Healthy Wade Key To Heat’s Three-Peat

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The NBA calendar waits for no man, not even one of the game’s all-time greats.

You are either ready for the grind when the curtain comes up on the 2013-14 NBA season or you are not. The 82-game gauntlet that awaits has no mercy.

That’s why it should be comforting news to Miami Heat fans that Dwyane Wade made his way back to the gym this weekend after a two-month layoff to rest the sore knees that have come to define this stage of his stellar career. Wade hasn’t been on the floor since the Heat’s Game 7 win over the San Antonio Spurs in The Finals.

Wade opted for OssaTron Shock treatments for the tendinitis in both knees rather than undergo major surgery, a move that Wade and the Heat have to believe was the best move for a player nearing his 32nd birthday and with a decade’s worth of wear and tear on his body. As important as LeBron James is to the Heat’s bottom line and as invaluable as Chris Bosh might be to what goes on in Miami, a healthy Wade is the key to the Heat’s three-peat hopes.

They won last season with Wade turning in a career-low 15.9 points per game in the postseason. He came alive when the Heat needed him most during the The Finals. But for long stretches throughout the postseason, starting in the first round against Milwaukee, he just didn’t look like himself. The burst and above-the-rim ability that had become his trademark vanished as he battled bone bruises in both knees.

He missed just one game in the postseason, but he was missing in action during plenty of others. Wade isn’t the first superstar to hit his 30s and find his body playing tricks on him. Kobe Bryant has had to deal with his fair share of knee issues, a problem he handled by opting for a blood-spinning procedure in Germany that saw other stars in the NBA and other sports follow after seeing Bryant’s physical resurgence post-procedure.

Wade made a public promise at his fantasy camp Friday to be ready to go when the Heat start training camp.

“I’ll be coming in prepared and ready, but I won’t be ready for opening night,” Wade told reporters. “I’ll be ready for opening night when opening night gets here. I have a good amount of time.”

Time is of the essence for the Heat. Their championship clock is far from over, but it’s ticking towards what could be a crossroads of sorts in the free-agent summer of 2014. Say Wade doesn’t make it through the 2013-14 campaign healthy and the Heat are unable to complete that Three-Peat, things could change dramatically with James, Bosh, the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony and several other high-profile starts all swimming in those free-agent waters.

But if Wade’s shock treatments work and he has the good fortune of avoiding all of the bumps and bruises that have slowed him down recently, the Heat will no doubt ride through the regular season as the favorites to win it all again. And a third straight title and fourth straight Finals appearance will make it tough for anyone to walk away from.

“The challengers are lining up,” said an Eastern Conference executive from a team outside of that group of contenders. “We all know how hard it is to get back on that horse and ride it to The Finals for  third straight year. Everybody understands what kind of toll that takes on the guys who are the true superstars in those situations. If DWade is right and healthy, it’s hard to see anyone knocking them off the top of that mountain. It’s not impossible by any stretch, because Indiana was right there last season. But it is a tall order and nearly impossible with LeBron and healthy Wade doing what they do.”

Wade acknowledged the clear and present danger teams like the Pacers, Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets present to the Heat’s three-peat plans. It doesn’t take a pair of BluBlockers to see that the rest of the East is working tirelessly to catch up to the Heat. And that doesn’t even bring the Western Conference challengers into the equation, as he pointed out to Tom Haberstroh of’s Heat Index:

“The East obviously has gotten stronger,” Wade said. “Brooklyn has done something unprecedented — to put five All-Star players on the floor at one time. Not that many people have pulled it off, especially with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. When you think of them, you think of Boston. To be able to take them from there and bring them to their team and bring something to their team that they were missing, in the sense of winning and that toughness.”

Wade said that on paper this might be the most competition he’s ever faced in the Eastern Conference.

“This is going to be a tough year for us,” Wade said about the Heat’s pursuit of a three-peat. “We’re walking into uncharted waters. Right now, we’re the standard team because we’ve been the champions the last two years, so other teams are putting teams together to stop that.”

Wade is right, it’s going to be an extremely difficult task trying to three-peat, even if they get all of the injury breaks they didn’t get last season.

The Heat’s mix has changed a bit, too. Mike Miller is gone. Greg Oden has joined them. Ray Allen and Chris “Birdman” Andersen came back. Bosh will no doubt come back with something to prove after taking his share of lumps on the court and from those of us who observe and report on these things.

What hasn’t changed is the formula the Heat need to achieve their goals. The dynamic duo of LeBron and Wade, when healthy, remains the most powerful force in basketball.

And nothing, not even the NBA calendar, can change that!


  1. AkronsBig Mike #1 fan of LBJ says:

    The chemistry that maimi heat have put together is a dream come true. Every body had written Greg Oden off, but his confidence and atheleticsism will knock the bell off the pole. He has two off the greatest basketball motivators on the court with him and three more off the bench. All he needed was for someone to believe in him and Labron watch and believed in him from his Ohio Buckeyes days. So lookout the heat is coming and they will be hotter than EVER.

  2. Dollar Man says:

    Wade is a Top 25 player all time. His health is absolutely critical if the Heat want that 3-peat. They got some lucky breaks last year and I wouldn’t count on that same luck again. They need Wade at or near 100%. And James. And Bosh. Injuries are a HUGE part of NBA success. Just ask Chicago. They could have beaten Miami with a healthy D Rose. Or ask an OKC fan about it.

  3. sports fan says:

    Even if Wade is healthy the Heat could still lose in 7 games to Indiana. The Pacers bench will be better than last year’s & Granger will be back. It should be no surprise to anyone, even Heat fans, if the Heat lose to the Pacers in the playoffs. Any smart Heat fan who can objectively look at these two teams from last season’s playoffs to where they’re at now can see this. All Heat fans should be very very concerned.

    Indiana preparing for the next season feels a lot like when:
    Detroit finally beating Boston in the late 80’s
    Detroit finally beating L.A. in the finals
    the Bulls finally beating Detroit
    the Bulls rebuilding to beat Orlando for their 4th title (Bulls lost to Orlando the previous year)
    the Spurs finally beating L.A.

    The Pacers already have experience, chemistry, a couple good scorers, a good bench, & a good center. This team is coming & is better built all around than any other team in the league & has covered all bases. The Nets still don’t have the experience & have yet to develop chemistry & their bench isn’t as deep. This is the vibe I’m getting from Indiana & I’m not even a Pacers fan. The Miami bench won’t match Indiana’s & Oden won’t match Hibbert so the Heat absolutely need Wade to be 100% to have a chance.

  4. Neil Young says:

    This is a joke right? Wade is done, he looked overdone last year in about January, and he put two good games together out of the last 14 playoff games this season and he is the key? No, he is old, done, and taking away important focus on the real issue of Chris Bosh not showing up half the time and no big men, let alone solid scoring other than Lebron. How many bench three pointers will it take to keep these guys in the game? If your only other strategy than having LEbron is to have random dudes and old man Allen jacking threes and hoping someone shows up and plays ridiculously out of character (Miller, Battier), it shows that you have some major weaknesses and you are beatable in several ways.

    Get younger Miami, dump the old guys. Why you would pay Juwan Howard more than $14.00/hr to give high fives is beyond me. If there are no upgrades, personnel is the issue, not to mention lack of size. Wade shouldn’t be what this team hinges its success on anymore, that was four years ago.

  5. Robinson JC LeBron says:

    So,I think that a healthy Wade will be better for the threpeat but not the key. The key will be the centers (specially Greg Oden). That means the way they gonna fight for rebounds and protect their basket.
    Do you remember when they were defending well on Duncan in the base in the Game 7? Even though five players with 0pts (specially Bosh, but with an extraordinary game in defense), HEAT is champion.
    Or, when they were defending well on Hibert and West against Indiana? Or against the Bulls?
    The key is the paint!

  6. Trey says:

    I thought that Wade needed 2 be 100% last year and he almost had 2 be. I was pissed b Game 6 n 28secs. Huge miss free throw 4rm Ginobili,Bosh rebound and of course Ray Allen 3pts. I knew we were head to game 7 for a repeat. This year Wade certainly has 2 be 80% or better plus 20-30 mins 4rm Oden so Bosh can play the 4

  7. Beast says:

    Lebron and Wade are one of the greatest duo of all time.

  8. Monty says:

    The Heat’s Big 3 should atleast be like this : C Bosh (avg 10 boards pg 3 blocks pg & an updated defense) D Wade (atleast 85% healthy 21 points pg) King James (Updated All-Around) for a 3-Peat

  9. zulu says:

    The Heat has some young men that are comfortable with their ability to do what they do. The fact that they happen to some of the ‘best’ certainly has to make Heat fans feel good about the possibility of a tree peat. Plus they love playin’ with one another and for the organization. Wade at one hundred per cent is scary…..

  10. JMaine says:

    lebron fan but none of you know basketball. you all sound like lil fan boys with half turth. Wade is still a great player n those of you who don’t think so, he burned all those teams at least once or twice in the playoffs. and a player who is injured doing what he did in the finals proves how great he is. Nets have a old team now, can anyone tell me the last time KG played a whole season……. 2010. Paul has never taken care of his body which is why as the season goes deeper his jump shot will fade. JET dose not have it any more and i liked the guy since ATL days. Bulls with or with out Rose is the same team that gets bounced out in 5 games by the Heat like clock work. Pacers are the real deal thats the only team in the East that is on par with the Heat. I really don’t know if the Heat can pull a three-peat I’m going to have fun watching but the only team i worried about is the Pacers. Paul Gorge is the truth. Really dont care for Granger, An over hyped Joe Johnson. Remember this when the season plays out.

    • WesleyJ says:

      I disagree with the whole comment about the Bulls being swept in 5 against the Heat. The Bulls lacked an offensive force as well as a strong bench…they were running an 8 man team pretty much. With Rose back, they gain more offensive power. Also Deng was out too. I think that if the two teams meet in the playoffs this year, it would be a different story. The heat lost Miller too. I do agree that Wade is a great player and even not 100% is still a huge threat, especially when Lebron is having a terrible night. He will need to be healthier this year because the east is tough, and there are some powerful teams in the West too like the Warriors, Thunder, maybe even the Rockets if Howard stops playing like a girl. I think this year, with the heat being the favorites, it’s a toss up in the East.

  11. Barry Bulls Fan Conner says:

    D-wade is the best player in the NBA hands down when he’s healty…. he plays on both ends to the fullest… and wat makes him the best is the fire that he has on D. In the finals this year he had a 6 steal 2 block game along with 32 points. and his on ball d is 10 times better then lebron. just think wen is the last time u seen James block a shot playing man to man d on someone??? on the other hand wade dose it all the time … i dnt like lebron but i do respect him as THE BEST IN THE GAME… wen wade is Not 100 %…. with that being said i think wade got robed the year b4 lebron came to the heat for the MVP.

  12. Kyle says:

    Every year people say the Heat need a healthy Wade to win and every year he’s still injured and they win it all anyway. The only year that they lost so far was when Wade was healthy. Lets face it he’s old washed up and not all that important. Miami looked at their BEST when Wade was on the BENCH in the Finaks. You do the math.

  13. marlon green says:

    You guys are crazy to really think Greg Oden will be the difference. I dont think he has even played half a season in his injury prone career. Just face it he has an old body at a young age. Birdman Bosh and Haslem will be more effective than Oden. The Heat will be fine. The Bulls lost Nate which was a spark off the bench and he played the Heat tough, Brooklyn couldn’t even beat the Bulls without Rose. Deron WIlliams is the most inconsistent superstar in the league and Joe Johnson has always been overrated and the Truth and KG are great but their time is over. The Knicks will be good enough to make the playoffs and thats it. And as far as the pacers I think they still need a solid point gurad. The point guards couldn’t handle the ball pressure from the Heat and ended up forcing up so many bad shots late in the shot clock or turning the ball over. Danny Granger wont be the answer either and Hibbert wont matter as long as Frank Vogul keeps pulling him out of the game in the most crucial moments which I still dont understand.

  14. stefan says:

    man if the heat can start greg oden as center, and finally put bosh back to his actually position as pf then goddamn the team will be unstoppable.

    PG Wade
    SG Allen
    SF James
    PF Bosh
    C Oden

    then you can look to Chalmers to produce as a quality point guard to give Wade more rest, Jones to spread the floor at the 3 line for Allen, Battier for James, Haslem at pf for Bosh, and Andersen to hit up the boards.

    They have a dominant team, starting and benched.

  15. Miami Heat Fan says:

    2014 Conference FINALS Spurs vs Thunder & Heat vs Pacers and FINALS will be HEAT vs Thunder. maybe maybe

  16. Just a fan says:

    This is basketball and It’s all about match ups. Yes Indiana may be tough 4 The Heat but they may not match up good with The Bulls or Brooklyn or Cleveland and they would have 2 beat them 2 play The Heat. Remember The Pacers have a bulls eye on them this year from the up and comers and have 2 bring their A- game every nite. Can they do that? The higher the seed means U don’t face The Heat til the finals But U have a hard time beating The Bulls bcuz U don’t match up good with them. U are built 2 beat The Heat. The West has quite a few teams that have gotten better 2 so possibly more losses. Tough 2 improve on the 47 wins last year.

  17. buck hill says:

    wade is one of the best sg ever if he can come back and play like 2011 wade its gone be hard to say the heat wont 3 peat

  18. Uncle Drew says:

    If both Wade and Oden are healthy and playing well when April comes, then its a 3peat. Only team who can beat the Heat in a 7 game series at this point is Indiana in my opinion. And that’s because they match up so well.

  19. defdun says:

    Sekou is right, the Heat won’t be able to stop the upcoming teams Pacers, Bulls, Nets without a fully healthy D-Wade. And seeing his style of play over the years and how he’s been ailing lately makes you doubt that he will be back to his overpowering old self in the future. Probably he’ll try to prove everyone wrong which increases the risk of getting hurt as we’ve seen with other “pedal to the metal” type of players like Iverson, etc. in the second half of their careers.

    Anyhow I don’t think the Heat will have the physical AND mental power to again come back in playoff series where they are trailing like they did in the past against Bulls/Boston/Indiana, and so probably we won’t see them in the Finals in 2014 which makes a nice change.

  20. kobe ballhog says:

    I am a solid Lebron fan a solid Heat fan, i aint like those kobe fanboys who worship him like a their god, i still a fan of basketball as a whole not a fanboy wannabe, now even as a super heat fan, i agree that the Pacers are definitely one to look out for, that team is built directly to beat the heat, for the bulls ill give comments once i see how they play with their leader, the nets unless deron grows up its back to the dumps for them, the knicks is a joke, pacers is the team to beat in the east, still im hoping for oden to work out with the heat so that lebron gets his 3rd ring! go heat!

  21. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Nothing matters……Heat and Lebron won’t get lucky again, Houston should have picked up Josh smith instead of/or with Howard to fill the PF hole (still nto enough), Durant is destined to always be 2nd place unfortunatly, Knicks will always be the Knicks lol sorry manhattan, Spurs last hope was game 6 last year and that failed, and Brooklyn still lacks HEART and will loose again because of it (KG and PP left their hearts in boston).

    It is inevitable…..BULLS 2014 Champs, with D.Rose on a mission nothing matters….

  22. rhea says:

    Confrence finals will be heat and bulls and thunder and clippers with the pacers and rockets getting narrowly eliminated

  23. rhea says:

    I wanted the rockets to get Chris Paul so bad because asik Is damn good and while Howard is better the upgrade from asik to Howard is nothing from Lin to Paul but I like this a lot now I am leaning towards this because our d needs big help and who better than Howard for that I just hope they play him and asik at the same time a lot rather than giving each other breaks .but Cp as the 1 harden at 2 parsons at 3 Terrance Jones at 4 and asik at 5 is good damn good lol

  24. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    The best overall 1-2 punch duo in the entire NBA is: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

    Westbrook will be back at 100%.

    You can argue it’s still Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, if you want.

    KD and Russ continue to dominate in many arenas: regular season, playoffs, All-Star, All-NBA, Olympics, etc.

    I love you, D-Wade, but you’re a little past your prime.

    If OKC Thunder stay healthy, expect them to win in all in 2014.

    • Darnell says:

      You stupid okc is so incomplete and they just lost kevin martin its gonna be tough for them to make it to the finals

      • Jay says:

        OKC really need a decent 2-guard and a good centre. I think they should trade Perkins and Sefoloshia for a decent starting centre and let Jeremy Lamb move up to the starting SG Position. If that happens, I see the Thunder being most likely to take the Championship home next season

    • rhea says:

      Kd and west are sick but I’m eager to see harden and Howard and see how that stacks up against other dynamic duos so far though with nothing to go on but expectations kd and west then cup and griffin then harden and Howard top 3 then lebron and dwade because that’s more of lebron being the best player on the planet and dwade still playing pretty good rather than a combo of 2 players that are lights out

    • navid says:

      Win it all?

      A shooting team with no real offence from 4 or 5? dream on…

  25. Dirty south says:

    Nothing about Bridman being up to full speed now and Haslem being in better shape even Chamlers had ankle problems. So all these other teams getting healthy or getting together now Miami sill has the upper hand. Going be great season

  26. rhea says:

    I think the rockets have a great chance of beating the heavy or the pacers if they play Howard at the 4 and asik at the 5 that gives the rockets arguably the best 2 in harden the best 4 in Howard ( I know he is s center but so was the dream and he played 4) a top 5 center in asik ( one of only 3 centers last year to avg a double double) an OK pg in Lin/bev/brooks and the most underated sf in the league and a future superstar in parsons

  27. marty says:

    Wade has to be a factor defensively that’s what separates the Heat.Gotta get them blocks and steals..

  28. kazoomi says:

    Lear to appreciate a legend he give it his all & guess what 3rings etc.etc yo washed up azz would love them stats..

  29. hardwood says:

    One word. LEBRON. Goodnight!

  30. VMX says:

    The reason he was so raggedy was that 27 game streak. He pushed through injuries that he would not have if they weren’t trying to make history. He should have taken games off during that streak because he bruised that knee in the middle of the winning. Doubt that it happens again in the upcoming season. It will be 100% about the long term goal of the Championship.

  31. Kimmy says:

    The Heat will make the finals again this year. But they will not have as many winning streaks (or wins) as they did last year. Simply because there is better competition in the East. This is a good thing. Makes it more fun to watch. Wade is not a factor. King Lebron James is, the best player in the galaxy.

  32. aaronben says:

    east challengers are very strong. they are Nets, Bulls, Knicks, and Pacers.. no worries for the heat fans, heat don’t need to handle them all. for Wade’s situation, he can handle it. he can still be healthy at championship. let the other team worry for their rosters. for the Nets, Garnett and Pierce are already old and injuries are waiting. Bulls, Rose and Deng too and even worst Noah. Pacers, Granger only? hope so…. for the knicks, let other teams handle them…. So, no worries for injuries, what to worry is how to win it all… against their conference and across…. But the best if possible, no injury please for all teams to see who’s the best…

  33. zpme says:

    wait til christmas coz varejao will join the heat….

  34. A healthy & determined D-wade next season 25 5,and 6

  35. It’s the same story for the past 2 yrs fans say oh heat won’t win it all wade is not healthy. Than what happens? Wade comes out in game 7 and puts up 24. No worries the guy will be a superstar for the next 3 yrrs

  36. thefan says:

    the only issue right now is greg oden, his minutes will be valuable and will really tell if miami goes on to 3peat…theyll get home court thru the entire playoffs easily…first round will be a breeze but starting second round til the finals greg oden would by that point have to be in tip top shape to go up against the bigs of chicago/indy/nets/knicks..if wade can consistently give you 20 bosh give you 15+ and king james will give you his 25-30 , miami will be alright..wade doesnt needa be 100%…

  37. B Radd says:

    Don’t see anyone beating this thee headed beast along with Allen, Haslem, Battier, Birdman, Lewis and now Oden.

  38. MV3 says:

    Wade BIW!

  39. Miami Heat Fan says:

    What I’m sure is the HEAT will be in FINALS again next year. Even Wade is healthy or not. I hope G. Oden can help his team on playoffs and Finals that time.

  40. dchow3 says:

    Wade is washed up. The guy plays one good game after 10 bad games and has to constantly watch out for his body year after year despite always just playing enough to win but never really give it all out for the fans. He started off his career being a bad shooter to a decent shooter to now a terrible shooter in general especially from the 3 point line (except finals game 7). Dude, he’s a shooting guard that can’t shoot and has no more athletic ability that he once had.

  41. EPaul says:

    I think there are two X-Factors to the Heat winning again – Wade’s health (of course) and Greg Oden. If the Heat can get 20 minutes of a productive Greg Oden in the Playoffs, then the Heat really don’t need much at all from Wade. If not, then Wade needs to be back at near full-strength.

    It would be nice to see Miami get better consistency at PG too. Chalmers is strangely up and down with his play. He can drop 24 points one night and then drop 0 points the next with 5 turnovers. Hopefully Cole can continue to improve and limit the mistakes that they usually see from Chalmers.

  42. Iron Mike says:

    A healthy Wade and a healthy Oden is too good to be true but if it comes true, then Miami would be unbeatable.

  43. The Samman says:

    This must be the most polite comment section I’ve ever read… No insulting, everybody just sharing their opinion while being open for someone else’s..

    It makes “it’s just funny” seem rude lol

  44. theking0522 says:

    And to all those Indiana and Chicago fans talking about how they are going to get a healthy Granger or Rose back…Well..We are getting a COMPLETELY HEALTHY Wade back. So who cares you are getting healthier? Miami is getting healthier also.

    • heatlb6 says:

      I like this comment.. Thumbs up.. But there’s never a winner wit 2 sides.. Too many bias ppl for heat and none heat fans..

  45. Churon127 says:

    I still think that D-Wade is not the key for the threepeat – I think a healthy Greg Oden is. It is true, that they won it all two times without a big man, but the Teams WITH a good big man are going to be way better than last year (Pacers, Bulls, Nets [because of +KG they have a very good frontcourt in my book] and Rockets) – so without Greg I say the heat will loose to the first of those 4 Teams they encounter (which would be the Pacers, Nets or Bulls of course).

    • HeatfansinceWade says:

      Your an Idiot! Obviously your not a Heat Fan by saying that garbage.

    • shaddap says:

      Wade is the heart of the heat. Everybody knows that.


      They all have their roles. Let’s just hope they’re all Healthy so that they can steamroll and annihilate their opponents as if they we’re bugs

  46. theking0522 says:

    I think this is the biggest acquisition of the off season. Wade played at 50% during the playoffs and Miami still won the championship. Spolstra is going to be more careful during the regular season and rest him every now and then (like Popovich does with Parker). A healthy Wade for the playoffs is the biggest addition to this Miami team. He only has to play at 80% and we will be alright.

  47. It's just funny says:

    You people wish his not healthy, otherwise you know the consequences.

  48. It's just funny says:

    All of you people who are saying, the pacers or the bulls are better teams and they will win, in all of that you have make sure wade is not healthy, if his healthy you know you ain’t got no chance. The heat will trepeat, I repeat the trepeat.

    • nba fan says:

      Does any of you, Heat fans, even realize that Indiana starters actually outscored Heat starters in direct matchup in the playoffs? And now their bench improved incredibly,so their main weakness is gone. I’m not hating on the Heat as their still very good, but even if Wade is healthy I think that the chances for either Heat or Pacers to win are 50/50 and if Wade is injured I believe Pacers are the team to beat in the East. They’re a great defensive team and with their bench and Granger coming back they should also be good offensively, between Granger and George they can keep a good defender on LeBron everytime he’s on the court. I’d say that Pacers are perfectly designed to beat the Heat. They have good defenders at 2 and 3, they have size inside to punish Heat for their small-ball lineup and they have the overall incredible defense + an improved offense over last season.

      • The jatt says:

        For all you people that say the Pacers will be better with Danny Granger being healthy you guys are wrong. Danny Granger is the reason they lost the year before against the Heat. Lebron was killing him.

      • shaddap says:

        I agree that the pacers are the main threat in the playoffs. Forget Chicago, they only have a bad-mouth in Noah, and a fake MVP in rose(Check Lebron’s stats and Rose’s stats on his MVP year, lebron is better and the only reason he got that is because that is the year “The Decision” was made and everyone is hating on Lebron). Brooklyn might be a threat but I dont think they can muster up chemistry in one years time (Miami heat 2010 proves this).

        One thing though, NBA fan, the pacers only outscored the heat because the heat is small. They got ALOT of rebounds and therefore 2nd chance points. Comes in, Greg Oden. I know it ain’t much since Oden is a gamble but did you see Oden vs Hibbert during their college days? Oden destroys hibbert. If, I SAID “IF”, he is healthy just like the scouts say… Indiana would need to look for production elsewhere.

  49. 007 says:

    Agree Tom but Sekou is not wrong as well that’s the beautiful thing about the game.
    DWade inconsistent ” show-no games ” show up one game and the next game no show throughout the duration of the playoffs last year. At time it was truly a FLASH, how ironic, but if you ask the question of impact on Game 7 you have to give Chris “Donut” Bosh credit his ability to play one on one defense on Duncan. Allowing the heatles to sworn and disrupt the Spurs flow at crucial moments. So here Tom I agree.

    If you can rest Wade as much this season to ensure he comes into the playoffs as healthy as possible I would do that. The Heat don’t need that pathetic home court advantage anyway. You rest Wade and I can see the 15.9 ppg easily slide to 20+.

    Can’t wait 4 da Season……..
    *Bond Music*

  50. Tom says:

    I disagree, the Heat can win it all without a healthy Wade, they proved that this past spring/summer. What they need most is effective big men to counter the Roy Hibberts, the David Wests, the Tim Duncans. Big men are the key. When big Roy Hibbert get’s going on you, you better have some big men down there to slow him down. When old Tim Duncan burns you for 25 first half points it makes a bigger difference.

    • some random guy says:

      i disagree with you because the Heat won it all without a big man. a big man will make it easier yes but a healthy Wade is still the second best SG in the league hands down.

    • Ayaluun says:

      You must be Lebron’s fan yes yes he is the best player but D-Wade is key to Heat’s third straight championship. I disagree with you Heat is no match for in the East without Wade. Because his defense is best in the NBA he can shoot he can block he can steal he can score on every position if he wants it. Dwyane Wade is most underrated player of All time.

      • MV3 says:

        d wade was the best player in the nba for a few seasons, got ripped off by not getting mvp. and imo is closer to kobe and mj then lebron.

      • shaddap says:

        Dude…can you get away from your laptop. You call wade underrated? I know some people who at least puts him in the discussion of at least the top 50 all time greats. Wade has endorsements, 3 championships, finals mvp and a whole lot of money. I dont think an underrated player can have an article such as this on So please read my name and learn it

      • Jslen says:

        You hit it right on the spot ! Without Wade, LeBron would have never gotten a ring period…And I wish somebody would say otherwise. Wade is still Top 5 in the league and that’s him not healthy…You wont find a guard that plays as great of defense and offense as he does

    • nba fan says:

      @Tom If you didn’t notice, all the other teams improved. Pacers starters outscored Heat’s starters it’s just that their bench couldn’t produce. Their bench is much stronger this year + Hibbert,George and Hill still have room to grow as players and, if George’s development continues at last year’s pace, I think they will handle the Heat easily if Wade still has issues with his knees. If Wade is healthy it’ll be a fair matchup and it’s tough to point a winner. And then there are still Bulls and Nets, although the Bulls need to mesh Rose back into the team and Nets need to find the right chemistry, It will be a tough postseason for the Heat as they will likely have to match up with two out of the three teams mentione (no offense to Knicks, but they made upgrades where they didn’t need (offense) and didn’t really upgrade where they needed (Defense). And even if they reach to the Finals, whichever team wins the West will give them a tough matchup.

    • Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

      No they can’t. Fatigue will play a role on Wades knees.

  51. Lakers-Warriors-Suns. says:

    I don’t think Wade will matchup against the phisicality of Chicago. And other teams.

  52. Rootz says:

    Wade wants to come back without surgery and say he’s tougher than that. He’ll be aight! 3peat bound!! And in fine fashion I expect

  53. Rootz says:

    We’ll take a 80% Wade, if Bosh can avg 8 boards and catch some alley oops and get one more official move until he gets that 15ft shot back at least. Be a bird man with a shot! Why can’t he?