Kobe’s Recovery: Mamba On The Run!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The debate will last until Kobe Bryant, in full uniform and cleared to resume his duties as the face of and force behind the Los Angeles Lakers, sets foot on an NBA court in a regular-season game.

Then and only then will we know for sure how long it took to return from the Achilles injury that didn’t allow him to finish the Lakers’ tumultuous 2012-13 season.

All the folks who have weighed in up to this point, however, have to be as shocked as I was to see the Mamba running in that anti-gravity treadmill (he posted a video of himself getting it in on Instagram):

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I said it when he went down in that game against the Warriors, that whatever the supposed recovery time was for his injury, Kobe would beat it. Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak and just about everyone else affiliated with the Lakers have weighed in with their own predictions of when Kobe would make it back. But this is the best piece of evidence I have seen.

I’m upgrading my prediction to sooner rather than later and requesting to alter that to training camp if he keeps progressing at this rate.

When I told someone last week that Kobe was moving pretty well in the videos we saw of him on the Nike Basketball tour in Asia, he suggested I was making too much out of it. I then phoned a friend who tore his Achilles and needed 15 months to get back to feeling comfortable on his surgically repaired leg. He said that what he saw on those videos was nothing short of remarkable.

Kobe is just five months removed from his injury and he’s already running, albeit in an anti-gravity treadmill. It’s still pretty remarkable. And the best part is, the NBA’s resident social media king will keep us all informed of his progress.


  1. rhea says:

    I think the Lakers are done for the rest of kobes career I really do

  2. BlackMussu says:

    You could fly 30, 000 feet straight up to the clouds directly in front of some people, and they still wouldn’t believe. This debunks the age myth.

  3. LBJ06 says:

    the thing is simply the regular season MVP who is voted by everyone in the world that choose the best player today, so Kobe’s fans, can I hear how many Kobe won the regular season MVP ? and How many Lebron’s ? LOL !

  4. Bleek227 says:

    Can we just comment on Kobe’s recovery? Why does everything has to go left. This article about Kobe not LeBron, not Jordan. Who’s better than who… Sheesh

  5. mack says:

    people who think the game was more physical back then simply because of the hand check rules… go back and actually watch the games. the games were less physical and less atheltic than they are today. ive been watching all of jordans games on there recently and what made him great was not his ability to take punishment from other players. The fact that michael set screens and moved without the ball exceptionally well made him great. He had an amazing feel for the game that most atheletes like that never get. So we should be admiring lebron the same way we admire jordan if not more…

    • Kome Bryant says:

      Kids these days. If you ever watch some old atlanta games, you’ll know how tough those days were.

  6. ramotep says:

    Jordan and Kobe are de best players in history, Labron is de face of NBA only that and we know tha nba gives all publicity on Labron but like basketball player he is not better than Duran O Carmelo, so why he is the best?..

  7. Dewaun says:

    1st compare Lebron to Magic, Kobe to Jordan, two different players, Lebron plays more like Magic to me, and its generations that seperate the best, just like Jordan watched DR. J, Kobe watched Jordan and Lebron watched somebody to, the point that Kobe is in 17 year, playing at a high level, a level along with the best in the game today speaks volumes, bring reality into the equation, Lebron does not show up every night, matter of fact the last ring was due to Ray allen, or did you not hear Lebron say thank you Jesus ( He got game) no one player can win a ring, it takes a team, Jordan won nothing til Pippen and BJ armstrong came, and how many greats did he have on his team, since people want to say Kobe would not have won without SHAQ, Jordan never won without Pippen who took bulls to eastern conference finals against the knicks, without Jordan.

  8. 3ga says:

    1 thing Kobe is better than Jordan is:
    Power of Will.
    This man right here has the strongest will I’ve ever seen.

  9. J-Short37 you are a true Basketball fan dude, if only more NBA fans think the way you doโ€ฆbut for the ones that donโ€™t, Kobe is the best shooting guard of all time, just check out this new Basketball novel called (HEAR ME VENT) by Keywan C Heath and learn why he is the best, and why Michael Jordan is overrated.

  10. petermac44 says:

    great to see the video – amazing work ethic! This guy has time and time again impressed me with his will to win and take over his own destiny, not many players have it… MJordan, Bird, Magic, Bernard King, Walton, I am sure there are more but the work is hard and it is a shame how many years he was with Shaq and couldn’t get him to get into shape. Fat and lazy, slow moving feet, just a bully and without finesse or any true skills other than dunking.What a waste the two had such promise and Shaq was too stupid, slow and insecure to realize Kobe changed his game for his success…I mean we all know Kobe and the clan carried the lakers through the end of games as Shaq was basically a liability. Kobe good luck and hopefully your hard work and dedication will rub off on Nash and Pau this year along with some of the unknowns that have a lot to achieve in order for the Lakers to have any success. Lets Go Lakers!

  11. Carl says:


  12. J-Short37 says:

    Good to see Kobe doing better, cant wait to see the man and my Lakers win or lose play ball. With that said MJ, LBJ, KB24 and many others are all great and have for years garnered our attention and interest as fans of NBA ball. I appreciate them all for the game they bring. All the GOAT non-sense is all debatable with no end, but these are the same persons who simply complain and probably don’t do.

    Laker fan since and still since 87′!!!!!

  13. Lakersguard24 says:

    Great to see kobe on the comeback…. I tore my Achilles once it took me 10months to recover to feel comfortable running.. he is strong mentally to allow no fear of training hard to effect him.

  14. sp says:

    too many messages on lebron james etc..
    I just wanted to say that from the antigravity tradmill to the nba court the distance could be several months.

  15. lala says:

    Kobe is the best hands down, he is ways ahead in his recovery. Lakers all flippin day baby.! :)242

  16. Now this is what a true professional does…Kobe could have been sitting this injury out, waiting on the sidelines to figure out when its to his advantage to return to the game, and made nothing but countless excuses….hmmm…forget mentioning Lebron or MJ, we can’t…have either of them ever had a career ending injury to discuss or return from due to the negligence of their coaches?…The one to talk about here i Mike D, that bum who abused his star player and caused this career risking injury of a great NBA player…However this is where Kobe not only deserves respect, but to me has earned it…hes not just talking a big game hes walkin it by including us on his recovery journey…sure its media genius, but he is an entertainer by trade, and regardless of how hes choosing to recover whether its walking on the freakin moon, or whatever, hes doing it, and doing it to return back to the profession he loves and the fans he loves…that to me means much more than any comparisons that could be made about his game with his fellow peers, but leaves me to compare his heart in comparison to his fellow peers, and thus far I don’t know anyone who has worked so hard to return to the game, to keep the fans entertained, to keep us loving the game as much as he does, and to keep the NBA alive. Fun facts – Mj retired twice from the game wayyy too early, and the first time to go play baseball (how dare he) Lebron just gave up on himself, an entire team, league, and fans in the playoffs not to long ago…My point, Kobe never gave up, gives up, played with the best, and the worst with the Laker team even up to a potential career ending injury, and is still fighting to return…His loyalty to the game, his team, the fans, himself paired with his heart is something no one that he is compared to can come close to comparing, and these are golden stats that are never posted or written anywhere but exist…this comming from a Miami and Shaq fan…now proud Kobe as well…

  17. Jasper Reyes says:

    KOBE Bryant is The Great Player ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Jasper Reyes says:

    KOBE BRYANT is the BEST Player and nOT Lebron The “HORSE” James ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Yusuf harun says:

    Kobe d mamba he`s a greate player in d Nba history like wise MJ he make d history, MJ was d one that put d love of b.ball into many people as winner not losser, i did say koba did not but MJ started.

  20. kobe ballhog says:

    Greatest Ballhog Ever. No one can take that away from you Kobe you stand tall above everyone.

  21. Trevor says:

    Kobe should be the MVP I don’t see LBJ playing 38 to 40 min so his team does good and when he does play those min he cramps up kobe makes everyone better around him may I remind you he is 34 playing those min plus still avg 27 a game.

  22. Some, actually most, people here are just out of their mind. I don’t get what Lebron or MJ have anything to do with Kobe’s recoveryproces? Can somebody please explain this to me? And since were drifting off topic: why do people compare them without even looking at numbers? Stats don’t lie, people only talk nonesense. It annoys me even more I have to wade through a pile of nonesense to read some comments that make sense or atleast are well thought through. In the end it really doesn’t matter who is best, the only thing that really matters is the quality of basketball we get to see. We should be thankful there is so much talent in the league.

    On topic though: as an European fan of basketball I’d really like to see more drugtesting in the NBA. I know it can’t be stopped completely but I’m just baffled by the rate/speed he is recovering at/with. It really challenges my view on how clean the NBA really is.

  23. bernycacay says:

    There is no doubt that Kobe is a very skilled and talented player. But he is not a “complete player.” That is one of the reason he never won a MVP award for his 17th regular seasons. Unless if he will comeback and change his attitude, and be a good and charismatic leader of his team, he will never be a MVP player… MJ, eventhough he has a shorter seasons that Kobe or LeBron, was the greatest player that ever played the game. He won almost every category of this game… Good luck, Kobe. I know you stilll have plenty left in your tank. BUT sorry to tell you, your championship era is over.

    • Lakersguard24 says:

      Umm what country u in…. kobe won 2008 mvp award… do u even watch basketball or do u listen to what your friends say….

  24. Beowulf says:

    Kobe’s career stats:


    1,239 1,091 36.6 0.454 0.336 0.838 1.2 4.2 5.3 4.8 1.5 0.5 3.00 2.55 25.5

    MJ’s career stats:

    1,072 1,039 38.3 0.497 0.327 0.835 1.6 4.7 6.2 5.3 2.35 0.83 2.73 2.60 30.1

    MJ is sligtly better. He also had the advantage of playing with Pippen most of his years in the NBA.

  25. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    Ha! It’s funny seeing these guys battle like animals… :).

  26. velia says:

    kobe deserves the 2012 and 2013 mvp hes better than lebro james you guys should stop giving mvps to LeBron hes only wining championships cuz of the teammates when he was on cavaliers with no goos teammates he did bad all the time …
    kobe ur the best

    • Billy the dread says:

      Well have in mind that since hurry, artes, Shaquille, fisher left the lakers super Kobe haven’t being able to accomplish much so u should over look your statements cause don’t say good about Kobe in that sense of idea.

  27. jjjjjj says:

    you guys are saying that kobe only won rings cause of his teammates.
    lebron didn’t even win any rings until he join the heat with wade and bosh in it

  28. scarby says:

    Just a though…how good would the lakers have been the last 8-10 years if Kobe was injured and sitting large chunks of games?……He got smush parker to playoffs as a starting pg….and Kwame Brown as starting center…I could extend this list a bit, but I digress.

  29. TheStilt says:

    It’s an anti gravity treadmill and we can’t even see the setting, he could be running below 50% weight which means there is still a long way before he can run with his full weight much less dribble around opponents at full speed. You know he’ll do everything to come back from this horrible injury but this isn’t a sprained ankle or a bum shoulder. His whole leg depends on this muscle so it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get back on those courts.

  30. Cory says:

    Im a Kobe fan. With that said this is not a natural recovery. I sniff some P.E.D’s

  31. stan says:

    a small note that will probably be regarded as unimportant but notice how he has no ipod or mechanical device in his ears helping through through his run

  32. keyvon says:


  33. Slickly says:

    Kobe is a beast, best we have seen since Jordan. The lebron James comparisons are disrespectful in my opinion.

  34. Gerald says:

    here i come!! the mamba mentality is here!!!!!

  35. ninja says:

    WHY CLICK THE ARTICLE TO READ IF YOUR NOT A KOBE FAN?? OBVIOUSLY THIS WILL BE ABOUT KOBE SO ALL YOU KOBE HATERS WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  36. kizo says:

    i do not understand why everyone keep pointing how skilled some player are when most important thing is how efficiently are they using them. For example, most skilled players are not even in nba, but they are doing things that we havent seen in nba so far. For example, why would MJ, or any player from nba need to do some crazy crossovers when he can score in much more easy way, unless he is really forced to do some crazy things. Most of the people cant see that todays players (like Koe) are often making their shot unnecesary difficult only because MJ have done lot of crazy shots…

  37. Lakers Are Finished says:

    I can’t believe all these Kobe fans. Be realistic and face the facts, they have less talent, an aging roster and Kobe won’t be 100% coming back from injury. Even if he is close to 100% Kobe’s minutes will definitely be limited now. Unless they get a new star player, at max I give them first or second round playoffs.

  38. FrankL2010 says:

    Too many Kobe haters ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you guys really good in basketball? If you are, you should have played in NBA , in Euro league or even in the smallest league of basketball. These guys, may it be Kobe, Lebron or MJ worked so hard that is why they are at their best. Don’t ever wish that other players get injured so that your team will win the championship. That is not the true spirit of competition.

  39. ac says:

    I luv Parker so much…

  40. Rootz says:

    Btw, Nash is a great floor general but he’s older than his age and can’t defend the pg’s of the league today. Kobe needs young help…at least to crutch him back to the bench during the next injury. Big toe maybe? Haha

  41. Sincere says:

    every Kobe article has a Lebron comments and every Lebron article has Kobe comments. It’s a shame you guys have the Biggie and Tupac syndrome where you can only appreciate one until the both of them are gone. Kobe is my favorite without me having to diss Lebron. just saying….

  42. Rootz says:

    Real talk, how is Bron’s name the first mentioned in a Kobe based thread…again? Worse, kids begging for most valuable recovery trophies?? Bron (knock on wood) doesn’t get injuries like Kobe because he IS tougher. As for Kobe, he could even come back playing like a high school kid but still has to worry about the west conf, hot on his Achilles while he still needs a real center and pg.
    Go Kobe, keep working that hamster wheel, all for not!

  43. Yoann says:

    PLEAAAASE DON’T CLICK THIS !!!!! oh wait…….you can’t.
    Oh…well that’s out of the way…

    Fascinating video…

  44. lol says:

    Kobe tries too hard, he is a good player but at the same time a top player wannabe, he simply isnt and anyone who says that Kobe is top 10 is a fool, rings are team achievements and mean nothing, ppl saying that Kobe is better than Lebron lol, Lebron is a Top 10 player of all time already, give Lebron to any team and they are instand championship contenters, give Kobe to any team and u have a huge mess, Kobe is nowhere near as efficient and valuable as Lebron.

    • Historian says:

      So, team achievements don’t mean anything? Wow, then name me ten players who have the INIVIDUAL resume that Kobe has? In fact, name two? And don’t use MVPs, because those are team awards now too, ever since they shafted Kobe in 04″, 06″(35p,5r,5a?!!!) and 07″(33p,5r,5a?!!!) when they didnt want his name tied to the “prestigious” trophy because of the Colorado incident and they gave it to Nash twice, then Dirk even though they’re teams were stacked, and Kobe was taking Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm and Smush Parker….(SMUSH PARKER?) to the playoffs all while putting on single game performances not even The Goat! had ever seen. In fact, one in particular was a game in 06″ against Dirk’s Mavericks(who were a finals runner up that year after getting shafted by the officials against the Heat) in which Kobe scored 62 points after just three quarters while the Mavericks had just 61(and Kobe actually RESTED for 3mins during those 3 quarters and gave them time to catch up! Don’t believe me? Google it!) Has MJ ever out scored a title contender through 3 qrtrs while playing 3 less minutes than them? One would be FOOLISH to try and discredit Mambas individual excellence. I got more to back that claim, too.(12 3’s in a game, 55pts in a half, 9 3’s w/o a miss) All records. Shall I continue? Name Ten players better than that! No, two.

  45. lynk says:

    @cool, u git the other way round dude… kobe is good that’s why he gets to be a hog.

  46. J says:

    this is normal for the Black Mamba
    GO KOBE!!!

  47. JaVale!! says:

    We all agree #23 is the best ever, unless you’re all 10year olds that have only seen Lebron play. Even the man himself said there is no-one else comparable to him, except for Kobe. Kobe is 35…ready for retirement soon but is still able to put up numbers which is proof that he’s got the skill set required to be one of the best. Let’s see if Lebron can do the same at 35 which his ‘skill set’…

  48. Cool says:

    Kobe is a hog that is why he is good!

  49. mark lu says:

    Go Kobe!

  50. Ned Einstein says:

    Kobe has spent most of his career inexcusably immature while obsessively hard-working and dedicated. His skills will erode a bit even after he recovers, but he takes care of himself. If he has learned a lot, and he DOES read the floor well, and he comes back early enough (November?), Lakers could be a surprising team if they remain healthy. But a few health problems and they’ re in the lottery. Otherwise, if they manage to win 57 or 58 games, and their new wing players blossom, and Kobe is realistic in salary next Summer, their money will buy them (a) the best free-agency guard avoidable and Carmello Anthony — who will join them if Knicks do not do well. Then’s they’ll be a top 8 team of better the following year, fun to watch, and a vast improvement from this past year — although the injuries were ridiculous, and D’Antoni deserves a Silver Start for finishing the season 28-12 with an old, slow team with invalids and a center who could not make foul shots. I’m better they’re better this year. They also have a 1st round draft pick this coming year.

    Be careful in your criticism of this team. Injuries apart, they stand no change of winning a championship, but they are like to be a strong playoff team.

    Ned Einstein

  51. GW says:

    Idiots, do you even know what aqn anti gravity treadmill is?? he’s pretty much running where there is no pressure on his Achilles. that video isn’t a true indication of how well he’s recovered. and for the other morons comparing kobe to MJ guess you’re the same fools who compare lil wayne to biggie or pac. smfh ignorance is bliss huh?

    • navid says:

      That’s not totaly true, there is definetly pressure because otherwise he wouldnt be training his achilles. This device reduces the weight of your body so this doesnt pressure your muscles or other part of your body, while working out.
      It doesnt say anything about the recovery but it all depends on how much the anti-gravity treadmill is helping him in his workout.

      • GW says:

        should’ve been more specific and clearly you’ve got a little knowledge on the matter, I was speaking generally to most others here. that pressure could be anywhere from 5 to 95 percent. anything around 50 percent I wouldn’t be praising for a super human like recovery yet. fact is we don’t know what settings it was on yet people speak as they know its on 95percent of his weight

    • Billy the dread says:

      Jajajaja right right

  52. ha says:

    this is so cool LOL

  53. ball says:

    No one knows what the setting on the treadmill is…Kobe could be running on 5% of his weight. Mad respect for Kobe though

  54. tempurafriedbacon says:

    Kobe’s injury isn’t as serious as it was portrayed. This was all planned, how else can the Lakers stay relevant? This is all showbiz my friends, and a lot of people have fallen/would fall for it. You can bet on it!

  55. kobe ballhog says:

    Comeback Mr. Greatest Ballhog Ever the lakers need you to put up 50 shots, and score 40 points a game, thats what you all want more scoring stats, even 50 year old jordan can score that many points if he wanna comeback and be a ballhog.

  56. cj says:

    to the guy who said to give the mvp trophy to kobe and ridiculed those who say lebron is the best just have a look at lebrons injuries throughout his career what you will see is what a true beast is

  57. Kimmy says:

    That anti-gravity treadmil is really cool. Kobe Bryant, unlike a lot of these other young basketball players, is very professional, hard working and dedicated to his team. Unfortunately, even with him playing, the Lakers are going nowhere anytime soon. Sorry Laker fans. There are just too many teams in the West, that are just simply better than the Lakers. I just hope they aren’t as painful to watch as they were last year. I still say Kobe would make a fantastic Laker coach.

  58. Riverws says:

    Respect, Hope he can get back to 100%. NBA isn’t the same w/o Kobe

  59. sports fan says:

    All of these Kobe fans are ridiculous. Comments about Kobe being the GOAT has absolutely nothing to do with a quick recovery. He had a great surgery & his body recovers faster than others. A non-basketball player with a great surgery & has a body that recovers quickly should be viewed in the same light. And by the way to all the dumb Kobe fans – there is not a unanimous vote by all Lakers fans that Kobe is the GOAT, let alone the greatest Laker ever. Get your heads out of your A$$E$.

  60. Dim says:

    I think Dwight Howard is the best player of all time. He can even shoot threes and can do 1080 dunks.

  61. Eaham says:

    Kobe is a great athelete but the Lakers won’t be making that title push this year so he might as well take it easy and not go at it like its now or never. LAkers need to make some moves soon before Kobe looses what he has to age

  62. peter says:

    kobe is a good player n he gnna win a championship this coming seaso #lakers

  63. ddodol says:

    kobe will give 1 best shoot championship then he died…trust me

  64. John Ready says:

    7 Finals appearances 5 rings and way less talent to play with. Oh Im sorry I thought he was done after 4 when Shaq left.

  65. Shark314 says:

    The “John Cena” of the NBA. Can’t keep him down

  66. Aquila says:

    yes, yes, yes….. nice to know that he’s getting back to his old form

  67. Slikk21 says:

    I tore my achilles at the end of February this year. Still seeing the Dr. and at my most recent appointment, I was told I still have another 6 months before I can step on the court. Kobe is a BEAST, no doubt has the best trainers and medical staff money can buy. At the end of the day tho, it all is up to him. He’s got to be able to get out there without being timid or scared of re-injury. Only time will tell…

  68. rantrave says:

    as usual, once Kobe is good to go, D’ Antoni is going run him to the ground (again) by playin him ridiculous minutes because he wants to prove to everybody that he can get many wins

  69. Kobe-Lebron-Carmelo-Pau-Rajon@LA says:

    Kobe-Haters are here again.. Faking his injury? Are you dumb???? LA will surely be in playoffs with Kobe as a leader.. Wait next year and LA will get its 17th to 20th championship..

  70. Crazy says:

    season mvps? 5
    all defensive player of the year? 1
    finals mvps? 6

    MVP = Most Valuable Player

    Kobe’s first 3 rings was because of Shaq ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. noyb says:

    MJ is FAR superior to Kobe. And Kobe will blow out his Achilles again before Christmas.

  72. Extremegirth360 says:

    Kobe is a real man and the greatest player in the history of basketball period, and its not even close.

  73. Le2e says:

    This makes me think of that youtube video where the shrimp is running on that underwater treadmill to the eye of the tiger lol. Look it up, funny stuff!

  74. Tony says:

    Kobe has the work ethic and the desire most Nba players dont

  75. Go Kobe! Do NOT click on name!

  76. Jay says:

    Inkyjack go print a page or something. This is just basketball smack talk. It is health and heck yeah I am glad Kobe is coming back sooner that expected. Heck the Lakers are nothing without him.

  77. RealFax says:

    Kobe’s lower legs are either a lot thinner than I thought, or the anti-gravity surface gives it the illusion

  78. Inkyjack says:

    Whats wrong with you fools man?
    This article is about Kobe coming back to play quicker than perhaps expected, and how remarkable his recovery is.

    Who cares who is better than who, MJ don’t play no more….it is not comparable…Lebron isn’t mentioned in this article…why even bring that dude up…

    yall crazy…

    • Warmbeauti says:

      This is supposed to be focus on Kobe moment and look at people just mentioning Lebron, thats just how important Lebron is till you have to talk about him all the time even if its negative. Ohh Lebron Haters we love it!! When someone is SOO IMPORTANT on peoples minds he gets mentioned even when the article is not about him haaaaaaaaaa LEBRON BABY!!!!!!!

    • coolitdude says:

      another MJ-KB-LGJ dispute for GOAT. when an article (regardless of relevance) featured one of these 3, haters and fans of the other 2 will join in the party… this will go on for decades so just move on dude.

  79. Jay says:

    If you are 40 plus years old. I understand why MJ is you man. But the game has changed and Kobe is the new era player for at least the next 20 so years. If you don’t have Kobe like skills. You will not be considered a superstar in this league going further. He has set the bar so high very few players can reach that.

    For all you MJ fans all Kobe could setting this in a heart beat by asking MJ to lace up the shoes and get it on.

    So we can end this.

    • Banthum says:

      Kobe’s set the bar? He’s basically doing the exact moves that Jordan did… Except he misses much more than Jordan did.

    • Billy the dread says:

      Kobe took his time to copy even MJ walking style, what r u talking about cant u see the guy is a color copy of MJ? Whit this am not saying he doesn’t know how to play, but in life fallowers will always be behind.

      • Wow... says:

        Doesn’t everyone want to be like Mike? If copying MJ was so easy, we would see tons of them in the NBA.

  80. Trey Bens says:

    This fluke a Anti Gravity Trendmill doe? and whoever says Kobe is better than MJ is IDIOTIC! Kobe Bryant is the most skilled offensive player of all time but the game is more than just scoring points

    • John Halliday says:

      But HE ISN’T MJ averaged more points per game, while shooting 51.5% from the field for his entire bulls career!!!!! Kobe has never shot 50% in one yes ONE SINGLE season!!! Also MJ in most season was a more efficient shooter than his teams % Kobe also has never done that in a championship season these are all facts!! KOBE is NOT the most skilled or talented offensive player or his career stats would show this!!!!!!!

      • Billy the dread says:

        Kobe is a good Copy.
        Not more not less.

      • Historian says:

        During a 4 game stretch: 60,50,60,52(47 in the 5th game!). During the 06-07 season: after 3qrtrs(36min.), Dallas(a finals team) 61; Kobe 62(in 33min.)! Most threes in a game… Guess who? 55 pts. In one half?!! Get the eff out! 47 in 1st half against Mike’s Wizards(before Phil the Merciful benched him). Shall I continue? THIS is why it’s hard for me to be impressed with any player since. Shall I continue? Do ur research.

  81. knicks fan says:

    The anti gravity treadmill run is suppose to reduce ground impact forces. Its like float running

  82. qqdq says:

    kobe is going to reach the scoring milestone, And I hope that he will get that 6th ring, and it has to be with the lakers. Just like MJ won all of his rings with the bulls. But I hope he doesnt rush anything to comeback, He cant play 38 mpg like he did last season, His body cant handle that workload anymore.

  83. MicHeaD says:

    @ LA SCRIPTED this is the most ridiculous and most disrespectful comment anybody could write.. knowing how competitive kobe is and how he battled to get his team to the playoff why oh why would he fake his injury ? WHY?
    and who fakes an achilles injury anyway ?

    i can understant that you are a hater but if you don’t have anything good to say just don’t say anything at all and let the man be

  84. Kim says:

    he is only player can be compared to MJ

  85. Chuckster says:

    Yo Jay… you may want to seriously reconsider your statement about MJ… WOW !!!

  86. Josh says:

    Kids comparing the bean to MJ. LMAO. No finer example that ignorance is bliss.

  87. LA Scripted says:

    Is it just me or is it really obvious that Kobe faked his injury last season, and now pretending to have a super fast recovery. Wow! LA really does know how to create fake reality shows

    • Billy the dread says:

      Wouuuuu I din’t want to say this but, it really cross my mind ones I see this video.
      Can’t say for sure but really way to fast for that type of injury on a man that age.

    • Wow... says:

      How can Kobe fake an Achilles injury like that?? After all he has been through- the surgery and the rehab- ignorant people like you think Kobe faked his injury. I have so much more to say, but I would just be wasting my time explaining to ignorant idiots like you.

  88. OD says:

    Kobe always had wolverine like recovery and is one of the best athletes on earth, future HOF and one of the greatest to play even if he retires today. To the knucklehead posters comparing him to MJ, even Kobe will tell you #23 is the GOAT. It’s a Kobe article so just appreciate his uniqueness as an individual.

  89. captainobvious234523 says:

    30minutes, healthy, high IQ presence. hero=surprise injury

  90. JaDversary says:

    @JustmeJip, What the hell does LeBron have to do with this article about Kobe’s recovery?

  91. Alejandro from ARG says:

    It’s good to see Kobe progessing so far, running after 5 months of achilles surgery? WOW

    I hope that D’Antoni doesn’t play him 40 minutes again… Kobe is a competitor, but he’s also 35, keep him cool all the season so he doesn’t have any setback

  92. Jay says:

    I would say being a big fan of Kobe. That he will definitely be back before Xmas. I think he will have some new high-lights for us out of the gate. And yes to those who love MJ … Kobe is better. Heck if he finished his career playing under Phil Jackson.
    That is at least another 2 more championships for those who want to measure a players greatness by how many rings he has At rank Bill Russell is the greatest of al time. Kobe shoots better, handles better, and creates on the court better artistry than MJ. MJ was just a good athlete with decent fundamentals. He couldn’t go left.

    • CP403 says:

      WOW. Kobe homer?
      Kobe is great I will give you that. But he is no MJ. This talk of MJ not going left? You crazy boi.
      Where do you think Kobe patterned his game from?

      Jordan 6/6 in NBA Finals, 6 Finals MVP’s
      I will let you answer how many Kobe has…

      Go ahead, I’ll wait

      • Kobe is still better says:

        Kobe got a huge 8===================D according to JAY.
        I will let you answer how many inch mjโ€™s 8==D is.

        Go ahead, Iโ€™ll Wait for you.

      • Chad says:

        didnt jordan lose to the rockets in 95?

      • Chad says:

        ok i take that back. lost to orlando and they lost to the rockets. my bad

      • Ricky says:

        Yea Chad, they lost to the Magic, the same year Jordan returned after a brief retirement and played only 17 regular season games and was still trying to find his rhythm. The following year the Bulls swept the Magic and went on to win a 3 peat. Did you forget about that?

    • Sid 6.7 says:

      Wow you Kobe fans are ridiculous, basketball is not about scoring the ball in a flashy manner, you know there is something in basketball called defense right? Couldn’t go left LMAO. Ya MJ the better defender rebounder and all around player period. Kobe was great but please don’t get it twisted and we’ll be seeing him around Christmas time and definitely not in the playoffs this year

      • Kobe is still better says:

        Wow Kobe’s 8==============D is ridiculous. LMAO, Sid 6.7 tell me how many inches of MJ’s 8==D you suked. PLz don’t twists mj’s 8===D.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Sid 6.7…. You do know that Kobe has more All defensive team honors then Jordan right? You do know that Jordan missed the playoffs more then Kobe in his career right. You do know that the league was cheating for Jordan right? The league made Jordan the brand that it is today… If you didn’t know that the league cheated for him then you barely watched Jordan play…. Go look a youtube and see for yourself!!!!

      • John says:

        @Kobe is still better, if you’re only response is referencing the basketball players genitals, then you have a problem

      • MinneLakers says:

        @Mister 215…. If you are using utube as a source for those claims then it’s u who have barely watched Jordan play… Jordan played in an era where it’s ok to shove somebody while taking a layup.. Today it can be an automatic disqualification… before that was just plain foul… Yes Jordan only had 9 all defensive team honors but all of those are first defensive team honors in an era where defense was very very tough.. You do realize Jordan came to the NBA at a later age right??.. or that he retired twice right?? Or that he didn’t get a great force of a team mate earlier in his career right?… If there was somebody who was pampered by the NBA early in their careers that would be KB24 and not MJ23..

      • OKCKD35 says:

        @ mister 215. your logic makes no sense, just because Kobe made the playoffs more than Jordan means nothing. So did Derek Fisher and Robert Horry, are they better than Jordan. This is why I despise LA and NY fans. They are completely blinded by the fact that their huge market area allows them to buy the best rosters year after year. If Kobe wasn’t in LA his ENTIRE career he would have missed the playoffs a few times im sure.The league was cheating for Jordan? Really? come on. are you even old enough to have watched Jordan play? Or do you base your decisions off of highlight videos? and forever said Jordan cant go left….really? did you watch him play Utah in the finals? wasn’t the biggest shot of the finals Jordan going left and nailing a floater while fading left?

    • MinneLakers says:

      Dude as much as I love Kobe, I’d still give the G.O.A.T title to MJ… he is still the best player of all time… better than Russel.. Russel was headlining the best team of all time that is why he got the most championships.. Keep it real dude…

      • coolitdude says:

        YEAH mj BEST OF ALL TIME, he was made greatest before youtube came about, thats how huge he became, today’s media and tech can easily elevate popularity, making overstatements =)

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I hope that entire comment was a joke. MJ a good athlete with decent fundamentals? wow! you must not have much respect for the game, MJ was the man not only for what he brought to the table, but he made every player around him better, something that Kobe has NEVER been able to do. And once again MJ would have had more rings if he didn’t leave to play baseball, then retire early again.

    • Banthum says:

      Why do people keep saying that Kobe was the better scorer when Jordan averaged more points while being WAY more efficient? This shouldn’t be a topic of conversation. I understand the LeBron comparison to Jordan–he too is amazingly efficient while scoring a lot–I DO NOT understand the Kobe vs Jordan thing tho…

      • skrutz says:

        Simple! People are dumb. More specifically, the majority of sports fans are dumb.

      • Wow... says:

        If you don’t understand the Kobe and Jordan comparison and you think Jordan vs Lebron makes sense. you are blinded by your own ignorance. Open your eyes.

    • Billy the dread says:

      Do u even know what u r talking about?
      Kobe actually copy very single MJ move, he’s a simple MJ copy, not saying he doesn’t know to play but not better than MJ,
      Check you tube for his last come back he plays against the Lakers, then ask Kobe if MJ can’t go left.

  93. Ace says:

    Lebron is dirt, kobe is the man and the best player in NBA history

    • Pakyaw says:

      Yeah Kobe is the best player in nba history, even for the fact that he’s not the best player of his team for half of his career. Gotcha!..(wink!)

      • Rob says:

        Yeah….. Kobe will be higher on the All Time player list than Shaq will be. Shaq was the man on the team at the time but Kobe’s career was better than Shaqs

    • Blayne says:

      Koke wishes he was the best player in nba history. Lebron is on the rise to being the best Player ever.

      • Lakers Over Everythang says:

        Lebron got packed twice by Kobe during the All Star games. Did everyone forget that?

      • Ricky says:

        2 blocks in an exhibition; I mean All-Star game? You realize that no stats are kept for All-Star games and there’s no actual defense until the final 4-5 minutes? It’s worse than a preseason game.

    • shaddap says:

      he has 4 MVP’s,2 championships and alot of broken or tied records. If lebron is dirt what is the whole league then? You high?

      • Dan'o says:

        Many are making the cogent, though debatable case for the NBA being far less competitive in this era. If true then LBJ’s records don’t mean as much, and his titles required far more help than his contemporaries required- which also suggests that they don’t count as much. My opinion: He’s best in the league, but not even better than Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson– long way to go before I start comparing him to #23.

      • Kevard Rolle says:

        yea 4 mvp’s!!!! but who have championships?

    • AD says:

      You’re also an idiot.

      • Magic Jordan says:

        It’s silly to count championships as the main benchmark for greatness. If you say Mamba is greater than Lebron simply because he has more rings, then by the same argument, you must also say that Robert Horry is greater than both MJ and Mamba since he has 7 rings.
        Quit being silly.

  94. Arun says:

    Kobe is going to be back in fierce mode as everybody questioned his comeback. He is going to be back and average 25ppg this season. Only this that concerns me is his playing minutes. Should be limited to around 32-33 in regular season.

    • Alex says:

      Yes. He played way to much the last season. That’s why his body didn’t last. I wonder now… If Kobe doesn’t play that much, are the Lakers able to get to the playoffs? I mean they didn’t bring anybody that can be decisive, and you can’t rely 100% on Kobe after this kind of injury… sorry, trying to be objective here

      • Toocrunk says:

        The Lakers will go to the playoff and that’s is for sure! That is the only thing they will achieve this season though.

  95. JustMeJip2 says:

    And they say queen James is the best lol, give the MVP already to Kobe he’s a real player,

    • John says:

      I’m sorry, there is no MVP for fastest recovery from injury.

    • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

      mamba on the run to retirement. ============> rest home = demented

    • PSR says:

      It says a lot that you have to trash Lebron on an article about Kobe’s amazing recovery. Devensive much?

    • Adrian says:

      Kobe Bryant is the greatest player in NBA history.
      Strong comparison to Jordan?
      Nah.. Jordan was great, but I believe Kobe is better than Jordan.
      inb4 stats

      • OKCKD35 says:

        wow really? Kobe is a great baller and all but I wouldn’t say he is the best, and im sorry but still not better than Jordan. The only reason MJ didn’t win 8 rings in a row is that he retired for 2 years to play baseball. Not to mention basketball lwas a much more physical game when MJ played. But i’d say at this point in his career he’s lucky to be a top5 player in the NBA.

      • Banthum says:

        Better than Jordan at what? Sure not basketball. Kobe copied Jordan’s game and plays the exact same way… Wanna know the difference? Jordan made much more of his shots than Kobe attempted.

      • Kei says:

        Obviously you never saw Jordan live or at his prime.

    • Toocrunk says:

      The whole Kobe vs Lebron debate is getting old. Kobe has the better resume. Championship rings alone prove this.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Championship rings prove he played in a larger market on a team with a higher payroll. Once again he is a grea player, but do you really think that if LBJ played on the lakers with Shaq that he wouldn’t have won a few rings? not trying to hate, but give a new perspective. Also at his age this comeback from injury is absolutely amazing. Nobody should EVER question Kobe’s work ethic, its ridiculous.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        and for the record im an OKC fan, just using LeBron as point of reference as he’s the most dominate player in the NBA today

    • LBJ says:

      The thing is Lebron doesn’t get bad injuries like that because he’s a lot more durable than most players. So he won’t even have to deal with recovery like that. That’s part of his value as a player, his durability. I’d take durability over fast recovery any day.