fired but there not going to beat the Knicks and there injuryies melo fan the team will be second best again and Kerr is tripping the bulls are good but there not going to win the east I’m sorry I would like it if they traded or got rid of deng for melo ha they would def be number 1

    • The Beard says:

      One thing though, Carmelo scores 20 in 25 shots, while LBJ does it in 9 or 10, so no they are not similar at all

  96. Frank says:

    Don’t forget about Carmelo Anthony and the season he had last year was great he get hungry every year for a championship and I think it’s his time to make that run if everyone play theyer role on the team and stay consistant and healthly big fan of melo been following him since oak hill it’s his time to win and get him a ring he the second best in the NBA

  97. No Regrets says:

    Why is it so unreasonable that the Bulls will defeat the Heat in the layoffs? They came close this year with half their team off, including DRose, and with Miami getting too many calls in that series. Spo btw was outcoached by Thibs all series. The acquisition of Oden won’t be enough for Miami to offset the size disadvantage.
    Indiana is the same as last year, possibly a bit better and a bit more determined than last year. The Nets, well, we’ll have to see, but they should have more than enough quality.
    For the Heat to go through two of these teams in the playoffs to reach the finals, it’s difficult – unless of course the opponents’ bigs get a few fouls called each in the first quarter . .

  98. Ibm says:

    i always thought kerr talks from the heart not logic … are you kidding me?! a team that has lebron doesnt need motivation, they already having it! hes going for the best of all time! But come on !! the bulls??!! they didnt beat miami in the 1 big 3 season while they had the mvp rose playing! if any teams is going to beat miami in a playoff series its not gonna be the bulls. its sad for bulls fans but its what its.

  99. Bulls All Day!!! says:

    I’m not a Miami heat fan, but I do like the fact they’ve won a championship 2 years straight since LeBron and other good players like my boy Ray Allen showed up, but let’s face it people, I live in Chicago and I support The Bulls all the way, but I don’t agree that the bulls will go all the way cause they have changed their bench ONCE AGAIN including adding 2 new rookies that have a lot to prove to Thibs and the fans. I’m glad rose is coming back, but I agree that the only team in the east that is a big threat to the heat is The Pacers and my top 3 teams to be a challenge to the heat in the East is 1-The Pacers 2-The Bulls and 3-The Nets. To make things better, how about we all save our comments on who’s going to do what until after the first game of the season which is My Bulls against the champs. We’ll see how the ONCE AGAIN new look bulls measure up to them then.

  100. Thunderstruck says:

    And the BULLS (three seasons ago and before that), were the NUMBER 1 seed in the east over the big bad Miami Heat who were in their first year (give them credit) but made it to the finals as a 2nd seeded team. And even in the shortened season they were still number 1 so shut up to the people who criticize Kerr (even though he may be a little to ahead of steam) cuz he could be right after all if they stay healthy. And the Nets could break down at anytime cuz they are kinda older now with their newer roster and they got J Kidd who I think is good and could get them far, but not this upcoming season. I think the only true threats in the east to the bulls are the heat and pacers. That’s it. And the Knicks could pop off too cuz they still got Melo and J.R and Amare.

    • underdog says:

      You’re right until you said the Knicks might challenge the Bulls.. dude, no chance.. The Nets might.. but the Knicks won’t have a chance..

    • Pakyaw says:

      Bulls is a front runner team, they choke on the playoffs.. Just like Lebron cavs days..

  101. Thunderstruck says:

    YEAH! let’s go Bulls!!!! Our defense is fantastic and we’re getting everybody back at full strength. Plus we have Mike D and an improved Jimmy Butler. Just think if everybody except D-Rose played against the Heat in the playoffs with that defense, we would’ve took them to 7 seven games. And if everybody is healthy throughout the playoffs and their a top 4 seed, I expect the Bulls to make it.

  102. jimbo says:

    Unfortunately for all the other teams in the East… they still have to beat Miami in a 7 game series, and therein lies Miami’s strength. Riley built them to be series winners. Their 66 wins last year was an anomaly, I doubt if they can reach 60 this year. But… they were built to do two things: 1)win their division, and 2)keep playoff games close because they have the right personnel to score when they need to in order to pull a game out of the hat. Same recipe as the old Celtics teams (without the stifling Russell led defense). The answer for the opposing team is: 1)play tough defense…body to body, and 2) have a double digit lead in the 4th qtr. Force Miami to expend all energy late in the game for several games, and they can be beaten. I am not a Miami “hater” but I sincerely hope they get whipped in the conference finals by Indiana (it won’t be Chicago). That being said, Miami is in a great position to three-peat since Indiana, Chicago, and New York are all question marks in the East, and in the west San Antonio and OKC are another year older and another year dumber respectively.

  103. freal says:

    Kerr just lost all credibility. Its quite reasonable to bet against a back-to-back championship team that made it to the finals three years in a row, and he gave some good reasons for it. But to go all out and pick the BULLS?!?!?! Are you serious little stevie?!?! If he picked the Pacers, Thunder, or Spurs it would be understandable, but he legit picked the most uncertain team in all of the projected playoff picture right now to win it all. FOR SURE there is some biased in this, either that or hes really reaching to be prophetic cuz if it actually happens he’s gonna look like a friggin’ genius.

  104. alexis says:

    Wow Stevie Kerr really well you are untitled too your own opinion but in reality you are wrong an on the negative end just like some of the other ppl that hate The 2Back2Back Champion’s the Miami Heat they are definitely stacked now than ever especially with adding a talent in Be-Easy and Oden I want some ppl to write off the Miami Heat as underdog’s because they will keep proving you all wrong The Miami Heat will 3Peat again don’t matter what Stevie Kerr or anyone else say’s The Hater’s

  105. psf says:

    If anybody is biased, it’s the writer, John Schuhmann. He clearly stated the Heat were his favorites and then jumps all over Kerr’s commentary. If the Heat were to three-peat in 2014 (heaven forbid), then may it actually be an HONEST CHAMPIONSHIP WIN!!!! Stern will be gone, so Lebron can’t go crying to big daddy if a coach rests his three star players or if a player on the team that just broke Miami’s winning streak fouls a Heat star. Until Lebron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh can have a man’s attitude about the game, they’re just babies crawling their way to the top. The Bulls, Spurs, Nets, and Pacers know what hard work means. May any one of them dethrone Miami…for good!!!!!!

  106. From an says:


    You cracks me up. 31 is now aging! Then you get agitated when people pick holes at your OPINIONS. The things they did last year with a miserably depleted squad were remarkable. Had no business beating Brooklyn. Until we see what they do on the court, anything you type are opinions. Deng could could back at full strength, same with D Rose. Boozer never tries to do more than he can. They know their role, plain and simple. Same with the bench: wait and see. Lets revisit this conversation in January. Anything at this point is pure conjecture. So AC, no need to get all bitter because people argue your opinions. Let the games talk and we’ll see what we see.

  107. mark says:

    Heat will repeat.
    IF they dont come out the east NJ will.
    Why is nobody giving NJ their props?

    starters: d will, joe johnson, pierce, garnett, lopez…come on now
    bench: kirilienko, jason terry, blatche, reggie evans,

    bulls or pacers cant see the nets, bulls are the weakest of the 4. not saying they not a very good team, but they are 4th best team in the east.

    • KunJayMaster says:

      For some reason Nets remind me of the 2012 Knicks or Lakers. I may be wrong but i think its Indiana or Miami out of the East. If Heat gets top seed and make Bulls, Pacers, Nets or Knicks kill each other before meeting them in the finals then there is no much chance of beating the heat.

  108. John says:

    he must be right cause everybody knows nba is rigged and everything is made up before the season starts, like all the spurs said “if you tell me before the season that we’ll be in nba finals I’ll take it” – everyone from the spurs was saying that at the conferences so that had to be like that, and this year probably brooklyn – chicago would be the conf finals – chicago would lose to lakers

  109. Gabe says:

    You Guys are missing an important piece of the puzzle his name is d-rose nobody on the heat team the pacers team nor Brooklyn can guard him not even the great lebronJames, derrick rose and the bulls will emerge as champions there is a reason why he is the youngest mvp to do it guys please dnt be stupid you guys are stating personal opinions and not whats in black in white yes the heat are the best team in the league but had we had a non injury team the heat would have only one ring right now so please all that talk abt 3 peating is blasphemy and quite disrespectful to Michael jordan and steve kerr
    who by the way are NBA legends

    • mark says:

      are u stupid? lebron shut down rose in the 4th quarter of playoffs on his mvp year.
      rose has declined since then.

      • underdog says:

        LeBron didn’t.. injuries and Heat Team Defense did.. Rose can blow by LeBron lots of times but then there will be a hard help defense coming Rose’s way since he was the only effective play maker on the team and it was easy to leave the other Bulls player to help defending Rose.. It was just like LeBron’s Cavz days.. he was SWEPT by the Spurs by their team defense.. Magic team defense also slowed him down on the Magic’s run to the finals.. and the choked in defeat against the Celtics (I know you’ll agree that Pierce didn’t shut down LeBron) because he was the only effective play maker on that Cavz team.. quit overrating LeBron’s defense people..

      • The Beard says:

        Is that the same year he choked in the 4th quarter? hahahahah

      • Witness says:

        Underdog says one line about LBJ not shutting down D Rose, then goes off about how Team Defense stopped a couple of Lebrons teams then says stop overrating Lebrons defense. LOL Dude makes no sense. Like other teams using team defense to beat any of Lebrons teams has anything to do with LBJ’s ability as a defender HAHA

  110. Adam says:

    The bias argument is just ignorant. It is a decent point based on historical fact. It is just really hard to go to the Finals four times in a row, especially in today’s NBA. He was asked if not the Heat then who. It is down to the Pacers, Bulls, or possibly the Nets if that all works out well. He chose the Bulls, hardly a radical prediction. Are the Heat still favorites, of course, but history does say that it will be a very difficult road back to the Finals.

    As far as the Heat hate goes, I don’t see it. I have read and listened to Kerr endlessly praise LeBron for basically everything he does, and laud Bosh for the sacrifices he makes for this team to win. The man is paid to express a fresh opinion. No need to go crazy with accusations of BIAS and HATE.

  111. llara311 says:

    pacers coming out on top this year is he dumb? luis scola and chris copeland are huge pick ups for the pacers and they get danny granger back also! theyre gonna be pretty much unstopable, theyre too big and too talented. kerr is stupidly biased.. im a miami fan but its hard to believe that miami will go all the way, d wade has to stay healthy, oden has a lot to prove, beasley has only had one great season and that was with the timbs, its just alot they have on their plate and i dont know if they can overcome the power house which is the pacers. The bulls on the other hand need to make more improvements because with their ageing stars deng and boozer i dont think they can make it past the second round.. pacers are coming on top this year.

  112. sanjay says:

    heat gonna do 3 peat here. they got younger with addition of the beast beasley. He is a 6 foot 10 scorer who could drop 20 points on a whim! And lebron is getting better too. So heat offensively are much better than last year. their core is still getting stronger with chalmers and cole coming of age this coming season! If oden is healthy and can go to work, they would be unstoppable. He would come in to his own against indiana as well.
    With lebron’s watching all these guys they can go berserk here. And this time wade and bosh do not have to do much compared to previous years!
    lebron 30, wade 14, bosh 11,ray 9=64!
    battier 5+birdman4+haslem 2=11!
    cole+chalmers+beasley=25 ( they can go 10+10+13) as well!
    ————————————————- game set match already
    and this still have oden+rashard who can give get few of their own=that is 106 points by being conservative!
    Heat rarely lose when they score above 100!

    So it is looking very good for the heat! They can have another 25 game run to warm for the playoffs. This time hope it comes a bit early in the middle of the season with some 12 to 15 games to cool off unlike this years 6!
    So it is looking very good for the heat!

  113. TEE says:

    19 more than OKC, not 21

  114. WTF says:

    WTF? 😀
    Main argument = “because it is very hard to win for 3. straight time” :D:D:D
    Make my day!

  115. Will says:

    Bulls, really? Are you SERIOUS???!!! I know for sure Miami will 3peat, however, if one should consider any two teams coming out of the east, I will first look at the Pacers then the Nets. I don’t see Chicago at a top 3 in the east; I’m sorry.

  116. Chris says:

    While Steve Kerr made some good points, looking at Miami right now, barring injury they will take it again. Nets have the guys, but no experience playing together. If Paul George and the Pacers improve, then they definitely have a chance. Overall I would still lean to a 65% chance of Miami Taking the East.

  117. celentano says:

    To abi#3@ dude ‘isnt 2006 but 2013! And the finals 2014 is another story too!
    Steve has right at some points; every all-star player on the Heat are getting a little bit older (Wade>>>>knees) now with some fatigue knocking on the door for the new season.
    Everything can happen during season, not to forget the exhausting play-offs bracket.
    With the new commisioner comming over (2014) to take the role from Stern, d’ont expect the same situations too much like Stern allowing the ref’s helping the Heat on the road to the play-offs.
    The league gonna be tougher to play at the new season,mark my words!

  118. blaz says:

    Bulls do not have what it takes to reach finals. Neither the depth of rotation, nor any “X-factor”. Remember that Nate Robinson was only reason they even got that far last year. Miami is still better team than Bulls. The question is if they’re still better than Indiana or Brooklyn? (but they will not play both teams in playoffs). I am not sure if they are, but I would not bet against them too easily… Bulls are out of debate for next season’s Champs IMO.

  119. Lance says:

    LAKERS WIN IT ALL!!!!!!!!

  120. east side says:

    Pacers have a good shot. Bulls out in the first round if they make it…

  121. ABI#3 says:

    When Heat was in the 2006 Finals against the Mavs (2-0 for Mavs) people said Miami hasn’t a chance to win….and what happend?!?!So who cares of this Steve Kerr?!He knows NOTHING…

  122. POP says:


  123. FACE THE FACTS says:

    I dont believe it too! I like the heat, they are the best team, but 3 trips to the finals dampens motivation for a fourth. And physically it’s tough as well…Kobe Bryant, Russel Westbrook, Derrick Rose…I smell injury. Nobody is immune to it, even the great Lebron!

  124. yankeeshort2 says:

    The Heat can repeat again. The Heat have made some decent improvements, along with Wade’s improved health, for 2013-14.

    To say the Heat will not repeat in 2013-14 is ridiculous.

  125. Loki says:

    Steve makes a point. Nothing against the heat. They’re capable of going for it again don’t get me wrong but most people are generally too blinded by the love for the team to realize there’s a point against them. In addition to what Steve Said the competition is stronger. Indiana took them to 7 games with no bench, news flash Indiana has the same starters and a bench now. While I extremely doubt the bulls are going to win a championship, rose is back and they’re just as hungry to prove they’re serious.

    And if the heat make the finals San Antonio is still realistically in the mix. But honestly they’re the only team in the west I see taking Miami in the finals based on experience. Miami is too deep a team for a pretty shallow OKC squad, and while the clippers look great and are definitely contenders I don’t think this year specifically is their year.

    If any team in the east is taking Miami its Indiana, and if San Antonio doesn’t make the finals again and no one out east takes em out Miami will threepeat for sure. But I highly doubt they will fourpeat, but let’s not worry about that yet.

    • BeastMode says:

      Indiana??? Don’t get me wrong, Indiana did take Miami to the limit last year and yes they did add some depth to their bench but lets not forget so did Miami. The Heats biggest problem last year was size. With the addition of Oden and Beasley that will hopefully be a thing of the past. (If Oden can stay healthy) They have the same core group minus a close to retiring Mike Miller. Health will play a part ( As it does with any team) Prediction: Heat out of the East. Hands down!

      • Loki says:

        Oden hasn’t played a game of organized basketball since what.. 2010? Terrible knees, do you remember Brandon Roy last year? He could very well go out the same and that’ll be that. Beasly is a hindrance to himself so while I agree if they both workout Miami will be a tough team I also know Oden and Beasley are both huge gambles. Besides its just my opinion, I don’t guarantee Indiana’s success but I also am pretty sure if anyones knocking the heat out of the east this year it’s Indy and no one else.

      • The Beard says:

        Heres the thing, Granger is back, Granger is an all-star along with Paul George and David West and Hibbert, the Pacers have the heat matched in every aspect.

  126. boston rules says:

    Steve kerr > lebron

  127. Black24mamba says:

    I actually don’t think there’s a team in the east that can beat this team, I think the pacers and the bulls will challenge them but I think miami will win the east.

  128. Saeed says:

    I think not everything is as easy as he said. Miami can also win it much better and easier than the way they did in 2013, and they can also fall short. But to me, Miami has a bigger chance to win.

    Remember last year???
    Everybody to the middle of the regular season took Durant over LeBron for the MVP only after which LeBron came up huge game after game with 27 game winning streak, the magic 6 games straight with 30+, 60%+ which he deliberately ended in OKC’s Chesapeake Arena by taking a meaningless three in the last seconds. Then suddenly a year which Durant had more supporters towards MVP, changed to a one in which LeBron had the chance to win MVP by ALL the votes!!!

    This is might also happen in championship contest in the East or in the Whole NBA, it can change in ONE moment!!!

  129. underdog says:

    01) Bulls
    02) Heat
    03) Pacers
    04) Nets
    05) Knicks
    06) Hawks
    07) Cavaliers
    08) WIzards
    09) Pistons
    10) Raptors
    11) Celtics
    12) Bobcats
    13) Bucks
    14) Magic
    15) 76ers

    • Black24mamba says:

      The bulls are not better than the heat simple as that.

    • Nuk says:

      I don’t think the hawks go be in it I think the raptors might make it to the playoffs

      • underdog says:

        I think they will.. they always find ways to be right there.. They only lost Josh Smith.. and Josh Smith’s loss is kind of replaced by Paul Millsap…

    • llara311 says:

      dude detroit is onna be taking the hawks place have you not seen their improvements this offseason?! josh smith and brandon jennings are gonna be good together

      • kjones082 says:

        I say the nets may have serious chemistry issues! Detroit is going to make the playoffs! They got Josh Smith, Chauncey Billups, and not to mention Will Bynum and Brandon Jennings. Raptors have a really good squad this year as well. Rudy Gay probably couldn’t get it done last year because of the start when he showed up but the offseason moves may have them in in the next couple years.

      • underdog says:

        Nets won’t have chemistry issues.. Garnet and Pierce are professional veterans who already know how to play in a loaded team.., they know the sacrfices needed to become succesful (they were Champions just in the first time they teamed up). On the other hand, I do think it would be the Pistons who will have serious chemistry issues. Josh Smith and Jennings will also shoot them out of the playoffs.. Also, there is much traffic in the paint and it would just be very easy for the opposing defenses to guard them.. just load the paint and let Jennings and Josh Smith shoot bricks…

    • Knicks at 5 you must be crazy

    • ace pando says:

      Remove knicks,hawks and wizards… Put on pistons, celtics and bobcats..

  130. pinoy06 says:

    ohh common steve kerr your so bias! heat will make history again 3peat!

  131. GreenFoLIFE says:

    Hmm… He doesn’t seem biased at all…

    I say Indiana

    • Mecena says:

      I take Indiana over Bulls too. I’m curious about Nets also.

    • YoYo says:

      Nets is in the conversation but it between Chi or Ind that could take down Miami, Mainly cus of their crazy defense…Nets have alot talent but not defensively, if you remember Miami always have problem with great defensive team and you don’t get better defensively than Chi or Ind…

  132. dre says:

    Biased much? Chicago? Seriously?

  133. ko0kie says:

    I don’t think any team can beat miami if their core remains healthy.. they still got one of the best SG of all time, a very versatile PF who can play center some of the best 3-point shooters in the league and just made some good offseason moves… oden could provide if healthy and beasleys return “home” may be the best thing that could happen to him.

    everyone believes in defense first and knows their role, the chemistry is there.. ahh I forget to mention, that they have that player.. the best in the world, still improving (scary, isn’t it?), he’s working to be in the conversation of the GOAT.

    • Deadpan Guy says:

      but that’s the point of Kerr’s comments isn’t it? There’s a raised chance that the core players aren’t healthy because they’ve played more games than pretty much every other team over the last 3 seasons.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I wonder who that guy your talking about is ?

      But in all seriousness, people don’t realize that the heat continue to improve every single year… People just want to see a new team win it, but the truth is other teams are going to have to wait until MIA’s dynasty is over

    • The Beard says:

      GOAT??? Really you’re killing me…. HAHAHA oh man that was a good one!

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Your not that smart are you?
        Or are you another Miami LeBron hater with no logic to your argument .. ? lol
        Get used to seeing LeBron holding up that championship trophy… 😉

  134. underdog says:

    Only if the East is healthy unlike the last few years…

  135. Kerr you idiot says:

    Kerr has no idea what hes talking about…..

    the dude got free rings thanks to MJ… now hes acting like he has some knowledge…

    • Loki says:

      You mean the guy known to take clutch shots that got the bulls their championships? Not a superstar but he played his part

      • Deadpan Guy says:

        yeah agreed Loki, Kerr was vital in those championships. You simply could not leave him alone out there and focus on Jordan because Kerr would just drill those spot-up 3’s all night long. I realise Kerr wouldn’t have won his rings without Jordan, but you could make a strong case the other way too. Uninformed stupid comments from the first poster in my opinion. I’m listening Steve ….

      • NBAFAN says:

        The only reason Kerr is around is MJ. He is just a Bulls’ fan, and a Heat Hater.

    • RT says:

      Kerr was always a ‘role-player’, meaning he does what he does best: shoots. You can say that nearly everyone on those Jordan-Bulls teams got “free rings” because of Jordan, but rather they were his supporting cast while MJ did what he does best: leading the team.

    • The Under dogs says:

      That is rubbish the league is full of role players’s Miami doesn’t win the championship without Miller hitting those three’s last year and Ray Allen’s three this year. Steve Kerr did his job for MJ.. So those rings weren’t free..

  136. Justin Fiorilli says:

    Thanks for providing the motivation Steve! You’re going to be eating these words in 9 months.

  137. NBAFan says:

    Kerr is one of those poor Miami Heat haters. I had to listen his one sided comments while watching the games. Why TNT hire a team fan to keep expressing his own fan opinions.

  138. yaku says:

    Kerr is a PURE Heat hater.

  139. Laker4Life says:

    I am very curious to see this as well. But I wonder, with the addition of Oden, shouldn’t that balance out the defensive responsibilities placed on each player?

    • kjones082 says:

      not to mention Michael Beasley

      • joseph says:

        The heat made more additions then they had last year. The only significant lossd that occured was Mike Miller. But even then they still have two amazing bench players that can hit threes. They got better in this off season. Their team is the best any Miami Heat team has ever been.

      • The Beard says:

        I think Oden’s knee’s will have to be cut off because there is no way he is playing this whole season without getting hurt. Just turn him into a robot, that’s always the answer.

  140. ac says:

    I truly hope Miami doesn’t come out of the East this year, but I think Kerr is stupidly biased – to the point where its hard to take him seriously – when he picks Chicago to come out of the East.

    Chicago gets a lot of love from the critics and commenters alike, but lets really break this year’s team down.

    They have an aging power forward (Boozer) who is rapidly declining into the twilight of his career. He’s useless on defense, slower on offense, undersized, and injury-prone.

    They have a center who, because he fills up a stat sheet and does all of the little things, is hands down one of the best centers in the league. He’s easy to hate, but you can’t deny his value. The problem is he’s just not a natural offensive player and I feel he’s reached his ceiling as a player.

    They have a fantastic small forward in Luol Deng but, due to chronic injuries, he is already starting to decline and all signs point to that (unfortunately) continuing this year.

    They have a bright SG in Jimmy Butler. No doubt about that.

    Now, onto this one. Bulls fans hear what they want to hear, but the reality is there are so many uncertainties surrounding Rose and whether he will be as dominant as he once was. Its not that he missed all of last season, the season before he was playing injured all year and his numbers were way down. He hasn’t been the same player since his MVP season, which was 3 years ago. Bulls fans can deny it, but the numbers don’t lie.

    Finally, their once mighty bench, the one that included Omer Asik, CJ Watson, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer (in his prime), Jon Lucas II, is totally depleted. To make matters worse, they lost the only two bench players who contributed solidly for them, Nate Robinson and Bellinelli (sometimes a starter), and they only managed replaced them with Mike Dunleavy. Definitely a downgrade.

    Everybody’s gotten a year older, chronic injuries, uncertainties around DRose, a severely weakened bench, and you’re picking them to go to their first finals since Jordan?


    • manie says:

      come on the bulls team is not any better than the 2010 bulls. Rose , Deng and boozer have decline a little they did not beat the heat then and they will not beat an improved heat team. The heat chances will rest on how athletic will oden and wade be in June. If the team is healthy and oden and wade are playing above the rim the rebounding and second chance points that Miami gave to Indiana and the bull will be a thing of the past

    • Bizzle says:

      Lol depleted bench? They have kirk hinrich,marcus teague,dunleavy( who is definetly not downgrade) and taj gibson and not to mention rising rookies tony snell and erik murphy. Only weakness is thier backup center get your facts straight

      • ac says:


        Those aren’t facts moron. Those are opinions. And while we’re at it, none of your opinions make any sense. Dunleavy is a replacement for the almost 25 combined ppg that Nate Robinson and Bellinelli put up last season? And if Erik Murphy is the answer to your prayers, then clearly you’re praying to the wrong people.

        OF the top five teams in the east, Chicago’s bench is easily the worst.

      • KunJayMaster says:

        @ Bizzle

        Stop lying to yourself, Bulls lost their most powerful thing and it was their “bench mob”. You have a mediocre starting 5 with Rose coming from an injury whose expected to carry all the weight. they will still be injury prone all season because Thibodeau will still play them like droids.

      • curtdaking says:

        @ kunjaymaster
        The Bulls TEAM is just thats team. The pieces they have fit and fit to the tune of winning games. Sure the injury bug has hit them like no other team in the NBA. I would love to see the Heat play without there two best players in the playoffs. As far as the Benchl Thibs does a great job with whoever is on the team. His player’s accept their roles and play them last game Boozer played he had 26pts and 11 rebs those don’t seem like declining numbers. Im not saying the Bulls will beat them in a series that matters but who can honestly be surprised if they do. OH YHEA AND THAT DROSE KIDD THAT EVERYONE IS NOT SO SURE ABOUT I BET YOUR FAV TEAM IS SURE ABOUT HIM. Go Bulls lets get get it CHI-TOWN

  141. RNY says:

    really bulls!!! you must be drunk!

    • New Yorker says:

      It is surprising, but often Kerr is right about his predictions. For example, before the 2013 play-offs he picked a Heat-Spurs final. However, this time, he may be right about the Heat, but I don’t think he’s right about the Bulls.

      • Akeem says:

        The Bulls won’t beat Miami. They will have to hope that someone else does that for them, Bkln, or Indiana. Then they will have to hope that Indiana beats Bkln, because they won’t beat Bkln either.

      • RNY says:

        you’re right. i think it could be pacers who would beat them. others teams not so much.

    • amitpal says:

      Yeah if anything I think it will be the pacers. They almost beat them last year without a bench and this year rhey have a great bench. But I do believe miami will lose. They r going to be tired and the want won’t be as high as it was before. Maybe not with the star but the role players like chalmer and them won’t have the same want. And not mention that ur lucky for only so long . They’ve had some lucky breaks the last couple years that I don’t think they’ll have this year and some other team will get a lucky break.

    • Miami will get taken 7 games if they play Indiana, Chicago, and Brooklyn it doesn’t look good the heat it’s Indiana time and Brooklyn have a great team Chicago with Rose will give the heat trouble it’s not looking good for the heat remember the lakers in 2010 got swept bc they played to many games they were tired

    • showbaba says:

      I would have been more scarred if Kerr had said Pacers will win it or BK will win it in the East. For him to say Chicago pls forget it. It’s like saying Bobcats will beat Cavalier in 7 games. What a joke.