Blogtable: Brooklyn Or Indiana?

Roy Hibbert, Brook Lopez, Paul George

Can Roy Hibbert and Paul George hold off Brook Lopez (center) and the Nets? (Ron Hoskins/NBAE)

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Of these Eastern Conference up-and-comers, who’s more likely to end up the better team in 2014: Brooklyn or Indiana?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comIndiana. Even if, by the phrase “better team in 2014” we’re talking mostly about the playoffs, I still think the Pacers are poised to achieve more. They’re going the old-school route of improving year by year, with The Finals an expected step next spring. The Nets mostly have gone old, period. Even in the best-case scenario, they have a rookie head coach (Jason Kidd) who should ration his guys’ minutes through the regular season, which would argue against, say, 60 victories. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett engineered an instant turnaround in Boston, but that was six years ago.

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

Kevin Garnett (left) and Paul Pierce
(Issac Baldizon/NBAE)

Fran Blinebury, Let’s see, the Pacers finished as the No. 3 seed in the East, knocked off the No. 2 seed Knicks and took the two-time defending champs to Game 7 in the conference finals and you’re still calling them “up-and-comers?”  I’m calling them right there on the threshold, banging on the door with younger legs and more significant upside than the Nets.  If Brooklyn added Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry five years ago, they’d be real championship challengers.  Now they’re just old.

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comIndiana. There might not be a more confident team west of South Beach after last season’s heavyweight tilt with the Heat. The Pacers improved their bench this summer and if Danny Granger accepts a role as a sure-fire Sixth Man of the Year candidate, Frank Vogel‘s humble, hard-working team with a chip on its shoulder could be lethal. Brooklyn is going to be fascinating to watch. We’ve seen these collection of aging All-Star teams go bad, but it will help the cohesiveness that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are longtime teammates and so well respected. All-in-all, this is not an easy task to pull off for rookie coach Jason Kidd, who is already talking about resting Garnett on back-to-backs. Where the Nets finish in the regular season (of course top four is optimum) might not matter as much as how well they’re playing in March and April (a la the San Antonio Spurs).

Scott Howard-Cooper, Indiana. Tough call, though. Ask the Heat how good the Pacers were last season. And now combine that answer with the “addition” of two players while barely removing any pieces from the core of the 2012-13 roster: Danny Granger and Luis Scola. Brooklyn is also realistically headed for a long run, so this could be close enough to be 2 and 2a. No one should discount the Bulls for 2b if certain health issues that have become tiresome to discuss become part of the past.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comThe Pacers lose in a name recognition fight with the Nets, but they win everywhere else. I know Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will disagree with me there, but what else would you expect from two of the greatest competitors of their generation? The fact is, the Nets got both of those future Hall of Famers just a bit past their respective primes. The Pacers have a core group that is in the midst of an ascent in the Eastern Conference and league standings, led by All-Stars Paul George and Roy Hibbert and standout veterans David West and Danny Granger, whose return from injury (much like Chicago’s Derrick Rose) should be just as or more significant than any free agent signing by any legitimate contender in the East. Frank Vogel has a team that has been tested and tasted playoff success in each of the past two seasons, a team with chemistry that is proven. Those are crucial components for a contender that the Nets simply do not possess.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Considering the Pacers were one win away from making the NBA Finals last season, I’m not so sure I’d label them an “up-and-comer” — they’re here and ready to go. Of these two teams, I think I’d give a slight edge to Indiana. Aside from that “almost Finalists” thing, they’ve improved their bench, the obvious weak point last season, and they get an All-Star (Danny Granger) back from injury. I wrote a few weeks ago here that I thought the Nets were constructed to be a better playoff team than regular-season team, and I still believe that. But just because they wait to play full throttle doesn’t mean they’re going to be better than the Pacers.

Aldo Avinante, Philippines: Brooklyn will be the more improved team next year. The sheer amount of star power and veteran presence will catapult them into one of the true contender to Miami’s throne. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Andrei Kirilenko will bring everything you want to improve on: defense, scoring, playmaking, veteran leadership and then some, with the core of Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson in place, expect the Nets to be one of the top teams all year.

Daniel Senovilla, NBA Espana: Scola is a player very familiar to the Spanish people. We have seen him since he was a rookie and I hope he gives the Pacers the perfect “bench man” they sorely needed last season against the Heat. He’ll also bring more power to the paint for a team that’s already very good in that zone. On one hand we have the “romantic” view of the Pacers — young players with talent — and on the other hand we have the rich team with the new old legends from Boston. We’re idealists over here. The Pacers deserve, and will get, another opportunity.


  1. nets and pacers eastern confrence finals

  2. Joe says:

    Nets fans need to cool off with their regular season wins.

    The Pacers had trouble closing out games throughout the regular season, they blew two of those games against the Nets. And you seem to forget that the Knicks were 3-1 against the Heat in the regular season, The Warriors were 1-3 against the Nuggets in the regular season and you saw what happened in the playoffs.

    The Pacers starters outscored the Nets starters 216-213… so it was their no-longer atrocious bench that was screwing up.

  3. coolitdude says:

    Pacers hands down…

    Pacers is the new East, Brooklyn is desperate,

  4. Kevin says:

    Ok here is my take. Go ahead and leave the Bulls out if you dare. I only see the Pacers and Bulls as legitimate teams to knock off the Heat. Brooklyn and Knicks are playoff teams but will not show up when it’s money time. Pacers will be better because of Scola, Watson, Copeland, and healthy Granger. My Bulls will be better because Rose, Noah, Heinrich, and Deng will be healthy, Butler has emerged and Dunleavy will stretch the floor. The one thing that needs to happen is Chicago and Indiana must stay off the collision course possibly until the Eastern Conference Finals. If this happens it bolds well for either Chicago or Indiana otherwise Miami will be the next team to 3peat.

  5. The Beard says:

    The Nets have the best starting line up and the deepest bench in the NBA so I say the Nets win this one, but the Pacers are definitely in the hunt. I’m glad we finally stopped talking about a Heat 3-peat!

  6. Jeff says:

    Nets were 3-0 against the Pacers last season (played w/out DWill in one of the games)
    Celtics were 2-0 against the Pacers last season (played w/out Rondo in one of the games)

    The Brookston Neltics of 2013 will be better than the Pacers.

  7. Micah says:

    The problem with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett the past two seasons is that they both severely underperformed when the Playoffs arrived. Pierce only shot 37% from the field and his 3-point percentage was in the 20s! He’s had nagging ankle issues for a couple of years now and KG has knee problems. Joe Johnson has had similar problems the past 2 seasons.

    The Pacers are younger, healthier, and playing in their prime. This year, unlike last year, they actually have a bench that should be able to maintain the leads that the starters routinely get when they need to rest. That was the Pacers biggest problem with the Nets and Heat last year. Those teams had better bench players than the Pacers. Paul George and Hibbert were forced to play 40 minutes most nights during the playoffs. Now with Granger, Scola, Copeland, CJ Watson, and even Donald Sloan, they should be a plus 10 in wins this season and if they have homecourt over the Heat and the Nets, it’s a wrap!

    • JK says:

      The pacers are not as younger as you think. West is 33, Scola is 33. They are aging !!!
      Not to mention Scola is not effective as he is three years ago.

      Danny Granger just comes back from a season that he was injured severely. You don’t know how much oil left from him.

      Roy Hibbert is 2 years old than Lopez. The only youngest man is Paul George. But Deron Williams is in his prime too.

      The Nets have much depth right now, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Terry don’t need to play much time.

      They have Andrei Kirilenko, Andray Blatche, Reggie Evans, Alan Anderson, Mason Plumlee, Shaun Livingston, Mirza Teletovic and Tyshawn Taylor and Toko Shengelia on the bench.

      They beat the Pacers three times last season with Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans as their starting forwards (who can’t shoot) and now they just add Pierce, KG, and Terry. Please go check the stats from those players. They are still productive.

      The Nets have much better depth than last season, they have young core and experienced players. This team is built to win now.

  8. Boston#1 says:

    I’m a Celtics fan first and foremost. Frankly I don’t care which one of these teams knocks Miami off as long as one of them does. But, for those of you who think Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnet are to old to be effective any more, you’d be wise to do your homework before commenting. KG regular season stats PPG:14.8, RPG:7.8, APG:2.3, MPG:29.7. Roy Hibbert regular Season stats PPG:11.9, RPG:8.3, APG:1.4, MPG:28.7. Paul Pierce regular season stats PPG:18.6, RPG:6.3, APG:4.8, MPG:33.4. Paul George regular season stats PPG:17.4, RPG:7.6, APG:4.1, MPG:37.6. Thats how Paul Pierce and KG compared to Roy HIbbert and Paul George last season. Now they are heading into the ideal situation in Brooklyn where they aren’t expected to carrying the team on a nightly basis. They have a coach who has stated that they won’t be playing in any back to backs next season because he can afford to rest them with the talent pool they have. They might not have as good of a record at the end of the season as some other teams in the eastern conference but who cares as long as they make it to the post season healthy. The only real question marks here are can they gel quickly enough and can Jason Kidd be effective enough in his first season. With the team they have I would say the odds are in their favor.

  9. sports fan says:

    Of all the teams in the league Indiana appears to have the least no. of weaknesses or possibly none at all.
    This is what they have going for them:
    good offense
    good defense
    good center
    good coach
    good bench
    good chemistry
    playoff experience
    confidence against Miami after pushing them to 7 games

    Brooklyn has a new coach, they’re older, & they still have to develop chemistry.
    Indiana is actually the team to beat in the east & Miami knows this.

  10. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I’ve been a Net fan for all my “NBA life” as a fan (not a bandwagoner!!!) so it’s been nearly 13 years and counting…
    But I’m not biased saying that Brooklyn will surprise many people – yes it will be a surprise because judging by all the comments and opinions seems that Brooklyn is not improving from last year.
    KG, PP, AK47, JET … they are not asked to run the show! D-WILL, BROOK, JJ will be the key pieces. Add Blatche, Evans, Livingston, Alan Anderson, Mirza, Tayshawn, Tornike, Mason Plumlee and we have many many pieces!!!
    If J-Kidd manages minutes well (and he will) damn we will be great! Also, I think that chemistry in terms of everybody being on the same page: not a problem, especially when PP, KG AK47, JET have already proven that they can accept being second options to their teams! Only chemistry in terms of game needs to be worked: but we have training camp for that.

    All in all, I still think that Indiana – a team I really love too – will have a better regular season record but they will beat the Nets only by like 3 games in the standings… Then for the playoffs, I believe that we are really build for that kind of game!!! Hopefully no big injury will hinder that!

    GO MY NETS!!!! And good luck to Indiana too!

    • Wow... says:

      Sir, you are crazy if you say the Nets haven’t improved from last season. You probably don’t even know who these players are since you are saying all this nonsense.

  11. trip2 says:

    i think this is the first time that kg and pp are being called old , funny .:)

  12. underdog says:

    01 – Pacers
    02 – Heat
    03 – Nets
    04 – Bulls
    05 – Knicks
    06 – Hawks
    07 – Cavaliers
    08 – Wizards
    09 – Raptors
    10 – Pistons
    11 – Celtics
    12 – Bobcats
    13 – Bucks
    14 – Magic
    15 – 76ers

    Nets have a very deep and a complete team that can play any type of line-up you can think of. If not for their age and Kidd being a rookie coach, they might be having the best record in the league. But for now I think their key additions catapult them to the 3rd seed in the league.

    Heat will fall to the 2nd spot for the reason that teams will already figure out ways how to beat them… Fatigue will also be a factor.. and Wade’s decline also.

    Pacers almost beat the Heat last post-season and that’s without having a bench. Now the Pacers have a much improved bench. Granger/Stephenson, Scola, CJ Watson, Copeland will all be big factors for the Pacers grabbing the first seed.

    • kenny says:

      I agree with you as long as the NBA doesn’t screw them the pacers bulls should knock the heat out and be in the east finals I think the pacers will win but the bulls could win

  13. Wrong says:

    Indiana Pacers BY FAAAAAR! P.G Will Slam Dunk That Ball on every NETS PLAYER!

  14. rrtheo says:

    hell the pacers are even way better than the heat this year. the return of granger alone solves their scoring drought problems. this coming season’s heat will bite the dust against this pacers team. wade is getting old and would have more injury concerns, while bosh, yeah his still soft.

  15. J says:

    easy! Indiana Pacers

    pacers 3 seed
    nets 4 seed

  16. David Stern says:

    lol at that one guy from philippines who thinks Brooklyn will be a better team

  17. freal says:

    P.S. Roy Hibbert, probably the main factor they got to 7 with MIA, isn’t gonna be playing with “chairs” anymore when they face Miami. The addition of Oden gives them some size to contain Hibbert somewhat

    • FartyPantsMcGee says:

      I dont think Oden will be much of a factor to be honest, lebron will have to be in beast mode and wade will have to be at least 85% of his normal self. although if lebron and wade are clicking, then there is nothing you can do really. if wade doesnt play well then the pacers will probably knock them off in 6 maybe even the bulls will take them down

    • Eric Skinner says:

      Who’s Oden?

  18. freal says:

    P.S. Still…none of these teams are gonna be able to contain Miami

  19. freal says:

    The Nets probably have the most complete starting lineup in the league now. Unfortunately, however, Garnett and Pierce ARE on the decline in terms of their careers, DWill didn’t even make all-star last year, Joe Johnson is an overpaid player and Brook Lopez will be at best as good as last season. The Pacers are going to be deadly next year. If nothing else improves for them, one thing is certain to give them a boost: Paul George is going to be a MONSTER come this season. Just for that alone they are going to better considering everyone else stays the same.

  20. psf says:

    Whoever has the better season, may that team beat Miami in the playoffs!

  21. Kamote says:

    Though I’m a KG fan, but Indiana will rank higher next season. West is their oldest core member, Granger will definitely be a boost, George is still far from what he can become. The Nets has a new coach and a new system, and injuries might become an issue on DWill, Lopez and of course KG and Pierce.

    However, if these two teams meet in the playoffs, and both are healthy… it might be a different story :).

  22. Roland says:

    I have been a long time pacer fan ever since I was 6 and I live in arkansaa. This team will make the nba champion ship. They have a team built on guarding the ball hard core. They have a Reggie miller type player in Paul George who plays like he has a chip on his shoulder. There D is the best and to get Scola and Solmon hill they are looking great

  23. JMaine says:

    Have to be die hard fans of pacers or nets. all your reasons are lame for why those teams would be better. the only team thats a real threat is the pacers to the heat. James jones is the a pretty good three point shoot thats why Miami could afford to let Miller go. If oden doesn’t work out I’m pretty sure Pat will figure it out. Granger is a bum. just be happy Paul George arrived. Nets are old KG has not been thru a whole seaons since 2010. Paul is old and doesn’t take care of himself properly to keep playing at a high level jumper will fade as season goes on. Jet doesn’t have it anymore. and Dwil is a bum too. most inconsistent high paid player in the NBA. And the blog is about nets and pacers F the Bulls with or without Rose like clock work if they have to face the heat out in 5. Im just saying watch what happens. Dnt know if the heat will three-peat. if they don’t it will be because of the pacers.

  24. And A says:

    Not saying nets are better or worse but every article and its replies is about kg and pierce carrying the nets and that they are too old. You have to remember here, they are with a top 5-7 pg in d will, and arguably the best center in the nba right now who is only going to get better defensively with kg and a hugely deep bench. The entire starting 5 can shoot from nearly anywhere.

    It’s a completely different situation to boston where they had to score and carry so much more, kg can stop banging with centers, they have literally 3 offensive options before them if need be. All kg needs to do is play defense and rebound which he can do, his post game is gone but lopez is there.

    100% comes down to chemistry and if they all gel. But either way I’m glad the east is getting more stacked – MIA / NY / BRK / IND / CHI is a sick showdown.

  25. Eaham says:

    The Pacers lost some toughness at the bench with hansborough but scola is a great addition and retaining d-west was a good move. Also granger returning and being healthy means a Pacer team that is an all around team work oriented team, I say they make a fierce push to the finals this season. Nets however has toughness and mental presence of veterans who will give everything and even more just to show thse young bloods wahts good. I am a little concerned wiht J-Kidd though, he seems too meh , even during the summer league lol

  26. Jason Kidd has never coached and people are ready to pencil the Nets into the Eastern Conference finals.

    Worst Case Scenario: Williams and Johnson get the ” Deer in the Headlights” look again., and Pierce and K.G are too old to muster the winning edge.

    Indy has the advantage: 1. Up and Coming Stars 2. Established Team Chemistry

    • Akeem says:

      Pacers got SWEPT by the NETS last season.

      • FartyPantsMcGee says:

        Nets got beat by a depleted bulls team in a game 7 at home

      • FartyPantsMcGee says:

        Pacers are built for the playoffs with their grind it out style and efficient low post scorers. theyre basically the grizzlies with paul george and better perimeter scorers, and they are gonna get beat a head coach that played in the nba last season, esp one that played for a team that didnt play well after the 1st three games of the playoffs

  27. Kimmy says:

    Sorry, last team, I meant to write the Wizards……

  28. Pouchon5 says:

    The Larry O’Brien trophy has a sign on it this upcoming season that reads BN, which stands for Brooklyn Nets the upcoming champion in June 2014. Ya heard!!!

  29. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    Pacers no doubt. Paul Pierce and Garnett won’t be the same without Rondo. Plus their old.

    • Van says:

      Wrong. Pacers just don’t match up with Brooklyn. That’s why they got swept last year by the nets. I’m a heat fan and Indy matches better with the heat. Brooklyn has too much size for Indy. Indy better not end on the same side of Brooklyn for a second round series or they are done. It’s all about match ups; it always has been. Btw if Oden plays like he did when he was healthy and manages to stay healthy and is in nba shape by the time play offs arrive. It won’t matter who is better between pacers or nets. Heat will easily 3peat. There won’t be a series that goes to 7 this time.

  30. Kimmy says:

    Good article. I agree that Pacers got even better. And so did the Nets. But the Pacers are an elite team. Nets still have growing pains.

    Bulls (only if Rose steps up)

    • Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

      I never knew there were 2 teams in Cleveland (note the sarcasm).

    • crazymaso says:

      You have to remember that the Bulls and Pacers are in the same division. For that reason, it is impossible for Bulls to be 3rd in seeding if Indiana is second.

      Going by your prediction, it should be:

      1. Heat
      2. Pacers
      3. Nets / Knicks (whoever wins division)
      4. Bulls

      Division winners are guaranteed a top 3 seeding in their respective conference.

      • whoa says:

        Division winners are guaranteed a top 4 not top 3 seeding.. If the bulls and pacers have better records than the knicks/nets then they can both be above them

      • FartyPantsMcGee says:

        how interesting would that be forcing the heat to have basically the same path to the finals, i would love to see those matchups against the pacers and bulls forcing them to beat the same, but much improved teams, all over again when they barely survived last time

      • crazymaso says:

        “Division winners are guaranteed a top 4 not top 3 seeding.. If the bulls and pacers have better records than the knicks/nets then they can both be above them”

        No that’s impossible. Each conference there is only 3 divisions…as per NBA Rules:

        Playoff Tie-Break Procedures
        Teams 1 to 4 in each conference are the three division winners and the team with the next best regular-season record

        So, as my earlier post indicates – teams 1, 2, 3 are determined by the division winners. Team 4 is the NEXT best regular-season record. Again it is impossible for the Bulls & Pacers to be top 3 seeding. The Heat could have a 41-41 regular season record, but if they win the division, they will be ranked in top 3 for playoff seeding.

      • WFC says:

        Check out the 2012-2013 Western Confernece Standings, crazymaso……

  31. m.w.a. bulls 1 says:

    Neither team will win their division. Of course the Bulls will resume with 60, maybe 61 wins. Indy won 49 all last year. With Granger, they’re a plus 4. The Knicks may edge BK in the record column for the division, however, I see the Knicks being bounced in the first round while BK is built more for the playoffs than than the Knicks. It’ll be a great season tho’. Can’t wait to see this:
    Rose g
    Butler g
    Noah c
    Deng f
    Boozer f

    …coming off the bench. Any questions?

    • asdf says:

      Well, Chigago’s bench got worse in the past 2 seasons and before that it wasn’t able to beat Heat in 2011, so how are they supposed to challenge them now, while Heat got better than they were in 2011. Pacers are the most convincing team in the East to me and even though Heat is considered the team to beat because they won the championship, I believe that it’s really Pacers who are the team to beat since they fixed their only weakness and George/Hill/Hibbert can still improve and better play from Hill alone should be enough to leave the out of other teams in the East reach. In the Finals it depends on who makes it, since Spurs already proved on Grizzlies that their beautiful offense can dismantle any defense and Pacers can not outscore the Spurs. If any other team makes it out of the West and the Pacers win it, unless one of the teams suddenly creates a great offensive system, which, to be honest, might only be possible for the Clippers since they got Doc and CP3, but it’s not sure if others will be able to execute in this imaginary system.

      • Drako says:

        The Bulls bench might have gotten worse in certain ways, but the starters got a lot better. They have a serious upgrade on the SG with Butler, while Deng is still Deng. Noah and Boozer had their best seasons so far, and if they stay that way Im sure they can be quite a threat. If DRose comes back close to his peak, this team is easily top 3 in regular season and will make a lot of noise on the playoffs.

      • Chris says:

        I think the Bull’s bench getting worse over the last couple of years has been a big misconception. Especially when you consider how they did in the playoffs 2012 with starters missing to how they did in 2013. The Nets were clearly a much better team than the 76ers but our bench found ways to win instead of just folding like they did in 2012 with no Rose or Noah. I think the team chemistry has improved a lot and will continue to improve as Thibs gets more experience coaching. Nazr has a ring and seems much more of a team guy that Asik, Hinrich makes better decisions and plays better D than CJ and Nate combined. I kinda worry about Taj, though, steady D but he hasn’t stepped up his shooting or offense, he’s looked exactly the same for the last three years.

    • IndyAfro says:

      The bulls are the BULLS but Pacers will win the Division. Even if Rose come’s back, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be the MVP that he was. And adding Dunleavy to replace Robinson will not make their bench any better.

  32. Jerry25 says:

    Nets will have best record in East, followed by Indiana, then Miami.

    Nets were 3-0 last season vs Pacers so its ridiculous to clearly state that a much, much improved Nets team wouldn’t be at least as good as the Pacers. Miami has regressed being older and without Miller. Oden admits he probably will try too hard and get injured. Nets will have a true Super Team.

    The writers are paid to use some insight, not regurgitate last year’s playoffs. Nets have the perfect compliment of players. Pierce and KG will only need limited minutes during the regular season. Nets have top backups at every position except PG.

    • Wow... says:

      I;m not a Heat fan, but Mike Miller got really inconsistent minutes, and the Heat still won. And you need to remember that this is the defending champs we’re talking about here. This is the same team as last year, except Miller is out and Oden is in. Miami still will be the team to beat.

  33. Jasperjarrod says:

    People forget that our team matched up pretty well with the Indiana Pacers that went to game 7 with the Heat. It’s a Regular season but Nets manage to beat them 3 times (2x in Indiana) w/o DWill in one game and 2 games w/o Gerald Wallace with Bogans replacing him in the lineup and scoring only 8 points total in that 2 games. Both Teams won the same amount of games last season and we improved on our 2 starting spot that are 2 of our weaknesses plus added a defensive guy on AK. Brooklyn Nets are the better team this upcoming season in my opinion. #haters!

    • asdf says:

      Well, it’s not like Pacers did nothing to improve. They’ve got a very good bench, probably top 10 and their starting five was one of the best in the league as they combine perfect defense with really nice offense, their only weakness was the bench production which should be in place now with Scola, Copeland, Watson and probably Granger if he accepts the bench role which would serve them best. With the new bench they can score and their defense is almost a given right now.

  34. John Yohannan says:

    Nets. So far the pierce and Garnett is pretty good alone… But add Williams Johnson and Lopez to that and they r very good

  35. defdun says:

    Thanks Fran and Lang! What an offense to call Indiana “up and comers” after what they did in 12/13 and the playoffs. They are much improved with Danny Granger and the new guys to complete a solid bench, so that for me they have what it takes and will probabky take their game to the finals – if all the key parts stay healthy. Coach Vogel has the playoff experience he needed and together they will have a good shot to win it all… They were so much more fun to watch than most of the other teams.

    Brooklyn, just like Boston, will find a way to advance in the playoffs and they will be the kind of team that will stay in games and not go away easy. But the cast will take more than a regular season to gel, and Father Time is catching up with PP, KG and the Jet, so we can’t expect to them in the Finals anymore…