LeBron On The Run, Too!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant isn’t the only NBA superstar getting his work done on the anti-gravity treadmill this summer.

In a classic nod to his U.S. Men’s National Team teammate and NBA rival, Miami Heat star LeBron James showed off his anti-gravity track speed via Instagram, same as Kobe did earlier this week:

If this is LeBron’s way of showing Kobe some comedic love on his 35th birthday, I dig it.

I’m taking this as a sign of respect from LeBron to one of the few players in the game who is truly on his level and not a dig at Kobe’s recovery from Achilles surgery. (And the argument could be made that LeBron is still trying to reach Kobe’s level since the Los Angeles Lakers’ star is  a five-time champion, 11-time All-NBA First Teamer, nine-time All-Defensive First Teamer and 15-time All-Star.)

A true competitor wants Kobe back and healthy as soon as humanly possible. The best want to beat the best. And LeBron might be the four-time MVP, the reigning two-time regular season and Finals MVP and NBA champ, too. But he knows Kobe is still ahead of him on the career titles list by a hat trick.

So poking the Mamba is surely his way of acknowledging the fact that he knows Kobe is coming back with a vengeance.

Well played, LeBron. Well played, sir.


  1. RealLakerGM says:

    Kobe’ll be back like Kaiser Suze fixing his limp at the end of Usual Suspects!!

  2. RealLakerGM says:

    It’s great that the NBA eliminated hand-checking right after LeBron’s rookie season, right? Coincidence?

  3. Liquidcobra says:

    If you think the Lakers will make the playoffs this year you’re seriously deluding yourself.

  4. Jordan says:

    haha Lebron does the same exercise Kobe does while injured. Kobe’s on Lebron’s level even when he is hurt lol

  5. me says:

    michael bryant is d best

  6. Todd McCourt says:

    I think James might just see the tread mill as a was to prelong his playing career … And I don’t think it’s really a shot at kobe and yes Kobe does have a great career and has done great things in basket ball … But I think when both of their careers or over I think James will be the more decorated and the more accomplished basketball player no player has came in the league at the level that James did at his age no 18 year old has changed basketball like he did when he stepped on the court for the first time in Cleveland

  7. tz says:

    Doesn’t seem funny doesn’t seem like he’s showing love to kobe…. Just looks like a work out…. Maybe its just me

  8. Dienekes says:

    Basketball is a team sport and the performances of individual players can be judged only in the context of their teammates and opponents. Therefore, comparing any two players is just invalid. I understand that it brings lots of blogs, ads and money since there are so many people out there with poor self esteem trying to prove something to others through a sport they are not even part of. However, it is just pathetic! And of course the NBA is all about money so instead of discouraging comparisons among players they promote it and make money out of it. Sadly the basketball world here has been divided into lovers and haters of individual players. What a shame!!!

  9. Freida says:

    Lebron is now starting his workout. This is just another workout to get himself in top fitness for the coming season. Where would people get the idea he is making fun of Kobe. Lebron saw how it was helping Kobe so why not take advantage of another way to get into top shape. Lebron is now the best player in the world right.

  10. Devenel says:

    they fight for their millions, we’re fighting on which one is better


    i know LbJ’s capable of playing the game. but for me, my finals MVP is Ray. c’mon! I TRULY BELIEVE THAT RAY SHOULD BE THE MVP!!! AND NOT LEBRON!!! GAME 6 of the finals! LEBron missed the three before Ray hits the game tying 3! Lebron is not a shooter! game 7? every player got his luck once(or maybe more) in every season! c’lmon! when lebron had CRAMPS on his leg in 2012 finals, his team i think they CARRIED him to the locker!! when KB tear his tendon, HE IS WALKING LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED! HE EVEN MADE HIS CLUTCH FREE THROWS!! C’mon! KOBE OVER LEBRON! lebron doesn’t beat the spurs when he was in cleveland w/ and without Shaq. if you think lebron is better than kobe, screw you! he did not even win a championship with shaq in their line up!! lebron won championship because he has a teammates that are All stars!! lakers are better without Dwight Coward, and ithink, most of the writers in nba.com always saying that Lakers will battle again their position next season? o c’mon! i bet, they will be in the 4th or 5th spot!

    • Jordan da greatest says:

      I keep reading none sense from people here that Lebron isn’t this & that Kobe is that the truth is kobe is a really good player but a selfish player and Lebron is a great unselfish player he was the finals MVP cause he was the best player in the finals not only game 6 now Ray Allen hit a great shot and that’s
      It.he’s no MVP .please people stop comparing Kobe and Lebron to JORDAN he was unique that’s why he’s said to be the greatest Basketball player ever.

  12. patrick says:

    someone said that kobe cant win without phil…. well think again moron.. phil cant get those 10th and 11th title without kobe.. and FYI kobe is different to MJ they dont play in the same era so stop those damn comparison to both players they have unique talents period

  13. Jordan says:

    It’s called the offseason….Neil Young.

  14. kobe ballhog says:

    Kobe? is a joke GBE Greatest Ballhog Ever, never been about teammates. he will never be up there with the likes of Russel, Magic, Bird, MJ etc. Kobe = Iverson thats more like it.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      His injury is so severe which is why announcers like Nate McMillan (NBA Legend) already was talking about Bryant possibly retiring.

      Even if he tries to come back from this injury, he won’t be 100% until Summer 2014. Let’s be realistic. This injury is that serious. Any NBA veteran and any health doctor/professoinal knows this.

      He won’t be ready by Christmas. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He’ll likely have to skip the entire 2014 NBA season. With the Lakers being the worst team in the West, he’ll have ZERO motivation to play in 2014.

      • Dienekes says:

        You sound you have LOTS of hate in you man! Maybe you can try to find a hobby instead of trying to get pleasure from athletes’ injuries…And as a reminder, basketball is a TEAM sport….the only reason so many people focus on individual players is money…but it has nothing to do with the sport itself…building images of superheroes in order to financially exploit the shallow minds of brainwashed “fans”….the way your messages sound is like it would make you happy if Kobe would end his career tomorrow…how about wishing him the best with his recovery and wish his team the best for the coming season? That is what a true fan of the SPORT (not of a player or a team) would do…but clearly you are nowhere near that…

      • Todd McCourt says:

        I feel you there man well spoken

      • GET IT RIGHT says:

        Do some research before you say stupid things please. 2014 is going to be a great year for LA they have a huge money they can spend on player since D12 left plus kobe will probably sign 1 year contracts. Who will they get Paul George, Irving?? Watch Out Fool

  15. Historian says:

    The King is a pure, unadulterated beast. But to me, he isn’t on Mike and Kobe’s level. Sports are a form of entrtnmnt, no? Well Kobe n Mike are unmatched in terms of pure showmanship. Not only were they the best AT it; they looked the best DOING it, and wanted the world to know that they KNEW they were better than the rest. Humility be damned. Bron is great at lots of things, but a jack of all trades is a master of none of them.

  16. Bitoy says:

    Kobe,LeBron,Durant they are all Great players. But for me what makes them different is how they make them self Legend.

  17. Kimmy says:

    I can’t wait until the season starts. I want game highlights. Dont you? Let the games begin.

  18. Denis says:

    who cares, a.i. is retireing, report about him, interview him. STOP postin all about lebron becouse lebron can’t compare to kobe, iverson and many more. He doesn’t have any skill’s or basketball iq, he’s just a pure power!!

  19. nononoik says:

    who is this lebron jones

  20. celentano says:

    So how many all stars did Kobe had during Lakers championships? At the Shaq era only Kobe & Shaq where all-stars combined with role players (Fisher,Glen,Eddy,shaw,vujacic;Horry …).
    At the Gasol-Kobe era & the some period guy Bynum where the only all-stars + role players like Farmar.
    So Lebron’s team 2013 championship has more all-stars combined with strong role players (Birdman,Battier…) than Kobe ever had on the Lakers championships.In fact Lebron needed more help from players like Ray(one of the best 3-point shooter in history) to win Championships.
    Other facts like from the lock out era until now, to many other impotant players where injured(Rose,Granger,Kobe…).Even the East conference is weaker too,so the Heat had less roadblocks to compete with.The Heat where more lucky than any other team during play-offs,very lucky in fact.Check the facts first before commenting.
    Lebron that great? Not so,just lucky!

    • Witness says:

      Every champion has to have a little bit of luck every single year but they were still the best team so u can keep hatin all ya want.

    • Darnell says:

      Are u stupid kobe got drafted i to to 3 rings thats y he only has 2 finals mvps talk about luck he the luckiest star in history get drafted into a finals team with the then best player in the league he jus like norris cole

      • Historian says:

        Kobe? Norris Cole? Put the pipe down, and back away from the crack.

      • Wow... says:

        You do know that Kobe Bryant played a huge roll in the 3 peat. It wasn’t just Shaq. Also, Kobe was traded to the Lakers, not drafted. Without Kobe, Shaq and the Lakers wouldnt have gotten those 3 championships. Stop hating on Kobe and making some b.s. up! smh

  21. kabo says:

    all i can see is sekou smith is a kobe hater, he loves lebron, that why he wrote this article,

  22. MrCool says:

    It’s just like Lebron wanted to be like Kobe, as Kobe wanted to be like MJ, the difference is Kobe got a ring without asking a gang of Superstars and leaving the money on the table to have a ring like Lebron did.

    • McCollbeDiva says:

      Kobe got a ring without asking a gang of superstars because he was already surrounded by them. He was carried to most of his championships by a better player (Shaq), and his lack of Finals’ MVPs relative to titles won reflects this.

    • Pillbusta says:

      Kobe plays for the Lakers. Each and every time he won a championship he has played with all stars and on a team with by far the highest payroll in the NBA. This is why LeBron left Cleveland was because he couldn’t get the help that Kobe has always had. He won his 1st 3 with Shaq and his last 2 with Pau, Bynum and Lamar Odom. When did LeBron have help like that in Cleveland? He didn’t because the help never came. He and the other 2 young men decided enough was enough and teamed up for their own super team to defeat the ones in existence like LAL, BOS, DAL, and SAS. All were teams with a big 3 and very heavy payrolls. LeBron couldn’t compete in CLE and it is sickening to see so many fans try to downgrade his accomplishments without the proper perspective. Kobe is great but LeBron is carving his own niche in NBA history

      • Marlon Canada says:

        I loved this comment this is what i try to tell people on a every day basis but some people are blind to the facts and see and hear what they want to thank you for this

      • skrutz says:

        Thats the truth! Fans can be so dumb and blind.

      • Trafton Mayhew says:

        Lebron had to switch teams just cuz he wants to win a nba title. He’s a teamhopper. Kobe has stuck with the lakers his whole career and people dont look at it like this ever but you know how all you haters say kobe had help winning a title? Maybe its kobe who helped them win titles. Shaq helped kobe? Are u dumb? Shaq was in nba before kobe so I think its kobe who helped shaq! Lebron just switched teams to be with better players so they could HELP lebron. Kobe is a true leader and helps the new players that come to lakers organization and pushes them to their hardest. Lebron ain’t a leader…hr abandoned Cleveland to be with wade bosh birdman chalmers haslem lewis miller allen. Ya look at the help lebron has

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        @Trafton Mayhew

        He still helped Cleveland get to the Finals and have a lot of success. Kobe Bryant would never never been able to do that.

        Kobe Bryant pushes new Lakers to their hardest, huh? WRONG. He is the reason Dwight Howard left for Houston. Kobe Bryant’s lack of leadership and teamplay and sophomoric, selfish antics proves he not a true NBA Champion and never was a LEGIT NBA Champion. NEVER WAS. He’s a cheater, plain and simple. He’s not a team player; he plays selfishly to boost his personal stats, even if it means DESTROYING the laker franchise.

        Bryant is a HORRIBLE leader. He almost cost TEAM USA the Gold Medal in 2012 Olympics. He takes summers off and rode his Olympic teammates’ coattails to the Gold. Lebron, on the other hand, was a fantastic team player, made his Olympic teammates better, and helped TEAM USA win the Gold. Great leader.

      • lbj2306 says:

        you aint lying !!

    • Witness says:

      Your crazy LBJ does not want to be like KB the volume shooting ballhog in ANY way at all. He’s his OWN player, someone that many greats after him will be compared to. Of COURSE KB didnt have to leave to get a ring, He plays for the LOS ANGELES LAKERS who consistently get some kind of talent year in and year out. LBJ played for CLEVELAND who could not get the right players around him after he GAVE THEM *7* years blood sweat and tears, so he left in FREE AGENCY.

      Another thing is you and everyone else that say that really dont play ball. Anyone that balls always wants the OTHER ballers on their team. Ain’t noone thats serious about pickup games gona wana pickup the scrubs standin around. Aint no different with the pros. They ALL try to run with the best ballers they can.

    • Jamie says:

      no kobe got a ring cause of shaq u freaking idiot James was a free agent! oh and ask ur self this question? when kobe was.drafted he cried and demanded a trade cause he didn’t wanna play with a lesser team.which means he can’t build a team u freaking.idiot! Oh and arother question! was kobe always the best player on his team??????? that would be a noooooooo! shaq was idiot! James has always been the best player on his team

  23. J says:

    I think I might start this anti gravity treadmill running trend myself 🙂

  24. John says:

    What’s that on his face? Air mask?

  25. r says:

    it’s likely a response to general consensus that kobe been working harder than him this offseason. (when the kobe photo came out, on that same day lebron was in the club till 1 am with the LA Dodgers)

  26. Neil Young says:

    WE WANT REAL NEWS!!!!!!!!! None of this treadmill PFFFFT!!!

  27. lol says:

    Lebron just pwned Kobe big time lol.

    • DR. Julius Grant says:

      The Anti Grav Treadmill can be used by anyone , its great for cardio but it alleviate the pressure you put on your lower body . It is what astronauts use and it was commercialize for use in Rehab(Kobe) or General Conditioning for non-injured athletes (Lebron). Lebron also has on an training mask so he’s getting the training at elevation kicker just shrewd training by Lebron making sure he’s ready to 3 peat.

  28. Zach says:

    What is this? Is Lebron making fun of Kobe? How disrespectful is this? He did the same thing to Dirk. Does he think Kobe is faking his injury? This is just ridiculous.

    • RJ says:

      Seems like he’s working out. Maybe he just wanted to share his time with people for comparison of an injured player and a healthy player who are normally pretty similar in terms of speed.

  29. habibi says:

    i love kobe and lebron

  30. Neil Young says:

    We got one of the greatest guards of all time retiring, and you are wasting time gushing about your crush (who is uninjured) playing I can do anything better than you to keep up with Kobe by running on a treadmill?

    Why don’t NBA reporters report anything anymore? Stop wasting our time.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Then stop coming up in here, we don’t wanna here your whining.. Wasting our time.. Pfft!.

    • Dan'o says:

      Kidd was great, but he also turned 40 before the end of last season. Not really much shock at his retiring. He surely will get his due respect as a first ballot HF’er. The games best (active) career (I will agree not best current player) hangs in limbo. His progress IS news- probably the biggest story of the off-season. If you don’t get it then I guess you won’t.

    • Jamie says:

      all of u kobe fans are idiots. When shaq left kobe couldn’t even make the playoffs after that. remember 1st rd sweep and then didn’t make it. and cried about not having help! oh and king James made it to the ffinals oh with mo Williams and oh i forgot where was kobe!

  31. not kobe says:

    still kobe, kobe is done, lets face it, he’s gunning for a jordan position i think he come up short,and looking on his team now…they cant even made it to 2nd round…kobe cant win w/o phil,phil own the lakers, remember his last season he carry it to playoffs but only to be swept…its obvious that phil still wants jordan record, he likes mike than kobe.

    • Kobe fan says:

      Kobe Is The greatest of all time… and he will be back for ring 6!!! stop hating

      • Adri says:

        with Farmar I believe….lol

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        His career is over. He will likely retire during summer of 2014 when he finds out he can’t fully cover from major injury.

        When this happens, I’m going to laugh at all you Kobe lovers. You guys are going to cry and cry and cry.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Lakers will be a lottery team FOREVER. You can thank Kobe Bryant for ruining the franchise by taking half of their salary cap every year, making it extremely difficult to rebuild.

      • NbaFan says:

        Joshua he didnt screw the lakers over he gave them championships. For saying that you think jordan ruined Bulls franchise? Everything comes to a end.

      • Jordan da greatest says:

        He’s not even the best laker how you figure.

    • Pops says:

      They didn’t make it to 2nd round because they didn’t have kobe..

      • Trafton Mayhew says:

        They didn’t make it because they lost as a team. Even without kobe the lakers can still win. Lakers beat the spurs rockets and warriors in their last games to make it to the playoffs and they did it without him. Its not about the one player on the team…you win as a team and you lose as a team. Id rather know that we lost as a team, not known for losing because we didn’t have our best player

      • Dan'o says:

        Being without PG 1 and 2, SG 1 and 2 and their backup 4 (on an roster with depth issues before injuries,) combined with facing the team who would win out the west– I’m okay with the Lakers going out in the first round last year.

      • Van says:

        Even if they had him; they would of lost to the spurs anyways. Who are u kidding!!!

    • ImYaFaThEr says:

      You can make that same argument when it came to Jordan too then right?
      No Phil, no rings

    • patrick says:

      yeah? you sure about that? well phil cant win those 10th and 11th ring without kobe.. and no doubt that MJ is still the best.. but kobe is best to and the fact is both players are great it just that they play in different era.. and what about lebron? man he has a long way to go.. kobe proves that he can win a championship without those superstar alliance.. but lebron needs a power house team to win championship and i think thats what lebron needs to learn.. on how he will win like kobe did

      • RJ says:

        The worst team Kobe won a title with was with gasol, Bynum, odom, and ariza or artest. Those are great front lines. Lebron’s never had that. Those teams are slightly better than what the heat have had the last two years. Definitely better than the undermanned or aging teams put around Lebron in Cleveland.

      • Los Heat says:

        patrick stop writing this article. u dont know anything. r u saying kobe won championship witnout superstar..how is shaq ? gasol ? artest? odom?..are they bench warmer…st_p_id

      • Juggernaut584 says:

        Gasol/Bynum/Odom/Artest had 2 combined all star game selections (Gasol and Artest), and 1 DPOY award (Artest) BETWEEN THE 4 OF THEM, PRIOR to joining the Lakers. Wade/Bosh/Allen had a total of 21 all star game selections, an all time career NBA 3pts made/most 3pts in an NBA Finals game record (Allen), and 1 Finals MVP award (Wade) between them BEFORE Lebron joined the Heat. So no, they’re not benchwarmers, but they’re sure not 1st ballot HOF like LBJ’s squad. So to sum it all up, Lebron needs a super-team, and Kobe needs a super-coach.

  32. Wow says:

    This is waaaaay too deeply dissected. Maybe he just wanted to show off using an anti gravity treadmill. Maybe if Kobe tweets a picture of food and Lebron does too than Lebrons trying to diet like the 15 time All Star