Olajuwon, Howard Work On ‘Dream Shake’


From NBA.com staff reports

Roughly a month ago, as the Rockets were basking in the glow of landing Dwight Howard in free agency, plans to bring a Hall of Famer in to improve Howard’s post play started coming into place. Houston’s brass was diligently working to add Hakeem Olajuwon, the master of the “Dream Shake” and the man who led the Rockets to titles in 1994 and ’95, to its coaching staff.

Dream Shake 101 is apparently in session for Howard, as Jason Friedman of Rockets.com was on hand yesterday to watch as Howard got some post-move lessons from Olajuwon. Also in attendance was Rockets coach Kevin McHale. Known to make a post move or two in his day that left defenders befuddled, McHale surely had a couple of low-post pointers for Howard as well.

Enough talk, here are the photos of the workout you’re looking for:

As a member of the Magic, Howard was tutored in the offseason by Olajuwon. He also received instruction from Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing and well-regarded big man coach Clifford Ray during his Orlando days when those men were on the Magic’s staff (at different times).

How Howard is able to incorporate the fleet-footed moves of Olajuwon into his game — and how quickly he can do so — will go a long way in making life easier on the perimeter for James Harden, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and the rest of Houston’s crew.


  1. jmangs says:

    Howard is not a go to guy. If you need a bucket you don’t throw it to him. That’s why he will never be a super star like, kobe, james, jordan, bird, magic, wade, kareem, hakeem, durant to name a few go to guys.

  2. digitioli says:

    Ewing is totally right, he would have eaten him alive.

  3. digitioli says:

    Hakeem said it all recently: “He is still very raw.”
    Code for: He still hasn’t improved one bit in all these years.

    Being great takes focus, dedication, discipline, heart, competitiveness, being a team player, and being a leader.
    From what I’ve seen over the years he’s 0-7 on those traits.

  4. james says:

    First of all Jason didn’t explain that hakeem isn’t teaching Howard the dream shake u should go to the rockets website and read the article it was more on how to use his feet which will help him to get leverage when he is in the post he doesn’t need to b a better shooter if he can move good in the low post he can develop some good up and unders around the basket

  5. tbf says:


  6. tbf says:


  7. tbf says:


  8. le Bo says:

    Dwight Howard AKA, The Happy Kevin Willis. Wht U talkin bout Willis?

  9. Lachy Ramage says:

    I really just hope that Howard will be able to develop an offensive low post game, we all know hes a beast on the boards and in the defensive block… who better to help him with that than The Dream?

  10. Kenneth Dunn says:

    A happy, healthy and motivated Dwight Howard will be back dominating again. Him working with Hakeem and McHale is only ing to benefit Howard. He is not trying to be either one of them. Only improve his game. The small sample size of the few times he was able to hook up with Hakeem was not enought time to really hone any one particular skill. Now that he is in the city with these guys full time, he can get extenstensive tutorledge. He is already a physical beast. All he needs to do is add a couple of go to moves or shot to his game and he will be better than he was in Orlando. These last experiences with the last two teams, I think has matured Howard. Most of the top players continue to add to their game even in their prime. In the right situation, Howard is now ready to do that. Howard leaving an old, aging, directionless team in Los Angelos, with no chemistry and poor coaching for a better, younger, up and coming team in Houston was the right choice for Dwight Howard. For a guy that is no good, overrated and good ridence, I’m amazed at all the Hater-aide thats out there. All the wining and crying is rediculous. Let it go. Move on. Dwight has!

  11. captainobvious234523 says:

    lol from the dream shake to the dwightmare.. but hey, howard fits good here, the real franchise core is harden-parsons-lin. rebounds, blocked shots, a few highlights, paint defense. role player. it’s good for him
    about the video end, yeah, patrick ewing would destroy him.

  12. lol says:

    THeres absolutely no room left for D12 to improve, the guy is a brick, all muscle and athleticism but no bball skils at all. Olajuwon is a bball legend with uber skills, D12 never had skills or potential, he is just a powerfull athlete thats why he excells on defence, rebounding and dunking but nothing more.

  13. Pete Medina says:

    Things just can’t get better for Rockets’ Howard and the Rockets. Dwight will make life easier for Harden, Lin, and Parsons. Also will eventually master the “Dream Shake” an add a greaty polished of post game. With that in mind the development of James Harden a rising star in the NBA the Houston Rockets are a title contender, an also will be virtually impossibly to defeat. Houston will is an outstanding team, and the sky is the limit for this club.

  14. Mike says:

    on the real, Pat would have gave him 50 haha

  15. Its me says:

    Glad it only took 9 years for Howard to work on his post game

  16. lance murrell says:

    He’s not trying to be like Hakeem. He’s trying to improve his game and be a better player.

  17. Zacula says:

    “You can never under-estimate the heart of a champion”… A reference of the Rockets couch about The Dream and the Rockets team that was aiming to win their second ring in the 90’s.

    You can teach the Howard horse anything you want… no heart, no champion… simple as that. Hakeem is wasting his time on this clown… Howard has no heart… couple that with a very small brain and large muscles… and you get just a disoriented horse…. The Rockets go as Harden goes…

  18. OKC says:

    Keep in mind this dude shoots like 80-90% on free throws in the gym, and we all know what happens in game. I’ll be interested to see if the post stuff he is working on translates to the NBA.

  19. bulls21 says:

    i can see why the rockets kept asik; if he can’t play with dwight then he will get traded, if he can play at the 4, then great, but if it doesn’t work, and howard wants to leave then they still have a centre in asik, but have a valuable trade chip in howard, and then they could get kevin love or someone

  20. JasonNotFriday13th says:

    I can’t see both Howard and Asik playing together. They are both paint players, which means the lane would be clogged up way too much for the guards to penetrate, particularly Harden who is a slasher. Playing the pick-n-roll would become a moot point and almost impossible with two centers in the line-up. For that to work, Asik would have to develop the skills of a power forward which means he’d have to learn to put the ball on the floor and make moves to the bucket…he doesn’t have those skills, and he’s too big to ask or expect him to do that. He’d also have to develop a mid-range jumper in order to space the floor. Howard and Asik can’t and would never work. Neither have the skills to move to power forward, and you can’t expect Howard to even try to become a power forward, he’d never be able to shoot jumpers….His freethrow mechanics shows that. Looking back to when we the Rockets had Hakeem and Ralph as the Twin Towers or even the Spurs with Duncan and Robinson, it worked great because Hakeem and Duncan were able to put the ball on the floor and shoot jumpers. Not the case with these two. So to saying all that only to say Howard and Asik could never work unless a miracle happens and both learn to shoot and dribble like a small forward in short order.

  21. Pedro says:

    “A grown man wearing diapers will never put on big boy pants”. Just ask Kobe.

  22. Withnail says:

    Ahahahaa hahahahahahaa hahahahahah. OMG. THAT IS HYSTERICAL. Um… don’t you kinda require an offensive move in order to execute the ‘shake’. I mean who is gonna go for a Howard pump fake? totally different story than a Hakeem. When Hakeem drifted it was quite possible he was squaring up for a fade away.AT 7 feet… BUT Howard can’t do that. It’s worse than a Griffin fake, and I love Professor Griff. If Howard catches you on the block, pinned. Stay straight up, legs wide…then hop into the close out. You know he has no confidence to jump straight into that hook, ERGO it’s not gonna work ERGO this is ridiculous… Can’t you see Howard catching, spinning baseline, extending the ball out of bounds… and dropping it on the full…

  23. Matthew says:

    I think you guys are sleeping on Asik… Not saying he’ll be the next Tim Duncan but I’m sure if I had to put my money on which of the two could develop a decent mid-range game, I’d say Asik can put it together.. Just look at his free throw technique. Their percentages are not much different from the line but their techniques are drastically different.

  24. mrvnr says:

    he must do much more better if he thinks to be dominant center like he and all are saying.
    he must be able to give every and each night 25-30 points plus be able to draw double teams so that he kick the ball out to teammates. 10-15 rebounds, 0,5-1 block, not to give offensive fouls and try to better free throw shooting just a bit. Shag was bad from free throw but got litle better through the years and could at the end of the game put some in and punished those hacking fouls.

  25. jjjj says:

    To be honest, I dont think you can teach the stuff olajuwon did. Olajuwon was an uniqe player with a footwork people havent seen before, And to teach howard that now after so many years in the league, its pretty much impossible, howard has been an pick & roll center his whole life, just running dunking and catching ally oops, and never developed in his post play, If he`s gonna learn to post up I dont think Olajuwon is the right man to teach him, because he cant teach dwight the stuff he did, dwight`s skill level arent even close to what Olajuwon`s was. Dwight need to use just brute force on the block to be succesfull, Shaq is the man to teach him.

  26. J says:

    all this work with hakeem and mchale is only gonna help Dwight.
    my fav centre ever is hakeem Olajuwon I also think he’s best C as well cause he could do everything
    if he can teach howard to do everything then D12 is gonna go down as one of the best ever

  27. navid says:

    Howard is an athleet. He should keep it with that and use it. he never had a Post-up game. He runs past people or jumps over them.
    if he had any potential to be a GREAT Post-up player, he would have shown it bij now.

    he should take full advantage of his body because as soon as he slows down, gets older or injured, it’s bench time.

  28. jmann says:

    Shame I actually liked Houston’s team last year, they had good chemistry. I cant see this working out well for Harden, Asik and Parsons.

    The big guy with the little heart will stink in Houston playing with Harden just like he did in LA playing beside Kobe and co. Oh well divas be divas and the D Howard has to play somewhere. Pity his game is not what it was 3 years ago.

  29. noammg96 says:

    Dwight Howard is the best center ever with Carim.
    We need to understand that he still does not reach to the top of his ability.
    Howard does lots beyond the statistic, and help his teammate to be better.
    For addition, who want to reply to my message, pls do that on my skype acc, which is noammg96.

  30. giilour says:

    This is the time for Howard to elevate his game to another level and the keys are the support staff off the court. McHale is the kind of coach that Howard needs. He doesn’t have the support from his other coaches, just a lot of crying from Van Gundy, and he is still a developing player, especially in the mental aspect. There is too much unnecessary pressure for him to dominate on the offense – if he plays like a beast on the defensive end, it will have a much larger team impact. Everyone loves offense, but that’s not what he has to be. Bill Russell average 15 and 22. 22 boards a game!!! Being a great centre does not just mean you pile on the points – it is a about winning. Dwight needs to define his own game and with Olajuwon and McHale on his side his going to do just fine!

  31. Shin Dung Fha says:

    I am a Laker fan for life. needless to say, i felt bad for him leaving for the rockets, but it is his decision. Now about his work ethics, he knows he is SUPER, and we all know about it too, but all he need to understand, is that this is a team game, you can not be a diva.. you need to JELL with the rest of the crew, you can be a star but still need to play with the rest of the bottom feeder to get to where you want to be. There is no “I “in team, unless you have the mind of a coach who see things from the side line, then you should play like a part of the team, stop playing like a kid who needs to be pampered cause your are not getting the ball. Just my take. I hope he does not act like that in Houston.. and try to steal the show from Harden.. just because he is a bigger STAR.

  32. iammr713 says:

    Olajuwon been teaching him this dream shake the past 3 summers.. If he hasn’t learned it yet, you DREAMING hard if you think he’s going to learn it now just because he became a member of the team now. ZERO POST MOVES!

  33. Alucard says:

    Howard isn’t foot work big men, he is a power player. As long as he tries to be Hakeem he will never be great

  34. Bucci says:

    Trade Asik for a STRETCH Power Forward like Rashard Lewis in his Orlando days. There’s a reason why PAU GASOL ENDED UP SHOOTING 3s. I would trade Asik for ‘Ryan Anderson and a second round piok’ or for ‘Steve Novak and an additional piece’

  35. DR BBAL says:

    you say dwight is a great post player?
    asik is just as good as dwight in my opinion

  36. Rahsaan says:

    He has already did this dream school before and still continue to only be dominate when dunking or catching an ally

  37. JB says:


  38. art says:

    He is a real Joke to the NBA…..a real drama Queen.

  39. Ro says:

    Asik is not, and has never been, a strong offensive player. He’s a board crashing, defensive force. The perfect bench compliment.

    • K says:

      Asik would be a perfct fit for the Miami Heat for those exact skills.

    • RT says:

      Well he’d be an okay fit, but Asik got a ridiculous contract last year I believe, so if he were to go to the Heat, they’d have to give up Bosh and possibly others to make up for it. I’m not a Heat fan at all, but what they got right now works. Plus they have two defensive/rebounding big men (Anderson and now Oden) who are signed for low salaries AND they get to keep bosh who can actually shoot from the perimeter. For the money, the Heat don’t need him, but skill-wise, sure he’d help them out.

  40. ShadyMan says:

    If Dwight doesn’t master the post after being bombarded with knowledge by the 2 best post players in nba history, i don’t know what else can work.

  41. K says:

    Please trade Asik to the Miami Heat……. 3- peat!!!!!!!

  42. Robert says:

    He needs to hold the ball up high in the post. Whenever he lowers the ball teams are swarming to strip it, and this is leading to way too many turnovers.

  43. lee says:

    Idk if u guys actually watch basketball but asik want work in as pf the need a stre tech 4

  44. Dwight Coward will get an injury in the third game of the season, and don’t gonna be able to play till 2014-2015 season. lolololol

  45. douglas says:

    The problem with howard is that he is too physically gifted that he just could not be bothered to learn any moves…. hope u really man up and start working on the dream shake..

  46. entrox says:

    oh my god d.howard learns how to shake, great…. what he really needs is a power move like all great centers had. a move where he could score in almost every possession. a move like shaq had. max 2 hard dribbling with the back towards the basket and then dunk over the oppoent. that is what he really needs, espacially in times where no real big man are in the game. a little hook shot and some dream shakin from time to time is good but not more than a little complement.

  47. dwightblowsssss says:

    Too bad dwight’s a big crybaby if he loses a couple games and things don’t go his way the “dwightmare” will come back Not only that but he’s overrated his numbers have been down since Orlando, the playstyle of the magic is what made him so effecive down low.

    • Sit Down says:

      Its been down but its still one of the best, if not the best, stats compared to all the active centers in the league.

  48. perpendicular says:

    asik is with Turkish national team now, he will dwight when he comes back

  49. Ro says:

    Yeah cos after last time he went to ‘Dream School’ he came back a beast! Oh wait. No he still had a very limited post game. He will never be able to post anything like Hakeem did. He has NO touch on any kind of jump shot. Dwight’s only post move? Running hook falling away from the basket as he yells ‘Heyyeeeeeee’ cos he thinks he’s fouled on everything! He is the most dominant Center, in a league that has very few good ones. But he dominates Defensively, not by scoring from the block. We’re still waiting what 8-9 years later? If you cant post up by now, when can you? Cough cough Amare…..

    • Sit Down says:

      This time he has priority and probably have a lot more time with him than the other people who came in and learned. But who knows, maybe the lessons wont stick with him, or Hack-A-Howard will negate all the points he gets from post moves.

    • yolo says:

      what are u talking about? amare played well in the post for the knicks, he averaged 14 points last season, and all of his points where pretty much postups.

  50. ShawnKemp says:

    Good luck with that dream shake. Problem is, you can’t hit a baseline fadeaway to save your life.

  51. john says:

    dwight will struggle in houston, and continue his legacy as the one of the most overrated players of all time, the guy can’t shoot beyond 3 feet and can’t make a free throw to save his life, and we all know his mental fragility and emotional issues, glad to see him outta L.A. so they can move on, he isn’t the answer, good luck houston. all the teaching in the world from a great center like olajuwan i don’t think will help much, he just isn’t in the same time zone with that kind of skill set.

  52. HA HA HA says:

    Man if dwight keeps this up for another month he’s going to be a beast!

  53. cesar says:

    Why they dont include Asik to teach also the move? thats not fair for Asik.. thats is why he want to go somewhere else…

    • Bruno says:

      I agree.

    • Sit Down says:

      They prolly do, they just don’t film it because lets be honest, people are way more inclined to click on a link that says ‘Howard … Dream Shake’ over a link that says ‘Asik …. Dream Shake’. All hating aside and this may sound mean but no one really expects or cares that much if Asik can learn post moves.

    • JJ says:

      Could it have anything to do with the fact that Asik is in Europe with the Turkish National Team, getting ready for Eurobasket 2013 in Slovenia?

  54. Jay says:

    houston def will improve with howard, but no matter what, their biggest weakness – hack a howard. Get on those free throws dwight! those single digit points will make a huge difference with the game on the line!

  55. josh says:

    Dwight and the Rockets are going to be scary this season. Haters are going to hate but I think Dwight will fit in just fine with Lin and company. The only player I have a question mark on is The Beard. Will he sacrifice his stats to win more games?

    • WillDS says:

      They had a pretty big improvement last year with those stats from the beard

    • E-SY says:

      The Beard still is their go to guy even with Howard on the team. He can deliver when the game is on the line and I don’t see Howard do that.

    • yow says:

      The Beard sacrifices his stats before in OKC, it won’t be hard for him to sacrifice some of his stats now because of Dwight.

  56. Rahman8113 says:

    Last season he had a good season meaning good numbers enough for a dominating center in the NBA, but he is Dwight Howard and we expect more from him. He has to make it big in Houston, he has a young star in Harden and other good players and a good coaching staff. What Houston needs is a power forward, I mean they have Montiejunas but I would like to see Asik start at PF.

    • YYY says:

      I agree completely. All this talk about Asik not wanting to play behind Dwight, why not play with Dwight?


      That’s a top 5 team in the west.

      • asdf says:

        Asik and Howard won’t work well on offense. Two big men who can’t even shoot a close-mid-range jumper playing together means a stuffed paint and neither of them will be effective since there will always be 2 guys in the paint to contest the shot.

      • mr. futuristic says:

        That’s a top 5 starting 5, not necessarily a top 5 team.

      • anonymous says:

        You have to understand that neither Howard nor Asik have a jump shot, so they would only clog the paint. And then players like Harden who prefer to drive the lane would have to maneuver around the two bigs and the opponents.

    • yolo says:

      They cant start asik and howard, because there is no spacing with those 2, none of them can even shoot a jumper.

  57. Michael Peloton says:

    I just want to see Dwight Howard achieve his truest potential. I want him to succeed with the game of basketball. I think Dwight has to work on his mental approach of the game. Basketball is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. Dwight must hone his mental skills to become a great player.

    • ac says:

      hahahaha let me tell you man if basketball was only 10% physical there would be a lot more short white boys like myself in the NBA.

      • christopher roman says:

        if it were more about the physical almost any athlete with some basketball skills would enter. It is all about agressive mentality and a pound the paint mentality for Howard.

      • ac says:

        It was a joke, relax.

      • in order to win championships…you need mental toughness too…you’re not gonna win any championships if you’re mentally weak

      • MinneLakers says:

        I can definitely say it’s more mental than physical but I don’t believe it’s only 10% though… For me, playing wiser gets you to win more.. I was physically gifted when I was younger.. I could block 6 footers with my 5’6′ frame, can definitely outrun them, has better handle and quicker.. And did I mention that I could touch and hold on a standard height rim without the help of a step ladder?…. But even with that talent I could almost never beat those guys,, Now I am older, chubbier, slower (still got the speed though so they couldn’t outrun me.. I mean quickness) and flightless but wiser, I can beat these tall young guys easily.. I guess people do get better with age and I think that is going to be the case with Dwight… Now with a great mentor I believe he could really get to his potential this time around.. I juz hoped he never left LA though.. dang!

      • gerald adams says:

        it not the color its the game steve nash, 3 time mvp he is short

    • thumbs up says:

      u r right dude. his mind, is the only thing getting in his way. when he stops trying to be a diva he will be one of the greatedt players ever. until then, all we can do is watch the dwight show

      • E-SY says:

        You are right indeed about the mind of Howard. The game though is a lot more physical! Most guys have the mentality to match their skills, but Howard is supposed to be a superstar in the game. The only problem for him is that to be a real superstar, he would have to become a killer and he lacks that extra bit of mental toughness that – for instance – Lebron has.

        Another good example is Cousins… he could become realy good, if he could just receive another set of brains.

    • uwa says:

      I think dwight reached his celling, and he won’t get better than 20pts 14reb %53 ft. which is good but not good enough.