Report: Parker Set For MRI On Knee

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — San Antonio Spurs All-Star point guard Tony Parker has suffered yet another injury while toiling for the French national team and is scheduled for an MRI on his right knee, as first reported by the French sports daily L’Equipe.

Parker was injured sometime during his team’s 85-84 exhibition loss to Spain, a game in which he scored 26 of his 29 points after halftime. He reportedly missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer that would have won the game.

The San Antonio Express-News is reporting that the injury does not appear to be serious. But that won’t soothe the fears of Spurs fans who know that they need Parker healthy for the start of training camp and the 2013-14 season.

EuroBasket will run from Sept. 4-22 in Slovenia, but Parker won’t be seeing many of his NBA All-Star brethren there. Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol and Chicago Bulls stars Joakim Noah and Luol Deng are among the key names skipping the tournament for various reasons.

Those four battled injury issues at one time or another last season, just as Parker did. But none of them rebounded in the postseason the way Parker did for the Spurs, who were 30 seconds away from winning the NBA title in Game 6 of The Finals against the Miami Heat.

The Spurs’ chances of a Finals return rest on Parker staying healthy and leading a veteran team that does not have a backup point guard capable of replicating his play, even on a temporary basis.

For the Spurs’ sake, the results of Parker’s MRI need to confirm the Express-News’ report that the injury is not serious.


  1. J says:

    he’ll be fine… hopefully

  2. AussieCeltic420 says:

    No back up PG? What about our boy Patty Mills? he’s at least an ample replacement, until TP9 is healthy again.
    he’s PROVEN HE CAN HANG in the international scene, even had some big scoring games in the NBA when given some minutes. It continues to blow me away that he hasn’t logged decent minutes in the NBA.
    So underrated!!

  3. European says:

    Hmm. Who cares if he’ll be ready for a training camp. Eurobasketcounts, and NBA play-offs.. Not training camp, lol. Funny articles here.

  4. Kimmy says:

    Tony Parker. Take notice you young bucks. He is a true professional basketball player. And I’m not even a Spurs fan. Get well soon, hope it’s not that serious.

  5. DD says:

    Parker himself said in the postgame interview the MRI was just precautionary, because he took a bump on the knee during the game.
    The game itself was excellent: amazing atmosphere, great perfomance from both sides with excellent teamplay.
    Playing for the national team is for love of the game and country, and players are smart enough to understand the benefits and risks envolved for their careers.

  6. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Lang > Sekou

  7. M. Dalgart says:

    Hopefully the Injury isn’t too serious for Tony Parker and he’ll be ready for the NBA Season.
    But this isn’t the first time he got injured, playing fpr France’s National Team. The last time, SPURS Popovich asked him not to
    participate for the National Team, due to other recent “Health Issues”, prior to National Team preparations. Recall?
    Yet, Parker seems to make his own decisions, even though he’s on contract with the SPURS.
    There’s obviously a “Liability Issue” here, that Parker apparently, always seems to disregards?

    • Charly says:

      He is not even injured, he simply felt something and wanna make sure it’s nothing. Parker always considered representing his country as his duty and an honor, his behavior regarding the national team is one of the reason he is so respected in France. More people should behave like him, you ask him to forget all that in case he gets hurt and is unable to play at 100% in like 9 months to take another swing at a championship while he has absolutely no guarantee that his team will be true contenders… He already has 3 rings, doesn’t care about individual awards… it seems normal to me he tries to get a continental trophy with his country.

  8. mark says:

    man I hope this isn’t too serious. Dude is a true floor general and 3 time nba champion.

  9. Spurs Fan says:

    Agreed, get well soon Tony!

  10. Seems to me the spurs should’ve been recruiting Nate Robinson.

  11. Turk says:

    Easily most underrated pg in the league despite his mercurial on-court intelligence. Please stay healthy. You are a joy to watch.