Jeremy Lin: ‘You’ve Changed Bro’ (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If Jeremy Lin‘s basketball career ever hits another roadblock, he has a fallback plan in place.

Sketch comedy, with the Houston Rockets’ point guard as the punchline, is a viable option. The latest gem uploaded to Lin’s official YouTube channel is ample proof:

On a team with Dwight Howard, James Harden and Chandler Parsons, Lin might very well have the best and most authentic comedic chops of the crew.

Lin playing against type in the “You’ve Changed Bro” spoof is the best part. He’s as humble a player as you’ll find in the NBA, so watching him stumble through all of the made-up scenarios that showcase him big timing fans, friends and family is comedy gold.


  1. Jslen says:

    Hilarious lol…made me like Jeremy a lil bit

  2. Ejumpman6 says:

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  3. Ejumpman6 says:

    AMEN! Romans 12:2a………………..You all need to change! First by the renewing of your minds!

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  4. Nick Nguyen says:

    This is a stupid article I actually thought you were talking about his offseason work not a YouTube video

  5. AC says:

    I don’t think Lin can really get much better. I know he’s still really young, but I just don’t think he has the athleticism to really become an elite point guard, especially considering that pg is easily the most stacked position in the league. I wouldn’t put him in the top 15, maybe not even the top 20 pg’s in the league.

    • Really says:

      Are you serious man?
      I have never seen Steve Nash dunk.
      I don’t expect any rational argument here, but just had to respond and say that, in my opinion, you have no idea (at all) what you are talking about.
      I believe you will eat your words, so maybe you should take note of them.

  6. manny says:

    thank you for bringing us to this video I would not had find it on my own. Very funny

  7. boston rules says:

    Boring just like all the linsanity stuff

  8. ripcity says:

    Paul Allen why you change the rose garden to the mods center 😦 you changed bro

  9. Yao says:

    The tattoo is the Chinese character for change.

    *flews away*

  10. sources says:

    lin to be traded to the

  11. lin has not changed he is careless with the ball and he needs to work on his jump shot MORE!

  12. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Not all that funny but the Sharpie tattoo outtake got a genuine laugh. I’d like to see Lin ACTUALLY take it left a bit next year…

  13. TheAll-Star136 says:

    I hope Jeremy Lin becomes an All-Star in the next 3 years.

  14. Jason Lin says:

    Funny video. But as a Lin’s fan, I am more concern about his consistency and lack of aggression in the basketball court. He has the talent to do it, he just need a game plan to help him get to his spot and score in the game. Or the writer will be 100% correct that Lin will be an actor at online video as his fullback plan.

  15. Keon R. says:

    Do you know who doesn’t have a career in sketch comedy? James Harden his cameo was funny and cool but the dude can’t act. Or if you’ve heard his foot locker r&b track, he can’t sing either. So there’s that.

  16. ROCKETMAN12 says:

    This is funny! Has a Larry David “Curb Your Enthusiam” feel to it

  17. htownfan says:

    lin needs to go work on his jump shot and his turnovers

  18. dd def says:

    hahaha! that’s right up there with lillard’s social media awards video. they oughta pair up for some “day-in-the-life” mocumentaries

  19. JJ (Rockets Fan) says:

    With this and the new Harden commercial the Rockets are now one of the cooler teams in the NBA. Very fresh very fun and hopefully they prove that you can have fun and still win Basketball games. Best of luck fellas.

  20. phldude says:

    Hahaha, love the part his Mom sees the (fake) tatoo.

  21. M. Murphy says:

    Awesome! I like hime more and more. Seems like a down to earth, not taking himself too serious kinda dude. I like the perspective.

  22. xnbax says:

    i dont trust any of ur bs articles any more , your just desparate for attention and fame as a writer. im also a writer , sekou smith ” i get paid from the lakers to write bs ” .

    • Michael says:

      I have to agree. Sometimes I can’t believe they pay him for what he wrote.

    • justsayin says:

      Don’t like it? You’ve changed, bro.

    • That dude says:


      • 007 says:

        I agree 100%. Sekou is clrealy reaching because there is nothing to talk about.

        Maybe they would like to hear about the updates about Lamar Odom’s Divorce, North West and the color of her stool, or maybe the width of Anthony Davis’ unibrow. Don’t blame Mr.Smith it’s the NBA offseason nothing too exciting is happen anymore…..IT CHANGED BRO!?!?

  23. dont click my name says:

    what is the point of this?

  24. Paul says:

    Haha this is hillarious!!