Kobe’s ‘Mamba Mentality’ Shines In China

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ve seen him in this role unofficially throughout his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant serving as the Lakers’ coach on the floor — and sometimes the sideline, if you let some people tell it.

It’s an interesting dynamic … Kobe on the other side from his playing days. You wonder what his connection to the game will be when he does finally hang it up.

During his latest Nike Basketball tour, Kobe showed off his coaching touch (clearly channeling his inner Phil Jackson) in China, impressing upon youngsters the need to employ the “Mamba Mentality” on the court:

This is the Kobe the Lakers will see and hear until he comes back from that Achilles injury: a philosophical future Hall of Famer with plenty of wisdom to share with the willing.

The only other player on his level intellectually, Jason Kidd, needed just nine days to move from his playing career to his coaching career. Granted, Kidd had a very specific scenario unfold with the Brooklyn Nets to make that happen. But I could see Kobe coaching some day and coaching the Lakers even.

He doesn’t strike me as someone who will be able to simply walk away from the game and move on to the next phase of his life when he’s done playing. Love him or hate him, he’s one of the greatest competitors to grace the game and he has a basketball mind that even his biggest critics will agree is off the charts.

“Coach Kobe” … has a little bit of a ring to it, no?


  1. kazoomi says:

    maba bs king james came and took yo league from you boy …they compare the king to MJ not a mamba haha

  2. jerry says:

    yeah, that’s why china is only 5th place in the latest fiba asia championship.

  3. GOSTEVENASH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! says:

    @ Jimmy Buckets

    Stop Being a hater and how would Kobe Bryant NBA All-Stars Personal life have any somewhat effect on your daughters in denver stop being a hater Kobe tries really hard to win in basketball and will do everything for his team he does not deserve to be hated on

  4. marty says:

    Its amazing how a one way player gets accolades for greatness.

  5. pacquiaoverated says:

    most dominant ballhog ever, mamba mentality = me against the whole team,bosses everyone around, talk behind teammates back, demands to be traded, bosses the management, bashes teammates that’s the mamba mentality, Rico mamba baby!

  6. LakerAllDay says:

    Wow reading many of the posts…seems like there are some serious haters out there; hating so much as to bring personal issues into the scene. Now I am not the biggest Kobe fan; however, I am a Laker fan. So let me add my 2 cents if I may on a few points that were brought up:

    Basketball IQ: Jason Kid/Kobe- no need to really chat this one out because they both have a great understanding of the game from their roles they played on their team(s).

    Kobe/Shaq- its agreed that they needed each other. Shaq was mainly dominant because of his size. But if I remember correctly…his first championship came under the Laker banner. Kobe was young but very athletic….dangerous player and others had to respect that. Makes a great duo! Shaq had many easy shots because of Kobe and vice versa. But also let’s not forget another great player who played a major role in those 3 rings….D. Fish!

    Lakers not making the Playoffs in 04/05: someone mentioned this in comparison to other teams string of playoff appearances. Again if my memory serves correctly….with that lone season…the Lakers held the longest string of playoff appearances over any team…I believe it was 19 straight or something close. And since then…how many times have they appeared in the playoff even considering last seasons first round knockout? Not too many players can say they have that kind of post season experience!

    MJ/KB- who is better? This will always be a debate. Games are so similar is scary. It took MJ a few seasons before his rings started piling up whereas Kobe came into pretty good situation. All hail Jerry West for that! You can say Kobe obtained his status a little sooner. Who is better….still debating.

    Kobe the Ball Hog- I like this one because so many people say this not realizing that the coach pulls the trigger on this one. Reason I like this so much because another player was considered the same way…you guessed it…Micheal Jordan. But under the triangle….the trigger to shoot is at their position. Inside out game. On top of that…if Phil did not want Mike to shoot….gues what Mike won’t shoot. Same thing with Kobe. If you watch closely….the ball hog only comes out when the coach pulls the trigger for it. LoL!

    Kobe the Coach- he will do well here personally. Its not about the rings or playoffs here. Others is a reason he has been able to play in this league for so long and at a very high level. His mental toughness and work ethic on the court is second to none. I wonder where he got that from? Oh yeah Derik Fisher who came in the league at the same time and he too was a player/coach after a while.

    Love him or hate him…you cannot disrespect Kobe’s game. Can he win another championship before he retires? Well that depends…..the key will be in having a real ball handlhandler. Yes Kobe is older and is slowing down….and if he is the ballhandler…then it would be easy to isolate him. Take the ball out of his hand making him a rover on the court; let’s just say new chapter can be written…but it is all up to him.

  7. derrick capers says:

    He’s the greatest of all times, so of course he will make a champion coach

  8. Chan Needs Context says:

    Lebron did all those things, and his team in cleveland at the time was not nearly as star studded as now.

    Truth be told that the Cavs were (and still are) in the Eastern Conference which has been markedly weaker from top to bottom.

    Very doubtful the exact team over those years would have had the same kind of success in the stacked western conference.
    Maybe that is why when Lebron led the Cavs to the Finals they were hastily swept by the dominant western conference champions.

    • Chan Needs Context says:

      I am calling BS on this “Basketball IQ” nonsense.

      There is not a “basketball IQ” test administered to determine basketball IQ nor would it be a simple thing to measure I would suspect.
      Downright impossible to determine just by watching some games each season with most of the coverage we receive from the NBA coming from highlights and top ten plays.

      This is almost as stupid as media-based or fan-based grading re: work ethic.
      Example: Person 1 – “Player X is better than Player Y because he’s got a higher basketball IQ and WORKS HARDER than anyone else.” Person 2 – “You just made ALL of that up… except the players name….”

      Both players deserve respect for their knowledge of the game, and both are masters of their craft. Leave it at that.

      Pretty cool seeing J-kidd become coach the week after being eliminated from the playoffs. He definitely set the bar high for fastest turnaround time.

  9. BUWANG says:

    The thing is, did they understand what kobe is telling to them? I don’t think so, because Chinese are so very poor in English.

  10. sports fan says:

    What Kobe will say as a coach:
    “Whoever gets the ball just ball hog it.”
    “You guys can’t execute my plays so now I’m forced to suit up & become a player/coach. I will show you firsthand how to ballhog”

  11. JP says:

    if Kobe is a teamplayer or not. even if he would be the greatest player of all times. the first Mistake is in the beginning:

    for 100% sure is that Kobe is not on the intellectual or Basketball IQ Level of a Jason Kidd!!!

    even by far not. Kidd has mb the highest Basketball IQ of all times in the history of the game. if Kobe is a top 5 all time Player then Jason is in the top 5 of intelligent Players of all times – where Kobe definately isnt.

  12. Crazy You! says:

    I hate LJ, when is see him in the court? its like they are playing in the ZOO. hahaha

  13. Crazy You! says:

    Hey Stop hating kobe! LJ is a monkey duts! hahaha

  14. Kimmy says:

    I think Kobe’s best years are behind him. And that’s not a bad thing. It was painful watching him and the Lakers last year. I have always siad-why doesnt Kobe just hang it up and coach the Lakers? They could certainly use one. Otherwise, this article and others about him are so “last year”. Current and interesting articles, please.

  15. ron52nge says:

    Before Kobe used #8
    But eventually changed his mind and used #24

    #24 means he is +1 from Jordan #23
    Jordan = 6 Championship
    Kobe = 5 Championship

    Kobe is -1

    But if Kobe won another Championship (Kobe 6 = Jordan 6)

    Then he thought he still won the +1 because he wears #24…. Hahahaha

    Nextime i will discuss why lebron change his #

  16. Flexy says:

    The funny thing is I used to be a Kobe hater…That hate had nothing to do with his lack of skills, but for the way he demolished almost every team I enjoyed to watch. This dude is clearly one of the most dominant players of his time, and has a fade that almost no one can stop. On his worst day, my man would still put up about 40 points going 20 for 70 shooting, and those 20 made could have arguably been the best 20 shots seen in your life…What I’m saying, if I’m saying anything at all is, Kobe is a HALL OF FAME player, CHAMP, and one of the best NBA players of all time…still don’t like him…but with all he’s done in and for the game, gotta respect him

  17. ron52nge says:

    In Basketball, Kobe is an Icon…. Best of its kind & best of its own season…

    “Everybody Needs Somebody” that’s all…..

  18. ron52nge says:

    Kobe is best in his own kind… He won Championships because he was determined to do so. He has good teammates who played well…. Stop comparing coz everyone has it’s own season…

  19. MC says:

    I think Kobe is an incredible one on one player, one of the best all time (team player, not quite)
    However, we have to realize that he has only won 2 championships being the best player on the team.
    With the other 3, Shaq was the man, not kobe. Of course they needed each other to win them, but during that time, Kobe was Shaq’s Pippen or Lebron’s Wade.

    • Adam says:

      No, it’s Wade’s Lebron.

      • AKA says:

        yea sure but most of the world dont agree with you
        who is that guy with the most MVP trophy?
        your mum is calling you

      • GROUCH says:

        MVP is popularity contest.

      • Adam says:

        Lebron teamed up with Wade’s Heat so he can win a ring because he couldn’t win one with the Cavs. Wade already made the Heat a team before Lebron came, he already gave them a crown. So Lebron came to join Wade’s team to win. But in fairness AKA, I am impressed that a 13 year old like you can make a comment like that. Your Mama must be proud.

      • Pakyaw says:

        Popularity contest?.. Hahaha!..stats don’t lie buddy!…

  20. AKA says:

    I respect Kobe for what he has done and the player he is but I have got to say that he got carried by Shaq for the first 3 rings. Shaq was the dominant force and was the MVP in the finals too. Yes Shaq needed Kobe but he would probabily have won it if you replace Kobe with another superstar guard. Kobe wouldnt have won it if you replace Shaq at that time, no one can replace him even now.

    Its like while Lebron needs Wade and Bosh. Who’s team is it now? Who is the MVP on regular season and final. Wade is declining fast and bost is just over rated, he did no comtrbute much.

    Kobe cried about need some help or he might leave during those time when Shaq left and he failed hard. He is fortunate that he joined The Lakers when he came to the league. Lakers has the money and resource to get players. Think if he jioned the Bobcats or Cavs or Wizard. I doubt he would be where he is now. He might leave just like Lebron did. I doubt he can carry that team to NBA finals or win MVPs. He probabily would have won alot of scoring titles though

    • Adam says:

      That’s the sad thing. Heat fans say Wade and Bosh are one of the top players in the NBA to date on one hand and on the hand, they say both are either declining fast or overrated. And now, they’re saying, the credit goes to and the savior is, tadaaa! Lebron James! So all the time the Heat has been winning with Lebron James playing with an overrated Bosh and declining Wade. What ever happened to the previous comments about Heat’s big three? So it’s now just big one! Say anything just to make Lebron look good and great. AKA, you must be Sekou Smith’s kid brother, he loves to make Lebron look good and great.

    • Kramlessur says:

      Take note. Even in a good team Kobe demanded for a trade. During Shaq’s prime he cant accept the fact that Shaq is better than him so he demanded for a trade. But Shaq demanded for a max contract and LA cant afford it so they decided to trade Shaq instead of Kobe because Kobe’s contract is cheaper at that time.

    • Tyron says:

      Bobcats didn’t even excist at the time.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. iAgree! says:

    @dontclickmyname.. If you got the rhythm of the game and u have the power and ability to do what you have to do just to score. then you’ll do it not just to score. but for the team. for you to get the win. everyplayer knows this. “you got to do what you got to do!”

  22. Jhussung23 says:

    All the Kobe haters that think that Shaq would have won the (3) titles without Kobe, take a look at the highlights from the (3) championship years. Seems like a lot of easy buckets for Shaq from penetration by Kobe, and a lot of good looks outside for Kobe from Shaq’s inside presence. Kinda looks like they both needed eachother.

    • Sit Down says:

      I don’t think the main argument is that Shaq would have won 3 without Kobe but instead that Shaq was a bigger reason than Kobe for why the Lakers had a 3-peat

  23. Francisco says:

    Most overrated player in the league, regarded by media , coaches and players as a closer when HE IS NOT , only a 31% Shooter in the last 24 seconds of the game up 2 or down 2 since 1997, SORRY NUMBERS DO NOT LIE , the times he made them is being shown over and over again to manipulate ignorant people and fans. Not very smart , takes many bad shots, well he is fluent in Italian lol….How in the world anybody with a some elemental math do not see that in basketball 49% is very far from 45 % and 30 ppg farrrrr from 25.5.. well the firsts belong to Michael the other to kobe.and still there are article comparing kobe to Michael…lol

  24. Darnell says:

    Mr.james has to reach Kobe’s legacy

  25. Darnell says:

    Everyone needs someone to win a ring but Kobe is the man. He wins some with Shaquille and won some without him stop hating on the man. I don’t like him but I have to respect him

  26. lol says:

    Guys KObe is the 2nd best player of all time behind lebron james. The guy has potential to be a good coach also.

    • Adam says:

      Yeah, until Lebron gets 5 rings, he will still be under Kobe. Go to school now, you’re mommy’s calling you.

      • Kramlessur says:

        Does it mean that Scalabrine is better than KD? Melo? And Horry over Kobe? You know nothing about basketball. Number of championship is not the only factor to consider for comparing a player over the other. If so, then Bill Russell should be the greatest player of all time and not Michael Jordan. Period.

  27. A Patron of Basketball says:

    The Mamba Mentality: Dream Big, Work Harder than Everyone Else, and Do Whatever It Takes To Win.
    With that also comes a sense of vanity that can cloud judgement, but when you’re exalted as the greatest player in the world, that amount of vaunting can certainly compound to your already “legitimized” (Championships, MVP, All-Star, And more Money than everyone else) sense of ego and pride. Kobe has taken fault many times for his arrogant style of play, but the man is an undeniable winner. Every team in the league wants him, every player respects him, people hate him, and people love him. The Mamba way is not for everyone, because only a few have what it takes to win.

    • Sit Down says:

      ‘Do Whatever It Takes To Win’… “I’m not willing to take a pay cut from my $30 million to help the team rebuild” – Kobe. That may not be verbatim but that sums up what he said in a recent interview regarding him and the Lakers’ future. Personally I would do the same, after 5 rings I’ll be fine with that + ending up with nearly $300 million from NBA earnings alone, but that’s not how you ‘Do Whatever It Takes To Win’.

  28. AJ9 says:


    • grouch says:

      What about Dirk Nowitzki pairing with Jason Kidd to win the 2011 Championship? Oscar Robertson pairing with Lew Alcindor (Kareem Jabbar later) to win with the bucks?

      As I said no one man can win championships.

    • Sit Down says:

      If I’m not mistaken, Tyson Chandler won DPOY that year and/or the previous year, he was at the top of his defensive game and just shut down LBJ, so Dirk wasn’t completely alone.

  29. Jimmy Buckets says:

    @lakerman1 – If you want the lakers to be successful you will understand Kobe is the biggest problem. His personal life is a mess, everyone knows this. Also, let me emphasize the way the Bryant family treats people is unacceptable.

  30. NBAsecondmind says:

    Kobe & Shaq are both good Hall of famers. but kobe look like he would win coach of the year already.

  31. Yes just yes says:

    This argument! I like it! But on a side note kobe earned all his rings just like every other star that has ever won a ring.

  32. Ike says:


  33. bodjee says:

    Manbality – Practice does not make perfect, ONLY, perfect practice makes perfect!

  34. matthew mathis says:

    the new COACH K for the lakers. IN THE NEAR FUTURE

  35. rockets says:

    The 93/94 rockets won it with Hakeem as there only star…

    • Jacob says:

      Hakeem only star what about drexler

    • GROUCH says:

      What about Otis Thorpe and Vernon Maxwell. Don’t forget the good supporting player Robert Horry who had a total of 6 or 7 rings I believe.

    • Sit Down says:

      For that argument, try using the pistons’ billups, Wallace, Wallace, Hamilton, prince team. I forgot the year but they are the first team to come up in my head if you say ‘starless’ or minimal star power team that won it all.

  36. kdbo says:

    Kobe haters are dumb when it comes to basketball lol
    so Kobe had gasol and odom and that’s why he won? I don’t know bout you guys but i would take pippen and rodman over gasol and Odom all day so does that mean Jordan shouldn’t get his credit either? haha Kobe haters make no sense

  37. Grouch says:

    No one can win championships on their own. It’s a collective effort but of course 1 or 2 players has to stand out from all of tihs. There are role players and there are stars – they should complement each other. Name an NBA team who won championships and did not have at least 2 star players – depends on how you define a star player. Durant can’t even win championships, so is Carmelo.

    Give respects to Kobe, he is a player extra-ordinaire. If he pulled out of the Lakers years ago, the other 29 teams if they had their ways would have bidded for him. That shows you how valuable this player is.

    Those Kobe haters hate hiim only because he is not with your teams. Remvember when Lebron was not with the Heat yet? He was hated by the Heat fans.

  38. TTKIN says:

    I love reading what Kobe-haters have to say. It’s always hilarious idiocy.

  39. Jimmy Buckets says:

    @ GOSTEVENASH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Kobe is trash, his personal life is a mess, and he is a total dirt bag in every aspect of his life. Know the guy a bit more and you will find out there are more than enough reasons to not only dislike him but keep him away from your kids. Especially if they are girls and you live in denver.

    • lakerman1 says:

      You make silly & stupid comments because you apparently know nothing about BB. You have no knowledge about his personal life either so you might try getting one.

      • NBA Aficionado says:

        Yea that was uncalled for. We are talking basketball. If you look almost anyone’s life, I’m sure everyone has done something that they are not proud of but that is no reason to condemn them for all of eternity. Besides that has nothing to do with his talent. If that were the case then alot of the great ones wouldn’t be so great, from George MIkan to LBJ. Let’s stick to the script.

      • Kei says:

        Wait till you have a daughter and Kobe is around. You’ll understand your “idol” more.

      • Sit Down says:

        I’m not sure if you’re ignoring or you just don’t know about Kobe’s deeds before he changed his number from 8 to 24

  40. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Is he shooting from the bench? LOL…..First of all Shaq would have won the 3 championships with anyone they could put on the floor. Even if they were crippled. People forget he DESTROYED teams down low to the point where the only way to stop him was foul. Thus the hack a shaq was born. Kobe was nor ever will be that lethal. Shaq didn’t need kobe…Lets get that straight. Kobe was however fortunate to play with The big Aristotle because it allowed him to develop his confidence in his shot early. His other two championships I can not explain so I suppose he earned those two…..but he was a ball hog the entire way.

    • marlon green says:

      Boy you can tell that this is a shaq lover for sure. If shaq was so dominate and could win with anyone what happend in 95 when he had Penny Hardaway in his prime and a solid foward in Horace grant? If my memory serves me correctly they got swept in that series. Bottom line Shaq and Kobe boy needed each other to win.

      • abisan says:

        Hmmmmm, someone named Olajuwon for example crossed his way. Even Jordan gave credits to Olajuwon during his prime.
        All of you forget about match-ups, so to make a sweep to the one team doesn’t mean that you are dominant to others.
        I still remember 95, when I witnessed to the mental crash of Orlando Magic combined with the momentum of Houston Rockets.

  41. Disgusted says:

    How can a short, fat black man stoop to labeling people? “The only other player on his level intellectually…”?????? Who are you to insult everyone else like that. Do you have access to the I.Q. scores of every player in the league? Even if you compare Kobe’s on-court decision making to that of many other players, he does not stack up. But his “intellectual” capacity? Wow!

    • Sit Down says:

      You just labeled him ‘short’ ‘fat’ ‘black’, you could’ve replaced all that with ‘someone’ you hypocrite

  42. lae says:

    come on guys..give kobe a break..shaq couldnt done it without kobe and that goes to kobe too..they needed each other to win the championship..lakers was kobe and shaq’s team that time..he won back to back after a few years but of course with the help of gasul,odom and bynum and his other teammates..your probably a lebron fan if you hate kobe that much..but hey,lebron couldnt done it if he ddnt transfer to miami..no matter what you say about kobe..his still a very great player with a great mentality..even nba players knows that..we all notice kobe has been taking a lot of shots every game..thats true..thats the lakers biggest problem right now..kobe has been taking a lot of shots for his teammates because everyone else are too chicken to take those shots..but kobe?he’s gonna do it every single game..they gotta step-up men..

    • Usaf says:

      Dirk won alone, Wade won with a washed out shaq. Jordan and LBJ would have never missed playoffs like kobe did in his prime 04-05

      • NBA Aficionado says:

        Dirk did NOT win alone. His role players stepped up and played out of their minds. Tyson Chandler gave them the toughness they needed. Jason Kidd even though he was declining had one of his most unbelievable shooting years from 3, and Barea was a problem that whole playoffs especially for the Lakers. All of that combined with Dirk hitting every big shot propelled them to victory. Kobe attitude toward winning is often mistaken for selfishness. But as you can see he will do whatever it takes to win. And when Kobe sits out that means he is TRULY injured so I don’t even know why that even comes into question. He is one of the most fiercest competitors in SPORTS history.

        I think if he decides to get into coaching he will excel because he will be able to articulate what he wants and expects unlike a Magic or Michael who couldn’t relay the message. Because of their gifts they weren’t able to explain what they felt should have come naturally for ball players. That’s why Michael is a horrible judge of talent.

      • asdf says:

        Dirk did not win alone, Dallas had a perfectly meshed team in 2011 that’s why they won. Everybody was doing what he was supposed to in 110% and they did all the things that they weren’t expected to do. Look at Game 6 of The Finals. Dirk struggled throughout the whole game but Stevenson, Terry and Barea took the offense into their hands and the game was decided well before it ended even with Dirk struggling. That’s what a great teamwork can do. You don’t need 2 or 3 superstars, you need one star player who is surrounded by a greatly matched group of players who compliment their weaknesses, but that’s what Cleveland/OKC is unable to do. Spurs are a great example as well despite having their Big Three. Pop just knows what players should he surround his trio with and he knows perfectly what his players are capable of and they have a specifically designed role. Spurs work in a system it’s not a group of players, it’s one unit which lives and dies together.

  43. Henrik Jensen says:

    The reason he have 5 rings, is only because Shaq and Pau was great team players,

    • Adam says:

      Yeah, that’s why Lebron James has got two rings because Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Ray Allen, Tweety Birdman Anderson and the rest of the Heat roster are team players. Of course Henrik. Duh. Any more brilliant ideas?

      • Chad says:

        Lebron on his own took the scrub cavs to the finals with top regular seasons records. Kobe on the other hand in his prime when on his own, barely makes 8th seed playoff with 1st round exits.

      • Sit Down says:

        lol why choose the Heat out of all the teams.. simmer down

  44. Ronald Sarmiento says:

    come on 5 rings are a very nice team work and none can deny the habilities and weakness from this great player kobe ยกยกยกยก he made his name on NBA and we must respect him .. off course none in the world can win alone ask for MJ or LJ who had to go to MIAMI remember the cleveland epic fail ? …..hahahaha….

  45. JJ The kid says:

    There are some pretty silly comments on here…
    Kobe isn’t a team player?? Kobe’s rings aren’t his because other people were on his team??

    Thos two comments contradict each other…. BADLY.

    Mamba Mentality is mental toughness and desire to win. Desire to go home after a loss and work on your game. The desire to go home after a win also and work on your game. To reach “the wall” and smash through it. To not flinch when someone tries to punk you. To go out every night and deliver…

    What does this guy have to do to earn some respect around here??

    • Akeem says:

      THANK YOU! Haters ONLY know how to HATE. It’s their job. Shaq won without Kobe by deferring to a younger 2 guard.

      Shaq just wanted it on HIS terms. He couldn’t take Kobe having as big an ego as his. Shaq then went from team to team trying to get with superstar(s) that could get him a ring.

      Hey, TEAM sport NOONE wins it alone, EVER!!!

    • Sit Down says:

      Just realize that with each and every bit of success that one gains, another person will either choose to respect him for the job that he did or hate on him because he is jealous that he couldn’t do the same or the person he looks up to could not do the same. Its best to ignore haters, they are labeled as such for a reason.

  46. GOSTEVENASH!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! says:

    Stop hating on Kobe he is a great player who doesn’t deserve to be hated on

  47. jawoparin says:

    he already became player-coach during an exhibition match here in PH.

    • 123 says:

      yeah, and the members of his team were James Harden, Durant, CP3, Javale Mcgee, … Kobe was there team mate in that exhibition game, as well as their coach

  48. kobe ballhog says:

    yah just give the ball to me and let me shoot 40 shots a game and all my teammates stay outta my way. thats the mamba mentality

    • Adam says:

      Because that’s what he was made to do. In the same way as Jordan, Bird or Magic for that matter. They were told to score and score because that’s what they’re made of. Lebron wouldn’t be able to do it because he can’t carry a team by himself, he seldom gets the ball during crucial times because he can’t convert. He needed to switch to a better team and play with a lot of superstars to win two rings, remember?

  49. Jim says:

    Coach Kobe! Don’t click my name!

    • Pakyaw says:

      Did you know that Kobe is not the best player on his team for half of his career?(facts)…


        and yet none of the guys that were better then him for half his career are even going to come close when its all said and done. dont hate bruh.

  50. Winston Wynne says:

    if he implements mamba mentality on one team, then that has no teamwork, all they know is shoot, shoot and shoot just like kobe did! the reason why lakers isn’t a championship team even added with another star players, LOL = Lack of Teamwork!

    • Lack of teamwork? if thats the case then how come he’s got 5 rings? hahahaha

      • Winston Wynne says:

        can you still remember how he got those 3 rings? maybe you forgot already that its not kobe team, its o’neal team that time! Are you watching NBA or not? haha. we can say that as of now all he has by himself alone is 2 championship ring? (with help of Gasul, Bynum and Odom?)

      • Bruce says:

        So really all you did was prove that he has worked with a team in Shaq, Pau, Odom in order to get 5 rings. Truth is during the Shaq days…. Kobe needed Shaq just as much as Shaq needed Kobe, neither of them could win on their own.

      • Costa says:

        And how many Championships does Jordan have without Pippen? And Lebron without Bosh and Wade? No1 can win alone.

      • basket ball says:

        exactly…. people are so silly they never listen to there own wisdom. yes kobe would not have won those with out shaq…… but shaq for damn sure wouldn’t have won with out kobe…. did you not watch shaq in his first 6 seasons or so? no ring till kobe came into his own as a dominate player/scorer…… befor you tell people to watch basketball maybe you should?

      • that just proves my point…Kobe doesn’t lack teamwork…he works with every guy on his team and does strategies in order to win

      • al says:

        I think the point is it was Shaq who had Kobe, not Kobe who had Shaq. Shaq was the man in that team, won all the finals MVP’s, averaged like 36 and 15, crazy stats. Shaq didn’t need Kobe, he just needed another all star on his team.

    • The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog says:

      Mamba mentality = 40 fg/game. so if mamba mentality is going to be implemented on his team that would make…uhhhmmm wait, i’ll do my mathematics fisrt… uhh! so in a team you have 5 players on the court, mamba mentality = 40 fg/game: 1 player x 5 players = 200FIELDGOALS PER GAME! OOHH thats exciting! cant wait that to happen! ๐Ÿ˜€