FIBA Update: Three Teams Clinch Berths In Eurobasket Quarterfinals


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Things got a little clearer at Eurobasket on Friday, as Group E continued to sort itself out with three games.

In the first game, Lithuania used a huge second quarter (26-9) to blow past and eliminate Belgium. Jonas Valanciunas made the most of his 13 minutes, registering 12 points, 10 rebounds and a block.

In Game 2, Ukraine stayed alive by handing Serbia its first Group E loss. The difference was a 14-2 run early in the third quarter, led by Maxym Korniyenko, who finished with 21 points on 8-for-11 shooting.

In the final game on Friday, France came out on fire, scoring 31 points in the first quarter, and held on to beat Latvia and clinch a spot in the quarterfinals. France can be a lot of fun to watch when they’re playing well and they got big games from Tony Parker (23 points), Nicolas Batum (19 points, 10 rebounds and six assists) and Boris Diaw (16 points, nine rebounds) on Friday.

So here’s the deal in Group E: France, Lithuania and Serbia are all 3-1 and in the quarterfinals. Belgium, 0-4, has been eliminated. And the group’s fourth spot in the quarterfinals will go to either Ukraine (2-2) or Latvia (1-3).

Latvia won the head-to-head matchup, has the tiebreaker, and has a decent shot at earning the tie on Sunday, because they play play Belgium, while Ukraine must face Lithuania.

Before we get there, Group F will play three big games on Saturday.

2014 World Cup of Basketball field

No. Team Qualified
1 Spain Host
2 USA 2012 Olympic champion
3 Iran FIBA Asia champion
4 Philippines FIBA Asia 2nd place
5 Korea FIBA Asia 3rd place
6 Australia FIBA Oceania champion
7 New Zealand FIBA Oceania 2nd place
8 Angola FIBA Africa champion
9 Egypt FIBA Africa 2nd place
10 Senegal FIBA Africa 3rd place
11 Mexico FIBA Americas champion
12 Puerto Rico FIBA Americas second place
13 Argentina FIBA Americas third place
14 Dominican Republic FIBA Americas fourth place
15 Eurobasket champion*
16 Eurobasket 2nd place*
17 Eurobasket 3rd place*
18 Eurobasket 4th place*
19 Eurobasket 5th place*
20 Eurobasket 6th place*
21 Wildcard
22 Wildcard
23 Wildcard
24 Wildcard

* If Spain finishes in the top six, the seventh place team will qualify.


  1. Sam Reyes says:

    NBA is the best ligue period, nothing to discuss

  2. Tarka says:

    @ Russel Eastbrook:

    Don’t put the games per season argument in here – the top teams in Europe play same or more as NBA teams. Most teams play in 2-3 leagues. For example Lithuanian top teams (I put the teams I know best in example, don’t judge me) used to play in 3 leagues: Euroleague (whole europe), VTB United League (east europe) and Lithuanian Basketball League (domestic). Although this season that changed a bit since the teams wanted to focus on main competition. But the point is – they play 2-4 games per week for a season that is longer than the NBA 🙂 Similar with other European teams – they have Euroleague/cup, domestic leagues and regional leagues.

    As for scoring – I agree that you have the big superstars that can easily put 30ppg and they are better than their European counterparts. But apart from the few players per team, the rest of the players are quite comparable to Europeans. The playing style is also different as well as some key rules.

    I think NBA as a league still has an edge, but it is very very small. Top European teams would make it to a .500 record in the NBA

  3. NBAfan says:

    There is an error in the title. Not this one, but the title from your “Top Stories” section on the homepage. It says instead of quarterfinals.


    LABAN PILIPINAS!!!!!!!!!!!


    The Philippines will win the 2014 World Cup, mark my words!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. what will be the bracket match up specially team philippines?

  6. Michael Peloton says:

    Mexico is the Fiba americas champion. What a surprise. Other teams especially puerto Rico were laden with former nba players. You really can’t predict basketball. There is also no guarantee that if you have nba players or former nba players that you’re expected to win. What does it say about former nba players? I want to experiment and tell an nba general manager to acquire the best team in europe or fiba team of a particular country for that matter and let that team play in the nba. I just want to know if the nba has the best teams in the world at the moment.

    • harley says:

      please don’t under estimate the nba teams. it is not as simple as it look.

    • Stepha says:

      Can’t agree more. It might even be an idea to host a tournament for the top three/two teams all around the world. something like the champions league but then internternational.

      Back in the old days the NBA definitly was the best league in the world. But because of the great Basketbal educations in Europe, i don’t think the competitions in Spain, Isreal, Greece, Russia etc. are that far behind anymore.

      Nice to see how the game of basketball is developt worldwide.

    • floyd vs canelo says:

      yes , the nba has the best teams in the world ( especially this coming season ) mex vs pr was a close game… and those former nba players are good but not great . tell me which NBA team could lose or be worse then mexicos fifa team if they were in the nba too ?

    • JohnZ says:

      Pre-season games in europe usually answer that question….without a doubt.Best Euro teams put out their best against NBA-s “trying to get in shape” teams and results clearly favor NBA,usually for pace and athletisism.At least that’s my 2 cents =).

    • Russell Eastbrook says:

      Michael, I am glad there are Americans out there who recognize there is basketball beyond. I am certain that if the NBA season was not 82 games long, which would be too painful for the less physical Europeans- the best teams from Euroleague could definitely compete for an entire season. Make no mistake, players like Lebron, Wade, Melo and Durant would be unguardable because of their bodies, but then again their 30ppg shows they are unguardable in the NBA anyway. The NBA is by far the best league in the world, but it would be wise for people not to underrate everyone else; I particularly do not like the term ‘World Champions’ they use in USA instead of NBA champions. In case you are not familiar, you should check out the FIBA 2006 World Championships semifinal in Saitama, Japan. First sample of the to-be #2 Dream Team failing because of overconfidence.

    • LA FAN says:

      You are wrong with your argument, Mexico team won FIBA Americas just because all the other teams did not had their best talent aviable for the tournament….Argentina(not Prignoni,Ginobli,Delfino,Nocioni and Oberto), Brasil(not Spliter, Nene, Varejao, Barbosa, Machado), Dominican Republic,(not All Horford, Villanueva), Venezuela(not Greivis Vazquez) Jamaica(not Roy Huibert), Puerto Rico(not Harkless, Ledo, Collier, PJ Ramos, Vasallo, Huertas)….so thats why Maxico where able to win….