Hall Of Fame Presenters Announced

The 2013 NBA Hall of Fame inductees.

The 2013 NBA Hall of Fame inductees.


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Hall of Fame on Thursday released the full list of presenters scheduled for the ceremonial role at Sunday’s enshrinement ceremony in Springfield, Mass.:

Roger BrownReggie Miller and Mel Daniels.

Sylvia HatchellHubie Brown and Nancy Lieberman.

Russ GranikJerry Colangelo.

Richie GuerinBob Cousy and John Havlicek.

E.B. Henderson – Colangelo.

Bernard KingDominique Wilkins.

Guy V. LewisHakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler.

Gary PaytonJohn Stockton and George Gervin.

Rick PitinoDick Vitale and Hubie Brown.

Oscar SchmidtLarry Bird.

Dawn StaleyTeresa Edwards and Katrina McClain.

Jerry TarkanianBill Walton and Pete Carril.

Most had been previously disclosed by the inductees, with some late additions. The presenters, Hall of Famers chosen by the person being honored, accompany the person to the stage and stand a few feet away, off to the side, during the acceptance speech.


  1. Oscar Schmidt being presented by Larry Bird will be very cool to watch. Not too many people know how awesome Oscar really was. He totally could’ve been an all-star in the NBA and most likely an NBA champion at some point. It’ll be very interesting to hear Larry describe his game and playing against him, in the Olympics, etc. People need to know more info about Oscar so they can appreciate him as well.

  2. I knew Stockton was going to be Payton’s choice. They have too much respect for each other. Plus, Payton has been very vocal about how much he loved playing against Stockton. I’m also glad Gervin is his other presenter. All 3 of these guys were very tough competitors and genuine. Congrats, Gary!

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  4. Romeo says:

    Vince Carter is the best dunker all-time, sad to see his ability go down the drain due to knee issues. Also…Bernard barely getting in? That is an abomination.

  5. AL81 says:

    Better than Carter? Go and check out Shawn Kemp highlights…

  6. Lawrence says:

    Very happy to see Dominique presenting King into the HOF. Not sure why ‘Nique was left out of the Top 50 players in 97, but hopefully he will make it to the Top 75 in 2022.

    Dominique had the stats and the best dunker in NBA History. Check out his stats at http://www.hostnumber.com/dominique-wilkins-career-stats.html

    • Turk says:

      Well, actually if we are talking about best dunker you have to show someone better than Vince “half man-half amazing” Carter. Despite the fact that ‘Nique had the advantage of being the former player, Carter’s dunks are unrivaled. Just watch vc top100 in youtube.

      • Lawrence says:

        I see where you are coming from, but I wouldn’t count VC as the best dunker in NBA history, because he quit going to the basket while still with the Raptors. He could have been the best dunker, but quit going hard to the basket when he was around 26.

        Dominique on the other hand kept dunking on people well into his 30’s even winning the Slam Dunk Contest in 1990 (at 30 years old). Dominique was a freak of nature for a good 13-14 years, while VC only did it for 5. Also, in the 80’s a highlight reel dunk was not as hyped as in the 2000’s. If Nique was as hyped as VC or Blake Griffin, the Slam Dunk Contest Trophy would be a statue of the Human Highlight Film, lol 😀

        Also, Nique’s stats are amongst the best of all time: http://www.hostnumber.com/dominique-wilkins-career-stats.html

      • Criteria matters but opinion is king when it comes to dunk favorites. That’s why there never can be a clear-cut best dunker.