West Guards Set Up For All-Star Snub

It could be harder for Steph Curry (left) or Ricky Rubio to get their a taste of the bright lights of All-Star selection.

It could be harder for Steph Curry (left) or Ricky Rubio to get a taste of the bright lights of All-Star selection.

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Remember when Steph Curry got the All-Star snub? Charles Barkley was darn well hacked off: “For them to leave Steph Curry off that team, it’s a joke; it’s a flat-out joke.”

Curry’s coach Mark Jackson also wasn’t amused by “them,” his Western Conference peers who pick the reserves, even with Golden State Warriors forward David Lee getting the nod:

“We know who the jurors are,” Jackson told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I think you have to question the process. I’m not going to go all Dr. King on us, but you’ve got to stand for what’s right, man. These guys have changed this whole organization. They have led. They have sacrificed. They have defended. They have competed.”

West coaches really might need to take cover this year. Barring injuries or unforeseen awful seasons, those 15 coaches will be locked in a no-win pickle to select the backup “backcourt” players.

Maybe this year Lee gets the snub, or some other “frontcourt” player like Zach Randolph or Tim Duncan (everyone thought he was done after his 2012 omission anyway, right?) to make room for an extra guard or two because there is going to be an absolutely outrageously long list of sure-fire or close-to-it All-Star guards.

The 2013 All-Star team featured five guards on the 12-man roster: Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant as the fan-voted starters, with Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook and first-timer James Harden as the coach-selected reserves.

Which one of those guys slides and doesn’t make the 2014 team? Kobe’s coming off Achilles surgery and his return date remains uncertain. Still, he’s expected back well before the All-Star Game and no matter how he fares it’s far-fetched to think fans won’t vote him in for a 16th consecutive start. Just go ahead and pencil in the L.A. boys as starters again.

Will Westbrook falter coming off his knee surgery? Doubtful. Could Parker, a five-time All-Star who has played his best ball over the last two seasons, slip? Possible, I suppose, if Spurs coach Gregg Popovich rests him from Christmas Day to MLK Day.

Here’s the thing: Even if one of those guys slide, the list of replacements is excessive, starting with the Warriors’ Curry, whose trajectory is just now starting to mirror that of the space shuttle upon liftoff. Seven of the West’s eight playoff teams from last season boast an All-Star-caliber point guard or shooting guard. Memphis point Mike Conley is gaining steam and it’s possible his 2012-13 numbers, a career-best of 14.6 pgg (and 2.2 spg, third overall) and 6.1 apg, could rise in a faster-paced offense under first-year coach Dave Joerger. Denver’s speed merchant Ty Lawson was a bubble guy in ’12, but he might be in for quite the transition with blow-it-out George Karl‘s departure probably ushering in more traditional sets under rookie coach Brian Shaw.

Still, the list rolls on…

Three West lottery teams offer undeniable candidates: Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio, who is poised for a breakout after last season’s tough return from ACL surgery; Portland’s Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard, who has reinforcements this year that should help him get even better; and West newcomer and Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday, who, oh yeah, was a first-time All-Star last season in that other conference with the 76ers.

Want more? Eric Bledsoe, stashed behind CP3 these last two seasons in Clipperland, is primed to bust out in the Valley of the Suns; Andre Iguodala, a 2012 All-Star, can’t be counted out with the Warriors, unless sharpshooter Klay Thompson beats him out; and Monta Ellis, an All-Star in his own mind even if he’s yet to wear the uniform, could be in for a big year in Dallas feeding off 11-time All-Star Dirk Nowitzki (who just might want his “frontcourt” spot back).

Oh wait, did I mention that eight-time All-Star Steve Nash, who turns 40 a week before the All-Star Game, made the team in 2008, ’10 and ’12?

Obviously he’s due in ’14. Right?

Best of luck, coaches. And be prepared to duck.


  1. #1KobeH8R says:

    Who does the west have that can guard LeBron in the All-Star game??? KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. #1KobeH8R says:

    Its difficult to determine the best guard ever since the league opened up the lane… I’d say: “Whenever LeBron has the ball at the top of the key, that’s the best PG!!!”

  3. Jimbo says:

    To idol: Kobe is the best ever ?? that’s your opinion, and everybody has one. Does Kobe have 6 championship rings, 5 Finals-MVP awards, 10 (ten) scoring titles, or 3 All Star MVP awards ?? MJ does. I think MJ’s credentials trump Kobe’s credentials… by a mile ! Heck, Bill Russell’s credentials (10 NBA championship rings) trump Kobe’s credentials. Give LBJ 5 more years playing time and his credentials will most likely trump Kobe. Lets see… Kobe Bryant is maybe the 4th best player all time ? I believe that is a much more accurate statement. To all you Kobe lovers out there… do the math !!!

    • Lakers-Warriors-Suns says:

      He said Michael Jordan is better than Kobe Bryant. Maybe you should enhance your reading skills… If you have any.

  4. IDOL says:

    Im a HUGE Kobe Bryant fan from Houston. With that being said he is not better than #23,


  5. astar23 says:

    Why is Tony Parker and the Spurs always get counted out?lol Out of all those PG only one has 3 rings and a finals MVP. For those that think CP3 is the best PG in the league is a joke, he gets all the love cause he’s in LA, thats all. As much as I love TP and how I think he was the best PG last year, DRose wasn’t playing.

    • Lakers-Warriors-Suns says:

      I agree, The Spurs as a team are unappreciated and underrated. Tony is the best PG right know. Also I think Tim Duncan should be the starting center on the West.

  6. lookalikeblogg says:

    Bobcats Jeff Taylor will have a break out year and be a fan favorite with his high flying and spectacular plays! Not only can he contend for an all-star spot but a spot in either the three point or dunk competition as well!

  7. dont make me laugh says:

    curry in for westbrook… dont make me laugh

  8. The Truth says:

    Just imagine someone dominating a game on offense and defense like Lebron does now. But he had the clutch performance of Kobe to boot… His name was Michael Jordan! In fact, watching all three play, I would say MJ was a touch better in the clutch than Kobe, making better decisions, and he imposed his will on a whole ball game even more than Lebron. So really, imagine a player who dominated more than Lebron and performed better than Kobe in the clutch… MJ is GOAT… and not my favorite player btw.

    • Juggernaut584 says:

      U can’t be hurting the Bron Bron bandwagoners’ feelings like that. Most people who post on this site are not old enough to have seen MJ dominate the league, but they still wear his shoes though! Nuff said!

  9. The Truth says:

    Kobe Bryant best of all time. LOL. I guess people have short memories… Jordan played the same position. Remember??? What exactly did Kobe do that was better than Jordan. Compare stats, rings, MVPs, defense, offense, whatever… C’mon! GET REAL!

  10. Bucks 4 Life says:

    also the West has too many good players to fill the All-Star team while the East has too few. example, Jrue Holliday last year.

  11. Bucks 4 Life says:

    Kobe is getting voted to the All-Star team, even though with his injury he should not play until Christmas. Lakers only get represented by him this season unless Gasol puts up MVP numbers…which he won’t.

  12. Paul says:


    He is one of the most exciting to watch. His team is one i am most looking forward to seeing in the coming season.

    I think he provides more excitement than some others as you don’t know if he is coming to explode.
    For me the all star game could be more exciting and challenging but they tend to disappoint.

    There is a lot of talent and its debatable if it is the best or popularity contest.
    Maybe there needs to me more players allowed as it maybe more deserve it based on their talent.
    Yes in some ways you want the best of best and curry is definitely up there.
    For me Westbrook and curry are most interesting to watch although not old school point guards.
    Nash is great but not playing as high as in the past. Paul lobs to griffin fine is that it, where is the guy from the commercial with magic, step it up, get creative.

  13. alp says:

    l feel like my thunder had a legitimate shot at winning the championship last year, and this year, but last year they ran out of gas, specifically james harden(in the finals), this year rus got hurt. now i feel like the thunder are sort of in the same situation they were in 09-10 season when they got beat by L.A in the first round… its really only KD and Rus once again, VS a STACKED western conference but with teams that were as hungry as OKC was in 09. i see the warriors a a TRUE threat now, steph curry proved he is the best shooter in the league hands down, i doubted him, i was silenced and i have the up most respect for him now. with him leading that stacked warriors team… they could SURELY win the championship next year. the spurs are the spurs, nuff said. the nuggets are young and hungry with faried, lawson, mcgee and co. i think kobe will comeback with a vengeance.. the grizzlies are a TOUGH team to beat as long as they have tony allen, mike conley, marc gasol and zach randolph… and then… the clippers. cp3, bg, jamal crawford +the new additions… and what does OKC have? STEVEN ADAMS….? lol i can see KD and Rus putting up HUGE numbers this year, but i don’t think thats enough to get the job done anymore… ibaka has to step up, we lost k mart who was a legit 3rd wheel now everybody thinks reggie jackson is the guy, thats a JOKE. with all this said, im ready for the season to start TODAY, I CANT WAIT.

    • astar23 says:

      KD is a great player but there is no way they can beat the Heat unless they get a low post player. Even if Westbrook was healthy last year I didn’t think they could beat the spurs. 2 years ago james harden went off on the spurs, OKC no longer have the 3rd option.

  14. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    Tony Parker is by far the best PG in the league.

  15. Forty says:

    Coaches complain about their player not being an all star. Have they never noticed how much talent and competition is out there? The team isn’t around 55 players like football

  16. jo says:

    What about the Dragoon? Goran Dragić? He is also a star PG!

    • shaba says:

      what about him? he’s completely average and not near all-star level. he will probably get outshined by Bledsoe as well…

  17. rhea says:

    Also I think in 2 years the rockets will add a 3rd allstar in parsons to go with harden and Howard parsons was a beast last year and will only get better now that he isn’t the second best player with the attention on Howard and harden I believe parsons will have a couple big Years ahead of him

    • Tony says:

      LOL ,, Parsons is a scrub who had a good year, I doubt he would ever average 15 plus points per game

      • rhea says:

        Parsons is in no way a scrub he is the most underrated sf in the league man and he is prime for a big year wait and see

      • rhea says:

        Parsons is in no way a scrub he is the most underrated sf in the league man and he is prime for a big year wait and see he will be better this year than last and he is very young

  18. Dod says:

    He destroyed the credibility of the article by lumping Steve Nash in at the end,

  19. rhea says:

    Yes Chris Paul over westbrook because he is more efficient and maybe this year harden over Bryant cus I think the addition of Howard another huge scoring threat will make harden more efficient and still score about the same ppg though

  20. James says:

    “Count the Spurs out because they’re old”

    But almost two decades now we consistently remain on top.

  21. darius says:

    ricky rubio does not deserve an all star selection anywhere near as much as curry.

  22. Ali says:

    Please Kobe fans do not tarnish our reputation. I am speaking to you Jasper Reyes. Kobe is arguably a top 5 or top 10 NBA player but he is not the best. His perseverance and work ethic is a rival to the best, his airness MJ. But please do not blatantly post that he is the best. He is definitely one of the best, and an all time NBA legend.

    • Adam says:

      People can feel free to believe in who they wish. Its what makes the NBA great. Comparing players across eras.

  23. Mel Mel says:

    all STAR. Key word. STAR. Its all about who people want to see play with other STARS who you typically wouldn’t see. ALL Star doesn’t necessarily mean best performing at that time. Neither does MVP for that matter. If that was the case Kobe would have 3 MVP awards not just 1

  24. EnglishFan says:

    Curry is not an All-Star…..yet. He scores in high volumes, sure, but any guy who can be locked down in 4 and a half out of 6 games in a Conference Semi cannot be deemed an All Star. If Kobe is fit, he is still the best SG in the West (and I really do hate admitting that!), CP3 will get the fan vote just because of his huge social media following, the coaches will vote in Parker and Westbrook for sure, the interesting thing is who gets the las 1 or 2 guard spots? Harden will depend on Houston’s new style integrating Howard, Rubio will depend on whether he stays fit and can average double digits in points, and Curry will depend on whether he decides to get double-doubles instead of 30+ points.
    Starting five SHOULD be: PG Parker SG Kobe (if fit, if not, Harden) SF Durant PF Duncan/ZBo C Gasol(MARC)
    Then reserves should be Kobe/Harden, Rubio, Duncan/ZBo, Howard (depending on form), CP3, Westbrook, Love

  25. Ben says:

    The other thing you forgot to mention but should have is that there is every chance, if Lin improves even a little over last year, that he will be voted in as a starter by his significant fan base, increasing the crush still further.

  26. J says:

    nba players shouldn’t just need an all star game or 10 to make sure everyone knows their great, they shouldn’t even get mad if they don’t make the team mainly cause there is a lot of talent in the nba but also as I said u don’t need it. you can be great, terrific even spectacular with none or a few all star appearances I give you an example of a current player monta ellis he has none and he is a great player. also there is more examples of this in the nba I’ll name a few more

    Steve Nash 8 but he should have more
    john starks 1 he could have made 2 or 3
    Chris Mullin 5 he should have more
    toni kukoc at least 1 he should have made

    there is more

  27. jayr says:

    looking back about a decade ago, it was the East who had too many All-Star guards in the lists to be chosen. and the west was more on the SF,PF,&C positions. Now, the west has too many guards with an all-star calliber type of player. If Curry will even just perform like what he did last season, I hope he will get the nod this time…

  28. jonny says:

    Tony Parker was the best player at the PG position in the NBA last season. The best player on the second best team in the NBA, all while Westbrook, CP3, and Derrick Rose were watching him play. Parker is unreal. HOF for sure- I can’t say that about those other guys.

  29. MV3 says:

    Lillard had better make it in this year. hes better then curry. and hes been working on his only weakness (defense).

  30. TheAll-Star136 says:

    Chris Paul and James Harden as starters

  31. Curry's an all star says:

    harden’s was only chosen last season over curry because it was houston’s turn to host all star weekend I still remember harden’s abysmal performance prior to being chosen ( lower than .3 accuracy or something the week before the choice was made)

  32. rhea says:

    – James harden, Kobe Bryant , Chris paul, Russell Westbrook and Stephen curry with Chris Paul and the beard as the starters

  33. matthew mathis says:

    the lakers need to still seth curry from the gsw. yes seth not stephen

  34. Gregg Alfonso Abbang says:

    Still a long way to go for Curry and Rubio.

  35. Kimmy says:

    Curry will make all-stars next season, as long as he is injury free. Either Kobe, Westbrook (hate to say that) or Parker won’t make it.

  36. Tony says:

    Would be interesting to see Gasol get voted in as starter instead of Coward

  37. cdssp4 says:

    Out with the old/washed-up (Nash), in with the young and fresh (Curry, Lawson, Westbrook)

  38. cdssp4 says:

    Nash, a ’14 all-star? Na-ah. As we noticed last season, he’s washed up, and not an all-star anymore. He’s still good for his age, but not worthy of an all-star and yes, he can’t even stay on the court. He’s not as healthy as he was in Phoenix, home of the best conditioning staff of the league, not one of the best.

  39. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    Wait Harden! Nooo!!!!! Just no. He should shave first, then we can talk ;).

  40. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    Nash,Curry,Parker,Duncan, and Nowitzki better get selected!!!

  41. Pete Medina says:

    I agree with all of these statements it is going to be a tough time for Western Conference gaurds to make the All-Star team. Although a player like Stephen Curry has a pretty reasonable chance. He has to compete with players such as: Ricky Rubio, Jrue Holiday, his teammate Klay Thompson, etc. Well Steve Nash and players such as Tony Parker have the worst chance when you have to go up against up and coming players. So this season will be a crazy one for getting the All-Star snub.

  42. jamessy says:

    The west is a tougher division for guards to make the cut to be allstars and the people havea pick at staters so kobe is a stater and alltime fan fav

  43. poohluvhoney says:

    Steve Nash! He may be old (All-Star is a stretch), but he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in so be ready for the Lakers to do work.

  44. Kal says:

    Chris Paul, Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Kobe and Parker have to be locks. some of those guys can be moved to small forward.

    so there’s half your team, the other half are big men.

    what’s the problem here? why is this so difficult for voters to figure out?

  45. underdog says:

    Being underrated.. TP might be replaced by Rubio.. or we can just have 6 guards..

  46. DoughBoy says:

    I think they could help this problem by increasing the roster spots from 12 to 15

    • blahblah216 says:

      no becuz then some guys cant play

      • RJ says:

        You have 15 guys and 240 total minutes of playing time (48 x 5). That’s an average of 16 mpg per player. If most of the older guys only play 12 minutes or so (3 mins a quarter), which I’m sure they’ll be happy to do, then that leaves closer to 17 or 18 mpg average for the younger guys who are either shooting for the mvp, or just looking to get enough court time to prove they really belong there.

    • BigBoy says:

      agreed. nba teams have 15 man max. why not the all-star team? would totally make-up for the snubs. some guys don’t even care about playing in the game; just to get the nod that the coaches and fans noticed your all-star caliber play throughout the first half of the season is satisfaction enough!

  47. Trey says:

    I can c Stephen Curry taking Parker spot n the West,n Iggy might grab one of those SF positions.

    • Mark says:

      If the Spurs have a top 3 seed again (which I think they will), Parker has to be included because he would be the most likely one to make an All-Star team (of course, if Duncan has the season he just had this previous season, then he will probably deserve it more).

      If it weren’t for the fan voting, I think Kobe should be the one dropped out since he’ll miss some games for sure and make room for Curry to get in.

      • Lance says:

        Agreed. Unfortunately the fan vote will keep Kobe in the all star game far past his time because of the huge LA fan base. Same thing happened with Yao Ming. Dude wasnt playing the entire season and was voted to the All star game. ridiculous.

      • BigBoy says:

        every year you think spurs are “done” but every year they manage to outdo last year. but this year is their year: to truly show their age and stagger off top 3 seed possibly even down to bottom 4 seed.

    • jon jon says:

      Iggy is not an all-star player especially in the west. Only made one cause the Sixers surprised people that year with strong start and he wasn’t even our best player.

      • RJ says:

        Oh really? Who was better than Iggy on the sixers in ’11-’12? Otherwise, you’re right. He was snubbed a couple times earlier in his career, so I was happy he got the all star nod that year, considering his all-around contributions, including defense, and being 2nd in scoring to that point in the season on a team that had a team approach to scoring.

  48. Jasper Reyes says:

    KOBE BRYANT is the Best and the Greatest NBA Player !!!

    • arguably…but I don’t think so…with Jordan still on the list, tough to say

      • joe says:


      • alp says:

        no, kobe bryant isn’t even close to being the greatest ever, he is the most overrated player in NBA history but with that being said i STILL do believe he is top 20 to ever play the game.

      • FISCHERGUYYYY says:

        dude you know absolutely nothing about basketball if you have the courage to say kobe is a top 20 player…. i honestly hate the lakers and kobe but he is top 5 all time player

      • Witness says:

        No actually Fischerguyyyy YOU know nothing about basketball if KB the terrible teammate and volumeshooting ballhog is rated #5 all time. BAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . Preciate that good laugh tho for today!!!

    • jon jon says:

      MJ did not miss playoffs entire Bulls career, more mvps, rings and pts, dpoy and oh yea, did it in 200 less games than kobe has played.

      • Adam says:

        Mike did miss the playoofs in his career. twice w wizards! lol. He also made the playoffs w a losing record. The east is/was weak.