Rivers Laments End of Pierce, KG Era


There’s irony in Doc Rivers, the Celtics coach who left that team amid some serious he-said, he-said rancor, lamenting the end of the Boston eras for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

Rivers, after all, is mere days away from his fresh start as coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, rather lamentable in the opinion of many for this alleged upholder of Celtics traditions and the creator of the 2008 championship team’s “ubuntu” ethos.

But genuine is as genuine does, and Rivers — back at TD Garden for a charity basketball event Wednesday night — spoke with affection about Garnett and Pierce’s legacies in Boston.

For instance, as reported by WEEI.com’s Justin Barrasso, Rivers bemoaned the fact that only those within the team’s inner circle ever fully saw and could appreciate Garnett, so outwardly cantankerous in his public persona:

“Fans never got to see Kevin’s personality,” Rivers said. “I wish the city got to know Kevin more. He’s the single best athlete that I’ve ever been around as far as being a team guy. He’s as ‘team’ of a star as I’ve ever seen …

“He did a lot of good things that people don’t know,” Rivers said. “When rookies came in, he would bring them up to my office. He’d sit them down, and then he would bring his tailor in and say, ‘If you want to be a pro, you’ve got to dress like a pro.’ And he would buy each rookie two suits, and he did it every year. To me, that says a lot about Kevin Garnett as a teammate.”

Rivers, looking back, said the Celtics’ trade of center Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City for forward Jeff Green was a mistake for how it impacted Garnett. “The one thing we did by losing Perk was we removed Kevin’s protector,” the coach said. “I didn’t think it was a coincidence that, after Perk left, that Kevin got into all those little flicks with the other teams. Perk deflected all that.”

A different sort of mistake, in legacy terms, was the trade that shipped Pierce, the lifer Celtic, with Garnett to Brooklyn, Rivers said:

“That was a tough one for me. Even when I was here and it was being talked about — my thing is, Kobe [Bryant] is going to end up being a Laker for life. Dirk [Nowitzki] is going to be a Maverick. That’s the one thing that, if we didn’t do right, that was the one right thing we didn’t do for Paul.”

Certain Boston fans will quibble with Rivers’ license to ever again use the “we” word when talking about the Celtics. His own clumsily handled “trade” to the Clippers, from a team and a city for which he professes much love after nine years there, still irks and puzzles many.

But the fact that Rivers was back in town in mid-September for a charity event, his NBA responsibilities on hold way out on the other coast, suggests some piece of his heart forever will be on the parquet.


  1. Miami 6peat says:

    its over celtics time to feel like to be a loser. Trade rondo please i dont want to see rondo at a rebuilding team he deserve in a team that a championship caliber

  2. ShawnDee says:

    that Perkins trade was a dumb move but the KG Paul and jet trade to Bk was even a dumber trade, trying to figure out why you just made a team with talent already that much better, and as for Doc talking how much of a good guy KG is, but it was said before by other players that KG was a excellent team mate on and of the court…but as a sports fan you wouldn’t even know it cause he’s getting his Artest on- on the court . Mavs fan but been a KG fan since the Wolves but can’t really see myself cheering for the Nets

  3. celticfan says:

    Been a Celtic fan, Paul Pierece and KG fan. No Celtics are going to never see 2 super stars who are this unselfish and make the team better guys.

    Doc Rivers is right. Dan Ainge is the culprit. when you have these guys, you need to go all in for the championship.

    keep Ray allen, tony allen, perk,

    trade bib baby and get some athletic big man to back up KG and perk. that could have got one more ring, if not more. I would love pierce to retire a celtic.

    But now KG And Paul Pierce has a great chance of winning a another championship, if they were celtics the door is already closed. Ainge not a good GM. Larry Bird is the great GM/President. Pat Riley is a Great GM/President.

  4. celentano says:

    Some one posting Brooklyn as a topcontender in the fututre?, not even close amici !
    Brooklyn second round exit believe this ! Seeying KG & Pierce playing with Celt’s they where both not bad playing,more than average of the hole team.They have not the strength anymore to finnish it clutch time,theyre time is up like Nash & company… .Brooklyn has a nice roster on paper like the Lakers had last season adding Dwight & Nash that time,so Brooklyn has to proof a lot before dreaming about the play-offs 2014.

  5. kye says:

    the Celtics will regroup. They went from having Larry the legend and McHale to The Truth and K.G. They still got Rondo the floor general. The Celtics will be fine. 8th seed team this year…

  6. lol says:

    gg RIP celtics

  7. Ace83 says:

    Ben Gonzalez, you trolling little fanboy. Enjoy the Heat’s success until they get traded or retire and you decide to go follow the next Big 3 at some other team. You’re pathetic.

  8. LeBronsBabyToe says:

    Rivers better figure out how he gonna get CP3 a chip.. and teach Blake Griffin how to play basketball..

  9. Bucks4Life says:

    It dawned on me that Danny Ainge was a bad exec when he brought in a way past his prime Shaq to a Celtics team that had been to the 2010 Finals. Once Perk (btw Rondo’s best friend) was traded I knew this core was never gonna be back in the Finals. the Celtics would have added titles #18 & maybe #19. They will again someday, but not for another 3 or 4 seasons. I hate saying this but Ray Allen was smart in leaving the organization that wasn’t as good as 2007.

  10. Botswanax says:

    It’s really sad to see Pierce go. He is a true Celtics. I am a true Lakers fan and i would feel very bad if Kb8/24 was suppose to be traded.

  11. Denholm says:

    everyone forgets ray allen, the man was instrumental in bringing pride back to the celtics and the team wouldnt have won the championship without him, I was a little bitter at first when he went to the heat of all teams, but him getting left out of these discussions is sickening, best of luck to the boston big 3 as they move on from the green.

  12. araybu says:

    Yeah.. it is a good thing thaat Doc still have sympathy to the Celtics. But, he didn’t admit that they had made a huge mistake not pursuing Ray Allen to stay. tooo bad!

  13. Coco says:

    Celtics is an old team. Time for a fresh start. Brooklyn is a young, energetic team hungry for a win. Garnett & pierce would be a perfect supporting casts to young bloods. Anyways, they’ll be good for a mere 2-3 years then its off to their retirement homes.

  14. Garnett says:

    LOL the heats big 3 was so much younger then bostons during that rivalry…..hilarious that anyone brings it up….if Ray,Pierce and KG were the same age as Bron,wade,bosh it would be no contest going in the celtics direction. nuff said. I hate people who compare heats big 3 to bostons when miami had so much youth compared to them.

  15. kyle says:


    bosh vs garnett? GARNETT is a 99,

    all wade has is short range

    labron vs pierce.. OK so you have a slight advantage, however paul IS LOYAL TO ONE TEAM, he was only traded because boston is rebuilding and gave him a change to win once more LATE IN his career. DIDNT SELL OUT AND CALL OTHER PLAYERS TO BE ON ONE BIG TEAM. CHALLENGED HIS RIVAL NOT JOIN THEM.

    Dont go with the Lying King, CHOOSE THE TRUTH. Lets set this up in nba2k13 PLEASE!

    • windy city says:

      99? in a movie? can jam? Loyal? Is that how you ranked them? How delusional can you be?
      Come back to reality.

    • Common Sense says:

      As delusional as you are choosing the truth over the lying king was brilliant! Go back to your video games though…

  16. paul pierce will always demand respect. as a knick for life i hate to love him as i did during the jordan years. and i guess now that he is i ny not as a knick i will love him more

  17. Gilobert says:

    The main problema with the Celtics hava a first and last name; Danny Ainge.

  18. Velco says:

    I always favored Boston to other NBA teams, I loved the styles of play that they used because it was most similar to European basketball where team is always most important. For instance starting lineup in Europe depends on the opponent, not on the size of the star that is playing for the team. In Europe the heat would never get the one shot on 3-point (let alone 2 shots) as they did in the finals against the Spurs (couch Pop is great so I understand this even less). It is like game of chess, doing what needs to be done to get the victory.
    Heat on the other hand are typical (Harlem) globetrotter team, time spent in a game and shots made for each player are equal to the pay check and media coverage, in this sense it reminds me of WWF (not a real sport). To illustrate lets get back on those 2 3-point shots in the final. The ball goes to Lebron who is known to be a clutch time player 🙂 . Allen is on the other hand a 4th in a raw for the ball… and this I will never understand. They had lot of luck that ball ended in his hands for the last shot (but this was also due to the strange call of couch Pop to put Duncan on the bench and in this way to loose control over rebounding, this combined with 1-on-1 defense and not fouling…) .
    In Boston the ball goes to whoever is more likely to get the job done at the moment. Even last year Boston team was a good one (without rondo) but they somehow lost it at the playoffs, I think that it could*ve gone in other direction for them, lot of quality …
    Big 3 in Boston really did not fulfill their potential, but it was more due to lot of little things combined. Only big setback was addition of Rondo to the roster. Though a talented player he was more of a globetrotter than a fighter, and thus has never fitted in to the big 3, maybe he will work much better with new Boston team (if he stays there for rebuild and I don’t see why he would).
    I remember the old Boston rosters with Larry and the guys, basketball they played was like SF for me at the time (European basketball was way behind at the time), since then I’m a bit of a fan.
    Anyway I apologize for any misspelling (english is not my native language).

  19. ronanski says:

    what can we do?
    man is never contended of what he has now!
    just accept the reality man! for rivers don’t be a pretender,
    better not to talked because you are on different team already, even yourself you cannot justify why you left.
    kg and pierce choose their own path as simple as that.
    for allen i accept his betrayal also.
    for rondo–better left also? you are left in the train of madness.
    basketball = greediness (as celtics team blown away in distortion).

  20. J says:

    the nets will be a beast

  21. james murray says:

    I lost a lot of respect for KG and the Celtics last year after the way hey treated Ray. After 2 years of trade rumors ray decide it was time to do something else. KG treated him like he was a traitor. Without ray ray , KG never accepts trade and there is no big 3. Was really happy for ray this year having won another ring and hit the best shot in nba finals history.

  22. Akeem says:

    Doc may just be posturing. He IS an NBA coach. He could be facing the Nets in the finals….”possibly”, although not likely (The Nets will get there before the Clippers).

  23. Show time says:

    To me, the celtics has made a mistake for those trade, well when a hero goes anohter jero comes up, that is it how it is. Celtic fans get used to it

  24. YoYo says:

    Why no Ray Allen? He is just as important in making that Era as much as Pierce and KG, without Ray there is no Era of the such…Totally love how they just disregard him like that…Boston Celtics have lost my respect for that…But i think they just mad that Ray got 1 ring more then both KG n Pierce haha and maybe more to come in the future…

  25. Lola Farinloye says:

    When athletes make deals, it is considered “disloyal”, but when teams “deal” athletes, it is considered business as usual. I appreciate Doc’s comments about KG. I have been a KG fan for as long as I can remember, he typifies for me how the game should be played; KG gives every game 110% every time he steps on the court. As a Celtics fan, Pierce and KG have carved a niche for themselves in recent Celtics lore, and for that, like many other fans, I say thanks to Nos. 34 and 5 for the wonderful memories.

    • Common Sense says:

      well said…people need to remember, there are players, there are teams, and then there is the city! Don’t get it mixed up. The only people with loyalty to the city it the City, the teams aren’t loyal, the players aren’t loyal, the teams and the players have to conduct business and the fans and the businesses remain loyal…period

  26. Hen says:

    In the end all that matters are Rings, right? So from that standpoint I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for great players to stick to their former teams. Simply to prove loyalty to the fans? I would feel bad asking that from my favorite player (Dirk).
    So the KG and Pierce deal makes perfect sense to me. Boston would not be in position to compete for a title with our without them.

    • Klynester says:

      sorry @Hen but its not that rings dont matter but for Pierce I would have love for him to finish his career as a Celtic, they could’ve tried to rebuild with him, that’s actually what Dallas is trying to do with Dirk. Cuban is loyal to his player who showed loyalty to them and help Dallas get the ring. Atleast they could’ve been loyal to Pierce who was there when they were losing and was there when they won in 2008

  27. Joon says:

    It was DOC who agreed to trade away Perk
    It was DOC who let Ray walk away
    It was DOC who agreed to go to Clippers, which moved Pierce & Garnett

    Why does he ALWAYS talk as if he had no control over these?

    • Common Sense says:

      No, no, and no which no
      Because it was Danny Ainge that made the decisions, who only excepted input from Doc. Doc said the Perk trade was bad, but they did it anyway. Doc didn’t want to bring in so many SG’s and tried to hush the trade talk about Ray, and he didn’t think he was going to LA until his plane ticket was given to him for his press conference. And Pierce and Garnett were out, which is the reason Doc was willing to go to LA, he knew that was the next step, Ainge simply said, WHEN they are gone, would you rather rebuild here, or go to LA…and he only took his input, the decision was up to Ainge, Period!

  28. Ben Gonzalez says:

    Here’s a history lesson for Celtics fans that weren’t NBA fans long before 2008 … Doc Rivers’ career coaching record before KG got to Boston was 273-312 … 273-312 is way below .500

    Erik Spoelstra’s record before his big 3 = 90-74 … which is well above .500.

    Anyone who thinks Boston’s Big 3 in their prime would beat Miami’s big 3 in their prime is delusional….
    I’ll give you KG in Prime > Bosh in Prime
    However: Wade in Prime is > Pierce or Allen in Prime, and it’s not even close
    Lebron in prime (and at his worst) is > Pierce or Allen (even better than Pierce & Allen combined)

    Celtics Fans: When all else fails, just remember, a member of your big 3 took a 50% pay cut to come roll with the winners…

    • alo says:

      If you think Dwade in his prime vs paul pierce or ray allen is not even close then you must’ve been a fanboy that just recently started to watch NBA yourself, and Boston’s big three complements each other a lot better than Miami’s.. and you’ve seem to have forgotten about rondo.. Stop acting like you were a fan before lebron became a member of the heats.

    • Dieter says:

      Wade in his prime better than Allen and Pierce in their prime… maybe, but it’s close.
      Lebron is offcourse better than Allen and Pierce, but KG had a way better career than any other power forward/center besides Duncan.

      I think it’s close, but adding Rondo and Chamlers (or any other Heat player) into the mix would give the Celtics a big edge.
      Don’t underestimate KG and Allen, they were both stars in the NBA before they came to Boston.

    • Lee says:

      Miami wouldnt have won this year if they didnt get Ray, so who is rolling with the winners? Also, if you think wade prime vs pierce or ray prime is not even close you obviously never watched basketball before the decision. You want to talk about history? Where do Pierce, Allen, and wade rank on career points? 24k @ #20, 23.8k @ #21, and 16k @ #too low to even find. Youre watching pierce ray, and KG in the twilight of their careers, they were all 3 34 years+ in 2011 when they barely lost 4-3 to your heat team with a young peaking lebron, a younger more athletic d wade, and a younger bosh. Father time is undefeated and if that heat team sticks together long enough you’ll see them fall out the same way. The young guns will force them to retire/make big moves and the misinformed youth of that era will be spitting the same misinformed nonsense youre spitting right now.

    • Common Sense says:

      Wade in his prime is excellent, but for your information that is why Spoelstra had an above average record before the big three. BECAUSE WADES 2 BEST YEARS (check his stats)were the only two years Spo coached before the big 3! The problem is, your history lesson only goes back to 2008. And by the way the only reason Doc’s record is so low is because of the two years prior to the big three when the Celtics franchise basically destroyed his team in order to rebuild and get good picks(his other 11 years he averaged 59.7% wins which is higher than Spos 2 years of 54.8%)…Dwayne in his prime was freaking unstoppable, the only problem is, his prime was incredibly short lived. Finally, Wade coaches the TEAM, and Spo is the poster boy, its been that way since Wade got him hired…Finally, biggest point, Bosh loves the rings, cares nothing about Florida, Wade loves the HEAT but heart is with Chicago, Lebron doesn’t care about Florida either! When they stop winning, they’ll be gone…And finally, the reason Dwayne Wade picked Marquette university is because doc rivers went there!! You need more history to give history lessons my friend

  29. HEAT4EVER says:

    Who cares about this losers…GO HEAT!!! Start commenting…

  30. Ben Gonzalez says:

    These days, every teams decisions are made with at least these two things in mind:
    1) Will this move help us beat or compete with the Heat
    2) Will this move help us sway one of the Heat’s Big 3 to leave Miami and join our team next summer

    If you don’t think that every team contemplates those two factors before making any decisions, you’re kidding yourself. And if your favorite team is not considering those things for some reason, they are doing a disservice to their fans…

    That being said, it’s extra fun to watch the demise of this group of Celtics because they were one of the few groups that claimed to not be scared, claimed to be better, claimed to be tougher and claimed to have more pride than the Heat, so it’s nice to see this argument put to bed …

    In regards to Doc, the leader of the family & the guy full of Celtic Pride, way to bail on your “family” when the going gets tough … By the way, does anyone remember Doc Rivers’ career w-l record before he had three hall of famers join his team? I’m pretty sure it’s under .500

    • jc says:

      You can’t even say that Miami has more pride than Boston. You are lying to yourself if you think that. Ask ANYONE who knows anything about basketball that. Second, you take Boston’s Big 3 (4 with Rondo) in their primes vs. Miami’s and Boston will win. Every. Single. Time. As for Doc in his first year with 3 superstars he won a championship. It took Spoelstra 3 years to get one with 3 superstars who, at the time, were more talented than Boston’s were. Finally, the second LeBron leaves half of Miami’s fan base will be gone, as for Boston’s, they could be 0-81 and the fans will go to the last game and cheer their hearts out.

      • janmykelg says:

        JC you’re comment is invalid. it took spo 3 years to produce 3 straight finals appearance and 2 straights titles. Doc did won a title on their first year together with the big 3 and another finals appearance after 2 years but aside from that nothing else, right?

      • Fans Today says:

        Janmykelg, Your comment is irrelevant because youre forgetting the year after they won, KG had a season ending injury. Their second finals appearance they lost perk in game 6 and barely lost game 7. Not to mention rondos elbow injury and now his ACL. What injuries to any relevant players have the heat had in their little stint of winning? Or are you saying that if Bosh, Wade, or Lebron had gone out for the whole season and playoffs any of the years they won, it wouldnt have been a factor?

        Also, Mr. Gonzalez. Before miamis big 3, what team ran the east and forced lebron, wade and bosh to team up to beat a team that was older, slower, but still better than theirs? You act like the fact that your new favorite team since 2010 is the only team that people have made adjustments to beat. Every year, all the contenders make adjustments to beat the team on top, the miami heat are no exception. What do you think teams have been doing all these years when they dont win it all, not prepare for the team that did win? How ignorant can 1 fanboy be? What do you think Lebron and bosh going to maimi was? That was a move to make them a contender. What do you think bringing in battier and turiaf the year after they lost to dallas was? A move to make their interior D and wing D better because thats where Dallas killed them.

        These heat “fans” today. They pick up the best player in the league while hes peaking and completely ignore any other facts, common sense or underlying factors because theyre so drunk off the success of a sports team they had no contributions in forming. Enjoy it now fellas, because it wont last forever. And when it is over, the real fans will still be here and you will have to find someone new with success to catch a ride with.

      • Common Sense says:

        “Fans Today” is right on…and you weren’t even mean…good job!
        These arguments are always pointless so I’m glad you simply made your point without creating an argument!
        Ben Gonzalez:) you are hilarious! Teams make decisions on how to win a championship by comparing their roster to the championship team from the previous year…uh, yeah, thats what they do. IN EVERY SPORT!!! THAT’S WHAT ALL TEAMS DO!!! By the way, the only way to sway a player from the heat away is to beat them, so back to the other point, “THATS WHAT ALL TEAMS DO” Finally Spo, is no different. What would spo do if he didn’t have the big 3, what was his average be? Who would respect a TV monitor back up wanna be coach? The only reason he has respect and got the job was because Wade told everyone to give it to him and that he wouldn’t play under anyone else! Your points were worthless!!! Sorry, “fans today” i created an argument, I got angry. I like some HEAT fans, but the fairweather ones bug me

  31. ko0kiE says:

    it’s bitter for paul pierce.. I felt for him.. he was loyal to boston through all those years, see what happens to franchise players? business.. and fans still get angry when someone like Ray leave on their own and cry because of their “betrayal”

    • nbaofficiting says:

      ray did not betray. boston betray him by constantly shopping him around.

    • Common Sense says:

      its not up to the players, its up to the team, boston is a city, Celtics are a team, and then their are players, don’t get them confused.Boston is awesome and Ray loved Boston, but the Celtics couldn’t care less about Ray and so Ray did what was best for him in spite of how much he loved the city, period!

  32. ac says:

    The Bulls are in an unfortunate position, in that they are essentially stuck with Boozers contract (15mil this year, 16mil next year) because no team will take that on, certainly not without giving up much less in return. Deng obviously has more upside, being that he’s a better player, paid less, and his contract is up this year but still I can’t see him ever getting the type of money he has on this contract again in his career. Yes, he’s not that old at 30, but his body is so banged up over the last four seasons that I think unfortunately he will start to decline faster than other pros. I think he can maintain a high level of play for two more seasons and then he will start to dip, in contrast to most players who begin to slide 1-3 years later. Financially speaking, I totally understand why Chicago won’t talk money with him now, it just doesn’t make sense for them.

    Between Deng’s health, Boozer’s decline, the still many uncertainties on how good Derick Rose will comeback to be (Bulls fans won’t admit, but its a legitimate question to raise being that he’s been out for so long), and the complete depletion of their bench from what it was two seasons ago (Asik, Watson, Korver, Lucas III, Brewer), I just don’t see the Bulls making their comeback to be a top 3 seed in the east. I think they will still fall in the 4-5 range.

    • ac says:

      stupid hangtime blog refreshed back to this page while I was posting on the Bulls article about Deng. Ahhhhhhhhh. I still make an excellent point though!

    • NickMeloP says:

      I think you make solid points, but to be honest I think they have a couple of solid pieces aside from Rose and Noah for when/if they go to a rebuilding year or two. Jimmy Butler did a solid job in the playoffs and I think he has a lot of potential to be a possible all star snub within 3-5 years, and Taj Gibson, in my opinion, is definitely one of the better rebounders in the league with plenty of time to develop other areas of his offensive game. With that being said, next years’ draft looks to be pretty full of talent at every position so whatever first round picks they get could shorten that rebuilding period, if it does come up.

  33. Ben Gonzalez says:

    The best part about the Celtics breakup, and the most over-looked part, is the Miami Heat’s role in the breakup. For a good 3 year period, us Heat fans had to listen to the constant talk about how great the Celtics were (and how we couldn’t get past them in the playoffs). Starting in 2010, when the Real “Big 3″ came together, a real rivalry was started. The Heat’s big 3 had 2 players that were constantly being eliminated by the Celtics in the Playoffs. Naturally, Miami’s big 3 didn’t scare the Celtics and they continued to talk tough and imagine that they were somehow on the same level. However, year 1 of Miami’s big 3 began the demise of Boston’s big 3. Finally, after 2 straight years of being eliminated by Miami, and the following year where they couldn’t even advance far enough to play Miami, Danny Ainge decided that the Celtics, as currently constructed, would never truly challenge for an NBA championship. After realizing this, the celtics management decided it would be best to trade the stars and re-build. As a Heat fan that had to listen to the tough talk and fake tough guy antics of the celtics players and fans, this brings me great joy. That Big 3 never reached its full potential and that’s because there is a new big 3 in town. Doc Rivers fleeing a re-building team proves that Celtic Pride and Ubuntu are only real things when convenient for management and coaches.

    • dd def says:

      yeah, i’m sure every team in the league makes every decision based on the heat. and here i thought the earth revolved around the sun.

    • Yup says:

      The only thing you showed us with you’re comment is that 1) You don’t understand how big sports is in New England (we don’t give up on our teams when they’re rebuilding), 2) you’re just another typical delusional fan boy, 3) you are highly uninformed on why Rivers left and 4) you are not even aware the Ubuntu thing ended when Perkins was traded, NOT when we lost to Miami.

    • janmykelg says:

      right on the spot.

    • Common Sense says:

      the big 3 are done next year…

  34. keithmon says:

    Good to see neither of these players had issues with Rajon R. The only people who bad mouthed Rajon were the two who left Celtics’ fans holding the bag .

    • nbaofficiting says:

      ray allen left because he decided he wanted to stay in a city. Constantly being shopped around and getting that many sg before he signed. He might have just wanted to play.

  35. ac says:

    Seriously, who cares? Cry me a river Doc, don’t act so saddened. You asked to be allowed to leave Boston! You didn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding team which, whether they had kept Piece/Garnett or not, they would’ve been this upcoming season. This article makes it seem like he’s unhappy to be in LA but the reality is that he bolted almost immediately after they were eliminated by NYK.

    I’m not saying I blame him, but lets be real here. If he really cared that much about Pierce retiring as Celtic he would’ve stayed in Boston himself, knowing that Danny Ainge would not have broken up the team like he did if Doc was still on board to go through the rebuilding years. But he wasn’t, and that’s ok. Everybody got what they wanted (except Celtics fans). Doc is on a championship contender and so is Pierce/KG.

    • Likeurmayerr says:

      Singe made doc rivers leave. Read the recent article where rivers said he was disappointed because ainge didnt tell the truth. Be more informed moron

    • dd def says:

      shhhhhhhhh. take a chill pill. and then read more carefully. not once does the article talk about doc being unhappy in LA, only that it’s sad to see a career long face of the franchise not getting to finish his legacy where it’s all taken place thus far. no need to be so angry hahaha.

      • Celtsfan101 says:

        Shhhhh. Read more carefully. He said “recent article,” not this one.

      • Common Sense says:

        True, it doesn’t seem like he’s unhappy in LA in “this” article, it not about LA it’s about Pierce…and furthermore, I’m sure one of the main reasons Doc didn’t want to stay is because he knew Pierce and Garnett were the next things to go, whether he stayed or not. He obviously cares about Pierce, but even if he stayed Pierce was on a train to Brooklyn, period… He didn’t want to be part of the rebuild but would have. He was actually shocked when he heard he was sold to the Clippers…

  36. W4YANS says:

    It’s sad to see 2 great players who made an history on this team leave. Yeah, I’m a Celtics fan, but they left the team just to give a oportunity to the team rebuild.
    I’ll cheer for C’s and Brooklyn this year, hehe.

  37. janmykelg says:

    They didn’t even mentioned rayray lol. They lose it all when ray allen left them and IMHO was a better decision than to stay in boston with rondo.

  38. KG is one of the best, and its sad about Pierce not being a Celtic for life; he deserves it.

  39. TTKIN says:

    I dont get it, if he isnt supposed to say “we”, is he supposed to say “they”. Cuz then this article would be talking about how Doc is putting all of the blame for the trades on the Boston front office. Not quite a pointless article, but pretty dam close.

  40. LS says:

    Fans will probably never know or understand all the inner workings of their favorite teams. The situation with the Celtics trading Perkins, KG and Paul, Doc leaving is no different. I’m still a Celtic even though it’s going to be several years before we will see the kind of heart and performance KG and Paul brought to the court. Maybe it will never be that way again. Great players like KG and Paul are unique and are becoming more and more rare in the NBA. I’ll definitely be watching the Nets more this year just because of KG and Paul and quite honestly hope they win another championship before they retire. The Celtics should have given Paul his props and let him retire as he has always been – a Celtic. Bad decision Ainge but I guess that will be your legacy.

    • dd def says:

      hey hey hey. i’m not a boston “fan” but i’ve loved watching them during their reemergence. but keep your head up. i’m sure when the bird/mchale/parish celtics were no more people thought they’d never see such success again. probably thought the same thing when the bill russell era came to a close. but they’ve always (minus the 90’s) been in playoff talks and consistently a great team. you still got a hell of a point guard too.

    • flabrtyh says:

      sSill remember bulls/celtics seven ovetime series 2009 with rose, hinrich, gordon and compan; but all things come to and end. Hopefully trade will work out for everyone (but not a expense of a bulls title) always nice when good times go back and forth; you can never hate on good basketball and KG and Pierce always provided that. This comes for a die hard Bulls fan

      • nbaofficiting says:

        good basketball is at the end. like garnett and paul. but I am sick of officiating of letting players palm the ball and carry. If they want to change rule on carry let them go to 3 steps in rules. but start calling walking and palming. what nba is doing is not basketball until they change the rule.

    • FACE THE FACTS says:

      The era ended when they made the big mistake and traded Perkins…never change a winning team…it breaks chemistry and gives the feel that everybody can be traded and is expendable…for Ray, Doc, KG, Pierce to leave after that is understandable and no blame at all!

    • Redjk says:

      I fully agree that Pierce should not have been traded regardless of the return. He suffered through our very lean years nad always respected the badge on his shirt. My Celtic supporter friends tell me I am too sentimental ( or just mental), and I am. I look forward to his return to the Garden to hoist number 34 to the rafters.

  41. lee says:

    i wish pearce and garnett couldve went to the clippers