Welcome To The @JCrossover Show!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For those of us who cannot get enough of the actual games of basketball, and not necessarily all of the periphery factors involved, this part of the offseason has only a few possibilities.

If you’re in the right city at the right time and you just happen to stumble upon the right court, you could get treated to what hoops heads in Seattle have been enjoying this summer. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, Spencer Hawes and many others have shown up there this summer and dropped jaws with their play in the Jamal Crawford Pro Am.

The Los Angeles Clippers star has been a more than gracious host, but he’s a showman at heart. So you know he couldn’t let those other guys put on a better show than he could on his home turf.

The @JCrossover show was in full effect over the weekend … enjoy the freak show the Lob City crew put on (combining for 100 points in one game. Highlights above and below courtesy of our friends at Ball is Life):


  1. Kobes_crossover says:

    Problem with JC is hes a little small for a sg. Hes not quick enough to play pg or defend fast pg like rose/rwb/cp3 but hes not big enough to guard the kobes/wades/bigger sg. So when he is on the court..its either a hit or miss..

    Hes like a double edged sword, he can be explosive on offense,but he can cause alot of mismatches for you on defense, you cannot run two small guards in the nba. Don’t get me wrong, JC, M. Ellis, these guys r great. But they just not big enough to play the bigger sg in the nba. Guys like JCrawford, Ellis, these hybrid 6’3-6’4 smaller guards… Kobe doesnt even try and gets 40pts a night on these guys

    • lmfao says:

      Dude.. JC is 2 cm shorter than Kobe and 5 lb lighter. Not exactly a huge difference…

      • boss says:

        @kobes_crossover wade is actually only like 6’3 6’4 and jc is 6’5 and he is lightning fast ur just a kobe fan thinking he is a boss

  2. Kimmy says:

    Can we just start the season already? These articles are pushing my limits.

  3. PowerofKLove says:

    ” For those of us who cannot get enough of the actual games of basketball…this part of the offseason has only a few possibilities.” Um… are you kidding me? I’ve been watching basketball all day everyday. It’s called FIBA.

  4. Ejumpman6 says:

    Jamal Crawford all day keep it up man. Real recognize real, even if the NBA don’t know where to place you, we all know you brought it day in and day out.
    God bless homie!

  5. E.Balnik-ZaValee says:

    One of the finest xovers in the league. Smooth as hell. Still remember his Atl days when he was nailing those 3+1 as crazy. Jamal is fo real.

  6. B Radd says:

    We’ll see when all said and done who will stand alone above all the rest and guess who that PG in the Shadows will be.. It won’t be CP3, Russell, Kyrie or Rose…guarantee…