T-Mac Calls It Quits, Retires From NBA

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Tracy McGrady‘s NBA career is over, by his own volition.

The seven-time All-Star, seven-time All-NBA pick and two-time scoring champ closed the door this morning on ESPN’s First Take, announcing that he was “officially” retiring from the NBA after 16 seasons in the league. He did say he was leaving the door open to opportunities in China, but said he was done playing bit parts on NBA teams.

He spent a decade as a franchise player in Orlando and Houston but knee issues derailed his career. He played in New York, Detroit and Atlanta in his final three full seasons in the league.

McGrady began the 2012-13 season with the Qingdao Eagles of the Chinese Basketball Association, where he averaged 25 ppg, 7.2 rpg and 5.1 apg on a last-place team. He joined the San Antonio Spurs during their playoff run that ended in The Finals last season. He was 30 seconds away in Game 6 from earning the NBA title and ring that eluded him his entire career.

His announcement comes on the heels of the retirement of another one of the marquee players of his generation. Allen Iverson announced his retirement last week.

While Iverson should be a lock, the Hall of Fame debate for McGrady will crank up now. If you go by the numbers alone, McGrady should also be a lock. He even mentioned as much on the air this morning, pointing out that during his prime there was an ongoing conversation among basketball insiders and fans as to who was the better player: McGrady or Kobe Bryant.

Of course, Bryant has an edge in championships (5-0) that McGrady will never overcome. But there once was a legitimate debate as to who was going to be a better player between himself, Kobe and Vince Carter during the early stages of their respective careers.

McGrady and Carter never did enjoy the team or playoff success that Bryant did, ending that debate years ago.

Still, McGrady’s transcendent talent and jaw-dropping exploits when he at his zenith (check his highlights above) leave no doubt that he was one of the most unusual talents to ever grace a NBA floor.

A 6-foot-9 shooting guard with otherworldly athleticism, shooting range basically anywhere in the arena and the passing ability most point guards could only dream of, McGrady entered the league straight out of high school as the ninth overall pick to Toronto in the 1997 Draft. He leaves with a Hall of Fame worthy body of work, even it was marred by injuries and postseason failures.


  1. T-Mac……. probably equal to KD in scoring skill and efficiency in his prime….. too bad his body couldn’t keep up w/ his style of play….

  2. zack says:

    his blend of height, agility and skill is rare, kind of like kevin durant. we wont see another player like these guys for a long time. he will be missed.

  3. adam kampman says:

    T-mac was a beast and I will miss him!

  4. Mike says:

    McGrady will be missed. I have mad respect for him and his game.

  5. Levisy says:

    If Bernard King is in the HOF, McGrady is in. Both were dominant offensive players when healthy, but McGrady’s numbers are better.

  6. T-mac HOF no brainer says:

    I can still remember his isolation plays on top of the key.
    Those were nightmares for his defenders!!!

  7. pathostikss says:

    ok so.. his carreer never started, and he is retired.. strange but nowadays you can do an entire career only with hype and a few highlights.
    Mcgrady to the hall of fame ? wow seriously.. to the hall of hype clearly.

  8. amir says:

    T-mac is 6-9, depending on which leg u measure off of. His left is shorter then his right. Thus the career full of injuries to the knees and back. And T-mac is a HoF talent 4 sure. If Dominique is in, so is T-mac; better numbers and same results. The man was truly great. The only think that separates him from Kobe is the will to go on. Not talent, willpower; When the Magic were down he got depressed, talked about retiring and demanded a trade. When the Lakers were down (Smush, Kwame, Chris Mihm, im lookin at you) Kobe doubled down and put up the best numbers of an era.

  9. kenjah says:

    wow.. after watching bring back memories…. TMAC #mac was sure a handful. not a Spurs fan but I was rooting for them in the final just so he could have got that #NBARING.. that would have been a blessing well deserve.

  10. Tay Miller says:

    My favorite player of all time you will truly be missed wish you would og got that ring tho Wish you the best in China

  11. angel torres says:

    Allen Iverson and Tracy Mcgrady r hall of famers in my eyes even wit out a ring!!! but no offense I always think A.I is better but T-Mac was nasty to

  12. purpleman says:

    Can’t believe TMAC was comparing himself to Kobe… should have stayed with the Raptors

  13. #1KobeH8R says:

    He woulda helped detroit repeat with Billups and Ben in ’05 three-peat in ’06 and stop LeBron in ’07

  14. johnny red says:

    TMAC had potential to be the best in the league but he knew that he could not outshine a young vince carter in Toronto, so he decided to move to Orlando, which was probably one of his biggest mistakes.. Ya he was a scoring champ twice and an all star regular but he and Vince together could have really done some special things, both fizzled out quick, Vince couldnt handle the pressure of leading a team to playoff success and neither could Mcgrady, together they would have won the east easily a few times from 02-07. As for Kobe, hes overrated, look at his shooting percentage, never been close to 50% even when he had Shaq.

  15. Coble says:

    Since TMac is retiring, I’d like to take this moment to thank him for one of my fondest basketball memories…when McGrady in the playoffs (first round, obviously) against the Hornets said he was the best player on the court blah blah. Because the next game Baron Davis came out, balled him up, and won the game at the buzzer…TWICE. Leading to the first NBA replay rules the following season to make sure they no longer incorrectly waived off game-winning shots.

  16. Juan Aguilera says:

    One of the greatest two guards of all time. What an incredible talent he was at the offensive end of the court, could absoloutely light it up! I was really rooting for him to win that championship this year in the finals, he deserved it. Nontheless, amazing career from T-Mac.

  17. Hawks Fan says:

    HOF..no question about it.

  18. Fellow72 says:

    People need to stop giving VC and Tmac such are hard time for their post season Failures. Remember what happened when kobe lost shaq? He experienced the exact same failures, one of them even a bit worse than the failures that Tmac and VC experienced. From 2004- 2007, One year he couldn’t even bring lakers to the playoffs and led them to their 3rd worst season in franchise history. The team he had in 2004-2005 was of the same caliber of a team Tracy had in his Orlando years and was equivalent to so of his rockets years when Yao was injured. Kobe experienced the exact same thing they did, and had gasol not arrived, people would have continued to seriously question Kobe’s credibility as a superstar post-shaq.

    If Tracy had the same luck that kobe got in his years of desperation and Tim Duncan didn’t get sweet talked by Pop to stay on spurs instead of playing with Tmac at last minute, this HOF question would be a joke. Kobe was just as vulnerable as VC and Tmac were when he was given a roster similar to the ones they had to play with at certain points of their careers. His resume without looking at the playoff aspect is more than qualified that HOF worthy. But when we bring the playoff conversation in, we also have to look at the factors at why he didn’t have the same success. Kobe exposed to the same conditions Tmac had at orlando produced the same disappointing post season results, so i don’t see why there has to be all this disagreement on it.

  19. dragutin says:

    Many so called basketball fans bash Bryant but they don’t realise that Kobe is the only guy left from that era that can still compete with the superstars of today.Iverson Brayant Carter Magrady is way cooler than Lebron Melo Durant and Paul in my book.It was a great era an tMAC was a superstar.

    • Nore says:

      Thats Nasty … Watched NBA since 1996 when I was 11 but I started to watch NBA really consistently after the ALL STAR GAME 2001. The only Players from the respective rosters of that All Star Game still active are: Vince Carter, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett … Makes so sad that nearly all Players I grew up on already retired … I remember having the east coast and the west coast roster as Posters in my Room Back then …


  20. miniminer says:

    thanks for the memories tmac.. 13pts in 31sec and dunking over bradley were the best!

  21. Low says:

    He is a squint-eyed guy…He’s one eye is in the opponent the other is lock down in the ring.

    So You know why he is a scoring champion he’s eyes where on the bucket all the TIME!

  22. noname says:

    hopefully we can still see he’s face a CBA

  23. drewpot says:

    think…if shaq hardaway and t-mac was all on magic?? maybe they got a ring…

  24. Emil says:

    TMac deserves the Hall of Fame slot! He proved hisself to NBA that he is a high-calibrated player ever played in this league.

  25. armydreamer says:

    thanks for the memories tmac…….(

  26. Kobefan8 says:

    So many dunks on unsuspecting centers, amazing contested 3 pointers that can only be replicated by the Great Kobe and ofcourse 13 points in 30 seconds. Thank you for the great memories t-mac!

  27. Jaroslav says:

    T-Mac you BEST

  28. Hah says:

    What about that rockets vs spurs game where he single handedly in 33 seconds scored 13 points and made Pops be mad?

  29. damadstuntman says:

    It’s a shame really…him and Penny Hardaway are probably the 2 players who’s careers were haunted by injuries and who could easily have been in the HOF. Yao definitely falls in that category as well…

  30. J says:


  31. T-Mac, one of the most prolific scorers in nba history & a great defender. Certainly a lock for the HOF. Hey T-Mac come back for one more w/ my Celtics-Rondo-Bradley-T-Mac-Green-Sully & company, a ring for sure.

  32. Rhedz says:

    Tmac is Tmac…An awesome player, one of a kind…great athlete..he might not rings or trophys but he will always be remebered and will go down in history as “The Man Of 35” Nobody can probably duplicate what tmac have done on that night against a great team like spurs. He did all those last second points in style, It was breath taking. I wish you all the best Mac, and thank you for those amazing memories that you have given us. Good luck with whatever you do in life. For me you are one of the best and deserving to be in HOF. I hope you get into coaching someday or atleast be a part of houstons staff and management. cheers!

  33. Enu says:

    I’m a Orlando Magic fan since I was 9 years old, and I became T-Mac fan when he signed to the Magic and since then I always suppoorted every team He played for, He is and will always be part of my Top 10 NBA players.
    I thank him for every good moments He gave me and all his fans, unfortunatly the insure stop his progress in the League.
    I wish him the best thing in the world for him and hi family, I’m sad because He is retiring but as long as He is happy I’m Happy too.

  34. BobbyC says:

    A very god player. He should be a hall of famer one day. Champhionship ring eluded him during the peak of his career.

  35. Nashty says:

    T-Mac is a Hall of Fame guy, He deserve to be in HOF.
    We All know that T-Mac and Iverson deserve to be in HOF,
    The two are great players during their prime…..

  36. HEAT win over pistons says:

    TMAC block LBJ twice..one isolation move(JUMP SHOT) and one FAST BREAK…on board….he suffer injuries but still he can the defend the MONKING(LEBRON)..being a HALL of FAMER is not about the ring…
    see this


  37. David W says:

    first time leaving message here because i love T-Mac too much. i will definitely miss him. By looking at his career average and 32 point season average, i think he will be a HOF-er. Too bad he didn’t have a ring….

  38. ads? says:

    i think its rude to have ads on someones retirement/career highlights video.

  39. Orlando says:

    T-Mac, best Magic player ever! HoF material! Magic should retire his number.

  40. CLIPPER_BOY says:

    Man Sekou makes TMAC sound like a scrub. Why talk about the man playoff shortcomings he is retiring keep it up beat dang. Much luv TMAC.

  41. Bob M says:

    If Ralph Sampson is in the HOF, T-Mac should stroll right in. There are many good points in these posts, but he was driven to win. He didn’t have the talent or the coaching around him. Then, the injuries began to show up. Through it all, he played a lot of great basketball.

  42. pathostikss says:

    talented individual player, but too short for the nba. no titles, no playoffs, nothing. regular season boy, weak team basher. 50 points and a loss. there are hundreds like him.

  43. Michael Peloton says:

    The only thing that separated Kobe and Tmac is Kobe’s undying competitive spirit and love for the game. Tmac never approached the game as if it were his last. That’s probably why he was never at par with Kobe. Had he given his all, he is one of the greatest player to have ever played the game of basketball.

  44. MJ says:

    Hands down the most naturally gifted player of all time. Thanks, T-Mac!

  45. hatersgonhate says:

    Always have love for T-Mac. Respect and well deserved retirement after an amazing career (rings don’t matter if you make people enjoy watching basketball games).

  46. pistonsfan says:

    I hope Paul George can develop to Tracy’s level, talentwise he reminds me of him, and has a similar bodytype, just better defender.

  47. Shin Dung Fha says:

    Imagine this.. if the Raptors kept him and Vince for a couple of years together and they work on their differences.. Raptors should have a banner hanging in ACC now, at least 1 anyways. Just my take on how good it could have been.

  48. wak9 says:

    great player back in the early 00’s.

    congrats on all ur accomplishments tmac

  49. samssecond says:

    T mac will always be one of my top three favorites along with Allen Iverson and Vince Carter. Grew up watching those guys. Hell of a player was or could have been without his many injuries.

  50. Never made it out of the first round of the playoffs until he sat on the bench for San Antonio. You cannot say that is a good career or he was great. Ball hog and never made his team better. Was worried way more about off court partying then championships. Problem with giving non-performers or clutch individuals tens of millions of dollars. “countless exciting moments” – Can’t name one and I live in Orlando and grew up watching him.

    • m.w.a. bulls 1 says:

      Amen, bro!

    • TMacforlife! says:

      You have no idea what basketball is do you? No exciting moments…. 13 points in 33 second, never happen before or after. Dunking over a 7’6 center, makes Blake Griffin look like a poser. 7 time all star. 2 time scoring champ. I have came to the conclusion that you don’t watch basketball, prolly a heat (lebron) fan. Have no idea what a jumpshot is and last but not least think the bucks are a football team lol

    • I Know everything about Hoops says:

      wat good players did he play with in Orlando in he scored 50 on Lebron on Christmas that’s exciting to me you just must be a big hater you cant make bum players better no matter who u are in it took KG 9 Tries to get out the first round until he had good players around him it takes a team to win

  51. JOEL says:

    Goodbye TMAC congrats on an awesome career and I hope you find success and happiness in the next chapter of your life!

  52. wanda jewett says:

    Good Luck McGrady!!!!!!

  53. Louie says:

    Well, at least he finally got past the first round of the playoffs…

  54. m.w.a. bulls 1 says:

    …not a hof ‘er, sorry. It’s not about the individual numbers you put up as that can be self serving to stay in the market for big money. Also, his Magic/Rockets teams never did enough and didn’t sustain “powerhouse” status long enough. Although I pulled for the Spurs in the Finals, the consalation prize for me is that he DID NOT get a ring. NO, I’m not s hater, but nothing makes me madder when players spend their whole careers trying to get a ring, become a non factor and get one on a good team while being washed. Its why I think Gary Payton should return his ring. He couldn’t beat Jordan, the best, while at his best. Getting one off Shaq and Wade doesn’t count imo… However, with today’s NBA, writers and voters, he’ll probably get in. It’s not exclusive any more. Jordan is rolling over in his grave, as Barkley would say.

    • I Know everything about Hoops says:

      wow your a big hater smh

      • I Know everything about Hoops says:

        he is a hall of fame player what his team did doesn’t matter you cant win if your team isn’t good it doesn’t matter who you are go look at Jordan’s team records before he got pippen in look what kobe’s team did when Shaq left in before Gasol came it don’t matter how great u are your team has to be good to win

      • marlon green says:

        A very big HATER. Payton deserves to get in because he did not just sit on the bench and collect a ring. He was past his prime but could still contribute on a good team which he did in the Finals when he hit that big 3 pointer in game 5 or 6. And just because he couldn’t beat the Jordan AND THE BULLS while both players were in their prime should he have just given up? Is that how you think? If you dont win while your in your prime then retire or just continue playing for teams with losing seasons? Their are tons As far as hall of fame for T-mac it’s a toss up. They really need to verify what gets you in. Is it just winning a championship or individual accomplishments.

  55. tmac is one of the greatest and I love everything about him. the true definition of a superstar and he will never be duplicated.. but these guys can try. thanks mac and u will always b my number one role model

  56. I Know everything about Hoops says:


  57. matthew mathis says:

    i knew this was coming no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE ONE LAST SHOWDOWN COME TO LAKER NATION WITH AI FORGET THE PAST DON’T GO OUT LIKE THIS

  58. dmh says:

    The only thing that prevented Tmac from getting all the glory was the injuries. Some say attitude. However the situations he was in after Toronto were plagued with injuries either to himself or his team. Grant Hill missed about 80-90% of the games in an Orlando uniform due to injury. Hill was suppoosed to be Tmac’s partner in Orlando. Then after that he forced his way to Houston and that was an injury list game of musical chairs with Yao and others. He was never the same when he came back. The tail end of his career was more or less a waste due to his injuries and the status of the teams he was on. Detroit was a lottery team at the time and Tmac played pg half the year to try to get the pistons out of the cellar. Atlanta was a playoff team in flux trying to figure out what to do with their pfs and pg situations. By the time he got to San Antonio the only thing that he ended up being decent for is a practice body.

    There was a time in which there was a legitimate argument about whether he was better than Kobe. It never came to its full potential because of the injuries. If the injuries wouldn’t have come, the 7 allstar seasons would have been stretched to a similar margin. Just like the guy that wore the #1 before him in Orlando, the basketball world will wonder what could have been if the injury bug did not strike as hard as it did. As far as the HOF, it is a huge question mark. Tmac has earned his NBA chops early on but is it enough?

    Either way, kudos to Tmac for a great career!

  59. Unkle Daddy says:

    He should have stayed in Toronto, with Vince they could have owned the east. Got McGreedy wanted out of Carter’s shadow.

  60. John says:

    Good luck on your new journey.. Have Fun TMac

  61. John says:

    He should have gone to Lakers during his prime and get a ring and then go for the money after that and retire. Just saying.. Good luck T Mac

  62. jdoc says:

    my all time second favorite player (behind MJ) i wished you could have won a ring, but it happens. most def will be a HOFer. Maybe not first ballot but he will be. The NBA will miss you T-Mac

  63. LS says:

    TMac should have been with the Globe Trotters! Awesome talent.

  64. Indio says:

    Hall of famer of course! One of the most exciting players I´ve ever seen, only injuries could stop him.
    Thanks for those great moments T-mac, best of lucks from Spain!

  65. leslie says:

    Tmac was my favourite..
    …he was more like a video game created character INSANEEE

  66. notahater says:

    imo he doesnt have those qualities that hof-er had, yes he’s an incredible guy but lets face it. he had some awesome plays but come on guys, this guys almost bed ridden in the most of the games in his late career. he didn’t even literally play as a spurs last playoffs.

  67. king lebon says:

    Thank You mac … good Bye

  68. acidice24 says:

    Guy on #8 looks like LeBron.

  69. Don't give a fuk says:

    One of the greatest scorers in the history of the NBA

    He should be in the Hall of Fame…13 pts in 33 seconds.. that was Reggie Miller on roids lol

    Also, more than anything he was one of the most exciting players of all time.

    Kobe said him self that was the hardest guy he payed against, i think that’s a hall of fame worth comment right there.

    T-Mac #1

  70. Mr.Tracy Mcgrady should be a legend because he a good player and he has a respect to he’s fans and he is one of the most amazing NBA player I’ve ever seen. If he didn’t suffer any injuries I’m sure he’s more popular than any other NBA player now.I love Mr.Tracy Mcgrady’s playing style and I’m gonna miss him so much. Good luck Mr.Tracy Mcgrady.

  71. mike1171171177717 says:

    An amazing talent. It’s too bad injuries derailed his career as they did. I was rooting for him to come back. He deserves to be in the HOF.

  72. mike1171171177717 says:

    It’s too bad injuries derailed his career as they did. I rooted for him to come back. An amazing player in his prime. Someone who should be in the HOF.

  73. Troy says:

    It was too bad u left toronto. U and vc15 could have been one of the best duo and maybe won a championship together. Unfortunately u left and followed by vince and no one have seen u both together in ur prime playing together. Anyway good luck, one of the best 1-2 guards that ever played but not a hall of famer.

  74. burbosanity says:

    always think if he stay in toronto with carter

  75. Luke says:

    I have always supported the Heat my entire life but my favourite player of all time is T-Mac he is just an entertainer. He made the opp to yourself off the backboard popular, her dunked over a 7′ 6” monster of a man and lets not forget scoring 13 points in 33 secs. He has also had 7 all-star appearances, he led the league in scoring 2 years in a row and has had many other accomplishments if this guy doesn’t make the Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame then Gary Payton who was elected into the HOF shouldn’t be there either

    • marlon green says:

      Uh oh pump the brakes Luke. Gary payton has a championship ring and he led the Sonics to the finals along with Kemp. Payton has had more playoff success than McGrady. I’m not hatin on McGrady when he was healthy he could hang with the best of them. I’m not saying he shouldn’t make the Hall of Fame, but if that happens there are alot of other players that should make the Hall of Fame that had their careers derailed by injuries. (Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, Larry Johnson, should I continue?)

  76. Tmac: One of the greatest says:

    For me Tmac is in top 5 to ever play the game and the biggest talent ever.
    His skill are unmatched.
    He is the inspiration for me to play basketball.

  77. boston rules says:

    Better than lebron

  78. E.Balnik-ZaValee says:

    That 360 layup @ #7 was too daaaaaamn sweet. Should’ve been in top-3 in my opinion. I remember T-Mac in his prime playing for the Magic when he was plain and simple unstoppable. One of my favorite all-timers. Wish him all the best!

  79. Dwayne says:

    Loser. He didnt retire he QUIT!!! LOSER. lost a fan

  80. will says:

    he’s not 6,9″! he may be 6,8″ , but he’s 6,7″ at most in his playing days. talk about height padding.

  81. xuhuizhong says:

    Man that 13 in 33 seconds gives me goose pumps every time i saw it…………

  82. celtics1 says:

    Tmac has himself to blame. His baes days where with orlando magic. His pride, ego madeit impossible notto get the best players around him.

    • floridashorti says:

      yep that’s when tmac became me-mac, I remember those days. we were not sorry to see him leave our pinstripes behind

  83. Phillyfromg says:

    hall of fame? I´m not sure about that, but a great Player without a doubt! Thank´s for the memories.

  84. Chris says:

    Damn… Kidd, Hill, AI and now T-Mac.. Not bad company to retire at the same time with!

    • BigBoy says:

      yep, now it’s Kurt Thomas’ and Juwan Howard’s turn. Def HOF’ers if they do it now.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      the end of an era. There will be lots of nostalgia over that era.

      Shaq, T-Mac, Hill, AI, Reggie Miller, Jason Kidd, Yao Ming….An entire era is ending…

      Kobe, KG, Pierce, Vince Carter, Nash, Duncan and Nowitzki are practically all that’s left of that era.

      It was a great time to be a basketball fan, a great time to just love the NBA.
      Thank you to all the above for something that was more than just entertainment.

      • alp says:

        i started watching bball when most of these guys were coming into the league, with something to prove to everybody, now they all got their legacies to leave behind when they are done with the game. man im gettin old.

    • Joel Jose says:

      I bet Vince Carter will be next. I’ll miss T-Mac. I’m a Brooklyn Nets fan hoping they would land T-Mac but he retired instead. Atleast from the NBA. He still thinking overseas.

  85. asdf says:

    Wish he won that ring last year.

  86. Ali says:

    Thank you T-Mac. Gave a lot of good memories to me when you were a part of the Houston Rockets. #McgradyIsBeast

  87. Alex says:

    crazy talent. Wish he would have stuck it out in Toronto with Vince

  88. malone..Brooklyn ball state rec says:

    Thanks t-mac for great memories with toronto.. but kobe is still the man

  89. Deepak says:

    Man 13 points in 33 secs, that will never happen again… He deserves to be in the HOF, he is one of the greats to play this game

  90. Otown says:

    Tmac was my first favorite player. He was a prolific scorer, one of the best!

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Same. Was my first favorite player as well. He was right up there with Kobe for a while.
      More importantly he was always an active community member and had great sportsmanship.
      I hope he makes the HoF. He gets my vote.

  91. TL says:

    t-mac wish you the best!!!!! i will never forget the exciting houston days where the 13 points in 31 sec and the 22 games winning streak happened!!

  92. fizike1 says:

    I think Tmac was one of the best shooting guards ever