FIBA Update: Ukraine Advances With Help

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Group E wrapped up action at EuroBasket on Sunday, with Ukraine earning the group’s final spot in the quarterfinals.

Well, they didn’t actually earn it on Sunday, because Latvia’s loss to Belgium in the day’s first game is what got them there. It was an ugly game throughout and it was tied early in the fourth quarter. Belgium took control with a 7-0 run, but Latvia still had two chances to take the lead in the final minute. They missed them both, along with a three to tie in the closing seconds, sending them home.

Latvia had crushed Ukraine on Wednesday, but couldn’t beat anyone else in Group E, so Ukraine didn’t need to beat Lithuania in the day’s second game to reach the quarters. And they didn’t, with Linas Kleiza leading Lithuania to a 70-63 victory.

In the day’s final game, Serbia took Group E’s top seed with a win over France. Tony Parker and Nicolas Batum both shot poorly and Nenad Krstic led Serbia with 19 points.

So Serbia (4-1) is the No. 1 seed from Group E and will play the fourth-place team in Group F in the quarterfinals, which begin Wednesday. They’re followed by Lithuania (4-1), France (3-2) and Ukraine (2-3).

With one more day of action in Group F, we know that Croatia (3-1) and Slovenia (3-1) are in the quarterfinals. And we know the winner of Monday’s second game between Italy (2-2) and Spain (2-2) is also in.

If Spain wins, Italy is also in, because they beat both Greece (1-3) and Finland (1-3). Spain would lose a (head-to-head) tiebreaker with Greece, so a Croatia win over Greece in the day’s first game would help them in case they lose to Italy.

Eurobasket top offenses (points scored per 100 possessions) through Sunday:
1. France – 112.6
2. Greece – 112.2
3. Italy – 111.1
4. Spain – 108.7
5. Serbia – 107.6

Eurobasket top defenses (points allowed per 100 possessions) through Sunday:
1. Spain – 83.7
2. Czech Republic – 93.9
3. Lithuania – 94.6
4. Croatia – 96.8
5. Latvia – 99.7

2014 World Cup of Basketball field

No. Team Qualified
1 Spain Host
2 USA 2012 Olympic champion
3 Iran FIBA Asia champion
4 Philippines FIBA Asia 2nd place
5 Korea FIBA Asia 3rd place
6 Australia FIBA Oceania champion
7 New Zealand FIBA Oceania 2nd place
8 Angola FIBA Africa champion
9 Egypt FIBA Africa 2nd place
10 Senegal FIBA Africa 3rd place
11 Mexico FIBA Americas champion
12 Puerto Rico FIBA Americas second place
13 Argentina FIBA Americas third place
14 Dominican Republic FIBA Americas fourth place
15 Eurobasket champion*
16 Eurobasket 2nd place*
17 Eurobasket 3rd place*
18 Eurobasket 4th place*
19 Eurobasket 5th place*
20 Eurobasket 6th place*
21 Wildcard
22 Wildcard
23 Wildcard
24 Wildcard

* If Spain finishes in the top six, the seventh place team will qualify.


  1. omaxer says:

    Okay, now I’m really starting to think John Schuhmann’s got something against Serbia. Seriously, dude: our young, inexperienced team destroyed the French in an important game, and all you can say is that Parker and Batum shot poorly and Krstic scored 19!?!? It was an awesome game, and plenty of Serbian players contributed in various ways, not to mention Nemanja Nedovic (Golden State’s draft pick), who broke down Parker on a play, and drilled a big-time three, and had a highlight dunk…

    Frankly, it’s a shame this guy is even covering the Eurobasket, considering that he’s always been at it: I am yet to see him acknowledge any Serbian basketball accomplishment (when credit is due, of course) – it’s almost as if it’s painful for him to write about the Serbs winning a game.

  2. Brain32 says:

    Croatian team barely get’s a mention, well maybe today since we got 7th victory in a row after double OT and took first place in our group 😉

  3. Andrew Gaze says:

    Shane and I can take it from here, Australia have got this locked down.

  4. what will be the possible team group bracket especially team philippines?

  5. Juan dela Cruz says:

    Go PINAS!!!

  6. I’m betting my dollars on Spain next year! Homecourt advantage is a key, so I think they will won the Gold next year.

  7. From Serbia with love. says:

    Anyone who watched the game(Serbia-France) saw Nedovic tear Tony Parker apart. He will be a great player if he is given time ti play.
    two of his best highlights from the game:

    Big Slam :

    as for the second highlight well just dont show this to Tony :))

  8. Povilas says:

    Yeah, all the time theyre just talking about Ukraine, I know it’s a strong team, but come on, there are other teams to make the headline.

  9. Noynoy Aquino says:

    Go Philippines,