The Bosh Family’s Summer Travels

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Summer vacation for NBA players isn’t always just about sun, fun and luxury accommodations.

Sometimes there is a different element involved. Sometimes a trip can provide a deeper understanding of things, some enlightenment, if you are up for it.

Miami Heat Chris Bosh and his family were game for just that when they traveled Mumbai, India, this summer. It was a journey captured on video by the two-time NBA champion, who mixed a little NBA business with pleasure on his trip (#NAMASTE Part I):

There’s nothing wrong with broadening your horizons in the offseason. In fact, I’d argue that a trip like this could just as important for a guy like Bosh as anything he does on the court or in the weight room during his offseason.

Chasing a third straight championship will require a mental focus that Miami hasn’t had to employ during its previous three trips through the NBA meat grinder of an 82-game regular season plus the playoffs.

Who knows, the Bosh’s summer travel could be the crucial for the head of the household in a few months.


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  2. Game Time says:

    People are still coming out to hate on Bosh even after he’s helped to bring two championships to Miami. They expect him to put up Shaq numbers at the center position not considering that his numbers are solid for someone that went from being the 1st option to 3rd and 4th (at times). Not only that but how many people call him soft yet you rarely, if ever, see him complaining to the refs. I admit that at times the jokes about him are funny, but there are those who seriously believe he isn’t a factor on Miami. Anyhow if you believe any of that stuff you are just mad he didn’t end up on your team during free agency and don’t know anything about ball.

  3. ko0kie says:

    oh he is too soft.. wtf? obviously he is not a power player like blake griffin but he has qualities griffin only can dream of…

  4. marty says:

    Give the man credit. Amazing how these keyboard critics have a hard time accepting the fact that he is making a sacrifice(scoring) for the better of the team.Not a power player and may never be.

  5. NBA4life says:

    Havin Rings dont mean ur good lol

  6. Ejumpman6 says:

    Everybody is needed on the team. NO one has been consistent between D-Wade, Bron and Bosh. Bosh learned to adjust play playing with other ballers. Sometimes the best comes out when you don’t have the help. My hope is he just keeps his game up and not get lazy because of the help. Either three should be able to step up a notch when there are injuries and remind us how they held it down before the help.

  7. Kimmy says:

    Anybody talking negative about this guy right here is drinking haterade. Doesn’t matter what he looks like (he has a beautiful family). Doesn’t even matter that he lacks muscle (he obviously doesn’t need any, genetics or not). All you non-competative NBA teams, watch learn and listen from this guy, who does and knows what it takes to be a winner. Because he is. And he’s standing on top of the world: You are watching an NBA 2 time champion on a family vacation. This is how a star relaxes. And I’m not even a Heat fan. But the truth is the truth. And none of you are him.

  8. Dotun says:

    chrish bosh will be himself switching back 2 the PF spot his natural position this year with the addition of greg oden is goin 2 be amazing

  9. Deluxx says:

    Bosh dont have no worries, u should go in front of a mirror and worry about yourself. The guys is in India and u still in front of ur keyboard.

  10. Deluxx says:

    Bosh don’t have no worries and u try to find something. U should look urself into the mirrir and worry about u

  11. joe says:

    give the guy a break.. he doesn’t have to please you or your desire for macho he-man types.. he got rings.. what you got?

  12. John Williams says:

    Music was so loud in the video you can’t hear anyone speak 😦

  13. BOSHisTOOsoft says:

    Maybe Bosh should focus on his game more?? The Heat does not need him as much as other supporting cast… If there is someone who Bosh should thank and be grateful for, This is coming from someone who isn’t a Heat fan or Lebron fan.. Bosh is just a piece that the Heat does not need..

    • Game Time says:

      Another idiot Miami or Bosh heckler. If you actually watched all of the games and not just highlights and stats you would see he is key to the team even if his numbers aren’t always high.

  14. Turk says:

    Only thing he needs is 10 kg muscle. I have no idea how he could not get that in all these years.