Report: A.I. ‘Officially’ Ready To Retire


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Father Time always wins. Not even the all-time greats can survive his pull.

Allen Iverson will become his latest victim sometime this week, with sources telling SLAM Magazine that the former Philadelphia 76ers star will “officially” retire later this week.

It’s strictly a formality at this point for Iverson, who has not played significant minutes in the NBA since 2010 with the 76ers. His last game action professionally was in Turkey in 2011.

One of the league’s most popular players during the height of his NBA career, Iverson closes the door on his career as one of the game’s greatest scorers and one of the best 6-foot and under to ever wear a NBA uniform.

But it was clear months ago that he was prepared for this moment, per SLAM’s Tzvi Twersky:

When he last spoke publicly, at a Sixers game on March 30, Iverson answered a question about continuing his career by saying, “My No. 1 goal is trying to accomplish to be the best dad that I can. And if basketball is in my near future, then God will make that happen. But if not, I had a great ride and I’ve done a lot of special things that a lot of guys have not been able to accomplish and people thought I couldn’t accomplish.”

Included amongst those accomplishments are: 13-year career averages of 41.1 mpg, 26.7 ppg, 6.2 apg and 2.2 spg; 71-game playoff averages of 45.1 mpg, 29.7 ppg, 6.0 apg and 2.1 spg. He also won one regular-season MVP award, four scoring titles and was named an All-Star 11 times. Maybe most impressive of all, omitting the obvious impact that he had on the culture off-court, was the resilience that the 6-foot guard showed in driving into the lane, into men a foot taller than him, time and time again.

“He might be the greatest athlete I’ve ever seen,” Larry Brown, Iverson’s coach from 1997-2003 and the current coach at SMU, told SLAM today. “I don’t think there’ll be another one like him.

“I’m sure we faced a lot of obstacles, maybe even on a daily basis, but when it came time to play, to try to win a game, he tried to play as hard as he could for his coach.”

It’s hard to put Iverson’s career into words for those of us who witnessed his rise from two-sport (football) high school phenom to future Hall of Famer. Few players in the history of the game, drew the attention of fans worldwide the way Iverson did during his best days.

When he does make his retirement official, my main man Lang Whitaker of’s All Ball Blog and formerly of SLAM will reflect on Iverson’s impact on the game and hops culture.


  1. #1KobeH8R says:

    Then have Ivo do a cameo on BETs Real Husbands of Hollywood with Nelly, Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon

  2. #1KobeH8R says:

    Iverson needs a Pee-Wee league football team like Snoop Dogg/Lion

  3. #1KobeH8R says:

    Ivo needs a reality show! The women love him!!

  4. John Wayne says:

    Go Bc To Phili & Retire Like It’s Supposed To Be.

  5. im justin tyme says:

    ai is the best. i made sure i watched all the ai games i could. and he was a great model cause when he was on the court thats when people watched, not off the court. and he always gave what ever he could, the greatest warrior in the game, and the greatest heart. when i was younger he was like a role model for basketball to me.

  6. Arturo says:

    Thanks Allen Iverson to make me dream continue is sad to know you stop if some team give you one more chance it will make me one of the most happy guy in the world the best solution is Miami Heat give only 1 year is enough a player like Allen Iverson can’t leave the NBA without no ring well exept that

    Awesome carrer Allen you are one of my favourite player i ever seen in my life one of the best of all time and you deserve to be Hall Of Fame

    Good luck in your life Allen ” The Answer ” Iverson.

  7. ray vincent says:

    “THE ANSWER” as Iverson was known throughout his remarkable career is one of the top point guards of all time , his ” ankle breaking” moves left many defenders (ask Michael Jordan) in the dust. Sure fire Hall Of Famer. Thanks for the memories A I.

  8. Erlo says:

    The heat need to sign this guy! It would be awesome if he could play a very limited roll when needed.

  9. justsayin says:

    It would have helped him more if you had all raised hell for him to be signed a few years sooner. All this carrying on smacks of too little too late. Still would tune in to see him myself.

  10. krayzie says:

    No. 3
    AI Reeboks
    Step back
    Heart – on and off the court
    what is missed the most (IVERSON SCORES)

    It’s all AI. One of my favorite player. He is next on MJ (on my list)

    Championship brings greatness but not all the time.

    Congrats AI!

  11. Dru Jackson says:

    to me i think A.I is one of the few players who could play in 3 generations (Magic, Jordan, & James) and really be successful

  12. Lucas976 says:

    Brandon Roy had an other chance.
    Greg Oden had an other chance.
    Tracy McGrady had an other chance.
    C’Mon, I don’t understand why even teams like Bobcats or Magic didn’t give him a chance, he would be valuable for any team, even coming of the bench.
    Favourite player of all time.
    Wish him the best !

  13. Davante says:

    Need to go to miami to redeem himself

  14. davian says:

    I did not what the great MICHAEL JORDON in is prime…………..that being said i started watching basket ball in 1994 to date Allan Iverson (A.I) is the GREATEST player i have seen………

  15. dante says:

    that slow bum who cant play defense got 10 million to go to the Lakers, some scrub squad could let Iverson ball another year as a backup.

    Put him on a short leash. if he becomes a pain in the neck and wanting to hoist 25 shots and play 35 minutes, cut him.

  16. Michael Peloton says:

    Allen Iverson is a great player. His fans wish him all the best.

  17. lev says:

    I think the Bobcats should take a chance on Iverson, after all, how worst can they get. This is one of the best players of all time and I truly believe he still have a lot of game left.

  18. Tim Mcintosh says:

    For those who want him to play another season: Don’t you think he would if teams wanted him??? Its clear that he had nothing left and father time finally caught up. If anything he wanted a paycheck because he was dead broke. Bad teams? How about when he was with Denver and Melo? How many first round exits? He was a great scorer but it takes more than that to win in the NBA.

  19. Drago says:

    His street backround and bad aditude killed many opurtunityes he had for greatness he is a cautionery tale of the highest level.I loved him but I pity him at the same time that is sad.

  20. squala96 says:

    Give the guy one more go. No legend should ever leave the NBA by just fading into oblivion.

  21. rodney r. williams says:

    Tiny or ai

  22. hows ur ankles says:

    In the NBA, the game is played by teamwork, and not by individual performance. This explains why the teams don’t want to sign him. But i agree with most of u that he should be given one more chance to prove himself if he’s still decent enough to play. It never hurts to try!

  23. Jay says:

    Only NBA Player to ever break Michael Jordan’s ankles. Much respect for AI, wish him nothing but the best in life after basketball. Future HOFer for sure.

  24. Nore says:

    This makes me kind of really sad because i watched NBA since 1996 when i was 11 but the most time spending watching NBA was between 1999 and 2004 and “obviously” the Answer was my favourite Player in that particular time. I wore his blue colored Philly Jersey at school and even had his Reebok shoes. I will never forget how he brought the Sixers to the Finals and what he did back then with the Lakers in Game 1 when everybody said LA would sweep Philly. I will also never forget the All Star Game in 2001 where he went on to become the MWP. I kind of hoped he would mature a little even if this would have been against his own nature for a last shot as maybe a sixth man in any team but i guess fathers time catched up on him. Well i thank him for what he has given the game and me and wish him the very best.

    Best wishe from germany.

  25. cp10 says:

    AI = Advanced Intelligence

  26. isaiah cheeks says:

    PLEASE PLEASE GIVE IVERSON 1 MORE CHANCE N I PROMISE U HE WILL BE A ALL STAR AND NBA CHAMPION HE CANT LEAVE THE GAME WITHOUT A RING MIAMI PLEASE PICK HIM UP AND LET HIM START FOR YOUR 3 PEAT LeBron REACH OUT 2 A.I U KNOW HE IS ONE OF THE BEST EVER REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=(

  27. heat master says:

    i wish a.i woulda join the heat he could really help and be a starter at point and could help the heat capture a 3-peat best of wishes to A.I

    • R-Dawg says:

      A starter at the point??? Smoke another one. Did you not see him play for the sixers in 2010? He wasn’t exactly dominant.

  28. Phillyfromg says:

    We are talking about PRACTICE! I mean PRACTICE! Man – we are talking about PRACTICE!


    Killer Crossover.

    The nba is for the fans –> he should get the chance to play a couple of games before calling it a career

  29. DR BBAL says:

    Wow, just watch all the comments, al those people loved AI,
    AI we’re gonna miss you..

    • R-Dawg says:

      What is with all you people saying AI deservers another shot. Nobody has wanted to pick him up for the last 3 seasons so why would anybody give him a shot now? He has wanted to play the last three years also but nobody wants him. RIP A.I.

  30. zanier butler says:

    Its alot of greats to ever play the game who retire without a tittle. Iverson was one of greats who deserved at least one for all he has done. not just for the 76ers for basketball all over the world and small guards ,he will never be forgotten and in my eyes the 76ers live games havent been the same without him.

  31. Mike says:

    Despite his mental instabilities, I gotta agree with Larry Brown. Allen Iverson is one of the greatest athletes to play in the NBA. His combination of quickness and vertical jump was simply unheard of; it gave him an advantage over other professional athletes most of whom were many inches, sometimes a foot, taller than him. How can you quantify that? Who today comes close to Allen Iverson’s superb athleticism? Lebron James is another type of athlete; whats amazing about him is his size and strength combined with an unusual athletic prowess. But as for athleticism itself, Iverson was better. Russel westbrook? He comes the closest; perhaps it’s not as noticeable because he doesn’t have the tenacity that Iverson had in attacking the basket.

  32. zhuff says:

    Who cares

  33. espn says:

    good look

  34. espn says:

    send him to houston..he needs another shot

  35. Alerk says:

    ALlen Iverson- Most talented player ever

  36. Terrell says:


    That’s crazy I have been looking for that Nba 2000 Dvd forever Iverson presence is misssed in the NBA so sad that it had to end this way

  37. Rhonick Farrell says:

    Iverson is still my favorite player . The NBA fans will miss him

  38. Adam says:

    the best AI3

  39. Adam says:

    Iverson is the most amazing small guys ever seen in the NBA, i can’t just figure out who else can compare

  40. denver says:


  41. A.I. says:

    Absolutely my favorite player. In high school everyone called me Iverson because I had a similar game. Let me be your agent, I’ll get you signed with the Knicks in no time. (Wishful Thinking)

    God Bless Bro,

  42. J Way says:

    A.I. is one of my fav players of ALL TIME. 76ers was definitely my fav team to watch from 99-01. What A.I. did in 01′ was BEASTY he took his team to the finals by himself. One of the best scorers of all time especially only at 6’0 tall. His crossovers was a NIGHTMARE for defenders over his entire career LOL even ask MJ. A league MVP, four time scoring champ, and 11 all-star appearances put him in the HOF!

  43. Paul Friedericks says:

    Kupchak will call “The Answer” to play with “Kobe Legend Jelly B Black Mamba Bryant”
    They´ll burn the house down

  44. Tyler says:

    Come To the lakers for one last run!

  45. sports fan says:

    A.I. should’ve been picked up by any team a few years ago & he knows now that no team will want him. This is his retirement from the ACTUAL GAME but he retired from PRACTICE over a decade ago.

  46. The greatest little man to ever play the game! Philly still misses U! There will never be another! Thank you for all of the great memories!

  47. TJ says:

    I’m British and never liked basketball until I saw a highlight on the news of Allen Iverson doing a crossover move on baseline and making his defender drop to the floor.

    I can’t remember the defender’s name but it was against the New Orleans Hornets.. I think the player’s name was West or something like that.. All I know is that he did some sort of crossover, which left the defender totally baffled.

    After that I started watching basketball and I’ve been a huge NBA fan since then.

    I remember the NBA made a VHS video called NBA2000 (or something along those lines), and there was a special segment for Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury.. There was a scene where Jason Kidd said in an interview “That boy Iverson… you never know which way he’s gonna go”… Then it showed a scene of Iverson crossing someone over (Marbury I think) and driving to the basket.. I must’ve watched that scene a hundred times in my teens.

    Thank you Iverson for your contribution to the NBA and basketball world.

  48. ko0kiE says:

    finally… 😉

    A.I. is the greatest inch-for-inch, pound-for-pound scorer _ever_ played the game.. I remember when he came into the league, I couldn’t believe it how a “little” guy takes on the big guys league… and now.. look where we at.. explosive scoring point guards everywhere u look.

  49. Edgars says:

    Like Michael Jordan will always be remembered for hes willpower and determination, so will Allen Iverson for hes fearlessness and toughness. ‘I can take anybody, i can take Michael Jordan!’- this line defines him as a player and personality. Best of luck in whatever he’s up to after retirement!

  50. Mitchell says:

    I had the same reaction as everyone else reading this article… didn’t he retire, like five years ago?

  51. Real Bounce says:

    This is definitely not the way people in this world would want to see. Just give allen one more season. Everyone knows he is prepare.

  52. xlr8_555 says:

    4 time scoring champ*

  53. xlr8_555 says:

    Long live Allen Iverson, the only player to cross up Micheal Jordan.
    Hall Of Famer for sure! 3 TIME SCORING CHAMP, many MVP awards, league leader in steals, led his team to the finals. This guy has done everything for his team, too bad the Lakers with Shaq Kobe and Horry didn;t give AI and the 76ers a chance to win, :/

    But hey, you dont need a ring to be a HOF! 😀

  54. savagexxLife says:

    Why people all ways want a good player to go to the heat. Driders be a true fan of a team.

  55. qqdq says:

    I think it would be a smart move by philly to sign him this year, He would draw some more people to their games, and he would have a chance to show people that he can still be a solid role player.

  56. KING PO says:

    I don’t care how bad his attitude is, but he should not have to go down like this. He may have had some issues off the court, but the NBA, Rebook and all the others cannot deny that they fully benefited from USING him. If he was so bad, teh league should have stopped making money off him during his prime. HE DESERVES BETTER, much BETTER. AI you were a great role model on the court but you could have positively impactedthe lives of so many if you had done some things differently off the court. Nonetheless, you deserve RESPECT for your accomplishments – I give respect where respect is due. May GOD help you and reward you for what you have done and forgive you for your mistakes.

  57. Don says:

    Jordan and Iverson my favorite 2 players of all-time!!

  58. DR BBAL says:

    don’t go to miami, go to any team that wants you, we want you, we need you, C’mon allen 1 more year baby

  59. dmoon says:

    a.i to miami

  60. Austin says:

    Iverson deserves to be in the hall of fame. He was one of the greatest 6 foot and under players of al time. C’mon iverson. Just one more season to watch you play would make every basketball fans world. 1 more!

  61. dmoon says:

    play in miami allen

  62. dmoon says:

    allen play in the nba one more time

  63. nlsamkange says:

    one of the best guards and an impact player

  64. A true warrior. The man that gave it all that he’d got on every night. If I had to put a picture in a dictionary to illustrate a quote by Mark Twain ‘It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but it’s size of the fight in the dog’ it would be Allen Iverson’s picture.

    He is without a doubt a Hall of Famer and one of my favorite players of all time. To me and to many other die-hard basketball fans he’s up there.

  65. benji says:

    best player ever

  66. danielthe3 says:

    Thank You Allen for all ! and good luck ! #AIFOREVER

  67. danielthe3 says:

    Thank You Allen for all, and good luck ! #AIFOREVER

  68. Airrol says:

    Pls give him a change to prove it he still the best of all time ………. I want him play …I think every one of the world want him play and return to nba …… That why he is the answers………

  69. DR BBAL says:


  70. SportsChump says:

    He, Rickey Henderson and the Rolling Stones should probably hit the road for one last hurrah

  71. lol says:


  72. Mark says:

    Sign him to the Bulls and/or start coaching! The man still has it. It’s just the non-stop injuries limiting his playtime. NBA Sixth Man of the Year, 2014.

  73. J says:

    a true great
    future hall of famer for sure

  74. Alastair says:

    I really don’t understand why the sixers dont pick him up… they are going to be terrible anyway and at least have allen iverson on the team will fill some seats. imagine the atmosphere with the return of the answer. would be something to witness

  75. keith says:

    give him a chance..

  76. Marco (NL) says:

    One of the best to play the game of basketball. Size didn’t matter to him when he attacks the rim! Glad to have seen him play, to bad he never won a ring. 76ers should retire his jersey!

  77. Matthew Caba says:

    Miami Heat give him the chance you gave to Juwan Howard. Allen Iverson deserves a ring. His career can’t end like this.

  78. mikevintage says:




  79. Who Cares says:

    he messed his carrer up big time and btw 39 40 42 FG% in his prime is awefull…he shot the ball like crazy and you call Kobe a ballhog….smfh

  80. robluv says:

    My favorite player of all-time.much , much respect to A.I.The one player I really love watching play and miss watching play.He carried a team on his little big back and big heart.Broke ankles,soared and dunked.super speed.drove the lane on bigmen and scored.and he played hurt with no excuses.greatest player I ever will be missed ALLEN IVERSON!! AKA A.I.there won’t be another.41mpg for 13 years WOW!!!!!

  81. Rhedz says:

    I would pick iverson over mcgrady…But iverson could go back i. Sixers..atleast just for one last season. one for the road as they say…He deserve to be in the HOF. He inspired millions and millions of kids and fans around the globe. He is a true icon and one of the best from his era. Surely if a team would just pick him up and give him one last chance to inpire fans would be awesome. I believe he can still compete at the highest level. He can still play…Iverson is iverson..nuf said…you ask thpse kids back in the days who would they want to be when they get into nba..they would say either Mj, Koby, Shaq or Iverson…One of the greatest who have ever played the game. maybe Dallas or Okc or knicks or Denver or Indiana or Bulls or Cleveland or timberwolves or portland or bobcats….C’mon guys…The world surely doesnt want to see Iverson retires that easy when we all know he still got game left in him. Please dont let iverson skills and game go to waste. Just one season guys one season….Patt Riley please hire iverson in heat atleast.

  82. JOEL says:

    So sad to see AI hanging them up officially. I hope like hell I read AI get’s a year contract with ANYONE, I will buy the jersey, support the team. He is my fav player of all time and one of the true greats. A straight baller and all heart.

    Regardless long live AI hope you enjoy a happy and healthy life, please please please sign with Houston/Heat/Pacers for 1 final year and get that ring YOU DESERVE!!!

  83. dgt2` says:

    “It was like throwing stone into a vast sea ” wow wow who cloud forget that quote …..true genious.

  84. THE BUTCHER says:


  85. russell says:

    give AI a chance please one more year….

  86. Kingthejames says:

    pls ANSWER come to miami!

  87. jason ferguson says:

    Allen Iverson was and is the greatest point guard to play the game of basketball. the things he was beat down for are now rampant in the nba (tattoos, not wearing a suit and his love for his people that were with him from day one).I think Allen has been Blackballed out of the league and the commissioner should in his retiring allow a team to bring back the Answer to some teams scoring problems and attendance woes,,,,,,,

    • Van says:

      Hey Jason; u must of forgotten about Magic who is not only the greatest point guard ever but a top 5 player of all time.

      • justsayin says:

        Or Oscar Robertson – he averaged triple-doubles in his prime. (Magic’s my fave too, though)

        Great era right now for fans of the pg position def some hof ers in waiting.

  88. gee says:

    Great! Legend! Thank you for the memories AI.

  89. Kamote says:

    Sad to say, but quickness goes first once you age… that’s why PGs past their prime are hard to find, except if one changed his game like Kidd, or quickess wasn’t his weapon in the first place (eg. Fisher).

    But still, AI has been a true warrior in all his years. He would never back away from making his team win, even if that means he has to get hit hundreds of times in a game. Won’t flop, won’t show he’s hurt and won’t mind giving up his body for a possession… which is kind of rare from the new superstars these days, except from the remaining old guys in the league. Thanks for the years you’ve shown us how even little guys can dominate the game. Kudos!

  90. qwristews says:

    One of the best short respect scorer .. always enjoy his play . cheers .
    hall of the fame

  91. Savannah says:

    This guy proves why size doesn’t matter

  92. dhonex says:

    one more team a.i….

  93. Optimus dik says:

    Thank you AI !!

  94. M. Dalgart says:

    At 6ft. Tall, he was without a doubt, one of the most Dominant Guards in the NBA during his earlier years.
    Too Bad that he didn’t want to accept a “Backup Role”, during the last years, of his NBA Career.
    Lots of Teams would had sign him in a “Backup Role”, but his Pride this time around, was in his way…
    He always gave more than 100% of himself in games, (not Practices)… 🙂 but his “Off-The-Court” activities, seems to heard his image, primarily in his last years in the NBA.

  95. Gillsy says:

    My best memory of The Answer is him going in over a crowded key to get a tip dunk on a rebound awesome player

  96. Trey says:

    Worse day n sports seeing your favorite basketball player retired. They use 2 call me young AI on the court but I’m only 5″3 so I quit my senior year. Wade is my 2nd favorite player y not let them team up Iverson deserves a ring,he had 2 do it all hisself n Philly they got Webber way 2 late. Let’s go heat give my guys a ring.

  97. matthew mathis says:


  98. awefna says:

    to everyone saying he should join the heat, I think he’s too proud to play on a team where he’s not the top dog.

  99. TheTruth says:

    I hope he dies rich and happy. I don’t know why.

  100. Ryan Beverley says:

    I say that he should retire officially as a 76er. He made that team into a contender.

  101. fin420 says:

    cmon miami sign AI to play some minutes off Rio. 10mins is enough. I’m sure he can still get his shot off and will fire up in the clutch time in finals trust me

  102. Mongolian says:

    I don’t think there’ll be another one like him. Ture. He is 6.0 and speedy, scareless and entertaining. Respect IVERSON.

  103. cheers A.I says:

    one of the best in NBA on breaking ankles. and c’mon we have to admit “Iverson” is a very cool last name

  104. boguz says:

    A true legend who walked his own path during his career. He came into the league raw, as one of top talents the league has ever seen. The dude was simply unstoppable during his prime. As a long time fan of Iverson, I belive his greatest strengths also were his worst weaknesses (his style of play and mindset) that forced him to a shortened career. However, he will go down as one the most fan-favorited players as he has inspired millions of souls around the world.

  105. Eaham says:

    He could have easily played the last three seasons and also 2 more season in this league if he left his pride at the door and understood that there are youn ger players and no team was willing to build around him anymore. Even Micheal Jordan once said that mentaly he feels like he can still play at a level where he is best in the world but his body isnt allowing him to do that naymore. I respect A.I for his contribution to the league but man if he only accepted his ageing and that no team would be giving him max contracts at that age and build around him, he would abeen well off. I guess thats how the mighty fall you know what Im saying. Have a happpy retirment, best of luck

    • Chris says:

      Totally agree. It isn’t the fact that teams don’t want to give him a shot, AI just won’t take any position except for a starting position. Teams wouldn’t mind having AI come off the bench. It’s just, AI’s ego won’t allow him too.

  106. Just a fan says:

    Man I hate seeing one the greatest (possibly THE greatest) point guard in the NBA have such a calamitous downfall. After all, we’re all humans and we’re bond to make mistakes. I just hope other athletes learn from his.

    • gee says:

      Great is the magic word. Thank you AI for the fun you gave us during your 13 years career. I believe you could have had another seven years if those owners/GM/coaches had given you the chance without prejudice. Long live AI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Fadee says:

    I wish I had the had the opportunity to watch him play in person; Iverson was my favorite NBA player of all time.

  108. Fadee says:

    An all time great

  109. Brad Cox says:

    If only we could get him to PRACTICE ! (we’re talking about PRACTICE)

  110. Asiong says:

    one and only ALLEN “THE ANSWER: IVERSON…….

  111. demented says:

    Send him to the heat then…. let him be their success story…

  112. priadr says:

    I am so sick of Seko saying “my main man…” when introducing someone. So corny and carries zero weight. Leave it in the nineties.

  113. psf says:

    The most legendary 76er since Doctor J. Congratulations, Allen Iverson, on an historic NBA career!!!!

  114. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    There will never be another Allen Iverson. :).

  115. anthony says:

    Iverson is and always will be my favorite player of all time. He has the biggest heart when he is out there on the courts, he gives a 110% every time he is playing. So with that I am asking someone in the league please give Iverson a last chance to show his talents, I know he has issues off the courts, but who doesn’t? He still have years left on hi legs, and 100 more years of heart left. Iverson please if anyone ask you to join the d league or wherever to get your foot in the door take it bro, swallow your pride and show them you are willing to do whatever it takes to get back in the NBA. Thank you , best of luck Iverson you still the best in my eyes.

  116. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    AI is a great player with one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen in a six foot NBA player. This prove that it isn’t the size of the dog in a fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. That’s what we have in Akron’s own Labron James and he had it from a preteen until today. Conguatulations goes out to Allen Iverson.

  117. manie says:

    Before I came to America I use to see his shirts and hear people talk about Iverson in Angola ( Africa) He was truly popular

  118. rich says:

    Can a team give this guy another chance…please!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Red says:

    He might not be the best NBA model out of court but as a player he’s one of most entertaining athlete I’ve seen. Goodluck A.I. Thanks for the memories.

  120. Jorge says:

    Iverson didn’t screw anything up. He had a very long 13 year career. Not many players are able to log 10 years or more in the NBA, especially guards. His body was starting to age and with his size limitations, he just wasn’t the same anymore.

  121. ryan says:

    Lj, Dwade,CB, AI ,Oden…we’ll c what happen…cmmon let it happen guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shaddap says:

      i will take ray allen over Iverson sorry… MY OPINION.

    • Peter says:

      Please do!

      I’d love nothing more than to see the Heat fall apart, and adding AI would certainly achieve that

      If Ray Allen couldn’t bear playing with Rajon Rondo, I’d love to see him share a locker room with AI! 😀

  122. Shin Dung Fha says:

    he is a very good player, no doubt about it, but he does make his team mates worst.. because they know they are not going to touch the basketball, so they dont even try to play hard with him around. He is the epitome of a one man team.

    • PutYourNameOnIt says:

      How does he make his teammates worst? by not practicing? If anything, he draws all that attention his teammates should be able to go to town on teams. He was on very bad teams. Come on, when your next option is Aaron Mckey or Eric Snow? come on man, he drag those horrible teams to playoffs and a trip to finals and took one from the seemingly unbeatable Lakers.

    • Waz says:

      Agree wholeheartedly Shin. Great talent but not a great team player.

  123. ryan says:

    go to miami for just one last shot!!!!

  124. TTKIN says:

    Amazing what kind of career he coulda had if he didnt screw it all up.

    I give him credit though, throughout his career he averaged over 40 mins a game…that simply does not happen in the NBA these days. And even if a guy p[lays for over 40 for a season, it aint for 13.

  125. Luke Roberts says:

    AI should have played one season in the NBL (Australia) when he had the chance a year or two ago. He’d have packed the stadiums here on his own.

    • xSkyCityx says:

      Yeah I remember when he considered playing for the Kings. Would of been good to see him in the NBL, but I guess in a way its good because otherwise the kings might of stopped us (breakers) from getting those championships haha

  126. Kit says:

    Loved watching him play. All heart on the court, tough-as-nails. and mesmerizing when he was in the zone.

  127. Lord P says:

    A.I is a legend an Hall of Famer..a 6foot tall in good days able to rule(dominate) the NBA courts for years..!only strong survive!!

  128. AILegend says:

    C’mon, can a team just give him one more chance?? I mean, one season more before he retires would be ok.

    • all3n iv3rson says:

      SPURS!!! they picked up Mcgrady, why not Iverson?

      • Schemer21 says:

        Ya know, I immediately thought ‘no way!’ when i saw your comment, he wouldn’t fit, but i think Pop would do a good job with him. He did a great job with Stephen Jackson both times (I’m looking at it from more of a troubled player perspective – Iverson didn’t do himself any favours in his last few stops as an NBA player, as opposed to a player like Mc Grady who had fallen off the radar due to injury) I think you could be right.
        Anyway it’s a sad day even though we all saw it coming for a long time. One of my favourite players of all time.

      • B Radd says:

        AI could fit in with the Nets. He’d be a universal soldier like Pierce, KG and Kirenlenko!

    • aaaaaa says:

      I think the Celtics should’ve given him a shot last year. After Rondo went down, their chances went down the drain. If they signed Iverson he would’ve either fixed their problems, or he would’ve changed nothing. Basically I’m saying they really had nothing to lose by giving him a shot.

      • jASON says:


      • Peter says:

        The PG position is dependant on quickess, IQ and unselfishness – none of which AI has right now. Unlike some guards he obviously can’t make up for it with size eiher.

        The guy struggled to shoot at 40% from the field when he was at his best. Now he’d be lucky to reach 37%.

        Jamal Crawford, Terrence Williams and Avery Bradley were each a 500x improvement over a near 40 year old Iverson…there is a good reason why not a single team (not even the worst teams in the league) were willing to give the guy a chance.

  129. A.I #3 says:


    Here comes the HALL OF FAME

    • too bad he couldn’t win a championship in the NBA…he was his own worst enemy…

    • betterthanyou says:

      hall of famer for sure, mad respect!

      • bball247 says:

        On the court Iverson transcended what he was supposed to be able to do. At barely 5’10 with a limited jump shot he was not supposed to lead the in league in scoring, gain MVPs, and take Eric Snow, Todd Mucollough, Aron Mckie, et all to the finals. I heard some posters say he basically destroyed his career. No!!!! Iverson was such a great athlete his off court life did not take way his greatness. The reality is 5’10, not 6’1 because I have stood next to him, sacrificing his body in the paint is limited to the longevity of quickness over size. As Iverson ‘s quickness waned he was left as a short dude with a limited jump shot that still played longer than most ideal NBA athletes. Any speculation about his off court life taking away from on-court is only speculation. The sadness is that Iverson took years to realize his NBA run was over and did not handle it well for himself and family.