Blogtable: It’s Hard To Make A Decision

LeBron James could opt out of his contract in the Summer of 2014.

LeBron James could opt out of his contract in the Summer of 2014. (Juan Ocampo/NBAE)

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Say, for a second, you’re a big-time star with a contract that you can get out of next summer. How do you handle all those pesky scribes always asking about it, without looking like you’re being coy or disingenuous or just plain cranky?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comShort answer is, you can’t. Unless you make a complete jackass of yourself by engaging every question about every possible scenario, you’re going to look coy, disingenuous or cranky to somebody. Best best: Go half-sincere, half-Nuke LaLoosh. Talk about how important this season, these teammates and this opportunity all are. Make a reference to how badly such situations have been handled by unnamed others. Call it a “summertime decision.” Then repeat the same answer to every variation of the question from October through June. Oh, and do not schedule a prime-time TV announcement show.

Fran Blinebury, Simple. You make a statement at the beginning of the season that you’re not going to answer any questions on the subject until next summer and then stick to it. Then go out and do all you can to lead the Heat to a third straight championship. The “Dwightmare” and “‘Melodrama” were only possible because a couple of divas allowed it to happen.

Jeff Caplan, That’s easy, you repeat to those adorable, friendly and caring reporters this ultimate line: “I’m only concerned with the here and now of getting this team a championship. I’ll talk about next summer next summer.” Boom!

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comI start by not creating a lot of the problems myself – I don’t say things that make it look like I am window shopping. And then I stay with a simple, straightforward answer when the questions come: “I really like it here and hope things work out in the future, but my only focus right now is on the season, not the offseason.” That requires, of course, not having previously indicated I do not like it here. That’s when it looks disingenuous. All of which is a long way of saying to look at how Chris Paul handled the issue in 2012-13 and copy that.

John Schuhmann, I think if all those pesky scribes can’t understand that there’s an NBA season to be played before free agency, that’s their problem, not mine.

Jacopo Gerna, NBA ItaliaMy mantra would be “I got an agent, talk to him. I’m just focused on basketball.” And not only because my agent gets a remarkable cut of my salary. Following trade rumors, thinking about your next contract and stuff like that can influence a player. So I’d say to my agent “Be kind to the press, say nothing specific and call me only if something important is going on. You know how much money I wanna get, I don’t wanna know about every single phone call you get.”

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA BrasilI have no clue! Thank God I’m just one of those pesky scribes and all I have to do is figure ways to try to get any insight without being too inconvenient and nosy. To me, it’s just impossible to avoid being coy, disingenuous and sometimes cranky. At every stop, I’m gonna get asked about it, no matter how focused I am in other things — and not just by media, but by fans and friends. It’s a personal decision, but one which impacts my family, my coworkers, my staff (agents, personal trainers, assistants, etc), my sponsors, not to mention the whole competitive balance of an entire league. And if you get too frank about whatever you’re thinking, you might even get fined for saying something that is not allowed under the CBA. So, my best advice would be: Either be straight honest about everything and get it out of the way — hint: it won’t get it out of the way — or play coy, try to duck the subject as best as you can and occasionally get cranky when people insist on it. No problem with me.


  1. LeBronsBabyToe says:

    LeBron knows basketball… Yeah, he’s going to Cleveland.. The Browns

  2. Jay says:

    2014 -2015 season is going to be amazing. Here’s what I’d do if I was Lebron…. Hope and pray to god that Boston tanks the season, wins the lottery and holds onto Rondo. Then give Paul George and and Demarcus Cousins a call.. “Yo bros… dream team v2… Crab Cakes and shiz… lets do it!”. They all sign lesser deals like in Miami, Boston will still have Rondo for a few years, draft Wiggins #1, and Olynk is going to be Dirk 2.0, that’s 6 super starts total check out that lineup:

    PG: Rondo
    SG: Wiggins
    SF: George
    PF: Lebron
    C: Cousins

    6th man: Olynk

    I know I’m dreaming, but damn that would be a fun team to watch!

  3. BigMike(From North Hill in Akron,Ohio) says:

    I have said this before and will continue to say this. Lebron ultimately wants to win as many rings as he possibly can. If Heat three peat and if Wade’s knees stay healthy I believe He will stay in Miami…Big if there tho…. However if he chose to leave, then a Cleveland return could become a reality. But if he came back to the Cavs and still didn’t deliver Cleveland a title, people would begin to be haters again…Remember him and Chris Paul are buddies just as much as him and Wade are. What if he went to the Clippers(not the Lakers) and helped them in pursuit of a NBA Championship. Heat and Clippers could complete a Griffin for Lebron deal…Of course as always we will speculate until it’s time,However like i said before if the Heat three peat and Wade’s knees are healthy, Lebron would stay with the Heat..

  4. J says:

    just say a different letter of the alphabet every time they ask u a question, why? cause they wont know what u r talking about and they will think your stupid saying letters like q and r and x lol

  5. okc2014 says:

    “I’m the best player in the galaxy, so if you want to now where I’m going next, try and meet me there (and bring your flying gear)!” I may come back down to earth to my hometown of Cleveland, or continue to stay out here and shoot stars!”

  6. squala96 says:

    He’s better off staying in Miami. He will soon be the Heat’s centerpiece with Wade retiring after a few years and Bosh being traded mid-season if he doesn’t step up. Those ingrates in Ohio don’t deserve their superstar back

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Yeah I agree lol
      why would LeBron leave Miami in the middle of their dynasty, this is closest a team has gotten to the 90’s bulls, the chemistry, the coach, & the roster keep getting better & better every year. Yes Wade is getting older, Yes Bosh is a weak rebounder, but Pat Riley always finds a way to fix their weaknesses and improve the team.
      If LeBron does go back to Cleveland it wont be any time soon

    • He will go back to Cleveland one day but not next year, LeBron is not going to opt out this summer because Pat Riley keeps improving the roster every year…we just added Beasley to go along with Oden & Birdman.
      The only way LeBron leaves the heat next summer is if Wade Blows his knees out and they knocked out of the 1st or 2nd round, which is highly unlikely.
      HEAT WILL 3PEAT!!!
      NOT 1,NOT 2, NOT 3……..

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Not 4, Not 5, Not 6 ..

      • TrueNBAFan says:

        Not 8, Not 9, Not 10… and why is that? because they’re not going to win this year either, especially if Wade’s legs continue to hamper him. The Heat have made no notable progress over the past couple seasons. The biggest addition is Oden, and it’s unknown whether or not he’ll even be healthy enough to play come Playoff time. Meanwhile all of the other contender level teams have gotten better.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        All the other contender level teams have got better … & so have the Heat!!! Birdman alone is a huge addition, the 27 game win streak was after they signed Birdman. Oden is only needed during playoff time, and Beasley is a big bonus!!!
        Pat Riley did it again !!!
        Last year was Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen… this year its Oden, Beasley, Birdman,
        Wonder what Riley will do next year in order to keep LeBron?