Blogtable: AI, T-Mac And The Hall of Fame

Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson

Tracy McGrady (left) and Allen Iverson, in 2002 (Fernando Medina/NBAE)

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Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady: Discuss their Hall of Fame worthiness.

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comIverson is a no-brainer Hall of Famer, as I see it. He owns the NBA’s “pound-for-pound” and “inch-for-inch” greatest-player crowns, at least in recent memory. With a Most Valuable Player award, four scoring titles and a 26.7 ppg scoring average, he’s got the hardware and the numbers for Springfield and he even was something of a pioneer culturally with his headband, sleeve and tattoos (remember the airbrushing controversy?). McGrady? Two scoring titles, which fits an established HOF pattern (scoring champs go in). But he never led a team past the first round and, based on the last seven years of his career, he’s buying a ticket to the Hall rather than making a speech there. Staying healthy is a skill in the NBA, so as laudable as it was for McGrady to hang in as a diminished player, that doesn’t boost his case. My hunch is, he gets in but has to wait a while.

Fran Blinebury, The Hall of Fame is not simply about stats or we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Iverson was a player who got the most out of his talent, was fearless and was able to carry a team in college and in the NBA. McGrady probably had as much raw talent as any player ever to enter the league and simply floated on it like a raft in the ocean. No question that McGrady was a singular talent and could be a joy to watch, but he lacked the leadership gene to rank among the greats. For those who say his failure to win a single playoff series (before riding on the Spurs’ wagon last season) was the result of having bad teammates, consider the roster that Iverson hoisted onto his shoulders all the way to the NBA Finals in 2001.  That was a Hall of Fame performance.  Iverson was a little guy who played big and T-Mac was a big talent who delivered small.

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comIverson is a no-brainer for the Hall of Fame. He might have introduced a brash new, often cringe-worthy exterior to the game (remember in 2000 when Hoop Magazine, an official NBA publication, featured on its cover an absurdly airbushed Iverson who magically bore no tattoos or gaudy jewelry?), but his interior was that of an old-school warrior. He changed perceptions of what a 6-foot-and-under guard could do. Iverson — who sits sixth on the NBA’s all-time list for highest scoring average at 26.7 ppg, ninth in steals per game at 2.17 and fourth in minutes per game at 41.1 — single-handedly (with help from a coach in Larry Brown, who fought to pry Iverson’s best) led the 76ers to the NBA Finals. He certainly wasn’t the textbook leader or role model or whatever, but he was a hell of basketball player that you couldn’t stop watching. Tracy McGrady was fluid and remarkably athletic and could score with the best of them. I remember an unbelievable duel he had with Dirk Nowitzki, with Nowitzki topping him 53 to 48. But that’s just it, McGrady and his teams always came out on the losing end, and McGrady never seemed all that phased by it. Maybe if injuries hadn’t of interrupted him he’d be all over the all-time lists like Iverson. I thought colleague Fran Blinebury summed up McGrady’s career and Hall of Fame (un)worthiness perfectly, so I’ll leave it at that.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Iverson is in for sure. Maybe not on the first ballot in a message from voters, the way Dennis Rodman did not even make it to the finalist stage his first try and then went all the way to enshrinement a year later. But Iverson isn’t even much of a debate. He will make Springfield. McGrady is much tougher of a call between the two. A great offensive weapon surrounded by questions about many other parts of his career. I think he gets in. But I also think he may have a wait.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comIverson is a no-brainer. He won an MVP, carried a team to The Finals, ranks 19th on the all-time scoring list, and was a cultural icon. There are young players in the league today wearing No. 3 because of AI. McGrady is obviously a more complicated case. At his peak, he was one of the best players in the league, but he ranks 57th on the all-time scoring list, had basically no success in the playoffs, was barely more efficient (.519 true shooting percentage, 78th among the top 100 scorers) than Iverson (.518, 79th), and didn’t make nearly the same cultural impact.

Sekou Smith, This is an easy discussion. Both of these guys have Hall of Fame credentials. They pass my HOF smell test, which requires you to ignore the name on top of the list of accomplishments and focus strictly on the work that was done and impact on the game. I’m not saying either one of these guys was perfect. Far from it. But one guy won Rookie of the Year honors, an MVP award, four scoring titles, two All-Star Game MVPs, was a seven-time All-NBA pick, an 11-time All-Star and finished his career with 24,368 points. The other guy was a seven-time All-Star and All-NBA pick, a two-time scoring champ, won the league’s Most Improved Player award in 2001, was the USA Today High School Player of the Year in 1997 (it’s the Basketball Hall of Fame, not just the NBA Hall of Fame) and wrapped up his 16-year NBA career with 18,381 points. Iverson should be a lock, a first-ballot Hall of Famer if you ask me, while McGrady, even if you cannot stand the fact that he never lived up to his own hype in the postseason, is deserving as well. You spend at least a decade of your career among the league’s truly elite and I think you’ve earned your place in the Hall of Fame, especially when you consider some of the questionable coaching and international selections that have been enshrined in Springfield.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: If we’re choosing between the two, I’ll take Iverson over McGrady. Either way, McGrady’s candidacy, to me at least, seems much more questionable that Iverson’s. I know T-Mac scored a bunch of points and made a bunch of All-Star games, but he never got out of even the first round of the playoffs until this season, as a member of the Spurs who barely got off the bench. The entire Hall of Fame admission process is something of a mystery to me, so I’m not sure exactly what the criteria is. But if you’re looking for which player had the most impact on the world of basketball, Allen Iverson’s influence remains undeniable. McGrady was a terrific scorer. Does that mean he belongs in the Hall? I think it’s at least debatable.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: They’re both first-ballot, no doubt about it. They both have a long line of fans waiting for that to happen. And they deserve it. The Answer looked like an average Joe among giants from a physical point of view, but he had talent like few others in the league. What he did in 2000-01, in taking the Sixers to the Finals, was unbelievable. Like Iverson, T-Mac was able to stay in the same sentence as Kobe Bryant in his prime. He had an enormous talent and without his back we would be probably talking about one of the best players of the past 15 years.

Selçuk Aytekin, NBA Turkiye: Even before you check Iverson’s and T-Mac’s bios and career highlights, I can easily say: “He is a Hall of Famer because my generation grew up with their names.” No doubt in my mind Iverson and McGrady will be Hall of Famers because of the way those two guys left their mark on NBA world. Together, they went to 18 All-Star Games and won six scoring titles (four for AI). On top of those awards, Iverson was the smallest player to ever earn MVP honors. And I still feel sorry for him not to be given one last try in the NBA. You can argue about their respective Hall of Fame worthiness in the United States but when you try to see that issue in any country in the world, you can easily aware that those two names are just like Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen 


  1. Rod Majikina says:

    Both aren’t good enough for HOF, HOG maybe, BALL HOG, LOLs

  2. b baller says:

    People don’t remember that it was supposed to be Grant Hill and TMac. They would have killed both AI and Kobe/Shaq. Grant Hill was a triple double machine prior to his infamous ankle injury and would score on you like nobody’s business. TMac didn’t have any good teams until he got to Houston. That’s why in Orlando, Grant Hill and TMac would have been perfect. Here’s the problem back then, KG, AI, and TMac on the same team along with Grant Hill. Somebody would have had to take a pay cut. Who woud it be? That team would have killed any team back then. That’s why they never won a ring, except KG because he went to Celtics and formed the big 3. If not for that he would still have nothing. Why didn’t these guys think of this a few years earlier? (KG, AI, and TMac) Take a pay cut like Miami.

  3. b baller says:

    TMac was 6-8 and had more blocks than any other player playing his position when in his prime. People never talk about his defense. He was the Orlando Magic PERIOD. Dock Rivers had no choice, TMac was all they had. He logged too many minutes literally carrying his team and his back finally said that is enough and TMac never recovered 16 years later. Injuries stopped both Grant Hill and TMac just like LJ and his back. Prior to that people were comparing him to Sean Kemp because he was so powerful a dunker. AI led his team to the finals with his heart not leadership. That’s why he never won anything. Your heart can only take you so far. TMac didn’t have heart or leadership, so that’s was his story. Bottom line TMAC and AI are in…eventually.

  4. RAPTORSFAN22 says:

    Coming from a Toronto Raptors fan, I laugh whenever I hear about Carter or McGrady. Not wanting to be in the shadows, giving up on your team blah blah blah LOL. If they both would have stayed with the Raptors that team would have been in the playoffs every year and possibly could have contended for a title. I laugh when I hear them doing interviews now and they both admit that they regret leaving Toronto and know they had something special. Carter was an icon and will really only be remembered for his days in Toronto and his dunk in the olympics, McGrady never won anything and just let his career drag on for way too long. Proves that selfishness will not get you where you want to be, their talent was truly wasted in an effort to try and be the main guy and neither of them where ever that capable.

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  6. Ace 19 says:

    Allen Iverson is the best 6-footer scoring guard to ever put on a pair of basketball shoes; T-Mac would have been one of the elite superstars of the league had he been able to avoid all those nasty injuries. At the end of the day though man, I say they’re both worthy of the hall of fame

  7. ethan says:

    Steve Francis Will Be In The Hall Also If TMac And AI Was Inductee.

    My Judgement Is ” No ”

    Superstars ?… ” Yes “

  8. dan15maclean says:

    Allen Iverson:

    Career: 26.7 PPG 3.7 RPG 6.2 APG 2.2 SPG 1.2 3PM
    Post Season: 29.7 PPG 3.8 RPG 6.0 APG 2.1 SPG 1.7 3PM

    5 seasons averaging 30+ PPG (Career best 33 PPG)
    NBA MVP (2001)
    11x NBA All Star
    2x All Star Game MVP
    4x NBA Scoring Champion
    3x NBA Steals Leader
    3x All-NBA First Team
    3x All-NBA Second Team
    All-NBA Third Team
    NBA All-Rookie First Team
    05 Post Season with Philly averaged 31.2 PPG 10.0 APG over 5 games

    HOF? Without a doubt, First Ballot.

    Tracy McGrady:

    Career: 19.6 PPG 5.6 RPG 4.4 APG 0.9 BPG 1.2 SPG 1.2 3PM (Career Best 32.1 PPG)
    Post Season: 22.2 PPG 5.7 RPG 5.0 APG 0.9 BPG 1.1 SPG 1.1 3PM

    7x NBA All Star
    NBA Most Improved Player
    2x NBA Scoring Champion
    2x All-NBA First Team
    3x All-NBA Second Team
    2x All-NBA Third Team
    13 points in 35 Seconds

    CBA All-Star
    USA Today High School Player of the Year

    Hall of Fame? Yes

    All in all, Both Players are Hall of Fame material. Obviously, Iverson has the bigger trophy case and was the better scorer, but that doesn’t erase the fact that T-Mac was a dominant force in the NBA. I say that both players get in, Iverson gets in faster, but don’t doubt T-Mac getting in for a second because the guy deserves it.

  9. T-Mac fan says:

    Despite the stats and everything.

    T-Mac should definitely be a hall of famer.
    He brought that intense feeling to the games he played.
    He was the best during the time.
    He scored 13 pts in 35 sec.
    And im sure many of us will remember that.
    To me, thats enough for T-Mac or anyone to be a member of hall of fame.

  10. Nishmon80 says:

    Both should make it. There are some ordinary players in the HoF at the moment who were probably good for their time. T-Mac is unfairly labelled due to his lack of post-season success. The guy could flat out score and WON a multiple individual accolades (scoring title, most improved, all-nab teams, all-stars), the kind of numbers some HoF members couldn’t dream of having.

    Iverson – no brainer. Flat out baller

  11. xlr8_555 says:

    The thing is, both of these are winners, even though they never won a title. T-Mac led his team to one of the biggest winning streak in NBA history, and Iverson led his team to the Finals! But you dont need rings to be a HOF, and like many players in the past have, these veterans have accomplished scoring titles, MVP (iverson) anmuch more. Sure they didnt win titles, or play good defence at times, but theres so many other HOF who havent done much, but they didn’t do so much too. I think these both should be inducted, for having stand out plays, and historical moments (T-Mac’s 13 points in 33 seconds and Allen Iverson’s crossover on Micheal Jordan)

  12. vern says:

    Nowadays the entry to HOF is kind of loose. There’s a few guys in there recently that I think got in too quick. We all agree Iverson is or should be a lock. I think Tracy will get in by today’s standards. It will take a while but eventually he’ll get in.

  13. Patrick Chatham says:

    Iverson definitely belongs in the hall of fame bracket. Only guard to make Jordan respect his game, not to mention he was the most entertaining player to watch. My opinion Atleast.

  14. Iverson should be a unanimous 1st rounder.

    McGrady should get in.

    C. Webb is the big question.

  15. Bob says:

    If TMac is considered, it opens the floodgates for other players to be considered.

    For example….Tmac had no post season success. He was a questionable leader. And injuries derailed his career. What he was – an all star, all NBA, scoring champ…thats it. with that said, what is the prerequisites for the hall? If McGrady gets consideration… would an All NBA First Team, Second Team Defensive selection, 4 time all star, carried his team to the FINALS (averging 26 ppg), big-game player get a look in? Yes? Then consider Sprewell if you consider McGrady. It would be unjust if Tmac got in and players like Spree missed out. The latter had much more success in the post season, and played the other half of the game (defense) better.

    If that is shocking to you, then re consider what a HOF player is. Because its getting confusing… There needs to be a line drawn on what is HOF Talent, and what is a HOF Player.

    • vern says:

      Getting into the hof has been very loose. I feel just like you, there should be a clear definition of what the league feels is HOF material.

  16. Oljahn says:

    both should really be a lock for the HoF.
    AI you should not even start to doubt, a all-time great baller, absolutely no doubt. T-Mac deserve as one the leading forces of the NBA for half a decade.

    The criterias of inducting aren’t quiete sure, but it can’t be only about playoff-success and championship rings as it is a team sport – or you put in Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Horace Grant etc. In fact the basketball capability and – foremost – scoring ability of both were undeniable.

    For me what stands out is a very distinct style of play; both kind of revolutionized the end 90/mid 2000’s.

  17. blaz says:

    AI basket was a revolution! Hall of Fame, for shure. T MAC- I don’t say that that only champions should be in HOF , but come one, they should at least be serious contenders at any time of their career. Thats the diferrence between those two. Allen Iverson was taken seriously as a threat, T-Mac never got even close to be serious threat…
    For me: AI – for sure, T-Mac – no…

  18. jcity yungcity says:

    If these two dont deserve to be in the Hall of fame we wouldnt be talking about it…point, blank, period. Two of the games greatest players T-mac and ai

  19. Kobe fan says:

    This isn’t the ‘we liked what you used to do in the season and we think you would’ve won a championship’ award for mcGrady, so beat it. He doesn’t deserve it, whether he was a pleasant friendly guy or not. So many ppl want TMac to go because they were left ohhing & ahhing.

    Just about every comment says ‘but he gave me so many memories’…..I say grow up & grow a pair. McGrady was only flash like Vince… the end, I think they just wanted to play & get paid.

    Now Iverson-WAY more credibility than McGrady: forget his play for a second, Iverson was like a MEGA-star! The girls wanted him, guys wanted to be him, and if there was ever an anti-Kobe, it was Iverson. Kobe, while clean cut, was never a happy go lucky accessible guy. Iverson was. Before long, he cast a shadow on American culture. He not only had killer crossovers, but he singlehandedly popularized the long armwrap, tattoos, the braids, and he DEFINITELY helped usher in throwback jerseys.
    A.I., the Answer, the heart of the Sixers…..HOF lock all day long.

    P.S. McGrady was drafted by Toronto; Iverson by Philadelphia. Ask fans of both squads which was always more vital to his team’s outcome.

    • Patrick Chatham says:

      But who else dropped 13pts in 11 seconds,, don’t worry I’ll wait… Tmac earned the right to be in the hall of fame too. Give him his props.

  20. loco says:

    everybody says that ai and jkidd are sure hofamers and grant hill as well. but what makes him greater than tmac? i always loved hill and i would like to see him receive this honor but tmac should get it the same year

  21. Heat is too hot for me :3 says:

    He made the best come back in NBA history, usually alley-oop to himself in regular season games.. Made all-star team multiple of times, Led his team to the playoff bascially by himself WHY not HOF?

  22. Ant says:

    Iverson is a sure-fire, first-ballot Hall of Famer. A revolutionary in his style and play, Iverson was a dynamic offensive and defensive PG and SG. There isn’t another explosive, fearless 6-foot tall player that comes to mind besides Zeke. T-Mac is a Hall of Famer and another one of a kind player. T-Mac was a defender, PG, SG, SF, PF, scorer, very good ballhandler and superior athlete. This is the module you see as a hallmark in today’s NBA. T-Mac was displaying these attributes 12-years ago. Moreover, when taking into deep consideration, T-Mac’s stat line is very good for a guy with a injury plagued career. Iverson and T-Mac are two rare talents more than worthy for the Hall, for sure.

  23. To the colors says:

    AI is definitely a no-brainer. That man single handedly carried his whole team into the Finals. Like, that is beyond what a normal NBA player could do. T-Mac was just too injury ridden to shine. Out of the two, AI will be in the HOF.

    Vote to AI!

  24. J says:

    fix this problem please I just wasted 1/2 an hour typing that and the 1 where I cant scroll down

  25. J says:

    why wont u post my comment

  26. imakeyoudead says:

    Come on now, Tmac will never be in the NBA hall. I will stop watching bball games when this happen. He is a “what if” kind of a player. Iverson in the other hand is lock down for the hall his resume speaks for it self.

  27. J says:

    I had a long awesome coment explaining why mcgrady should be in and it doesn’t even post 😡

  28. Garry Foulkes says:

    Iverson… Yes without a doubt. T-Mac… No. Lets face it he had a number of seasons where he was among the leagues elite, however, that was short lived. He needed to have a few more achievements under his belt before he even gets a mention.

  29. arvin says:

    If they trade kobe vs T-mac on his prime and played in the lakes with O’neil will they win a championship together?
    and while Kobe was trying so hard on Orlando then he got some injury what would happend to his career?

    imagine jordan vs the pistons bad boys, they will do everything stop him so you need at least 2 supperstar to have a better team.

    when o’neil join wade they’ve won it just like garnett and allen when they join peirce, lebron and bosh join wade, and when malone joined o’neil and kobe was almost won it its just malone was not healty enough to do it.

  30. PHA3579 says:

    Iverson is a lock….McGrady….very good player, but you might as well lock in Grant Hill too. He had a shot millions of young men didn’t get. He got hurt. It’s tough. But he made millions and has nothing to be ashamed of. If D Rose never recovers from his injury, is he a lock too???

    • Ant says:

      “…but you might as well lock in Grant Hill too.” Regardless of injuries, Hill is a Hall of Famer. Whether it’s as a Blue Devil or an NBA player, Hill is one of those players who will be remembered for his character and talent.

  31. rob gibson says:

    MC Grady was great but was injured too.much! shouldn’t be a hall of gamer no.time soon,but deserves to be in before Overdone! overdone was a nuisance to.his team and then complained about practice! not at all a hall of gamer. for that reason especially! and he never lead a team ..just gunned Alot !and he didn’t lead the team Larry.Brown did..and Tyrone hill was an all star and Todd MC colluugh was an Olympian!

  32. Courtney says:

    If Allen Iverson isn’t a first ballot Hall of Famer because some voters decide they want to send him a message I will be done with the NBA forever.

  33. Jeremy Yeung says:

    are u kidding me ? ofcourse they do deserve to be hall of famers. they are two of the greatest of all time forever !

  34. Trey says:

    I’m gonna make this sweet as possible. Iverson definitely lived up 2 his stardom u can say he’s the greatest 6er of all time 6th n history with 26.7ppg that’s a better average than Kobe.T Mac had to play alongside VC but when he got his chance boy did he lite it up. If Dennis Rodman is n the HOF 4 his tenacious defense,rebounding,and hustle T Mac definitely should b a 1st ballot HOF because he played both ends. No doubt about AI that’s fairly easy.

  35. allen always be apart of philly we love him we differently be miss in game

  36. marzan says:

    AI is a HOFamer as well as UD and Shane of Miami Heat

  37. stanfunky says:

    T-Mac isn’t a lock by any means to make the Hall because of his scoring titles.

    Looking at scoring champs who never won an MVP, from the past 30-35 years, they rarely were inducted during their first year of eligiblity; in fact, only ONE recent player has pulled off the feat – Alex English, in 1997:

    Dominique Wilkins – was inducted in 2nd year eligible (26,000 point plateau reached)
    George Gervin – was inducted in 5th year eligible (20,000 point plateau reached-NBA; 25,000 ABA/NBA combined)
    Adrian Dantley – was inducted in 12th year he was eligible (23,000 point plateau reached)
    Bernard King – being inducted in 15th year he was eligible (2013)

    Based on history, T-Mac will likely have to wait a bit, especially if he comes up against players that the voters deem more worthy of induction.

    2019 will be his first year eligible. Jason Kidd is a certain 1st ballot inductee for that year, and Allen Iverson is sure to draw a lot of votes that year, being his first time eligible as well. Other players that will likely be mentioned in the discussion are Grant Hill, Rasheed Wallace, and any players left over from prior years who might get a sympathy vote, especially if they’ve come close a few times in the past.

    That leaves McGrady as a likely odd man out during 2019, and depending on how long a few HOF-likely guys hang on in the NBA, T-Mac could be up against Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Tim Duncan, Vince Carter, Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, Chauncey Billups, Dirk Nowitzki, etc. between 2020-2023. I give McGrady a better shot at induction…in 2024, his 6th year of eligibility.

  38. A.I. Fan says:

    A.I. was one of the most dominant little guys to ever grace the stage of any arena in the NBA. He will definitely be enshrined into the basketball HOF. Tracey McGrady should also have the honor of being enshrined into the HOF because I will say that when he had a “healthy” season he was a force to be reckoned with. However, I would not put him on the same planet with players with likes of “MJ”, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, just to name a few.

  39. Tmac fan says:

    So everybody that advance should be in the HOF? That doesn’t make you a winner, Championship is the ultimate goal, Everybody can’t win it, Tracy Mcgrady deserve to be in the HOF period ask Kobe lol

  40. Tmac fan says:

    Y’all are crazy, T-Mac definitely deserve to be in the HOF, I was born in the 90’s, all I heard about beside Jordan, were Kobe Tmac and Iverson… Why do people still watch TMac highlights? Numbers don’t lie, best in game dunker. Ask Shaq, 2 time scoring champ, most improve player, 7 time All-Star, took over every all-star game, dropped 62 points, no he didn’t advance we know that, stop using that,

  41. omar says:

    are you kidding me arguiing whether AI is hall of fame , WOW , AI is 1 of the best hard player , he s most def in HOF no doubt shu..he influence the league ,after jordan he take basketball to a whole nother level, influenced new generation street bastkell ball, crossover, carry a team to final , A lil man omg , what , man even tho imma fan, n i knw he lifestyle messing up but he still a bigtime HOF guys…u kdding me

  42. matthew mathis says:

    thats like asking does lebron and d rose belong in the hall of fame

    • Blake says:

      D-Rose HOF? What has Rose proved yet? That he can win a MVP when everyone hates LeBron? Rose is a baby there are superstars that WILL comeback for their team as soon as they’re cleared. Wall came back as soon as he could, CP3 played through injuries, Wade played through a REALLY jacked up knee, Kobe and Rondo will come back the instant they’re cleared. I hate people that backup Rose if you wanna love a superstar love someone that’ll carry their team as long as they physically can like KD,LBJ,Kobe,CP,Rondo,TD. These guys are ALL HOFers no questions.

    • vern says:

      Rose hasn’t done a thing yet to even think about the hall. He had a good season or two and won an mvp. That IMO doesn’t make you HOF material.

  43. leslie says:

    BOTH GOING TO HOF!!! Anywhere they went, they become the go to guy, the top guy of the team. Tough to stay healthy but Tmac had 8 good years (which is a long time) – he deserves to go in . AI is has no problem going to HOF after performance against Lakers 2001 vs. Kobe and Shaq NO QUESTION

  44. MegaAlex says:

    Sekou Smith…what a moron. He thinks Iverson is more deserving, but he thinks Mcgrady should also be included becuase there have been questionable inclusions in the past?!?! wtf?!?! So he’s basically let’s continue to make matters worse or two wrongs make a right. Sekou is beginning to become questionable if you ask me.

  45. Bob M says:

    For all the T Mac haters, you don’t understand basketball. T Mac played on bad teams. His best team was Houston with the oft-injured Yao. He wanted to win more than anyone on the court. Take T Mac off any of those teams and they are lottery teams, high lottery teams. He was a better all round player than AI. AI was often abused defensively and towards the end of his career, he was a team pariah. AI didn’t care about his teams, he wanted his numbers.
    Again, the journalist are moving toward fantasy stats and not understanding the game of basketball. T Mac skill levels and competitive nature are HOF worthy. When those knees started to go, it was hard for him to be as dominant as he once was. Just take a look at his playoff stats and overall stats for that matter; he was a great player.
    And, where was all the outrage for Ralph Sampson HOF induction? Give me a break and the beat writers should hang out with real basketball players and understand the game more thoroughly (especially when his “fantasy” numbers are off the chart).

    • Great Points says:

      I particularly love how winning a scoring title is dismissed like it’s such an easy thing to do or you can win it simply by taking lots of shots. It has to go in the basket – a lot – and that’s not easy to do when you play one of the most athletic positions and face the kinds of defense T-Mac did nightly. He regularly lit up Kobe and other greats and was unstoppable.

      I wish basketball commentators actually had to have had played basketball at an elite level to have a right to comment publicly so they’d understand how hard it is to score in the NBA. They’re like movie critics. T-Mac plays his heart out and dominates on both ends of the floor but doesn’t win a ring or advance in the playoffs so he’s written off. Seriously?

      Teams win titles not any idividual player. I completely agree that T-Mac is being overlooked for elevating lottery teams to relevancy and he’s far better than many a player already in the HOF.

    • REALROCKETnobandwagon says:

      I so agree, Tracy was a freakin monster when he got hot. He could shoot from any where from the court, and way downtown like all day. He came from the shadows of V.C. and Dominated when Grant got injured. Your talking about 13 points in 35 seconds? Are you kiddin me. And not on scrubs, but Spurs with Prime Duncan, Parker, and Gino. The you got to remember we played Championship Lakers in our rounds(A TRUE ROCKET FAN). Stop hatin. He’s Hall of Fame Material. Nuff Said

      • Tilden Matthews says:

        Dude he did shoot everywhere!! I mean this guy was just unstoppable. He gave Kobe problems( he even said it) his form was just lovely, of one foot!! Hands down one of the greats in my eyes n everybody else too! HOF yess AI I from Philly, no brainier he going too

  46. #1KobeH8R says:

    Players know when they have been used and abused… If Chris Bosh says: “I’ve been a Hall of Famer four years ago,” then damn it, see you in Springfield, Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. pathostikss says:

    iverson : yes
    macgrady : no

    you’re welcome

  48. triggerhappy says:

    if A.I and T-Mac’s Run during the course of their Careers were interchanged, would that make a difference?

    No Rings for Both?

    Having A.I Inducted to the HOF and have a Debate for TMac Would Simply Be Unfair …

    A.I – No Brainer …
    Tmac – Time will Come …

  49. lol says:

    comon face the facts, these 2 guys had a great start in their careers but in the end they failed miserably, i think HOF critiria should be very strict, they were top 3 for a brief time in their careers but if u see their careers from start to finish they just disappointed big time in the end, they achieved nothing in the end they both failed in their careers cause of their own weaknessess, so no these guys dont belong in HOF, anyway HOF award is a joke, there are players who won this already but really dont deserve this award so it doesnt really matter if they make it or not, failures can join HOF anyway..

  50. cdssp4 says:

    Once again. Blinebury strikes again with the T-Mac hate. Iverson was already a scorer when he came to the league. McGrady, meanwhile, arrived in the league as a defender. T-Mac won the Most Improved Player award for a reason, he improved his offense thus turning him into a two-way player. Another thing, T-Mac’s supporting cast is worse than Iverson’s. And like somebody said above, AI had the sixth man of the year (McKie) and the defensive player of the year (Mutombo). How is that a bad supporting cast?

    McGrady also failed to get past the 1st round as a Rocket because either he got injured or he (and Yao Ming) had little depth in their roster, or maybe it’s because their opponents just want it more (see ’02 series vs Pistons and ’05 series vs Mavs).

    Overall, McGrady deserves to be in the HOF. End of story

  51. tom says:

    Tracy McGrady is one of the best Sf of all time!! Tracy Mcgrady won many scoring titles, while Lebron James failed to even win one!! In my opinion, Tracy Mcgrady is as good game Kobe Bryant when they were both in their prime playing their best basketball and also both of them are much better than Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Carmello Anthony!

    Remembering as Tracy Mcgrady said on espn first take, Numbers Never lie!! which Mcgrady had produced better numbers and was a more efficient player than Kobe Byrant and Lebron James!

    • yes. says:

      His game. They are both hal of famers. TmacLebron didn’t “fail” to win a scoring title. If he wanted to, he could win a scoring title every year. He wants to be a teammate and win championships. Secondly, maybe if t-mac was a better teammate and not trying for scoring titles, maybe he could have gotten out of the first round, with a team he wasn’t keeping the bench warm for… the hawks last year didn’t even give mcgrady a huge chance to play… the freaking hawks dude… tmac had sever opportunities over the last several years to prove he still had it and could be a greatplayer. He is weak, and should’ve retired years ago. Although credit is due, mcgrady deserves to be in the hall of fame. He was an entertainer, in an entertainment business, and he entertained as advertised when he was

    • ?????? says:

      are you joking?

      T-Mac won 2 scoring titles, Lebron won 1.

      In terms of skill, I think that, in their primes, T-Mac and Kobe were about equal, but Kobe has a drive to win that T-Mac never had. This is coming from someone who isn’t exactly a Kobe fan.

      T-Mac is definitely not better than Lebron or Durant (though I’ll give you Carmelo, because there are so many flaws in his game that many fans just gloss over), and he’s certainly not more efficient than Lebron.

      You can’t really say numbers never lie and then claim that T-Mac (20, 6, 4, .435) is better than Lebron (28, 7, 7, .490).

    • O says:

      Lebron’s won a scoring title and T-Mac only won 2… Get ya facts straight, and I take melo, kd, and Bron over T-Mac any day of the week…

    • Van says:

      Tom; u need to relax with your statements cause you are looking a little foolish and ignorant. To compare T-Mac to Lebron and Durant is like oil and water. Com on man. I always loved watching T-Mac play cause he was a great player and had a great energy about him but you can’t compare. Lebron gets compare to Jordan all the times and you ard saying that T-Mac is better than him. Lololo you are comparing scoring titles. Why don’t you compare MVPs 4-0. Lebron doesn’t win scoring because he can’t do it; he doesn’t win because he doesn’t want to. And about Durant; Durant will become the most unstopple player that had ever put on a pair of shoes. He is what the future of the nba will be. A 7 foot point guard who can play at least 4 positions. With the human race evolving; they are going to have to raise the basket. Even with Westbrook out; Durant still got out of the first round which is something that T-Mac never learned to do. Which is know how to control a game and finish it. This is why T-Mac can’t play now that he lost his athletic ability. Great players know how to play even when their physical gifts start to disappear. U sound like a real hater but that I’d what makes people not want yo acknowledge the truth about things.

    • Tilden Matthews says:

      Well done said sir !!!!

  52. TTKIN says:

    Iverson is a lock, no question. I still cant think of TMac as a HOFer though. If he makes it, it SHOULD take awhile. Getting in first ballot is for guys like AI, Jordan, Magic, Kobe, guys who dominated not just for a few years like TMac, but for a loooooong time. TMac had a few good years, and he may have been compared to Kobe back in the day. But Kobe is still an MVP candidate here, like 10 years later. And TMac has been riding pine for about half of that.

    • alp says:

      yea but the only reason tmac didn’t dominate as long as these other guys is because of injury… but when he did dominate he dominated the likes of A.I AND Kobe. if he stayed healthy i think theres no question tmac and yao would have gotten a ring

  53. #1KobeH8R says:

    There are lots of great floor generals, quarterbacks, finishers and a few great scorers… but at the end of the day, fans trust that their favorite player doesn’t run out of gas. Yeah, at the end of the season, the best athletes on the best teams with the best coaches win!!! Let’s put the entire ’04 Pistons in the HOF, and the ’11 Mavs too. Will Rasheed make it? and should J Kidd get there? I know Avery Johnson better be there along with Shaq and Kobe.. Then throw everybody in that has a sneaker deal or KIA commercial or player/commentator who makes it to the TNT desk. Ask John Sally?

  54. tmaciverson says:

    tmac iverson yeah swag!

  55. #1KobeH8R says:

    That’s a toughie.. Compared to Duncan and James, who deserves to be enshrined?

  56. defdun says:

    AI is a monster in a tiny body, so he will go to Springfield, no doubt.
    And so will T-Mac eventhough there was no real post-season success in his career. (exc. World Champion) Main reason for me is that although not getting past the first round (as a player) he actually improved his scoring and most of the other stats in the playoffs in nearly every year. OK, maybe only for one series, but you can’t say he didn’t show for post-season or couldn’t win games. There are plenty of other HoF players that couldn’t dominate a game as much as he could. So either you keep them all out…(no disrespect to Pistol Pete, Chris Mullin or Dennis Rodman) or you also take up Mc.Grady. (After letting him wait a little while.)
    And where do you stop? Grant Hill? Robert Horry? Jerry Stackhouse?
    I guess we need a VIP room at Naismith sometime soon 🙂

  57. Chris says:

    So Iverson having the sixth man of the year, Defensive player of the year, and coach of the year is a terrible team? Writers… I wish they knew what they were talking about.

    • Ricky says:

      Dikembe only played 26 games during the regular season of their Finals season. Take him off of that roster and the only other name you’ll probably remember if you’re a Sixers fan is Aaron Mckie. And mind you, Aaron was a nobody 7 years before joining the Sixers. After his time with the Sixers, people forgot about him. Again, when you think about the Sixers during the Iverson Era, he’s the first if not the only name that pops up. He didn’t have a high profile superstar by his side like Kobe or MJ did. I’m pretty sure if he had the choice, he’d much rather have Shaq over a 35 year old Dikembe who was added to the roster towards the end of their season.

    • Big Daddy T says:

      I totally agree with you Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Kobe fan says:

    I keep telling people McGrady is not a sure-fire lock for the HOF. Jeff Caplan as well as Fran Blinebury cover this too well, especially Jeff.
    As much as TMac made the crowd ooh & ahh, that was basically all he was good for.

    • David Stern says:

      Not making it past the first round is huge, all the while having good teamates. Scoring titles are good but over-rated. Basketball is a team sport, your individual success is based on your success as a team. Basketball is not just about scoring it’s about winning. Sorry T-Mac you’ve gots to make it past the first round to make it to the HOF or at least that should be the rule.

      • when he went into the playoffs…it’s either him or yao was hurt…they never went to the playoffs with BOTH of them healthy…and here is a guy who led his team to the 3rd largest winning streak in the NBA without any superstars behind him…I understand yao was in half of it…but if you look at teams ahead of them…Miami has too many stars…Magic had worthy, rambis and kareem…and this guy went toe to toe with Kobe when both of them had incapable teammates

      • Queenie Hand says:

        I keep hearing this first-round stuff. Didn’t Tracy McGrady just win a championship ring this past season with the Heat? Isn’t that one more than Iverson has? I know he was just a supporting member of this cast but he still contributed and he has the requisite championship.

    • jon jon says:

      I understand your case but do you know how many guys are in the HOF that were not as talented or productive as T-Mac? If its my version of the HOF, T-Mac would probably not go in but the Springfield HOF has guys like Wilkins (Lakers) in there who wasn’t even the 3rd or 4th best player on his own team.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      To all the writers above who say T-mac was not a great cultural impact, explain to me this:
      1) How come an international fan like me has 4 pairs of T-mac sneakers sitting in my closet?
      2) How come NBA keeps replaying that 13 points in 35 seconds video as an NBA ad with the quote “impossible is nothing?”
      3) How come I STILL get chills and can’t believe it every time i watch that video?
      4) How come although T-mac has lost his touch for years, everytime he got out on the floor there were thousands of fans silently hoping and praying for T-mac to come back?
      5) How come despite disappointing us and really being negligible for the past few years, many still remember that it was “T-mac vs Kobe” back in the day, and that was WAY MORE EPIC than “Kobe vs. Lebron” nowadays (completely different styles of play)

      Granted, he did not achieve as much as Iverson. And No it’s not that easy a decision. But the RIGHT decision is that T-mac, although his glory came and went in what seems like a flash, did earn a spot in the HoF even as first-ballot.

      He had a huge impact on me as an international basketball fan. He gets my vote. He should get yours.

      • AI says:

        It was never T-mac vs Kobe it was AI vs kobe back in the day. I love T-mac too but he just didn’t achieve enough to be mentioned in the same breath as AI, or as the writer from Turkey suggest, Karl Malone or Pippen. He was breathtaking and he did score 13 points in 35 seconds but that is not for enough for the Hall of Fame, this is like saying because Carter dunked over 7 foot Frederick Weiss he is a lock ( I’m not comparing T-Mac with Carter just these two events). I think McGrady is a maybe for the Hall, but comparing the NBA in those days to NBA of today where there are ”stars” like Evans, Gordon, Rubio, Love…, McGrady was defenetly playing against better players in the golden era of shooting guards (Kobe, AI, Carter, T-Mac, Allen…) so this has something to prove too.

      • The Beard says:

        In todays game it’s Lebron vs Kobe, with Durant sitting on the edge. Get this straight AI, back then it was T-Mac vs Kobe, with Iverson sitting on the side.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      And by the way “Kobe Fan”, I know Kobe ultimately bested T-mac by a long shot, but I just want you to remember
      that Kobe wasn’t the easiest player to deal with back in the day either.
      T-mac was gifted, talented, laid back and took things for granted
      But Kobe was selfish, arrogant, and got his franchise’s best player (or excuse me kobe fans, second best player) to leave the team!
      If T-mac had been paired up with Shaq in his prime, they would get more rings together because
      1) They would stay together longer
      2) Shaq would be the leader
      3) Ego would not have been a problem, T-mac would not care if the media gave Shaq all the credit or if Shaq got all the finals MVP awards

      So just think about that for a second before you rule players out of the hall of fame based on their achievements alone.
      T-mac did play his heart out in the playoffs, even if he carry his team for 4 games out of a 7 game series.
      He took the 8th seeded Magic to a 3-1 lead in the first round against the 1st seed Pistons.
      If he had done that a couple of years earlier, that 3-1 lead would have advanced him to the next round in a 5 game first round series

      And i appologize to all those that beg to differ but T-mac really never had a decent team with the magic. His team mates were always much worse than the sixers. In a league which was already dominated by the west, t-mac had one of the weakest teams of the east.

      • Gordy says:

        Are you kidding me? Mcgrady left Toronto because he couldn’t stand being in Vince Carters shadow. Of course there would be ego issues if t-mac and shaq were on the same team. Maybe not as bad, because Kobe’s a killer on the court and t-mac is not.

    • Big Daddy T says:

      Look T Mac and AI put so much into the NBA it is only fair that they get into the HOF! What do you mean? What they provided to the sport and the world will never be seen again. Let the blind eye see. If you have a stellar career as a NBA player you should get in on the life you lived before the NBA and the work you put in and how you effected the games you played and those around you! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!