LeBron, Part 2: Difference Is The Rings


HANG TIME, Texas — There’s no reason to think the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich has been reserved for a certain night in July 2014. Or that Jim Gray is waiting in the wings fixing his makeup.

There is a reason why The Decision, Part Deux should come with far less Hollywood frippery — though no less high anxiety — than the original.

Deux of them, actually.

When LeBron James announced that he was taking his talents to South Beach on July 8, 2010, he was still, in so many different ways, a young man full of questions and doubt.

Now he is a two-time champion and those rings on his fingers are the answers and the validation that should be able to shut down any of the peripheral noise.

James is, of course, the biggest star who’ll be able to become a free agent next summer, leading a pack that will include Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony, as well as his Heat teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. And while the four-time MVP says that his first inclination is to continue hanging out and chasing titles in Miami, James admitted to ESPN’s Chris Broussard that nothing is certain.

“I have absolutely no idea,” James recently told ESPN.com. “I would love to spend the rest of my career in Miami with this great team and great organization as we continue to compete for championships. That’s ideal. But we don’t know what may happen from now to the end of the season. That’s the nature of the business. It’s the nature of not knowing what tomorrow brings.

“I mean, as a kid, I never thought the Bulls would break up. Never. If you’d of told me as a kid that [Michael] Jordan and [Scottie] Pippen wouldn’t play together for the rest of their lives, I’d have looked at you crazy. And Phil Jackson wouldn’t be the coach? I’d have looked at you crazy. But sometimes the nature of the business doesn’t allow things to happen like you would want them to. But we’ll see.”

The question then becomes whether LeBronmania 2 can grow into the Melodrama and Dwightmare scenarios that nearly consumed Anthony and Dwight Howard and even himself over the past several years?

On the surface, the difference is age and maturity. But the truth is that it’s those championships that set him apart. Before he jumped to the Heat, it was insecurity that drove James to fuel the gossip mill. While he had the numbers and the individual accolades, he could never be sure of himself as a champion until he’d done it. The past two seasons have seen him raise his game and his teammates onto his back and lift the cloud of self-doubt.

Now when James looks ahead to the next chapter, it will only be about setting higher goals and where he wants to chase them:

Miami — If Wade can get through another long playoff run reasonably healthy, the Heat will have to be consider the odds-on favorites to keep James. Wade would still be a quite capable second banana. Assuming that Bosh won’t give up the $42 million left on his contract to become a free agent, it could be time for team president Pat Riley to make the kind of deal that infuses the roster with younger, deeper talent that could make James’ task less Herculean.

Cleveland — If Kyrie Irving continues on track to becoming a perennial All-Star point guard, if No. 1 draft pick Anthony Bennett lives up to his billing, if coach Mike Brown’s return puts the bite back into the Cavaliers’ defense, it would not be so very, very far-fetched for LeBron to return. It would be the biggest sports homecoming ever. He would still be in his prime and could heal so many of the old scars left behind.

L.A. Lakers — If King James is really looking to put the ultimate jewel in his crown, what could be a more lofty goal than to pick up the NBA’s most glamorous franchise and put it back on track? Having won MVPs in Cleveland and championships in Miami, he could even get an extra special kick out of being the one who “helps” teammate Kobe get his sixth championship ring to tie Jordan.

But those are all fantasies for next summer and, as he told Broussard, he can avoid fanning the flames of the rumor mill:

“I owe it to myself, I owe it my teammates and I owe it to the Miami Heat to stay focused,” he said. “As a leader, I’m not even going to let that side of the business get me unfocused on what I’m trying to do and that’s trying to win another championship.

“I’m going to try to [stop the discussion about free agency], but you always have reporters who are going to always bring it up. They’re going to change the question and make it sound like something else. But it will get to a point, if I continue to hear it, where I will say, ‘Hey guys, I’ve answered the question and out of respect, let’s talk about this after the season.’ ”

This time there doesn’t have to be a prime time TV show. It doesn’t have to be so crazy, so out of control.

For two reasons, both on LeBron’s fingers.


  1. mike4lebron says:

    as for the 3peat idk bulls got drose back and the pacers are only going to excel should be a great playoff gmaes to watch

  2. mike4lebron says:

    lets be honest wade is injury-prone bosh struggles and is being overpaid now LeBron the beast contact is expiring either bosh or wade is going to have to take a pay cut and I cant see them doing that trade bosh now keep LeBron later

  3. Cripple Rapist says:

    Why do laker fans keep dreaming on landing LBJ??? First comparing team efforts with the HEAT…. Dwade did a paycut LBJ and BOSH… kobe 30mil ain’t gonna make a paycut not even a cent… second coach… Mike No D’ Antoni? I’ll stick to SPO… Bench??? Oden Beastly Birdman Ray Allen Shane… Lakers Steve Blake??? Lakers trying to buy talent, (D12) But the Heat able to recruit players who’s willing to be a contender and getting better every year… paying less too… How much money did they offer D12 just to stay??? I guess money isn’t everything…. Nobody wants to be with kobe… It’s proven… D12 prove that… Now he’s happy with the rockets… No Need Wearing BIG BOY PANTS now…In Houston He will be the MAN…

    • mike4lebron says:

      nobody wants to play with kobe because he selfish. selfishness can be good and bad at points look at the finals against the spurs LeBron is learning that being selfish during certain puts of the game can lead to greatness. Dwight will never win a championship because he just doesn’t have that nastiness u want to see in a center.

  4. james murray says:

    Lebron will opt out after winning his third ring, and resign with Miami for 4 years with player option in years 3 and 4. Wade opts out and takes pay cut to sign long term with heat. Bosh will opt in and then resign to slightly less then the last contract he signed. Miami will then use money saved to sign a real center ( sorry oden, we need more then 15 mins a game.) Bosh will be a lot bigger part of the offense this year. its time he becomes option number 2 on offense.

    • wrwwe says:

      Couldnt agree more, on anyother team bosh would still average 20ppg, and I dont mind see wade cut his minutes down and average 15 ppg to stay healthy come playoff time.

  5. johhny two sacks says:

    dear diary I think lebron will be leaving because of bla bla bla, i have such a great nab IQ
    my opinions mean so much, thanks to all my fans and readers out there, I love you guys so much

  6. Stevo says:

    so many dumb opinions

    he’s going back to the cav’s and if you can’t add that up, get some common sense into ya!

  7. Heat fan says:

    I don’t want LeBron to leave obviously, cause my fav player Wade needs help. But to be honest, Wade is getting old quick, he can still play, but LeBron wants to feel invincible, he wants to feel like the unstoppable, wants to be certain he’ll win a title. So I’m saying he’ll most likely resign with the Heat, but if the worse they do this season, the more chance he’ll leave. He’ll want to join a bunch of players who can help him win rings every year.

    Lakers will be an option, as Kobe and LeBron are good friends, with two of the all time greatest they’ll definitely feel unstoppable.

    Knicks will be an option, as Tyson Chandler, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert and possibly Melo if he resigns.

    Cavs will be an option, with Kyrie, Bynum, Bennett, Waiters, Thompson all young great players.

    But right now I see no reason for him to leave the Heat if they win a ship next year…if Oden becomes healthy…dang…Beasley, Wade, Allen, Bosh, Birdman, Cole who is learning quickly…all they really have to do is get rid of the old players and rebuild once they’re too old (Eg. Birdman, Bosh) cause they’ll still have some young players for LeBron for a few years until they get some good players again…

    I’m a Heat fan btw, not a player lover, so trading Bosh won’t bring tears to my eyes lol, I just want the Heat to win. Thats all.

  8. dreadyjun says:

    lebron can go to china and play there like tmac did. who cares about lebon and his forehead.

  9. alex says:

    He could go to the Knicks, to team up with Melo. They have more than enough money to throw at him and melo. I truly think they would be unstoppable. Sure, there might be a conflict in sharing the ball, but Melo played with A.I. before, and both scored 20+ ppg, so it is a possible scenario.

  10. Laker4Life says:

    Lets just say for a moment Lebron goes back to Cleveland, (which he wont) could you imagine the starting lineup..

    Irving, Jack, Bennett, James, Bynum

    I bet the Cleveland haters would stop hating pretty quickly. Now for the realism…

    The heat have Birdman, Oden, Beasley (maybe), Allen, Bosh, Wade, Chalmers, Cole, Thats a pretty good team running around with the best player right now in the league, and I’m a die hard Laker fan who believes Kobe is maybe 2nd or 3rd best right now too.

    God bless basketball.

  11. RealAnd1GM says:

    Defensive 3-in-the-key? No hand-checking? When did these rules take effect? When did LeBron enter the league? Yep.

  12. u wrong about kobe says:

    k saw a comment that said kobe can not do anything by himself and he proved it this season yeah right shut up dean wells 36 yeas old ppg 27.5 6.0 Apg 5.60 rpg 39.6 mpg he played harder then anybody else and would kill himself to get his team to the playoffs respect kobe who is going down as one of the greats not a goat but one of the greats respect kobe

  13. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    I have the very utmost respect for Labron in whatever decission he makes when the time arrived. So leave him alone and let him concentrate on the season at hand and the championship # 3.

  14. dreadyjun says:

    Difference is bynum wasn’t an all star when he join the lakers and neither was gasol. lebron chose to put an all star cast so that he can win a ring. He is the biggest choker of all time. Without ray allen, miami would not have won. Accept the fact, they were lucky.

  15. dreadyjun says:

    lebron couldn’t with the cavs period. end of story. losers.

  16. mike says:

    do you guys know miami heat retired MJ’s #23 jersey? thats one of reasons why LBJ is not wearing #23

  17. Marky says:

    there is no way kobe’s ego would let him be on a team with LeBron….. He has to be #1 or retire

  18. bfG says:

    If Lebron goes to LA, I quit watching NBA FOR REAL. What kind of champion would join a greedy and money oriented team … Stay in Miami …

  19. T-money says:

    Why is everyone talking about D-wade like he is turning 40??. The man is 31 going to be 32 Kobe has 5 years on him and ppl say he has 3 more year. D-wade has 5 left easy gonna be a surprise this year from #3!!!!!.


    • HighAlt says:

      Amen. D Wade still my fav heat star (I didn’t say the best on that team but any team would be lucky to have him). Also miami intends to keep as much of the team as possible as long as possible. They want to form a spurs like organization that stays the same and wins so ultimately a lot of it will be up to the players, their egos and whether rings or coin means more to them.

      Get don’t forget Dallas will be going after them 😆

  20. Hen says:

    I think all numbers should be retired for every team. I’m sure some amazing player has worn it before and we should all show some respect.

  21. DomoDaGreat says:

    Its not about respect for Jordan. Not to say he dosent have any for him cuz he has an unmeasurable amount for Jordan. But at the end of the day its about titles an rings. An trust an believe if lebron goes to l.a which i feel he should. thats dam near a guaruntee for both of those accomplishments. Not to mention he’ll hav his 3rd. An with tge franchise being the way they are, more will come cause they build around him like no other team can. L.A got the cash. Lets go LBJ in L.A.

  22. TTKIN says:

    I guess it would be cool if he came to the LAkers, I just dont know why he would. He can set all sorts of Miami records and become their best franchise player (even better than little ol’ wade over there). cleveland makes sense since it’s his home team. the knicks i dont think will have the cap for it. so that basically leaves miami and cleveland.

  23. jonny says:

    Stacking the deck over a period of years is much more impressive than a team forming together at one fell swoop. Forming over years requires calculated, smart, and strategic team building, coaching, scouting, research for drafts, player development, building player relationships, trust, investment. LBJ, Wade, and Bosh joining together requires a couple of texts amongst themselves.

    In order to say that it is impressive that a player persevered on one team for many years to win a ring (such as Dirk), it is implicit that it is not impressive (possibly cowardly) for a player to just join up with his friends to quickly win a ring. Anyone can do that.

    Of course- if all the all stars joined up together in one year, they’d win a ring. It doesn’t prove anything

  24. Denzel Meeks says:

    He should not go to the L.A. Lakers because he should get ahead of kobe not tet kobe get ahead even more…. DOne go to the Lakers what ever you do Lbj

  25. dean says:

    The only chance the Heat have at keeping Lebron is if they either A) Convince Bosh to decline his option. or B) Trade Bosh. This team can’t pay three players $20 million and Bosh is clearly not worth that these days. If him and Wade decline their options and sign for lower amounts, then the Heat can keep Lebron and maybe even pick up another player. But if not, I’m sure a package of Bosh, Oden, Norris Cole, and draft picks could land them a solid deal. If Bosh wants to help this team and have a chance to win a lot more rings, he needs to decline that option.

  26. Gabby says:

    He’ll be the GOAT if he plays for the Bobcats and gets them a championship lol

  27. HEATNATION#6 says:

    LeBron Stay in south beach! Thats where you go off. Dunk contest 2014?!

  28. Adam says:

    Stop Dreaming people, Lebron is not going back to Cleveland to help that basketball team. Personally, I would not help the help the city of Cleveland after the fans display of total unappreciative attitudes and blatant disrespect for him. The fans in Cleveland are ungrateful and disrespectful. They burned his jersey and the owner called him a “Benedict Arnold” for leaving, instead of wishing him well after he sacrificed 8 years of life trying to win for them. The Cleveland Browns fans refused to stand for a moment of silence, because the former browns owner moved the team to Baltimore. The Cavaliers do not deserve the services of Lebron James now or ever again. I would not waste time on any city that treated me like that, its just common sense.

  29. k says:

    Somehow I think he will land with Clippers, for 2 simple reasons:
    – Doc Rivers -the coach he seems to respect the most in the league
    – Chris Paul – his best pal

  30. MiLo from Germany says:

    i would love him to stay in south beach, going back to cleveland would be a nice story too, but i have a bad feeling that the richer than rich Nets are going to make a push in getting LeBron and maybe hi like’s to play for his body Jay Z ?!

  31. Aslan says:

    1)IF Miami completed the 3peat, Lebron would stay coz of a chance for the very rare 4peat, coz achieving that would definitely further solidify his GOATness
    2)But if not, Lebron would definitely explore the free agency

  32. Us buck says:

    Go 2 The Bulls or The Knicks! Get Paid And Still Win. But whatever you do, don’t help Kobe’s arrogant #%%!!!!!!!!

  33. Kobe and lebron on the same team wow

  34. axel says:

    when lebron is still in cleveland 09-10 season.he already commits to wear # 6 the next season,to show respect mj

  35. Dale J says:

    Whatever team he is inn – they are a direct title contender. Personally, I dont think he is going to leave Miami, but u never know with question marks on wade n bosh & with HUGE offers coming around … all we can say is .. Lets wait and see !!

  36. Heisenberg says:

    He is right! The future is uncertain! No one knows what the future holds. Not even a supercomputer could calculate that! After the next season is over, it’s going to be another DECISION part 2 the King James style!

  37. andrew the ATLANTA HAWKS FAN says:

    This next Summer Free Agency, The Heat could sign Kobe under veterans rule

    and if the Heat resign Wade Bosh and Lebron over next summer’s free agency could be

    Bryant Wade Bosh Lebron. Wow. What a line up that could be.

    • mark says:

      wrong. Kobe is a $30+ Million cap hold. That is why Lebron and Bosh had to take less than Max deals at Miami and why Wade (was a cap hold for Miami) took less than them to leave money for their signing. This is why LA won’t get any all star to sign up with Kobe. Kobe has already stated that he won’t take a cut in pay whatsoever.

  38. mitchy623 says:

    He’s coming to Canada to join the Raptors. Boiing

  39. J says:

    I think he will stay in Miami as long. as there is an average or great supporting cast in Miami he’ll stay, if there isn’t, he will leave but I don’t think he will go back to Cleveland, I think he will go somewhere else.

  40. J says:

    I just need to say that those articles grading the teams off seasons were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. heat will fourpeat says:

    here’s whats gonna happen. I’m psychic so I know
    lebron is gonna opt out next season, after they three-peat, sign a four year contract with the Miami heat, win two more championships with them bringing his total to 5.
    by then he’ll be 33,maybe past his prime but still a VERY good player. then he’ll sign with the cavs and help Irving who’ll be like 27 and the best point guard in the league by then bring a ring or two to Cleveland before he retires.
    CONCLUSION: lebron retires with 6 or 7 rings and solidifies his position as arguably the first or second GOAT(behind MJ)

  42. Henrik Jensen says:

    There are many possibilities, if a team have a cap space around the 60th milion margin, it could be the destination for 2-3 super stars, like we saw it in Miami, but on the other hand, Lebron could look more where the championship contenders go, if Miami does not win this year, because of lack of size or point guard play, he could be looking at a move to either Rockets, Nets, Pacers or even Spurs next year, but there are so many possibilities, if i should name a few:

    Melo to Spurs, to get a scoring thread on a team that already have lots of strong players and a very strong defensive minded team, could use a top-scorer.
    Lebron to Nets, joinning 6 super strong players in; Brook, KG, Pierce, Johnson, D-Will and AK47, as the last piece to 2-3 consecutive championships
    Lebron to Rockets, having Dwight and Asik inside, Parson on the bench, Lebron, Harden outside and Lin running the point, would be a huge championship contender.
    Kobe to Pacers, playing the Shooting Guard with George at SF, this could be a very very strong team and a huge contender with a competive player like Kobe.
    Bosh moving back to rebuilding Toronto Raptors, becoming a super-star again, while helping Raptors to become a much stronger team.

  43. snow shoes says:

    I am also a fan of Lebron,just like him ,noting else

  44. Vincent says:

    Lebron can do anything he wants next summer, because he is the leagues best as we speak. And since he is such a MJ adapt even the Charlotte Bobcats (or Hornets by that time) are an option. It’s the perfect rebuilding of a franchise who is about to change their name, logo and uniform. :-p

    Don’t mind to see him in Houston though.

  45. dreadyjun says:

    Yes that is the only way lebron can win. By joining another teams with all stars. Loser.

    • Dean Wells says:

      Okay based on all your comments I think you know nothing about basketball! when did kobe win his rings? that’s right he was coached by hall of fame coach Phil Jackson along with hall of famers like Pau and Shaq to play with and then dominating big men like Bynum, not to mention Fisher and Metta World Peace. All stars have people who back them up, MJ had Pippen and a plethora of other supporting roles. The Celtics had Garnett, Pierce, and Allen along with Rondo and other supporters. Get you head straight, Kobe is not a god, he cant win without help, if anything this season proves it!

  46. dreadyjun says:

    Hahaha, did I just see someone posting that lebron the best player in the galaxy and can win anywhere.. Is that why he couldn’t win whilst he was a cav. What a joke.

  47. dreadyjun says:

    Who cares about this guy. Kobe doesn’t need him to win another ring. It’s more like lebron need to find a team so that he can win another title.

    • electro says:

      u crazy dude take kobe to a sorry team and see what he can do….? (nothng) when the laker were sorry they were sorry and there was nothing kobe skinny power moves to help them. let be real LBJ & the heat are the best!!!!!!!!!11

  48. Nash-Kobe-Lebron-Melo-Pau@Manila says:

    I bet that he is going to LA.. With Melo of course.. Now, all LA Haters.. You would hate LA more and more..

    • Dean Wells says:

      How would you propose that LA pays for that payroll? Kobe is at 20 mil one year, he isn’t ever going to take the kind of pay cut that team would require, same goes for Melo and Lebron! this team is also very lacking in the bench portion, as you wouldn’t be able to pay anyone else on the bench. It is a good idea but the logistics of it would never pan out.

    • HighAlt says:

      I love LA (not as much as Miami but still), but I am a mello hater and all the ball hog primadona ever wanted was to be in ny near his college and Baltimore where he grew up. I don’t see melo going to la.
      Lebron maybe but I don’t think miami will let him go and be so far has never had a max contract and says he isn’t looking for one which makes Riley’s job easier. I know Cleveland was “hometown” and that’s cool to an extent but I’ve never understood anyone hating on someone for taking a contract in paradise. I live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains but a few months out of the year you could steal me away with sunshine and beaches. There are a few beautiful city’s that are great to visit Cleveland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee … That I don’t think can blame a guy who is good enough to go wherever he wants (I can’t imagine regardless of salary cap or contracts in place or whatever there is a team that is lbj got on the phone and said I want to play for you, wouldn’t find a way to make it happen (if there is they are idiots). Easy to recruit to paradise (on either coast but south fl is way more paradise.

  49. chinaman says:

    Lebron James will 3-peat this year for the Heat. He will then opt out in the summer and sign with the Cavaliers. It will be the greatest sports story ever because the following 3 years after he sign with the Cavs, he will get his second 3-peat. First of its kind–back to back 3-peats with two different teams and in all a 6-peat! This will cement Lebron James as the GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME. They will go on to call it “LeBron James, Lord of the Rings (6-peat): Return of the King (returns to Cleveland)”.

  50. LaW says:

    I am a BIG Lebron fan and have followed him since he joined the league however “Unknowess” mentioned that LBJ left the #23 jersey out of respect to MJ but that is not entirely true, Miami retired #23 so it’s not allowed to be worn by any MIA Heat member hence the reason why LBJ had to choose a new number, so maybe it was partly due to respect but mainly because he had to in order to be a member of the HEAT.

  51. Unknowness says:

    LeBron has much respect for MJ, he took the Bulls as an example for this blog so why still hate him? i mean am not a Miami fan, am not even that much of an LBJ fan but the guy knows respect, in that way, we should show respect for him too 🙂 he even left the #23 jersey out of respect for the GOAT 😀

  52. ramjepaoloparas says:

    i really wish he would go back to cavs and help them win championships and also to solidify his career as one of the best,

    • chigchig says:

      As opposed to if he stayed in MIA and won another ring it wouldnt?

      No matter where he goes and gets a ring or not.. his career is pretty much solidfied as a top5 contender when he retires.. ever ring he gets from now (no matter what team) is just a step to help him be GOAT

    • Jordan says:

      Solidify his career? Hahaa dude he solidified himself as one of the best the second he stepped onto an nba floor

  53. okc2014 says:

    Lebron, the best player in the galaxy, can go and do whatever he wants. From here on out, wherever he goes, it will be a championship team. I say he stays w/ the Heat until there is none. Then he goes back home to retire. I just don’t see him going to the Lakers. The Lakers belong to Kobe and whomever he can control. Wouldn’t it be something if he went to Houston? It would be the awesome threesome again, but his time, Howard, Lebron and Harden. But then again, Dwight may already have moved on. Just dreaming…

    • mark says:

      If the Rockets win in the Finals , then and only then would he leave Miami for Houston. Morey would have to trade Asik and Lin and a few others for expiring contracts this year and future draft picks and decline some team options to make room for Lebron, but that would be a small price to pay to get him. Lebron, Harden, Howard, Parsons and Beverly would be unbeatable for years. Houston might even get Battier back, too.

  54. James Monroe says:

    Honestly, I don’t see LeBron leaving. Unless they get knocked out of the playoffs before the ECF. Then LeBron could easily leave. Cleveland is a top option, but do you really think LeBron would go back there? Where they hated him for the better part of 2.5 years and burned his jersey and just completely discredited everything he did for them in the 7 seasons he was there? I highly doubt it. The Lakers are even further down the list. Why in the world would LeBron go and play with a player who he is constantly compared with. LeBron made it pretty clear, he doesn’t care for the market (big or small) when he spent his time in Cleveland (well he had no option) and in Miami (mid market team before Big 3.) Don’t see LeBron going to the Lakers. The Knicks are another option. Cap space is there, team is well enough to build around, ect. The Bulls are also an option, but he’ll prob not go there due to his rivalry with them (and the fact that DRose who is also compared to LeBron plays and leads that team)

  55. Haydz says:

    LeBron has far too much respect for Michael Jordan to jump to the Lakers and help Kobe complete his final goal – equally MJ in rings. Im pretty sure LeBron doesnt want anyone to equal that (except himself of course) and by getting Kobe his 6th, it narrows the gap in the GOAT argument between Kobe and MJ. Remember, LeBron is the man that wanted the entire league to retire the #23 out of respect. Its the reason he stopped wearing it.

    • SuperSonic says:

      Maximum respect to LeBron for that. I used to think that LeBron was the biggest ball hog when at Cleveland but I get it now. He took the shots because his team weren’t quite there. He doesn’t do it like that at Miami. LeBron should not go to the Lakers. I’ve always been a Lakers fan but not since the GHOAT (greatest hog of all time), Kobe, arrived. MJ took a ring from Shawn Kemp because he was the best (as much as I didn’t like to admit it back then). LBJ asking the league to retire #23 is awesome. He’s got more respect from me now. Kobe doesn’t deserve to have as many rings as MJ. He’s a very good copy (look at the Youtube video comparing playing styles) but not the original and best.

      • kevinpiir says:

        Meanwhile, in real life, Lebron stopped wearing #23, because the Heat, some while back, stupidly, out of freaking “respect” and “all the battles they had”, retired MJs #23. Lebron should stop wearing #6 aswell, it’s a disgrace to basketball greatness and the greatest winner of all time, Bill Russell.

      • Witness says:

        Keep on hatin kevinpiir baahahahahahah

    • HighAlt says:

      There is no real question of Kobe vs MJ for GOAT. (With all due respect for Kobe who should in my opinion be on the all time team roster (though coming off the bench) though I agree helping him wouldn’t be a huge motivation for lbj. Of course that is what the lakers do look at wilt, Kareem even mailman for a season (very different situation granted) most of the best come through there but not too many start to finish (Magic and Kobe though in a league that doesn’t treat franchise players very well anymore it is at least one of the few places that seems to show loyalty to their greats)

      Keep them together in miami

  56. I think the whole reason grizzlies traded rudy gay and waived fab melo was to clar cap space for a big free agent like lebron Zach Randolph is going to be a free agent so they could get lebron and keep zbo they can waive tayshauns prince’s 21.15 millon dollar contract to make sure of it

    • Scotty the great says:

      On what planet would LBJ go to Memphis??? I have been a Jazz fan all my life, but I know that Lebron ain’t coming to Utah. It’s a small market, and there is no celebrity lifestyle in Salt Lake. Zero. I get it. …Memphis has what, BBQ? Keep dreaming my friend. Keep dreaming.

  57. I don’t see why Lebron should leave the Heat. Wade and Bosh still have a good 3 seasons left in them. When you look at Lebron’s stats, he simply has to do less and is still more successful than when he was with the Cavs. His defense has also picked up and I see him probably winning a DPOY in the near future. http://www.hostnumber.com/lebron-james-career-stats.html

    • Good point. The only reason LeBron would leave the heat is if Wade has another serious knee injury, which at his age would pretty much force him to retire, or if they get knocked out of the playoffs before the ECF.
      People don’t realize how big of an addition Birdman will be, they went on that 27 game win streak after they signed Birdman. Now they will have Birdman for the entire season to add to their weakness in rebounding, and also Greg Oden who is a low risk-high reward if he stays healthy.
      I do think that if LeBron stays with Miami then they will have to get younger after next year, or maybe even consider trading Bosh for 2-3 all-star caliber players.

      BUT! If the heat get knocked out in the playoffs this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if LeBron went back to Cleveland for two reasons. First reason is the fact that Wade’s health and age is a concern. Second reason would be for LeBron to solidify his legacy and win a championship in Cleveland like he promised he would, and he would want to go back to Cleveland while he’s still in his prime in order to contend for a championship. & if LBJ did go back to Cleveland after next season then you can bet that Bosh will be in Laker uniform with Melo 😉

      • Ptown4Ever says:

        In what world is Today’s Chris Bosh worth 3 all-star level players?

      • bballjunkie1 says:

        You could also factor in his close relationship with Kevin Durant while we are speculating.

      • Big worm says:

        how is greg oden ‘low risk’ in any way? he hasn’t played a game since lebron was a cav. what proof do you have he’s not the same bum that hasnt played more than 20 consecutive games

    • e says:

      Stick a fork on Dwayne he is one foot from retirement. He can’t make his knee stay healthy.

    • Ray says:

      He would leave miami because there is a good chance Lebron, Wade, and bosh are not together after next year. Heat can’t afford those 3 on their current contracts, while having any other decent players. They are not a rich franchise that can go in the luxury tax very deep. Most likely Bosh will leave on his own or be traded, and thats jsut to keep them under tax. Which means his replacement will be a vet min. What the Pacers are doing is amazing, and with scola added, and Wade &bosh down hill play, I don’t think LeBron can push them past pacers this year.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        First of all, we just added Michael Beasley to go along with BirdmanBirdman & Oden … So beating the Pacers will not be a problem. Wade is only 31 years old, coach Spoelstra already said that Wade will sit out during the season a lot more in order to keep him healthy for the playoffs, and bosh was playing Center when he is really a under-sized Power Forward. Bottom line is HEAT WILL 3PEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!