Beasley, Lakers A Desperate Match?

HANG TIME, Texas — To paraphrase the line from the classic filmIt’s A Wonderful Life“, every time Michael Beasley rings an exit bell, Darko Milicic gets another set of wings.

How much longer will Millicic wear the infamous yoke of worst No. 2 pick of the past 10 years now that Beasley’s been bounced from his third NBA team in five seasons?

As well, what is Beasley’s next stop after being waived by the Suns barely 14 months after signing a three-year, $18-million contract?

Nobody’s ever doubted Beasley’s ability to score or rebound when motivated. The trouble is a penchant for trouble that comes from an attention span shorter than the 24-second shot clock, his arrest in August for marijuana possession only the most recent example.

The fact that a Phoenix franchise that won only 25 games last season and did not sell out a single date at home at US Airways Center would spend $7 million to kiss off a 6-foot-10, 24-year-old forward practically shouts warnings from the rooftop.

And yet.

This is the NBA, where there are more second-, third- and fourth-chance believers than the lottery machine at the corner convenience store.

Enter the Lakers.

They are, after all, a team that has pursued Beasley hungrily in the past, thinking a couple of times during the 2011-12 season that they might have had deals to pry him out of Minnesota.

The Lakers, too, in the wake of Dwight Howard’s departure, are a franchise wearing the whiff of new cologne — Eau de Desperation — as they pray for an improbable Hollywood script mending of Kobe Bryant’s torn Achilles’ tendon and bide time until the next free agent auction in the summer of 2014.

As pointed out by Dave McMenamin of, if the Lakers could sign Beasley for the veteran’s minimum of roughly $1 million for the upcoming season, it would allow them to keep salary cap space open for next summer and give a boost to an offense that needs help.

This is a guy who has a career high of 42 points, a guy who once put up 22 points and 15 rebounds in a playoff game, a guy who has a 34.5 percent career mark from 3, but has shot 36.6 percent or better from deep in three out of his five career seasons.

Don’t discount the appeal of Beasley’s ability to shoot it, either. The Lakers drafted Ryan Kelly in the second round primarily for his ability to stretch the floor with his long-range accuracy, but the team has been discouraged by the rookie’s progress during the summer, according to multiple league sources. The Lakers doubt that Kelly, who missed summer league while recovering from multiple foot procedures, will be ready for the start of training camp.

There are certainly financial reasons for Beasley to choose to play someplace else, the $7 million buyout he received from the Suns notwithstanding. Teams such as Milwaukee or Philadelphia could sign him to get close to the mandatory payroll minimum. Could you see him getting thrown a rope by an unlikely savior such as Gregg Popovich in San Antonio, figuring the stable, solid, no-nonsense Spurs locker room kept one knucklehead — i.e. Stephen Jackson — in line and could do it again?

At this point, Beasley comes with his own loud warning siren and flashing red lights. Yet there are those 42 points he scored one night against the Kings, those 19.2 ppg, 5.6 rpg and 2.2 apg he averaged in the only NBA season he played more than 30 minutes a game. And for the Lakers, well, desperation has made stranger bedfellows.

Because of all the things he can do with the ball in his hands, it’s probably premature to say Beasley is down to his last chance, but Darko is over there in the corner flapping his wings.


  1. Cripple Rapist says:

    Lol…. He signed with the HEAT….. Lakers???? If you really need to restart you career, It’s much easier to do it on a contending team…. not to a sinking ship like the lakers along with GHOAT Greatest Hog Of All Time…. At least you may have a chance to experience on how thrilling a contention would be… After that… maybe it can help Beastly to redirect himself to become a competitor that someday he might reach the Finals along with future Star players… (like young DWADE, LBJ) What benefit Beastly will have on the lakers??? scape goat, get the rebounds the give it to kobe, when they lose it’s Beastly’s fault… I’m sure he doesn’t like that…. Me neither….

  2. The Bird Man says:

    Lakers should sign him, then package him with steve blake and ryan kelly by February for a trade deal with denver nuggets for wilson chandler

  3. Maqueo says:

    At least Darko won a championship in 2004….. Beasly its just a POT head that always says he is going to change, thats why Miami drop him immediatly on the Lebron summer. He is worst 2nd pick.

  4. #1CHOICE MAKER says:

    The Spurs enough said, If the Spurs could sign Beasly they would be even more deeper. They need a SF that can score and rebound like Lenord. Beasly can improve better and mature a lot with the coaching staff and veterans that the SPURS have. Coach POP would use him great now that T-mac is gone there’s a spot for him. Go to Spurs Beasly would fit him great in the future.

  5. Mr L says:

    Too Big of a Pot Head

  6. smiley says:

    I agree Lee my team the Bulls could really use Beasley’s pure scoring! We are way to predictable running the offense through Rose! Noah is a recovered pot head and I’m sure he still does it just not in public like Beasley needs to stop doing! Well I’m sure happy the Bulls drafted local boy Rose instead of Beasley, but at the minimum I think Beasley could have a rebirth in Chicago with the good role models and drill sargent Thibs!
    LAL are very desperate and I’m sure he signs there though, the good weather and Hollywood are too much of a draw!

  7. Lakers can get whoever they want at this point, as long as you’re on a team with Kobe in this time of his career lakers won’t be going anywhere.

  8. lee says:

    i wish the bulls would sign him he would make a great pf for them fit right in with deng and noah and then the could trade boozer and gibson and hinrich for chris bosh if the cap worked out anyways but beasley and bosh would be way better options here bosh can play pf and center and beasley could play sf and pf so their interchangable scoring options and would be better defense wise just by being under thib just saying

    • DR BBAL says:

      SHUT UP, why trade boozer and gibson and hinrich for chris bosh?
      sorry but its true, i rather see Lamarcus Aldrige in a Bull uniform.

    • D_Will says:

      How the heck are they gonna get Bosh? This is not NBA 2k, people don’t just randomly end up in other teams.

      Beasly might as well go to LA, since they have nothing to lose after losing everything already anyway. Might as well give it a go.

  9. Polak from Poland says:

    Hmmm….now I think who will play SF in PHX??? PJ is very good defender, but only avarage shooter, they trade Butler, now waived Beasley,traded Johnson, Dudley, so who will be primery nr.3 at SUNS? or they have prepared 2 player deal to bring new SF for GORTAT, because i’m sure that, if they drafted Len and now get Kravtsov, Marcin will change the club(they will trade him)…so what next Celtics?Blazers?SPurs or Hawks?

  10. PennyAnd1 says:

    Suns fan here. I think Beasley would do great in Lakers and for one reason, a PG in Steve Nash who can enhance a players skills & motivation. I’ve seen it here in Phoenix when Nash was here, and I don’t doubt it that Nash can do it there in LA for Beasley. I liked Beasley, he’s a good guy with a demon against drugs. He just need to experience success to get back on track. Nash can do that for him.

  11. J says:

    he would fit with the lakers

    go darko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. please lakers,sign him.give him a chance.he will rise and shine!

  13. matthew mathis says:


    • skrutz says:

      3Peat = winning 3 Championships in a row. They have to win those first 2. And smart for rebuilding? Not really smart for any situation, just a money pit.

  14. best says:

    to the laker and sing and trated beasley and nash for george and hill

  15. Francisco says:

    I always said it, if the lakers have had a paul pierce, dwane wade type of player instead of a kobe Bryant, they had won more chips, ESPN stats (science) proves it. Kobe was the show, not the efficiency, kobe is the foot work not the shooting %, kobe is Hollywood(fantasy), KOBE IS NOT 1/2 JORDAN

  16. Orlando Santana says:

    The only team that he might listen to and calm down is the Miami Heat with all their veterans, if he doesn’t become a locker room cancer boy!

  17. dean says:

    I have put some thought to this before the whole arrest ordeal. The only teams that could even use him would be Lakers or Kings. I personally think if anyone can get Beasley to shape up it’s Kobe. They need that SF role filled up, I cant believe they let Earl Clark go to Cleveland. The Kings need a SF but Beasley may make little difference on a team that is clearly still rebuilding. But as far as Beasley starting for the Lakers I think you’d have to start him, his ceiling was high(no pun intended) and he’s only 24. Starting him in the spotlight for LA will let us see his true potential. Remember he had a good first year in Minnesota averaging almost 20 points a game.

  18. Mick Zombie says:

    The guy just got paid $7MILLION for getting fired, he never needs to work another day in his life now. He’s not going to change anytime soon. He would be a good fit for the Lakers but its only a matter of time before he’s in trouble again and looking for another team to save his career.

    • skrutz says:

      So sad that regular people struggle every day, and this tool gets fired and gets $7M. He SHOULDN’T have to work another day in his life, but I have a feeling that that $7M wouldn’t last him very long.

  19. pablo says:

    I hope d’antoni could make him fit into the offense. Maybe he’ll be an eventual start small forward. For now I would only imagine him as a bench player wit small minutes.

  20. hsukei says:

    Wish everything is ok

  21. truth says:

    Coming from a suns fan: Sad to see someone this talented that cant seem to put his head into the game. He just goes through the motions.

  22. adonaizedek says:

    Come to the Clippers..If they’ll have you

  23. lakersfan4life says:

    I Hope We sign him.

  24. OKC2014 says:

    Yeah, go for it Lakers. Anybody you get would be a plus at this point. This is sad for the Lakers. They are grasping for any straw…..

  25. jesse grieb says:

    this is a suns fan: ummmm go on and take him i mean i personally like the lakers organazation but i have no idea why the lakers would sign the POT head of the leauge. Believe me laker fans he will NOT produce for this team he needs rehabilitation if anything

    • Tucker says:

      Did you really suggest that Beasley should go to rehab for smoking too much weed? Lol I guess you’ve never smoked before… He just needs to stop being a little kid and only smoke it every once in a while. Nothing wrong with smoking weed, he just needs to seriously cut down.

      • anonynous says:

        Except NBA players are not allowed to smoke it. If he’s serious, he should go to rehap or seek additional help

  26. Andrew says:

    Um… Move a player with Marijuana problems to Cali… That does not make any sense at all. haha!
    Hell, Beasley would LOVE to go to cali!

  27. Low Risk High Reward says:

    If the Lakers can sign Beasley for a year with minimum it’ll be good for both. Beasley should also look at this opportunity to redeem himself and be a changed man. Challenge himself by performing well and earn not only a bigger contract, but to cement his legacy as not only 1 of the best forwards, but 1 of the best Laker to play. Think about it Mike….

  28. A.K says:

    He is going to be happy there. He was so misunderstood through his NBA career ts not even funny. Come to LA bro.

  29. Pagani says:

    Lakers need Dragić desperately, he is what is needed to gel the team, one who can go from one court to another in a jiffy and then make Lakers do the triangle and post up, since they cannot get the ball over so quick they lose time on the other end.
    Young legs, young legs…

    Nash is too old and slow, cannot run from one side to another, Dragić is entering his prime…

  30. Juggernaut584 says:

    A young, athletic stretch 4 that can’t guard a can of paint? Sounds like a perfect match for D’Antoni and his system. Gasol at the 5 to man the paint by himself; which he has been crying about the last few years. Also, I’m pretty sure Beasley can pay someone to get him a card to clear him for medicinal use in the great state of California.

  31. Bob says:

    It may be a desperate match, but a real win/ win for all concerned. Ole Beaz must be realizing that his million dollar days are soon to be history. He would fit well in the D’Antoni system. Good luck, Michael.

  32. Reblogged this on COS- Charles Olson Sports and commented:
    This is an interesting thought on Michael Beasley to the Lakers. I have thought for awhile that despite the fact that he’s a consistent underachiever, that he would be a good fit with the Atlanta Hawks. Hawks need a lengthy athlete to defend on the perimeter. It would be interesting to see if Captain DUI could get Beasley to move towards what everyone thought he could be in the NBA.

    • Akeem says:

      The Hawks?? They are in rebuild mode. Thiose two don’t need eachother. Beasly needs strong veteran leadership. the Hawks need a new GM.

  33. Winston says:

    This could be what the Lakers and Beasley need. If Beasley could refocus it could put the Lakers back in the playoffs.

    • Cjwiley says:

      Watchu mean back to the playoff ?? We never left nd never will!!!

      • Dwight says:

        The Lakers made the playoffs this year? Oh wait, they did it took me a second to remember they did and it only took a second before they got ousted, as I recall.

  34. Sign him kobe make it happen y’all need young legs anyways do it it will help both sides out